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Cup Less Bra

A cup less bra, sometimes known as a shelf bra, is a brassiere design composed of a frame that exposes either the entire breast or covers only a portion of the lower breast.

A cup less bra is an open frame composed of a rigid, under-wired frame along the inframammary line that pushes the breast up. Variations include a shelf, open tip, open nipple or open cup bra.

Because they expose the nipple of the breast, a cup less bra is sometimes regarded as exotic lingerie. A cup less bra may give the impression that a woman is braless, because the nipple may be evident even through an outer garment.

Belonging to the family of exotic lingerie, the open cup bra is one of the most sensual exotic bras available today and guaranteed to make temperatures rise.

Contrary to popular belief, sexy open bra styles are not all the same, and vary from slightly risque to va va voom.

Previously only worn by exotic dancers and naughty girls, today's open bras and matching panties are available in a multitude of styles and fabrics meant to appeal to a woman's sense of seduction as well as her inner coquette.

Inhibited Sexual Desire

Inhibited sexual desire (ISD) refers to a low level of sexual interest. A person with ISD will not start, or respond to their partner's desire for, sexual activity.

ISD can be primary (in which the person has never felt much sexual desire or interest), or secondary (in which the person used to feel sexual desire, but no longer does).

ISD can also relate to the partner (the person with ISD is interested in other people, but not his or her partner), or it can be general ( the person with ISD isn't sexually interested in anyone). In the extreme form of sexual aversion, the person not only lacks sexual desire, but may find sex repulsive.

Sometimes, the sexual desire is not inhibited. The two partners have different sexual interest levels, even though both of their interest levels are within the normal range.

Someone can claim that his or her partner has ISD, when in fact they have overactive sexual desire and are very demanding sexually.

Inhibited Sexual Desire Causes

ISD is a very common sexual disorder. Often it occurs when one partner does not feel intimate or close to the other.

Communication problems, lack of affection, power struggles and conflicts, and not having enough time alone together are common factors. ISD also can occur in people who've had a very strict upbringing concerning sex, negative attitudes toward sex, or traumatic sexual experiences (such as rape, incest, or sexual abuse).

Illnesses and some medications can also contribute to ISD, especially when they cause fatigue, pain, or general feelings of malaise. A lack of certain hormones can sometimes be involved. Psychological conditions such as depression and excess stress can dampen sexual interest. Hormonal changes can also affect libido.

Commonly overlooked factors include insomnia or lack of sleep, which lead to fatigue. ISD can also be associated with other sexual problems, and sometimes can be caused by them. For example, the woman who is unable to have an orgasm or has pain with intercourse, or the man who has erection problems (impotence) or retarded ejaculation can lose interest in sex because they associate it with failure or it does not feel good.

People who were victims of childhood sexual abuse or rape, and those whose marriages lack emotional intimacy are especially at risk for ISD.

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Auditions in LA

Auditions in LA are how actors find work. Los Angeles focuses more on film and television as opposed to New York, which has more theatre auditions for actors to choose from. Actors can get auditions in Los Angeles a few different ways: through an agent (if you have one), through an ad listed in one of the trade papers or by attending an open call. To learn more about auditions in Los Angeles and how to find them, visit Los Angeles auditions. Auditions in LA refer to various types of auditions within the Los Angeles area.

Auditions in LA are how actors find work. Los Angeles focuses more on film and television as opposed to New York, which has more theatre auditions for actors to choose from. Actors can get auditions in Los Angeles a few different ways: through an agent, through a posting in one of the trade papers or by attending an open call. To learn more about auditions in Los Angeles and how to find them, visit Los Angeles auditions.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder


Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is considered as a sexual dysfunction and is characterized as a lack or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity for some period of time. For this to be regarded as a disorder, it must cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulties and not be better accounted for by another mental disorder, a drug (legal or illegal), or some other medical condition. Low sexual desire alone is not equivalent to HSDD because of the requirement in HSDD that the low sexual desire causes marked distress and interpersonal difficulty and because of the requirement that the low desire is not better accounted for by another disorder in the DSM or by a general medical problem. It is therefore difficult to say exactly what causes HSDD. It is easier to describe, instead, some of the causes of low sexual desire.

In men, though there are theoretically more types of HSDD/low sexual desire, typically men are only diagnosed with one of three subtypes.

    Lifelong/generalized: The man has little or no desire for sexual stimulation (with a partner or alone) and never has.
Acquired/situational: The man was previously sexually interested in his present partner but now lacks sexual interest in them but has desire for sexual stimulation (i.e. alone or with someone other than his present partner.)
Acquired/generalized: The man previously had sexual interest in his present partner, but lacks interest in sexual activity, partnered or solitary.

Though it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between these types, they do not necessarily have the same etiology. The cause of lifelong/generalized HSDD is unknown. In the case of acquired/generalized low sexual desire, possible causes include various medical/health problems, psychiatric problems, low levels of testosterone or high levels of prolactin. One theory suggests that sexual desire is controlled by a balance between inhibitory and excitatory factors. This is thought to be expressed via neurotransmitters in selective brain areas. A decrease in sexual desire may therefore be due to an imbalance between neurotransmitters with excitatory activity like dopamine and norepinephrine and neurotransmitters with inhibitory activity, like serotonine. Some have expressed skepticism about too much emphasis on explanations based on Neurotransmitters because emphasis on such explanations have been made largely by "educational" efforts funded by Boehringer-Ingelheim while it was attempting to get the FDA to approve a drug affecting neurotransmitters for treatment for HSDD. Low sexual desire can also be a side effect of various medications. In the case of acquired/situational HSDD, possible causes include intimacy difficulty, relationship problems, sexual addiction, and chronic illness of the man’s partner. The evidence for these is somewhat in question. Some claimed causes of low sexual desire are based on empirical evidence. However, some are based merely on clinical observation. In many cases, the cause of HSDD is simply unknown.



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