Violated Virgin
(M+/Ff, teen, virgin, rape)

by Kysa Braswell

Petite, 5'0, 99-lb., dark-haired Kara Federov opened the garden door and rushed into the breakfast room, pitching her schoolbooks onto the table with a sigh of relief. The handball practice had been canceled because of the rain, and now she had the whole of the afternoon unexpectedly to herself! What would she do with it? She could stay home and work or read, of course, or watch television. But she didn't want to read, and German television was so dull. She supposed she could call one of her friends and go on over to see her. But the classmates she really liked at the American school at Konigswinter lived across the river at Bad Godesberg, nearer to Bonn. Besides, the only person she really wanted to see was Stefan. Stefan was dreamy! He was a student, almost twenty, with blond hair and a way of looking at her through slitted eyes that made her come up in goose bumps all over! The only trouble was that Stefan was German, and her parents didn't approve of him. He was mixed up in politics, her father said sternly, and it wouldn't do at all! They had absolutely forbidden her to see him any more. She sighed. It wasn't easy, being just sixteen and the daughter of a United States army man posted to the Federal Republic!

She looked out the window. The wooded cones of the seven hills of Konigswinter loomed mistily through the downpour above the suburban roofs. The nearest one was called the Petersberg. There was a hotel at the top that had once housed the Allied Control Commission. Next to it was the Drachenfels, where Siegfried had slain the dragon.

Had her mother heard her come in? If not, maybe she could slip out again quietly. Maybe she could even go see Stefan!

As she stood listening, her eye fell on a copy of the local paper lying on the table. Automatically, she took in the headlines. The French were quarreling with the Americans over the agenda for the forthcoming four power talks in Berlin. There had been 73 arrests at some demonstration in the city last night. Six people had been killed in a pile-up on the autobahn. The strangled body of a student had been found on a vacant lot near the river. And then, paneled in heavy black type, in the centre of the front page, she saw; POLICEMAN BEATEN TO DEATH: AMERICAN ARMY MAN ACCUSED.

Kara sighed again. That would mean more headaches for her father. Colonel Federov held an important liaison post with the United States NATO forces based in Germany, and one of his duties was to smooth out any difficulties which arose between the American troops and their German hosts. In a few weeks he was to head a completely new Mission formally attached to the German government to make cooperation between the two countries even closer. A murder case involving army personnel at such a time could be a grave embarrassment to him.

She raised her eyes from the paper and met her own troubled gaze in a large mirror set in an ornately carved wooden frame screwed to the wall. Critically, she examined the reflection... soft, dark eyes; short, straight nose; full-lipped, generous mouth and then, half hidden between the open edges of her yellow nylon parka, the ripely swelling mounds of her budding breasts uptilted beneath the clinging black cashmere of her jersey.

Whisking back one edge of the parka, she placed a hand on her trim hip and turned to profile her young body in the glass. Below the tender bulge of her breast with its upthrust nipple, the curve of her breasts melted smoothly into a slender waist which at once flowed out voluptuously to contour the rounded outings of her hips and the slim, tapering thighs below.

It wasn't a bad shape, she supposed. After all, Stefan seemed to find it attractive enough. He was always going on and on about it! If only she could grow just a little bit taller.

For the third time, the young brunette sighed. Would there be a chance of seeing Stefan if she could get out of the house again unseen? Her parents would not be expecting her until at least five-thirty! If he was by any chance at the cafe on the corner, they would have over two hours together before she need come back... and nobody would know they'd even met!

She decided she would try. But it all depended on whether she could get away without seeing anybody! She listened again. There was no sound in the house. Her mother could be out or she could be resting in her room. If she was in her room, Kara would have to be very careful - for she simply had to do something with her hair if she was going to see Stefan! She glanced at the mirror once more; the rain had turned the close-cut cap of dark curls framing her face into a mass of bedraggled rats-tails! She'd have to get to her own room and fix it first.

But the door creaked alarmingly. If her mother was resting, she'd be bound to hear it if Kara went in. The only chance was to tiptoe along the balcony, past her mother's room, and get in by the French window. Holding her breath, the girl eased open the door of the breakfast room and stole upstairs.

There was a door to the balcony on the landing, and she slipped through and crept silently along the rain-wet slate floor towards the far end of the building.

Inside her mother's bedroom, the drapes were drawn across the window and the Venetian blinds were down. Kara gave a small tut of annoyance. Although this meant that she could pass the window without being seen from inside, it also meant that her mother was almost certainly there. She would have to be very, very careful not to make a noise getting into her own room!

For a moment she hesitated - and then suddenly she froze on the wet balcony, the thin lances of rain spearing coldly against her face and pattering on the shoulders of her parka. A deep groan from inside the room had penetrated the closed window!

Oh, my God! Kara thought. She's sick! I'll have to go in and see what I can do! She reached for the handle of the French window in the center of the embrasure and froze again. A guttural male laugh reverberated inside the bedroom!

Kara was transfixed. That laugh was certainly not her father's, yet the groan preceding it had undoubtedly come from her mother's lips! What in God's name was going on? Who was in there with her mother and what was he doing to her? It sounded as if whoever it was was hurting her.

Mrs. Federov groaned again - a longer one this time, with a strange pleading, note to it, almost as though she was being tortured. The groan was followed at once by another laugh and a series of fleshy slapping sounds, like a child's bottom being spanked.

Kara was trembling. Some burglar must have gotten into the house and now he was trying to force her mother to do something. Perhaps he wanted her to tell him where she kept her jewels or give him the combination of the safe behind the picture in the study where her father kept his papers. Maybe he was even some kind of spy!

There was an extension to the phone in a cupboard below the stairs. If only Kara could get to it and call the police or contact her father at his office - she might be able to save her mother's life!

She swallowed nervously and brushed the wet hair from her eyes. She had better get right on back downstairs while there was still time. It was then that her mother's groaning voice broke into words.

"Oh, God! Do it to me like that! Do it again! Yesssss!"

Standing in the rain outside the window, the teenage brunette paled. The voice had been slurred, almost as though her mother was drunk, but there could be no mistake about its tone: it was one of passionate pleading!

Although the man was evidently hurting her, it didn't sound, somehow, as though it was entirely against her will. It sounded, in fact, much more as though she was crying out for him to continue. Perhaps he was a sadist, like some of the men she had read about in her psychology class and was making her beg for more...

The girl hesitated again. What should she do? She could not make up her mind. If her mother was actually pleading for more... No, she dare not call the police or anyone else until she knew for sure just what was going on! She had to find out and there was just a chance that she could. She knew that the drapes in the room were badly fitted: there was often a tiny gap left at the center when they were supposed to be closed. She also knew that one of the thin aluminum slats of the Venetian blind was warped and wouldn't close properly. She had bent it herself one day, stumbling against the blind playing some game with her father. If she could crouch down and line up the two apertures with her eye, maybe she could see into the room.

Holding her breath fearfully, the mystified teenage girl dropped to her hands and knees and inched forward until she was squatting by the French window. Then, closing one eye, she leaned her face, against the cold glass and squinted through.

There was a narrow gap between the curtains, and she could see it through the crack in the closed blind. The distorted slat was fairly low down, so she was looking slightly upwards into the bedroom. The bedside lights were on and, in a segment of the room framed by the slats and the edges of the drapes, she saw the foot of her parents, bed and part of an armchair standing beside it.

Kara sucked in her breath with horror. Spread-eagled nakedly on the bed, her thighs spread shamelessly wide, her mother lay locked in a lewd embrace of intercourse with a strange male!

Kara stared mesmerized. The man's muscular buttocks and shoulders were covered with a fuzz of coarse black hair. His lips were clamped greedily over one of her mother's nipples, and Eileen Federov's fingers were digging into her own breast, thrusting it hard up against his lewdly sucking mouth. His hips were pounding savagely up and down against the naked woman's undulating loins, and from her position below the foot of the bed, the girl could see the man's thick nine-inch penis disappearing and reappearing with each cruel thrust he made into the hair covered furrow up between her mother's legs.

His hands were cupping her naked white buttocks with a fierce strength that cut red bloodless grooves into the pliant flesh, squeezing the firmly, rounded moons tight together, forcing the wads of her pussy closer around the thickness of his hard-driving penis. Kara could see the moist pink lips of her mother's cunt clasping hungrily around the stranger's cock, her sparse pussy hairs grazing against the narrow sperm-filled ridge, then ran the length of the swollen shaft's underside.

The shocked teenager felt the blood draining from her head and fought to save herself from falling backwards. She felt sure she was going to faint from the shock of seeing the unbelievable scene taking place before her eyes. There, on her own father's bed, her mother was obscenely coupled with another man, making violent love to him with every sign of eagerness! She could hear the sounds of heavy breathing and the lustful grunts of animal pleasure uttered by the lewdly embracing pair from where she crouched.

The man raised his head to gasp some remark as Eileen Federov's long trembling legs suddenly kicked high in the air and then locked behind his thighs, pulling his driving buttocks into her with all her strength. Kara gasped aloud herself: she recognized him now. It was Herr Eisenach, the local Burgomaster! He had often driven over after dinner to have drinks with her mother and father. How dare he abuse her father's hospitality by taking advantage of his hostess in her husband's absence!

Kara wanted to wrench open the French window and rush into the room to tear him off her mother's body. She felt a scream building her throat - and, a savage desire to hit and scratch the interloper until she drove him away forever. She tried to blot the horrible scene from her eyes, but she could not: some obscure compulsion froze her to the window, unable to move away as she watched in detached revulsion the ravishment of her mother's more than willing body. She could see the corded muscles standing out on her inner thighs as she struggled like a crazed nymphomaniac to force the man's long thick penis deeper inside her. Her nakedly churning buttocks were grinding faster now, and the groans and mewls of lewd pleasure bubbling in her throat were louder as she thrust her loins demonically upwards to meet the pounding drives of the Burgomaster's hips. Kara could clearly hear the squeaking of the bedsprings from her spy hole on the balcony.

And then suddenly a cold chill ran the whole length of her spine.

She couldn't distinguish the words, but a man's voice called out something urgent and harsh... and it wasn't the voice of Eisenach! There was a second stranger in the room, and it sounded as if he was egging the Burgomaster on! Two of them in there... taking turns fucking her mother!

The distraught girl's mind reeled. She shifted her position slightly, trying to get a glimpse of the other man. But the two cracks she had to line up were too small: the edge of the curtain restricted her view.

A moment later the second man moved into her field of vision. The appalled teenager saw a pair of hairy legs, the blur of a descending body, and then the lower half of a naked figure had dropped into the chair only a couple of feet away from the lewdly coupled pair.

He was leaning back holding his rigidly pulsating penis in both hands, stroking the long hard shaft up and down in rhythmic time to the wet obscene sucking noises Kara could now hear from the grinding loins of the couple thrashing on the bed!

For a moment she watched in horrified fascination as his fingers skimmed the thick foreskin rapidly up and down the full white length of the shaft, the huge bulbous head bursting evilly into view with each hard downstroke of his hand. A pearl of seminal fluid seeped from the slit in its tip, and soon the whole hard rod of flesh was glistening in the light of the bedside lamp. Consumed with reluctant curiosity, Kara shifted her position in an attempt to see the mysterious stranger's face. But before she was low enough to obtain a sufficiently acute angle of vision, the edge of the slat cut off her view. She was easing herself back to her former vantage point when her rubber- soled sneaker slipped on the wet tiles and she sprawled abruptly forward on to her face.

The teenage eavesdropper lay face downwards on the wet balcony quivering with alarm. She was sure they must have heard her! In her ears the sound of her fall seemed to have echoed all around the house! Her mother would never forgive her for spying in this way!

For a while she remained inert, breathless with suspense. But no angry hand jerked open the French window; no furious voice demanded to know what the hell she was doing there, no hand twisted in her collar to haul her reluctantly to her feet. Finally she rose cautiously to her knees and put her eye to the glass again.

The trio in the bedroom had changed their positions while she was lying on the tiles. Now Herr Eisenach was flat on his back across the bed. Her mother was on her hands and knees above him... but facing the other way around, so that her splayed thighs straddled his shoulders, the tautly erect nipples tipping the full mounds of her hanging breasts brushed aghast his belly, and her wetly ovalled mouth was poised above the throbbing staff of his penis. As the girl stared unbelievingly, her mother grasped the thick fleshy penis and guided the excitedly seeping head towards her parted lips.

Kara gasped and bit her lip. It couldn't be true! She wasn't actually going to... to suck him... down there? Her unspoken question was answered immediately. Eileen Federov's open mouth closed firmly over the throbbing blue tip of the Burgomaster's cock and her hand moved away, from the shaft to knead and cradle the heavy sac of his balls. As his pelvis arched convulsively off the bed at the hot moist contact of her lips, she lowered her head and began a gentle up and down bobbing motion, sliding her tightly compressed lips to and fro along the whole veined length of his penis. At the same time he raised his own head slightly from the bed, stuck out the tip of his tongue, and began hungrily lapping at the moist pink lips of her pussy.

The second man, who had been sitting in the chair furiously milking his own penis, now rose abruptly to his feet. Leaning forward - Kara still couldn't see his face - he placed his hands on the nakedly quivering mounds of her mother's buttocks and drew them slowly apart. Gradually the entire shadowy furrow of her vaginal cleft came into view. The aghast teenager could see the blood-swollen lips of her mother's cunt quivering as Eisenach's tongue speared into their fleshy folds; she could see the wrinkled, rubbery ring of her anus nestling above the cuntal slit; and she saw, with a thrill of additional horror, that the second man had lunged forward until the bloated head of his cock was poised only inches away from the lightly puckered anal orifice!

For the second time, the teenage brunette's mind reeled. Surely... surely he couldn't be going to... to put it into her... there? It was unnatural. It was vile. It was perverted. And anyway, surely it would be impossible? Her young mind had already been astonished and terrified by the sight of the two men's penises. She had never really looked at one before... and certainly not in that state! She'd had no idea they would be so big! If a man ever tried to stick one like that into her, she was sure she could never take it: it would split her apart! And as for having one rammed into your back passage... why, it would kill you!

Her jaw dropped in consternation as the anonymous man in the bedroom rubbed the glistening tip of his cock against the puckered flesh of her mother's rectal ring, lubricating the way. And then suddenly he wrenched her trembling buttocks even further apart and thrust his hips forward to press the iron-hard shaft straight into her dilating anus.

The muscles of his belly tensed. His own buttocks hollowed with effort. And at last her mother's tightly clenched flesh gave way: the blood-gorged head of his penis disappeared inside as the constricting ring of the slaving woman's anus clamped over the shaft like a rubber band.

Eileen Federov jerked forward involuntarily at the first shock of the unnatural invasion of her rectum. Then to her daughter's amazement she screwed her hips back fiercely on to the thick skewering hardness, sinking more and more of the man's cock into the depths of her rectum while she sucked and nibbled maniacally at Eisenach's penis and he slavered greedily beneath her cunt.

The wet sluicing noises emanating from the obscenely embraced threesome in the bedroom rose to a crescendo as the man by the bed began thrusting in and out of Eileen's wide stretched rectum with demonic fury... and all at once the Burgomaster seemed to be seized by some kind of fit. His hips arched suddenly off the mattress, and the shaft of his penis began a wild convulsive jerking as the lewdly sucking woman's cheeks hollowed and bloated alternately in time with his spasmodic thrusts. Judging from the rhythmic movements of her neck muscles, she seemed to be swallowing. A thin trickle of viscous white fluid drooled from the corners of her mouth to sway in thin strings towards the pubic hair covering Eisenach's trembling loins.

Kara could take no more. Stumbling to her feet, she stumbled blindly away from the French window and ran for the door leading to the stairs. It was not so much the sight of her mother coupled like a farmyard animal with two strange men that repelled and upset her - though that was bad enough, for Heaven's sake! Nor was it the mental and physical shock of witnessing adult sex for the first time in all its lewd secrecy. It was the shattering thought of the deceit and the disloyalty to her father that shattered the security on which her adolescent world was based and sent her flying out into the rain sobbing as though her heart would break.

She ran desperately down the quiet street with the rain driving icy needles into her face, her sneakers splashing and sliding among the puddles on the asphalt sidewalk, her hair plastered to her face as the tears streamed from her unseeing eyes.

There was a T-junction at the top of the road, where her father turned right every morning to cross the Rhine and head for his office in Bonn. She turned left and ran towards the drenched vineyards and the tree-covered, cloud-misted mass of the Petersberg beyond them. She couldn't go to her father - the thought of telling him what she had seen was beyond her imagination. Yet she knew that it would be more than she could do to face him naturally without telling him. Her innocent mind was numbed. All she wanted was to get away, away anywhere, away from the scene of debauchery and deceit she had witnessed in the bedroom. But the problem was too big for her to handle alone. The shameful secret had to be shared with someone before she could decide what to do.

Who could she talk to? For the moment, Stefan was forgotten. In any case, she couldn't possibly confide so personal a family matter to anybody in her own age group. The only person she could think of in her anguish and distress was her Aunt Marian, who was a Ward Sister in the American hospital at Siegsdorff, near Bad Honningen, fifteen miles further upriver. Marian Federov had been the girl's confidante ever since Kara was a very small child. If anybody could understand, sympathize or help, she could. And at least if Kara couldn't go direct to her father, Marian was his sister: talking to her wouldn't be as disloyal as it would if she was a relative of her mother's. Of Eileen Federov herself, Kara couldn't even bear to think at the moment.

A quarter of a mile further on, the street turned into the main road leading south to Bad Honningen and Koblenz. She would thumb a lift and go to see Aunt Marian.

By the time she got to the hospital it was already dark. She was cold, hungry and soaked from head to foot. But she had decided that she would tell Marian the whole story and ask her what she should do.

The man on the gate knew her, for she was a frequent visitor with her parents, so she had no trouble getting in. She made her way to the surgical wing, where Aunt Marian's ward was on the ground floor at the rear of the building. If she was on duty, Kara could slip into the Sister's office by a side door and wait until she was free. If not, she would have to go across to the Nurses' Home and ask for her there.

The office was at the outer end of the wing. Kara squelched across a waterlogged lawn and rose on tiptoe to peer in through the lighted window of the office. She was just in time to see her Aunt's back, neat and slender in its blue and white starched uniform, disappearing through the swing door leading to the ward beyond. She breathed a sigh of relief. Now it wouldn't be necessary to get involved with other people in the Nurses' Home. Hurrying round the corner of the building, Kara ran up the steps and let herself in to the office.

Beneath the glass doors of a wall cabinet full of medicines and drugs, a green-shaded lamp cast a soft light over a desk strewn with temperature charts and case-history files. In one corner of the room, an electric fire glowed cheerfully beside a white-clothed table laid out with syringes and swabs in enamel bowls. The warm air was tingling with the astringent odor of antiseptics. Stripping off her wet parka, the distraught teenager dragged a chair in front of the heater and sank gratefully into it, stretching her sodden shoes out towards the warmth.

It was very quiet in the dimly-lit room. Rain beat against the windows and gurgled in the gutters outside. An electric clock above the door clicked once every minute as the hands jerked forward. Somewhere a radio or television was relaying martial music. But otherwise no sound disturbed the silence.

For some tune Kara sat slumped in the chair, her clothes steaming in the heat, enjoying the calm. Then suddenly she realized it was quite a while since she had seen her Aunt go into the ward. Surely she couldn't have gone off duty? Wouldn't there have been a relief Sister in the office if she had?

She waited another five minutes and then, becoming all at once impatient, she rose to her feet and walked to the door herself. There were four frosted glass panes paneling its upper half and only a dim radiance showed through from the ward beyond. Cautiously, she inched the door towards her and peered through the crack.

Most of the beds facing each other across the long, narrow room were unoccupied. At the far end, three patients in striped pajamas sat propped up under shaded lights reading or listening to the radio on their earphones. Nearer, a man with one leg in plaster slung in a cradle lay on his back snoring in a drugged sleep. And just beyond an empty bed by the door, Colonel Federov's sister sat talking in low tones to a patient whose bed was screened off from the rest of the ward by curtains hanging from a curved rail projecting from the wall.

She was perched on the foot of the bed, her dark hair neatly coifed under the spreading Sister's cap, her full, high breasts thrusting out the starched white apron she wore over her blue tunic, the light from the wall lamp gleaming dully on the black nylon sheathing her crossed legs.

Beside her there was a chromed trolley on rubber-tired wheels laden with basins and glass funnels and coils of plastic tubing. But Marian Federov was evidently not concerned with the tools of her trade just now; her steady gray eyes were fixed earnestly on the pleading face of the man who lay in the bed with both his heavily bandaged arms lying immobilized in splints.

"... and you know perfectly well that I can't do any such thing!" she was murmuring as Kara opened the doors. Her tone was quietly reproving, but there was a hint of jest somewhere at the back of her voice and her eyes were twinkling.

Something told the watching teenager that she mustn't on any account reveal her presence. Some obscure air of tension surrounding the two people on the bed, some indefinable atmosphere of mutual complicity, warned her that she was eavesdropping on a scene that was both private and secret as clearly as if there had been a "Keep Out!" notice posted there. Silently, she eased the swing door shut... and then at the last moment she stayed it so that there was still the merest crack through which she could see the bed.

"Aw, come on, Sister!" the man on the bed begged. He was a big guy of about forty with a lined face and laughing eyes. "Be a sport! Do it for me just this once!"

"I can't. You know I can't, Sergeant. Surely you must-"

"Just this once!" the patient interrupted pleadingly. "Hell - it's not as though I could do anything about it myself, is it?" He raised his stiff bandaged hands together and allowed them to drop back uselessly on the covers.

"You're not to talk like that!" Marian Federov admonished. But she was smiling.

"Buy you a nice dinner at the American Club as soon as I'm discharged!" the Sergeant coaxed.

"What kind of a girl d'you think I am!" Kara's aunt was trying hard to sound shocked.

"That's just what I want to find out sweetie!" the man in the bed exclaimed triumphantly. Licking his lips, he stared up at her from under his eyebrows.

Marian Federov shook her head in mock helplessness and shrugged. "You're impossible!" she sighed.

"Then you will?"

"Just this once." She rose abruptly to her feet and turned towards the door.

Oh God! Kara thought wildly. Whatever it is she's going to do, she's coming out here to do it! She'll find me here and she'll think I'm spying! She'll never forgive me! Unable to move, she remained frozen to the spot, her eye staring compulsively through the narrow crack in the door.

But the voluptuous woman in her crisply starched uniform only went as far as the trolley. Picking up a surgical glove, she thrust the fingers of her right hand hard down into it. Kara could hear the dry squeak of the rubber as she eased it over her skin. She could hear something else too; the man on the bed was suddenly breathing fast and heavily. A glazed look had come over his eyes.

Marian Federov turned back to the bed. Reaching forward, she pulled the covers down between the patient's arms and then folded them aside.

Kara almost gasped aloud. Spearing up through the fly of his pajama pants, the man's massively erect penis throbbed in all its rigidness above the striped material covering his belly!

Above the iron-hard, veined stiffness of the shaft, the circumcised glans, smooth as the head of a giant mushroom, quivered imperceptibly in the diffuse light.

"My!" Aunt Marian said chidingly. "We are in a state, aren't we!"

The breathing of the man in the bed had become more ragged still. "Go on!" he whispered hoarsely. "Do it to me! Do it to me now! Please!"

Lowering herself gently to the side of the bed, she reached across with her rubber gloved hand and grasped the pulsating shaft of his cock, moving the tip of the thumb caressingly over the plum-colored head to smear the seminal fluid seeping wetly from the slit at the top.

The Sergeant jerked convulsively at her touch and arched his loins slightly off the bed. "Ooooooooah!" he groaned "That's so gooooooooood! Go on! Go on! Oh, you darling! Aaaaaaaah!"

Slowly she increased the movement of her thumb, spreading the viscous fluid over the acorned head, past the taut ridge of flesh separating it from the shaft, and then down the throbbing stiffness of me shaft itself.

He grunted, biting his lip and staring up into the light directly over his head. "Harder!" he gasped. "Hold me harder! Ohhhhhhhh!"

When the entire rigid length of his penis was gleaming greasily, Marian altered the position of her hand so that the head was nuzzling into her palm and her fingers and thumb were wrapped around the shaft like a close fitting sheath. Gently at first and then with increasing speed and force she began to milk his eagerly throbbing cock, pulling his loose skin up over the quivering head and then dragging it hard down until the whole pulsating penis was as stretched and tight as an over-fed balloon, the glistening skin almost transparent under the pressure of her hand.

Over a whisper of music from the earphones at the far end of the big room, Kara heard the harsh panting of the Sergeant's breath and the lewd sucking squelch of her Aunt's rubber covered hand sliding rhythmically up and down the lustfully expanding staff of his penis. Behind her, the rain drummed incessantly against the windows of the empty office.

"There!" Marian whispered huskily to the wildly excited man. "That makes us feel better, doesn't it? That's what we needed, isn't it? It feels so gooood... to have Sister's hand... giving us just a little bit of massage... in the right place!"

"Christ!" the Sergeant whispered tremulously. "Oh, Christ!"

"It's such a big one too! And so hard!" Marian murmured. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly beneath the starched apron, her eyes were shining, and there was a crooning note in her voice that the transfixed teenager behind the door had never heard before.

But suddenly Kara could stand it no longer. There was a thundering in her ears and she felt as if she was choking. She could never confide in Aunt Marian now; she was no better than the others herself! Dear God, was the entire adult world sex- mad? Did none of them do anything else but give in to the lecherous and obscene urges that made them behave like lust- crazed animals? Stifling a sob, she let the door swing silently shut. Then, grabbing her parka from the back of the chair, she turned and ran.

Weeping hysterically, she ran out of the office, across the lawn, past the astonished man on the gate, and on through the pelting rain towards the village whose lights gleamed through the dark three quarters of a mile down the road. Behind her, the pale green Volkswagen which had been trailing her ever since she left school early that afternoon switched on its lights as the motor choked into life. Slowly, its wipers swishing, it crawled through the downpour after the swaying figure of the weeping teenager.

Look up the word Fasching in a German-English dictionary, and nine times out of ten the relevant entry will be confined to a single word. The English equivalent of Fasching, the compiler will prudently have revealed, is simply "Carnival".

This is both something more and something less than the truth. Western Bavarians and those inhabitants of southern Germany living between the Rhine and the Moselle would consider such an answer reticent to the point of being misleading. On the other hand, there is in fact no English equivalent of Fasching. Which large numbers of Anglo-Saxons think a shame.

Carnival it is in the sense that it is a traditional celebration held at the same time, and stemming from the same roots as the Central and South American Mardi Gras. Traditional it is in the sense that, as in France, Italy and many other Catholic countries, it is an ancient pagan festival adopted by the Church and religiously observed through many centuries. But the way in which it is celebrated is something the Germans have made peculiarly their own.

Perhaps as a relief after the bitter winters of the region, perhaps as a necessary safety valve to balance the staunchly enforced day-to-day ethos of the community and its pastors, perhaps even as a salute to the coming rebirth of the Spring, the season of Fasching has developed into a period of total license.

To put it more bluntly, it's a sexual free-for-all.

Certainly there are masked balls and special masses, fairs and fetes, speeches and street parades... but the really important thing about it, for those who observe it, is the fact that you can do what you like, with whom you like, wherever you like, and nobody in the world has the right to reproach you for it afterwards!

For one week at the end of the winter, the towns and villages of the region - especially the smaller ones - shut up shop and have themselves a ball!

Ideally, at the beginning of that week, the stores put up their shutters (for there IS a great deal of wine and beer drunk and a certain amount of rowdiness results), the office workers leave their desks, the farm workers come in from the country, and husbands and wives, bidding each other an affectionate farewell, arrange to meet again in seven days' time. What happens in between is nobody's business but their own ··· and there are no recriminations. The whole population sets out to join in the merriment, spending the time with the partner or partners of their choice.

In practice, of course, it is by no means as clear-cut or as simple as that. The custom is not universally followed, for only thing. For another the complexities of modern life have inevitably modified the original romantic conception. But the fact remains - in that part of Germany, at that time of year, ladies requiring a temporary change of mate and gentlemen out for an easy lay have it all their own way, married or unmarried.

Which explains why sixteen year old Kara Federov, running away from the American hospital that rainy evening in late February, found the village of Siegsdorff in a state of suppressed excitement bordering on hysteria.

The street lamps at the entrance to the village were unlit and the shop fronts shuttered and barred, but there were floodlights illuminating the steeply gabled gingerbread houses ground around the cobbled central platz, and over the drumming of the rain a big brass band blared bravely through the open doors of a flag-decked town hall. A car passed Kara just before she reached the square, spraying a fan of water over her from a huge puddle in the road, but otherwise there was no traffic to be seen.

Groups of villagers with linked arms ignored the rain to surge across the shining cobbles laughing and singing. Through the leaded windows of the gasthaus and two beer-gardens on opposite corners of the square, a high-pitched roar of conversation penetrated the night. And amongst the crowd, masked revelers in costume darted maniacally, whooping, and giggling.

Kara pulled up short as soon as she reached the fringe of the illuminations, astonished by what she saw. She had forgotten it was the week of fasching. Two hussars and a black-bearded pirate, accompanied by a Gretchen whose cotton bodice was plastered to her taut-nippled breasts by the rain, bore down on her shouting. "Thursday night, fraulein, and still alone?" the pirate called. "A kiss on those young lips, and you'll know what to do with the rest of the week!"

Laughing foolishly, the others danced around her, crowding her against the wall as he pushed the domino mask up on to his forehead and seized her familiarly around the waist. She twisted out of his winey embrace and ducked hastily into the open door of a biergarten on her left.

The place was a bedlam of frenetic activity. Beneath the low-beamed ceiling, waiters in white coats swooped bearing trays laden with bottles and glasses. Among the crowded tables an accordion player in lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat tried vainly to make himself heard above the waves of drunken chatter that crashed off the walls. At the far end of the smoke-filled room red-faced men stood four deep around the bar shouting their orders. The overheated atmosphere was heavy with the smell of damp clothes and cheap cigars.

He was sitting, miraculously alone, at a small table not far from the door.

"Stefan!" she cried excitedly. "What on earth are you doing here?"

"Kara! What a splendid surprise!"

He rose to his feet, his slim body lithe in its roll-neck sweater and jeans, the narrowed eyes beneath the thatch of blond hair as compelling as ever. "Sit down," he said. "What can I get for you?"

She let herself drop gratefully into the vacant chair. And all at once she was agonizingly conscious that she was faint with hunger. "I think ... Could I possibly have... Could you get me something to eat?" she asked weakly. "'Oh Stefan, I am glad to see you!"

"But, my dear, of course." Effortlessly, he secured the attention of a perspiring waiter, ordered her hot sausages and beer, smiled at her invitingly over the table. "And what happy wind blows my little Kara into Siegsdorff, of all places?"

"I've just been... I had to... I've been visiting at the American hospital," the exhausted girl said awkwardly.

"You're here with your parents, then?"

"Er - no. I came on my own."

The boy raised his eyebrows. "On your own?" he repeated. "But how? By bus? No... you're soaking wet. On some kind of bicycle? A motor bike? And how are you going to get back?"

"I'll manage," Kara said, wondering how she would or if she even wanted to try. By now her father would be home and she would be missed. What would they do?

Stefan shot her a look from under his eyebrows. "How? In this rain? There are no more buses. And don't forget the Fasching. You may not find a car so easily on the way back, or if you do it may be too easy!"

The girl looked up suddenly. Her mouth was full of sausage and her spine was still shivering under the impact of his look.

"How d'you know hitched here?" she demanded.

"Simple deduction," he said easily. "How else could you have gotten here? No - I think you'd better let me take you home. But first there's a little place around the corner I'd like you to see.

"Oh, Stefan, would you really? That would be wonderful!" Kara's eyes were shining. She'd even be prepared to go home and face the music, she could worry about her attitude to what she had seen when she got there, if Stefan was going to take her!

"What did you say about some other place?"

"I'll take you there as soon as you're through," he said.

When they got outside, the rain had eased off a little and the square was crowded. They were threading their way through the jostling throng by the Rathaus when Kara was suddenly seized around the waist and dragged off to one side in the middle of a group of whooping students in costume. She called for Stefan, but the crowd closed in behind her and cut him off. Struggling ineffectually, she saw that her captors were the pirate and the two hussars she had escaped from before she went into the biergarten. "Put me down!" she cried. "Let go of me this minute!"

They grinned at her, still hauling her through the crowd. They were much drunker now, and they had lost their Gretchen somewhere along the way. "Come on, sweetheart," one of the hussars panted. "We'll give you a much better time than he could!"

"Let me go!"

"Not until you've seen what a real man looks like!" the pirate leered.

"Kara!" Stefan shouted somewhere behind them. "Where are you?"

As she opened her mouth to call back, the other hussar grabbed her by the shoulders and sank his mouth on hers, spearing his tongue wetly in between her lips. Half crying, she struggled to break free, nauseated by the beery stench of his breath. But before she could yell for Stefan again, they whisked her around a corner and laughing, drunkenly dashed down a narrow alley running along one side of the town hall, carrying her screaming and protesting with them.

They clattered along the wet cobbles, ducked around a corner at the far end - and stopped dead. There were three youths in jeans and black leather jackets standing in the narrow, ill-lit street beyond the alley spaced out across the roadway, blocking their passage.

"Come on, fellows!" the first hussar said. "Make way, will you?"

"I don't think the lady's too keen to go with you," the youth in the middle said. There was an unlit cigarette jutting from the corner of his mouth.

"Look, get out of our way," the pirate said truculently. We're in a hurry!"

"If you don't want to get hurt, that is," the second hussar added.

"I think the lady wants to go the other way."

"She's coming with us," the pirate shouted. "Get out of the way!"

"She stays here," the boy with the cigarette said. "You can go on or go back, whichever you like. But she stays here. She's a student, and we're here to see no student gets hurt."

"For Christ's sake, who do you think you are? We saw the bitch first."

"Let's push them out of the way, Franz!"

"Give it to the bastards!"

The three youths barring the road stared at them and said nothing.

Kara stared from one group to the other, her heart thumping. She was still powerless to escape, her arms tightly held by the two hussars, and she was frightened. In the distance, she could hear Stefan shouting for her at the far end of the alley.

Abruptly the pirate lost his temper. Uttering a string of curses, he sprang at the boy with the cigarette and aimed a vicious right at his jaw.

The boy swayed back slightly on his heels so that the blow caught him on the collarbone, knocking him slightly off balance. Before he had regained his equilibrium, his two companions leaped at the aggressor. The boy on the left, a sulky youth with dark curling hair, crashed the sole of his boot sickeningly into the pirate's groin as the other punched him savagely on the side of the head. The pirate grunted and doubled up - to meet the bulky youth's knee, which jerked up sharply to smash with stunning force against the bridge of his nose. The pirate groaned and dropped to the cobbles with blood streaming from under his black mask.

Meanwhile the two hussars had released their grasp of the terrified girl to launch themselves at the boy with the cigarette. He braced himself and jolted his forearm stiffly against the Adam's apple of the first, then whirled to trade a fierce flurry of blows with the second.

As the first hussar staggered back, the bulky youth locked an arm around his neck, turning sideways to bend the struggling reveler backwards over his hip in a judo lock. At the same time the third youth - a handsome boy with dark hair - slammed three murderous right-handers low into the pit of his stomach. Released suddenly from the neck lock, the hussar reeled to the wall groaning, fell to his knees, and vomited noisily into the gutter.

All three of the strangers now fell on the remaining hussar. They battered him about the head and shoulders, kneed him in the groin, and finally beat him to the ground, where he lay face downwards in the mud, covering his head with his arms and moaning faintly. The boy with the cigarette drew back his foot, but the dark youth laid a hand on his arm and shook his head.

"That's enough, Heinz," he said quietly.

"Perhaps you're right," the other said. Producing a lighter, he held the flame to his cigarette, which had remained in his mouth throughout the encounter, and squinted over it at Kara as he dragged smoke into his lungs. "I think that's your friend coming now, isn't it?" he said to the frightened girl, jerking his head towards the alley as he exhaled through his nostrils.

She swung around. Stefan had just turned the corner and was running towards them.

"Y-y-you mean I can go? I'm free?", she stammered.

"Free? But of course!" the youth looked pained. "We don't like to see drunken hooligans running off with young girls, that's all." He looked contemptuously at the three groaning figures on the ground and added: "I don't think they'll trouble you again."

Stefan arrived breathless. "Thanks, that was real nice of you," he panted, linking his arm with Kara's and squeezing her hand.

The dark boy grinned. "Be our guest!" he said in English.

The three of them were still standing in the middle of the narrower street, watching, as the couple turned the corner and hurried back up the alleyway towards the square.

Stefan's 'little place around the corner' turned out to be a pint-sized bar in a back street crammed with an older generation of villagers. The conversation was lively but low pitched, and there was little evidence here of the manic gaiety seizing the costumed crowds outside - though Gretchen, drunker than ever, was draped over one end of the counter with her arms twined round the neck of a red-faced farmer. In a corner, a group of Bavarians in narrow-brimmed, decorated tweed hats jested over their beer with much subdued laughter.

They found a place in an alcove at the far end of the beamed, low-ceilinged room, and the blond boy elbowed his way to the bar to return with two small glasses of clear, bright red liquid. Kara sniffed at it experimentally. "What is it?" she asked. "What I wanted you to try. This place is run by Bavarians. The owner comes from Obergunzburg, near Munich. It's a specialty of his part of the country. Try it."

She sipped cautiously, swallowed, and then smiled. "Why it's quite nice! Sweet, and sticky, and... and, yes, it's like that stuff they give babies!"

He nodded. "Rose Hip Syrup, yes. Hardly surprising, because that's what they distill it from! Every rose grower and Gasthof in the hills down there has a still in the backyard."

Kara took a larger swallow. "I like it," she said. "Is it... alcoholic?"

"Just a little," Stefan said.

They had a second, and then a third. Kara never knew whether it was the apparently innocuous drink itself, or the weakening effect on her mind of the shocking things she had witnessed, or the delayed action of cold and hunger or perhaps even a combination of all three but somewhere between the second and third, the evening shattered as it were into pieces... and she was never able to reassemble them again into a coherent whole!

The full effect of the deceptive liquor didn't hit her until they were out in the street again. Before that there was a period in which Stefan, his blue eyes blazing with earnestness, leaned confidentially across the table and told her how beautiful she was, how grown up for her age, how much he had been longing to see her. People were singing in the bar too, but that was at a different time. She remembered lying on the floor - had she fallen over? - looking up past a forest of legs to see the face of Gretchen bending down towards her, screaming with drunken laughter. An old woman in the powder room handed her a face cloth soaked in cold water to put on her forehead and then giggled as though she would never stop, but the giggle sounded exactly like Kara's own. Then there were voices, growing louder and louder, crashing in on her like waves as the town hall spun off to her left and the street lamps spiraled away and up behind her. But no... that must have been after they left the bar.

She didn't actually remember leaving... or even deciding that she must leave. There was just this sudden and alarming sensation of the whole world canting slowly to one side as her nerveless legs stepped down through the wet cobbles of the street as if they had been made of molasses. It was difficult trying to drag her feet up again through that sticky fluid that sucked so persistently at her heels.

But then suddenly she was free of it, walking lightly, as though she was on a sheet of glass a foot above the sidewalk, with no sensation of her feet touching anything. Stefan was with her... a long way off to one side, holding out his hand to help her as he receded further and further into the distance.

Then she was lying on an old-fashioned feather bed in warm room with a fire burning brightly in a polished grate. The old woman drew across the heavy drapes and walked across to the bed to remove the damp face cloth from her brow. Kara blinked dazedly at her. "But... what are you doing here?" she stammered. "Weren't you in the b-bar?"

"Bar?" the woman echoed blankly. "what bar? You've been to a few bars too many, Fraulein, and that's the truth!"

She sniffed severely and turned to leave the room.

Kara shifted on the bed. The satin covers were cool under her skin. She was lying outside them... and, dear God, she was completely naked! She didn't have a stitch on her!

As she gasped in consternation, a warm hand grasped her suddenly around the ankle. She cried aloud and sat up in terror. It was only Stefan. He sat at the foot of the bed, smiling at her in the firelight as his supple fingers absently massaged the flesh of her leg. And then her mind reeled as she took in the full implications of the scene - she saw that he too was wearing no clothes.

"Stefan!" she cried wildly. "What's going on? Where am I?"

"It's all right," he soothed. "It's all right. Don't panic. You were taken a little faint when we left the bar. Probably you didn't eat enough today and then you got cold. Anyway, I thought you weren't in a fit condition to go home, so I brought you here to rest up a little."

"Where's here? Where are we? What time is it?"

"A little hotel I know not far from the Town Hall. Don't worry, they're very discreet."

"Discreet!" Kara repeated, her voice rising to a squeak. "Discreet about what? Stefan, why have you brought me here?" She tried to look angry but the room started to spin around just as the street had done, and she was forced to drop back once more against the pillows. She must have eaten something that disagreed with her, she thought confusedly. Perhaps those sausages at the biergarten? Or could it possibly have been? No, not those nice drinks at the bar! They were so sweet, almost like kids' sodas back home, and besides they had only had three tiny ones. In any case, Stefan would have warned her if they were intoxicating, wouldn't he?

Wouldn't he?

Prey to sudden suspicion, she raised her swimming head slightly and stared towards the foot of the bed. He was still holding her ankle, caressing the slender swell of her calf with his other hand, a slight smile on his lips and his eyes shadowed beneath those jutting brows.

She was all at once conscious of her nakedness, aware of her shamelessly exposed genitals alone with him in the firelit hotel room. Why did they have to bring her into a bedroom? Why had they had to take all her clothes off just because she felt a bit faint? And above all, she thought with a wild twinge of alarm, why was he naked too?

She hesitated to speak to him. He would look up at her when he replied ... and before he could meet her eyes, he would have to look past the silky brown curls of pubic hair mantling the most secret parts of her loins, past the ripely swelling curves of her budding young breasts and the tender petaled nipples at their tips. Her virginal body was nakedly defenseless before his gaze!

She started slightly, feeling the warm wet pressure of his lips on the soft flesh at the inside of her knee.

"Kara," he murmured. "My Kara, I've missed you so much. Why have you not been to see me? It seems like a year!"

"I told you," she whispered huskily, staring straight up at the ceiling (it was still swaying slightly). "I'm not allowed to any more. My father-"

"I know, I know," he interrupted. "Your father is a difficult man. He does not like Germans."

"It's not that, Stefan," she began awkwardly. "It's just..."

"But surely you could have found time, somehow, to slip out secretly? Surely you could have stolen a few minutes here or there? You're so beautiful... it's been hell for me, just waiting and wondering."

"I did try, Stefan, really I did. I was going to come to the cafe today, but..." Her voice trailed away as she remembered with a sickening pang the scene she had witnessed from the balcony.

"But what?"

"Nothing... something came up. I couldn't." She shook her head as if to clear it and added: "Goodness, I feel so funny!"

He had placed his lips on the flesh of her inner leg again... only this time he was kissing her just above the knee. The bed creaked slightly as he shifted his weight further up it.

"You must relax," he mumbled into her softly trembling skin. "That's why I brought you here... to relax."

"Is it, Stefan?" she demanded, suddenly alert. "Is it that why you brought me here?"

"You know what I feel about you, darling. Kara..."

"No, Stefan. No. You know we mustn't!"

They had kissed and petted often enough. She had let him stroke her and fondle her sensitively throbbing breasts under her sweater. But they had never gone the whole way.

"And anyway," she said firmly, "I feel much too odd to... to... to do anything. I feel kind of sick, and I think I want to go home."

"But you don't have to do anything!" the blond boy protested. "That's what I keep telling you! Just lie back there and relax, honey."

Kara closed her eyes. If he was going to be sensible, if he was just going to stroke her a little, if she wasn't expected to do anything about it - well, it was really too much trouble to argue. She would lie there a while until the world stopped going around, and then she would get right up and go on home, Stefan or no Stefan!

The smooth caress of his fingers - on the sensitive inside of her upper thigh now - the gentle warm plucking of his lips and the occasion flicker of his tongue against her skin, the firm grasp of his hand that had moved from her ankle to the back of her knee, the crackle of the flames in the fireplace and the drumming of rain on the window pane, all fell into a kind of rhythm... a monotonous, hypnotic cycle of sensation born of the alcohol still singing in her blood and the heat of the room.

After a while the giddy swinging movement inside her head slowed down to a manageable rocking. At the same time she became aware that Stefan had altered his position. His two hands were now locked over the outsides of her thighs not far below her naked hips, and the thumbs, reaching over to the soft inner flesh, were gently rotating the skin as his wetly heated mouth played from side to side of her tightly closed legs.

She opened her eyes. To her astonishment she found that the lamp had been extinguished. The room was illuminated only by the redly flickering firelight, which cast long bobbing shadows up the walls and across the ceiling as the flames rose and sank. Stefan must somehow have reached out and found the switch as he lay beside her. Only now he was kneeling up on the mattress, his eyes closed and a look of utter contentment on his face as he gently kissed her legs with little nibbling motions of his lips and the same soft flexing of his thumbs.

Yet she hadn't felt the bed shift as he moved! Had she perhaps fallen asleep for a moment? She couldn't remember.

She closed her eyes once more. And then suddenly she realized that his caresses, which had started modestly at her ankle and calf, were now perilously near her pussy.

She was about to protest when she became aware with a thrill of horror that there was a heated dampness up between her legs! Almost without realizing it, lulled by the seductive effect of the firelight and the drowsy aftermath of the drinks she had taken, she had been squirming swiftly against the pressure of his thumbs... squirming down into the satin edge of a sensual bedspread just beneath her buttocks. There was a ridge of thick braid piping around the outside of the coverlet and this had gradually worked its way into the crevice up between her legs, stimulating the tender lips of her pussy!

Without thinking, She spread her thighs directly to gain greater contact with the braid, hoping perhaps that the contact would still the unfamiliar ache now burning deep within her belly.

The rough braid, and the down filled bedspread beneath it, excited the sensitive pink lips of her cunt even further. The wetness spread among the springy hairs concealing her virginal slit. The naked teenaged girl felt tiny throbs of excitement pulsing in the tender bud of her clitoris, and bit her lower lip tightly to hold back the forbidden sensations flaming through her loins.

Stefan was still sucking and kissing the flesh of her inner thighs. But hadn't his lips moved a fraction higher still, even nearer to the intolerable tremors threatening her pussy? She dare not look. She knew she ought to sit up right now and tell him to stop it. She ought to twist away from those hungry lips and order him to get her clothes and take her home. She had relaxed as he suggested and the giddy sensations in her head were better now - infinitely less troubling than the waves of excitement trembling inside her wetly throbbing cunt.

She ought to...but somehow she didn't! She lay trembling on the soft bed, feeling the hard edge of the coverlet below her desire dampened pussy and the pressure of alien fingers and an alien mouth across her thighs.

Suddenly Kara froze. Stefan had moved his left hand to cup her vaginal mound with his palm, rotating it slightly in time to the rhythm of his gently sucking lips, grinding it down against the silken hairs of her pussy and down against the sensitive tingling bud between the moist lips of her cunt. Now the gyrating hand was moving faster, pulling the swollen vaginal flesh this way and that as his lips continued their remorseless advance up her leg.

The lustfully aroused teenager's breath quickened. She could feel her nipples, iron-hard in the cool air blowing across from the window as her ripening young breasts rose and fell above her laboring rib cage. Oh God! She must stop him now! She must!

Raising a hand from the silky smoothness of the coverlet she seized his wrist and gradually forced his hand up and away from her loins. His palm came to rest on the rounded bulge of her young belly, and she kept her own hand over it. She tried to hold it still but it moved as though possessed of a force of its own, kneading her sensitive flesh relentlessly.

The fingers of his other hand nudged at the top of her trembling young thighs, seeking to force their way between her legs as his tongue probed gently at the softly trembling flesh, unable to go any further because she had pressed them tightly together. The aroused little brunette girl squirmed down against the edge of the coverlet, knowing he would think she was trying to evade the intrusion of his hand when secretly she was pressing the braid into her own wet vaginal slit!

The hot flood of fluid excitement between her legs was increasing. She could feel the warm wetness oozing down the cheeks of her nakedly quivering buttocks, and she thrust down even harder to feed the pleasure building there. As his fingers worked more firmly trying to get her to open her legs, the knowledge that she must stop him surged back... but the excitement rationalized away the danger. Stefan could not - would not - be able to get his fingers or his wetly tormenting lips on her vaginal flesh without forcing her. And surely he wouldn't do that? Not Stefan? Besides it felt so wonderfully  wicked at the moment - only pleasure and no danger!

She grasped his wrist more tightly, but this did not stop the movements of his hand. It was still able to move about freely, teasing her belly mercilessly. Kara closed her eyes more firmly and gave herself over to the rolling sensations of sensual delight coursing lustfully through her virginal body. Surely he wouldn't dare to go further?

Abruptly she gasped - in surprise this time. Stefan had suddenly shifted his other hand, snatching it away from the vee at the top of her thins to slip the fingers beneath her naked young buttocks, and his wet lips were now sucking hungrily at the hairs nestling in the crease between her thighs and her pelvis. She could feel his tongue wetly spearing against the taut flesh, insinuating itself down, down towards her excitedly quivering pussy.

Raising herself slightly, she moved to grasp that hand too but, as soon as her hips eased off the mattress, the invading fingers snaked under the rounded moons of her ass, forcing their way between her tightly flexed asscheeks and the soaked, satin of the coverlet. A moment later, his outstretched middle finger had wormed its obscene way straight into the wetly heated cavern of her cunt!

The still half-drunk teenaged girl cried aloud, squirming against the lewd invasion of her virginal flesh. Her whole body went rigid until her impaled pussy had become accustomed to the alien finger probing at the moistly pulsating softness of its tender walls.

She could feel her cuntal lubricants seeping onto the palm of the hand beneath her buttocks as that tantalizing finger moved in circles inside her, expanding the tight little hole with each teasing rotation. It drove Kara almost out of her mind! She didn't think she could stand the maddening stimulation of her wildly pulsating pussy another moment... and at the same time a flood of shame washed over her virginal young body as the irresistible waves of indecent pleasure overcame her desire to resist.

She was bad, she was wicked, she was wrong! She could never dare to criticize her mother or her aunt now! She was just as bad as they were!

"Oh, God!" she groaned aloud as Stefan's tormenting finger increased its gyrations within the hot walls of her tight little cunt. "Oh, God... but it's so gooooood!"

For there was nothing in the world like this feeling; she had never known anything quite like it before, even during the few petting sessions she had already had with her adored Stefan! Tonight somehow it was different... it was perverted, it was wrong, but it was delicious! And it consumed the whole of her being until there was nothing else in the whole of creation but that single finger slowly fucking in and out of her excitedly throbbing pussy.

She didn't even jump when the finger was suddenly pulled away and the panting youth wrenched her trembling thighs apart and positioned himself between them. He dropped at once to a kneeling position, his eyes gleaming lasciviously in the firelight. And then, breathing harshly and heavily, he placed his palms flat against the sleek insides of her thighs and dropped his thumbs to her eagerly pulsing cuntal lips. Slowly drawing the pink folds of flesh apart, he exposed the moistly throbbing slit to his lustful gaze.

"No!" the aroused brunette girl cried desperately. "No, Stefan... you mustn't! I can't..."

But with an animal groan of lewd hunger, Stefan dropped his face between her legs. Mumbling incoherently, he flicked out his tongue, and the naked teenager jerked galvanically as it came into contact with the smooth wet flesh within the narrow slit of her pussy.

He licked gently at the swollen bud of her clitoris, snuggled just above the wide-stretched entrance to her virginal young cunt, pressing his thumbs further apart to splay the hair- fringed edges of the pussy slit wider still. His tongue traced a path up and down its full length, probing the wet crevices hidden up between her thighs. Kara groaned aloud, a mindless slave now to the lewd sensations whirling in her dazed head.

The excited German boy gradually warmed to his task as he became more and more familiar with each tiny fold of the hotly pulsating flesh quivering under the ministrations of his lips and tongue... teasing for an instant at a particularly sensitive spot, listening to the girl's impatient mewlings above him, and then darting his tongue forward lizard-like at the last moment when he sensed she could wait no longer. She was groaning and writhing in complete wantonness on the bed now, with droplets of perspiration forming on the surface of the skin all over her body. Her forehead was beaded with it and she could feel a trickle running down the valley between her ripely budding breasts. Stefan thrust his head forward and sank his tongue deep into the scalding wet opening of her lewdly squirming pussy. She gave a throaty cry... and then began a slow, powerful grinding of her tongue-impaled cunt against his face, moaning loudly now in the firelit room.

Her fingers clenched and unclenched convulsively as she put her hands on his head, intending to push it firmly away, but the fingers instead twined themselves in his thatch of blond hair to lock his face between her widespread thighs.

"Oooooohhh! That's so good!" she whimpered. "Oh, God! Aaaaaggh! Don't stop, Stefan!" Her head was raised again from the pillows, watching in lewd fascination her own willing depravity as the German boy's head rocked up and down in greedy feast at her secret genitals.

Sure of himself now, Stefan slid his hands down from between her thighs and cupped them under the smooth, rounded globes of her squirming buttocks, pulling her loins up tighter into his face. He nipped gently with his teeth into the soft fleshy folds surrounding the wetly widening hole of her cunt and reveled in the small squeal of excitement it brought from Kara's throat. He was suddenly enjoying the power he was exerting over her and extended himself to display his complete domination over her every breath. His tongue fucked on and on in the succulent moistness of her loins, increasing little by little in speed and depth until he had brought the shamelessly aroused teenager to the point of absolute subjugation to the whims of his practiced mouth.

As Kara's fingers tangled ever deeper in his hair, he slid his arms under her nakedly trembling hips, reached for her soft warm breasts, and rolled their taut little nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Staring down the naked length of her own wantonly writhing body at the muscles of his shoulders rippling in the firelight, Kara moaned in desperation. Her head fell back on the pillows and flailed from side to side as his tongue noisily speared in and out of the wet dilating walls of her pussy.

The shudders of forbidden pleasure rippling deep down in her loins were increasing in urgency... and there was nothing she could do about it! Tears of shame and humiliation, tears of anger at her own helpless weakness, filled her eyes. Oh God, how could she ever dare to criticize her mother again after allowing her own virginal body to be subjected to the lust of this foreign boy hunched down between her lewdly spread legs? How could she face herself, knowing that she was enjoying it so much. She clenched her teeth tightly and fought with all her will against the sparks of delight that threatened to burst into sudden uncontrollable flame and consume her.

It was a losing battle, and Stefan knew it. As his mouth and tongue slaved animal-like at the widespread tightness of her cunt, his eyes remained wide open, watching with arrogant male satisfaction her lust-contorted young face up through the quivering white mounds of her breasts.

Bringing his hands down under her once more, he gripped the backs of her knees, lifted them, and pushed her legs up and over her torso, so that the kneecaps touched her chest and exposed the whole flat plane of her genital region to his lustful gaze. Then, leaning forward on the soft bed, he flicked the wet pointed tip of his tongue into her tiny puckered anus. The unexpected wet contact with the sensitive rubbery opening sent a billowing flame of wanton desire searing through her loins and wrung a long low groan of anguish from her lips.

"Nooooooo!" she whispered shrilly. "No, no, no... You mustn't, Stefan! You mustn't! Please! Please"

The blonde boy moistened the tip of his middle finger in her cunt and pressed it against the tiny wrinkled orifice, his mouth dropping once more to Kara's erect little clitoris. And as he sucked and nibbled at the swollen and blood-gorged nerve bud, he thrust forward with his finger, sinking it suddenly to the first knuckle in her anal opening.

Kara cried aloud. "Ooooohhhhh!"

Pressing harder, he thrust the finger in to the second knuckle.

"Aaaaaggghhh!" she cried again. "No, Stefan, no! That hurts!"

Holding the finger still, he plunged his tongue deeply into the wetly heated walls of her pussy once more, fucking it in and out until she became accustomed to the alien presence in her rectum behind it. The cute teenaged girl lay rigid now, holding her breath with her mouth wide open, her lips drawn back over her teeth.

Then, after what seemed an eternity, she sighed shudderingly and began to breathe again. Stefan, lapping frenziedly at her hotly throbbing cunt, suddenly became aware of his own excitement. Until now he had been concentrating on the arousal of the frantic teenager, but all at once he was achingly conscious of the expanding tightness of his massive cock spearing  out from his belly and of the gnawing pressure building deep in his sperm-bloated balls swinging so ponderously beneath the rigid shaft. He began to lick and suck her sweet young pussy again in earnest, twisting his finger around and around in the gasping brunette's anus, stretching it wider and wider with each gyration until the pain in her rectum merged with the erotic delights surging through her cunt.

Almost frantically Kara began screwing her buttocks back against his impaling finger, skewering it into herself in time with the ecstatic lashing of Stefan's tongue. A strange masochistic wildness took hold of the young brunette as she lay impaled between his tongue and his finger, grinding her asscheeks in a mindless abandonment against the maddening probings at her hot steaming loins. Nothing mattered now but the delicious shafts of pleasure piercing her virginal flesh; nothing mattered but the sweet agony of the obscene sensations swirling over every inch of her naked sixteen year old body. There was nothing else, nothing in the whole universe, but this wild, lascivious, searing, depraved delight!

As she bucked and twisted under the blond German boy's impalement, she began shouting and sobbing out every vile and lewd word that she knew. "Oh God, Stefan... suck me! Lick me! Stick your tongue in my cunt! Give it to me! Ram your finger up my ass! Harder! Harder, my love! that's it... yes... eeeeeeeuuggh!"

Stefan's breath was coming in tortured gasps. He exulted in the sense of power he felt as Kara's thighs spasmodically opened and closed against the sides of his head while he slaved at her anus and cunt. He felt her belly begin to rise and fall with a growing urgency. Her head thrashing out of control on the pillows, the twin mounds of her firmly ripened breasts dancing and jiggling lewdly on her chest. He thrust his tongue deeper! The warm, soft resilience of her thighs pressed more tightly to the sides of his head, gripping and relaxing to the rhythm of his punishing, flicking tongue.

He knew she was on the brink of orgasm. Her whole body was shuddering wildly. Her fingers scrabbled crazily in his hair as a low animal moaning started far back in her throat. Suddenly she arched her back. The breath jetted through her flaring nostrils in accelerating jerks. Her thighs crossed behind his neck and locked his head to her frantically churning loins.

"Aaaaaaghhh!" she cried wildly. "Oh Stefan...Oh, oh, oh, oh...Oh God! I'm cumming! I'm cuuuuummmiiinnnggg!"

At the same time, as though he had abruptly been borne onwards by a giant wave and then dashed to the shore as it exploded in a thunder of foam, the boy unexpectedly surged into his own climax. His head jerked itself away from her loins. His lips drew back from his teeth and he uttered a strangled cry. Snatching his finger from Kara's tightly clasping anus, he clapped both hands to his crotch, broke free from the stranglehold of her thighs, and rose half upright on the bed, his muscular pelvis shuddering uncontrollably.

Through the tunnel of his clasped hands, his wildly jerking penis began spasmodically pumping a thin stream of scalding cum over the girl's trembling belly. As the hot sperm spurted and gushed between his clenched fingers, falling in long pearly threads to dew Kara's silken pussy hair, he sighed deeply and the taut muscles of his young body gradually relaxed. His shoulders drooped, his eyes closed, and he fell forward exhausted over her plundered loins to lie with his head between her shuddering breasts as the pools of sticky semen on her belly pressed against the sparse hairs on his chest.

Kara's hands clasped themselves involuntarily over the back of his blond head. Her legs straightened slowly along the satin coverlet. She turned her face towards the dying embers of the fire, heaved a slow and satisfied sigh... and fell instantly, deeply asleep.

It was still raining the following morning - a relentless downpour that fell from a gray sky ragged with low clouds scudding in from the west, drumming on the roofs, bouncing high off the sidewalk, gurgling furiously in the gutters and lying in huge pools across the concrete surface of the autobahn. Kara and Stefan stood at the exit from a Tankstelle service area, their sodden garments whipped around their limbs by the wind, their eyes screwed up against the assault of the driving rain.

They had thumbed a ride east to the Frankfurt-Cologne turnpike, thinking that, despite the extra mileage, they would arrive in Bonn more quickly this way than by the traffic-choked Koblenz-Bad Godesberg road on the left bank of the Rhine. Now they were waiting for a ride on the second leg of their journey, hunched against the cold and the wet. Stefan had already declined offers from an Opel Rekord and a Mercedes sedan, saying rather primly that he didn't like the look of the drivers.

Kara was beyond caring. Her teeth were chattering - not so much because of the climate as at the terrifying thought of what might await her at home! It was bad enough having been away all night. But to have been away with no reasonable explanation... her mind quailed at the thought of what her father might say! For she couldn't possibly explain why she had gone; nor could she reveal where she had been. Saying she had been with Stefan would only add fuel to the fires of his rage. There was no friend who could alibi her, and she would be forced either to invent some implausible story about wanting to see the Fasching... or refuse to give an explanation at all. Her heart sank at the thought of the reception either would receive!

By now Colonel Federov would probably have alerted the police. There might even be a check when they took the slip-road leading to Bonn and Konigswinter. What could she possibly say? She had been worrying about it ever since she woke up in the strange hotel room with the blond boy still collapsed across her.

They had got up quickly, snatched a cup of coffee, and set off as fast as they could. And the problem had seemed to get worse and worse with every minute! A biscuit-colored Volkswagen mini-bus approached slowly along the road leading from the gas station to the autobahn, with fans of water spraying out on either side of its wheels. He ran into the roadway and signaled. The mini-bus braked, hesitated, and finally pulled up a few yards beyond them. He ran up to the driver's window, talking and gesticulating, and then turned to beckon to the soaked girl.

"It's all right," he called. "They'll take us!"

There were plastic covered benches running the length of the vehicle's tonneau. Two youths in black jackets sat at the back, staring glumly out at the rainswept landscape, the tops of the tree-covered hills lost in scurrying clouds. A third boy was driving, and there was a slim, blonde girl with a slender body and a wide-lipped, rather cruel mouth curled up on the passenger seat beside him. Kara and Stefan sat gratefully opposite the two boys and Stefan began desultorily to exchange platitudes about the awfulness of the weather. Paying little attention because she was too occupied with her own thoughts, the girl stared at them idly, thinking to herself that there was something familiar about them, something that she couldn't quite place. It was only when she looked to the front and happened to see the driver turn his head, noticing with a sudden pang of unaccountable alarm the unlit cigarette jutting from his mouth, that she finally realized.

"W-w-w-why," she stammered, breaking into Stefan's conversation, "you're the three boys who... the three boys we saw in Siegsdorff last night!"

The bulkier of the two youths grinned. "Why so we are!" he said in English, winking at Stefan. "Whaddaya know!"

For some reason Kara felt obscurely uneasy. She looked out the rain-streaked window at the Rhenish countryside speeding past. The dreary urban landscape of concrete factories, pylons, refineries and doll's house developments stretched away towards the river and the wilderness of diplomatic blocks between Bad Godesberg and Bonn on the far side. Somewhere over there her father would be sitting at his desk, staring grimly out at the rain as he barked orders and questions into his phone. Most of them would be about her!

She would be glad just the same when they reached the turn- off. It wouldn't be long now. The Volkswagen was hitting 120 kilometres per hour as they swished past the huge green and white sign announcing: Bad Godesberg, Bonn - 1000 m. The approach indicators - three chevrons, two, one - swept up and fell behind, and the cloverleaf slip-road appeared, curling off to the right among the featureless, rain-flattened grasses. Without slackening speed, the mini-bus roared past and sped on up the autobahn towards the north.

"Hey!" Kara exclaimed. "Just a minute - Stefan..."

Nobody paid her any attention. The two youths sat staring out the back window. Stefan had moved up to the front and was leaning forward looking through the windshield between the girl and the driver. There wasn't another turn-off until they got to Cologne! By the time she got back to Bonn it would be after lunch, and things would be worse than ever!

"Stefan!" she called again, more urgently this time. "They missed the turning! We've gone past it!"

He didn't reply. His blond head remained obstinately staring ahead through the windshield at the twin gray ribbons of wet asphalt unrolling towards them. By now thoroughly alarmed, the worried teenager shifted up to the front of the minibus and took the boy's arm.

"Stefan!" she said for the third time. "Don't you understand? We've gone passed the turn-off for Bonn!"

"That's all right," he said without turning his head. "We're not going to Bonn!"

"N-n-not going to Bonn?" Kara faltered. "Where are we  going then?"

He turned and looked at her. "Hamburg," he said briefly.

"Hamburg!" Kara squeaked in a voice shrill with foreboding. "B-b-but that's hundreds of miles away! What do you mean, Hamburg? What's going on, for God's sakes?"

The blonde girl in the passenger seat swung around and spoke for the first time.

"Look sweetie," she said, "you might as well get use to the idea: You've been snatched!"

"S-s-snatched?" Kara quavered. "But I..."

"Kidnapped, abducted, held to ransom, removed without your parents' consent," the blonde explained sardonically. "And very expertly too, if you don't mind my saying so."

"But I don't understand!" the frightened girl burst out. "Stefan! Do something, for goodness sakes!"

The blond boy didn't reply. He was staring fixedly through the windshield again, apparently absorbed in a long line of trucks and trailers whose giant wheels were spewing out a thick spray of rain and mud and diesel fumes as the Volkswagen roared past them.

"Save your breath," the girl in the front seat advised. "Don't you understand, you little fool, he's one of us!"

"One of?" Kara's voice trailed away into silence. She was thunderstruck.

"Of course, he's one of us!" the blonde continued inexorably. "Why d'you think he's been hanging around you all this time, for God's sake? D'you imagine he just happened to be sitting in that beer-garden in Siegsdorff when you chose to walk by? Don't make me laugh! We'd been following you ever since you left school yesterday!"

The dumbfounded teenager sank back on to a seat with her mind in a whirl. "You... you mean... everything... everything he said... and did... it was all some kind of a set-up?" she queried with a sob in her voice.

"What do you think?" the blonde answered contemptuously.


"Look baby, be your age! Do you really think a good-looking kid like him is going to get hot pants all of a sudden for a sixteen year old American brat. You've been on a string for weeks. We thought we'd lost you when your old man cut up rough and refused to let you see him. But we kept tabs on you and then when another deal misfired we came back, and you played right into our hands! You quit school early, went home and came running out into the rain as if the end of the world had come! We followed you to the hospital and then back to Siegsdorff - and we'd just time to plant Stefan before you walked right into the trap!"

Kara was speechless. She didn't understand all this talk of being "on a string" and "deals" and "planting" but one thing was agonizingly clear: Stefan, her adored Stefan, had been deceiving her all the time! It was all a part of some obscure plot; he hadn't meant a single one of all those things he had said! And last night - she felt a hot flush of shame flooding her petite young body as she remembered - last night hadn't meant a thing to him either. It was all part of the plan, a means to make sure she would agree to hitch on the autobahn today!

No wonder he had refused the offers of lifts from the two other cars! He'd been waiting for the mini-bus and nothing else! No wonder he'd known she had thumbed a ride to the hospital: He'd been following her there himself! No wonder she had run into him in the beer garden: He was waiting there just for her! He must have been in that car that passed her just before she got to the village. And finally, no wonder the three youths had so providentially appeared to rescue her from the two hussars and the pirate. They were part of the gang, and it would have upset their plans if she had been spirited away by anyone else! Their role had been simply to eliminate the interlopers and hand her back to Stefan, so that he could get on with the big seduction scene... Feeling more cheated and disillusioned and heartbroken than she ever had before in her whole life, she bit her lip hard to check the tears that threatened to overflow her eyes.

"But why?" she burst out suddenly, struck by a sudden thought. "Why, why, why? What good's it going to do you, after all? Okay, so you tricked me into this truck. Maybe you can take me to Hamburg, if that's where you're going. Maybe the police won't catch up with you when my father finds out I'm missing. But it won't do you much good, I promise you. He's not rich: All he has is his pay. You won't get much ransom out of me."

The girl laughed. "You're not being held to ransom, sweetie," she said.

"Then why?"

"We've got plans for you," the girl said curtly.

And she turned around to the front again and refused to say anymore. Kara looked desperately over her shoulder and saw to her horror that the windows of the Volkswagen had been covered while her back was turned, with Venetian blinds. The youths must have lowered them while she was talking to the blonde in front. They were sitting now, one on either side of her, quite close, staring at her in a speculative way that she found more alarming than anything she had experienced yet. Now she would be unable to fling herself at the glass as they passed slow-moving traffic and mime frantically her appeal for help.

If they were really going all the way to Hamburg, they would have to stop for gasoline - at least twice - probably. Perhaps she could scream for help then. Although, judging from the ruthlessness with which they had dispatched the revelers in Siegsdorff last night, they were quite capable of forcibly silencing her or even binding and gagging her. Her only hope - and one that she had mercifully remained silent about when talking to the girl - was the fact that they did not know she had been in Siegsdorff without her parents' knowledge or consent.  They would think, therefore, that she would only be missed when she failed to return last night or this morning, whereas, the alarm would have been given late yesterday afternoon.

If they were trading on this in the hope that they would be well clear of the area before Colonel Federov took any steps to inform the police, there was a chance - a slim one, but it was there - that they could be caught unexpectedly in a road block somewhere along the autobahn. And then suddenly, with a sickening pang of dismay, the frightened girl saw in her mind, as clearly as if she had been looking at a photograph, the breakfast room at home. With her school books on the table. In her distress at the scene she had witnessed from the balcony, she had  run straight out of the house without giving them another thought. As soon as her mother saw them there she would know that Kara had come home early for some reason... and she would guess at once that she must have seen or heard something of the debauch with the Burgomaster and the unknown man in her bedroom. Knowing, or believing that she knew, that Kara's absence was because of this, she would do everything in her power to reassure Colonel Federov that there was nothing suspicious about it. She might even say that she had allowed Kara to go and stay with friends for the night.

Her father might not even miss her until this evening when she failed to arrive from school again. And even if her mother had confided in him the fact that she had run away, she would have taken care to disguise or gloss over the real reason, so that in any case he would imagine it was simply some school girl excess rather than a case of foul play. So the police might not be looking for her at all!

Feeling more frightened and more alone than she ever had in her life, the voluptuous young brunette shrank back against the cushions as she cast frenziedly about her for some ray of hope, some idea, however farfetched, that might offer a way out of her predicament.

"Hey, Lisa!" the bulky youth sitting opposite her called out suddenly to the blonde in the front seat. "Don't you think maybe it's time our friend here started her training sessions?"

The blonde turned around, her wide lips curving into a sadistic smile and her eyes glinting.

"Klaus," she said, "you're right! Stefan - take over the wheel at the next pull-out... and you, Heinz, go and help Klaus and Kurt in the back."

Kara's lips were trembling. What could they mean? She watched in dread as Stefan rose and stood swaying slightly, crouched between the front seats while the boy with the unlit cigarette steered the mini-bus at full speed into a wooded parking area at the side of the turnpike. They passed a line of heavy trucks, slackened speed, and then, as Heinz took his foot from the throttle pedal, changed places adroitly before the Volkswagen had rolled to a standstill. Seconds later they were speeding down the curving slip road to rejoin the autobahn. As Lisa turned around to kneel on the passenger seat with her arms crossed on the back, Heinz moved into the rear of the vehicle and stood, his head bent forward by the roof, towering above the fearful girl.

"Take your clothes off," he said quietly.

"W-w-what did you say?" Kara gasped.

"You heard me. Take them off."

"I'll do no such thing!" the captive brunette flared with a pathetic attempt at defiance. "Why, I never heard...I've never..."

She broke off with a cry of pain as Heinz brought up his hand and slapped her viciously across the face. Instinctively she raised her arms to ward off the blow, but Kurt and Klaus moved up quickly behind her and pinioned them to her sides. Heinz shifted his unlit cigarette to the other side of his mouth and began methodically to slap her again, using both hands to assault each side of her face alternately... short, hard, cruel blows that rocked her head on her shoulders, brought tears spurting from her eyes, and made her ears ring intolerably. Once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times he brought his open palm cracking across her tender flesh.

Kara screamed, writhing and jerking in her captors' arms as she sought vainly to escape the punishing slaps. By the time he stopped, to stand swaying slightly with the motion of the vehicle, surveying her through slitted eyes, she was sobbing uncontrollably. She raised frantic eyes - and for an instant her gaze locked in the driving mirror with the troubled glance of Stefan. But before any communication could pass between them he had shifted his angle of vision nervously back to the road, staring through the streaming glass swept by the wiper blades at the monotonous gray landscape rushing towards them. Below the mirror Lisa's blonde head was poised expectantly, her parted lips glistening and her eyes brittle bright with anticipation.

"Go on, Heinz," she said. "Give her a couple more - just to make the point!"

"No!" Kara screamed. "Please Please! Nooooo!"

But the remorseless hand exploded twice more savagely against each smarting cheek.

"All right," Heinz panted when he had finished. "Now - are you going to take your clothes off, or do we have to tear them off?"

"Please!" the terrified teenager sobbed. "Please..."

She lifted her imploring, tear-stained face towards him, the cheeks striped crimson with the marks of his fingers. He raised his hand again.

"All right!" Kara screamed, cowering back against the two who were holding her arms. "All right! Anything... I'll do anything. But don't hit me again!"

With trembling hands, as Kurt and Klaus relaxed their grasp on her arms, she unzipped her parka and hauled the black cashmere jersey over her dark head. Klaus drew in his breath with a hiss as the tender flesh of her full, high-set young breasts, snugly encased in their simple white nylon brassiere, came into view. Under the watchful eyes of the three young men and the blonde in the front seat, the shivering girl bent down and took off her sneakers and jeans, a hot flush of embarrassment turning the marks on her face an even deeper red.

Now she stood before them, her head hanging with shame, naked except for the brassiere and a flimsy white triangle of nylon panties at her loins.

"Take those off too," Heinz ordered.

"B-b-but..." Kara faltered piteously, "but I'll be cold!"

For the first time she saw him smile.

"Not with what you'll be doing!" he said grimly. "Take them off!"

Whimpering softly, she reached behind her to unfasten the clasp of her brassiere. A moment later her tautly budding breasts with their sensitive uptilted nipples sprang free, and she slid the flimsy garment down her arms to the floor. As she bent once more to strip the panties from the smoothly rounded taper of her legs, Lisa scrambled over the seat and joined them in the back.

"All right," she said crisply. "Kurt, spread the rug. You others, look after the girl."

"W-w-what are you going to do?" Kara quavered fearfully.

"I told you we had plans for you," Lisa said with a malicious smile. "But I don't think you'll have enough experience to carry them out... yet. So, like I said, we're going to give you a little training session. Right now!"

As Kurt spread a tartan steamer rug on the floor between the seats, Kara burst into tears and hid her face in her hands. Pitiful incoherent pleadings forced their muffled way through her clenched fingers as her naked shoulders quivered and her chest heaved with racking sobs.

"Don't...please..! Let me go! Please don't do it."

Behind the wheel, Stefan, cursed suddenly shifted down, braked, and then swerved around a slow-moving car pulling out in front of him as he overtook a heavy truck. With her eyes hidden by her hands, Kara was unprepared for the maneuver. She was thrown off balance, and fell to the floor. At once the three youths leaped on her and threw her on her back across the rug. Kneeling behind her, Kurt seized her wrists and stretched her arms above her head while Klaus and Heinz, grasping an ankle each, hauled her legs brutally apart. The petite brunette teenager lay naked and defenseless before her captors, spread- eagled and open, as cruelly stretched as a victim on a medieval torture rack!

Shuddering with terror, she gazed wild-eyed from face to pitiless face as they stared lasciviously at the quivering white mounds of her breasts, the softly trembling bulge of her young belly, and the dark triangle of soft pussy hair nestling up between her lewdly splayed legs. Dear God! There was nothing she could do against four of them! Shut away in the speeding mini-bus as it roared northwards along the interminable autobahn, she was utterly alone and at their mercy! The only victory she could win was a mental one: They could conquer her body, as she knew now they must, but it would be an empty triumph if her spirit remained unbeaten.

Stretched helpless on the throbbing floor of the Volkswagen, she lay listening to the whine of the flat four-cylinder motor, the rumble of wheels beneath her, and the swish of tires on the wet road as she closed her eyes and prayed for strength. Abruptly she opened them again as an alien touch on her flesh drew an involuntary gasp from her trembling lips. Lisa was kneeling between her spread thighs pawing obscenely at the soft flesh of her belly with slender, red-nailed hands.

"Ve-ery nice!" the sadistic German girl said tauntingly. Her hand moved lewdly upwards, caressing the fullness of one firm breast. "Now you just lie back, sweetie, and take your choice: You can co-operate, and we'll all have fun; or you can try and fight it, and just the four of us will have the fun. It's up to you!"

Kara felt her skin crawl with horror at the blonde's lustfully depraved touch as she strove desperately to find words that might in some way appeal to whatever sense of honor or decency these people might have buried within them. They were going to violate the virginal innocence of her young body - that was clear whatever incomprehensible gibberish they spoke about "plans" and "training". But now there was this additional nightmare too: It seemed the girl as well was going to take part! She had heard her schoolmates talking and giggling about lesbians, of course, but she knew nothing about them really. The very thought of another woman touching her secret parts filled her with revulsion. She froze in terror as the red-nailed hands raked teasingly down the trembling contours of her body, to linger caressingly among the sparse hairs silkily mantling her pubic mound.

"Before you fuck her," the blonde crooned, raising her head to stare at each of the youths in turn, "I think I ought to open up the road a little, don't you? It's going to be a hard drive otherwise, if she's really a virgin!"

"Go ahead, Lisa," Kurt said from behind Kara's head. "You're the boss!"

Between the open edges of her black leather jacket, the German girl's breasts were heaving with excitement. For a moment she feasted her eyes on the vision of the helpless little brunette's shuddering hair-covered loins, and then her head sank slowly towards Kara's nakedly exposed vaginal slit. As the realization of what Lisa was about to do hit her, a despairing groan forced its way past the defenseless teenager's lips. She would have nothing left! They were going to plunder her of every vestige of decency!

A convulsive spasm jerked her thigh and belly muscles as she felt the cool moistness of the blonde's lips pressing into the sensitive flesh of her abdomen. She tried to cringe away from the girl's touch, but the sudden wet contact sent an inexplicable unwanted chill racing the length of her spine. She felt the heated lips trace tantalizingly downwards to the furrow at the top of her thighs as Lisa's thumbs spread the soft dark pussy hair hiding her most secret flesh. A moment later, the German girl's tongue had laced snake-like into the tight cringing slit of Kara's pussy, sending a shudder rippling through the teenager's loins at the electrifying contact of moistly heated tongue against her clitoris. Kara felt the wiry, long-nailed fingers dig into her sensitive flesh as Lisa clamped her palms against the soft insides of her thighs, splaying them wider still, and she forced her head up from the floor, her eyes wide with abject horror, to see that her ravisher too had lifted her head and was grinning up at her between Kara's nakedly upstanding breasts.

Further back, Klaus and Heinz smiled salaciously down at her as they forced her legs obscenely apart. Defenseless and vulnerable, she lay sacrificed before them all, her humiliation complete. Weeping piteously now, she watched Lisa's tongue circling her lips as the German girl rested her thumbs on the soft fleshy cuntal flanges and, with a slow torturing outward movement, drew the pussy-lips apart to expose the darkly moist furrow up between the teenager's widespread legs for all to see. As though they were spectators at a sporting event, the three youths holding her down uttered a series of excited Bravos! - and then, still smiling as if she were on stage, Lisa dropped her head and buried the full length of her slippery tongue up inside the hotly throbbing tunnel of Kara's tight little pussy.

The pinioned girl jerked convulsively, a whimpering moan escaping from deep in her chest. Her buttocks ground hard down onto the rug, endeavoring to escape the maddening oral assault by this strange German girl. She shivered uncontrollably as Lisa drew, with a liquid suck of her bright lips, the tiny bud of Kara's clitoris wetly up into her hot mouth. It can't be happening to me! It can't! The cruelly spread-eagled teenager groaned over and over to herself, her head falling back to the floor of the speeding Volkswagen bus and twisting frenziedly from side to side as Lisa's face rocked in greedy feast between her legs and her tongue fucked in and out of the involuntarily dilating lips of Kara's cunt.

Yet in spite of her terror and revulsion at the depraved attack on her defenseless loins, tiny wisps of forbidden pleasure were beginning to purl deep down in Kara's belly... and on her firm young breasts, jiggling sensuously now from the buffeting her pelvis was suffering, the nipples had already spiked out taut and erect. Seeing the malicious smirks on the watching faces of the two boys holding her legs, she clenched her eyes tightly shut as the whirlpools of sensation tearing out of control through her loins began to build and build.

Dear God, she must fight this new enemy with all her strength! She must not succumb to the betrayal of her body. She couldn't let them win! She couldn't! But suddenly the experienced blonde's tongue arrowed forward, burrowing far up into her wetly straining cunt, and shock spiraled crazily up her spine to the base of her skull - like a child's firework rocket, it burst there into a million stars, showering hot pinpoints of desire over her whole naked body. Her loins sprang involuntarily forward, burying the flickering tongue to its root. Fire was rapidly replacing fear as the practiced lips and tongue of her ravisher plundered her quivering young pussy. Dear God, what was happening to her? She had never felt so lewdly wanton in her life! It was even more delightful than last night with Stefan.

Spontaneously, under the expert ministrations of the wickedly teasing tongue in her cunt, she had come erotically alive! Her nakedly rounded buttocks ground desperately up off the rug, frantically trying to quell the searing lashes of lustful flame suddenly searing her sensibilities and inhibitions. Through blurred eyes she saw Lisa's nodding head, felt the hands pinioning her arms and legs release their grasp as her own hands dropped to hook talon-like into the blonde tresses of the older girl slavering at her loins. A low moan rasped from her throat as she clutched Lisa's head tightly to her, grinding her eager young cunt tightly up into the German girl's face. God Almighty, what the girl was doing was no longer enough! The demons of unwanted lust were dancing with ever-increasing fury about the shuddering pink edges of her seething virginal cunt! She wanted more! Something more substantial!

No sooner had the thought formed in her dazed mind, than everything changed! Suddenly Lisa's head was no longer at her loins. Instead, Kara's lust-crazed eyes saw the kneeling figure of Heinz, his jeans unzippered, his thick erect penis jutting out from his pelvis like the shaft of a heavy blunt spear. She shivered. The veins marbling the underside of it were gnarled and hard; the purplish sperm bloated head was already protruding wickedly from the stretched foreskin. All at once she was terrified! The demons of lust retreated. He was going to plunge that iron-hard staff deep up into the trembling depths of her virginal belly! She was going to be raped! Desperately she struggled to sit up, levering herself half upright on her elbows.

"No!" she cried frantically. "No, please... I don't... don't do it to me! Please .."

But at a sign from Lisa, Kurt seized her wrists once more and forced them back over her head, thrusting her down brutally on the rug as he stretched the struggling teenager into her former position. At the same time, Lisa herself and Klaus grabbed her ankles and jerked her shuddering legs viciously apart. Kneeling between her splayed thighs, Heinz massaged the loose skin of his cock savagely up and down the lust-hardened shaft. Astonishingly, the cigarette was still between his lips. Supporting his weight on one hand, he leaned forward and guided the bulbous head, now wetly glistening with seminal fluid, towards the gasping hair-fringed lips of Kara's tight little cunt.

"Oh... no... please god... no... No!"

As the hard rubbery tip nudged against her sensitive folds of pink flesh, the captive teenager jerked and twitched, moaning out her desperation between clenched teeth as she tried fruitlessly to free her wrists and ankles from her captors' grasp. Grinning malevolently, Heinz inserted the lust-swollen head of his throbbing cock between her moistly glistening pussy lips. He flexed his hips and pushed.

"No...Oh God."

The petite brunette's hair flailed from side to side, her eyes frozen in stunned disbelief that this was actually happening. Kara's pussy, already wetly sliding with her own secretions and the saliva from Lisa's slavering mouth, smoothly accepted the tip of the rigidly massive staff. But when two inches of his hotly throbbing penis were buried within the trembling walls of her cunt, Heinz felt his sensitive cock-head batter softly against the stretched membrane of her hymen. He grinned like a jackal - a grin that rapidly faded to a mask of sadistic cruelty. Drawing a deep breath, he thrust his powerful hips fiercely down with all his force.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! You... You're splitting... me- eeeee!"

The violated teenager screamed, thrashing wildly from side to side as she writhed her hips in a vain attempt to evade the brutal impalement that was sending flaming tongues of agony scorching through her belly. But her struggles only served to embed the raping rod of thick flesh more deeply in the tight hot tunnel of her virgin cunt. Panting, Heinz redoubled his efforts, brutally ramming the swollen tip of his pulsating cock against the membrane that was impeding his passage. Kara's pelvic muscles locked solid. She arched her hips convulsively off the floor, and, as the agonizing pain searing through her violated cunt became intolerable, she screamed again. And all at once the obstructive tissue ruptured and gave under the pressure of the heatedly rigid cock. A final bolt of agony stabbed through the cruelly spread-eagled girl's loins and then the thick skewering penis surged forward into her plundered pussy, pushing rippling waves of flesh before it as it plowed ferociously up the tight little passage. Heinz's pelvis thudded against Kara's pubic mound and his cum-swollen testicles slapped harshly into the wet crevice of her buttocks. He was home... buried right up to the hilt in her violated, now no longer virginal pussy! As the ravished sixteen year old girl sobbed and gasped, squirming and struggling against the cruel grips pinioning her hands and feet, he arched his own hips, slowly withdrawing the raping cock until only the throbbing head was only just inside the clasping mouth of her cunt.

"My God, but it's tight in there!" he panted.

And then, tensing the muscles of his buttocks, he thrust the whole stiffened length of his big pulsating penis relentlessly back in again. For the third time, Kara screamed, but her cry was less frantic and less wild than before. As the German boy began a slow, teasing in-and-out rocking movement of his hips, plunging and withdrawing the rigid staff of his penis, she became gradually accustomed to the thick pole of inflexible flesh wedging apart her tender vaginal walls. Lisa's breath was hissing between her teeth.

"Go on, Heinz!" she urged. "Give it to her! Ram it into her! Fuck that cock so far up that she can taste it!"

Panting with lustful excitement, Heinz increased the speed and power of his thrusts. His groin slammed rhythmically down against Kara's loins, his thick hardened cock plowing in and out of her ravaged little pussy as her spread-eagled body jerked and twitched with the fury of his assault. Slowly the mewling sobs tearing at the cute teenager's laboring lungs altered their quality. Once more the unbidden flickers of lustful arousal stabbed through her nerves with mounting intensity. Her hot young cunt was aflame once more with wanton desire as Heinz pounded his raping cock with ever-increasing violence into the scalding wet depths of her belly.

Forgotten was her humiliation, forgotten the shame, forgotten the bestial violation she was suffering. The demons of lust were dancing again, and the sole thought left in her passion-crazed mind was that he must go on and on forever and ever. But as she mouthed out her incoherent cries of lewd encouragement, Heinz's body suddenly stiffened. A strangled groan burst from his open mouth as his hips shuddered convulsively - and his expanding penis rammed far up into Kara's wetly clasping cunt began a wild staccato jerking that spewed his white-hot cum in spurts against the neck of her womb. She moaned her disappointment aloud as she felt the savagely invading shaft wilt and deflate.

God Almighty, she was being brutally raped, and now that it was over she wanted more! More than anything else in the whole world she needed cock! It was humiliating, it was degrading, it was wicked and depraved, and it meant that her mind was totally subjugated by the clamoring demands of her sensually awakened body... but she had to have more cock! Writhing frenziedly between the imprisoning hands, she was dimly aware of Heinz's penis pulling free of her demanding cunt with a sucking squelch. As he scrambled to one side, leaving a long string of sticky sperm trailing across her naked thigh, she saw Lisa make a sign to the other two youths ... and a moment later her hands and legs  were free, and Kurt was hunched down between her trembling legs as he unzippered his fly and yanked out his long, thin, eagerly upstanding shaft of hard flesh.

Involuntarily she reached for him, hauling down his head as she arched her pelvis upwards, frantically kissing his lips, his nose, his eyes, as her tongue slavered over his handsome face. Then, gasping in hoarse passion, she guided the wet seeping head of his cock straight into the gaping chasm of her hungrily yearning pussy, his lean young body wringing a deep groan of contentment from her lips as he rammed his angrily throbbing cock as deep as it would lunge into her quivering pussy. Kara strained against him, wanting him even deeper, wanting him further still up this insanely quivering cunt of hers! "Go on!" she gasped in a frenzy of lustful abandon.

"Go on... deeper... deeper... fuck deeper! Oh God! You're not getting in far enough!

Kurt speared his tongue hotly into her wide-open mouth, hoping to compensate, the saliva from his working lips drooling into her throat. Rapidly, she sucked on it, her body caught up in a crazy vortex of naked raw lust, a whirlwind of desire such as she had never known existed! Cock! Cock! Cock! That was all she wanted, all she would ever want again, now that she had felt it. She had to have cock! The German boy's pulsating penis pistoned mercilessly into her, splatting pelvis against pelvis with every brutal hammering thrust. He was bringing her almost to climax with the savage drubbing of his body alone... And then suddenly, as she bucked wantonly, maddeningly, uncontrollably beneath him, she sensed his plunging rod of flesh stiffen without warning, squirting its heated liquid passion far up into the obscenely milking walls of her tortured womb.

The lustfully aroused brunette cried aloud in frustration and disappointment. She'd been so nearly there! The peak had been only a fraction away! How could they do this to her? Straining crazily for his deflating cock until he pulled it from her with a wet sluicing sound, she twisted from under him, passionately calling for more, more, more, as the fires of unassuaged desire raged on in her loins. Tears streamed from her eyes as she saw the astonished face of Kurt swim away from her; she gazed unseeingly up through the windshield of the Volkswagen, past the swishing wiper blades at the gray skies and the rain still falling in torrents.

She turned her head mindlessly from side to side as she thrust her empty loins convulsively into the air. And then suddenly she saw it! They were crowded around Klaus. The other two youths were stripping his pants off and Lisa was obscenely milking his shaft. Kara stared at it unbelievingly: it couldn't be true! She gaped at them as they guided him between her thighs, gaped at the giant penis rearing up from his muscular belly like a third arm with a huge pair of fists beneath it balled between his legs. It was monstrous! It was the most frightening thing she had ever seen!

There was silence - broken only by the hum of the Volkswagen bus's motor and tires on the wet autobahn as Kara gazed wildly around the circle of lustfully intent young faces. Suddenly, she was afraid. For a moment the demons retreated again, and she drew her thighs tightly against her belly, locking them together as fear snaked through her veins. It couldn't be true, she thought in terror! None of it could be true! Good God, Klaus  would split her wide open! He wasn't human! That horrendous cock would tear her apart! The three other faces came closer, avid for the marvel about to take place before them. Heinz and Kurt squatted beside her on the rug, wrenching her legs far apart and then bending her body double so that her toes touched the floor behind her.

Her entire vaginal plane was offered up to the kneeling German youth in defenseless sacrifice... and then Lisa leaning over with a depraved smile twisting her scarlet lips, reached out to splay apart with her middle finger and thumb the delicate coral slit nestling among Kara's soft pussy hair Klaus's eyes glistened with anticipation as he stared greedily at the helplessly upturned cunt before him. As he shuffled his bulky body forward, the blonde gang leader plunged the fingers of her other hand between the swollen hair-fringed lips of Kara's plundered pussy and smoothed the secretions streaming wetly from it around the quivering lips lubricating the way. Recoiling from her obscene touch the helpless teenager gaped up between her splayed thighs in awed terror at the huge bulging super-thick ten-inch penis inching slowly towards the vulnerable crevice between her legs.

Her tremendous passion of a few minutes before quenched by the fearsome sight, she was unable to drag her eyes from the horrifying instrument that was only seconds away from ripping her tight young cunt into a million shards of agony. For a moment she froze in abject stillness. Then, without warning, Klaus tensed his loins and she unexpectedly found herself lifting her pelvis upwards as if she was under some sort of evil spell, searching with her gaping cunt for the massive rod of flesh that was going to split her apart! She wanted it, she realized with a thrill of horror! She cringed in terror from its size but she wanted it! She had to have it inside her! Through lust-dimmed eyes she saw her lewdly incited captors gasp as the bloated purple head nudged for a moment, as a stallion's might, at the trembling pink flanges of her moistly quivering flesh. And even as she thrust her loins hungrily up at his pulsating hardness, she was screaming.

"No! No, Klaus! You can't... you can't! You'll kill me!"

"Ram her, Klaus!" Lisa cried hoarsely, snatching her hand away from Kara's wet cunt and thrusting it furiously into the open fly of her own jeans. "Stuff it into the little bitch! Screw the shit out of her!"

With a lunge of his powerful hips, the bulky youth forced the rigidly gleaming head a fraction of an inch inside Kara's tight-stretched cunt, brutally expanding the moist rubbery folds almost to the ripping point. The doubled-up teenager threw her head back and shrieked insanely.

"Nooooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!"

The huge cock submerged a tortured inch as she tried desperately to free her legs from the ruthless imprisonment of the hands shackling her, to kick free and escape this inhuman, agonizing impalement. But they held her fast and she screamed again, louder this time:

"Eeeeeeeeeugh! It's too big! It's too big! It's... Aaaaaaaaggghhh! It's splitting me open! Stop! Stop!"

She was certain the lips of her ravaged cunt must really be tearing this time. The pain was unendurable, racking her cruelly stretched body like bolts of flesh-searing lightning. Klaus groaned softly and leaned harder towards her. Another inch slowly slipped up into her rippling little belly.


Her beautiful young face was tortured as Lisa and the two other youths leaned in closer over the American teenager's perspiring body. Their faces hung within inches of her straining nakedness, gaping as if hypnotized at the raping of the virginal brunette by the muscular boy who was fucking and skewering into her soft white flesh as though she was some medieval servant girl summoned to the high table by the lord of the manor. Kurt and Heinz, their throbbing cocks erect again, were jerking furiously at their blood-engorged shafts and Lisa's fingers were scrabbling wildly in the throbbing wet cleft up between her muscular thighs. With their free hands they began clutching at Kara's flesh, squeezing and massaging her ripely swaying breasts, clawing over every part of her nakedly contorted body until she felt she must be covered with crawling things, feverishly working to enter every orifice.

"No! No! No!" she sobbed hysterically, as she felt the long hard cock sliding painfully up into her agonized pussy. Tears spurted from her eyes. "Nooooooo!"

She quaked spasmodically as the relentless giant cock plowed into the stretched folds of her painfully stretched cunt... and then suddenly Klaus was in as deep as he could go! He had made it! His gigantic rod of muscle and hard flesh lay buried to the hilt inside her violently quivering pussy as his pelvis smacked against the wide-split crevice of her buttocks and the immense cum-swollen sac of testicles below his cock swayed between her trembling ass-cheeks. He flexed the great head and Kara groaned. He flexed it again, and once more she protested... though the agony, miraculously, had lessened and this time the sound was fainter.

She raised her eyes, even proud in some perverse fashion that her tight little cunt could swallow such a thing! All around her astonished eyes were peering over her doubled-up body at the enormous buried penis. She knew why they stared and it made her proud! From each side now eager fingers roamed lewdly again over Kara's distended buttocks, tugging brutally at the fleshy hair-covered lips suckling this Herculean shaft.

A fingertip probed beneath the dangling bull-like sac of Klaus's balls, flirting teasingly with her defenseless puckered anus. She winced as suddenly it jabbed, slipping inside the tightly clenched nether ring and worming deeply around in the tender spongy cavern within. Slowly, at first, and then with increasing fury, the big German boy began a torturing saw-like motion in and out of Kara's moistly trembling pussy, plunging without mercy from the crest of each withdrawal to slam her agony-filled little body hard down against the floorboards of the speeding Volkswagen mini-bus. The finger sunk in her anus rolled from side to side, enlarging the tiny opening until the palm of the invading hand lay flat against her rounded ass-cheeks and the raping digit was united with the massively drubbing cock in a complimentary rhythm to raise unexpected whines and whimpers of elation from the naked young girl's drooling mouth.

The pain was astonishingly subsiding and a strange sensation of tingling joy was again seeping through her helpless body. The outrageous debasement and subjugation had unexpectedly aroused bizarre masochistic delights that surged through her bloodstream. Almost of their own volition, her hips commenced unanticipated gyrating motions in abandoned unison with the accelerating speed of the cock and finger fucking into her. Writhing lustfully amidst the clutching hands crawling everywhere over her vibrant flesh, the petite brunette abandoned herself completely to the thought of the monstrous ten-inch staff pistoning deep up into her hungry cunt... fucking into her, growing and expanding with every thrust while the anonymous finger reamed out her tightly clenched rectum like another throbbing cock!

She was a prisoner... a helpless, defenseless prisoner who could do nothing against the ravishment - the delicious ravishment - of her rapturously throbbing cunt and anus, strapped between their battering lust like some poor ensnared animal "Oh God! Oh God! Yes... yes, fuck me this way! Fuck me this way!" she mewled, her brain reeling with desire as she rotated her upthrust ass-cheeks faster and faster in time with the shafts of finger and flesh pummeling into her.

"Don't stop! Give it to me! Fuck me like that!"

Somebody seized her hand and placed a cock in it, wrapping the fingers snugly around the throbbing shaft. Then she had one in each hand, to milk and jerk in time with the lovable, beautiful Klaus's magnificent fucking weapon drubbing into her scalding cunt - and suddenly she sensed its abrupt pulsating heaving.

"No!" she cried desperately. "No! Wait, wait, wait!"

But it was too late. The bulky youth's lips bared back from his teeth. His head jerked upwards. And as the muscles of his loins contracted, his heavy balls forced gush after gush of hot thick sperm deep into her shuddering belly. She tried to arrest it, grinding her seething loins tight against his pelvis - but the very nature of the movement defeated her purpose: The sucking grasp of her cunt milked the jerking cock clean, until the final dregs of Klaus's vast spurting load gurgled deep within her quaking womb.

Despite the frenzy of her frustration, a shiver of wanton delight rippled through Kara's belly as she felt the hotly squirting sperm jet into her... and then suddenly, even as his monstrous cock was already deflating, unexpectedly, marvelously, it happened! Her orgasm came over her like a breathtaking tidal- wave of searing, indescribable elation, roaring through her wildly aroused body, the lips of her wetly clasping cunt still sucking at Klaus's deflated penis, her breath rasping in short frenzied gasps as the powerful, shattering sensations flooded her from the top of her skull to her desperately curling toes!

"Oh, God... oh, God... I'm going to cum! I'm cumming... cuuuuummmming! Oooooohhhhh!" she wailed hysterically as the cocks in her hands began to spew forth their viscid loads, spurting hotly against her naked breasts and ribs while the blonde gang leader, Lisa, collapsed with a sobbing shudder of ecstasy across her suddenly released legs.

As the five of them lay in an exhausted tangle on the floor, the Volkswagen lurched to the right and the motor coughed and died. Behind the wheel, Stefan cursed and steered silently on to the hard shoulder at the side of the road. "We're out of gas!" he announced.

The crash came when they were actually on the outskirts of Hamburg. Night had fallen. The Volkswagen had just passed under the massive iron girders of the Elbe bridge, and the darkly shining surface of the three lane carriageway was glittering with a confusion of reflected lights - an endless succession of glaring headlamps approaching, the flashing scarlet and green and blue neon of factory signs, an infinity of crimson tail-lights, winking amber direction indicators, the sudden red flare of brake lamps, all cast dazzling streamers of color along the wet asphalt.

They came up fast on a knot of slow-moving traffic. Ahead of them a sixty ton articulated truck pulled out suddenly to overtake a long trailer loaded with two bulldozers. Kurt, who was driving in the center lane, flashed his indicators and pulled over to the left to pass the two juggernauts. But just before he drew level a small sports car, its exhaust crackling, shot right across the road from the inside lane in an attempt to get through in front of him. Swearing, Kurt braked and signaled his intention to resume the center lane. But at the very last moment the driver of the sports car, perhaps catching sight of the Volkswagen's lights in his mirror decided against the maneuver and tucked in behind the outer truck. To avoid running into the back of him, Kurt was forced to wrench at the wheel and swerve momentarily back into the fast lane - this time without signaling. The driver of the heavy Mercedes sedan coming up behind him at 120 miles an hour didn't have a chance. His brake lights blazed momentarily; his headlamps flashed as he leaned on the horn ring... and then the big car, slewing drunkenly sideways under the fierce braking, slammed with devastating force into the Volkswagen's rear quarter.

Over the thunderous impact of the collision the shrill scream of tires on the wet road lanced the night. The mini-bus, struck with shattering violence by two tons of machinery going at almost twice its speed, catapulted forward to smash savagely into the solid back of the truck, bounced from there into the rear of the trailer, spun around twice and finally crunched to a halt against a steel guard rail on the hard shoulder.

The Mercedes, its nearside fender crumpled against the wheel by the shock, skidded crazily across the greasy surface of the road, cannoned off a concrete mile-post, shot back to the central reservation and overturned in a shower of mud and breaking glass. Both the truck and the trailer, hardly damaged in the accident, lurched slightly and then rolled to a stop with a hiss of their powerful air brakes. The sports car, miraculously escaping harm, had dodged back into the outside lane and accelerated away towards the city.

For Kara Federov, hunched shuddering in the back of the mini-bus, the crash was just one more nightmare to follow the others. Her sudden wild hope of rescue when they ran out of gasoline had been dashed as soon as it was born; there were spare jerricans under one of the seats. Later, as the dusk thickened over the rainswept heath north of Hannover, she had been brutally forced to suck off each of the male youths in turn and finally lick the cunt of the sadistic Lisa herself. And it was not so much the ruthless subjugation of her innocent body to their vile demands that worried her, it was the horrifying realization that, despite the shame and humiliation flooding over her at this second debasement, there had been a part of her that had actually enjoyed, even reveled in, the debauch!

She wasn't watching the road when the accident occurred.  The world erupted without warning into an inferno of noise and movement in which the monstrous clangor of the collision, the shriek of tortured metal, the squeal of tires and the splintering of glass all combined with a sudden stunning blow on the back of her head to render her temporarily senseless. When the red mists cleared from her eyes and the clamor in her ears subsided she was standing shuddering in the pouring rain with Stefan and Heinz supporting her by the arms. Her clothes, which she had only been allowed to put back on a few minutes before, were already drenched. Her head ached abominably and there was a painful graze on her right arm.

Beyond the silver spears of rain lancing through the headlamp beams of cars and trucks already halted by the accident, she could see figures moving. There was a crowd in the center of the road. A Citroen sedan had turned around with its spotlights facing the wrong way to warn approaching traffic of the hold-up. In the garish illumination of a neon factory sign on the far side of the autobahn, a short stout man in glasses - presumably the driver of the Mercedes, miraculously unhurt - was gesticulating wildly towards the gaping door of his overturned sedan.

There were voices shouting near her. She turned to her left and saw the wreckage of the Volkswagen. The whole of the front was smashed into an unrecognizable tangle of twisted steel in the middle of which a single screen wiper jerked uselessly to and fro like the leg of a dying insect. Through the distorted gap where the windshield had been, the top half of Kurt's body slumped with lifelessly hanging arms. Mercifully his face was hidden, but occasional gouts of blood and brains still splashed sluggishly down from his shattered skull to the crumpled bodywork.

Averting her eyes with a shiver of horror, Kara wondered why none of the people milling around had at least tried to remove him from the telescoped cab. A moment later she saw why. A loud-voiced man with a powerful electric torch was striding down the line of halted vehicles, attempting to guide the crawling traffic past the fragments of twisted steel and glass littering the road. For an instant the beam of light swung across and lit up the wrecked interior of the mini-bus. In the fraction of a second before it was plunged into darkness again, the dazed teenager saw with ghastly clarity the jagged shaft of the steering post, glistening a gruesome red, projecting between the dead boy's shoulder-blades.

As his head and shoulders had been hurled through the windshield, the dreadful impact of the collision had forced the offside wheel up into the Volkswagen's floor and driven the column straight through his chest, impaling him like a moth on a board! Choking down her nausea, Kara turned aside to see Klaus, limping heavily, help Lisa around the battered rear end of the vehicle. The blonde's hair was in rats tails around her shoulders and there was an ugly gash bleeding on her forehead, but otherwise she seemed unhurt. Shot violently forward by the shock, the five of them had been saved by the front seats, against which they had ended up in a tangled heap, bruised and shaken but still alive.

Looking carefully away from the front of the Volkswagen, Lisa leaned close to Heinz and whispered: "Might as well let her try it here. We can take advantage of the situation now it's arrived."

"Right," he murmured back with a crooked grin. "It might even go better here than it would in the middle of the city!"

She nodded. "I'll tip off Stefan," she said in a low voice.

Numbed with shock, Kara paid no attention. In a sudden silence that fell over the nightmare scene, she heard the raindrops sizzling gently against the hot metal of the wagon's wrecked motor. And then suddenly she became aware that the grip on her arms had relaxed a little. Her captors were muttering together and seemed almost to have forgotten her! What on earth was she thinking of, standing here meekly like an obedient child! She wanted to escape, didn't she? Well here was a God-sent opportunity; if she couldn't get away now, she never would!

Summoning all her energy, she drew a deep breath and wrenched her arms suddenly free. Ten yards away, the driver of one of the trucks was standing talking to a crash-helmeted motor- cyclist and another man. Frantically she rushed towards them as she heard Stefan and Heinz shout behind her.

"Help!" the terrified girl cried as she ran. "Help me! Please help.... you've got to protect me! Keep them away from me, please!"

The truck driver swung round - a tough little man with a seamed and weather-beaten face.

"What's that you say?" he demanded. "You were a passenger in the Volks, weren't you Fraulein? God, you were lucky to-"

"Listen to me!" the sobbing brunette interrupted. "You've got to listen to me! I'm being kidnapped! They were taking me away!"

"Kidnapped!" the motor-cyclist echoed. "You can't be serious!"

"I am, I am," Kara babbled, glancing fearfully over her shoulder. "They tricked me into it... back in Konigswinter... Five of them... they're taking me away! Please... don't let them get at me!"

Beside the shattered mini-bus, Lisa touched Heinz on the arm.

"That should be enough to do the trick," she said. "You three go get her; I'll see you over there."

As they strode purposefully towards the frenzied American girl, she climbed unobtrusively over the steel guard rail beside the road and hurried across a stretch of wasteland beyond which street lamps charted the course of a service road between two factories. Kara screamed as she saw the three youths approach.

"Don't let them touch me!" she cried as she dodged behind the truck driver.

"Thanks, mate," Heinz said to the driver. "We'll take care of her now. She got a nasty bump on the head and she doesn't know what she's saying."

"Just a minute," the driver protested. "The young lady says-"

"I told you: she got hit on the head."

"Don't believe him!" Kara sobbed. "They were taking me away."

"Come, my dear: we'll take you home," Stefan said firmly, reaching for Kara's arm.

The truck driver planted himself firmly in front of the terrified girl.

"I don't know about that," he said belligerently. "The lady says she wants protection. I think we'd better hear a little more about it."

"Get out of my way!" Stefan said through set teeth.

"Better wait until the police come, if you ask me," the motorcyclist said. "Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe she isn't. Let them sort it out."

"She's coming with us," Klaus said curtly.

"Not while I'm here..." the truck driver began.

The three youths exploded into action. Klaus pivoted on his heel and struck the motor-cyclist a terrible blow on the point of the jaw. The helmeted head snapped back and the man crashed to the ground to lie motionless with widespread arms on the wet tarmac. At the same time, Stefan swung at the truck driver - but the little man blocked the punch expertly with the palm of one hand and jabbed a ferocious left into the boy's stomach. Stefan grunted and doubled forward. The driver drew back his arm again... but Heinz chopped brutally at the side of his neck with the edge of his hand as Klaus hit him viciously on the temple from the other side. The little man gave a choking gasp and sagged at the knee. A moment later he slumped unconscious at their feet. The third man, a pale, sandy-haired individual with spectacles, had retreated hastily at the first sign of violence. Heinz raced after him and caught him by the shoulder, swinging him around savagely as the other two seized the screaming Kara and carried her struggling towards the safety fence.

"I don't want any trouble!" the sandy-haired man stuttered in abject terror. "I believe you! You take her if you like! It's no business of mine, honestly. I don't want any trouble!"

He cringed away from the lean-faced youth, shivering with fright.

"Want it or not, brother, you got it!" Heinz said with a malevolent grin.

Without relaxing his hold on the cowering man, he punched him once pitilessly in the solar plexus. The sandy man's breath whooshed out of his lungs and he dropped instantly to the wet macadam, to lie whimpering with his arms crossed over his head. Heinz shrugged contemptuously and turned to run after the others. Before the bystanders had realized anything was amiss, the kidnapped teenager, slung over Klaus's shoulder with Heinz's cruel hand clamped over her mouth, was being rushed across the vacant lot to join the waiting Lisa.

Colonel Federov adjusted the spectacles on his nose and riffled through the Telex sheets on his desk. He was a spare, hard-muscled man of forty with a clipped, dark mustache and gray eyes in a face now lined with worry and fatigue.

"This seems to be it," he said tersely, selecting a sheet and holding it up. "I just got these from the Chief of Police."

"What is it, Alec?" Eileen Federov asked nervously, shifting her position in the visitor's chair on the other side of the desk. "Not... bad news, I hope? I couldn't bear it if..."

"Depends," her husband said. "At least she's alive - if it's her, and this seems to me the most likely of the lot. Report circulated by the Bureau of Missing Persons in Hamburg, forwarded to them by the department dealing with road accidents."

"Accidents?" Eileen faltered. "Oh, God! Not...

"Cool it, for God's sake!" the Colonel said irritably. "No need to get in a state about it!"

He read the paper in his hand: "Accident on the Hamburg- Hanover autobahn last night... Volkswagen mini-bus and Mercedes sedan in collision with a couple of trucks... one dead, none seriously injured... dark teenage girl, apparently unhurt, speaking German with a strong English or American accent, broke away from the survivors in the Volkswagen and claimed she was being kidnapped."

"Kidnapped!" his wife echoed faintly. "Oh, Alec."

"Asked one of the truck drivers and two bystanders for protection," Federov continued, "but three German youths attacked...... beat them up and left them lying in the road... took the girl away before anyone else could intervene. Truck driver reported it to the police as soon as they arrived on the scene."

"But who on..?" Eileen demanded bewilderedly. "Who in God's name would want to kidnap Kara? And why?"

"I think I have an idea," the Colonel said grimly.

He scanned the Telex sheet again. "The dead man's name was given as Kurt Frodenberg... 22 years old... driver of the Volkswagen, and it seems there was a blonde girl with them of about the same age. That figures."

"I don't understand."

"Anarchists," Federov said briefly. "Do anything they can to discredit the Americans, the French, the British - even the goddamn Russkis! Frodenberg was known to have been mixed up with a group that's been active for some months now... here, in Hamburg, in Dusseldorf, in Munich. We think they were behind the murder of that policeman after the demonstration the other night, but we can't prove it." He paused and then added significantly: "A group led by a blonde girl of about 22."

"But what on earth would they want with our Susie?" Eileen asked. "I mean I don't see the point...if it was her... what good would it do them after all?"

Federov sighed. "That's just what I intend to find out," he said forcefully. "I'm leaving for Hamburg right away."

"But I don't understand," Kara Federov wailed. "Why do you hate the Americans so much? What harm did we ever do you?"

"You're the main pillars of a rotten society that's got to be destroyed," Lisa replied. "If it wasn't for your lousy money, this decadent German regime would have tottered long ago."

They were sitting under a naked electric bulb in a small shuttered room at the top of an old house in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Kara had no idea how she had got there; somebody had clapped a pad soaked with a sickly, sweet-smelling substance over her mouth and nose as soon as they had reached the far side of the waste ground beyond the autobahn - and the next thing she had known, she was in this bare, cell-like attic furnished only with a trundle bed and a rickety chair.

She had no idea what time it was, or whether it was day or night. The shutters were locked and no light of any kind penetrated the two small windows. She remembered sleeping, she remembered awakening and being given food and drink. She remembered although she preferred to forget - having submitted to her captors' vile and obscene sexual demands, both female and male, again and again in the intervening periods. But of how much time had elapsed, she had no idea. The nightmare journey from Siegsdorff seemed a hundred years ago. Now, wearing only a terrycloth robe they had given her, she lay on the bed talking to the German girl, trying to make some sense out of her abduction and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding it.

"Are you Communists, then?" she asked.

"Good God no!" Lisa said angrily. "Their society's as rotten as yours! The West is stifling through over-indulgence and corruption; the East is stifling through narrow-mindedness and bureaucracy. Both of them have got to go before there's any real freedom!"

"And you're helping them on their way?"

"The East will destroy itself ultimately," the blonde explained loftily. "Because of the money your country's pouring into Europe, the revolution will take longer here. People are too well-fed and too complacent to bother. So it's left to groups like ours to take the initiative."

"But what are you trying to do?" Kara asked bewilderedly.

"I told you. This society's too complex - and the capitalists have the reins too firmly in their hands - for it to be altered. It's got to be destroyed, totally destroyed, before anything worthwhile can be built."

"But supposing you did destroy it - what would you put in its place?"

"Others who come after us can decide that," Lisa said. "It's enough for us to hasten in whatever way we can its destruction. And one of the ways is to get you and people like you thrown out of Europe. If we can get the Americans discredited by showing them up for what they are, the disintegration will be that much quicker!"

"And you think it's right to kill people... to have innocent folks suffer... just because it suits your plans?"

"In all revolutionary movements the few have to suffer in the cause of the many," Lisa said virtuously.

The captive brunette sighed and shook her dark head.

"I still don't see what good it does you, having kidnapped me!"

"You're not supposed to see. But it will help certain plans we have."


"You ask too many questions. Take off that robe and lie down."

"Oh no!" Kara gasped. "Please... Not again!"

"Yes again," the German blonde girl said inexorably. "And again and again and again, just as often as we want."

Her red-nailed fingers dropped to the captive girl's exposed thigh and moved lasciviously towards the vee of dark, silky pubic hair showing between the open edges of the loose robe. The American girl was crying now.

"Please!" she sobbed, clamping her legs together and drawing the garment tighter around her. "Please..."

She didn't want to do this because, God help her, she was beginning to like it... beginning to like being Lisa's lover...... beginning to love being brought to orgasm by the gang males.

"No," Kara said in a sudden defiance, "I'm not going to... anymore!"

Lisa drew back her hand and slashed viciously across the face.

"Do what you're told you little bitch!" she snapped. "Take that off and lie on your back holding your cunt open, or I'll get Heinz in to beat you into obedience!"

As Kara cried out with pain and alarm, the urgent shrilling of a telephone sounded in an adjoining room. For an instant both girls, prisoner and the jailer, froze. They heard the scrape of a chair, a man's voice speaking, the sound of footsteps. The door opened and Heinz put his head into the room.

"That was Elsa," he said briefly. "In one hour's time."

A slow smile spread over Lisa's face.

"Saved by the bell," she said to Kara. "Quite literally! Well - you were asking how it helped us, having you here. Now you're going to find out!"

"W-w-w-what do you mean?" the frightened teenager quavered.

"Usually," the blonde explained, "when someone's kidnapped the ransom's paid by somebody else. Then, if they're lucky, they're set free."

"B-b-b-but you..... you said you weren't asking a ransom for m-m-m-me."

"We're not - in the usual sense. If you want to be set free, the price has to be paid by you yourself."

"I don't understand," Kara said tearfully. "I don't understand any of it."

"You don't have to. But if you ever want to get out of here alive," Lisa said with a harsh, menacing note in her voice, "you've got to do something for us... and you've got to do it exactly as you're told... or else! Now listen carefully while I tell you what you do..."

The St. Pauli district lies to the west of Hamburg, on the right bank of the river. The rich bankers and industrialists of the city, being driven home in their Mercedes and Opels to the shady mansions of the expensive suburb of Blankenese, switch on the interior lights of their limousines and bury their noses in their papers as they drive through. Respectable inhabitants of the center eye tourists and newcomers warily, fearful that they may ask the way the notorious Reeperbahn, that street of sin that bisects St. Pauli. Hamburg citizens, in fact, seem slightly ashamed of their entertainment area. But the Reeperbahn is no unsavoury back-street alley. To begin with it's almost two miles long and about as wide as the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Behind the jammed car parks and service roads bordering its curving, tree fringed length, glittering lines of theaters, cinemas, clubs and restaurants tempt the reveler with money to spend. For in St. Pauli entertainment is big business - and business is as usual twenty-four hours a day, with every conceivable taste catered for. At the far end of the avenue the more sinful establishments prosper. The cinemas are blue; the clubs offer entertainments more bizarre than beautiful; the whores choke the doorways. There's a cabaret where the floor-show presents naked women wrestling in liquid mud; another that challenges its clients to ride a donkey drunk on buckets of beer; a third specializing in transvestitism and flagellation.

They used to tell a story in Hamburg about a rich American visiting a St. Pauli club, empty except for a handsome dark girl sitting at the piano.

After waiting some minutes, the American asks: "Don't I get any service around here? Where's the waiter?"

"So sorry," the girl said. "The waiter's in love with the hat-check boy, and tonight's the hat-check boy's night off."

"Well, couldn't the chef come and take my order?"

"Alas," the girl sighs, "Tuesday is the night the chef is beaten by the doorman of the club across the street."

"Well, what about the doorman here?"

"His friend is a sailor - and he's on furlough right now."

"Hell," the American says disgustedly, "doesn't anyone around here like girls?"

The lady at the piano strikes a chord.

"What do you think I come here for?" she says.

There are two streets in the strip-club area called the Grosse Freiheit and the Kleine Freiheit - the Greater and the Lesser Freedom - where once the whores sat in shop windows waiting to be hired. But the shutters are permanently closed now and the bust-and-belly business has taken over. Instead, a block away, rises the multi-story steel and concrete Eros Center - the only apartment block in the world inhabited exclusively by prostitutes, who promenade in its central courtyard hoping to attract clients to their king-sized beds above. Beside the police station is the Zillertal - a huge, gaudy restaurant noisily featuring those three B's - beer, brass-bands and belching - that represent Bavaria's contribution to the humor of the world. And across the road from the Zillertal is the sole remaining example of the "little streets" of St. Pauli - the Herbertstrasse.

Barred off at each end with urinal-like steel partitions carrying huge warnings forbidding entry to minors, the Herbertstrasse is only just over a hundred yards long. The bulbs in the street lamps are pink. An old man plays a sentimental tune on an accordion in one corner. And along the broad cobbled precinct, in the shadows of the one cul-de-sac that leads off it, a constant flow of men - a surprising number with a wife or girl on one arm - promenade the thirty-odd brothels whose madams rent the three-story houses on the street. In the wide ground-floor picture-windows sit the girls... fat girls, thin girls, black girls, white girls, big-breasted jolly girls in décolleté nightgowns, severe girls in corsets with whips tucked into their boots, girls in leather, girls in rubber, girls in fishnet tights and girls in skin-hugging wool catsuits.

Whatever your fetish, whatever your fantasy, you have only to knock on the window and ask. The Herbertstrasse (theme tune: I Can Give You Anything But Love, Baby) can cope. And it was to the Herbertstrasse, two miles from the center with the precise verticals of its buildings bordering the lakeside lawns of the Alster, that Kara Federov was brought shortly after Lisa and her companions had received their telephone call from the mysterious Elsa.

Shivering with apprehension, her arms tightly held by Heinz and Klaus, the kidnapped girl followed the sadistic blonde along the rain-wet street and across the crowded, traffic-jammed width of the Reeperbahn. Because it was the season of Fasching, there was a special Bavarian night at the Zillertal and the sidewalks were reeling with drunken, perspiring southerners, red-faced and paunchy, some of them in costume and many wearing domino masks. Through this walpurgisnacht of shrill laughter, bawdy pleasantries and beery breath, the frightened teenager was hustled, past the barriers, past the men with calculating eyes, into the rose-red street - which tonight wore a festive, almost a family air of relaxation. They hurried to the door of one of the houses in the cul-de-sac. The picture windows were brightly lit but there were no girls sitting on display behind them. Lisa's knock was answered at once by a tall, big-breasted woman.

She nodded to the blonde German girl and said briefly: "Upstairs. Number six on the second floor."

"Thanks, Elsa," Lisa said.

Beckoning to her companions and their captive, she began to climb a narrow staircase at the back of the hallway.

"Isn't Stefan here?" Klaus asked as they mounted behind her.

Lisa shook her head. "He went to collect the green Volks. Heinrich brought it up from Siegsdorff today. We're going to meet at his studio later in Oldenburg. But Stefan should be here in a few minutes."

"I hope so," Heinz said. "Because we're going to need him for-"

"Don't worry," the blonde cut in. "It's all taken care of."

They led Kara into a small room stuffy with central heating. There was a low divan covered with black satin against one wall. Two chairs, an old-fashioned wardrobe, a washbasin and bidet behind a screen, and several large mirrors completed the furnishings. A table lamp with a red bulb was the only illumination. Lisa opened the wardrobe and took out a black leather corset with trailing laces, a pair of high-heeled knee boots, and a black papier-mâché face mask with elastic ear- pieces.

"Put these on," she ordered.

Kara's face was a study in bewilderment. "But I don't understand," she began tearfully.

"How many times do I have to tell you - you don't have to understand!" the blonde snapped. "Take off your clothes and put those on!"

Repressing a sob, the voluptuous young brunette reluctantly undressed and drew on the black boots. When they were tight enough for Lisa's satisfaction, she stood helplessly in the hot room, her softly curved body gleaming whitely in the seductive light, while they laced her into the form-fitting waist corsette. Finally, Lisa handed her the mask.

"Why do I have to?" Kara faltered.

"Will you do what you're told! All you have to do it follow our instructions. I've explained already: there's a certain client of this establishment we wish to compromise. All you need to know is that! You're dressed like this, and you're to wear that mask, because it's the season of Fasching... it's the custom to dress up in the south, and they follow it here during this week as a sop to their clients from that part of the country."

"But why me? Why must I?"

"Because the client likes a new girl each time he comes and you happen to be the type he likes. If you do what you're told, you can buy your way out of this - pay your ransom if you like - and we'll let you go. If not..."

The blonde nodded towards Heinz. The lean-faced youth had taken a wicked-looking, short-barreled revolver from his pocket. Kara gasped with fright as he broke the gun, spun the cylinder, and inserted six cartridges into the chambers.

"I'll be right here," he said menacingly, going to the wall and tapping a moulding above one of the mirrors.

They took the trembling girl into the adjoining room and showed her how there was a spy hole commanding the whole of the room they had just left.

"The gun'll be pointing through this gap," Heinz said bleakly, opening the shutter concealing the hole. "I'll be standing here the whole time, watching. And if you take one wrong step - if you breathe a word to the client - there's a slug for each of you! We won't hesitate to kill him too."

Lisa held up a hand for silence. Outside in the passageway, there was the sound of footsteps, a man's voice, a laugh from Elsa, the soft closing of a door.

"Right - you know what you have to do," the blonde whispered. "You go on in there and you do exactly what the man says. Exactly. If you do it right, we'll let you go. If not..."

She left the sentence unfinished and again jerked her head at Heinz, drawing a hand across her throat in a gruesome gesture. Heinz stuck an unlit cigarette between his lips and nodded towards the door.

"Away you go!" he said.

They took the bewildered teenager back into the corridor, opened the door of the room they had first been in, and pushed her inside. The door closed softly behind her. She stood shuddering with anticipation. There was a pile of clothes on one of the chairs now and a naked man bending over them. He was tall, lean and muscular, with a down of dark hairs tracing the course of his spine. Beyond the taut curve of his hip, she could see the rigid staff of his penis jutting from the vee of wiry pubic hair at his loins like a thick quivering arrow. The bulbous, purple head was already emerging from the foreskin. As he heard the girl enter he swung round to face her and Kara repressed a gasp of petrified amazement.

The man whose whims she was there to serve was her own father! She was aghast, stunned, speechless with horror. Behind the mask, which covered her face from brow to upper lip, she blanched. What in God's name was he doing here? Did they know? Had he recognized her? The last question was answered at once, for he moved towards her, his rigidly erect cock wagging from side to side above the sperm-bloated pouch of his testicles, with a lustful expression on his face that she had never seen before.

"Very nice!" he said caressingly, reaching out his hand to cup the full globe of one breast as it swelled seductively above the leather corset. "Elsa always did know just what I wanted!"

Kara recoiled away from his familiar touch with a shudder of disgust. This mustn't happen, she thought wildly. It mustn't! But how could she possibly stop it, knowing that Heinz and his gun were so near? Her heart thudding in her chest, she sat weakly on the divan. Feasting his eyes lustfully on the triangle of silky hair at her loins, Colonel Federov took his penis in one hand and began skimming the loose skin rapidly up and down the throbbing shaft.

"Come on then," he said hoarsely. "You know what to do. Let's get down to it, baby."

Behind her disguise, the girl stared at him piteously.

"G-g-g-get down to it?" she repeated in a quavering voice.

What on earth was she supposed to do? What sexual technique was she supposed to know?

"Get your legs up on the bed and roll over on your tits," Federov commanded harshly.

"W-w-what do you mean?"

Through the slitted eye-holes of the mask, his daughter stared up at him in blank incomprehension.

"Do as I say. Didn't Elsa tell you, for God's sakes? I like coming in the back way."

"The b-b-back way? Oh, no!" Kara whimpered as the full realization of the indecent ravishment he was proposing burst on her mind. "Not that, please! You... you can't do it to me there! You can't..."

Her father chuckled. "I knew Elsa wouldn't let me down!" he said. "I go for a bit of play-acting. It turns me on when you girls play the innocent like that!"

Bending down, he seized her legs and yanked them roughly up and over the bed, at the same time twisting her violently so that she was flung face downwards on the mattress. Then, as she sobbed helplessly into the pillow, he leaped and kneeled between her widespread naked thighs, forcing them ruthlessly apart with his knees.

The frightened teenager's mind was a chaos of conflicting emotions. She was sickened first of all by the thought of her own father visiting a whore-house; and the knowledge that he was an old client, coupled with the realization of the horrible, obscene and unnatural thing he wanted to do, upset her more than ever. Why, he was no better than her mother, amusing herself with the local Burgomaster when the Colonel was away! But worst of all, of course, was the fact that he was unsuspectingly about to sodomize his own daughter! How could she possibly allow him to do such a thing? It would bring him down to the level of Lisa and her vile gang of ravishers! It would destroy forever the whole secure domestic foundation on which her young life was based! Yet how could she possibly stop him? The only conceivable way would be to reveal her true identity... and the spine-chilling thought of the sadistic Heinz and his gun ruled that out from the start.

The fanatic German youth would not hesitate to shoot if he thought their plans - whatever they were - were in danger of being thwarted! And even were she not terrified for her own life, the thought that she would automatically sign her father's death-warrant as well was enough to scotch the idea. No, she would have to go through with it whatever the anguish it might bring! She would have to sacrifice herself for her father's sake! Her mind seething with doubts, she clenched her teeth and gripped the pillow until her slender knuckles showed white. Colonel Federov's muscular thighs were relentlessly spreading her legs, clad in the black boots which came just above her knees.

"Reach behind you, baby, and spread the cheeks of your ass," he rasped.

"I can't!" Kara squealed despite her resolutions. "You can't do this to me, please! Couldn't you do it some other way? Please, please-"

She broke off with a gasp of pain as he brought his open hand cracking down viciously across her naked buttocks, leaving the red weals of finger marks flaming on the trembling white flesh below the leather corset.

"Do what you're told, you little bitch," her unsuspecting father growled. "You're being paid, aren't you?"

Her chest racked with deep tearing sobs, the masked brunette moved her quivering hands over the rounded globes and reluctantly dragged them apart, exposing the tiny puckered hole of her anus nestling in its hairless furrow. She still couldn't believe that any man would do such a bestial thing to her! And as for suffering it at the hands of her own father - it was monstrous! It was the ultimate depth of degradation! It was really too much for her young mind to bear! Perhaps, she thought desperately, it was a whim of her father's. Perhaps he liked to make his women crawl and plead with him before he made love to them more normally. Surely it must be simply a ploy to intimidate her! It couldn't be true that he wanted to take her... to take anybody there! But her father's outstretched middle finger was poking at the wrinkled hole centered in her hot and sweating crevice. She jerked involuntarily at the sudden pain.

"Relax!" he hissed threateningly. "And keep those ass- cheeks spread!"

Kara felt the tip of his finger again at the entrance to her defenseless rectum, and she frantically clenched the tiny ring tight in an attempt to delay the brutal penetration she knew must be coming. Federov probed for a moment at the outer edges of the tiny elastic circle and then, with a grunt of satisfaction, he shoved his finger into the warm velvety passage. The disguised girl gasped aloud. Moans of protest forced their way through her clenched teeth as he drilled deeper and deeper, expanding the tightness of her rectum until she thought she must faint from the pain and shame of the cruel invasion.

He began to move the finger around in the clinging, rubbery opening, sawing it in and out to stretch the tiny anus in preparation for the greater entry to follow. A flicker of surprise, almost of pleasure, passed suddenly over his daughter's face. The pain was gradually fading and a sensation was taking its place that was very close to enjoyment! She couldn't believe that it could feel so good - but it did, sending wild thrills of perverse pleasure rocketing through her loins. Her mouth opened and she began to pant and mewl in perverse delight as the Colonel's finger worked around and around deep in her wide- stretched rectum!

Then abruptly she remembered who and what she was - she was actually taking pleasure from a sexual assault on her by her own unknowing father! How could she possibly justify such a debased and obscene emotion? A hot flush of shame washed over her and she bit her lips to stifle the groan of near-ecstasy that was trembling in her throat. As suddenly as he had forced the finger in, Colonel Federov dragged it out again... and the black corseted kneeling girl became aware with a shudder of humiliation that her inner thighs above her boots were wet from her pleasuring young cunt. Despite the anguished turmoil in her mind, her body was responding to his touch and moisture was already flooding the interfolded flesh at the entrance to her quivering cunt as her vaginal secretions flowed in excited readiness.

Thrusting his hand between his daughter's belly and the mattress, the Colonel stroked his fingers back along the moistly sliding length of her vaginal furrow and smeared the fluid up and around her plundered little anus to lubricate the opening. An instant later she felt, with a tremor of alarm, the hot rubbery tip of his throbbing penis pressing against her tightly puckered anal opening. Oh God, this was intolerable! Her own father!

Kara held her breath as she felt it begin to thrust. Oh God, it was huge! She would never be able to take it in her rectum without her belly being torn apart! The muscles on Colonel Federov's lean stomach stood out as he strained forward, and the anguished girl felt the soft probing between her buttocks grow into a hard, irresistible pressure against the tight elastic ring of her anus.

"Ooooooooooooooooh! God, no! Pleeeeeeeeease! Aaaaaa-aaaaaagh!" she screeched as the interfolded nether ring suddenly gave way and the bulbous head of her father's cock surged inside with a plunging rush.

A spasm of pain shot through her that was so unbearable she twisted and screamed again and again, trying with all her strength to evade the bestial impalement. Her buttocks writhed like trapped animals trying to escape, thrashing frenziedly to disengage themselves from the stone-hard penis cruelly penetrating her virginal anus. But her movements served only to wedge the thickly gleaming staff more securely in her tortured back passage.

Federov seized the edges of the pillow and pulled it forcibly up against her contorted face to muffle her cries. At the same time his pounding thighs forced his thick cock another inch... and then another... into her helpless young body. Kara could hardly think; the flickers of unwilling pleasure that had been coursing through her veins were driven out by the agony of this monstrous assault! Everything she did brought pain and still more pain! It was as though a relentless battering-ram was being pitilessly hammered into the distended opening of her virginal rectum.

Suddenly her father's loins smacked heavily into the softness of her spread buttocks. The punishing instrument was buried to the hilt in her almost-split anus. She was hopelessly skewered on the cruelly thick fleshiness of her own father's penis! Panting hoarsely behind her, Colonel Federov began to fuck rhythmically deep into the soft buttery depths of her back passage as she groaned in anguish and fought still with wild desperation against the horror and degradation of the depraved attack on her defensively puckered anus. Then, with a final moan of surrender, her strength failed and her ripe young body subsided limply on the bed, impaled on the plank-stiff cock like a pinned insect.

As soon as his daughter collapsed, the unsuspecting father seized her elbows and, still keeping his hotly pulsating penis buried deep in her rectum, rolled over on to his back, pulling the girl on top of him. She was now lying face upwards, her shoulders resting on his hairy chest, her black-booted legs splayed limply outside his own, while his cock continued to fuck up into her stretched little rectal opening from underneath. His hands snaked around to cup her budding teenaged breasts above him and his knees rose slightly between her legs to keep her trembling white thighs apart.

It was while they were lying obscenely coupled like this that Lisa silently opened the door and stole into the room. She was naked and her eyes were glistening with excitement. She had watched the entire scene of debauchery through the spy hole where Heinz was posted with the loaded gun. It was obvious that whatever nefarious plans were coming to fruition, the blonde German girl took a lewd and sadistic delight in the depraved exhibition she had engineered for its own obscene sake!

Ever since Colonel Federov had unknowingly appeared before his reluctantly performing daughter, Lisa's fingers had been rubbing frantically at the swollen clitoris throbbing up between her legs. Now, with nipples darkly erect in the center of her ripely swelling breasts, she was coming in for the kill! She gazed for an electrifying moment at the lustfully erotic tableau on the bed.

Kara's head had fallen backwards over her father's shoulder, her mouth opening and closing spasmodically as the mewling sounds of pleasure again began to force their way through her trembling lips. Her tautly swelling young breasts rose and fell rapidly under his imprisoning fingers. And between her splayed legs, and thickly gleaming stump of Federov's vast cock disappeared into her forever-stretched anus below the pinkly glistening slit of her no longer virginal little cunt. Lisa stared greedily at the defenselessly gaping pussy with its inviting hair-lined lips, at the rigidly pulsing shaft of the penis buried below it, and at the bloated pouch of Federov's balls resting on the covers between his thighs. Then, with a stifled cry of hunger, she threw herself down on the bed and lowered her face toward the pair of steaming loins widespread obscenely before her.

Taking the Colonel's sperm-laden testicles in her mouth, she rolled the sperm-swollen glands softly around her tongue and then licked slowly up the bulge of his throbbing shaft, on through the moistly folded pink flanges of Kara's cunt, and up to the inflamed and blood-gorged bud of the masked teenager's clitoris.

Seeing her come in, Federov had briefly raised his head to nod a greeting. He had been expecting a second girl. He had ordered one and here she was! It wasn't one of the whores he knew, but she looked seductive enough to please anyone! But the searing contact of Lisa's knowledgeable tongue was the first evidence Kara had that a third person had joined them. She jerked galvanically, her loins arching up with an unbearable tingle of unwanted excitement as the blonde girl's tongue slobbered erotically up and down the whole wet furrow of her genitals, on to the huge penis plowing into her anus, and then back up to her quivering clitoris again. At the same time her father began a slow and ruthless plunging into her cruelly stretched rectal passage, pulling tiny pink ridges of clasping flesh out with the base of his cock each time he withdrew for another vicious lunge inside. Between them, he and the sadistic German girl worked in slavish lustful rhythm over the whole sensitive area of Kara's obscenely exposed loins. Lisa sucked and licked and mewled and nibbled at the berserk teenager's hotly shuddering cunt.

Federov rammed his stone-hard penis deeper and deeper up into her bowels, the throbbing head feeling as though it was about to burst apart in the tight rubbery grip of the ravished brunette's vise-like rectal passage. Kara ground her buttocks savagely back against his pounding thrusts. There was no longer any pain - no shame, no humiliation; she had forgotten the horrifying fact that it was her own father whose long hard cock was spearing into her in unnatural and indecent ravishment. The only things she was aware of were the unbidden and obscenely delicious shafts of soul-destroying erotic passion that flamed through her quivering body begging for more and more and more and more. Lisa was wildly fingering her own cunt again as she lanced her tongue far up into the sweet heated depths of the wildly aroused teenager's vaginal passage. And suddenly, over the fierce grinding of the military man's loins, she felt the young brunette tense and quiver uncontrollably. Almost of their own volition, Kara's hands darted down to cradle the face of the German girl who sucked so furiously at her wildly convulsing pussy.

The kidnapped teenager's back arched up off her father's hips and she cried frenziedly: "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! I'm cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmrning! Eeee-eeeeeeeeuuuuugh!"

The older girl felt Kara's cunt opening around her slavering lips and warm gushes of hot sticky fluid flooded into her mouth and down over the pistoning cock below it. Simultaneously the Colonel uttered a hoarse cry, and his hands began clawing his daughter's nakedly jiggling breasts in wild abandon as his penis jerked powerfully and the first hot wave of his thick, scalding cum squirted far up into the velvet depths of her rectum. Hearing these twin groans of ecstasy above her and feeling the urgent shudders of the two sweating bodies as they lay spurting their loads of boiling liquid passion around her slobbering mouth, Lisa too began to quiver and thresh between their thighs, groaning out the spasms of her orgasm deep into the hot wetness of their jerking loins as her saliva streamed down Kara's cunt to mingle with the floods of cum around Federov's balls.

Forgetting everything but her own secret world of lust, Kara lifted her head and gave a long shuddering cry of fulfillment. She had never known that such a transport of passion and joy could exist! And at that moment, through more concealed spy holes beyond the foot of the bed, at one side of the room, and in the ceiling above the obscenely coupled threesome, bright lights flashed and the shutters of cameras held by Heinz and Klaus and Stefan clicked. Despite his temporary exhaustion, Alec Federov's years of combat training told. He was on his feet in a flash, his deflating penis pulling free of Kara's anus with a wet sucking sound as he hurled the girl to one side.

"What the hell's going on?" he roared angrily.

Quick as he was, Lisa - unencumbered with another body on top of her - was even quicker. She was out the room with the door slammed shut before he realized what was happening. The Colonel whirled on his daughter.

"What's going on, for God's sakes?" he shouted again, advancing on the cringing girl. "You better spill it fast, baby, or you're going to get the shit beaten out of you!"

The frightened teenager cowered against the bed.

"I d-d-don't know," she stuttered wildly. "I-I-I... please!"

"We'll have that mask off for a start," Federov said grimly, reaching for the black domino covering his daughter's face.

"Nooooooo!" Kara cried wildly. "They'll kill you! Please..."

But the enraged military man's fingers curled around the edge of the flimsy covering and yanked so savagely that the elastic straps ripped clean away from the mask and he found himself staring into the horrified eyes of his own daughter! For a timeless instant he gaped at her, thunderstruck with astonishment and total disbelief.

"Suzy!" he cried wildly. "But how?Why? What on earth?"

And then, dropping his face momentarily into his hands as he remembered: "Oh, my God!"

Kara flung herself weeping on his naked chest, her hands clasping and unclasping on his muscular shoulders.

"Oh, Daddy!" she sobbed helplessly. "Oh, Daddy!"

Gently but firmly, Federov disengaged himself.

"We'll see about this shit!" he said grimly, striding towards the door.

"Daddy, don't!" his daughter screamed. "They'll kill you! They have a gun!"

He shook his head. "Not now," he said. "I know the way these merchants work. They've already got what they wanted. They'll be out of here in a flash if I don't stop them."

He seized the door handle and tugged. The door was locked.

"Fuck!" Colonel Federov said feelingly.

He dashed across to the corner where his clothes were neatly folded over a chair and yanked his revolver holster from the pile of garments. The holster was empty. His gun was gone. Breathing heavily, he began frantically dressing himself.

"W-w-w-what are you going to do?" his daughter quavered.

"If I can't shoot out the lock, I'll kick the door in," Federov said, drawing on his boots.

"B-b-b-b-but suppose they're waiting outside and they-"

"I know what I'm doing," Federov cut in. "They won't!"

"Do you... do you mean I'm free then?" Kara faltered.

"Yes, darling, you're free. I'm the one that's trapped now!" her father said.

"But I don't understand..." the girl began in bewilderment.

"Later," the Colonel said curtly.

He picked up a black leather dress hanging from a hook behind the door and tossed it over.

"Put this on over those things. We haven't time to find your own stuff now."

As the voluptuous teenager eased the tightly shining garment over her ripely swelling breasts and smoothed the skirt down past the corset hugging her slender waist, he stepped back three paces and launched himself at the door, shooting out his foot at the last moment to crash against the woodwork just above the lock. The door shivered but held. Federov retired and hurled himself forward a second time. His heel thudded jarringly against the wood and the panel above the lock splintered. But still the door remained locked. Again the American slammed his heel against the woodwork with all his weight behind it. This time the whole panel split from top to bottom and the lock sagged drunkenly from the frame. Federov dragged the door open and charged out into the corridor.

The doors to the three rooms from which Heinz and the others had taken the photographs stood ajar. Each was lit with a low- power red bulb; each was furnished exactly like the one they had just left - a divan, a couple of chairs, large mirrors, a washbasin, an old-fashioned wardrobe. In one, huge photo blow- ups of naked fat women wrestling occupied a whole wall. In another, a rack supporting a collection of whips, canes, chains and strange appliances in leather and steel stood next to a bizarre trestle table equipped with wrist and ankle cuffs. The spy hole shutters in all three were open. But of Stefan, Lisa and the others there was no sign. Kara sniffed. There was a hint of tobacco in the air and layers of blue smoke wreathed above the crimson lamp.

"Now I know they've gone," she said. "Heinz always has an unlit cigarette in his mouth; he only lights it when the job is done!"

"We'll just make sure," the Colonel said grimly.

But the other rooms on the floor were empty and unlit. So were those on the floor below. On the ground floor, the door to the front room with the exhibition windows was open... but there was nobody there and the lights were out. The front door itself was barred and padlocked. They hurried through to a kitchen and liquor store at the back. There was a cool, moist draught blowing through an open window and the back door was not quite closed. Outside, they found themselves in a narrow unlit alley parallel with Herbertstrasse. There was nobody to be seen. Federov breathed heavily.

"Just as I thought," he said. "The birds have flown! They must have taken the place over for the evening and paid Elsa to preside just as though business was as usual! I'll see she never gets the chance to operate again, the bitch!"

Standing beside him on the greasy cobbles, the bright lights from the far end of the alley casting a halo around her dark hair, Kara looked the picture of puzzled bewilderment in the sophisticated knee boots and tight leather dress that served only to accentuate her youth and innocence.

"What are you going to do?" she queried nervously.

"Do my damnedest to get my hands on those pictures!" the Colonel said.

"But why? Couldn't we just... Why not go to the police? There's a precinct house just across the street. I saw it as we came in. It must be just beyond the end of this alley."

"This is not a matter for the police!" her father snapped. "Look - the place where they've been keeping you: is it far? Could you find it again?"

"I...I think so. It's not far. Just around the corner really. Across that big street with all the lights, and then about two blocks away on the left."

"Hmm... that must be off the Grosse Freiheit. The car's parked in front of the police station. You can show me the way. Let's go!" Federov said.

Seizing the girl's hand, he ran down the alleyway towards the lights. Dodging through the laughing, singing drunken crowds streaming from the Zillertal, they piled into the Colonel's BMW coupe, threaded their way across the traffic choking the Reeperbahn, and drove past the neon signs flashing their invitations to the strip-clubs lining the Grosse Freiheit.

"I think it's the next on the left," Kara said. "No - the second on the left... there!"

Passing the Kleine Freiheit, dark and deserted now that the brothels were closed, Federov turned the BMW into a narrow, twisting street. As their headlamp beams illuminated the shuttered facades, they saw a pale green Volkswagen without lights pull away from the curb at the far end of the thoroughfare and disappear around a corner in the direction of the Reeperbahn.

"There they are!" Kara shouted excitedly. "That's it...  that's the house! I recognize it! And that's the car they had down in Siegsdorff ... I heard them say some friend was bringing it back for them!"

"Right!" her father said. "They're getting out... with the stuff, no doubt. Well, we'll see about that!"

Treading heavily on the throttle pedal, he sent the BMW hurtling after the green car. They followed the Volkswagen back into the city along the glittering, curving length of the Reeperbahn, turned left to skirt the Rathaus and the long blank wall of the Planten und Blomen, almost caught up passing the bright display windows of the boutiques at each side of Colonnaden - and then sat fuming, waiting for a taxi to turn around ahead of them in front of the floodlit neo-classical entrance to the Fier Jahreszein hotel.

By the time Federov could squeeze the coupe past, the Volkswagen was half way across the bridge spanning the Aistere. Setting his teeth, the Colonel swerved outside a bus, jumped a set of lights changing to red, and roared in pursuit. Traffic on the bridge was heavy. In the dark, still water on either side of them, reflections from the lighted windows of buses mingled with the images of long strings of street lamps garlanding the lake. A crowded ferry ablaze with lights shivered the calm surface just off the pier.

They passed the Atlantic Hotel, circled the central station, and sped along the wide, undulating Heidenkampsweg towards the eastern outskirts of the city. But it was not until they were nearing the approach road to the autobahn that the traffic thinned enough to allow Federov to use the BMW's superior acceleration and close the gap between the two cars. Then, as they passed a modernistic office block gleaming with steel and black glass, an Opel Kapitan driven by an elderly man so short that he could scarcely see, over the rim of the steering wheel pulled out of a side street and blocked their way. A hundred yards ahead, traffic signals showed green. The Opel slowed... and as it drew abreast the lights changed to red.

"Get on with it, man!" Federov shouted. "You can make that, you old bastard!"

But the big car rocked to a halt half way across the intersection, forcing him to stamp on the brakes and bring the  BMW sliding to a stop just behind them. The twin tail-lights of the Volkswagen, which had been switched on as soon as they reached the city center, dwindled down the long perspective of street lamps and was finally lost to sight among the winking reds and greens of a signal light over a railway bridge spanning the road.

Kara settled herself in the front seat of the BMW as they drove on to the autobahn and her father sent the speedometer needle trembling towards the 180 kilometers-per-hour mark.

"Gee, that's over a hundred!" she cried admiringly. "But how do you know they'll have taken this road, Daddy?"

"I'm playing a hunch," Colonel Federov said, twitching the wheel to surge past a group of trucks in the slow and center lanes. "They must know I have connections with the police here. They'll want to get out of town as fast as they can, now that they have what they want."

"But why do they want... Oh, I don't know; it's all a complete mystery to me!" the girl complained.

Her father permitted himself a wintry smile. "Like all good mysteries, it ends with a car chase!" he said. "The whole thing was obviously a set-up from beginning to end."

"A set-up? You mean?"

"I mean that youth, that boy your mother and I disliked so much, was deliberately planted in Konigswinter with instructions to make you fall for him. So that when the opportunity came, he could trick you into going away with him and they could take you to Hamburg."

Kara had told him briefly everything that had happened while she was in the hands of Lisa and her gang. But she had said nothing of the reasons for her running away from home in the first place.

"They must have been watching me for months," Federov continued. "Whatever they told you, the reason behind the whole operation was simply to get me to Hamburg."

"But why Hamburg? I don't see..."

The Colonel cleared his throat. "They'd have noticed that whenever I went there, I - uh - visited a certain place," he said awkwardly.

"I can't expect you to understand...... but there it is. You were deliberately allowed to get away after the crash on the autobahn - just long enough to tell your story before they took you back. They knew I'd receive the police reports. They beat up the people you spoke to to make sure there were police reports. And they figured I'd rush up here as soon as I heard. They were right."

"Yes, Daddy, but-"

"Let me finish. They guessed, too, that even if I was looking for you, I'd still find time to see my - uh - friend in the Herbertstrasse. They must have bribed her to let them know when I arrived. All they had to do then was tell you some cock- and-bull story to make sure you'd play ball. It didn't matter too much if you revealed yourself to me or not. Once you were... once we..." The Colonel flushed and cleared his throat again. "Once their spies had taken their pictures, they were okay."

"But why did they want them?" the puzzled teenager asked. "Are they going to try and blackmail you?"

"Nothing so simple, I'm afraid," her father replied, shifting down to third to streak past a Mercedes roadster. "You know the aims these people profess?"

"They call themselves anarchists. Yes, they told me. They want to destroy-"

"They want to destroy everything. They're totally negative. And they'll do anything... anything... to discredit us the Americans. They pick fights with soldiers in bars. They provoke GI's to behave badly. They'll even commit murder so they can pin the deaths on us. There was a case in Bonn this week..."

"I know. I read about it in the paper. They were boasting about it."

"There you are, then. Now you know I have this new liaison job starting next month? Supposing they are able to print certain pictures in their goddamn underground newspapers... pictures proving that the man who's going to represent the United States in this new set-up not only visits... places like the one we just left... but that he... takes his pleasures with more than one lady." Federov was flushing awkwardly again, but he, continued valiantly: "Supposing also that those pictures show him having sexual relations with, uh, with his own daughter? Can you imagine the effect such a scandal would have on our image? On me? Can you imagine the headlines? Is this the kind of man we have to rely on for our good relations with the United States? Are these the kind of people we're supposed to trust? You can see why I've got to get those pictures back and destroy the negatives!"

Kara whistled. "My God!" she said feelingly.

Her father tutted irritably. "How many times do I have to tell you not to swear!" he said sharply.

They roared across the Elbe bridge. Soon afterwards a huge direction sign loomed up in the BMW's headlights: Bremen, Oldenburg - 1000m.

"The turnpike splits here," Colonel Federov said. "Have they headed back south - or will they decide it's better to lie low in another direction until they can use their lousy photos? We have a fifty-fifty chance of guessing right."

"Oldenburg!" Kara exclaimed suddenly. "I think...I heard something, but I wasn't really listening... but I think one of them said something about meeting a friend who had studio, I think it was in Oldenburg."

"We'll take a chance!" Federov said crisply.

He swung the wheel over to the right and sent the BMW skimming towards the west. They caught up with the pale green Volkswagen on a deserted stretch of road only ten miles short of Bremen. The Westphalian countryside lay dark and featureless on either side of the autobahn. Beneath the low clouds blotting out the stars there wasn't a single light to be seen.

"Be careful!" Kara warned as the livid beetle shape of their quarry gradually increased in size at the far end of the tunnel carved from the flight by the coupe's headlights. "They had one gun already. Now they'll have yours, too!"

The needle on the speedometer dial was quivering on the 190 mark. Federov reached across and flipped open the glove box.

"I wasn't Small Arms Champion of the Pacific Theater for nothing!" he said grimly, taking out a small but beautifully finished target pistol. "She's only a .22 bore, but she shoots straight, and she shoots good!"

The firing didn't start until they had almost overtaken the Volkswagen. The gang must either have been keeping watch out the rear window or have spotted that they were being followed back in Hamburg. The sounds of the shots were lost in the howl of the BMW's motor, but orange flashes blossomed almost simultaneously from the side windows of the speeding beetle. With a crack like a giant whiplash, the windshield of the coupe went suddenly opaque as wind screamed through a small hole drilled beside the driving mirror.

Cursing, Federov stood on the brakes as he wrestled with the wheel. The BMW shuddered, lurched sideways with locked wheels, straightened up as he released the pressure on the pedal, ran on to the hard shoulder, bumped across a stretch of rough grass and then shot back on to the greasy tarmac with tires shrieking. Blinded by the opacity of the screen, the Colonel hammered his fist violently at the toughened glass and punched a hole through it at the height of his eyes.

As the icy wind whistled through the jagged aperture, he saw the steel fencing on the central reservation whipping past sideways in the swinging beams of his lights. The coupe, still traveling at over 100 kilometers per hour, was spinning around in the center of the wet road! Shifting down to third, and then to second, he sawed desperately at the wheel as the protesting motor drove the needle on the revolution counter far up into the red quadrant on the dial. The car straightened momentarily, was over-corrected, began to slide the other way... and then slammed its tail jarring against the metal barrier with a shock that rattled Kara's teeth in her head. She cried aloud with fright - but the impact knocked the BMW back onto the carriageway pointing in the right direction, and her father immediately put his foot down again and resumed the chase. The twin tail lights of the VW, tiny crimson specks in the distance, were just disappearing over the brow of a hill far down the darkened autobahn.

"Climb over into the back and drop down behind my seat," Federov ordered as the speedometer needle quivered around the dial once more and the noise of the wind blasting in through the holed screen rose to a scream.

"Daddy, please..." Kara began. "There are four of them and-"

"Get back there!" her father shouted. "And keep your head down!"

Meekly, Kara complied. When she was crouching in the narrow well behind him, he called over his shoulder, "Did you see their gun? Was it like mine, with a revolving chamber? Or was it an automatic with a magazine in the butt?"

"I don't know...I...I think it was like yours. Yes, it was."

He nodded and stamped the pedal flat to the floor. The needle mounted inexorably towards the 200 mark as the motor bellowed its challenge into the night. Lights flashed past them on the eastbound carriageway. They howled towards the dark bulk of a truck festooned with red position lights, roared past it, and caught the distant Volkswagen in the beams of their headlamps.

When they were a hundred yards behind the pale green car, Federov throttled back the BMW and stayed in position, swinging the coupe from side to side of the roadway as the dazzling high beams of his lamps raked the fugitive. The Volkswagen was swaying on the wet road surface, rising and falling on its swing axle suspension as the driver coaxed the last ounce of power from the robustly willing motor.

"What are you doing?" Kara called from her unsighted position on the floor.

"Trying to draw their fire," her father replied. "Too dangerous to come alongside while they have two loaded guns in there! But there are only six shots in mine - and if theirs is a revolver too, there can't be more than eight at the most in that. They already used two!"

He swerved violently out towards the center of the road as orange flame stabbed the dark again from each side of the VW. A second time-arid a third - the unseen marksmen fired. Fragments of glass erupted inwards from the BMW's shattered screen. Somewhere in front, metal spanged loudly beneath the hood. Federov set his teeth and swung the car again.

A road sign swam up from the dark, flashed past, and was lost in the night. Delmenhorsi, Bremen - 5000 m. They were cutting it fine! After the sixth fusillade spat fire towards them, the Colonel accelerated brusquely, sending the BMW  careering forward to surge alongside the slower car. There were no more shots from the near side, but a seventh blazed towards them from the lowered rear on the off side. This time, the report was clearly audible and it was instantly drowned in a louder, sharper detonation as the coupe's right tire exploded and wrenched the steering wheel from Federov's hands. The coupe swooped out of control to the right and its fender slammed with shattering force into the side of the Volkswagen just behind the door.

With a shriek of tortured metal the two cars, locked together, slewed across the hard shoulder, spun crazily onto the grass, and came to rest halfway up an earth bank with a clang of twisted steel and the splintering of glass. Breathless with the impact which had jammed the wheel against his chest, Federov thrust open the wide door and allowed himself to fall out on to the wet ground. His gun was already in his hand.

"Keep down!" he yelled to Kara as he crawled towards the crumpled front of his car.

"Daddy!" the terrified girl screamed suddenly from behind him. "Look out! Behind you!"

The army man flung himself around into a sitting position. The lights of the wrecked BMW had been extinguished in the collision but the Volkswagen's still canted uselessly up into the sky. In the dim back reflection from the beams, he saw the sinister figure of Heinz clambering onto the curved roof of the vehicle. The light glistened dully on the barrel of the revolver pointing straight at him over the hood of his own car. Federov's right hand flashed up gripping the tiny target pistol. Fully extending his arm, he pressed the trigger.

There was a stab of orange-blue flame, a sharp coughing explosion, and the German youth staggered back clutching his arm and fell to the ground as the heavy revolver spun away into the dark. The steel jacketed slug had caught the cylinder of the gun and torn it from his numbed hand!

The Colonel scrambled to his feet. Klaus and Stefan were advancing menacingly towards him around the battered front of the coupe. Each of them held a squat, leather-covered blackjack in his upraised hand. Okay, Federov thought grimly, pocketing his gun and preparing for the next attack. When outnumbered in a rough-house, go back to first principles. Dispose of at least one adversary before the fight has really started. It gives the opposition a false sense of your strength and at the same time reduces the odds!

As the thought formed in his mind, his trained eyes spotted an opportunity. Stefan had approached a shade too close to him... Quick as an adder's tongue, his left foot snaked out to connect with the boy's kneecap, Stefan howled with pain and jack- knifed nearer as his body involuntarily doubled up. Federov elbowed the youth's jaw, judo fashion, and whirled to meet Klaus, dodging to one side as the wicked blackjack thudded agonizingly into the muscle of his shoulder. As Stefan slumped to the ground, the American's fist thudded to the bulky youth's jaw but Klaus simply shook himself and the hand holding the blackjack again.

Heinz had now reappeared with a length of bicycle chain dangling from his good hand. Federov had just time to dance out and lance three lefts to Klaus's body before the chain flailed out at him like an iron whip. Instinctively, he threw up a protective arm, which kept the murderous weapon from connecting with his head, but even so it seared across his bicep, the pain robbing him of breath and numbing the arm from shoulder to wrist. Agony flamed behind his eyes as the blackjack slammed into his neck. And then Stefan was in the fight again, hanging on to his undamaged arm, pummeling and striking against his inner thigh. As he managed with a supreme effort to wrest his arm free and jolt the elbow back against solid flesh, he saw from the corner of his eye a faint gleam of light reflected on the chain as it was flourished again.

There was another flare of pain as the blackjack struck his head - and then he gave a great upwards heave... to go abruptly limp at its zenith and plummet to the wet earth. He heard an anguished yelp as the chain found an unintended victim, and then he was hurling himself sideways against Heinz's legs, grasping them above the knees as he went. For a moment the German teetered upright, and then he came down on Federov.

When her father was hurled across the hood of the car, Kara started up, her hand flying to her mouth and it was then she saw the shadowy figure scrambling hastily up the bank with three heavy camera cases slung over its shoulder on straps. Lisa was getting away with the incriminating films!

Without another thought, the teenager shouldered open the door and dashed after her. There was a ploughed field at the top of the bank and the fleeing blonde was already some way ahead, her slender body a blur against the night. The ground was soft and full of clay, drenched by the rains of the past few days, and the sticky clods adhering to the high heels of her boots, allied to the hampering effect of the tight leather skirt, impeded Kara's progress as she squelched frenziedly in pursuit. Finally, however, her lungs bursting, the young American overtook the escaping girl and flung herself in a football tackle at her pounding legs. Lisa crashed to the wet earth with all the breath knocked from her body. Dragging herself to her hands and knees, covered with mud, Kara grappled with her but she was unprepared for the fury of the German girl's assault. Nails raked viciously across Kara's cheek. A bony knee slammed savagely into her belly.

Her head was twisted agonizingly back as fingers tangled brutally in her dark hair. The next moment she had been flung on to her face and Lisa was sitting triumphantly astride her shoulders, forcing her mouth and nose mercilessly down into the waterlogged soil. Kara squirmed and writhed desperately, bucking her body frantically in a vain attempt to shake free of the cruel hands at the nape of her neck. Her mouth and nose were clogged with the sticky mud. She was unable to breathe. But still the relentless pressure forced her face farther and farther into the suffocating wet soil. She could hear her heart hammering furiously in her chest. There was a terrible pain in her head and a roaring in her ears that threatened to engulf her... and then suddenly there was a sharp smack of flesh against bone, a choked cry from behind her, and the pressure was miraculously released!

Shaking, she levered herself painfully upright. Her father was standing above her, supporting the sagging, unconscious figure of Lisa by the collar of her jacket.

"I keep telling you you should take lessons in judo!" he said mildly.

Flinging the body of the inert blonde across his shoulder, he led the way back to the wrecked car. They were a sorry sight, the two of them. Kara was covered in mud from head to foot, her face bleeding and scratched, the leather dress split across the shoulders. There was an elongated swelling caked with dried blood above Federov's right ear. The great welt from the bicycle chain that had almost paralyzed his arm showed black and blue through his torn sleeve. The skin above one cheekbone was split and blood had coursed down his jaw to stain his shirt. The whole surface of his body was ravaged with cuts and abrasions. But the expression on each of their faces was triumphant. In the light from the Volkswagen's canted headlamps, they saw Stefan groaning feebly on the ground. Heinz and Klaus were still out for the count.

"We'll tie up these gentry and go for the police in a minute," Federov said through swollen lips. "But first there's a little matter to attend to."

Dumping the unconscious Lisa unceremoniously on the ground, he opened the backs of the cameras one by one and ripped out the exposed film, holding it up in the blinding beams of the VW's headlamps to destroy the offending images enshrined in the emulsion.

"There's only one thing I don't get," Kara said shakily. "Why didn't you use the gun again after, that first shot?"

Federov plucked a crumpled unlit cigarette from Heinz's unconscious lips, put it between his own, and lit it. His battered face cracked open into a smile.

"It would have been a little difficult," he said, blowing out a grateful cloud of smoke. "There was only that one bullet!"

The End
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