They Raped the Daughter
(M+/Ff, inc, best, nc, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

"What! Who's there!" The Right Reverend Hatfield called out.

Just then the light's flicked on and he could see six men, their faces covered by ski masks, holding rifles aimed at both him and his wife. In the next room his precious 13-year old daughter was also awakened by two similarly dressed and armed men. All three were given shots, which knocked them out before being loaded into one of two vans.

Twelve hours later the Hatfield's awoke to find themselves in what looked like a jail cell, all three of them naked. Worse, Reverend Hatfield found that he was well secured to his 13-year old daughter. His mouth on her pussy and his dick buried in the young girl's throat. Of course at the time he initially awoke, he didn't know whose body he was sexually bound to, other than he knew that his face was in someone's pussy and his dick in someone's mouth.

Shortly after he awoke, however, his wife awoke and began screaming hysterically. Although she was tied spread eagle to her bunk, she was able to look around, and immediately recognized her daughter bound on top of her husband in the classic 69 position. She went crazy telling him to get off of their baby. Of course, with one having a mouthful of pussy and the other having a mouthful of dick, they weren't able to tell her that they couldn't get apart as they were tied tightly to each other.

Shortly after coming out of their drug induced sleep, a man, dressed in black denim, with a ski mask on, came to their cell and advised them, "You have been captured, tried, convicted and sentenced for your militant view on "Right to Life." We believe that you enjoy controlling others lives, directly your followers and indirectly you would like to control women's lives in general. Your views are so radical, that you believe that every woman who has gotten in the family way should incubate the baby for the entire nine months, even though she may have gotten pregnant through rape, sometimes even viciously raped or through incest. Isn't that correct Reverend?"

"Hmm hmmmn Hmmmm!" the Reverend tried to say but couldn't.

"Well I'm sorry, I forgot, you've got a mouthful of your daughter's sweet little teenaged pussy at the moment, making it impossible for you to say anything. Regardless, your women are both going to pay the price for your immoral views. You are going to knock up that sweet little girl, by fucking her everyday until she's pregnant and your wife, she's going to get gang banged every day, in every hole by some of the longest, thickest dicks you've ever seen until she too is pregnant. By the way, we switched her birth control pills ninety days ago so it should totally be out of her system by now." the man advised

"Nooooooooooooo!" his wife wailed upon hearing her fate.

"I did forget to tell you the best part. Every time the Reverend fucks your daughter, you get to watch, and every time you are getting raped, both your husband and daughter will have to sit there and watch it. We have found that this is the only way change you husband's and your opinions on this issue is to have first hand experience.

"In your daughter's case it will be to know how disgusting and vile it is for a young girl, who has been forced to have non-consensual sex constantly with a blood relative or other member of their household. Then, even though the pregnancy was no fault of hers, people like you say that she must keep the baby inside of her for the full nine months, deliver the baby and if she then doesn't want to keep it, she can always put it up for adoption. Well we'll see if you get an abortion for your daughter and if not if you're going to keep the baby. It is both your husband's and daughter's child. We'll see if you do the Christian thing!" he said very sarcastically.

"In your case, you are going to be forcefully taken by black men every day, since we know that you didn't want your child going to public school because she would have to associate with blacks. Therefore, between the fact that you will be violently used by between twenty and fifty men a day and knowing that you will be carrying an interracial baby in your womb, which we know would be abhorrent to both you and your husband, we will see whether or not you get an abortion and/or give up the baby for adoption. Or in your husband's words? Do the Christian thing and keep the baby," he added even more sarcastically.

Michelle, the Reverend's wife, gasped upon hearing what was in store for her and her daughter. She couldn't believe that people like this really existed.

Continuing, he said, "You have all led very sheltered lives. I don't think any of you know a father, step-father, or brother who has gotten their child or sister pregnant. You may know people where this has happened, but you never heard about it happening, because the girl was secreted away to get an abortion, so no one would find out. I'd also wager that you don't know anyone who admitted to being raped. Again, you may in fact know someone who was raped, you just never heard about, not any of the gruesome details and you will soon find out just how gruesome they can be. It's bad enough getting beaten up and forced to submit sexually, but to then find out that you are pregnant from that encounter is emotionally devastating. You hypocrites, want these women to be punished for nine months carrying the child. Then after delivering the child that she's been forced to carry in her belly for nine months, which as you well know Michelle, you become attached to this unseen being. This leaves these forced mothers with a terrible decision. They either have to give up their baby, which totally goes against their maternal instincts, or live with the product of the violence that created the baby to begin with, which would bring back constant memories of the violence perpetrated upon them in the past. Some choice, huh?"

"Well we're going to get this show on the road. Donald, you have to make your daughter, Barbara, cum by using just your mouth and tongue on her pussy and you will keep pleasuring her until you cum in her mouth. Barbara, while your father is pleasuring you, you will make him cum in your mouth and you must swallow every drop, or you will both have to do it again and again and again, until you get it right." Having said that, he loosened the bonds that kept Barbara's mouth fully impaled on her father's prick, so that she could suck him off.

"By the way, so that there is no mistake about it. Donald, if you don't eat your daughter out, thinking that we can't make you do it, she will pay the price again for your fallacy. She will be butt fucked by a man with at least a very thick twelve inch cock until you make her cum. The cock will then, and only then be removed until you have brought her to at least a dozen orgasms or until you cum in her mouth, which ever comes last. Barbara, don't you think that you will get away with it either. If you aren't running that cute little mouth of yours, rapidly up and down your father's prick shaft, we'll just have to experiment to find out just how much pain your nipples and clit can stand, before you pass out. Then we'll back off to just a little less than that amount of pain, tie you back to your father and see how well you do it with your nipples and clit in pain. Remember, the only significant thing that affects our time is once you are pregnant with your father's baby. We want to make sure that the entire press gets copies of you showing a belly and the blood results showing that the baby is your father's."

He then walked over to Michelle and released her hands from the cuffs securing them above her head to the poles at the corners. He handed her a huge black dildo and said, "We figured that you needed to get used to the idea of black things fucking your pussy, so while your husband and daughter are making love to each other, we want you to watch them while you play with your tits with one hand and masturbate yourself with this nice big dildo. I don't care how fast you go but by the time that they are finished, there better be a huge puddle of cum under your ass. If you don't try, we will put your huge succulent tits into what's called a breast crusher. I'm sure from it's name that you can figure out why. In addition, we'll also begin stretching your ass out with a nice, thick 9" butt plug. For someone like you who's never had anything up her ass before, I understand, not first hand mind you, that a butt plug that large is excruciatingly painful."

He then walked out of the cell and locked the door. He turned around and said, "Oh, one last thing. There are movie camera taping this and sending it all over the complex, so that anyone who'd like to look in on the goings on in this very religious cell, can watch the incestuous goings on and self abuse. Once they see that you folks are going to it, you'll probably also get a quite large live audience. Privacy is not our thing here." Having finished his introduction to their new lives, he left.

The Reverend felt that he didn't have to lick his daughter out, with no one standing over them but then suddenly, over the loud speakers he heard, "You better get that tongue moving Reverend, I'm sure you'd like to take your daughter home with at least one virgin hole." This was all he needed to hear to make him eat his daughter's recently denuded cunt like a real pussy licking lesbian. It wasn't long before the two blonde headed women were moaning and groaning in delight. One from being eaten out so well while she sucked on her father's prick and the other was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples while ramming that huge dildo a little more than half way into her cunt as fast as she could, knowing she had to cum a lot to have a puddle of it under her butt by the time her daughter got her husband off, which she didn't feel would be long, as she had seen him look at her in other than fatherly ways. Now with his dick in his daughter's forbidden mouth, but forced, and she looked to be working her father's shaft over pretty good too, Michelle figured he'd cum in less than a minute.

The scene was in fact being piped through the building on a split screen. You could see the Reverend's mouth working on his young, teenaged daughter's virgin pussy as her hips wiggled and humped in delight. Another shot showed the daughter dutifully deep throating her father's cock. The last shot showed Michelle, laying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide, while she worked over her enormous tits with one hand and pounded her pussy with about eight inches of the 14-inch, very thick dildo.

This was so hot, that sure enough, people started crowding around four sided cell to see the action up close and personal, much to the Hatfield's embarrassment. Since Michelle didn't have a puddle under her after her husband came in their daughter's mouth, in spite of her husband getting his daughter off two times and swallowed all of her cum and the daughter swallowed enough of her father's cum when he shot off in her mouth to satisfy their captors, they had to keep going until Donald had cum three times in his daughter's previously innocent mouth. After making her father cum three times, Barbara was well on her way to being an accomplished cock sucker.

The family was then allowed to get cleaned up. The rules were that Barbara had to wash her father and he had to wash her, and were not allowed to wash their own bodies. In addition, Barbara had to jack her father off, while she cleaned him up, spraying his cum on her cunt and tits. Then he could wash her off, and in the process had to spend no less than ten minutes on each of her breasts, keeping her nipples erect the entire time. He also had to finger her to an orgasm when he washed her pussy, and when he washed her cute little but, he had to soap up his middle finger and finger her ass for a full two minutes as fast as he could. Since it was a community shower, with multiple shower heads, Michelle washed herself off while being forced to watch her husband abuse their daughter.

After they were cleaned up. Michelle was given clothes to wear. She blanched when she saw what they wanted her to wear and more importantly, not wear. She wouldn't be wearing either panties nor a bra. There was a red transparent button up blouse that missing that top four buttons. Even wearing it would leave nothing to the imagination. The skirt was even worse, it was a white stretch skirt, that fit her so tightly it was like a second skin. It was so short that the very bottoms of her butt cheeks peeked out below the hem and so thin that he butt crack showed easily through the material. A pair of red thigh high stocking with a built in garter, and a pair of red 6" pencil thin high heeled shoes, finished off the look. Of course with the skirt being so short, there was quite a bit of exposed thigh between the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her skirt.

At the very least, she looked like a slut, especially with the "Fuck Me" red lipstick she was forced to cake on her lips and the matching nail polish. She looked like quite the tart and was forced to pose in those clothes for an hour while a photographer moved her into different suggestive position, playing with her huge tits each time he moved her around.

After the photo shoot, they were taken to a punishment room. It looked just like an S&M dungeon, with all sorts of nasty devices, whips, paddles, canes, etc. Their guide took them to each piece of equipment and explained how it was used to torture the person secured to it. He then showed them the collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and clamps for the women's nipples and clits. He explained that if they didn't cooperate, they would find out first hand how some of these things worked. Of course, Michelle would find out anyway during some of her rapes.

Before her long extended rape, it was time for Daddy to get to know his daughter more intimately. The Hatfield's were taken to a room, that to their shock looked just like Barbara's room, down to the last detail.

"Everything else is a copy other than the bed and sheets themselves, that is Barbara's bed and sheets." the man advised them. "O.K. folks, here's the setup. Barb, you're going to be laying in your bed, legs spread wide apart. Like your mom was doing earlier, you're going to be masturbating with one hand and playing with your tits with the other. Dad you will knock on the door and Barb you'll say "Come in!" but you'll continue masturbating and playing with your tits. When you notice it's your father, you'll say, "Oh hi Daddy." and still continue with what you've been doing. Don you'll come sit on the bed next to you're daughter, looking her body over between her tits and her cunt as you begin to play with the tit that she's not playing with, and her nipple better stay hard, or she'll be riding the stationary bike for an hour."

"While Barbara continue's playing with herself, you she will start a conversation about how much she wants to loose her virginity and wants you her Daddy to be her first. Barb you will tell your dad how you've always fantasized about him "fucking" you, and use the word "fuck." I don't want to hear either of you using tender loving words like "making love," I want the more vulgar words like "fuck" and "screw" used. For that matter, when you talk about your body parts, you also better use the forbidden descriptions, such as it's not a "vagina" or "cunnie," it's a "cunt," or a "fuck hole." So there is no fuck-ups once we get started, I guess we better practice first with a biology lesson." he said.

"Barbara first, and tell me every name that you think you would be allowed to use. What's this?" he said points at her breasts.

"M m my tits, my boobs ." she replied nervously, torn between her upbringing which told her not to use these words and what the man was demanding of not just her, but her entire family.

"Boobs are not allowed! Too nice a description, use tits, knockers, hooters And this."

"My cunt or pussy."

"Or twat, fuck hole. And this."

"My ass?"

"Or butt, bootie. What are you doing when you stick your mouth over your father's cock?"

She looked blank and said, "I don't know."

"Your sucking him off, or your giving him a blow job or eating him. And when you initially do it, it's called going down on him. And what's this?"

She screwed up her face and said, "His prick?"

"Or cock or dick, or fuck tool, fuck pole. And this part of his cock?"

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders saying "I don't know."

"This part is called the head and the rest is called the shaft. What are these below his prick?"

"I don't know." the innocent girl exclaimed.

"They're his balls or his nuts. What is he doing when he sticks his cock into you?"

"Fucking or screwing me." she replied proudly, having remembered what he had said earlier.

"Good, very good!" the man replied stroking the teen's ego to get her cooperation. "And these?" he added grabbing a nipple in each hand, holding them until the girl responded.

She had a confused look on her face, in part because she wasn't sure of the answer, and in part because his expert handling of her sensitive nubs was turning her on and she could feel her nipples becoming erect again. "I guess my nipples."

"Yes! Very good Barbara." he replied. "What's this?" he asked, grasping a pussy lip in each hand and spreading them open so that everyone in the room could see her clit inner pussy lips and pussy hole.

Barbara blushed, even though she had been naked for hours, seen by many strangers, and worse, her own mother and especially her father. Her most intimate body parts were now being held open on display. These horrible men were all staring at her wide spread cunt and her parents too were forced to look. She knew that the technical term was Labia Majora, but had no clue what the "dirty" word for it was.

"It's your pussy or cunt lips." the man advised her then he started flicking her clit and asked, "What's this?"

"My clit?" she said, remembering some of the other girls calling it that.

"Yes! Very good Barbara! Now it's your turn, touch and play with every part of your body and your father's body that we've gone over and use the right words."

Barbara did and didn't miss a one, but she was slow and hesitating, so he made her do it again. She was better the second time but was still somewhat hesitant, so she had to do it again. The third time was the charm as she quickly touched all the places on her's and her father's bodies using all the descriptives that they wanted.

"Starting over with the directions, Barb, you're going to be laying in your bed, legs spread wide apart. Like your mom was doing earlier, you're going to be masturbating with one hand and playing with your tits with the other, keeping those nipples nice and hard. Dad you will knock on the door and Barb you'll say "Come in!" but you'll continue masturbating and playing with your tits. When you notice it's your father, you'll say, "Oh hi Daddy." and still continue masturbating. Don you'll come in and sit on the bed next to you're daughter. You will stare hungrily at her body, between her tits and her cunt, as you begin to play with the tit that she's not playing with, and her nipple better stay hard."

"While Barbara continue's playing with herself, you she will start a conversation about how much she wants to loose her virginity and wants you her Daddy to be her first. Barb you will tell your dad how you've always fantasized about him "fucking" you with his big, emphasize ?big', cock. Don, you will be flattered that your daughter wants you to break her cherry and will tell her how proud you are that she wants you to be her first and then you'll tell her how you've been wanting to fuck her since she was ten, and started growing her tits. You'll go on to tell her how beautiful her body is, spending lots of time describing her tits, nipples cunt and ass."

"Then you'll get down between her legs and eat her out to, say, six orgasms. While he is eating you out, Barb, you'll have a tit in each hand squeezing them and pinching, pulling and twisting on your nipples. Oh, yes Don, When you eat her out, you will alternate between fingering her cunt while sucking on her clit and tonguing her cunt while rapidly flicking her clit, and, each time she's about to cum, you will also stick your middle finger all the up her ass and finger it as rapidly as you can while she cums. We'll stop at that point for more directions before you take her cherry. Barbara do understand what you're to do?"

She was so shocked that she couldn't answer and just shook her head up and down. This was not sufficient for the man and he said, "Barb, I need an answer that I can hear."

"Yessss" she hissed softly.

"Then let's hear your first two lines. Lay down on the bed and start playing with yourself."

After Barbara laid down, legs askew, putting one hand between her legs as a finger went in and out of her fuck hole and her other hand began working on her tit, he said, "There's a knock on the door and you say."

"Come in." she replied softly.

"No, no, no. No one will hear that. You need to say it loud enough that someone can hear you on the other side of the door. Try it again! There's a knock on the door." he directed her.

"Come in!" she said loudly but not quite yelling.

"Good! That's it! Do it just like that! Now look over as the door opens and greet you dad."

"Oh hi Daddy." she said blandly.

"No good. You need to greet him not like your embarrassed that he's seeing you naked doing these nasty things to yourself, but rather like your glad to see him and that his seeing you naked and doing these things is perfectly normal. Understand?"

Barb nodded and he said, "Then lets try it again. The door opens and you look over to see who it is."

Barb slowly looked over to the door as she continued manipulating her cunt and tit and said enthusiastically, "Oh hi Daddy!"

"Very good! I think we're ready so Michelle, take a seat in the corner over there and Don out in the hall." When everyone one was in position, he continued, "O.K. everyone, Take one, Scene one and action!" just like a movie director.

Barb was really working herself up into a lather and Don knocked on the door.

"Come in!" she said loudly but not quite yelling, like she had rehearsed.

"Oh hi Daddy!" she said enthusiastically as he crossed the room and sat on the bed next to her while she continued pleasuring herself.

Don sat down on the bed, next to his naked, masturbating daughter and put his hand on her ample teenaged tit. His morals prevented him from stroking it, but he did keep his eyes moving from her nice sized tits to her shaved pussy, which she was fingering furiously. In his ear piece, he heard the man say, "You better start mauling your daughter's tit, if you don't want her riding the bicycle." and he began fondling her tit, pinching the nipple to keep it fully erect.

In Barbara's ear piece, the man said, "Time for you to tell daddy how you've always fantasized having him make you a woman by sticking his big cock into your cunt and fucking you. Make up a story. Make it believable! And make it as dirty as you possibly can! And keep pleasuring yourself while you tell him this but look him in the eye."

He then spoke into Don's ear, saying, "While your daughter is looking at you, telling you how long she's waited for you to fuck her, making her into a woman, you will not, I repeat not look at her. You will continue looking hungrily at her naked body, moving back and forth between her tits and her cunt. And you better have a look on your face like your ready to jump her bones any second, or she'll be riding that bicycle for two hours, reaming her cunt and ass out real well on thick twelve inch dildos."

Barb looked up at her father's face, and saw a look of pure lust, as his eyes roamed back and forth between her boobs and her pussy and started her unpracticed speech. "Oh Daddy, I've been doing this for years, just dreaming about the day that you would take away that, uh, my cherry and make me a real woman. I've dreamed of having your big prick fucking my pussy. I just can't wait to feel your big prick inside of me. Take me Daddy! Make me a woman!"

Her father started lewdly licking his lips as he lustily looked over his daughter's ripe body, as he was instructed to do. It was either comply with their demands or his precious daughter would pay the price for his rebellion. "God will forgive me. I have no choice but to do as they want." he thought to himself.

Now it was his turn to respond and he now had to look at her as if she were just a piece of cunt meat that turned him on and that he couldn't wait to fuck. "Oh God baby. I've wanted this as much as you. You've always been beautiful, but ever since you started growing your tits, about when you were ten, I too have been dreaming of fucking the shit out of you. Although I've held off fucking you, I've often gone to the bathroom and beat my meat, imagining that my hand was your cunt. I cum so hard when I do that. Much harder than when I screw your mother. I can't wait any longer. Move your hand out of the way. Take Daddy's cock and guide into your cunt." the Reverend said convincingly as he kneeled between his daughter's thighs.

Barb stopped masturbating and grasped her father's thick seven inch cock. It was the first cock she had ever seen and this was the first time that she touched it with her hand. It felt hot and huge to the young girl as she pressed the head to the opening of her womanhood. Don closed his eyes, not wanting to see the look of pain and shock as he roughly rammed his entire cock into his daughter's cunt as they wanted him to. He took a breath and shoved with all of his might, putting his weight into it as he quickly impaled his entire length into his daughter's virgin cunt. Without giving her time to catch her breath nor get used to having something so big inside of her, he immediately began fucking his daughter rapidly and viciously as he would some two bit whore.

Barb squealed in surprise and pain, as her father took her virginity without any apparent concern for her pleasure, knocking the wind out of her. Before she could catch her breath, the voice in her ear told her to wrap her legs around her father's waist and lock them together behind him, as well as wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down onto her. Then they told her to fuck him back, pulling away as he pulled out of her and smashing her cunt down on him as he fucked into her.

Once the two were obviously in a synchronized rhythm, they told her to start yelling out, "FUCK ME HARDER DADDY! STICK IT IN DEEPER! OH DADDY MAKE ME CUM!" and keep saying it over and over and over.

As Don pounded his prick into his daughter's hot, tight cunt, she looked into his eyes, tears running down her checks as the embarrassed teen began encouraging her father to pick up his already face pace to an even greater level, which her father accommodated her with.

"Eeeeeeeeeeee" Barbara squealed in joy as her first ever vaginal orgasm washed her. Her inexperienced cunt milked her father's cock attempting to make him cum as he continued pounding her deflowered pussy as hard and as fast as he could. Barbara was shaking all over from the force of her orgasm, and her father was embarrassed that he had caused his own daughter to cum on the end of his prick but he kept the pace up, afraid if he slowed down that they would punish her for his transgressions.

"Oh thank you Daddy!" she squealed, "That felt so gooood! Please Daddy make me cum again!" the teenager pleaded with her father.

He knew that the words came out of her mouth, but he also knew that these horrible people had made her say it. Even though, it was arousing him more and more while he was really pounding away on her hot, tight cunt to her say those things.

"Oh Daddy, cum inside of me! Plant a baby in my belly." the girl was now forced to repeat over and over again while they slapped their crotches at each other.

The voice in Don's ear said, "I know you can't be too far from cuming. When you think your about to cum, ram your dick all the way into your daughter's cunt and keep it there until you stop cuming. Get your hands under her ass and lift her up so that you can get just a little more of your cock into that tight cunt of hers and make sure that your buried as deep into her as you can possibly get. Then, until you actually cum inside of her keep telling her that "I'm ready to cum baby. Daddy's going to shoot his baby making seed into your womb!" As you cum, bend down and French kiss your daughter until your cock shrinks and falls out of her cunt."

Don did as instructed. Barbara was horrified when she heard her father announce that he was going to shoot off inside of her and was even more horrified when he pressed into her, lifted her ass, sinking a little more of cock into her belly, and then held them still as he in fact shot off inside of her. Her father leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Just as he did, she felt him blasting his goo into her belly, which sent her off on her second ever vaginal orgasm as she squealed in delight into his mouth, which was pressed against hers.

With him shooting his sperm into his daughter's womb, her cuming, he cunt milking his cock for every drop it could get, he shot his tongue into his daughter's mouth in a deep passionate kiss. She must have been instructed how to respond, as her tongue was now dueling with his, going back and forth from her mouth to his.

Michelle was horrified at how hard her husband was fucking their innocent little girl, especially not going gently on his first lunge, knowing that she was a virgin. Her daughter's scream of pain tore right through her guts as if her husband was taking her virginity instead of their daughter's. Then the filthy things they were saying to each other, she saw as surreal, as if it were in a dream not real life. But the most unreal thing was when her husband announced that he was cuming in her pussy, buried himself to the root inside of her as he shot off making their daughter cum again herself, while the two passionately kissed, with their tongues. She was sick to her stomach from watching this go on.

When Don's cock finally shrank, and fell out of his daughter's cunt, Barbara was made to lick her father's cock, balls and crotch clean of his cum, her cum and her virgin blood. Then she was told to give him another blow job. While still being forced to do it, it would be the first time that she semi-willingly took her father's cock into her mouth, as opposed to waking up to find it already there and not being able to pull off of it. She was made to kneel between his legs as he sat on the edge of her bed and look into his eyes while her mouth and tongue worked on his prick. Don too had to look into his daughter's eyes as she serviced him and he had to play with her nipples, pinching, twisting and pulling on them while she worked on his manhood.

Michelle was led away from the scene of watching her husband rape their daughter, taking her virginity followed by her daughter being forced to clean the combined sex juices and her virgin blood from his cock. She was sick over it, but would soon be in worse shape as twenty black men, all with cocks at least twelve inches long were going to use her body as a cum repository while the tortured her. To make things even worse, her captors had given her several shots to ensure that she wouldn't pass out and also wouldn't cooperate, willingly or otherwise.

The first shot she was given would impede her bodies ability to lubricate, meaning that the men fucking her tight pussy would be tearing at it's inner lining, to give her more pain. The second shot was adrenaline, to make sure that she didn't pass out on them. The third shot was a drug that would make her paranoid, so that she would fight what they were trying to do to her, forcing the men trying to fuck her to truly rape the 34-year old wife and mother.

The building that they were kept in was huge, and as a result allowed for them to have several different stages, just like in the movies. This stage was a dark, deserted street scene and she was dressed like a slut, possibly a street walker (a prostitute who picks up her Johns by walking around on the street, for those that speak a different English than the American variety). She wasn't allowed panties nor a bra. She wore a red transparent button up blouse that missing that top four buttons. The skirt was even worse, it was a white stretch skirt, that fit her so tightly it was like a second skin and it was so short that the very bottoms of her butt cheeks peeked out below the hem and so thin that he butt crack showed easily through the material. A pair of red thigh high stocking with a built in garter, and a pair of red 6" pencil thin high heeled shoes, finished off the look. Of course with the skirt being so short, there was quite a bit of exposed thigh between the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her skirt. Her make-up too suggested slut or whore. She wore "Fuck Me" red lipstick, caked on heavily with matching nail polish. The rest of her make-up was also heavily applied, rouge, blue eye shadow, black eye liner and her eye lashes were brushed out.

As she began walking, she couldn't see a thing, even bumping into a lamp post and the only sound she could hear was her own heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk. Suddenly she heard voices in the distance but she could neither make out what they were saying nor could she see who was speaking. From the shot of paranoia she had received earlier, she was now scared shitless and feel her heart racing with the fear. Not being able to see in any direction yet, she figured forward was as good as any direction.

"Say Momma!" a man's voice said and then the stage lights rose as she looked around to see that she was circled by quite a few men, all black, all relatively young and all big.

"W w what do you want?" she asked nervously.

"Hey, she's a fine looking piece of cunt meat. Look at her cheeks sticking out in back here." another man said, as he ran his hand over her expose butt. "Hey, she's not wearing either panties or a bra!"

"Please leave me alone." Michelle pleaded.

"Momma!" the first man said, "I think you came looking for black cock. This is not exactly the part of town white women come to, especially dressed like you are. This is The Blood's territory. Nothing happens in this part of town without coming through us. Now Momma, you can do it easy or you can do it hard, but your going to let all of us fuck you, any way that we want."

Just then Michelle lurched, in a vain attempt to get away from them which was impossible between the ultra high heels strapped to her feet and the fact that the men completely circled her. As she ran, one man simply stuck out his foot between her running legs and she tumbled face first into the hard sidewalk, scraping her arms and face and tearing her stockings. In addition, her skirt slid up almost to her waist now, fully exposing her recently shaved cunt and ass.

"Whoa! This Momma's got a shaved cunt. She must really like getting screwed!" A voice called out.

Before she could get back up, hands grasped her arms and legs and they carried her a block further down the street into what looked like an empty warehouse. Michelle struggling the entire time to get away but with absolutely no affect on the four, much larger than herself, men. As soon as they were all inside of the warehouse, her blouse and skirt were ripped to shreds, right off of her body, leaving Michelle standing there naked, save for her stockings, which were also torn and her high heeled shoes.

As she looked around from man to man, she noticed that they all looked mean and cruel, not because they were about to rape her, but in fact looked like they did this sort of thing regularly. Again she made a run for it, but this time seemed to be getting away. At lease she had no men in front of her and didn't hear anyone chasing her. Then she got to the door and found that it was pad locked. As she resigned her fate, the men all laughed at her futile effort.

"Get your naked white ass back here, CUNT! You ain't paid homage to my cock yet!" The biggest man in the group commanded.

"No please, you don't understand. I didn't want to be here, I was forced to dress like this and come here." she pleaded.

"I don't care if Jesus sent you here, if you don't get your naked white ass over here right now, you're going to be really sorry." he advised her.

Of course by now the drugs were really working in her system and wouldn't let her cooperate, even had she wanted to. She ran again, looking for another exit, but this warehouse only had one entrance and exit, and it was padlocked.

"This cunt needs a lesson in courtesy, go get her and bring her back here." the leader told his men.

Three men ran after the fleeing, naked white woman, easily catching her and dragged her back to their leader. While two men held her firmly between them, the leader sudden struck out, sending his balled up fist into her gut as hard as he could, knocking the air out of her. Michelle would have keeled over, but the man on either side of her held her in place, she couldn't even double over to relieve some of the pain. Just as she was beginning to get her breath back, he smashed her again in the gut, knocking the wind out of her again.

This time she was allowed to catch her breath and the man said, "Listen BITCH! You are little fuck toy for as long as we want to use you. So when one of us tells you to do something, you don't plead for us not to make you do it! You don't whine about it! You just do it! Understand?"

"I'm a preacher's wife. I'm not a whore or a trollop! You can't do this to me!" she said defiantly.

"I don't care if you're President Clinton's wife, BITCH, for now you are our little fuck toy and we plan on having a lot of fun with you." he advised the drugged up wife and mother.

"No! No! No! You can't do this to me. It's against my religion to have sex with a man other than my husband." she replied.

"Gag the bitch, I don't want to hear her anymore." The leader said and suddenly a man appeared with a bright red ball gag.

Michelle vainly clamped her jaws shut, but when another man pinched her nostrils closed, she had to open her mouth to get a gasp of air, and just as she did, the ball gag was forced deep into her mouth, then quickly buckled behind her head as well as another strap which ran from over her head to under her chin. The gag was not only forced and held deep in her mouth, but her jaws were forced to clamp down on it.

The entire goings on were watched in horror by her husband and daughter, who were forced to watch through a glass window that over looked the stage a floor up. The microphones hidden all over the warehouse brought every sound made on the stage back up to them so that they heard everything as well as if they were down their themselves.

As things were about to get heated up downstairs, Barbara was forced to lubricate her father's cock and he was forced to lubricate her virgin ass hole. Barbara was then forced to stand with her legs spread wide and her hands on her head. Her father was then forced to place his flaccid cock between her ass cheeks, up against her anus. Then he had to press against her tight enough so that his cock didn't slip out of her ass and begin playing with the teenager's ample tits while they continued watching his wife and her mother get raped.

To make things more interesting, their captors bound their hips together, so neither could pull any further away from the other, even if they tried. Then a six inch vibrator, with a clital node, was slipped into Barbara's cunt, so that as the girl got turned on, her hips would start bucking. As her hips started moving, her father, between fondling her and having her ass cheeks moving around on his cock, would have to get hard and eventually, slip into his daughter's ass hole. With the feelings coming from between her legs, not only would the teenager welcome the intrusion of her father's thick seven inch prick, but with her hips flailing wildly, back and forth, she'd actually fuck her father cock with her ass, making him cum inside of her yet again today.

Meanwhile, down below, Michelle was being tied spread eagled and face down to rectangular bed frame that sat as it normally would on the floor. Her huge breasts crushed cruelly into the metal lattice of the frame. One man got under the frame and started pulling her nipples, getting as much of her tits through the small squares as he possibly could. He then took out a vicious looking pair of alligator clips, triple sprung and with razor sharp serrated edges. He opened the jaws over her erect nipples and let the brutal devices snap shut rapidly onto her sensitive nubbins, bitting into them agonizingly.

Michelle was screaming in pain and thrashing around, but only the slightest mewling noise came out of her gagged mouth. He then pulled on the chain, attached to the clamp as far out as he could, clipping it to the frame. He repeated this on her other nipple and then on her clit.

Meanwhile another man was forcing a metal dildo into her cunt. When the entire ten inches was inside of her, he took the electric wire, attached to the base of the dildo and tied the stripped ends to the metal frame. Since they suspected that she was an anal virgin, he then slipped six inches of solid copper wire into her ass hole and twisted the other end to the frame.

Soldered to one of the legs was one end of a long electrical plug. The men showed her the plug end and took it over to a transformer, which was already plugged into the wall, and plugged the plug from the frame into it.

"Before we start shock therapy, are you ready to submit to us yet?" The leader asked.

Michelle shook her head and the leader said with an evil smirk on his face, "I didn't think so, but I'll give you one last chance, before you get the full treatment."

He then twisted the dial on the transformer about a fifth of the way up. Michelle could feel the electricity tingling everywhere her body touched the frame, plus her nipples and clit, and inside of her cunt and ass. He had turned it up to just the right level to raise her arousal level to a fevered pitch. Then he twisted it half way up and instead of pleasure, she now felt pain everywhere her body was being jolted by about sixty watts of electricity. He didn't leave it at that level very long, just long enough to get her to scream out in pain and then turned it back to zero.

"I've just given you an idea of what will happen if you don't cooperate. Are you ready to cooperate and let us have our way with you yet BITCH?" he asked.

"No! Never! It would be a sin to just let you make love to me." she replied.

"Have it your way, slut." he responded and twisted the dial to it's maximum setting holding it there for five seconds before reducing it back to the setting he knew would bring her pleasure.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed out in pain, her entire body jerking and spasming from involuntary muscle movements caused by the electrical shock. The front of her body plus her nipples, clit, pussy and ass hole felt as if it were on fire. The shock also caused her to pee on herself, which would conduct even more of the electrical current on the next rounds of shocks.

For the next hour, Michelle suffered like a martyr, as the leader bounced her between five seconds of hell followed by twenty seconds of bliss. The men got a kick out of her jerking and spasming while she was being shocked with a full hundred and twenty volts of electricity. It had several side affects on the bound mother and wife. First was that her nipples and clit were now harder and longer than they had ever gotten in her entire life. It made her loose control of her bladder, making her spray her pee with almost every jolt she received. She also lost bowel control and shit on herself, much to the amusement of the men watching her. Of course with each jolt she received, she also screamed out agonizingly in pain, until she had no voice any more at the end.

About half way through, in spite of all her pain, she also started to cum and the worst part was, that she began cuming each and every time she received a painful jolt, leaving her torn between the extreme pain of the shock and the extreme pleasure of her orgasm. As she was painfully tortured, her husband and daughter watched everything through a one way glass from above, they could see her, but she couldn't see them. As they watched, Don was forced to rape his daughter's ass, slowly, barely moving so that his thick cock would stretch her ass out while he roughly manhandled her tits.

The leader didn't ask if she was ready at this point, knowing that all the fight was taken out of her by the past hour's torture. Even if she wanted to fight them, her energy was so greatly sapped, she would only be able to put up a feeble fight at best. One man crawled underneath to undo the clamps on her nipples and clit, the mere removing of them bringing her needles and pins of pain after having the blood cut off for so long. Another removed the dildo from her cunt and the wire from her ass. Six others slid bars into the corners and the middle of the frame in holes designed to hold them there firmly.

Michelle was then untied from the frame and lifted out of the bed, while at thin mattress was moved into place. The front of her body was now cris-crossed with the design of the spring that she had been laying on while getting shocked. The design had been burned into her silky smooth skin. The gag was removed, but was quickly replaced with another one. This one consisted of a big metal ring shaped like an "O." It was forced behind her front teeth, forcing her jaws open as far as they could go and strapped so tightly behind her head that the straps were cutting at the corners of her mouth.

Then she was placed back onto the bed, this time on her back. Again her arms were secured to the corners above her head. A strap was drawn tightly over her belly and buckled to the opposite side. Her legs were spread and raised, with her ankles secured to cuffs in the bars on either side of the bed, slightly lifting her ass off of the mattress and completely exposing both her cunt and anus. She now lay there open and vulnerable.

"We hear you're trying to get in the family way, so before we cum anywhere else, we're all going to fuck that cunt of yours and deposit our baby making cum into your womb." He advised her as he climbed onto the bed aiming his 14-inch cock at her still gaping pussy.

"No! No! You can't do this! I might get pregnant!" the bound woman pleaded in vain.

"That's the whole idea whore! We're trying to get you knocked up with a cute little black baby. Won't your lilly white hubby really be pleased when his innocent little wife delivers a baby as black as the ace of spades." he tormented her and then laughed as he lunged his huge, thick cock into her barely lubricated hole, fully impaling the bound wife and mother in one vicious stroke.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgghhh!" she screamed out in pain as the cock stretched her out further than any cock had ever stretched her out before. It felt like giving birth in reverse to the bound preacher's wife as the cock filled her fuck tube, then pushed through her cervix and stretched her even tighter uterus.

The man didn't care if she enjoyed this ride or not, it was his pleasure that counted and he immediately began fucking the bound woman as fast and as hard as he could, sliding his cock in until their pubic bones smashed together and pulling out until just the huge head of his massive prick was still inside of her. But he had to keep up his tormenting of her, tearing away at her dignity, self-worth and future happiness.

"You're one lucky bitch. Since we've all got huge cocks, much bigger than that pencil dick your husband has, you're going to cum like you've never cum before. Of course, that's going to ruin you for that pedophile of a husband of yours, cause you'll never be able to cum from his tiny pee pee fucking you again. You'll have to seek out big black men like us if you want to ever have another orgasm again. And to him, it'll feel to him like he's fucking the Holland tunnel, you'll be so stretched out, he'll barely be able to feel the sides of you're cunt." The leader said and continued making similar comments the whole time that he fucked her.

Michelle was grunting with each inward slam of the black man's hips. The stretching pain subsided as her cunt got used to the girth and length of the enormous prick that was impaling her. Through the entire first fucking, she did not receive any pleasure from getting screwed as she remained relatively dry, her normal lubricating system, having been vastly slowed down by the drugs she had been given and the tender skin of her cunt was pushed and pulled harshly by the man's gigantic cock. Her second fucking was a little easier, as her fuck hole was now at least lubricated somewhat by the first man's cum and by the time the third man began to fuck her, she was not only lubricated by the first two men's cum, but her natural lubricating system finally kicked in.

It was a good thing too, because the third man had the biggest cock that she would have to handle. His cock was so immense that it looked more like it belonged to a large animal, rather than a human being, at nineteen inches long and six inches across. It was so big that the head rammed into the back wall of her womb with each inward plunge and felt like she was giving birth, each time he pulled it out of her.

After each man came inside of her cunt, they would pull out and quickly get out of the way so the next man could quickly mount her. The man who just pulled out would move up her body, sit on her tits and fuck her mouth with the cock that had just been in her cunt. It wasn't enough for them to just shove their cocks in and out of her mouth, however, they wanted her sucking and licking their organs, cleaning it off of their combined spunk.

Michelle, still being stubborn, refused at first to cooperate and suck and lick their cocks with her tongue while they forced their huge cocks into her mouth and down her throat. The leader got her cooperating after slapping her face so hard that he left big red hand prints on each side of her face. After taking ten hard slaps to each side of her face, she was sucking and licking their cocks like a pro, inwardly grimacing as she tasted their cum and her pussy juices.

The third man was really pumping her good and had established a steady rhythm when he began to feel two things. First he could feel her hips slightly pulling away as he pulled out and then smashing back down as he pressed into her and secondly he could also feel her cunt muscles opening up as he slammed in and clamping down on his dick as he pulled out.

"Hey dudes! The bitch is getting into it! She's fucking me back." he exclaimed. The men all looked and sure enough, she was humping her hips back and forth over her rapist cock.

Michelle heard the comment as she sucked and licked the cock fucking her pried open mouth. She concentrated for a moment and sure enough she could feel her hips moving in time with the cock fucking and could feel her cunt muscles grasping and releasing it's hold on the prick impaling it. "Oh god!" she though to herself. "What kind of whore are they turning me into?"

While continuing to lick and suck the cock viciously fucking her mouth and throat, Michelle concentrated on stopping her hips from fucking her rapist back and to stop her pussy muscles from milking his. This only worked for short periods of time as her hips and cunt seemed to have a mind of their own. Of course, Rodney, her rapist, was well known for his ability to pleasure women. He always angled his dick in such a way that it rubbed over his partner's clit as he pressed in and pulled out, keeping her love button in such a high state of arousal that most women came easily a dozen times before he blew his seed into them. Because his prick was so gargantuan, it also massaged her g-spot as it sawed in and out of her, without him doing anything special and then, because his cock was so long, it touched places inside of her, that very, very few cock could ever touch, also setting off her arousal/response system.

Michelle was no different than any other woman, and Rodney soon had her cuming on the end of his cock while she sucked someone else's cock. The more she came, the more voraciously she sucked on the cock inside of her mouth and the more wildly her hips slammed back at the cock impaling it and the more intensely her cunt milked at the cock fucking it. Rodney had turned the preacher's wife into little more than a fuck toy for the gang. Although she didn't want to cooperate with them, her body was wracked with so much pleasure, she couldn't think about anything other than how soon her next orgasm would wash over her.

When this became obvious, the men untied her ankles, which quickly wrapped around Rodney's waist as she was now able to participate more as she could move her hips further and move them she did, fucking back at him for all she was worth as she came and came and came.

Her sudden change in attitude did not go unnoticed as several members of the gang, including their leader, began making lewd comments on how wild the preacher's wife was getting. It also didn't go unnoticed by her husband and daughter as they watched in horror as their mother and wife was getting rapped at both ends and was apparently enjoying it as she was no longer tethered to the bed and had begun to respond back as well as she got.

Don couldn't hold back any longer, seeing his wife taking a huge cock all the way into her throat, obviously sucking it as her cheeks caved in and then returned to normal, while taking a cock into her cunt that easily looked as big a horse's cock into her cunt as she fucked the man back as fast and as hard as he was fucking her. He blew his wad into his daughter's ass as he viciously pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples in the excitement of what he was doing to his daughter while watching his wife's vicious raping.

Barbara too was turned on by all of this. She couldn't believe her that mother could so easily handle such humongous cocks, both in her mouth and in her cunt. Although taking her father in her hot, tight, virgin ass had been really painful in the beginning, once she became accustomed to first having something in her ass and then something as big as her father's cock, the pain had slowly subsided into a dull throbbing and then she felt her own pleasure begin to sneak in. His playing with her nipples and quickly spread a tingling through her chest and then went straight down to her clit and womb. The long he played with her nipples the better it felt and combined with the pleasure that was building from her father fucking her butt, the teenager was soon in the throes of a big orgasm herself.

Although there were some sharp jolts of pain as her father began pinching and twisting her nipples more cruelly, they merged with the pleasures to keep the young girl on the constant edge of orgasmic bliss, sending her over the edge many times. She had her biggest orgasm however, when she felt her father cum deep inside of her ass. There was no question in anyone's mind, how much the little girl was enjoying the attentions she was receiving from her father's hands and cock, as each time that she came, she would squeal out in delight as her body shook hard from the pleasure she was experiencing.

Not only were these black men well endowed, but most were able to hold off cuming for a long time, Rodney took a full forty minutes before dumping his seed into Michelle's womb, his cock almost fully impaled at the time. It took four and a half hours for each of the men to dump their first load into her cunt. By then Michelle was in such bad shape, that they decided she needed to be cleaned up, fed and rested before they continued with their fun.

They cleaned her off and out with a high pressure water hose, with ice cold water. First they sprayed her down, spending a longer time on her tits, cunt and ass than the rest of her body, constantly keeping the hose moving it's stinging blows all over her. Then they forced the nozzle into her ass and douched her out with the high pressured cold water, filling her guts up like an enema until she looked pregnant. They laughed and joked about how quickly their seed had worked as they made her look at herself in a mirror as her body cramped up terribly.

She looked five months pregnant when the let her shit and their cum escape from her ass. Michelle was highly embarrassed at looking pregnant, even though she knew that it was caused by the cold water enema they had forced into her, but suspected that it wouldn't be long before she really looked that way from the rape she had just suffered. These men had really dumped large loads of sperm, very close to or inside of her womb. It left such a short distance for the sperm to travel to reach her eggs, she just knew that she was probably already pregnant.

After pulling the nozzle out, she farted, a loud noisy fart and then the water gushed out of her ass. They washed her backside off again, as they didn't want to be touching her shit. They didn't wash out her cunt however, wanting to leave the sperm inside of her to impregnate her, if possible. They then gave the famished woman a turkey sandwich, chips and a coke to drink and then let her lay down on the cum covered mattress for an hour.

When it was time to begin the festivities again, Michelle was still worn out. While each man had fucked her long and hard, they had only fucked her once and been sucked off by her once, but she had fucked and sucked all twenty men over a four and a half hour period after having the shit shocked out of her for an hour, literally and figuratively.

They got her out of bed and the leader made out with her, forcing her to jerk him off while they French kissed and he played with her huge tits. As soon as he was hard, he lay down on the mattress, his head right at the railing. Michelle was forced to squat down over him on her hands and knees. She was then forced to grasp his hard cock and guide it into her cunt as she lowered herself onto him until she was fully impaled on his manhood. Unlike the first time, she didn't have to begin fucking him rapidly right away, but, unfortunately for her, she was going to first have to take a cock in her mouth and another in her ass before the fucking began.

This time they intended to take the broken preacher's wife, and make her do it on her own, as they had removed the ring gag. She opened her mouth to take the cock into her mouth, but as the man started to shove more and more of his meat into her oral cavity, she began backing off. Just as she started backing off, Rodney, put his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide. He pressed his cock up to her tiny, virgin, anal eye and as Michelle continued trying to back up, in a vain attempt to not have to swallow the huge cock being forced into her mouth, Rodney pressed his well lubricated ass splitter into her butt.

Michelle too had her ass hole well lubricated before they began, not out of their concern for damaging her virgin passage, but rather out of concern for what her dry passage would do to their cocks as they buggered the woman. Especially since each man would fuck her three times, get sucked off four or five times and fuck the bitch's ass two or three times. Their huge cocks would have been rubbed raw, without greasing her up first.

Even with her ass slightly stretched from their lubing it up and Rodney's gigantic horse-sized 11-inch cock also being well greased, it was still a very painful entry through Michelle's virgin sphincter. As his head popped in, she screamed in excruciating pain from the six plus inch wide head stretching her tight, tiny sphincter to it's very limits. Her screams were barely heard, as the cock in her mouth was already sliding down her throat. The man inside of her mouth was the beneficiary of her scream, as it vibrated his cock within her mouth.

Michelle was receiving pain from both ends. The cock sliding down her throat was not only stretching her throat out dramatically to the point where you could make out the shape of the cock as it moved inside of her throat, but was also making the preacher's wife gag. The gagging in turn was making her stomach turn and she heaved but everything that went up, hit the cock and bounced right back into her stomach. Upon hitting her stomach, she'd retch again, and the cycle went on, up to the cock, back to the stomach only to head back up again, over and over and over.

Then in her ass, Rodney's horse sized cock was unmercilessly stretching her super tight, previously virgin ass hole as he quickly got up to a rapid fucking rhythm, pushing in until his balls slapped her cunt, then pulling out until only the head of his prick was still trapped inside of her. Not only was his cock stretching the ultra-tight passage, but as he pushed and pulled, Michelle felt like he was pushing and pulling her guts along with his cock, especially on the out strokes where she felt like he was pulling her inside out.

When Michelle calmed down, stopped retching and her ass had stretched enough so that Rodney had picked up so speed, the man whose cock that her cunt was impaled on, began hammering his prick into her now tighter fuck hole. The two men in her crotch holes started out in unison making the naive wife almost feel as if she were being fucked in both holes, somehow, by a single cock, or at least a two dicked man, they were so matched in speed and direction.

Just as she got used to them both pounding her cunt and ass simultaneously, they switched styles, so that as one prick was fully impaled inside of her, her other hole was virtually empty, only holding the prick head in it's grasp. That made her feel like she was getting fucked by only long prick, that went into her cunt and out of her ass as again the two men worked their timing perfectly. As one cock bottomed out, the other was almost out of her and they always began reversing their direction at exactly the same instant.

The two men fucked her for a solid hour, making Michelle cum so many times nobody could keep track of how many exactly. During this time however, the men fucking her mouth came four times, and were replaced with nice fresh cocks for her to suck. Her jaws ached from being forced to stay so wide open and they were rubbing her throat raw as they fucked her mouth deep throat style.

In keeping up her humiliation, the men, especially their leader, kept taunting the woman that they were raping with tales of other white women that they had raped. They told her that many of the women that they had previously raped, came back looking for them because their husbands' pencil dicks seemed so puny after their cunts were so stretched out of shape that all except the largest of dildos no longer did anything for them. That try as they would, they never could duplicate the orgasms that the gang gave them while they were being raped and since the women wanted that feeling again, they actually came back and begged the gang to gang rape them again and again and again.

This really scared Michelle. Although she wasn't enjoying deep throating and getting buggered yet, she had to admit, that she really had gotten off when they used her cunt, even if it did hurt at first. And from what they had just told her, she really be getting off on having their big dicks shoved up her ass and down her throat. "How could two such painful and disgusting acts bring any woman pleasure?" she thought to herself while lewdly slurping on the cock in her mouth, while the two cocks fucking her between her legs were also making loud, lewd, slurping noises as they fucked in and out of her orifices.

The men's cajoling didn't stop there. They also constantly pointed out how turned on she was because "nipples don't lie" and her's were fully erect. She also was wearing a flush over her face and upper chest, which they made her look at in a mirror while she continued sucking on the cock and even told her that her expression indicated that she was enjoying herself.

Michelle was virtually broken at this point. Even she was beginning to believe what the men were telling her as the gave her a good three way fucking. Of course the real explanation was that her sub-conscious mind, out of self-preservation and her body out of some ancient instinct were now on auto-pilot to get her out of this with the least possible damage, ask any district attorney who handles rape cases or any rape clinic doctor. But that didn't change the way things appeared, that she was actually beginning to enjoy their raping of her, which is how it also looked to her husband and daughter who were forced to watch while her husband was forced to sexually abuse and rape their daughter.

For sixteen straight hours, with minor breaks to allow her to use the bathroom so she would pee or shit on them; shower to revive her somewhat; and have something to eat and drink to give her the strength to continue, the men three way fucked the preacher's wife. Beginning with the second set of cocks the fucked her cunt and ass, although she didn't cum, she did start feeling pleasurable feelings begin to spread throughout her body, and with the third set of cocks, she did cum and kept cuming, going multi-orgasmic to the point of staying in a constant state of orgasmic bliss.

At the first break, and each subsequent break, the men used the opportunity of her not having any cocks inside of her to point out how stretched out her holes had become. Michelle looked in horror at her widely gaped holes, now big enough for them to fuck her with their fists and she'd probably not experience any pain. She was amazed especially at how widely opened her previously tiny anus had gotten. It was so wide open, the men showed her that by their shining a flashlight up into it, she could see well up her rectum.

Don had been forced to constantly have his hands on his daughter's tits while Michelle was being raped, occasionally taking them off to eat her out, or diddle her clit or let her suck him off, or at least get him hard enough to fuck her ass or cunt again. This kind of father/daughter, semi-consensual, sexual relationship was really going to come back and bite him in the ass after they were released, with Barbara four to five months pregnant, especially with his previous stand of no abortions, when there would be no doubt as to who the father of her child was, since he'd be the only one allowed to fuck her pussy, until she was knocked up.

At the end of the sixteen hour marathon, Michelle was dog tired and sore and she felt sick to her stomach from swallowing so much cum. She was so tired that she couldn't even stand, much less walk. The men too were tired, as they had been at her for almost a day, an hour torturing her, another four and a half hours fucking her cunt only, an hour break and then the sixteen hour marathon triple fuck session.

Although the fucking would end so everyone could get some sleep, Michelle's would neither be restful or sound. First they tied her arms painfully behind her back in a reverse prayer position, tying her elbows firmly together, with her hands up between her shoulder blades, her forearms also lashed tightly together. The position, in addition to being extremely painful on her shoulders, also forced her to thrust her huge tits way out in front of her. A noose was then forced around the base of her left tit and pulled tightly, bulging the mound of flesh out even further into a tight ball as more of the rope was wound around the base. Another length of rope was produced and her right breast suffered the same fate.

Vicious clamps, like the ones used to shock her, were then allowed to clamp shut on her erect nipples, only these clamps had a chain connecting them. Michelle screamed loudly in pain as each of the evil devices was applied to her sensitive buds. She was then forced to bend over while a two foot length of large, vibrating beads was forced deeply into her rectal passage, making her moan in discomfort and then a thick, twelve inch vibrating dildo was forced into her well stretched cunt.

She was led over to what looked like a saw horse to her. She was lifted up and set down, with a leg on either side of the cross beam. She saw that the top of the cross beam was very bumpy and seemed to be coated with some sort of jell. Her high heeled shoes were just high enough for her to sit comfortably on the cross beam and were, by design, ready to be attached to other devices. In this case, a short chain was attached from the d-ring on the outside of each ankle to a ring concreted to the floor. This caused her to spread her legs a little wider, making her press harder against the cross beam. A hook was lowered from the ceiling, attached to the ropes circling her wrists and pulled up tight, forcing her to stand straight.

While two men plugged in her vibrators to electrical outlets under the saw horse, the leader began hanging weights from the chain between her nipples until he had five pounds of weight, pulling down on her sore nipples, stretching both her nipples and tits and making the cruel clamps bite down even harder on her already abused nipples. She gasped each time an additional weight was added to her chain, pulling even more on her sore nipple and tits.

A few minutes later, Michelle noticed that her slit was getting hotter, and before long a fire like pain burned through her crotch. The gel that she had noticed as she was placed down over the cross bar was a mint green liniment whose very instructions warned against coming into contact with bare skin and was now irritating the sensitive inner flesh of her cunt lips. This irritation forced her to hump her hips back and forth, slowly at first, then faster as the pain grew between her wide spread thighs.

She had been bound tight enough to force her to stand straight, yet loose enough so that she could really throw her hips forward and backwards. Of course when she did so, she rubbed her clit over the bumps and irritant on the top of the cross beam. The faster she humped, the more she stimulated her clit, the more liniment she rubbed into her slit and the wilder the weights swung and bounced that were attached to her nipple rings. The pain was so great from the liniment, that she could just stand there, but by humping herself she was both getting herself off, as her clit rubbed over the hard bumps and she was rubbing more and more of the liniment into her slit, not to mention the bouncing swaying weights yanking on her nipples and tits.

As Michelle kept hollering in pain from both the liniment and the weights pulling on her nipples and begging them to get her off of the contraption, the men all laughed and made of fun of the bound preacher's wife. Their "joke" was not funny to her, the pain in her crotch, shoulders and breasts was very real to her. Their juvenile behavior, worried her. How far would they take their tortures? Maybe they'd even kill her, or make her really wish that she was dead, she'd be in so much pain.

This was exactly the feelings her captors wanted her feeling, extreme pain, degradation, and humiliation, in addition to the knowledge that she wouldn't get out of this, until she was in fact pregnant. In Michelle's case, the lily white preacher's wife, whose bigoted husband preached violence against abortion clinics, doctors, and hospitals, and the women who went to them, would be left pregnant with a black baby in her womb. If her husband treated her, like he did the women he preached against, she would have to carry the baby to full term and deliver the baby. She and her husband would almost definitely give the baby up for adoption, after all, how would it look to have a black baby with a white mother and father.

But those things were so far in the future, Michelle couldn't even think about that. All she could think of right now, was ridding herself of the pain in her slit, nipples and shoulders, as she was forced to make things even worse on herself by rapidly humping her hips back and forth along the top of the cross beam.

It wasn't all pain however. The vibrating beads in her ass, the vibrating dildo in her cunt, the feeling she received as she savagely dragged her clit over the bumps on the tops of the cross beam and even the diabolical way that her nipples were being tugged, creating both pleasure and pain at the same time, were driving the wife and mother towards yet another immense orgasm as she stood naked in front of these twenty strangers humping her hips as if fucking some invisible cock, thus humiliating herself.

Every half hour, over the next four hours, someone applied additional liniment over the bumps on the cross beam, keeping the bound woman's hips in rapid motion. She was simultaneously in tremendous pain and unbelievable delight. Her bliss was so great, that it even took her mind off of her pain almost, but not quite fully.

After the last application of the liniment, Michelle, like the men, was allowed to rest, although fitfully for eight hours in her painful standing position with two vibrators buzzing away inside of her. Her arms by now were numb but every so often she would feel an orgasm strike her and shake her to her very core as the small touch of pleasure swept over her.

Some time the next day, when they awoke the miserable woman, she was still groggy, having gotten virtually no sleep in almost two days. Without moving her, from her position, the hook pulled up on her arms, forcing her to bend forward. The leader stuck his fingers in her ass, and slowly pulled several of the beads out of her ass. Then getting a better grip on the beads, he pulled with all of his might, yanking them from her rectal grasp and causing her to have several more intense orgasms as her sphincter was forced to open wide as the widest part of each bead passed through it, and then it clamped down almost fully closing again around the narrowest part of each bead. Michelle yelped both in pain and in pleasure, as each bead passed out of her anal cavity, working her already sore sphincter very hard and further getting it used to be forced wide open.

As the men were all horny again, they prepared her for another round of gang banging. Leaving the preacher's wife bent over at the waist, they also removed the vibrating dildo from her cunt, leaving that hole gaping wide open. Without moving the bound woman, they pulled the saw horse out from between her legs, so that they could get to her. They wiped her slit off with a dirty rag soaked with alcohol, which had been refrigerated to make it feel even colder, to get any traces of the liniment off of her as none of the men wanted it on their pricks.

Another vicious clamp was brought out and snapped shut over her clit, drawing a scream of agony from the captured woman. The short chain attached to the back of her clit clamp was then clipped to the chain between her nipples, pulling on both her nipples and clit until Michelle realized that by bending further over, she could relieve some of the pain. Of course in doing so, she was better positioning herself to be raped.

The fucked her pretty much as they had the first time, except this time they were standing behind her instead on laying on her. Each man dumped another potent load of cum into her pussy as they fucked her none too gently and then walked around to her mouth, for her to lick them clean and suck their cocks. This session was painful in a different way. Her cunt, although sore, was now stretched so wide that she didn't have any stretching pains, even when the largest of their cocks, Rodney's nineteen incher, was rammed into her cunt. However, the clamps, because they had all been tied together, and unless she was bent over just right, really pulled on the three most sensitive places on her body and bit down hard on them as well.

This really did torture her already abused nipples and clit as she was constantly being buffeted back and forth between two cocks as they fucked her mouth and cunt, the movements forcing her to further torture her nipples and clit. The men fucking her mouth were especially cruel and got a charge out of pulling her up to get a better angle on her mouth, which in turn pulled real hard on the chains which stretched her nipples and clit out to their maximum and also caused the vicious clamps to bite very hard into her most sensitive of places.

The leader, as always, was the first to stick his cock into her. He placed the head of his cock against her gaping hole, grabbed her hips and with one brutal shove, hilted his thick, twelve inch cock into her welcoming cunt. The shove made her lift up slightly, in an attempt to more comfortably, for her, accommodate her rapist long, thick prick as it slammed into her fuck hole. Unfortunately, the move also yanked on the chains, making her stretch her nipples and clit and make the clamps bite down harder on those same three places. It also caused the weights, dangling from her nipples, to swing and bounce, further torturing her nipples and clit with tugs and also caused the clamps to bite down harder with each tug they received.

Michelle bent further down, and tried to stay at that angle, to relieve the tension on the chain connecting her nipples to her clit. But there was no winning in this diabolical bondage, when she bent over far enough to relieve the tension on the chain, it angled her cunt in such a manner as to make it easier for her rapists to fuck through her cervix and into her ultra tight uterus. The leader didn't take long this morning to fuck the poor bound preacher's wife as he had better things planned for latter on.

After dumping a full load into her womb, he pulled out with an audible "PLOP." He then walked around in front of her and, as the next man in line shoved into her cunt, making her grunt, the leader shoved is now deflated and scummy cock into her mouth. As the other man really began banging away on her cunt, the leader placed his hands under her shoulders and lifted her up, stretching her nipples, tits and clit to their maximum, thus causing the bound woman the maximum amount of pain as she was being fucked front and back. Her nipples, tits and clit stretched so tightly that she thought one or more of her most sensitive pieces of flesh would actually be ripped off of her body. The clamps were biting down with their razor sharp, serrated edges and her throat and cunt was being vigorously raped by two huge cocks.

Watching this really turned her husband on as he played with his daughter's ample tits. Each time he got hard, he was forced to fuck his little girl again, putting another load of his baby making juice into her unprotected womb. Although Barbara still resented the way her father was using her like some little fuck toy, but she knew that he had no choice in the matter as he was constantly being instructed on what to do to her and she to him. But she also knew, that if he didn't hold and vocalize such radical views on abortion, none of them would be here now, and that's what she resented most.

As the leader had told his men not to hold back, but rather dump their loads as quickly as possible, it only took an hour and forty minutes for all twenty men to fuck her. After her first gang bang of the day, Michelle's binds were removed. She was allowed to shower and was allowed to use the toilet. Her arms were then bound behind her back again, wrist to opposite elbow. Clamps were placed on her nipples with one pound weights hanging from each clamp. She was then led over to a short stool. Even from a distance, she could see the long, thick, heavily ribbed dildo sticking straight up from the chair, but it wasn't until she was right on top of the chair that she could see that the seat of the chair was a virtual bed of nails.

She was turned around, so that her back faced the chair and the leader said, "So far slut, we've had to do all of the work fucking you, so we decided that you would do all the work for a while. We're going to lower you down slowly as you take most of this twenty inch dildo into your whore cunt. When you're low enough, we're going to attach a clamp to your clit on a very short chain attached to the seat. It should let you rise until there are only six inches of dildo left inside of you whore cunt. Then we'll tie your legs to the legs of the stool. Now here's the deal. If you sit down all the way, those razor sharp nails are going to puncture your slutty white ass. If you pull up any further than having just six inches of dildo inside of you, that clamp will bite down harder on your clit and stretch it out painfully. If you try and stand, not moving in one position, your legs will cramp, give out and you'll find your slutty white ass painfully impaled on those razor sharp nails. So that really leaves you but one option, to fuck yourself on the dildo. Oh I guess you could try to stand all the way up, but you'd probably rip that clit out of your cunt."

Michelle was positioned, just as he said, her legs tied to the stool and her clit clamped with a short chain from the stool. The men just stood around watching and waiting as she just squatted there with the huge dildo jammed inside of her cunt, not moving. "These men aren't going to get me to act like a whore for their amusement!" she thought to herself.

As time went on, however, her legs did tire, as the leader explained to her before they started. She could feel them beginning to shake, and still she didn't move. Slowly she began losing ground, the dildo sliding further and further into her cunt as her ass was getting closer and closer to the sharp nails below them. Suddenly, she felt the sharp points on her skin and pulled back up several inches, not wanting to go to far up in fear of pulling on her clit clamp. This brought some murmurs from her audience.

She did this dance over and over until one time she didn't have the strength in her legs left to jerk up fast enough to avoid the pins and her butt was punctured by man pins before she could pull herself back up, this time deciding to push up until she felt the chain jerk her clit. After three more slides, punctures and push back ups, the leader said, "Listen slut we ain't got all day. You're going to stay there until you have six nice big orgasms for us. You can do it the easy way or the hard way, and it looks like your doing it the hard way. If you wait much longer, I can guarantee you that white slutty ass ?o yours is gonna look like Swiss cheese. You ain't got the strength to wait and start much more and do six orgasms without tiring and having to sit on those nasty needles. So if I was you, I'd get my ass pumpin'."

Michelle wanted to be stubborn and didn't start right away, but considered what the leader had just advised her. Seeing that he was probably right, she began fucking herself on the huge dildo. Knowing that she would have to get herself off half a dozen times before they let her off of this damnable contraption, she began fucking herself up until she felt the slightest of pulls on her clit clamp and then rammed herself down to what she considered to be a safe distance from the nails.

She also realized the dichotomy of her position. If she didn't fuck herself fast on the huge dildo, she'd never cum and eventually she'd tire out and end up sitting on the sharp nails anyway. If she fucked herself too fast, or had too large of an orgasm, she'd also end up sitting on the sharp nails. She picked a speed that she felt was a good compromise one between the two extremes.

Of course the nails and the dildo itself were not her only torments, she also was wearing those two damned nipple clamps, each bearing a full pound weight on them. Almost any reasonable fucking speed, one fast enough to get her off relatively quickly, was going to cause the weights to swing and bounce, especially as she changed directions from up to down or down to up. Each bounce and swing of the weights, would cause the cruel clamps to bite down further into her already tortured nipples, having been drastically stretched out by the heavy weights, and tug on her sensitive buds of flesh. She would just have to bear her nipple torture, as those nails would really tear her backside up if they fully punctured into her skin.

Michelle really put on a show, fucking herself on the long, thick, ribbed dildo attached to the stool through her first five orgasms. Although she'd never admit it, it was all beginning to feel good to her at this point, even the clamps pulling on and biting into her nipples. The only real discomfort was from the clit clamp, and her clit was so numb at this point she was barely feeling the pain. As the fifth orgasm died down, to her shock, in front of her stood her naked daughter.

"She's not supposed to be raped by you!" Michelle exclaimed. "She's only supposed to be raped by her father!"

"Calm down momma!" the leader said, "We're not gonna lay a finger in her juvy body. You are!"

"What do you mean, I am?" she asked, confused how she, in her position, could sexually molest her daughter.

"While you fuck yourself to your last orgasm, she's gonna stand in stirrups which will be attached to your waist. And while you fuck yourself on that big nigger dildo, you're gonna eat you little honey's honey pot!" he informed her and broke out laughing, as did the rest of his gang.

Michelle still wasn't sure what she was expected to do, but quickly got the picture as a cinch belt was tightly cinched around her waist, from which dangled two stirrups like on a horse's saddle. Once it was secured, Barbara was lifted up and her feet locked into the stirrups, her mother groaning from the extra weight her tired legs, still in the high heeled shoes, were now required to support. Barbara's wrists were locked in handcuffs and a rope hanging from the middle link was tightened around her mother's bound arms. Now there was now way that she could pull herself away from her mother. The position had Barbara's pussy, which was full of her father's and her own cum. as was her crotch and upper thighs, pressed right up against her mother's mouth.

"Here's the deal, last orgasm momma. While you fuck yourself to your slutty orgasm, you're going to eat your daughter's pussy, cleaning that nasty cum that your husband dumped into your little girl's pussy, trying to knock her up, just like we're trying to do to you. If you don't cooperate and both fuck yourself and eat your baby's cunt out, we're gonna beat you with a whip until you do what you're told to do. Got it?" he commanded.

"Yes." she whispered, defeated again, another layer of self-respect stripped away from her.

As she began lifting up, now pushing almost twice her own 120-lbs. as her daughter, although only thirteen, already weighed 90, she was straining to get up. She glued her mouth to her daughter's cunt and snaked her tongue into her daughter's, also unwashed for four days, fuck hole, licking her husbands sperm and her daughter's sex juices from the relatively tight hole. She felt the tug on her clit clamp and reversed direction, but ended up moving much faster than she had anticipated due to the extra weight she was forced to carry and, unfortunately for her, impaled her butt on the sharp spikes. The pain set off an adrenaline rush, making her push back up harder, in order to get her lacerated ass off of those needles impaled in it. This resulted in her pulling up enough to pull the clit clamp's chain taut, which yanked on her clit and caused the clamp to bite down hard on her most sensitive spot.

Michelle screamed in pain into her daughter's pussy, the vibrations which vibrated Barbara's clit giving the girl a sexual jolt and making her squirm a little. Her squirming threw her mother's timing off making her impale herself again on the spikes. This went on for twenty minutes before Michelle was finally able to cum again, during which time, however, she did get her daughter off three times. At least saving her from the whip.

The men watching the show were much amused with all of it. They cheered and jeered Michelle on and called her all sorts of derogatory names, many of which Michelle was beginning to believe were true as she fucked herself on the huge dildo while eating her daughter out. Barbara was really squirming now as her mother's tongue rapidly fucked her love tunnel while her nose worked on her clit, keeping the girl at very high level of arousal.

As Michelle came, her legs gave out and she sat down hard on the stool, driving all of the tiny sharp needles into her butt and thighs. In spite of the pain from the pins, she was having the largest and longest orgasm she had ever experienced. Because of the added weight of her daughter, pushing her down even harder onto the pins, she was really being impaled deeply on them, much deeper than she would have if it had only been her own weight pressing her down on them.

Barbara was untied from her mother and returned upstairs to her father who was ordered to bend her over and fuck both her ass and cunt, but to cum in her cunt. Michelle too was untied from the stool, although her arms were left in bondage. As she was helped up, pulling her off of the needles was extremely painful. Little pin pricks of blood spotted her entire derriere area where she had been sitting on the stool. The leader took a dirty rag, poured alcohol over it and wiped the area where she was bleeding to keep it from getting infected. Of course the alcohol stung like hell over the hundreds of cuts on her backside.

Michelle was then forced to her knees, legs spread wide apart, and her head on the floor, since she didn't have use of her hands. She heard a dog panting and looked over to see a huge dog, as tall as a Great Dane and as wide as a Saint Bernard but the animal looked nothing like either breed, more like a mixed breed mutt, and like the men all black.

The leader said, "Since your our bitch now, we figured you'd like to know how a bitch feels when it gets fucked. Harvey here doesn't really know what it's like to fuck a dog, as we've only let him fuck women and he's really good at it. Dog's fuck much faster than men and for the most part, for a longer time. Now Harvey doesn't have a cock as big as Rodney's, no dog can get that big. I'd say his cock is about as long as mine, but a slightly thinner. That is until he's ready to cum. His knot, that carries the sperm, makes his cock about fifty percent bigger around than mine, which would make it thicker than even Rodney's. He's going to put two loads of doggie cum into that whore cunt of your's. Maybe you'll have puppies instead of a baby." He couldn't help laughing at his own joke, as did most of his gang.

"Anyway, he's going to fuck you. Then he'll come around and expect you to lick him clean and suck him back to an erection so he can fuck you again. Of course you will do it! Understand?"

Michelle whimpered and said softly, "Yes."

Harvey got behind her and stuck his nose right into her cunt, sending his long, broad tongue into her just abused channel, licking and slurping all of her sex juice out and forcing her to lubricate, now that she wasn't under the influence of the delaying drug anymore. In spite of the humiliating position she was in and how sore her pussy was from the over use and abuse it had received over the past day and a half, the dogs nose and tongue quickly had her hot and ready to go for more. Even if she tried to deny it, everyone could see her hips pushing back onto the animal's tongue as it ate her out and her ass was wriggling frantically, as is looking for a cock to fill it.

Suddenly Harvey stopped eating her, backed up slightly and jumped up on her, his paws landing on her bound arms. He rutted around for a minute before his cock finally sank home, impaling her in one quick lunge. He wasted no time on niceties and immediately began fucking her at a pace much faster than any of the gang had used, even for a short period of time and he kept that rapid pace up the entire time that her fucked her

Michelle was really embarrassed over being forced to have sex with an animal, especially in front of all of these strangers who had raped her. But embarrassed or not, this animal was fucking her better than any man ever had, which made her respond in the most humiliating ways. She was moaning and groaning and grunting, as if she were a bitch in heat as the dog slammed his huge cock in and out of her cunt. As the animal pounded her cunt at a remarkably rapid pace, she attempted to keep up with it humping her own cunt as fast as she could back at the beast, much to the amusement of her audience.

The men laughed at her, telling her that she was no more than a bitch in heat, a slutty whore and many other derogatory names. She was told only the sluttiest of whores get off on getting fucked by animals. And on and on the tearing away of her pride and self-esteem went. She was blushing, knowing that what she was doing was wrong in God's eyes, but they were making her do this and it wasn't her fault that it felt so damned good.

It didn't take the animal long to get her off the first time and then it seemed that she just stayed in on perpetual orgasm. Even before one orgasm would die down she'd be hit with another and then another. Michelle had gone multi-orgasmic, cuming almost every twenty seconds.

She felt the dog's cum knot press up against her cunt and then felt it entering her. The leader was right, it was much thicker than any cock that had ever penetrated her so far. As it pushed through her pussy sphincter, the pain became unbearable and she screamed out in pain, although her hips kept pounding back onto the impaling doggie prick pounding her so well, as if her hips had a mind of their own.

"Aaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh!" she screamed out in pain as the knot entered her cunt, stretching her pussy to it's limit.

Now the animal was not only fucking her like a piston at 5,500 r.p.m., he was also stretching her pussy to new limits with his huge knot as it moved closer and closer to her womb. It was almost an hour after he had mounted her that the animal finally howled as he dumped his huge, watery load into her uterus. When Harvey pulled out, with a lewd, audible "PLOP," Michelle fell flat to the floor, totally exhausted from the great fuck she had just been given.

?Uh, uh, uh! Back up on your knees bitch! He wants to do you again! Right now! Clean him up and get him ready to fuck you again!" the leader advised.

Michelle didn't see how she'd have enough energy to participate in another fucking like the one she just had, but she didn't want to bear their wrath either, so she got back up on her knees, legs spread wide as the dog walked around in front of her. When she lifted her head, the dog jumped up, placing it's fore paws on her back as the preachers wife attended to it's cock. She licked all of her's and it's sex juices from it's crotch and prick. She then began sucking the animal's prick, to get it hard again so that the dog could screw her again.

She blushed a deep red covering her face, neck and upper chest, the entire time her mouth ministered to the animal's cock. This highly embarrassed the preacher's wife as it went so deeply against her moral convictions. She also realized that even though she knew this to be wrong, morally and otherwise, she was enjoying it. She couldn't remember ever cuming so hard, so often and for such a long period of time. Even sucking this dirty animal's cock was better than sucking those rapists niggers' cocks.

When Harvey was hard again, as he was trained to do, he pulled out of her mouth, trotted around behind her and mounted her again. After finding his target, he picked up where he had left off, pounding away as if his cock were a piston in a motor, fucking the poor preacher's wife silly. Even though she had felt totally drained after his first fucking, as the animal plumbed her female plumbing, she responded just as enthusiastically as she had the first go around, humping back as well as she was receiving.

The dog and the bound mother and wife put on an equally impressive show for their second coupling. Michelle quickly went multi-orgasmic again as she squealed and moaned in obvious pleasure. Just like the first time, the animal's knot was extremely painful, both when it entered her already sore pussy and as it traveled towards her womb. After the animal came again, it pulled out and again came around in front of her to be cleaned off. After Michelle performed this nasty, disgusting task a second time, the animal was led away.

For their final bit of humiliation, the rest of the day, Michelle was used as their toilet. She was forced to eat their shit as it came out of their asses. She not only had to drink their piss, usually as a chaser for a load of shit she was just forced to eat, but she also had to allow them to piss inside of her, in her cunt and ass holes. This by far was the most humiliating thing they had forced her to do. And just before being returned to her family, she was surrounded to ten men who pissed all over her. There wasn't a dry spot on her entire body when they finished peeing on her.

Over their first month in captivity, Michelle had been repeatedly gang raped, tortured and abused. Anywhere from twenty to fifty men or more at a time would use the preacher's wife as if she were some inanimate sex toy, put on this world for their pleasure. She was always given twenty-four hours between rapings to recoup her strength, then she would be dressed up in some costume to meet a certain theme or the rape.

She had been dressed up like a white slut intentionally walking through a bad black neighborhood and taken by a black gang and used for two solid days. She was dressed as herself in a replica of her own kitchen, and while washing dishes, thirty black men broke into her house and used her for two days. She was dressed as a business woman leaving her use and while in the garage of her building two black men kidnapped her and then fifty men used her for three days straight, almost without a letup. And on and on the scenarios went.

She perpetually had black and blue bruises all over her body. Her cunt and ass hole constantly hurt from the abuse, fuckings, fistings, whippings, and having all sorts of vegetables, toys, and other assorted paraphernalia shoved inside of her intimate holes. They even shoved a very thick 14-inch butt plug in her ass once with a horses tail on the end. They made her walk around like that, embarrassing her so much because it looked like she literally had the tail growing out of her ass. Her jaws constantly ached from sucking so many huge cocks. That was another thing, none of the men who raped her had even average equipment. The smallest cock that she had to service with all three of her previously tight holes was ten inches, and they went up from there.

In addition to having to service these animals, Michelle was also beaten and abused by them. It seems that they took special delight in beating her breasts, mainly her sensitive nipples, her cunt, mainly her super sensitive clit and her anus. Sure they beat her on other places, but they were concentrating on where it would hurt the most. She had given up, she didn't want to live anymore. She decided that she just wouldn't eat and starve to death.

The head of the organization who had captured her and her family had heard of her hunger strike and came to see her. He said, "I hear you're not eating."

"Why should I, so I can have enough strength for you to keep on raping me?" she retorted.

"Yes. Because if they aren't going to be raping you, they'll be raping your daughter. While I know sex is being forced on her anyway by her father, I think you'd agree that letting him fuck your little girl is preferable to your little girl taking your place in these gang rapes. Don't you?" he asked.

"Oh my god! You wouldn't!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, but I would Michelle. And we'll go tell her right now, that her mommy would rather see her raped than to be raped herself. Come on, let's go tell her." he said.

"Bastard! I'll do it!" she replied through clenched teeth.

"No more hunger strikes. No more temper tantrums. The next time I even think that you aren't cooperating, she'll get a good taste of what you're going through, not just the rape itself, but also the beatings and other torture. Do I make myself clear?" he threatened.

"Yes." the captured housewife and mother replied meekly.

"Good! Oh, by the way, your last pregnancy test was negative." he advised her.

"What am I going to do?" she thought to herself. "I can't take this constant abuse, but if I don't they'll make Barbara take my place. I can't let them do that to my 13-year old daughter, they'll kill her, or at least drive her insane. Oh, what am I going to do?"

Meanwhile, her husband and daughter, where watching porn movies, both naked. Barbara was sitting on her father's lap, his rock hard cock inside of her cunt as she raised and lowered herself onto his cock to make him cum yet again, into her unprotected pussy, in an attempt to get herself pregnant with his baby. No she didn't want to be doing it, but the threats of bodily harm to herself, her father and mother, were sufficient to make the young teenaged girl do as she was told.

The worse part of the whole thing was that she was beginning to enjoy the feel of her father's cock inside all three of her orifices. Over the past month, her virgin holes had been stretched enough so that there was no pain in having sex anymore, only pleasure. Although she convinced herself that she was doing it to protect herself and her family, deep down she knew that she was not only beginning to enjoy it, but that she was actually looking forward to it, as she was cuming quickly and frequently when she fucked her father or was being fucked by her father. She also enjoyed their passionate kissing and fondling of each others bodies and knew that she would miss the feel of his warm body spooned against hers, his cock pressed up against her anus or her cunt and his hand cupping her breast, when they finally were released.

Later that same day, Barbara was told that she was pregnant. She knew that this meant that they were going to step up her sexual use. She now could be fucked by other men, in addition to her father. She wasn't looking forward to becoming a slut and that's what they told her that she would be, by the time her baby was born.

Michelle ate a big meal and then was advised that her daughter was now pregnant and would have to begin having sex with other men, although not in gang bangs like she was getting. In fact, all of the men whom she'd have sex with, would be older men, at least as old as her father, some even old enough to be her grandfather. There was going to be a special coming out party for her this afternoon.

Barbara was brought into a soundproof room and told to kneel down on her hands and knees over a padded bar. Her thighs were strapped to the posts holding the bar, forcing her legs wide apart. Her ankles were then shackled to eyelets in the floor even wider apart than her knees. Her wrists were then secured if fur lined cuffs to posts in front of her and even wider apart than her ankle cuffs. This left the teenager with her head slightly lower than her ass in a kneeling spread eagle position.

One of the men packed what looked like some sort of meat into Barbara's cunt while the other sprayed something all over her naked body. Then the two men who had tied her down left. A few seconds later, several men entered the room leading really large dogs that looked like they were a cross between a Rot Wieler, a Great Dane and a Saint Bernard. The men unhooked the leashes of the ten dogs and they too left, leaving Barbara at the mercy of the dogs.

While Barbara couldn't see that her parents were watching everything, as the room was one big one way mirror from the outside, her parents were anxiously looking on, hoping that the dogs didn't tear their little girl up. Also, while she couldn't hear anything from outside of the room, every noise coming from the room could be heard by those looking in, including her parents.

The dogs immediately picked up both scents, that of the dog food packed into the bound teenager's twat and the essence of ?Bitch in Heat' that had been generously sprayed all over her body until she wreaked of it. They began whining and moving in on the bound girl. The largest dog shoved his nose into her cunt and began licking the food out of the bound girl.

Suddenly over the loud speaker came a voice, "Well you always were a bitch, now you will really know what it is like to truly be a bitch, a bitch in heat. You've been sprayed with a long lasting scent that is identical to the smell that a female dog gives off to let the male dogs know that she is ripe and ready for fucking. Once they've eaten the dog food out of your pussy, they will fuck you like your father never could. These dogs were bred to fuck human woman. They all have nice, long, thick cocks, between nine and twelve inches in length and maybe an inch and a half to two inches across. When dogs cum, a sperm sack, so to speak, travels up from their balls through their cocks and blasts out all at once. As this sperm sack travels through their cocks, it makes their cock even thicker, possibly another inch or inch and a half across, which will really give your tight little pussy a good stretching. In addition, they fuck much faster and last much longer than their human counter part, so you'll get quite a work out this afternoon. The dogs will be allowed to use you until they loose interest in you. At the conclusion of your introduction to having sex with animals, you will choose one of your suitors as a pet to have sex with on a daily basis."

With all they had been through and all that they had seen, the Smiths, mother, father and daughter, were all shocked by what they were hearing. Barbara especially, since she was already feeling the tongue of the huge dog lapping at her sex. Even though she knew she should be disgusted at having an animal, sticking it's tongue in such an intimate spot as her pussy, her body was already giving her away. The damn animal's long, rough tongue felt good as dug into her cunt and sucked out the food, especially since it managed to rub over her clit as it snaked in and then pulled out.

Although she was tied securely in place, she wasn't secured so tautly that she couldn't move at all, in fact she was able to move her hips quite freely and could rock back and forth almost a whole foot. As the dog ate her out, Barbara began whining and moaning in obvious pleasure. Her body was trembling and her hips seemed to have a mind of it's own as they ground back onto the animal's mouth while rotating in small circles. If there had been any question as to her enjoyment, her reactions to the dog's familiarities, certainly removed that doubt.

Just before the dog finished getting all of the dog food out of her cunt, Barbara had one her biggest orgasms ever, a loud, squealing orgasm, that had her whole body shaking as if she were the epicenter of an earthquake. The dog loved the taste of her cum and of course had to lap all of it up too before mounting her, which made her cum again on the animal's tongue.

Finally the dog was satisfied that he had licked all of the goodies out of her snatch and backed up just a little. He then jumped up on her back, his shiny red cock sticking way out of it's pouch. He rutted at her several times before sinking his cock into her hot, tight hole, and when he did, he plunged fully into her cunt in one lunge. His long, thick cock's quick entry knocked the wind out of the bound teenager, but the animal didn't wait, like most men would have and immediately began rapidly sending his huge cock in and out of her love passage.

Since her arousal level was already at a very high point, by the time she caught her breath, she was on the verge of yet another orgasm. She bucked and humped back against the dog's pile driving crotch as the tall animal wrapped it's paws with it's sharp nails around her chest and dug into her breasts. Barbara was whining and groaning as her orgasm approached leaving no doubts that she was certainly enjoying the fucking she was getting by the animal.

Seeing this, their captor said to her parents, "Once we get her hooked on fucking dogs, she may never want to fuck a man again. Even the small pain that they may inflict on her tits with their sharp nails and the huge knot when they get ready to cum, will be a very small price to pay for the pleasure that they can give her."

Her parents were shocked to know that something as devious as that could be wrought upon them, but there was no question about it, their daughter wasn't being hurt, she was being pleasured, and enjoying it immensely.

"Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Barbara squealed in glee as her third orgasm from the animal washed over her.

Her body shook, she froze for a moment and then she fucked back onto it's cock as fast as she could. She may have never wanted to fuck a dog, but she was definitely enjoying being fucked by a dog. It took the animal ten minutes before the cum knot began moving up from it's balls and during that time Barbara had five orgasms, not counting the two she had on the end of it's tongue. When the knot began moving into her cunt, however, she froze for a minute and began begging.

"Oh no! Please it's too big! Take it out! You're ripping me in half!" the terrified teenager screamed out, knowing that the animal couldn't possibly understand what she was saying.

Over the next several minutes, the knot slowly moved from the opening of her cunt to the tip of the animal's prick. In spite of it's immense girth, the animal was still pile driving it's cock rapidly in and out of her cunt, stretching her open to a much larger diameter and bringing her unimaginable pain. As the knot finally settled in the animals prick head, the pain began to subside and be replaced by a gnawing need that Barbara recognized as that need that could only be satisfied by getting fucked and fucked really good. She was well on her way to yet another orgasm from the prick on this animal.

The dog ended up fucking her for twenty-two minutes before dumping it's watery cum into her already fertilized womb, and Barbara had a total of ten orgasms with the animal's prick fucking her like there was no tomorrow. As the last of it's sperm shot into her cunt, the knot began to shrink and when it disappeared, the animal pulled out of her pussy with a loud, obscene "PLOP!"

The dog moved away and the other dogs began to circle in towards her. They knew their pecking order and the next strongest dog stuck it's nose into her cunt to clean her out of her pussy juice and the other dog's sperm. In doing so he too sent her over the edge and licked her new juices out as well before mounting her.

Each of the dogs took twenty to thirty minutes of rapid, pile driving fucking, before dumping their loads into her cunt, only to be licked out by the next dog to use her. By the time the third animal mounted her, she was already exhausted from being fucked and eaten by the first two dogs. Each dog fucked her at least once, several twice and twice they missed the mark and fucked her ass instead. That was the most painfully thing she had ever experienced, being fucked by the dog's thick knot inside of her ass.

Seven hours after it had started, the dogs were no longer interested in fucking the bound teenager any more. Barbara was dog tired, pun intended. For virtually the entire seven hours, either her cunt or ass had been under assault from rapid, pile driving cock, which had made her cum and cum and cum. Both holes were sore now and she knew that she'd have trouble walking because of it. In addition her tits were sore and had been scratched by the dogs as they held onto her there for leverage while they fucked her.

All the men came back into the room. The dog handlers snapped leashes back onto the dogs, while the other two men released Barbara from her bonds and helped her to her feet.

"Well honey," the voice on the loud speaker said, "which dog do you want as your pet for the remainder of your stay here?"

Barbara was so out of it, that she didn't know which end was up, much less which dog to choose.

"Think about which ones tongue felt best in your slutty cunt. Try and remember which one gave you the most orgasms." The voice offered as help in making a choice.

"I don't know. The first one I guess." she replied and then blushed realizing that she had essentially picked a dog as a lover.

She was handed the dog's leash and the rest of the dogs were led out of the room. Barbara was helped from the room and handed over to her father, to help her back to their cell. When they arrived at their cell, they noticed that the bed that the father and daughter shared had been changed to a slightly larger one. He took her into the shower and gently washed her up and took her back to bed, where she collapsed into a deep sleep.

The next morning they got up and had breakfast, then Michelle was taken for her next gang bang, like her daughter's, this one was going to be by animals. They were taken to a barn and Michelle was bent over a padded fence, her ankles secured to the posts spreading her as wide as she could be spread. Her wrists were manacled on the opposite side, about half way down but spread extremely wide apart, thus holding her tightly in place, with her ass high in the air. The position caused her pussy pad to stick out and the lips open in a lewd and vulnerable manner. Suddenly the fence began to rise until Michelle's feet were almost a foot off of the ground and a horse was led in front of her and stopped when it's cock was right in front of her face.

"Well Michelle, look what we have for you today. We figured if your daughter can fuck animals, so could you, but since you are so much more mature, we figured that you wanted something even bigger than her tight little pussy could accommodate." her captor announced sarcastically.


"Oh it will fit." her tormentor advised her "all nineteen inches of it. I'll grant you that it will be quite a tight fit and that the stretching pains might be on the intense side, but it will fit into your sloppy cunt. I'm not really a horrible man. I wouldn't let them get you to fuck the horse totally unprepared. You need to be loosened up and lubricated first, to minimize your pain. You want that don't you?"

Not realizing that he was setting her up for more humiliation and abuse, Michelle agreed that she certainly needed to be loosened up and lubricated first.

"We'll start with getting the horse to eat you out, to get your natural lubrication to kick in." he advised. "And we'll use these carrots to entice him." holding up some very large, raw carrots.

The horse was led around behind her and she could feel a big, fat carrot being fucked into her cunt as if it were a dildo. She had only had two days to recoup from her last gang bang where over four days she had been fucked, abused and tortured by fifty men around the clock with no respite. She felt the horse's lips and tongue, probing her sore pussy, trying to get at the juicy carrot. As the horse's mouth worked on her nether region, she couldn't help beginning to wriggle her hips and as always, her body betrayed her as she began to seriously juice around the carrot stuck inside of her like a common whore.

The animal soon got the carrot far enough out of her pussy to latch onto it with it's teeth, and yanked the carrot from her grasp, making her cum in a loud, lewd manner. As her orgasm died down, another carrot was shoved into her. This was repeated twelve times before there were no carrots left. The young wife and mother was sexually exhausted from the warming up, but her cunt was totally prepared for anything. It had been well stretched and was as wet as a swamp.

The animal, although being given treat foods, was not a dumb animal and could smell and taste the woman's sex on the tasty carrots that it had consumed, which resulted in it now having a completely hard erection. They had the animal jump up, placing it's hooves on a platform just above Michelle. This put it's erect cock lined up perfectly with her cunt. They made Barbara help, by placing the prick head of the horse, right to her mother's fuck hole entrance.

The animal had done this many times before and as it felt the woman's hot, wet heat on it's prick head, it whinnied and slammed half of it's cock into the bound woman's snatch, stretching her out grotesquely and making her scream in pain. The animal pulled back, making Michelle thing that it was going to turn her inside out, and then began fucking the woman until eventually all twenty very thick inches were inside of her cunt. Then the horse really began fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

Michelle was dying. It felt like she was getting fucked by a telephone pole, the animal's prick was so long and so thick. As the horse got more and more excited, it picked up it's humping speed, slamming into her harder and harder. In spite of the pain of having such a huge prick fucking her, she was also getting more and more turned on, making her moan and groan in obvious pleasure, while she was being serviced by the dumb animal.

She came after only being fucked for two minutes and then went multi-orgasmic, cuming continuously as the horse plowed her relatively tight snatch. She was squealing like a stuck pig as she humped back on the gigantic cock fucking her, her whole body shuddering under the intensity of her own orgasms. In spite of the animal's enormous prick, inside of her tight hole, their fucking was making lewd, wet squishing noises which, along with the film of her being raped, were being captured for posterity. Michelle was forced to make herself available for five more horses, one after the other, in a barn yard gang bang. Her cunt was so sore afterwards, that she couldn't walk for three days.

It was Barbara's turn next to be tortured and humiliated and her father was made to do all of the dirty work. He led her over to a bench, seven inches wide with twin dildos sticking up out of it. The one for his 13-year old daughter's cunt was ten inches long and an inch across with little quarter inch long rubber pyramids all over it.. The one for her ass was just six inches long and an inch across but it was heavily ribbed from below the life like head all the way down to the base, which would make her sphincter open and snap shut repeatedly as she humped it.

He made his daughter stand, in 6-inch heels, with a foot on either side of the bench, and lower herself down onto the dildos, stopping when the head of the one for her ass was inside of her. He then attached, vicious, triple sprung clamps to her nipples and clit, making his daughter holler in pain as each was attached to the various super-sensitive spots of her body. To the nipple clamps he attached spring loaded wires, that pulled the clamps down towards the bench and to the clit clamp he attached a spring loaded wire that was attached at the other end to a bar above her head.

The clamps themselves were designed in such a way that the more pressure pulling on them, made them bite down even harder. The spring loaded wires pulled geometrically harder, because of the springs in them, the tauter they were pulled. In addition, the dildos were made of metal and both the dildos and the clamps were hooked up to electrical current. This diabolical little device was designed to make the rider fuck herself very fast on the twin dildos impaled within her. If she pressed down far enough to relieve the torture of her nipples, she would be increasing the torture on her clit and visa versa if she were up high enough to relieve the torturing of her clit. In addition, there were detectors in the wires, as to how taut they were being pulled, as well as in the dildos as to how fast she was humping herself. If she wasn't fucking herself fast enough, or if she wasn't really fucking herself hard enough, she was given a shock to all five points, the two dildos inside of her, plus the three clamps, and it would continue shocking her until she was doing it relatively fast.

The pregnant bound teenager was moaning in pain as she was perched precariously on the twin dildos. Her father was standing in front of her with a camcorder to record the whole devilish event and had an wireless receiver in his ear so instructions that he was to give her would be spoken to him and he'd repeat it loud enough for both his daughter to hear as well as being picked up by the camcorder's microphone, to make it look like he was doing this to her. Her position was the most comfortable she could find, as the best medium between torturing her nipples and torturing her clit.

Daddy said, "O.K. honey, start fucking yourself and show daddy how big of a slut you are." and to convince her, she was given a mild shock.

Since the worse was coming from between her legs, she pushed up, making her nipple clamps bite into her nipples more viciously and stretch her nipples and tits. She stood up with such force that her anal dildo came completely out of her ass. The pain to her breasts was so excruciating, that she rammed herself back down, sending the thick head of her anal dildo right back into her ass and as she took more dildo into both of her orifices, her clit clamp began squeezing down on the most sensitive spot of her body, stretching her little bud way out. Not able to take any more pain to her clit, she reversed her direction and started back up again.

As she moved back up, she began to feel the pyramids rubbing against her pussy lining and the ridges of the other dildo popping out of her ass. In spite of the pain, the twin sensations were turning her on and she was quickly panting like a bitch in heat while she fucked herself on the two dildos. Her father kept imploring her to fuck herself faster and when she didn't comply, she was treated to an electrical shock inside her cunt and ass, as well as to her clit and nipples, which forced her to comply with their captor's wishes.

In spite of the excruciating pain, the little girl was soon snapping off orgasms roughly once a minute, which took her mind off of the pain, allowing her to fuck herself even faster, which she was forced to do. She was kept there for forty-five minutes, fucking herself on those dastardly dildos while the clamps bit cruelly into her nipples and clit in addition to stretching them to their maximum. She was so sore after her ride, that she was allowed to have two days of no sex afterwards.

From that point, until she was released, she fell into a routine, she got down on her hands and knees, like a bitch in heat three times a day to allow her pet dog to fuck her, after which she cleaned it's cock off with her mouth. She fucked her father twice before going to sleep, with his cock pressed up against her anus and again in the morning when she awoke. Usually her father got hard at least once during the night, usually first thing in the morning, and, as the rule was set down, if it penetrated her anus, he had to fuck her in the ass. During the rest of the day she was fair game for any male who wanted to fuck her, or have her suck them off, but they couldn't do it in such a way as to cause a miscarriage. This usually meant that she was fucked, on average, fifteen times a day, butt fucked another twelve times a day and sucked at least twenty men off.

Michelle was gang raped another twenty times over the next month and a half, exclusively by black men, before she was determined to be pregnant, and her gang rapes stopped, but she was still fucked on a regular basis, just like her daughter, including taking on a dog three times a day and having some strange man sleep in her bed, fondling her tits all night and keeping his cock pressed up against her anus so he could bang her ass at least once during the night.

During this waiting time, for Barbara and Michelle to get into their third trimester, there were daily conversations with each woman alone, with the two of them together and with their father and husband there, discussing their abortion beliefs. Sure enough, their opinions had changed drastically, now that they had been on the receiving end. Although their point of view had changed greatly, they still were not going to be released until it was too late to have an abortion, forcing mother and daughter to give birth to bastard children, to really reinforce their new point of view.

They were sent back to their home a month before 13-year old Barbara delivered her father's baby and Michelle was two weeks into her seventh month. There was a big stink on national TV about their kidnaping. Word of the most basic details of their ordeal were simultaneously released to the major network news people as well as their local paper. Everyone now knew that Barbara's father had been forced to rape his own daughter until she was pregnant and that Michelle had been repeatedly gang raped until she was pregnant. The whole Hatfield family was highly embarrassed, and knew that leaving the town that they had lived in all of their lives, would not change it, so they decided to stay there.

The Right to Lifers, on the other hand were screaming for an FBI investigation, but since the Hatfield's couldn't identify any of their kidnapers, nor tormentors, other than general height and weight, their were no leads to follow, nine months after they had been kidnaped, and the investigation soon ended.

Mr. Hatfield stayed on as the preacher for his congregation, now preaching more tolerance and became an avid pro-abortionist, preaching how wrong it was for young girls, who through no fault of theirs were involved in incestuous acts with family members and how women who were raped shouldn't have to constantly relive such a vicious act by being forced to bear the child of their rapist. He even began preaching that girls should be taught about birth control methods, other than simply saying no, but if they did have sex with a boy, they shouldn't have to be the only one punished by having to keep the baby through nine months of pregnancy. It took the community a while to get used to his different tune, but they really respected him, because of the ordeal that he, his wife and daughter went through.

While they didn't keep the black twins that his wife delivered, finding them a good home with a couple that they knew, they did keep the boy that he had fathered with his daughter, raising him more like a son to him and his wife and a brother to their daughter as penance for their previous point of view.

The End
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