Daddy's Little Lover
(M/f, inc, ped, size, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

"Daddy?" The seven-year old girl seemed bothered.

"What dear?"

"How cum we never fuck any more?"

"Uh... I'm sorry? What did you just say?" To say that Lars was astonished at his little girl's accusation was a gross understatement.

"I said, how cum you never fuck me any more? I keep waiting for you to come into my bedroom every night, and you never do!"

"But Hon, I never... When was this, anyway?"

"Back when you and Mom were having all those arguments... don't you remember?"

The 30-year old man was quite taken aback. If there was one thing he would have been sure to remember, it was sticking his swollen 9.5-inch prick up in his own daughter's cute little slit, and filling the child's womb full of jet after slippery jet of her own father's babymaking seed, without a care of getting the little girl pregnant with her own brother or sister. Even a year earlier at six, the precocious youngster had been giving him hardons and wet-dreams like that, that made his groin ache for hours; though he had no more intention of even touching her sexually than he had of climbing Mount Everest. (Both taking up some time in his daydreams though.) Lars just couldn't imagine the scene that would have to take place for him to really molest his own daughter though. "Uh, you're sure of this?" he asked; wondering if he had been sleepwalking, drugged, or possibly somebody else had sneaked into the house and deflowered his innocent little girl. Lars felt a surge of rage at the very thought.

"Uhuh. It felt so good, when you slid your big thing inside me. How cum you haven't been to see me any more? Don't you love me, Daddy?"

"Of course I love you, Sweetie! It's just that I'm not sure...."

"Oh goody, then!" exclaimed the youngster; clapping her hands and jumping on his lap with glee. "Does that mean you'll be in to see me tonight? I'll tell Mommy like I usually do, so we'll be all alone!"

"Uh... Hon?" he asks; now worried. "Are you sure about this?" Things seemed rather strange, to say the least.

"Uhuh!" the child responded; giggling. "Here, feel me. I'm all wet!"

Somehow Lars Milos found his hand being almost forced into his child's groin, up under her short little dress, and down under her panties. Sam (Samantha) had been right about one thing; she was soaking wet and quite slippery with arousal; and her father's finger slipped easily inside her... about half an inch.

"Sam!" exploded the older man, finally realizing what he was doing. "You've been lying to me! You're still a virgin; so you know I haven't been doing anything to you."

"Of course, Daddy, I know that. But I got you to stick your finger in me to find out, didn't I?" From a single giggle, the child's body now shook with a whole raft of them, as she almost shook herself off the older man's lap from laughter. Neither party even seemed to notice that the man's hand was still inside her panties; slowly stroking the lips and tickling the protruding nubbin at the top of the little girl's tiny slit.

"Sam...." Lars couldn't bring himself to properly chastise the little girl he loved so much; and she didn't let him.

"Uh Daddy?" she asked. "Does this mean you won't be coming in to fuck me tonight?"

There was a long silence, as both man and girl thought about how their lives together would never be the same.

"Please, Daddy?" she whimpered in disappointment; almost certain she would be refused. From the instructions she had gotten, Sam was sure this was her best (and possibly only) chance to be her father's lover like she wanted to be... at least until she started puberty. Five or six years seemed like forever to a girl of her age. Samantha knew she would never make it until 11 or 12 to have sex... she'd die of frustration first.

"Please, Daddy?"

Ohgod I thought, but I did my familial duty and fucked my little girl night after night, stretching her tiny little pussy wide open with my fat 9+ inch cock. She learned many things over the years, and one ritual we always had was that she gave me a proper blowjob before leaving for school every morning. And if she did it well, then I rewarded her that night with a bellyful of my seed.

The End
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