Cheating Raped Wife
(M+/Fff, nc, size, cheat, anal)

by Kysa Braswell

Lisa Roberts had hoped to book a flight on an Airbus, but had decided not to wait until the following day just to satisfy a whim. The 727 was quite adequate in luxury and she certainly hadn't counted on getting an entire row of empty seats all to herself. Anyway, the whole thing was that she get to her darling, her handsome, sorely missed husband as soon as possible, and flight 641 to Los Angeles International Airport has provided that six hour transition from Bratham, Massachusetts.

She recalled that she'd smiled to herself as she gazed out the window at nothing but blue atmosphere and fluffy white clouds, smiled at the time-passing thought of what the two GIs were probably thinking just behind her. The empty seat to her right was going to make for some amusing and pleasant situations she'd decided, and it had. After all, she'd hardly resembled a wife of four years with her long blond hair and the way she was dressed, fashionable from the short-skirted business suit standpoint and the fact that she was traveling solo. Who would ever guess that she was carrying six packets of ten one-thousand dollar bills in her purse, not a bulky arrangement, and snugly squeezed between herself and the inside arm of her seat? Sixty thousand dollars, the final settlement once the insurance company had decided that Dabney Roberts had truly and accidentally drowned at sea while on a fishing holiday. Of course, his body had never been found, how could it have been, when he was waiting for her right at that moment in California?

Two years, two long, lonesome and empty years, well, at least nearly that long before the insurance company had settled. Naturally, she'd had to have some innocent diversion; she was, after all, only twenty years old, and not the slightest bit in the dark regarding her physical attraction. Even so, she'd been extremely careful, never going anywhere without Nick, her half- brother, whom Dabney had yet to meet, and the only living relative she had in the world. Truly, Nick had been super to her, but a straight girl hardly found much enjoyment in the places a gay escort preferred to take her, which had been, perhaps, just as well. The brother-sister thing had helped to allay any suspicions during the long insurance investigation.

Both her waking and dreaming hours had been constantly occupied with Dabney anyway, her lover-husband who had finally made her see that it was the only way they could ever get a start; but for months she had fought him over the wicked idea, until he had eventually made her realize that accountants were to be had at ten cents the gross, and she remembered how he had influenced her with his warm kisses and passionate lovemaking each night, remembered as the young GI sat down in the empty seat beside her smiling openly and explaining how he was just back from twenty-eight months in Germany and was going home to Los Angeles. Later, the other, his buddy, had been a bit more aggressive, but it'd been the salesman from Newark who had the line, Lisa recalled.

He'd been a smooth one all right, and she had drunk two cocktails while listening to his plight concerning his frigid wife. She had even enjoyed dinner and a game of Rummy with him, but had merely laughed off his invitation to see LA. She remembered that his handsome teeth hadn't been as white nor as even as Dabney's, and now, lying there beside her darling husband at last, she realized how much she really loved this man who had persuaded her into helping him commit a sizable swindle. She wasn't sorry, they were going to be so happy.

"A penny for your thoughts, Baby," Dabney whispered hotly into her face. "You were some where way off there for a moment."

"I was dreaming, I just can't believe we're together again, at last," she breathed lovingly, feeling him draw her naked body tighter to his own lean, strong one; yet, at the same time, she couldn't help the little unpleasant feeling that had been with her ever since he'd picked her up at the airport and brought her there. He had changed, but in ways she was yet unable to pinpoint; he seemed harder, more calloused perhaps, and the jargon he used, obviously the influence of these people he associated with .. but physically, yes, yes, he was the same physically! She could feel his rigid penis pressed against her hot thigh, and she tried to remember the length and thickness of it, the way it looked standing out from his strong, hairy loins, so stiff and proud with its cape of thick skin, the exciting, moist eye staring at her lasciviously from the tip of its purplish, massive head, and the masculine spectacle of his full, potent balls hanging fulfillingly between his powerful thighs. Tremors of sensual delight rippled through her as she realized how badly she wanted him, needed him!

"I told you, Lisa baby! Didn't I? I told you it'd all come off if we played it cool, and you did! You sure did, Rabbit! Damn, what a doll you are!"

He lay beside her, drawing her possessively inside his arms, crushing her huge, milky E-cup breasts against his hairy chest, while simultaneously, he shifted his hips to pressure his swollen hardness into the softness of her white belly. He kissed her, searching her receptive mouth with his hot tongue, then withdrew it. "I knew it'd work," he said. "I knew it! Did you ever doubt it?"

"S-Sometimes, sometimes, when the days dragged by back there, and there was snow, snow, snow, it was so cold, so goddamned bleak!"

"You were a trooper, Baby!"

"I used to cry a lot, it seemed almost as if you really were dead, and I would cry, Sometimes, it helped."

"You should've gone out, had yourself a ball."

"I couldn't very well, not then. They were always watching me, at least, I felt that they were, Later, I went out some, but always with Nick along.

"Nick? Who the hell? Oh, you mean that goddamned creep half-brother of yours. When did he get back?"

"He was discharged just after you, you disappeared. You'd like him, Darling."

"Hmmm, maybe, but it's no wonder you're like a coiled spring, depending on a queer half-brother to jockey you around."

"I had to be careful, you know," Lisa reminded him.

He grinned. "And you were, Slick, sixty-grand worth!" He clutched at her breast, caressing and stroking it, tweaking the sensitive, distended nipple until she thought she'd cry out with the joy of it. He kissed her, sinking his hot, moist tongue into her mouth and she teased and loved it with her own. Finally, he said: "You're glad to see me aren't you, Baby?"

"What do you think?"

"Yeah, yeah," he sighed and chuckled warmly, stroking her back and slender waist, then the smooth globes of her silken- skinned asscheeks. "Listen, I missed you, too! You better know that Christ, there were times when I damned near flipped and wanted to call you, but I knew I couldn't. After I sent the card telling you where I was, I knew I had to wait."

"And that was over a year ago," she whispered.

"I know, I know. But I kept telling myself that it was worth it, and it was, wasn't it? Wasn't it?"

She drew her arm from around his shoulder and leaned back to better see his face in the meager light the tiny dresser lamp shown. "Who, who are they, all these people, Dabney? How did you meet them? What're you doing here?"

He looked at her for a moment, then first expressed himself with a warm, reassuring smile. "Honey, I don't know what I'd have done without these people, Oh, not all of them, of course, but Shug, John and April, Shug, the poor dumb ox, he's been with me since I first hit this state. He's like a devoted moose - nothing upstairs, but a guy never had a better bodyguard. And John and April, they were friends right from the beginning. We, Shug and I that is, met them one night on the strip. Jesus, I couldn't find a job, I was right next to pan handling, when they latched onto us. They said they owned this place some fifty-miles up the beach, an old resort hotel his father left him.

"Is that what this place is?"

"Sure enough is, Baby. Once, back in the late twenties, it was a popular spot for silent screen stars, weekend shack-up trysts and the like. John says when he was a kid there was some other activity nearby, a dance pavilion and another hotel, but they burned down and now there's nothing but peace and quiet. Listen, You ever heard anything prettier sounding than that surf pounding out there, Baby?"

Lisa lay quietly, listening. She heard the wash, the rising crescendo, then, the back tide. It was, it was beautiful! Only once on Cape Cod as a little girl had she ever heard its equal.

"Crazy, eh?"

"Yes, yes, Darling," she whispered. "It is a beautiful sound."

"And that's why I'm here, Rabbit, because it's beautiful, and so are they, April and John. Christ, the world ought to have more people like."

"Are they married?"

"Hell yes, seven or eight years,and they know how to live, doll, as you'll see."

"What about the others, Dabney?" she interrupted. "There must be twenty or so, fellows and girls, most of them just kids. Do they live here, too?"

"They come and go, Baby. They've got no place so John gives them one, a place to sleep, food to eat, and they can stay as long as they like.

"But how can he afford to feed them all?"

"John's got a small income from his father's estate; then, those who do have jobs or whatever, dump their money into the pot to take care of the other less fortunates."

"Dabney, most of them, they looked as if they were on stuff, They were, weren't they? Most of them, I mean, even the two homosexuals, they were high."

Dabney laughed. "Oh, Baby, Baby! You've got a lot to learn! Wow! I hope you don't have hangups on dope, I mean, this country rocks with it, lover."

"I don't have any hangups, and I know all about dope, but to find you living here, Darling."

"Hey, look, Baby, this is it, where it's at, eh! Listen, these kids might well be you and me except for a few years! I mean, they're with it, happy, doing their own thing! Christ, Slick, don't put 'em down, not even the fags, And incidentally, how come you spotted them? Charlie and Ted are cool cats, not readily tagged as gay boys."

"Remember me, husband, the half-sister of Nickie.

"Oh, shit, I forgot, Yeah, you got an eye for those dollies haven't you?"

"He was good to me, Darling, in my hour of need, so as to speak," Lisa said, smiling.

Dabney stared into her green eyes lustfully; he had to see her long pent-up desire there, she knew, and all else began to fade from her mind. He ran his hand through her long flaxen hair and down to her breast, cupping its velvety fullness hungrily, then, smothering it with his face, his lips encompassing its pink, vibrant nipple, his tongue teasing and loving it.

Lisa felt the pent-up sensations of deprived months and months racing through her belly and loins. She kissed his temple, his cheek, his ear, teasing her tiny tongue into it; then she felt his hand moving down her waist and hips, across her abdomen toward the gilded, long mound between her legs, and at last, the soft, gently throbbing lips of her cunt, felt the sharpness of his fingernail tracing the thin pink line of her adjoined pussy- lips down toward the soft orbs of her asscheeks, the smooth furrow separating them, the tiny, raised, hairless opening of her ass.

God! Oh, how she wanted him!

"I'm going to fuck you now, Rabbit!" he hissed hotly. "I'm going to make up for two years in two hours! I'm going to bury my cock in you and blow my balls right inside your soft little belly."

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, Darling, yesssss!" Lisa whimpered, his beautiful and lewd love words setting her brain aflame with passion. "Oh, Lord, do it. Baby! Please fuck me good and empty your love juice into me! I need it so badly!"

She couldn't restrain from squirming onto her back and forcefully drawing him between her widespread thighs, opening and lifting her legs further as she reached down between them to find his prick, her eyes closed, her mouth opened and breathing heavily as she heard him grunt when her fingers encircled its hot hardness. OOhhh Goddd!" she moaned, manipulating his turgid cock-head upward from her asscheeks between the moist lips of her wanting cunt, spreading them and the entwining golden pubic hair apart, finally placing it at the mouth of her quivering little pussy. She felt his warm, strong hands clutching at her breasts and the ecstasy of his weight cradled between her thighs, heavy upon her pelvis and stomach. "Oh, Baby, Darling, fuck me now, oh, please, my sweet! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Two years was a damned long time, Dabney Roberts had been thinking ever since Lisa had made contact and let him know she was arriving, and with the loot! Jesus Christ, he'd pulled it off, they had pulled it off! He couldn't have done it without her, the luscious doll. Christ, all he had to do was think of that voluptuous body of hers and his prick jumped and throbbed as if it'd been hot-wired. Damn, what a merry ass-romping he was going to give her as quickly as he could get her to a sack. He couldn't help but wonder what two years had done to her sexually. She'd always been a fair lay, and what she lacked in know-how she fucking well made up in physical attributes. Shit, he could almost cum just picturing her lying there naked and waiting before him.

He sat at a bar in International Airport drinking top-grade whiskey, a forgotten luxury, wearing his only goddamned suit and bluffing his way along. The bluffing, of course, was only for the red-vested barkeep and the mouthy, bragging bastard next to him. But the fact of the matter, the fucking truth of the whole picture was, that the doll was coming in with ninety Gs, sixty thousand bananas for him, after two fucking years of beach combing and playing dead! Jesus Christ! He could hardly comprehend it! He scooped up his glass, drained it and ordered another. He still had three bucks in his pocket.

"That's VO, boy!" he reminded the barman.

"Yes, sir."

"I can't stand cheap booze," Dabney said, dragging cigarettes from a side pocket.

Know what you mean, man," the bald-headed ass beside him bit. "This one's on me, what'd you say your name was?"

"I didn't. But it's Weldon, Diamonds, Copenhagen."

"Yeah, well. Murray, farm machinery, Des Moines. Ah, give me a Cutty-soda, Jack. Tell me, Weldon, what could you pick up a nice mounted stone for, I mean we got this little girl in Pittsburgh, see."

Hell, he'd laid it on that bullshitter all right! Even given him one of his old cards that he'd found in the suit, one of those special jobs he'd had printed when he was occasionally Lawrence Weldon from Copenhagen representing the International Rare Gems Associates, shit! If he hadn't had to lay low these past twenty-four months he could've made himself a small fortune, but he would have been a fool to blow sixty grand clean, and now it was coming in, with the doll carrying it. man! He was going to fuck her silly this night!

Sixty grand and a delicious fuck! That didn't sound too much like a dumdum's agenda. And that sixty, with John's thirty, and what they'd made on the girls, was going to do it! One hundred Gs! Enough to do business with Lopez, all those beautiful rifles, handguns, tommy, what have you. Christ! Two hundred Gs once the cache was delivered into that Black man's hands! So, the Blackman intended to stir up a little rebellion with 'em, so piss on that, too! If he didn't get 'em from John and himself, he'd get them somewhere else, but he'd get 'em!

Wow, man, wow!

"So I said to this chippy," his bald-headed drinking companion was saying, "I said, listen you cunt! You've eaten more cock than you have pork chops! You either get your lips on the red end of this prick or I call the pit boss! Now, in Vegas, Weldon, a bitch doesn't want to call down the wrath of a pit boss on her hustling ass, see... so...."

Dabney was looking at him, pretending at listening, but not hearing a word he'd said, when Lisa's flight arrival rang in his ears. He'd gulped his drink, mumbled something, and was on his way toward the door when he heard:

"man, we get those drink-hustlers in here all the time! I thought you were with it, Mr. Murray."

Lisa had cried, kissed him and cried, her arms around his neck tightly, those delicious solid tits of hers digging into his chest while she choked and hissed words into his mouth. It occurred to him then that they might have a tag on her! Fuck, what a rotten foul-up that would be!

"Look, Baby, don't be too conspicuous," he'd managed, clutching her to him lustfully. "Wait'll we get out of here.

And then, they were on the freeway with her still wrapped around him in that little Volkswagen, but it wasn't until they were heading north on the Golden State that he'd asked to see the money.

She'd laughed, opened her purse and piled it onto his lap. "There you are, my handsome deceased husband, sixty thousand dollars in cash! Now, where are we going?"

He'd looked at it, fondled it, even smelled of it. "Oh, Baby, we're going all right, straight to the goddamned moon, but right now, I've got a place with friends."


"Over a year now. You'll love them, Doll. They're rare, this set of wheels belongs to them in fact." He laughed. "Not only that, but you're going to love the way we make this bread into a hundred thou, like magic, Baby, magic!"

"W-What? A hundred, what do you mean, Dabney?"

"A deal," he'd answered, grinning over at her. "Big things are in the making, complicated things, but we'll talk about that later, eh?" He'd let his eyes race quickly over her. Christ, she was even more desirable than he'd remembered, those fucking legs and hips, those tits and that ass, Jesus, he had a hard on that wouldn't quit? "Goddamn, you look terrific!" he had said, licking at his lips.

"T-Thanks, Darling, But, but I don't understand what you mean, about a deal, what deal, Dabney?"

"Hey now, come on! After two years, you're not going to start picking at me, are you, Baby? Look, leave the finances to Daddy, eh Sweetheart? I engineered this didn't I? Trust me, Rabbit, Now, come over here closer and tell me how much you've missed your daddy. She had, but he'd hardly listened. It'd always amazed him how he could carry on two trains of thought at the same time and never miss a word. Rachel had been in his mind for hours, maybe longer, but he'd held her just a hit off, until he could give himself to thoughts of her fully. He loved her, and it wasn't right to devote a half of mind to the girl you loved? He'd even been thinking of the kid they'd had a lot lately, Dabney, she'd named him, shit, his very own kid! He'd marry her, not that she'd push it, but he would. She was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him, even her old man had wanted to take him into his business, investments, stocks, What the hell did he know about that jazz? Be sides, he wanted to go back to her like the hero who went off to make his fortune, like the books he had read when he was a kid, And she was waiting for him now, almost eleven months, but it was damn near over! In two days, he would call her, tell her he was on his way. Someplace like Majorca, that's where he'd take her and set them up! He wasn't sure yet, but somewhere like that,

"Who are these people, Dabney?" Lisa had whispered into his ear when he'd escorted her into the hotel.

The expression of awe that had suddenly blanked her pretty face had damned near caused him to laugh right out, and if it hadn't been for his aching rod and eagerness to hustle her into the sack he would've enjoyed taunting her a bit. She'd always carried that certain holier-than thou attitude that irked the hell out of him, and as she looked around absorbing the scene, he'd read it in her eyes and the shocked aspect of her gaping mouth. As usual, the cats and girls were sprawled all over the place, most of them stoned and as many playing love games, but nothing rash yet; it was still early. Anyway, he hadn't had to answer her question, because April and John had come out of their first-floor quarters, beautiful, sensuous April with her long, coal black hair, and fully dressed in a shapeless, ankle-length shift for a change, throwing her lovely, receptive arms around Lisa's shoulders and bidding her welcome, while John's lusty eye had raked over her approvingly. Even big, stupid Shug had lumbered up to grin at her, giving Dabney a second kick as he watched her seemingly cringe before the ugly simpleton's drooling grin and lurid little eyes. But he hadn't let it drag on; he'd been too damned anxious to get between those long, lithe legs of hers and both John and April had nodded knowingly; April remarking that they could get acquainted later, once the nuptial vows were re-consummated.

Dabney eased himself up slightly for leverage, positioning his throbbing cock perfectly for the re-fulfillment, while his brain raced licentiously and he stared down at her enticing nakedness in the half-light beneath him. Her luscious tits were rising and falling as they spilled over toward the bed in their heavy fullness on either side of her chest, Christ, she was like something out of a vision! She was a voluptuous figment of the imagination Jesus, what a body! And he was about to fuck her! She, herself, had placed his cockhead at the moist, quivering mouth of her cunt and her soft, hot thighs were trembling as she pressured them against his hips, waiting for him to plunge the length of his cock into her! Her eyes were closed and her small, even white teeth were sunk tightly into the pouting ripe flesh of her lower lip, her honey-colored, long hair fanned out over the pillow like a halo surrounding her beautiful head.

Jesus Christ!

He sensed her small hands with their long nails at his shoulders, squeezing, massaging, digging at his flesh in breathless anticipation, and then, he thrust his hips forward decisively, driving his heavy cock with its mushroomed, plowing head into the moist, wet channel of her cunt to send the raw tingling flesh in rippling waves before it, plunging all the way up to her cervix with his first charge.

"Oooohhhhhhhhh, ooohhhhhhhhh my God, my God!" she gasped, her forehead wrinkled from the pain-pleasure of his entrance, while simultaneously, she continued to gouge at the flesh of his muscular shoulders, her full-rounded hips and asscheeks trying to respond in acceptance to what she knew and wanted to come. "Ohhh, Dabney darling, I want it so bad, please, don't hurt me, love me, darling, love me!"

She was in a world all of her own, he thought, staring down at her sensually distorted face, like some kind of a bitch in a fuck happy coma! Shit, in the two years he'd lived with her and fucked her nightly, he'd never known her to react like this, and he hadn't even started! The, the bitch? The lousy, two-timing cunt! She'd been taking lessons all right? Peddling her ass around here and there, no doubt! It was obvious enough? He could almost visualize her sitting in some goddamned smoky bar trying to make a contact, the bitch! And all the time he'd thought she was playing the grieving wife.

"Oh, God, Dabney darling, I never felt this way, in my life? It's, it's so good, even when it hurts!"

Bitch! Bitch! She'd even figured a cover. He looked down to see her arched hips begin to squirm beneath him with his cock entombed inside the hot clasping depths of her cunt. She'd had it all figured, a way to cover her two years of promiscuous fucking, and he was supposed to buy that? But what she hadn't calculated was that he might meet a loving, beautiful creature such as Rachel, no, she hadn't let that thought even cross her mind! She'd been too goddamned busy fucking whoever she could get her hands on! Well, good, good! It was going to make it that much easier now that he knew, and it was going to make this night one hell of a fuck-show.

Dabney found himself suddenly driving furiously into her, soaring his fat nine-inch prick up into her warm tight cunt with violent force, ramming and pounding, the flow of her excited secretions coating and easing the way with every thrust, until at last, the throbbing, lust-bloated head of his thick rod had struck some kind of bottom, and his sperm charged balls crashed hard against the smooth, rounded cheeks of her widespread ass.

Lisa purred with the pain-delight, writhing in a moment of brief agony beneath him as the firm head of his cock battered and pummeled the depths of her soft, yielding belly, but her moment of torment only seemed to incite his passion more and he drove harder, grinding his pelvis solidly into her soft, tender loins, flex mg the head at the apex of his thrust to raise a masochistic groan from her, while he paused momentarily to allow his own ache from his furious entry to deplete itself. Little mewling sounds of servitude began to tumble from Lisa's lips as she lay widespread beneath him, completely subjugated to his every whim, entirely impaled on his heavy, lust-hungry cock probing the very intricate depths of her warm soft belly, and a feeling of sadistic power crept over him, causing him to tormentingly flick the turgid head of his cock again and again, raising guttural moans from between her erotically clenched teeth. She strained her cunt up against him wantonly and he ground harder into the hot, moist flesh, feeling her arch her loins up to him, lifting both of their bodies from the bed while she continued to moan unceasingly and he fell into an even, driving cock-tempo. He felt her smooth, strong legs tighten and release him at his hips as she began to work up and down his hardened cock with her grasping pussy, until they had established a mutual cadence and her head began to toss wildly from side to side while her mouth gaped open in delicious abandon.

"Oh, Ohhh, Darling, beautiful Baby, you're so wonderful! I've waited too long, too long! You make me so happy! Your wonderful cock, my sweet, yes, yesssss! Oh darling... do more to me! Fill me! Make me know! P-Play with my bottom! Do some thing to it! Now, Baby! Now! I'm losing my mind!" she cried in the throes of her ecstatic anesthesia.

Her plea set off a wild current of sadistic sensation inside him, instigating a new charge of salacious lust to surge furiously to his cock, his brain, and his groping hands. He reached in under her and found the widespread crevice between her full white asscheeks while he pounded his hard pulsing prick into the soft dampness of her seething pussy. He sought her hairless little ass with his middle finger, trailing along the velvety smoothness of the undulating crevice, finding it without difficulty, and finding it moist from a thin rivulet or warm seepage that had trickled down from where his cock raced hotly into her.

Lisa shivered erotically as he taunted the puckered little hole, lubricating knowingly the tiny mouth with the balled pad of his middle finger before beginning to tease and probe it with the tip. He sensed her quivering asscheeks push back against the stiffened digit and uncontrollably he pressed hard into it, surprised at its resistance. Suddenly, it popped, then, its raised elastic-like ring of soft flesh seemed to open like a snail's mouth to absorb and suck his finger inside to the first knuckle joint. She jerked beneath him, almost as if trying to evade the intrusion, but he was goddamned sure that wasn't so.

"Ooohhh, ooohhhh, Baby, my God! Yesssss, you hurt me so sweetly! More, Darling, more! All the way! Shove it in all the way, and, and fuck me hard... harder... harder! Harder - fuck me like a dog!"

The bitch! The fucking bitch! That's what she'd become these past two years! He didn't need to read her diary, she was laying her soul right out for him! Goddamned her, he was going out of his skull with his own building lust. He'd never seen her like this, so goddamned whore-like! He wormed his middle finger farther into her tightly clasping ass as simultaneously he increased the stroke of his cock into the warm pink channel of her pussy, feeling the smooth, soft walls of her ass encasing and pulling at the length of his long probing finger to the palm of his hand, causing her to whimper moaningly with the all consuming ecstasy that had taken control of her naked writhing body. Lisa skewered her ass wildly back down onto the distended finger that was searching, thrusting, into the elastic warm depths of her back passage, seeming to revel on its unnatural presence as he rotated it wildly in the soft, fleshy cavern of her ass, while at the same time he could feel the in and out plunges of his thick cock through the thin fleshy membrane dividing the two entrances of her passages, feeling his prick with his exploring, pummeling finger, and his finger against the sensitivity of his aching rod. Christ! It was way out, way, way out! He'd blow his fucking skull if he didn't cum damned soon!

He began to establish a combination rhythm of finger and cock, until he was fucking into her strenuously in unison, while she groaned incessantly beneath him. She spread her long white legs to the fullest in order to give him the greatest access to his perverted ravishment of her genitals and ass, and suddenly he sensed his prick expanding more and more, growing inside her to the point where he was certain it would erupt violently, like a boiling volcano, from the dull, needling pressure building maddeningly in his bloated balls, his pulsating balls that were smacking viciously between her asscheeks and against his own hand with its finger buried deep in the secret depths of her lewdly clenching ass.

He gaped downward at where his glistening cock was slipping smoothly in and out between the flushed and long, swollen hairy lips of her moist, vibrant cunt, concentrating on the feel of the soft pink folds of clasping flesh clinging hungrily to his furiously rampaging shaft thrusting with jackhammer force into her. His loins were a raging inferno now, his cock growing and expanding inside her as he grunted and quivered, luxuriating in her hot flesh, increasing the speed and measure of his stroke, tunneling into her furiously while his merciless finger drubbed the depths of her hungrily clenching nether hole.

Lisa held him tightly in the grip of her strong, white thighs clamped high around his waist, slackening them and tightening them again. Her soft, voluptuous body was hot and sweat-filmed, and her head moved frantically from side to side as she chewed at her full lower lip in near delirium. He saw her big green eyes rolling like crazy in their sockets as she tightened and loosened her scissored hold winding her beautiful legs completely around him while she ground her asscheeks from side to side, then screwed her cunt feverishly up his raging prick.

It struck Dabney then, what a wild fucking whore she would make out there for them! Maybe she was a little older than most of the kids, but shit, she was only twenty-two! And not all of the old bastards their girls hustled were hot for teen-agers, hell, any of 'em would blow their minds for a fuck like she was throwing him right then, especially with her body, Jesus, he hadn't thought of that before, but he was going to again, later, yeah, later! Shit, she was moving fast toward climax now; she was beginning to half-cry and strain; guttural sounds were bubbling up from deep in her chest, incessant gurglings that drove him to even more violent, vicious plunges into her.

"Ooohhhh, aaahhhhhhh, God, Darling, it's so good... gooodddddd! Oh, fuck it hard, harder! Screw it... Fuck it to death, Baby!" she spewed up at him, foul obscenities that he couldn't believe gushing from her pretty mouth in her desire to reach the pinnacle and take him with her, her moist squirming cunt bucking insanely up against his loins and finger, her legs suddenly drawn back until her knees crushed her heaving breasts, then she locked her ankles over his shoulders and rode her pussy wantonly up his cock to cling there for a moment in complete enslaved rapture.

Her eyes and teeth were clenched tightly together, while her face twisted and grimaced as her orgasm swept over her.

"Oh, heaven! Oooohhhhh, I'm going to, now... now... I'm going to cum, Dabney, Ooohhh, God, fuck, fuck! Now... Darrllliiiiinnnnnggggg, I-I'm cuuuummmmmiiiinnnnggggg!"

Her beautiful body began vibrating uncontrollably beneath him. She grabbed at his face as the spasms seized her, biting at his mouth with animal-like ferocity, her body arching convulsively against his to hold there shuddering and jerking, her orgasmic fluids bathing his rigid, driving cock, running down her soft, smooth asscheeks to flood his balls as they slapped tightly into the moistened crevice.

Shit, he couldn't believe it! It'd never been like this with her before! The sensation of her climax was all that he needed! He burrowed into the depths of her hot, spewing cunt, pressing her knees back to her shoulders and hammering brutally, battering her cervix with his expanding shaft. She continued to whimper and gasp ecstatically, her belly and thighs caught up in spasmodic contractions her excitement still obvious as with wild and eager passion, she hissed.

"Oh, Darling, Darling, it's beautiful, beautiful! Fill me, Baby! Fill me with your hot, thick cum! Don't ever stop! Give, give it to meee!"

Dabney wanted to scream! His agonized bliss was that intense. The pleasurable pain in his balls seemed unbearable. He thrust and withdrew to the very tip of his prick, then plunged again and again, feeling the wild sucking of her cuntal muscles as her pussy tried desperately to extract the cum from his seething loins. He was damned near there; he knew it! Damned near, but not quite! Seconds more, he'd shatter his gourd! He rammed and rammed and rammed again, Then! He choked, loudly, and felt the apex of his climb as he suddenly began to topple down the crazy fucking mountain of orgasm!

Lisa moaned with him clutching at his shoulders and thrusting her cunt up high onto his wildly spewing cock. He quaked from head to toe, grunting and blurting unintelligible sounds while he shot into her with violent force the convulsive streams of his viscid, white-hot sperm, squirting it far up into the hidden recesses of her open womb.

Fuck! Fuck! He wished to Christ it could never end, but it did, and when it was over he fell apart, collapsing into her waiting arms on top of her. Shit, he'd never been more goddamned exhausted.

Lisa sighed contentedly, stretched out in her fulfilled nakedness beside this man she had willingly aided in crime, this lover she had eagerly crossed the country to be with, this handsome husband she had almost forced her self to think of as being truly dead in order to bear the long nights, weeks, months of waiting, but now it was over; they were together again, and it was more beautiful than she'd ever dreamed it could be. Dear God, what a blissful reunion that had been! She could still hardly believe or understand her own wantonness, but she certainly wasn't ashamed of it; in fact, the flush to her cheeks, she realized, was entirely pride. It had been a long time, but she could remember vividly that their lovemaking had never been like that, nor had she, which was serving to answer a myriad of questions that had lingered in the shadows of her brain the past two years.

In essence, she had never given herself wholly to him before, and therein dwelt the intimate secrets of passion and love, She'd read that someplace, but had never really probed its meaning. God, all of the beautiful delights of the universe were suddenly opening up to her, weren't they? She sensed the tiny ripples of muscular reactions still playing over her sensual flesh. A breeze swept aside the faded drape at the open window to brush soothingly over her silken skin. The rumbling wash of the unceasing surf reached her and she rolled her head to gaze at her prostrate lover who was smoking and staring up at the soiled, plaster-cracked ceiling absently.

"A penny for your thoughts this time, Darling?" she said in a soft voice, moving onto her side toward him.

"Oh, nothing really, just musing, trying to get my head back together after that session," he replied, grinning over at her, then suddenly swinging his feet to the floor and sitting up on the edge of the bed.

"W-Was it good for you too, Darling?" she asked in the same tone.

Dabney turned to look at her. "Yeah," he answered, his smile twisted to one side. "Almost too good, too much, Baby, yeah."

She smiled happily and watched him stand then go to a chair where a pair of faded dungarees hung over its back. He took them and started to pull them on. "What're you doing?" she asked.

"Doing? Putting my pants on. Goin' down stairs, Rabbit. Got some business to discuss with John and April, Want to come along?"

"Isn't it late? They'll be in bed, won't they?"

Dabney chuckled. "If they are, I guarantee you they won't be sleeping!"

Lisa caught the meaning of his words and tittered lightly. "Maybe they'd rather not be interrupted."

He didn't answer. She watched him zip the fly closed, then run a comb through his hair before the mirror, studying the pattern of waves that fell neatly into place down the back of his neck. He'd always had attractive chestnut-colored hair, but he had never worn it so long. She wasn't sure that she liked it, or any aspect of the new image he portrayed; yet, she didn't dislike it either, it was almost as if he were another person entirely, not the Dabney Roberts she'd expected, the Dabney Roberts she had married, but God, it'd been absolutely beautiful with him, so fulfilling, her heart was still pounding.

"Coming?" he asked, facing her with hands on hips.

"Aren't you going to slip on a shirt or shoes?" she questioned, surprised, for that wasn't like him either.

"Hell no. I'm overdressed now," he replied grinning. "Look, don't be shocked at the way they dress around here. I'll warn you ahead of time, nakedness is accepted as the uniform of the day. They're nature people, Rabbit, with no hangups on the modesty bit. It's love, love, love, all the time. You with me?"

Was she? Lisa wasn't sure, but she swung up from the bed forcing a smile. She couldn't very well put down something she knew nothing about, besides, she felt certain they would be leaving all this behind them shortly, since she had arrived with the money. She guessed that she could endure a measure of the much-talked about uninhibited generation and its infamous non-culture. After all, she wasn't any damned prude, and it might just turn out to be fun, at the least, educational. She went to her suitcase, opened it and brought out a long shift, similar to the one April had been wearing.

Dabney watched her move across the room, the sight of her provocative, alluring body causing his drained, flaccid rod to stir feebly. Christ, she was something else, all right! The dancing little sway to her almost pendulous, upthrusted tits and the jiggling roll of her hips and bottom, then the way her rounded full asscheeks spread as she squatted with her back to him by her valise, fuck, the lewd display could damn easily probe him toward seconds. Later, he decided; business first; he was going to get all he wanted of her in the next day or so, enough to last him a lifetime.

"This ought to do nicely," Lisa said, slipping into the gown and straightening her long hair, "without making me appear overdressed, as you put it, Darling." She smiled at him and moved close to take his hand. "I can't help but feel that your friends must think we're some kind of animals, the way we rushed up here to get into bed almost before I'd had a chance to say hello to them."

"Don't let it bug you, Baby," Dabney grunted, leading her out into the dimly lighted hallway. "If there's one thing they understand around here, it's fucking, example, look!" He paused before an open doorway, still holding to her hand and drawing her close to him so that she couldn't avoid the sight.

"M-My God!" Lisa gasped under her breath, her pretty green eyes widening in utter astonishment. There were three of them on the bed, all naked, a young dark-haired, slender girl who couldn't have been over sixteen or seventeen, and two bearded, shaggy-headed males, one cradled intimately between the girl's widespread thighs with his shaft buried to its hilt in the moist pink slit of her undulating pussy, while the other lay on his back beside her and she was masturbating his hardened penis with her small, white hand!

Lisa couldn't believe it! Yet, there was no doubt in her mind but what the lewd spectacle was actually taking place. She could readily see the glistening, solid flesh of the mounted one's cock along with his bloated, swaying balls between his spread, hairy thighs as he drew it out of the girl's tight, pink pussy to its very tip, then plunged into her upraised young loins furiously, causing her small, pointed breasts to ripple like mounds of white gelatin, while she moaned and whimpered in obvious rapture and simultaneously continued to stroke and massage the heavy prick in her hand.

"Inspiring, eh, Rabbit?" Dabney said, grinning obscenely. "That's Sari. She drifted in from Spokane a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think she's been out of that bed over two hours a day since." He made a dirty little sniggering sound. "She enjoys making friends."

"M-My God, Dabney, she's just a child! She can't be older than twelve... or fourteen at the oldest!" Lisa gasped.

"Some child; she knows cock," he answered wryly. "Come on. April'll introduce you around while I talk to John."

Lisa did, still in a state of awe at the unexpected lurid show she'd witnessed at the open door of Sari's room, but then, not too surprised at some of the others she glimpsed as they made their way along the hall and down the stairs to the door of their so-called host and hostess' quarters.

It opened off of what had once been the hotel lobby, a large room shabbily furnished with dilapidated chairs and several couches, all of which were occupied by young girls and seedy looking fellows in different stages of undress, relaxation and sexual play, but nothing to the point of actual intercourse, such as she'd viewed upstairs. Nevertheless, the casual sight of so many naked feminine breasts and both male and female genitals entirely exposed caused her an inbred feeling of uneasiness. A thick haze seemed to hang heavy over the atmosphere of the room, an almost sweet-smelling pall that was not entirely unfamiliar to her. Pot! And from the expressions of a few, Lisa realized, they were on heavier stuff.

God! Just what was her husband doing in the midst of all this... this debauchery, anyway? She looked at him, her lovely eyes filling with confusion, but before she could speak, the door opened inward, it was John.

John Van Horn was a big man, taller, broader and older by at least ten years than Dabney, Lisa decided, sitting across the kitchen table from him. She wasn't sure that she liked his black beard, but it was trimmed and surprisingly neat, and when he smiled his strong white teeth glistened attractively in contrast. His eyes were dark and alert, constantly probing, she felt, as time and again she caught them raking over her, almost undressing her, and he made no effort toward hiding the fact. He, too, sat naked to the waist, a pair of cut-off jeans covering his heavy loins, the wealth of matted black hair encompassing his chest not exactly repulsive to her.

"We didn't get much of a chance to talk, Lisa," April was saying in her soft, sultry voice from the chair to her right. "It seems that your daddy-man had a weighty problem that had to be taken care of first, and I can well see why. You're a very lovely girl, Darling."

Lisa sensed the twinge of red coloring her cheeks. "T-Thank you," she said, looking directly into the striking, agate-hued eyes of the slightly older girl. She was beautiful, Lisa thought, with her ivory-like complexion, sallow cheeks and shimmering black hair. April, what a lovely name for an enchanting girl, tall, willowy, and obviously well endowed with curvaceous charms beneath the faded, draping thing she was wearing, what was she doing there, leading this sort of wasted, unmeaningful life? Was she happy? She certainly looked it, Then, a question occurred to Lisa that she hadn't even thought to ask her self before! Did they know about Dabney's insurance swindle? Had he confided in them? If so, why? God, on second thought, what was the meaning of all of it?

"I thought maybe April could take Lisa around and show her the place, introduce her to some of the family while we talk some business, John," Dabney said, interrupting her thoughts, and Lisa found herself looking at one then the other of them.

"Hey man, plenty of time for that," John said with a certain air of authority. "I like to look at that golden head. She's a stunning girl, eh, April?"

"Absolutely stunning," April agreed softly, her smile filled with warmth and love.

Lisa swallowed uneasily as John pushed from the table and walked to a cupboard at the other end of the room. He came back carrying a cigar box and reseated himself. Smiling, he said to Lisa: "Grass, Baby, Tijuana gold, you with it, or you have aversions?"

Lisa stared at him, then dropped her eyes to the box that was half-filled with the weed. He took out papers and began to roll the cylinders skillfully. She turned to Dabney who was watching her, an uncomfortable expression bothering his thin face. He looked away and began to toy with his fingers self-consciously. A sensation of anger surged through her at his near hangdog attempt to avoid answering the multitude of questions that were racing crazily through her mind. What was going on? What was his affiliation here? How much had he told these people? What had happened to him? What was this deal he'd spoken of? But above all, what was their future together?

"No!" she heard herself snap sharply when Dabney refused to look at her. "I have absolutely no aversion, Hangup, isn't that the proper term? Hangup! Well, I have none against it! In fact, the last time I tried it, I really enjoyed it!" she added, and that was the truth, except that the occasion had been with Nickie and that had left something to be desired.

"Great, Baby!" John said, his captivating grin directed for her consumption alone.

"Y-You've tried it, weed, I mean?" Dabney questioned, gaping at her suddenly.

"Of course! hasn't everyone?"

"Huummph! Bratham must've changed in the last couple of years!" Dabney spat.

"Not even a tiny bit, Darling, only the people have changed!" Lisa tossed back at him.

"Yeah, I can see that!"

John chuckled loudly. Then he said: "Cool it man! That's no way to talk to this little gem," He lighted the joint, dragged deep, then, handed it across the table to Lisa who took it, her eyes level with his, as if caught up by some compelling force that she couldn't understand. "Try it, Baby," he said, and she did.

They watched her, April impassively, John measuringly, and Dabney unbelievingly, as she dragged deep and held it in her lungs for the full effect, then sighed slowly.

"Jesus Christ!" her husband exclaimed.

John grinned appreciatively. "You've been there, Baby," he said.

Lisa looked to April who was smiling with understanding warmth in her lovely eyes. The willowy brunette said: "It's good isn't it, Darling?"

Lisa nodded. "It is, honest, it really is!"

"Shit!" Dabney spat. "Let's get down to business, John. If you want the broads to sit in on it, okay with me! I got the cash: ninety Gs! Now, let's talk about Lopez!"

Again, John laughed. He handed both April and Dabney a dark- paper rolled reefer, then put his own in his mouth, lighting all in turn from a book of matches, April's first, his own last. He sucked deep, held it, then exhaled wearing an euphoric smile. He let his discerning eyes dwell for a long time on Lisa's level, answering gaze. She couldn't help but sense the unwanted excitement his stare was causing her; yet, she wanted nothing out of the whole affair but Dabney's appreciation of her. By the same token, she didn't want to incur April's wrath, she who was sitting innocently by and watching this entire uncalled-for scene. But she was a woman, and obviously all woman; she would understand, even if it was necessary to apologize later,

"Sometimes, when I feel ambitious, I bake a batch of cookies properly spiced with it," April said. "They're wild."

Lisa nodded; she couldn't imagine such a thing, but if this lovely creature said so she knew it was true. There was something about her, something deep, mysterious, all-knowing! Lisa felt a tiny ripple of delight race through her as she exchanged meaningful expressions with the enchanting girl.

"All right, Dabney, let's talk," John was saying. "With your sixty and what the business has made, plus my thirty, we've got it! One hundred thou! And that's what Lopez wanted, wasn't it? Are you still game?"

"What the hell do you think?"

John shrugged and sucked at his cigarette. "It's a gamble, man. It's always a gamble when you deal in this sort of thing."

"Bullshit! It's cut and dried, John, and you know it! We've been over it enough times. The Blackman will pay two-hundred-grand for the cache!"

"The Blackman could cut your throat, too, Baby!" John snapped, his smile disintegrating. "You ever think of that? That boy's no friend! He wants arms, and any way he can get 'em! Now, man, you cool it, eh? We don't go off half-cocked! I like the picture too, Baby, but I want to be sure I'm going to enjoy the profits!"

"Ooohhh hell!" Dabney spat, shuffling in his chair. "You're building walls that aren't there! Forget the Blackman! Let's go to TJ and talk to Lopez, first things first!"

"Right, Baby. First things first," John said, sucking at his joint. "Let's go down and see what the man says. Let's not bowl headlong into it, eh? I like this thing called life too much to make any stupid sacrifices!"

"Can a girl ask a question?" Lisa put in, looking from one to the other of them. "I mean, I think I've heard enough already to know that it gives me a strange, and maybe a bad feeling. And remember, I'm new to the whole picture, but, but, do I detect that the ninety-thousand dollars that I sweated out is about to be used in a gamble?"

"There's no goddamned gamble!" Dabney exclaimed angrily. "And furthermore, Baby, there wouldn't've been sixty grand if Dabney Roberts hadn't died! Eh? Let's get that straight first!"

"No!" John barked. "No, man, no! What the hell, you're taking away the girl's glory! I mean, with all due respect, Dabney! She's got a claim here, eh? Shit, man, last night you're tearing your hair out, and now you're cuttin' as if you had a blade! Come on, boy! Let's get a hold, eh, eh?"

Lisa stared at her husband, but she felt that she hardly knew him. Her mind was endeavoring to encompass all that had happened since she'd landed in L.A., their love scene, the lurid sights along the hallway, the whole overwhelming picture, but it was too much! She couldn't comprehend, and abruptly, she broke down! And then, April was on her feet beside her, holding her face, her sobbing face against full, warm soft breasts, "It's all right, Baby, all right, I know, just let yourself string out."

"Jesus Christ!" Dabney swore. "I've had it, John! I want San Francisco! Shit, she's waitin'! Let's make this deal!"

Lisa heard him but none of her husband's words registered. The warmth and loveliness of April's voluptuous body pressed tight against her had more of an effect; yet, then came the confusion. Other voices, other people in the room made her listen and pay attention. She sat up and looked.

There were two of them, half-naked girls and they looked exactly alike. Somewhere in their teens and wearing bikini bottoms with their long red hair enshrouding their shoulders, they stood there smiling,

"These are the Danes," April said, "Jessica and Annette, but we call them Jessica and Darla."

"Love you baby," the nearest one said, "but introductions aren't necessary are they? We're all part of it, eh? Look, John, the teenaged girl called Blinda, she did it! She's holding out, and there's no shit about it! Mark was with her."

"Calm yourself, Chick! Where is she?"

"Out there! She and Mark, she's higher than the cow that did!"

"Okay, okay, bring her in, and find Shug," John ordered.

Lisa shook her head. She should never have smoked all of that pot. April was still beside her, holding her face in her hand against her breast.

"Just watch, Baby," April said, leaning down. "Don't let it bother you. They go off the deep end sometimes, but you don't let it bother you!"

Lisa made no sense to her meaning; yet she knew it was there. Her head swam; she forced her mind to focus and saw the pairs of naked, full breasts that entered the room with the voluptuous young bodies that supported them, The Danes! Yes... yes, but who was the poor stripped little teen girl between them, long-haired, dark long hair with childish eyes that were gaping almost frantically! She was completely naked! Not a stitch! And the man... or boy, holding onto her arms was dragging her back toward the davenport!

"Let go of her, Mark!" John said. "She knows!"

"She's a mercenary bitch!" one of the Danes accused.

"Really?" John said.

"Really!" the Davis twin snapped.

"Is that true, Blinda? Did you cut your friends?" John questioned as Shug walked through the doorway, closing the barrier silently behind him.

Lisa gaped at the lumbering hulk who stood silently waiting by the entrance, and she could see the drool running down from his mouth to ward his little pointed chin. He was looking at John, then at Dabney and the others in the room, his beady little eyes lingering on each face with growing anticipation. Finally, they found those of the frightened Blinda and he began to grin foolishly, while she took a step backwards, her childish eyes widening in obvious, mounting apprehension.

"Oh, oh no!" Blinda gasped, drawing the back of one hand to cover her pretty young mouth. "Oh God, no, John! It wasn't much, just twenty dollars, a tip the John gave me, I was going to use it to get a tooth filled, it's been aching!"

"You're going to get something filled, bitch!" Darla Davis spat, her hands on her wide, bikinied hips, her lush full breasts swaying with the movements of her angered, if, shapely body. "Believe me, Baby, I've been there: I had to learn the hard way, too! It's a punishment you're not about to forget!"

"Please, please, John, Dabney, don't let him!" the fourteen-year old Blinda begged as the Davis twins moved in on either side of her cringing naked body, taking her roughly by the arms and pulling her down to the floor, pinning her there on her back.

"What the hell, Chick, you know the rules!" John reminded her. "Everything goes into the community pot, everything, except the house's twenty-five percent. So, you tried to cut a little, but you got caught, now you pay the penalty. Nothing I can do, Honey, Nothing," He turned toward Shug and nodded. "Undress, Shug. She's all yours!"

Wildly, Blinda began to struggle on the floor and Lisa watched in shocked amazement. The twins were laughing and holding the girl helplessly on either side by the arms, while John, Dabney, and the one called Mark grinned lasciviously down at her useless writhing struggles. Lisa gaped up at April in disbelief, but the exotic brunette merely patted her cheek lovingly and held her tighter against her swollen breast.

"Don't let it frighten you, Darling," April half-whispered. "She's asked for it. They all know the rules; it's share and share alike, There has to be punishment of some sort, and it wouldn't be of half as much value if they didn't administer it themselves.

"Wh-What's he going to do, Shug, I mean?" Lisa choked.

April smiled down at her, then stroked Lisa's long golden hair affectionately. "He's going to rape her, Baby, which ordinarily wouldn't mean too much, but you haven't seen Shug's immense tool. Look!"

Lisa did, but not until she'd let her eyes search the beautiful dark ones that were gazing down upon her warmly, while at the same time the willowy girl continued to gently caress the crown of her head and hold her snugly against the soft protruding fullness of her rounded breast.

Lisa tore her fixed gaze away from April's mesmerizing stare, twisting her head enough to see Shug's now naked, massive body. Dear God! She could barely conceive of the awesome sight! The poor imbecile, he was not fat, as one might absently imagine, but powerfully barrel-chested, with strong, heavy legs and muscular thighs; yet, it was his baby-like, pinkish-white skin that surprised her, and the flaccid, inhuman length of thick, tubular flesh hanging between his legs that utterly amazed her. It wasn't possible! It dangled at least seven to eight inches over the huge ballsac swinging beneath his crotch, the purplish head like a huge dyed mushroom half-hidden inside its unusually long and thick foreskin. He was grinning and looking at John for instructions. Lisa swallowed tightly, her throat cotton dry, her brain spaced from the pot, and in her muddled mind she tried to conceive of the young slender girl on the floor absorbing what would inevitably prove monstrous inside her small, youthful pussy.

Lord in heaven, it was impossible! What in God's name had she gotten herself in.

"All right, Mark, you and Dabney hold Blinda while the twins see what they can do with Shug's prick," John said, easing backward and sitting down in his chair by the table. He turned slowly to face Lisa. "I hope April's explaining this to you, Baby. We call it the Shug Requital. The family governs itself pretty much until it steps on my toes. Anyway, watch close, girl, it might inspire you."

Inspire her? Good God, what could he possibly mean by that statement? Inspire her to what? She stared at him but he turned away toward the lewd and brutal performance that was taking place in the center of the floor. Dabney and Mark had dropped down on either side of the defenseless girl who had nearly given up her futile struggles, and was shedding tears profusely. Her firm, pointed young breasts heaved and rippled with the convulsive choking sounds that erupted continuously from her throat. She lay on her back, held there by the two, her head tossing back and forth in obvious dread, while the redheaded twins drew Shug down between them.

The sight of her own husband participating in what could be termed nothing but savage rape of the helpless child had shocked Lisa speechless. The twisted expression of his mouth and the almost animal gleam in his eyes, this wasn't her Dabney, Dear God, had she really made love, beautiful love with him not an hour before? It was impossible, couldn't be happening, She watched spellbound as the slender, naked girl attempted to hold her full white thighs together, crossing her feet in a locking gesture, as if this might ward off her approaching ravishment. God, how tender, silken, and alluring her pretty young loins were, with the soft thatch of pubic hair generously covering the mound between her thighs, her pink inner-flesh hidden at that moment, Oh no! No! Dabney smoothed his hand down over her breast and the small basin of her belly and was forcing his finger through the soft, curling hair toward her concealed vaginal lips! She heard him laugh obscenely; then Lisa watched the young girl lurch spasmodically and she knew that he'd found her clit!

"Come on, bitch! Get with it!" Dabney hissed, his words coming up to Lisa. "Don't try to play the modest cherry with us! You're going to get cock; you might better try to enjoy it!"

Lisa couldn't watch. She pressed herself away from April's caresses and covered her face with her hands as she leaned on the table. Her brain reeled from the effects of the marijuana, yet not unpleasantly, she realized. The deplorable thing was the sight of Dabney down there taunting that poor girl, fondling her genitals, and holding her like some executioner's helper! Dear Lord, in heaven! What's happened to him? And what's to happen with us? Oh God, help me, help us, please.

April's warm, soft hand clasping her own caused Lisa to raise her head and look at the other. She wanted to speak, but the words wouldn't come.

"Don't fret for her, Baby," April said in a near whispering voice. "She's not as innocent as she looks down there, and she'd cut your throat for a dollar. She held out on the others and that's a cardinal sin here. We have to have our own laws and our own punishment, and I assure you, it's an effective punishment... as you'll see."

Lisa still couldn't force words from her throat with the agonized lump that had formed there at the spectacle of her husband's lascivious acts on the imprisoned girl, and it occurred to her then that April had thought nothing of that! Dear God, it was obvious that their sense of values were entirely foreign to her own, and they had obviously indoctrinated her husband to accept them.

April had turned her head to watch the licentious performance and Lisa found herself following the enchanting brunette's gaze to where Shug, grinning almost insipidly, lay sprawled out on his back, his powerful thighs widespread, while Jessica knelt between and over them in her voluptuous, red-haired loveliness, stroking and massaging his gigantic shaft. Then, as she held and manipulated it with knowing tenderness, her sister moved down from kissing the dimwitted man's mouth, positioned herself to one side and lowered her open lips onto his hugely thick twelve-inch cock, sucking the great cockhead inside the warm cavern of her pretty mouth. Lisa gaped at the lurid scene in awe, unable to avoid the carnal sensations it was inspiring within her own belly and loins. Jessica continued to grasp the thick, hardening stalk as she lowered her own face and began to lick Shug's almost hairless balls, lick them until Lisa could see the little spasmodic convulsions that were taking place all over the massive man's baby-skinned body. Shug should be in porn with a horse prick like that, she thought.

"Oohhh, good heavens!" Lisa gasped, hardly conscious of the fact that the words had tumbled from her own dry lips. "It's getting hard! God! It must be nine, ten inches long!"

"Something like that," April replied, her eyes sparkling. "And you know, Darling, as many times as I've seen it, it never ceases to amaze me!"

Lisa stared at her; April was smiling excitedly and still holding to her hand. Suddenly, John, who hadn't moved from his chair, said: "That's enough, girls. Let's get it into her, Shug. You girls help him; spread her legs apart!"

The young helpless girl whimpered in seeming despair, the almost wailing sound causing Lisa to shudder in a sudden strange, unwanted prurient fascination while Shug got to his knees and crawled between the wide held legs of the spread-eagled girl, his inhuman penis swinging like a wagon tongue as he situated himself between her opened thighs, the twin redheads letting free of her limbs once he was securely wedged before her defenseless, hairy little pussy, Darla quickly moving behind him to caress and tickle his sperm-inflated balls while Jessica stroked and massaged his horrendously hardened cock, easing back the extremely long and heavy foreskin and pointing the throbbing purple head at Blinda's moist pink split. Again, the helpless girl groaned pathetically, raising her head to gape frantically down between her firm erect breasts at the colossal foot-long prick poised above the small hole between her tender young thighs. Lisa could only imagine the horrifying thoughts that must be racing through her fear-stricken brain, that would be screaming through her own if she were that poor unfortunate young girl! Dear God, even if she wasn't a virgin, if she was a common street slut, there was a limit to the capacity of her pussy! It would rip her, split her open, and the pain would be unbearable!

"How does that feel, Bitch?" Jessica taunted, spreading the girl's tight fleshy cunt lips open with Shug's heavy cock-head, working the moist tip up and down through the viscid coral flesh of her velvety, hair encircled little aperture. "Like you wanted to blow your mind, maybe?" The redhead began to rub her clit with the spongy tip and Lisa saw the girl's soft white body jerk spasmodically, even as her own trembled and convulsed in sympathetic, if, aroused sensitivity. "Maybe you'll think twice before you try to hold out on us again, eh, Slick?"

"For Chris'sake, put the damn thing in and get out of the way!" Dabney snapped at Jessica. "We all want to watch this show."

Jessica did and Lisa sensed her own hand tightening around April's as the brunette beauty moved close to her once more, standing beside her chair with her other hand fondly grazing her blonde head and smoothing down to caress the silk like skin of Lisa's cheek. She watched in uncomfortable lewd entrancement as Shug levered up over the small, slender girl, the bulging dark-red cockhead waggling for a moment as might a stallion's, poking at the pink, ragged edges of flesh, nuzzling gently between them.

"Ram it to her, Shug!" John ordered, his body strained forward in the chair, his black eyes beading lustfully. "Now! Teach her a lesson!"

With a jerking, forward movement of his strong hips, Shug responded, forcing the blood-filled chunky head to penetrate a portion of an inch inside the cringing vaginal hole of her defenseless young cunt, brutally expanding the stubbornly resistant flesh almost to the ripping point.

Blinda arched her neck back until she was nearly standing on her head and choked out her scream, while Lisa reacted with compassionate emotion, a whimper escaping her own parched lips as if the torturous instrument had been wedged into the tiny mouth of her own pussy. She moved her free hand up to clasp April's other at her cheek, pressing it tight against her as she squeezed in carnally horrified fascination. The gigantic cock had submerged no more than a tormenting inch between Blinda's open thighs, and desperately she was trying to free her arms from the ruthless imprisoning hands of Dabney and Mark which were shackling her, while simultaneously endeavoring to kick her legs free and escape the barbaric, agonizing impalement. But they held her tight and she screamed again.

"Uuuugghhhh! Oh, God! It's too big... WAY too big! It's tearing me apart inside! Oooohhhh, goddamn you, stop him! Stop him! He's... killing me! Oh please, somebody stop him, The men all began to chuckle lasciviously while Shug went about his vengeful act as if she were begging for more, forcing his giant cock into the grotesquely stretched pink mouth of her young cunt, and Lisa felt certain there would be no respite for her as she watched the heavy shaft worm its way deeper and deeper into Blinda's squirming, pain-racked pussy.

Nor could Lisa understand her own unwanted arousal that the salacious performance was inciting in her loins and trembling belly. She could fell the involuntary dampness rising between her soft, pressing thighs as she squeezed them together, the act libidinously pressuring her pussylips and erect clit. God, she'd never been a profligate girl, at least, not knowingly! It had to be the pot! How else could she face up to the fact that she was actually deriving sensual pleasure from the brutal raping of this helpless young girl? Dear God, what had come over her.

Blinda was no longer screaming, only grunting incessantly with the obvious pain filling her writhing young body and both Dabney and Mark had freed her arms that she was holding feebly extended against Shug's powerful chest. Her eyes were closed tightly, her teeth sunk into the flesh of her lower lip as she tossed her head back and forth, her long dark hair flailing wildly. The huge prick had begun to move in and out of her at a continuous, lubricated pace, but Lisa could see that there were still inches of it left yet unabsorbed.

Dear God, she can never take it all! Never!

"Here," John said, interrupting her almost hypnotic stare. "You need this, Baby."

Lisa looked at his smiling, bearded face, then saw the cigarette he was holding out to her. The sweet odiferous smoke reached her. She hesitated, and April said: "Go ahead, Darling. It'll help. We hadn't planned that you'd be shocked like this on your first night with us. Take it, go ahead."

Reluctantly, Lisa accepted the home-rolled cylinder, placing it between her lips and dragging deeply. The effect immediately registered in her brain and she thanked the bearded man with a smile. He winked at her and Lisa sensed a little sensation of excitement ripple through her. She squeezed her thighs together subconsciously, feeling further venereal trickles lick through her from the genital provocation. April squeezed her hand warmly, They were beautiful people, that's what Dabney had said, beautiful people, there should be more like the, Her brain swam delightfully, she focused her eyes once more on the salacious spectacle taking place in the center of the floor, Blinda's agonized grunts and grimaces had eased into unceasing moans, her tongue licking lasciviously at her opened lips, her legs slightly raised as she ran her hands up and down Shug's massive arms that were posted on either side of her. More and more of his long heavy glistening prick was disappearing into her slightly undulating pussy, and now Annette was behind Shug on all fours with her face nearly buried beneath his asscheeks and between his thighs. She was licking his sperm coated balls and spreading wide his buttock cheeks to draw her tiny pink tongue up over his tightly clenched ass. And Mark was moving behind her, naked now, his own rod jutting out like a bow-sprit as he pulled at the wisp of bikini bottoms covering her full, rounded hips and asscheeks, God, it was developing into a full scale orgy!

Darla had slithered out of her flimsy bottoms and crawled up to lie spoon-fashion in front of Dabney, pressing her delicious ass back against his throbbing prick inside his jeans. He reached over her, cupping one of her full, firm tits while he watched crazy Shug fucking Blinda. The redhead was working her ass in little circles back against his swollen rod, the way she knew he liked it! Bitch! She was a hot cunt, all right; he'd fucked her so many times he'd lost count, but it was always the best when he had them both together, the pair of them. Shit, they were a wild team all right. Suck and fuck a man blind!

He watched over Annette's head, staring at Shug's fence- post cock expanding Blinda's tight little hole, and it had been tight, he remembered. He grinned to himself. The poor rattle- headed bitch. She'd probably meant everything she'd said about the tooth problem, but when Shug got through with her she wouldn't know that she had a tooth in her head! She was a crazy fuck, not very good either, pretty though, and she produced, Suddenly, he felt Annette's hand reaching behind her, down at the front of his pants, opening them and searching for his prick. Automatically, he looked up at where Lisa sat.

Shit! She was smoking another joint! The bitch! She was a pot-head amongst other things! Damn her; she'd certainly gone to shit! And when he'd thought of her he'd pictured her sitting back there in their Bratham apartment watching TV, knitting; she'd liked that, or reading a book. The cunt! She'd been out fucking or hustling, and no one could tell him different! But thank God, it didn't make any difference to him. He had the sixty Gs now. That's all he'd wanted, Uunnggghhh, Darla had grasped his cock and was massaging it as only she could! Fucking doll! Then, she was snuggling it up between her warm, full thighs, insinuating it between her fleshy cunt-lips into the velvety, moist flesh. He let his hand smooth down from her breast over her belly into the sparse, copper-colored hair of her cunt to find her clit. She jerked back against him and sighed as he began to manipulate it for her.

The Blinda bitch was moaning passionately now. Shug had most of his cock buried in her. The poor, dumb sonofabitch. Once in a dingy hotel-room off the strip, the stupid bastard had explained how his grandmother used to suck him off! Dabney didn't know whether to believe him or not, but the imbecile didn't have enough brains to make up lies. It was probably true, damn! Imagine, his own grandmother.

The goddamned world was filled with bitches and bastards! But he had Rachel, his Rachel, and the little Dabney, his very own son! Christ, how he wanted to go to her, be with her, forever and ever! But first, they had to pull off the deal. He needed that money to make him the homecoming hero. Christ, John had sounded almost chicken! He'd never've figured John that way, but fuck him! He'd pull it off alone! The Blackman was ready! He didn't really need John or anyone else, except for his cash. Though, that Mex, Lopez was hungry. Maybe, he'd take half as much. Darla was squirming against him, reaching down between her opened thighs and clutching at his prick. She was trying to work the tip of it back toward her vaginal hole and he helped her. "You want some, Baby?" he whispered.

"Yes! Oh, Christ, yes! Give it all to me, Dabney darling!" she hissed, half turning her head as she worked the head of his prick into her cunt, then ground her asscheeks back at him. He did and she sighed loudly. "Ooohhhh! Ohhhh damn damn, Baby, That's good, good!"

Dabney looked over at Blinda who had drawn her legs back high while Shug slipped in and out of her, not the entire length, but what she could handle, the drool running down his chin and dripping onto her sweat-coated breasts. He wished to Christ he owned that prick for a night! Then, behind him and still licking at the dim-wit's balls and ass was Jessica, with her ass thrust high in the air and Mark fucking her furiously, fucking her cunt and reaching down in under her belly to get to her clit, while she waved her ass wildly. Dabney raised his eyes then and saw April still holding to Lisa's hand, Lisa who looked as if she was spaced right out! April had bent down and kissed his wife on the lips: she was saying something to her and John was watching and waiting! Then, Lisa smiled at John, got up from her chair and walked zombie-like around the table, Jesus Christ! She was sitting down on his lap, while April came with her, still holding her hand!

Lisa felt stupidly stoned! She could barely make sense of anything, it seemed. That monstrous idiot was fucking the little teen girl, but the poor child was beginning to love it! And that made sense, the way she had drawn back her legs high, almost to the point where her knees were touching her breasts, and her round little asscheeks and pussy were undulating in a fevered cadence! God, what a licentious sight it was, watching his tremendous cock slither lubriciously in and out of her tiny young cunt! It didn't seem possible, but there was little question but what Blinda was enjoying it, and, and Lisa was happy for her! She'd endured the agony, now, if there could be pleasure, she should have it! In fact, watching her body succumb had actually inspired new, more vibrant sensations inside herself, and then, the one called Mark had crawled up behind Jessica, and Dabney, dear god!

If she'd had her wits about her she'd probably run screaming out of there when her very own husband had drawn the naked, redheaded twin to him and began to fondle her breast! Of all the things she had witnessed in the short time she'd been there, that sight had shocked her the most, and dear God, why wouldn't it?

He was her husband!

She loved him!

Had swindled, cheated and lied for him!

Now, this? This was her thanks?

What was he trying to do to her?

She saw the girl reaching behind her naked body, and she knew exactly what was happening!

This is the uninhibited generation, Lisa! You wanted to know! That is your husband on the floor with that girl! She's reaching for his cock! He's going to fuck her, and right in front of you! Right before your very eyes, this man whom, you've gambled your life with. Lord, yes, he is!

"Baby, Baby," April was saying, the words confusing Lisa's thoughts. "Baby, Daddy wants you, You're letting yourself get uptight over stupid things, Honey. Listen to him."

Lisa gaped at her, then at John who was half-smiling and holding to her free hand. "What's wrong, Chick? Look, little girl, you don't tie your mind up over such nonsense. You've let that New England background imbed its warped puritanism into your very soul! Now, come over here and sit on John's lap, let me talk to you. Come on, sit on Daddy's lap...."

Lisa felt as if someone had stuffed a wad of old rags in her throat. She could barely breathe. The whole spectrum was too much for her! Her loins and belly were alive with carnal excitement, and why wouldn't they be? Watching such lust-filled exhibitions, and she was certainly normal! But it was the blatant infidelity of her husband, or was it? Oh God!

"Don't be afraid, Darling," April whispered in her sultry voice. "Daddy's a good man, he wants to help. You need him, in more ways than one."

Lisa stared up at this girl, whom, she'd come to place some weird faith in while the lascivious minutes ticked away before her. April drew her slowly erect, then led her to John's lap where she hesitantly sat down. He eased his arm around her and clutched at her breast. Lisa couldn't allay the feeling of stimulation as she jerked erect. She twisted her head to stare into his lusty, gleaming eyes. On the floor, Blinda grunted out a passionate sound as Shug sunk deeper into her! It was all too much! Lisa twisted away from him and bolted to her feet. Wildly, she looked about the room while April sat quietly down to watch, her enchanting mouth broadening understandingly. Not a fool in this room would ever understand, April thought, not one of them! And that would make the difference! She loved her!

"Hey Baby, come on," John tried, but Lisa was up and away from him that fast.

"No! No! I'm not one of those perverted bitches!" she cried at him. "I'm going to get out of here, and right now."

April watched her spin around and cross the room, throwing open the door and running toward the front entrance of the hotel.

John shook his head, then slowly got to his feet. He smiled at April. "She's really got a problem."

"I know."

"I'll find her," he said. "She'll be better in the morning."

"Lovely, isn't she?" April answered. "You want a feminine secret?"

"Why not?"

"Be gentle, love, warm love and gentleness now; that's all, John, love and gentleness. She's torn apart."

"Hey, girl! Remember me? You bake the cookies, eh? I'll run this place."

"Sure, Darling, sure," April said, extending herself to kiss his lips.

John looked around him then as he stood, surveying what had become an orgy on the floor of his kitchen-dining room. Stupid bitches and bastards! His prick stirred violently inside his leg- clipped jeans, but not because of the lewd scene they portrayed, but with the covetous thoughts of the haughty Lisa Roberts! He couldn't remember when a bitch in this hotel had so stimulated him!

Lisa had been wrong, so horribly wrong! But she'd believed in Dabney! That was it, and even now, in her drugged haze, she truly believed that he never intended for anything like this, or anything out of the normal to happen! At least, not in the beginning, when they'd married! They'd loved each other and that was all they had understood. Being together, living, loving, life had meant so much to both of them!

So much, so much! It seemed like a joke now, didn't it, remembering as she lay there in the sand with the surf pounding behind her. My God! My God! They had damned near involved her in their perverted world! Think of that, Lisa Roberts! You've got no husband! He did truly die, and now you must.

"You don't run far for a strong, athletic girl!" he said, his voice sweeping down over her.

Lisa twisted herself onto her back. He, John, stood above her. Slowly, he lowered himself.

"Oh, oh God, please go away?" Lisa said to him.

"Why? That'd be a stupid thing, girl, especially when you want me here."

"I want to be by myself!"

He laughed. "No, not really you don't. You say it, but you're glad I came, In fact, you could've found places on this beach where no one would have discovered you, but you wanted me to."

"You, you're an egotistical man, John Van Horn!"

"I suppose so," he replied, lighting a cigarette. "Anyway, I brought us something I thought you would appreciate. Like a drag?"

She looked up at where he sat with Indian folded legs beside her. There was a man, at least enough to let her see his face. He was right, of course, right in everything he had said so far. She raised her hand and he placed the reefer between her fingers.

"W-What's happened to my husband?" she questioned, taking the weed to her lips.

"Happened? Has he changed?"

"You know he has."

"Really, or could it be that you're finally seeing the true Dabney?"

"I, I'm not sure, but he's not my husband."

John nodded. "Does he want to be?"

"How the devil should I know that? I went out on a limb for him in this insurance thing! And he made love to me."

"You mean he fucked you, Baby!"

The lewd word ricocheted in her brain for a full thirty seconds before she answered him. She couldn't help the strange licentious sensations it set off inside her. She gaped up at him in the semi-darkness.

She said: "He made beautiful love to me when I first arrived here, Look, he's my husband, I love him!"

"We all love each other, Baby. Nothing to get fanatical over."

"Oh, oh damn!" Lisa moaned, rolling onto her stomach away from him. "I've only been here a couple of hours, but don't you suppose I can see what your game is? All these pretty girls? Stupid, pretty, young girls like that poor Blinda who had to submit to the likes of Shug? Don't you think I can figure what it's all about, even with my New England brain?"

Again, John laughed. "How would you term it, Baby? You figure those girls are whores for my benefit, mine and Dabney's? Or maybe you see this layout as one big happy commune, a setup where the girls put out to keep the daddies happy while they promise them the moon."

"Well isn't it? The big-daddy thing, I mean!" Lisa snapped up at him.

"Maybe! Maybe, it is! Maybe, it's just exactly that!" John replied, unleashing his heavy legs from beneath him to slither behind as he lay down on his stomach beside her. "But when I came here, it wasn't! This shit-place looked as if it'd been crumbled by a bulldozer! April helped me! My baby, April! We made this place back into an oasis where the travelers could come, and they have! I'm not ashamed, nor am I ashamed of what happened back there! Some sort of law has to rule, and what you saw was their own!

"Like Dabney, d-d-doing it to that girl?"

"Doing it? You mean fucking, Baby?" he said, reaching down and moving his hands through the sand beneath her, then, lifting her up to him. "Is that what you mean, Doll?"

She hadn't expected him to do that and suddenly she was in his arms and staring up at his eyes, only inches away. "Y-Yes, that's exactly what I meant!" she said, balling her small hands into fists.

"I'm not responsible for your husband, baby. Let's understand that first," he half-hissed into her face. "But I'm not about to put him down either for fucking a girl, even if I was his keeper! That's one of the biggest hangups, Baby, the fact that we think we own our mates! We don't! For instance, April knows that I'm with you right now, and that I'm going to fuck you! She's not the least bit uptight."

"Wha-what, what are you saying?" Lisa gasped, his words registering fully in her mind. "You're going to, You're out of your mind! You're not going to lay your hands on."

"Oh yes, I am, Baby! I'm going to fuck you! You might call it rape, but I promise, before I finish with you, you'll love me, cause I'm going to keep raping your tight pussy until you beg me to split you wide open."

Lisa wrestled with him then, there in the sand. It was a stupid thing, she knew; he held her tight in his strong arms, smiling all the while she kicked and flailed her arms. He kissed her, kissed her with opened mouth, his moist tongue caressing her compressed, pouting lips, the feel of his soft, velvety beard against her face inciting new, unwanted sensations to ripple through her. He held her for a long moment, his mouth covering hers while his tongue taunted her trembling lips and his big hands smoothed over her back. Then, he lay her down and she stared up at his face that was partially illuminated by the faint light of the quarter moon.

"Y-You can do it!" she said, her voice quivering. "I can't stop you! But you know that I'll hate you, don't you."

"No, no, you won't, Baby," he answered her softly. "You want me to. We both know it, and I'm going to! I'm going to fuck you, Lisa doll! Right here on the soft, sandy beach, with the sound of that surf carrying us both right up and off, my cock deep inside your hot little pussy, and you want it there! You do, Baby, you do!"

"Ohhh, oohhh God!" she gasped uncontrollably as again he raised her up inside his arms and kissed her, but this time her lips parted for him and her tiny tongue came forward eagerly to meet his. She clung to him as he slowly lowered the zipper down her back; then, he was peeling the gown off of her and she felt cool sea air brush tantalizingly against her breasts, causing their nipples to distend in hardened delight. She was naked! Dear God! She was naked before him! "Oh, oohhhh, John, John, L-Love me! Love me, please?"

He pressed her gently back onto the soft sand sliding his tongue deep into her sweet tasting mouth, his big hand smoothing over her magnificent breasts to squeeze, massage and tenderly taunt their puffy nipples. Christ, she was a lovely piece, he thought in his building lust. Her husband was an idiot, a stupid, goddamned shithead! Already, she was beginning to moan passionately in under him and he let his hand trail down her ribcage across the satin smoothness of her belly, at last reaching the moist velvetiness of her hot, sensitive, vaginal split, playing momentarily in the sparsely covered golden pubic hair, then searchingly discovering her already erect clit. It was like a tiny nub to the tip of his finger; he tweaked it and she gasped into his mouth. He stroked it, then pinched it and she repeated her erotic gasp; he ran his finger downward through the damp, perceptive raw flesh to the small opening of her pussy, and while he tongue-fucked into her warm and receptively sucking mouth, he gently slipped his middle finger up into the moist quivering hole.

Lisa groaned desirously, her hips involuntarily writhing and lifting toward the pleasure bringing intrusion. The finger moved up into her knowingly, long and thick, she thought vaguely through the marijuana haze, like a small prick, beautifully, yes."

"Aaahhhh, yessss," she moaned. This was what she needed: heavenly bliss! Her whole body was coming lustfully alive, and she wasn't ashamed, It was beautiful, he was beautiful; this handsome bearded man, with his finger deep inside her cunt... her wanting cunt, playing at the tiny mouth of her womb, and a wave of new and exciting sensations raced over her vibrant flesh. Dabney, Dabney, why did you do this to me? It's over for us; you must know that, this beautiful man, he-he makes me feel as if we're about to leave this whole world together! His wonderful finger, shoved right up into my cunt, your cunt, Dabney, it was if you'd wanted it, but now, it's mine again, and his right now, because I want him there! I do! I do! Nothing else matters, but us now, right now!

Suddenly, he was no longer kissing her face but had moved down to her breasts, licking and sucking their throbbing fullness as he caressed and kneaded them delightfully with his free hand, while the penetrated middle-finger of his other played skillfully inside the warm depths of her pussy. His soft beard brushed against her silken skin provocatively as he slithered down her slowly, his moist teasing tongue and lips laving and kissing her trembling flesh, while she ran her fingers through his hair and lovingly grazed their tips over his bearded cheeks. She felt his tongue dip into the dimple in her belly, taunting it momentarily before moving downward over the bowl of her soft tummy flesh.

Oh God, there had never been anything like this, never, never! To be kissed all over this way was a phenomenon she had never experienced! Dabney had truly been the only man in her life sexually, even though there had been several close calls the past two-years, but her own fingers had provided the necessary release she'd had to have when the tensions became unbearable, and she had resorted to masturbation willingly rather than sacrifice her fidelity to her husband. But never in the two years they had lived together had Dabney ventured beyond conventions, nor had she encouraged him to, and never in all of the love-making hours they had passed together had she known the verge of such bliss as she was reveling in at that very moment!

He had moved down between her thighs, gently forcing them apart and placing himself between them, his face hovering just above her moist, tingling loins. She stared down at him, hardly believing the sight of him there, a sense of hedonistic abasement flickering through her at the realization that a strange man was actually viewing, examining, the most secret parts down between her open thighs, even if it were by the faint light of the moon! Oh... oh God! her mind was glazed in the lewd rapture that was helplessly overwhelming her. And then, she felt the large flat palms of warm hands pressing against the softness of her inner thighs, opening them wider apart, and her breath caught in her throat as she waited with screaming desire for what he would do to her next!

God in heaven! Was he really going to? She had never had it done to her with a mouth and tongue before, but she'd be lying to her own self if she denied that she had dreamed of it a thousand times, had even reluctantly discussed it with her girl friends, and openly spoke of it as a perversion! Was she actually that much of a fraud? Because right at that pin-pointed moment she was hoping and praying that he would! She wanted him to! Yes, Yes!

"Oooohhhh," she gasped with mouth open wide, lurching as his hot damp lips closed over the soft, long mound at the base of her belly. Then, as spiraling shocks of sensual pleasure raced through her, she sensed dewy, tantalizing kisses being lavished on the partially spread-open slit of her excited pussy, his tongue abruptly flicking at the moist, palpitating opening. Every muscle in her body tautened at the maddeningly entrancing licking of her slightly spread cunt-lips, causing ungovernable moans of ecstasy to tumble from her tongue-moistened lips.

God! Oh, God! She hadn't believed he would really do it! Not really lick and kiss it! She knew that such things by people in deep love were practiced, at least, the books and magazines said so, yet oddly enough, she doubted at that precise moment that she'd ever believed it, even though she'd wondered what it would be like, but thinking of it with Dabney had some how nauseated her, though she felt anything but sickened at that explosive second!

Yes, yes, he was doing it again! Oh God, it was absolutely heavenly! The gentle, loving tenderness of his tongue there, his hot wet tongue! She couldn't resist the desire to move her slender hands down over the sensuously throbbing mounds of her breasts to the smoothness of her heaving stomach and bringing them to rest on either side of her flushed pussylips. She could hear him breathing heavily, feel his hot breath against her soft pubic hair and the delicate graze of his beard against the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Slowly, deliberately, wantonly, she spread the fleshy, hairy lips apart with trembling fingers, her hands brushing the hair of his beard as he lowered his face to her and drew his warm, moist tongue up through the sensitive pink- flesh of her excitedly flowering cunt.

Lisa moaned, gasped, and spasmed beneath him. John sensed the movement of her beautiful blonde head beginning to roll back and forth in the sand as his spearing tongue wormed out again, its smooth flicking tip encircling her rigid, quivering clit. He sucked then, drawing the warm soft folds of inner-petals into the hot cavern of his mouth, hearing her straining whimper of bliss, while his tongue maintained its moral-shattering licking of the tiny nerve plexus between her legs.

Lisa no longer had any conception of time nor space. How long his unmatchable lovemaking went on she couldn't even remotely imagine, a minute, hour, eternity! All she could possibly comprehend was its unequaled ecstasy for her, as his tongue finally penetrated her moist, wanting pussy, surging deep, then taunting her urethra, surging deep again, then licking her clit, all of it over and over and over again, and again, all thoughts of her husband soaring miles and miles away.

April had found herself a bottle of rose wine and sat at the table sipping it while the orgy carried on around her. She watched the obscene circus absently, feeling little to sensually provoke her with the exception of Shug's stupendous prick, and that she had enjoyed too many times to lose her wits at seeing it plunge into the young girl's widespread little crotch. She smiled to herself as might some sort of evil den mother, she thought, smiled at the sight of Blinda who was completely strung out now with the sensations Shug's giant horse cock was bringing her, yet, he had still two to three inches of the massive shaft she couldn't begin to take. What a deceiving little bitch she was, with her warm smile and cold eyes, but at that very moment she was little more than a cheap whore masochistically loving the erotic torment the imbecile was thrusting into her moist, upthrust pussy.

Motherfucking bitch! And weren't they all! Parasites, Even worse than the so-called males that drifted to them. At least, the boys moved on, but these cock-struck broads, it was almost as if the word had spread regarding John's protective wing. They came and they clung there like bitch animals. A haven for whores. Sometimes, it made her sick to even think of it, and then, something would happen like Lisa... Lisa Roberts!

April looked at Lisa's husband as she raised the glass to her lips, stared at his lasciviously bent form that was draped over the Davis bitch's back and ass, the latter thrust high in the air so that he could soar into her multi-fucked cunt at will with driving force. She watched the hunched-down redhead's dangling breasts quiver rhythmically with Dabney's brutal lunges, her lovely long hair sweeping the floor with each flail of her head.

God almighty! They'd all screwed themselves out, and they were still just kids! Her sister, Jessica, a little to the left and behind her, straddled Mark's upthrust shaft, straining and writhing insanely to bring herself to orgasm, while the poor boy gaped up at her stupidly.

This was love? Good Lord, what did they know about love? Sex, yes! Love, no! And sex was running dry for all of them, including Dabney Roberts!

April lighted the joint she'd made for herself from the cigar box. She sucked the smoke into her lungs and held it there until almost none of it appeared when she exhaled. Her brain spaced pleasantly. What would her father say if he saw her do that, she thought, surprised that he should even enter her mind, it'd been that long. She smiled. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I always loved you, but never your wives. You were a good man, Daddy, but now, you're gone, and I wasn't even there when you died!

So ridiculous, just as John was ridiculous! With all of his money, his disgusting inheritance, they lived as might animals, on the fringe of it all. Stupid wasn't it, father? Are you looking down at me from up there? Do you despise me? Am I a shame to you, Daddy?

Momentarily, April thought she was going to cry. Of course, it was the goddamned pot and the wine together that were muddling her emotions and backing them up on her! She wasn't going to cry; she wasn't going to do anything only sit there and watch these sex fanatics drain their loins, just as John was doing with Lisa Roberts at that very minute!

She shook her head bitterly, then stared across the room at the wall blankly. God, she hadn't wanted that to happen, but there'd been no way to prevent it. She'd seen the lust in his eyes! He'd wanted her, damn! Damn! A hundred girls, maybe, more she'd willingly given him! Why was it necessary that he take her?

Again, April shook her head, ignoring the lustful, salacious scene that was taking place in the center of the room in front of her. Their orgiastic indulgence did nothing for her, but the memory of Lisa Roberts did, and she was not homo, bi, but never lez all the way; yet the picture she was nurturing of Lisa Roberts was driving her wild!

God! She'd never been jealous of any woman John had known, or wanted, but she was at that very moment! Even Riva in Toronto, she hadn't cared how much he fucked her, and God knows that she and Riva had carried on their affair for three years, and it might even be the same yet had John not shot that Quebec nationalist and gotten wounded himself. So many things had happened since. The Canadian government thought John dead, and Riva was gone, the big fix, the fatal overdose!

God almighty! Lisa, Lisa, don't let him! Please don't... I love you, Baby! I swear, I'll make you happy, please, Baby... please! She then sobbed into her hands.

Dabney Roberts's half-drugged brain was a soggy closet of lust, jealousy and rage. On his knees, hunched behind Darla Davis's luscious and furiously squirming body, he gritted his teeth wickedly as he fucked in and out of her moist, grasping cunt with long hard lunges, his lean asscheeks hollowing with every thrust. He'd seen Lisa run out and John go after her, the bastard! He was out there someplace now on the beach shoving his prick into her, just as sure as he was pounding the meat to this redheaded pig. The sonofabitch, he might've at least gotten his approval first, after all, she was still his wife, wasn't she? He'd never sniffed around April, even though he'd wanted to more than once but he'd respected the fact that she was John's wife, goddamn him! Oh, so she'd sucked him off once, but John'd been fucking her at the same time and she'd reached for him, not the other way around. Besides, that'd happened the first night he'd came there, and they'd wanted to make him welcome, they'd said.

He couldn't help the jealous anger that had begun to boil inside him, and wrathfully he sought to take it out on the salaciously undulating body of the straining girl beneath him. He squeezed her flesh in his cruel, strong hands, compressing it into thick weals, bloodless hillocks of her white, smooth skin raised on her lush, rounded asscheeks, and when he released them the ridges settled back slowly, leaving angry red marks fringed with a mean- looking mottled area that would remain for days. Each time he thrust, his fingers gripped her harder, squeezing her soft, unresisting thighs with growing sadistic delight, hurting her suddenly and forcing new groans of pain from her throat as she struggled to give him the full benefit of her bucking hips.

He stretched the soft white orbs of her asscheeks wide with rough fingers, watching the pink folds of moist, glistening flesh clinging tightly around his rampaging cock, levering forward with a teeth-gritting grunt and driving the thundering shaft to its hilt! He could feel the fleshy resistance deep inside her, feel it spread in soft rippling waves before the blunt, turgid head of his throbbing prick, raising a choking, guttural moan from the depths of Darla's chest, as though the breath had been driven out of her.

The bitch! They were all bitches! He knew she'd been fucked this deep before because she, too, had suffered the Shug Requital, but cunts were a unique marvel. The little whore, she was still tight enough to pass for yesterday's virgin, and now he wormed his cockhead around deep inside her passage, enlarging the depths at the mouth of her womb and beyond, feeling her clasping cuntal muscles gripping his rigid prick like warm, velvety elastic.

Blinda cried out like a banshee suddenly and Dabney gaped over to see Shug's sissy-skinned hulk begin to quake and he knew he was shooting his massive load of semen deep into the trembling belly of the chastised bitch, bringing her off at the same time with her legs drawn back high and her grotesquely stretched cunt bucking up against his glistening rod in a wild tempo. Jessica and Mark were nearing that point too; Dabney could tell by the slack expressions on their lust-incited faces, say nothing of the way she was pounding her wide-stretched cunt onto Mark's thick cock, her firm tits dancing and swaying to the rhythm of her insane fucking, and then, he saw April just sitting there, watching it all absently, getting stoned on pot and rose wine, yeah, and even shedding tears!

Goddamn! She was actually crying, and over John, no doubt, out there someplace fucking hell out of Lisa! Jesus Christ, he'd never dreamed that she loved the sonofabitch that much! And the bastard was out there ramming his filthy cock into his own wife!

Abruptly, Darla had reached down between her hungrily grinding thighs and was cupping and squeezing Dabney's sperm bloated balls, and momentarily his mind blanked with all else but the libidinous delight at hand. His attention was immediately drawn back to the slave-like position of the voluptuous bitch bent servilely before him. He began to pant loudly as he watched his iron-hard prick, moist with Darla's cuntal secretions, pistoning into the pink, flowered-open hole of her seething, hairy cunt. The sight of her full, rounded asscheeks and her working little ass were having their effects now on his powerfully building climax. Her own soft, hot hand was churning and milking his balls, while her other was lasciviously stroking her tiny clit; his eyes beaded luridly as they gaped at the ragged, puffy lips of the protective fleshy lips on either side of her cunt, drawing back with each outstroke then swallowing in again when he moved forward into her with his furious in-and-out cadence. Shit! Shit! He was going to cum! And so was she, any fucking second! She spread her trembling thighs wider and shoved her ass back wantonly, until he could feel the matting of his pubic hair brushing tantalizingly against the soft inner edges of her spread-open asscheeks, and the head of his charging prick ripping erotically into her tender womb.

"Oh, oh, Ooohhh! Fuck hard, Baby! Ram it hard, harder!" Darla chanted from her lewd, bent-over position, waggling her hips and ass wildly. "I-I'm going to cum! Ohmygod! I'm cuuummmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!"

"Oh damn, me tooooo!" Jessica cried out, her plunging hips writhing and heaving with abandon as she screwed her heated young pussy hard down onto Mark's jerking cock that was obviously squirting its jets of sperm deep up into her flowering womb. "Oh, fuck yesssss! I'm cuuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg."

Dabney's brain reeled as if he were being sucked down in the vortex of a whirlpool, down! Down! Down! Even as he was being lifted up! Up! Up! He heard the bitches' cries of enchantment and Mark squeal like a stuck pig, while he clenched fiendishly at the redhead's licentiously waggling hips and felt the flood of her warm climactic release bathing his aching prick, foaming out whitely around the deeply embedded rod and down onto his swaying, swollen balls that Darla had deserted in the throes of her own ecstasy; then his hot sperm began to travel the distance from his balls to the tip of his jerking cockhead, spitting in thick, white spurts to splash against the walls of Darla's quivering belly, her luscious ass skewering back onto his shaft, her asscheeks flattening against his hips and pelvis, while her own orgasm continued to unfold insanely to the violent force of his ejaculation.

The pot-stoned Lisa Roberts groaned huskily from deep in her throat as John's hot, probing tongue-tip continued to work its way up and down the length of her tingling pink cuntal slit, starting at her lower belly and slithering its way down, down over the clasping mouth of her moist pussy and into the crevice of her uncontrollably flexing asscheeks. She felt his strong hands move to the backs of her knees that were splayed out wide and arched on either side of him; he raised and pressed her legs up over her body so that their kneecaps touched her breasts, lewdly exposing the whole delicate plane of her spread-open pussy to his eager mouth.

"Oh... my God, John... John! Wh-What are you doing to me? Oh, oh, Lord," she whimpered sensually as he flicked his tongue against the tight little puckered ring of her ass, and she reveled in the erotic sensations it sent charging over her. Dear God in heaven! She'd never imagined that such wanton, licentious acts could be so heavenly!

She gasped and moaned beneath the magical enchantment of his voracious sucking and licking of her upturned ass and genitals. She felt as if she were floating on an exalted level, above all worldly things, as if she had somehow been delivered into the hands of a god, a love god! And then, he was drawing her clit up to anew, erect state, using lips and teeth and a liquid tongue! Her naked, wanting loins were a maelstrom of rapture! Oh, God, she could love him forever and ever.

He moved up over her, tonguing her navel, leaving a damp, hot trail as he inched along her trembling, needing body, at last finding the nipple of her left breast, and then her right, sucking and raising salacious gasps of additional pleasure from deep in her throat. He kissed her then and she tasted the tongue that had brought her such carnal pleasure, tasted her own cuntal poignancy there and trembled erotically with the lascivious delight and the forbidden thought of it.

"Oh, oh, John," she hissed. "It's never been like this for me, I swear it!"

"Baby, I'm glad, yeah, but shit, it was just a little cunt licking," he said, half-grinning crudely. He raised his face to almost leer down at her in the moonlight. "Hey, for Christ' sake, you mean you've never had your cunt eaten before?"

The vulgarity in his use of vile words at such a moment when her mental and physical being were near ready to burst with desire for him both stimulated and confused her emotionally. Then, she felt herself shaking her head negatively.

Christ, she was a beautiful bitch, he thought! His cock throbbed unmercifully inside his clipped jeans. How the hell was he going to take her, anyway? She was too fucking much just to waste on a straight cock-ramming the first time! He stared down at her and saw the gleam of moonlight reflected in her beautiful, limpid eyes. Fuck, she was all gone; her luscious tits were heaving as if she'd just run ten miles! He couldn't believe it! That goddamned stupid Roberts! This was a sex-mine he had here, and he was ready to swap her in for some Frisco chippy he'd bred by accident! Crazy bastard!

But maybe his loss was going to be John Van Horn's gain, Yeah, why not? With a little training she could make one hell of a mate, and let's face it, man, April was running out of gas for him. He'd been thinking off and on of shedding her for months; she just didn't have it anymore for him. But he'd have to play it cool; he needed the sixty grand of Dabney's to make the deal with Lopez. Yeah, he still needed the dumb fuck for a while but as soon as he could!

"Wh-What are you thinking?" she breathed up at him, a hesitant little smile tugging at her lovely mouth.

Her white teeth glistened in the pure ivory light and he felt her hands, her soft, smooth hands moving caressingly over the flesh of his long chest. Fuck, he had her right up a tree! She wanted it so bad she was just about ready to start begging! A charge of sadistic lust shot through him. He said: "I was thinking of all the ways I want to fuck you, Baby. Does that make your pussy tingle, or scare the shit out of you instead?"

Again, his flagrant question and foul language both excited and repulsed her at the same time, but the carnal sensations that prickled over her aroused flesh like a spring shower were too strong to ignore. Dear God, she needed release from the urgent tension he had caused to mount tormentingly inside her, yet, she wasn't so naive as not to realize the lurid acts that his questions entailed! But she wasn't frightened, at least, not of him nor his body, nor even what he might choose to do to her, God, she wanted him so damned badly!

"Does it?" he repeated, his breathing coming faster.

"No, no! I'm not afraid!" she gasped. "Only do something to me, before I lose my mind!"

"Fuck!" John blurted, reaching to clutch at her heaving breasts hungrily. His cock was hammering inside his cut-offs, and even the fucking surf was pounding crazily in his ears. "Okay, you luscious cunt! I'll do something!" Abruptly, he was on his feet and shedding his pants, and then he was down on top of her once more, straddling her with his asscheeks crushing her heavy breasts into her chest, his long, thick cock poling out from his hairy loins, its moist soft tip brushing against her chin. "There, you beautiful bitch! Let's see you suck that for starters!"

The force of his weight dropping heavily onto her drove the breath from Lisa's chest with a grunting sound, while her eyes widened in unexpected shock at the sight of his hard, thick penis waggling and grazing against her chin, only inches away from her mouth! For a long moment, she stared at it in growing and cringing repugnance! She sensed the desire within her almost immediately beginning to subside in the wake of his animal-like convergence on top of her! Dear God, what had she let herself in for? Never, even with Dabney, had she given her self to the perverted act! Oh, God in heaven. No, No!

"What's the matter, Baby? The thought of sucking my cock too much for you? Or maybe it's just the sight of it right up next to those pretty lips that gives you the whammies?" he hissed down at her from between clenched teeth. "Oh, Doll, you want it! You want it in your mouth so bad that your belly's beginning to churn right now! You just didn't like the way I came at you, right? Well, this man's laying claim to your ass from now on, little girl, so you better get used to his ways of doing things. When I say fuck, you fuck! And when I say suck, you suck! Because that's the way Daddy likes his bitch, and he doesn't want it necessary to beat it into her head! Now, we're going to take some of that puritanical starch out of your little ass, Baby, and in a few minutes you're going to be sucking that prick like a baby suckling its mother's tit."

Lisa stared up at him in speechless trepidation; his words, each graphic one, ricocheted against the walls of her brain, and then she felt his hand moving behind him along the quaking flesh of her belly and down through the sparse hair covering her mound into the moistness between her pussy lips, until once more he'd found her clit, sending wild little galvanic sensations to spasm through her spontaneously as he began to skillfully masturbate it.

She moaned aloud at the immediate ripples of erotic delight, his manipulations sent racing through her loins and dancing tinglingly from her cunt lips both down her thighs and upward over her belly. His words continued to reverberate in her mind, and she knew that everything he'd said was true! Then, she found herself gazing down at the length of his cock brushing against her pointed chin, wishing that she could better see it in the faint light, and sensing her hands coming up toward it from either side as if they were being operated by some force outside her own body. She grasped it, encircling the fingers of her right hand around its hot, hard thickness as the pounding surf thundered in her skull. She became aware of his strong asscheeks, spread and flat, heavy on her breasts, his soft and velvety balls cool against her smooth naked skin, in contrast to his throbbing hot shaft in her hand. Wildly now, her sensuously fermenting mind began to whirl with the libidinous pleasure he was inciting between her legs. She gazed at his long, throbbing cock in her hand and began to stroke it lovingly, while her other hand slid down the crevice between her breasts to cup his heavy swollen balls tenderly, and then, raising her head slightly, she flicked out her saliva-moistened tongue and licked at the tiny opening splitting the spongy tip, and for the first time in her life tasted the delicious tang of the male animal! The exhilarating experience increased her passion by ten-fold, peaking the sensations that were saturating her whole vibrant body to a near-unbearable point, and suddenly, nothing mattered only getting his cock into her mouth and sucking the very nectar from his balls deep into her own throat and belly. She whimpered as she raised her head higher, opening her lips and mouth, then drawing his long, thick rod inside, along the length of her exploring tongue almost to her throat, then withdrew her head slowly as she sucked and worked her tiny tongue along it with inherent knowledge, her hand moving to its base to draw the foreskin back with thumb and forefinger so that she could lick tauntingly at the sensitive underside of its glans. Oh, God, she thought wildly, this was it... this... Him... oh, heavenly love!

He had her now, John knew, as he stared down at her lust-contorted face writhing in the sand beneath him and sucking at his cock like any little split-tail in the hotel. It never failed; nothing broke them down any quicker than a little pussy lapping and a finger job on their cunt-button. If there was any task to it, it was getting into their pants in the first place, but he was convinced that a tongue and finger could whip them into line faster than a hard prick anytime. Maybe it was because they were all ingrained lesbians, he didn't know nor give a goddamn, not as long's he had a delicious cunt like this to suck him off.

Rousing sensations of lust charged through him at the sight of her there mouthing his cock with tightly closed eyes, clinging to it with one hand while she milked his balls with the other, and suddenly, he raised to his knees and was fucking the bulbous, turgid head furiously into her receptive mouth.

Lisa sucked at it with new-born hunger, her brain saturated with the sheer carnal salacity of the act and the never-before enchantment of his masturbation. His hand around behind his back was almost brutally stroking the open slit down between her legs, and she opened her thighs to him lustfully, her mind blank to all else but the magnificent taste of the cock fucking into her mouth and the huge hand raping in and out her cunt!

John grunted loudly as the surf roared behind them, roughly entwining his clenched fist in her long blonde hair, jerking her head erect, while the other ravaged her cunt unmercifully. He began buffeting her soft white body back and forth viciously in the sand beneath his spread legs, staring down at her lipstick-rimmed, elastic-like lips sucking with all of their newly discovered lust on his cock fucking into her mouth. He watched almost mesmerized, as her ovaled lips clung to his thick shaft, pulling out tiny ridges of pink-colored inner flesh in the moon's light when he jerked his ass back, then thrusting them in again when he plunged forward sinking his cock deep into her throat in an unbelievable, obscene performance he would never have believed possible, at least, the first time, until the scraggly hairs of his pelvis were damned near brushing her nose, the tensile rim of her luscious lips sucking tightly around the shaft of his white, almost cumming prick!

Shit yes! He was going to blow his nuts! He didn't know about her, but he....

"You sonofabitch! Goddamn you, John! Get off my wife or I'll kill you right there!" Dabney snarled in a quaking voice. "So help me, I'll kill you!"

Lisa heard the half-shrieking voice above the surf's continuous thunder, heard it and recognized it as Dabney's, yet nothing in the physical world could have made her give up the delicious cock in her mouth, had not John torn himself away from her and left her there half-sitting, half-lying in her absolutely obscene, naked position before the slender man waving the gun crazily!

"You goddamned, dirty, lousy cunt!" Dabney screamed, charging her and slapping her viciously across the face with his free, open hand. "I ought to kill both of you right here and feed you to the fucking sharks!"

The blow stunned Lisa for a moment, knocking her over onto her side, but neither the blow nor anything less than a bullet from his gun could have arrested the maddening tremors of desire that filled her unfulfilled body! Oh! God! She'd been almost there, another thirty seconds, She rolled onto her back and began to sob in near-hysterics.

"You bitch! You should bawl, goddamn you! Two hours here with us and this is the way I find you!"

"man, man! What's wrong with you?" John managed, forcing a smile as he held his hands above his shoulders while his prick continued to dip downward flaccidly. "Now, put that gun away, Baby, before somebody gets hurt, eh? I mean, shit, boy, if I'd known you were up tight over the girl like this, I mean, hell, I'd have avoided her like the clap! You know me, Dabney, I've always been right with you, haven't I?"

"Goddamnit, John, you could've squared it with me first!" Dabney spat, still holding the pistol in front of him. "After all, she's my wife, isn't she? And you don't see me trying to hustle April! If you'd just let me know."

"Fuck man! You were humpin' the Davis bitch! Besides, I thought you were all gone on the San Fran."

"Forget that!" Dabney cut him short. "Goddamn it, you know I'm right, John! You were slicing my own meat and you know it!"

He ranted on while John stood there half listening, his heart pounding in his throat. The crazy bastard! He hadn't been two seconds away from pulling that trigger! And no cunt was worth spilling his life's blood for! She was a dream and all that, but right now it was a matter of bleaching bones washed up on a beach somewhere, "L-Look man, you've known me, how long now? A year, some better? Okay, have I ever lied to you? Have I?"

"What the hell're you getting at, John?"

The handsome, bearded man shrugged. "So, so, every cat meets a bitch who can seduce him. You know that, Dabney, you're all man. I, I don't want to cut you, boy, not if you feel that way about her."

"I don't feel anything about her! She's a fucking lowlife bitch! And she's going to get hers, I promise you that!" Dabney snarled.

Again, John shrugged. "Okay, Okay, only she gave me this little pitch, see, she wanted to suck me off, like April wanted it that first night with you, remember? Hey, you remember how she wanted to eat your prick to make you feel welcome? Do you?"

"Yeah! I remember," Dabney said, staring at Lisa who had pulled her shift over her and was sitting up in the sand gaping at both of them in disbelief. "O-Okay, so I lost my head," he added, lowering the weapon, but not his glaring eyes from his wife. "Put your goddamned hands down. Fuck, I should've let you choke the bitch to death on the end of your cock!"

John laughed heartily "Well, that's better, man. Now you sound like the Dabney I know." He came forward, pulling his arm around the tall, slender figure. "Look, Baby, we've got too much in the cooker to blow it out here on the beach over a stupid broad, haven't we? Eh?"

"Yeah, you're right, John," Dabney hissed, not looking at him but eyeing Lisa viciously. "Somebody's going to be taught a lesson though! That filthy bitch sprawled in the sand there, the cunt who tried to make me believe she'd been playing the grieving wife for the past two years, while all the time she was out sucking off every cock she could find, including that fag half-brother of hers, probably. Well, we'll wind this up."

"Now, man! Hold it! Keep your cool!" John said, grasping gently onto him as he started for Lisa who still sat there in shocked horror, staring at them as if they were people who had materialized from some weird, impossible night mare. "Remember Lopez, eh? Two-hundred-thousand dollars, Dabney! That's what the Blackman'll pay! Now, let's use our heads, go back to the hotel, have a few drags and head for TJ? No mistakes that'll put us down, right? Clear thinking, Then?"

Dabney sighed heavily. "Okay, that makes sense," he said, thinking of Rachel. Jesus, he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their thing. And this promiscuous little bitch wasn't worth that! "I'm with you, John. We go back to the hotel, smooth out, then head for Tijuana and Lopez."

"Right, Baby, right!" John said, grinning. He clapped Dabney's shoulders and the latter returned his grin. "Let's go."

Dabney turned to Lisa. "Come on, cocksucker! You won't need that rag! Just leave it there and come on! I'm not going to kill you; John's right like usual. I'll just let you spoil in your own rot juice, Now, move before I decide to shove a chunk of driftwood up your filthy cunt!"

Dabney hadn't stopped Lisa from running up the stairs to their room once they were back in the hotel, but in her nakedness the shame she endured as her husband paraded her before the others who were sprawled about the lobby participating in various acts of venereal obscenity, announcing her as the establishment's new "house cocksucker," nearly broke her down completely. Finally, he had let her go and she managed to get up the stairs, her tears blinding her as she stumbled to their room, slamming the unlockable door behind her and throwing herself across the bed to sob pitifully.

The shocking horror of it all was not in the brutalness of her husband, nor the degradation he had submitted her to, but the complete desertion by John and his vicious lies in accusing her of seducing him, insisting that she had begged him to let her, suck him off, as he'd so foully put it!

M-My God! I can't believe it yet! That he could do such a cowardly thing to me in order to save his own skin, and after just telling me how he was claiming me for his own! The bastard! The craven bastard! They're nothing but animals, all of them!

She sat up suddenly, wiping the tears from her eyes with her fingers and brushing her long hair behind her shoulders, There was only one thing to do, and that was to get out of there as quickly as possible! Get away from there as far as she could, as fast as she could! God, her loins still throbbed in her frustrated denial of release from John's masturbatory lovemaking while she, she was, oh, she didn't want to think of it! Only to leave that horrible place, now, before it was too late!

Her bags were still packed and she wasted no time getting dressed. If she could get to the highway she felt certain she could catch a ride, and she had enough money to buy her air passage back to Bratham. Then, she'd make a clean breast of everything to the insurance company and take whatever punishment she had coming. Anything would be better than getting further involved in this licentious nightmare! And to think that she had willingly let herself be taken in, not only by Dabney, but by his so-called friend and obvious partner, Oh, they were beautiful people, all right! The uninhibited generation! God Almighty, in a matter of hours she had received an education from them that she wouldn't forget in her whole remaining lifetime!

Lord, Lord! Help me now, oh, please, help me, she thought in tremoring fear as she stepped out into the hall carrying her two valises.

April sat quietly at the table, watching and listening to John and Dabney as they discussed their plans prior to leaving for Tijuana, Mexico. The pot had served to smooth Dabney's rage and that pleased her. She was sorry that it'd happened; she had tried to talk Dabney out of going off looking for them, but it'd been useless. He'd been uptight and there'd been no holding him back; then, he'd ran upstairs and when he'd come down, she had seen the revolver in his belt. A helpless, cold and empty feeling had gripped at her belly and she'd done little more than pace the floor and pray, until she'd seen them all re-enter the hotel, and then she'd realized that John's shrewd tact had again won him a reprieve.

"We'll go over the details on the way, man," John said, dragging at his brown-papered cigarette. "You know, the intricate things, so we'll be ready for Senor Lopez. He's a sleek cat, Baby, and by the way, better leave that cannon here, in case we run into fuzz somehow. We don't want to get busted on a concealed rap.

"Yeah. I intended to," Dabney replied.

"You can handle things all right here can't you, Doll?" John asked of April. "We'll be back by tomorrow night, maybe sooner. By that time, Dabney's spouse ought to be smoothed out." He grinned at her. "The loot's in the satchel in the usual place, including Dabney's sixty, everything except what we're taking with us to bind the deal. Can you handle it?"

"Why not? Haven't I always?"

John continued to grin. "You're a rare one, Baby," he said, pushing back his chair to stand. "Okay, man, let's split. We ought to make the border by three, a good crossing time...."

Dabney was getting to his feet when the door burst open and two half-naked, long-haired "guests" came in ushering Lisa between them, each holding to one of her arms tightly. They were grinning. One said: "Caught the girl making it toward the door with her suitcases, thought maybe you'd like to say goodbye."

She was trembling, her mouth partially open invisible fear. April sensed every muscle in her own tall, willowy body tauten at the unexpected sight of her standing there in her unconcealed panic.

"Y-You can't keep me here! I'm leaving, damn you!" Lisa managed in a sharp, cracking voice. "I want to get as far away from you and this place as."

Dabney was upon her like a madman, kicking over his chair in his rage. He grabbed her out of the pair's grasps, swung her around and slapped her viciously across the face, the force of the blow sending her staggering across the room. "You filthy cunt!" he spat, charging after her. "You'll do exactly as I tell you! Damn you, you're lucky you ain't dead right now!"

He was on top of her sagging, cringing body with raised hand when John caught him and dragged him off, pulling him back across the room while April went to her and drew her sobbingly erect, holding her tightly in her arms.

Lisa dropped down on the bed resignedly as Shug went to the chair and sat. Dabney stood in the open doorway grinning evilly at her. He glanced at Shug.

"Remember what I said, big man. You keep her here until I get back, right? She tries any thing, then tie her up, whatever you have to do, but she just better be here when I get back. Is that clear, shithead?"

"S-Sure, Dabney, you know me, anything you say, jeez, anything you tell me, Dabney."

"Good!" he snapped; then, to Lisa with a wicked grin: "S-long cocksucker, I'll take care of you later, my loving, grieving wife, damn you!"

Despondently, Lisa stretched out on the bed, still wearing the same miniskirt and blouse she had quickly pulled on in her attempted escape. It was the suit she'd worn on her happy flight out there, except for the jacket that lay over the back of the chair, and she couldn't hold back the little tear that trickled down her cheek as she remembered the beautiful thoughts that had filled her mind, soaring through the heavens toward the man she loved, her very own husband, Mother of God! Had she ever known. Oh! She just had to get a hold on herself and think, think! Somehow, someway, she had to get out of there! As horrible as the thought was, she'd forced herself to respect its lucid truth! Dabney intended to kill her! He had to! There was nothing left between them, and once he and John had consummated whatever it was they intended, then, then, he would do it! She was more than just expendable to him, she was a knowledgeable millstone around his neck! She knew too much! He had to destroy her, and he would, unless she could manage to somehow get away!

Lisa could hardly think straight with the terror that was quaking her whole soft body. She looked at the massive hulk of imbecile seated in the chair by the door, thought of his unalienable devotion to Dabney and a feeling of complete desolation poured through her. It was no use no damnable use! Escape was out of the question; the idiot would probably give his life to keep her there! But then, as she looked at him, a smile spread his almost cherubic mouth, and it was long seconds while she was lost in the midst of her frantic thoughts before she realized it. He was actually smiling at her, his little eyes seeming to soften, while his huge hands toyed with one another stupidly. Lisa was hardly conscious of how she managed it, but somehow she did, for it seemed more than just appropriate in gesture, it seemed essential to her being, and she smiled warmly back at him.

"N-No use of you and I being angry at each other, Shug," she heard herself say, surprised at the velvety tones in her voice. "I'd rather be your friend."

"Oh, I ain't mad with you, lady," he said, his eyes widening innocently. "I don't ever get mad with nobody, not really." He grinned broadly then. "I just do what Dabney tells me." His smile faded. "He said to keep you here, so I gotta, but I ain't mad, honest!"

"I know, I know, Shug," Lisa replied, wild thoughts suddenly racing through her mind. She tried to remember how the Davis twins had handled him downstairs. The vivid memories caused her stomach to turn over repulsively. God, dear God! Could she do it? Even with her life depending on it?

"Listen, you want anything lady, pretty lady, you just tell Shug, won't you? An' I'll sure get it for you, honest!" he said, enthusiastically.

Pretty lady! His innocuous, yet meaningful phrase, registered strongly in her brain. She said: "Yes, all right, Shug, dear. I'll ask you if there's anything, You, you're so big and strong, I'm not afraid with you here." Lisa smiled fetchingly at him. "I think I could go right to sleep, just knowing that you were guarding me, that you wouldn't let anyone touch me after I get undressed, even if they wanted to!"

He gazed at her, as if he were letting her words define themselves in meaning within the walls of his hampered brain. Then, he said: "Oh, don't worry, pretty lady! Honest, you don't have to worry! I'll protect you! You sleep if you want to. I'd hurt anyone that tried to touch you! Dabney'd expect me to!"

"You, you make me feel so safe, Shug dear," Lisa said, swinging her legs provocatively from the bed as she raised up, not trying to shield herself, but making an effort toward the wanton movements, holding her full white thighs slightly apart purposely, then sitting there on the edge of the bed with her mini brushed back high enough to make the vee of her white nylon panties visible before him.

She had never been a student of psychology, but the ingredients that composed sensual stimulation were as inherent to a woman as was the nursing of her own child. A man, no matter how mentally retracted, was more incited by the anticipation, the hope, the building want, than he ever was by the sudden facts laid before him. Seduction was the secret word! Seduction! And hadn't she already been accused of that once tonight? Lisa, the temptress! God, she mustn't get ridiculous, Keep her wits, that was the secret, and the only way out.

He was not a fool, a slow-witted person, perhaps, but no fool! She wouldn't have a second opportunity with him, she felt sure; it all had to flow smoothly this first time. She tried to think how long Dabney and John had been gone, perhaps forty-five minutes. They were well on their way. April was downstairs in her quarters; the rest of the, the people, were doing what they called "their thing" in their own warped ways. The timing was perfect! The scene was perfect! And the actors? Well, she was going to find out how perfect they were.

"You want something?" Shug questioned, leaning forward and gaping at her. "I'll get it for you."

"No, no. Shug, dear," she answered softly, portraying the sultriest smile she could imagine. She watched the level of his eye focus and was elated to see it lined directly between her slightly open legs. Her little bed-antic had caught his attention profoundly.

Lisa eased forward, sliding her feet to the floor and bunching her tiny skirt higher around her thighs and hips. She could only imagine without looking down how much of that tiny wisp of white nylon was exposed. "I'm tired, Dear," she said with a sigh. "Dabney isn't going to be back for a long time, do you mind if I get undressed and go to bed?"

Shug swallowed tightly. "N-No! No! Of course not!" he said, moving to the edge of his chair with his huge frame. "An' don't worry! You hear? Don't worry, no one'll hurt you cause I'm goin' to be sittin' here all night an' all day, until Dabney comes back."

"Oh, that's good, Shug, baby," Lisa replied seductively. She continued to smile at him. "As long as I have you, I'll never worry; never, dear."

She watched him and he nodded his head stupidly. His great legs were spread and although she wasn't certain, she thought she saw a stirring of his massive member inside his pants at the crotch. God! She had to be careful! He wasn't normal, in fact, his genitals were more animal than human! God! Was she doing the right thing? He could innocently kill her; tear her open internally! She could hemorrhage, Oh, darn! What nonsense! What else could she do? Once Dabney came back it would be all over anyway; she had to make a try, and what other way was there?

Better that she concentrate on her seductive abilities. And she couldn't forget the fact that he was and had been exposed to any number of young, enticing naked women! In other words, just taking off her clothes wasn't going to be enough. Her whole life was going to depend upon how she took them off, and if she could seduce him, then, yes then, what? She didn't know, only that it was the only way, and suddenly she got to her feet and began to remove her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly.

She proceeded to perform the act as if she were alone in the room, the thought occurring to her reasonably that a voyeur derived his pleasure from his secret, observing viewpoint. No place for exhibitionism, only stylism! Maybe, if he was normal, she could play with his carnal mind, but the fact that he wasn't, made every one of her movements and actions more important. Subconsciously, he would see through and could be turned off as automatically as a light switch, and leaving him as inactive, for sex in his limited mind, she'd wager her life, would be an empty shell if it weren't for those that took advantage of him.

Slowly, and as if he were not in the room, Lisa unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her legs to step out of it. Her mind worked feverishly. All must be done as if he were peeking in that window there She removed her slip, pressing it down over her hips in a necessary wriggling movement, letting the garment fall to the floor and walking toward the mirror. There, in brief panties and bra, she was sorry she hadn't worn her panty-hose, she toyed with her hair, then came back to pick up her slip. She made sure her asscheeks were facing him when she bent down, feeling her panties draw tight against her mound and between the full cheeks of her asscheeks, clinging there as she straightened, tossing the slip nonchalantly toward the chair. Then, with the worldly arm movement behind her, she unsnapped her bra and did the same thing, swinging around toward him in a manner that had to make her firm, full breasts sway provocatively. Finally, as she re-approached the bed, she smiled at him affectionately. She said: "I feel so safe with you here, Shug darling. Is it all right? May I lie down now?"

"Wh-What? Lie down? Oh, yes, oh, Sure!" he said, licking at his small mouth.

Lisa crawled onto the bed, then turned to face him, one leg drawn up beneath her, her rounded full breasts thrust forward enticingly, and then, she said: "Aren't you tired, Shug?" She tried to make her expression concerned. "Why don't you lie down for awhile, too? Get undressed and we'll wait here together for Dabney. Would you like that?"

She had thrown her trump card right there! And it was obvious to her that he was considering all the merits of it.

"Well, I don't know, you see, Dabney said to wait."

"But he didn't tell you not to lie down and rest, Darling," Lisa said softly. "Besides, you'll be right beside me, and I'd sleep better with you close, looking after me, protecting me. We can even turn off the lights.

"Y-Yeah, yeah, we could couldn't we," Shug replied, half-grinning. "Yeah, well, all right, I guess," he said. "I can look after you closer if I was in bed with you, couldn't I?"

Lisa watched him lumber to his feet and start toward her. She said: "Take off your clothes, Darling. You don't want to come to bed with your clothes on, do you?"

"Wha'? Oh, yeah, my clothes," he repeated, and then, he began to undress.

Lisa watched him, her emotions suddenly becoming multisponsored again. She sensed the dread of her situation lessening, almost as if her seductive plot had already been successful but more than that, the fermentations that John had peaked and left to torment her had come alive at her own wanton, bewitching performance, and now, as she watched Shug kick off his shorts and unleash his swelling, stupendous twelve-inch cock, then move toward the bed, she wondered if anything else mattered.

"Shug, Shug, you forgot the light!" she exclaimed, reaching for him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Yeah, yeah, let go an' I'll turn it out."

"No! It doesn't matter! Just stay right here with me! Oh, God, Shug, darling! Come close! Come close!"

April tossed the satchel down. She wasn't surprised. The bastard! She'd outlined the way it had lain in the bit beneath the rocks with a pointed stick. She replaced it, eliminating the stick mark, then covered it all.

She wasn't surprised; but had he been telling the truth the picture might be somewhat different. She straightened, looking somewhat eerie there in the feeble moonlight. It was in the cards, wasn't it? Yes, it was! And it didn't take a great deal of intelligence to know that! All right, John, all right!

She felt bitter, knowing that she had been led. But of course, he would deny it. That was part of it, wasn't it? The denial?

Baby, don't you trust your John? Et cetera, et cetera, April thought, as she stood listening to the surf pound. She laughed to herself, then suddenly trembled erotically. Ever since they'd left, it had been this way, and even before!

She started toward the hotel, walking at an even pace. From somewhere up the beach she heard a loud laugh and then a scream of delight. Members of John's detestable family, but before her in that ramshackle building was her own Lisa! And she was going to her now! The stops had been pulled! God, how she wanted her, and she was going to have her! Dabney Roberts's wife belonged to her!

The thought struck Lisa that she might have an oversized, overweighted dummy in her arms. She wriggled onto her side, then moved close to him, kissing his soft baby-like cheek first, while her other hand forced his face toward her and she kissed his mouth, letting her tongue play on his small lips.

He pushed her away and spoke sincerely: "You said you were going to sleep, pretty lady. That's why I came and laid down with you. Ain'tcha? I mean, I don't want to do anything wrong... an' I know this'd be wrong to Dabney!"

Lisa stared at his innocent, honest face! He meant every word he'd said! She'd stimulated him a bit, but that had nothing to do with his loyalty! She could come up with any goddamned thing she could think of involving that prehistorical penis of his and it would still be the same! She'd lost the game! There was no way out! She rolled onto her back and suddenly laughed aloud. She'd wanted to cry, but instead, she'd laughed. Christ! She was destroyed, wasn't she! Completely destroyed.

It was obvious to April that they were unaware of her entrance, and just as apparent what Lisa Roberts was trying to accomplish. "I know this'd be wrong to Dabney!" she heard Shug say, then she saw Lisa roll onto her back and emit a hollow, almost despairing laugh.

At first, the sight of his huge naked body in bed with her own just-as-bared blonde goddess, ignited a fit of jealous rage inside April, and she had to steel herself from racing over and clawing him away from her. Then, Lisa saw her and raised up with a start, while April's eyes locked on the enchanting sight of Lisa's firm and erect, pink-tipped breasts, her anger almost immediately subsiding.

"I'll venture a guess that you're not doing too well with him, Darling," April said in her usual sultry voice, her smile creeping over her face slowly. "But then, I doubt you've had the experience that Dabney credits you with."

Shug turned over, sitting up on the edge of the bed quickly, gaping at her in questioning surprise. April glanced at his near- flaccid shaft, mentally satisfying herself that nothing yet had happened.

"I didn't do nothing to her, April!" the powerful moron exclaimed. "Honest, I didn't! You won't tell Dabney."

"He's not to blame!" Lisa said sharply. "And he's telling the truth, he didn't do anything."

"Damnit!" April added, as if she were finishing Lisa's statement. She was still smiling. She moved around to the opposite side of the bed, her lovely dark eyes openly concentrated on Lisa's breasts and exposed, voluptuous body. "That's probably the way I'd feel if I were in your place, Baby, full of damnits."

Lisa watched her approach, the unexpected expression that was sensually illuminating her beautiful ivory-skinned face not only surprising her but adding to the tiny fermentations tingling in her belly. Lisa let her eyes clash with the willowy, long-haired brunette's sparkling breasts, and momentarily an uncontrollable sensation of prickling warmth seemed to overwhelm her, then April was sitting down on the bed beside her and reaching for her hand.

"It boils right down to this, Lisa doll," April half- whispered, "you and me, we need each other. Maybe, I knew it the moment you walked into this place tonight, maybe I've known it subconsciously since the day you were born!"

Lisa could do nothing more than gaze enraptured into the jeweled depths of April's dark, love-filled eyes. It was almost as if she were being hypnotized! She felt the beautiful girl's soft hand holding and caressing her own, and sensed the electric- like vibrations that were generating between them.

"I don't understand, what you mean?" Lisa heard herself say, knowing that she was lying even as she said it. "A-All I want is, is to get out of here! Dabney intends to kill me! I know it! I know it."

April nodded slowly, her soft winning smile ever prevalent. "Don't worry, Baby. No one's going to hurt you, April's here .. and she isn't about to let anyone harm her golden-haired goddess!"

Lisa swallowed tightly. April's words danced in her mind like good fairies from a Disney spectacular! She sensed the blood racing hotly through her veins. Her pulse pounded! Rippling spasms of erotic anticipation heated her loins. And then, then, came enlightenment! Lord God! She'd wanted to hug this entrancing girl to her since the first moment she'd seen her! It was true... true! Ooohhhhh.

April held her tightly in her enveloping arms, feeling her naked breasts pressed hotly against her own, and she caressed the smooth satiny skin of Lisa's back as she eased her head away and waited for her goddess to raise her warm, full, open mouth, and then she kissed her with probing tongue.

Lisa fell slowly backward, drawing the exotic creature down on top of her, realizing their perversion, yet, not wanting to fight the delicious, pleasurable waves of joy that were washing through and over her unbelievably happy body.

God! She was completely lost! Completely, and with another woman! Oh, yes, yes, She was! She was! And nothing else in the world mattered except the rekindled desire within her, the glowing embers of passion that were firing her unsatiated loins.

April kissed her again and again while she began to stroke and massage Lisa's vibrant breasts with gentle and knowing soft hands, a soul-stirring delight filling her, as quickly, she glanced at Shug and he moved quietly off the bed going to his chair, He hadn't better put his clothes back on, he thought with deep consideration. April'd want him in a little bit, like always when she did it with another girl. So, he'd just sit there and wait, He didn't mind anyway, they were both so pretty. He'd do it to both of them if they wanted him to! It was always good when he did it to somebody he liked, and he really liked both of them a lot. Besides, it would even get hard when he sat there and watched them, in fact, it was almost hard right then.

Dabney was thinking of Rachel while John drove the Volks at a good clip through the pleasant night toward Mexico. The sea air bathed his face and whipped his hair exhilaratingly, wearing the pot effects thing. He smiled to himself. He was glad now that he hadn't killed Lisa, not yet, anyway. She might turn out to be of some value before he was finished with her, and he knew he didn't have to worry as long as the shithead was looking after her. Shit, Shug'd give up his life rather than disobey an order from him. His smiled broadened; kind of like having a goddamned slave, he thought, the poor, stupid bastard.

"Another hour and we'll be at the border," John said, interrupting his thoughts.

"Yeah. We're making good time."

John nodded, his eyes on the highway ahead. He said: "Know somethin', Dabney? I think maybe I'll take the Davis twins and cut out. Those bitches are all cunt."

Dabney glanced over at him. "I know," he said sniggeringly. "That Jessica'd rather suck than eat."

John laughed. "That's when she eats, man."

Dabney nodded agreement, remembering. "So, what about April?"

John shrugged. "Good girl. Suck and fuck with the best of 'em, but you know, man, the same old hole all the time finally loses its flavor, and when you can get them in pairs, wow!"

Dabney chuckled. He thought about Lisa. Fuck, he wished he didn't have to finish her, but what the hell else could he do? Eventually she'd spill her guts about the insurance fraud, and one day, there he'd be with Rachel when the fuzz walked in. Christ, it was the only way! He didn't have any choice.

"Listen, don't get me wrong, buddy, I loved April, still do in a way, but you know, old hats get sweat-stained."

Again, Dabney chuckled. "Yeah, they do, don't they." He thought a moment about April. Christ, she'd always fired him. He wished to hell he'd fucked her, now that John felt this way. Well, maybe he would before everything was wound up. She gave him a charge, all right.

"Those crazy twins, they get to me," John said, grinning. "I figure to dump them, too, but a month or so, let's say on Miami Beach, before I cut out for ports-of-call, would be wild, man, wild!"

"Yeah! It could be," Dabney agreed, thinking about it. "Listen, not to change the subject, but do you think we can shave Lopez's price?"

"Un-unh. No, no, I don't. In fact, I expect him to come off with a higher figure."

"A higher figure?"

"That's it. They work that way down there, Dabney boy. I figured you knew."

"Shit! A hundred Gs, that was his figure."

"Sure. Bait, man, bait. Then, when you're ready to deal, the price has suddenly gone up."

Dabney shifted in his seat to better see his compatriot. "You think Lopez intends to pull that?"

John laughed. "Listen, listen, ol' buddy, that cat lives a life of luxury. He'd sell his mother's ass to the Arabs in order to keep things humming, which is, incidentally, part of his business."

"But we made a deal!"

"Not until some binding cash passes hands, Baby," John informed. "Look, we're not buying corn from some Iowa farmer, sweetheart. We're dealing in arms and ammo, and the consequences are as rough for Lopez in Mexico if he's caught as they are for us in the United States."

"So, what the hell! He stays outside the twelve-mile limit with his water-wagon until he gets off-shore of the cave, then, he comes in! What the hell is the big thing at four o'clock in the morning?"

"No big thing, man, except he's got the cache and we want it. Maybe, he even knows that the Blackman is the recipient, and that he's going to pay two-hundred Gs! Lopez has got his own secret service, you know."

"Then, why isn't he sailing direct to the Blackman?"

"He doesn't want to play the wager. It's better this way, taking a middleman profit, no gamble, no actual trace, But that isn't going to stop him from upping our price, Baby."

"Shit! A hundred Gs is all we have! What're we going to do if he suddenly sets on a new figure?"

John grinned. "We're going to deal, man, really deal. Now, don't get uptight again. Just leave this game to John, eh? Have I ever taken you up a blind alley?"

Dabney licked at his lips. He fumbled for a straight cigarette in his shirt pocket. "No," he said, thrusting it between his lips and searching for matches. "No, man, you ain't, but you know, you know what this means to me."

"The Frisco dolly?"

"Who else?"

"How old's the kid now?" John asked.

"Six months. Hell, I've never seen him!"

"He ought to be getting big. They grow like hell the first year."

"How do you know? You ever have a kid?"

"April, she had a couple abortions, I wanted it that way. Nothing else."

"You ought to have a kid, John," Dabney said enthusiastically. "A man's got to have a son to carry on, Eh?"

John wasn't smiling. "Yeah," he answered. "Yeah, I suppose he should."

April had quickly sat up and removed her shift, exposing her own supple, lovely nakedness to her blonde goddess' passion-filled eyes. She watched them sparkle enthrallingly as they caressed her round full breasts, her slender waist and tummy, and finally her hips and thighs to the palpitating triangle beneath the shadow of dark silken hair between her legs. Then Lisa was opening her arms, little mewling sounds tumbling from her pouting, separated lips and April dropped into them, smothering those lips with her own as she held the beautiful face between her soft, white hands lovingly.

Lisa lay beneath the warm smoothness of the titian-haired girl's curvaceous, perfervid body, the strange, never-before galvanic feelings that were filling her whole frightened, pent-up being, beyond her immediately power of comprehension. Instead, she gave herself to April's gentle, knowing caresses, sensing every fiber of her flesh responding in ardent fascination to the other's eager advances. Fleetingly, she wondered at her own lack of repugnance at what was happening, but wouldn't allow the thought to linger, for something wickedly delightful strangely forbidden and sensuously beautiful was taking place, and she wanted it to, needed it to, just as this enticing creature undoubtedly wanted and needed her.

Yet, at the same time, she felt bewildered with herself, both aggressive and passive. She had never before experienced the odd sensation of what had to be warped desire that was tormenting her belly at that very moment, and she wondered if April might be enduring the same. The intimate touch of another female had never crossed her mind even in her most passionate moments as being anything but repulsive to her, but as she hungrily kissed and held to the soft, willowy girl in her arms, she knew that nothing else in the immediate world mattered, only that they love and fulfill each other.

"Oh, oh, April, I don't know what's happening to me." Lisa gasped when the luscious brunette raised her face, then slithered down her slightly until their breasts, bellies, and fleshy mounds were gently pressed against one another in a heated, undulating embrace. "You, you're so, so lovely."

"Shhhh, Baby, don't speak, just listen," April whispered, completely swept up in her near-overpowering love for this voluptuous goddess with whom she had been entranced since the moment she first laid eyes on her. "It's you and me against the world from now on, my doll, like we're going to be inseparable, and clever, too!"

Lisa's brow wrinkled; she gazed up questioningly into the beautiful face. Finally, she said: "Vir, April, I'm not a lesbian, I don't think I ever could be. I don't know what's come over me, I just wanted you."

"Baby, Baby, I'm no lez, either," April assured her with a knowing little smile. "I've got to have my man, but a girl now and then is the enticing dessert that spices up the menu of love... It's like cheating on your diet, and oh, how full and satisfied it leaves you after, especially, when the dessert is as delicious as you are, Darling."

"Oh, oohhhh," Lisa sighed, clutching to the other as April kissed her again, slipping her small pink tongue into the offered receptive mouth beneath her, while at the same time she lifted herself off and to one side of Lisa, then began to caress her erect full breasts, smoothing down exploringly along her ribs to the swell of her hips, there to move behind and massage the blonde girl's lush, trembling asscheeks. Lisa moaned behind closed eyes, once more feeling April's long slender fingers returning to catch at her nipple, rolling and squeezing it in a tender understanding way that only another woman could know. She sensed her whole being quiver at the lewd forbiddenness of their act; she was suddenly alive with mounting lust and she couldn't, had she wanted to, resist the other's licentious lovemaking.

April's excited fingers crept over her like tiny insects, moving down over her asscheeks once more, spreading them open and tenderly slipping between to stroke her tight little ass provocatively. Lisa shuddered in lewd delight as April gently rolled her onto her back again, her slender hand tracing the arch of her hip to her soft, satiny thigh as suddenly she inched down her body, gently pressing Lisa's legs apart; then she began to kiss the warm white flesh of her inner thighs, working slowly up ward toward the sparsely covered, golden haired lips of her slowly moistening pussy.

April's dark eyes sparkled lasciviously as they locked on the partially spread open pink slit where already a tiny drop of glistening moisture had formed on the delicate inner petals like a pearl drop. Excitedly, she flicked her tongue-tip, licking its pungent deliciousness into her mouth and Lisa gasped with the first passionate sensation of their oral-genital contact. Then, April drew her tongue from the point where the enticing coral slit enjoined the smooth clit between Lisa's luscious asscheeks, lightly tracing the sensitive, ragged edges of her cunt lips, feeling the vibrant tremor ripple over her voluptuous naked body. Tenderly, with her thumbs, she brushed aside the silken, pubic hairs and spread apart the fleshy, pouting lips until Lisa's erect, gently palpitating clit came into view before her; she licked it lovingly and Lisa whimpered aloud, raising her head to watch in lust-filled captivation the sight of the beautiful brunette nuzzling her face into the hollow between her limply spread thighs. Immediately she was alive with further wild and erotic spasms that danced and raced through her loins and belly as she felt the hot kisses, the warm puffs of breath and the magic, libidinous laving of April's tongue licking in long, grazing strokes up and down the raw spread-open flesh of her pink, sensitive cunt. She expelled her breath with a low hissing sound as April's tongue- tip, gently taunted her clit, tossing her head back and forth on the pillow, while the dark-haired lovely continued to lick and suck, each passing second bringing her new, unbelievable ecstasy.

April, whose own soft loins were afire with little tongues of increasing carnal flame, hungrily pressed her lips tighter into the moist velvety cunt-mouth, reaching up simultaneously with both hands to caress the erect twin mounds of Lisa's breasts, while her mouth became ravenous in her own building rapture, open and hot, nothing but tongue invading the delicious moist cunt before it, nothing but tongue suddenly lashing at the erect, throbbing clit, tongue everywhere in her feverishly hungry pussy, wet with its lubricious nectar blended with her own saliva, lizard- like in the dilated channel of her pussy, and always returning to the sensuous bud at its apex.

Lisa moaned in lewd passion, while ripples of salacious bliss convulsed her smooth, vibrant flesh. She began to gasp explosively, drawing back her legs subconsciously to thrust her open cunt upward in a wanton effort to press the magic tongue deeper into the quaking, unfulfilled core at the center of her body.

April was gasping, vacuuming air in short surges, never breaking the fervent, swirling and sucking contact of her eager mouth, tongue and lips. Even her delicate nose was now immersed in the moist, pink velvety flesh of Lisa's seething cunt.

"Oh, ooohhhh, dear God, it's beautiful, April darling!" Lisa choked, completely overwhelmed with the enchantment her titian-haired lover was bringing her. "Oh, don't ever, ever, ever stop! Dear God! I'll go mad with the ecstasy of it."

Shug sat naked on the edge of his chair, watching the two squirming and writhing pretty girls on the bed in their obscene lovemaking, the exciting sight causing his long, heavy cock to stiffen into a granite hardness, and he couldn't resist the desire to stroke it lewdly while his small beady eyes stared at their every licentious move. He liked it that his prick had gotten so hard just at watching, without anyone playing with it or putting it in their mouth; it was always better that way. And he wasn't going to be made to hurt some girl with it either; he didn't like that, but if Dabney or John told him to he just had to that was all.

Golly, the pretty lady was really moaning happy-like, while April licked and sucked her cunt. He could tell that they liked each other a lot, and that made him feel good inside, because he liked both of them, too. Sometimes, April did it with one of the girls when she'd smoked the pot, but he didn't think she liked them very much, not like this pretty lady, anyway. He could tell by the way April was holding her legs up and pushed back against her tits, while she licked at her little ass and up through her shiny, moist open cunt, Golly, just watching was making his cock throb almost hurtfully. He'd sure like to join 'em; fucking April was always the best of all because she could take him every bit right inside her hole. He wished the pretty lady would want him to fuck her, too.

He'd just have to wait and see if they wanted him to,that was all, just wait and see, but he sure hoped they would.

"Oh, Ooohhh," Lisa moaned in a now completely abandoned delirium. April was sucking her clit and nipping at it with her lovely white teeth, sending almost violent spasms of ecstasy spiraling through her. It was near-maddening, erotically maddening, but bearably maddening. Then her tongue was sliding smoothly in and out of her pussy, moistly rotating inside the excitedly pulsating little hole in sheer animal delight.

Abruptly, she felt her hips being raised from beneath by soft feminine hands cupping the round moons of her asscheeks, and she drew her knees back tight to her aching breasts as she sensed the enchanting tongue trail downward through the smooth crevice of her upturned asscheeks to her ass, felt it licking, then its tip pressing firmly into the small puckered hole, penetrating only a fraction of an inch, though she tried to help by relaxing her anal muscles to the fullest degree. Once more the pleasure giving tongue returned to her cunt, curling up into her like a wet, worming snake, then flicking higher to her clit as the pressure mounted wildly in her loins.

Slowly, April raised her head and smiled while Lisa jerkingly lowered her legs. "Come down here and see me, Baby," the long- haired brunette whispered passionately. Lisa didn't hesitate, but sat upright as April got to her own knees and crawled up between her legs, taking her goddess into her arms and covering her lips with her own glutinous mouth. Lisa tasted the poignant flavor of the secretions of her aroused pussy and almost insane fermentations of lust charged through her. God, she had never known such delicious happiness. April held her tightly, then pressed her fair, satiny cheek against the firm resilient flesh of her own thrusting breast. She ran her free hand down over Lisa's soft belly to the silken hair of her fleshy cunt, inserting a finger into the hot damp slit and drawing it up between the excitedly quivering lips. Lisa whimpered and tried to move closer. Nothing could ever separate them again, she knew. It would always be this way between them, no matter who, or what happened to either of them. Theirs was a love apart, an unequaled never-ending love that would endure forever! April cupped her own full breast and pressed the distended nipple into Lisa's mouth, and she began to suck hungrily as her own hand came up to caress and hold the white, erect mound of warm flesh lovingly.

"Y-You're my little goddess bitch," April rasped throatily. "My golden goddess beauty, my baby, Do you want to be?"

"Mmmmmm, oh yes, Darling, always," Lisa moaned against the sweet-tasting breast, her brain reeling ecstatically.

April watched in lascivious delight as her enravishing darling sucked and nibbled at her tingling breast. It had been a long time, if ever, since she had known such exciting desire. She watched until she couldn't stand it any longer, then she pressed the girl back down on the bed and slowly straddled her, moving forward and over her until her shapely rounded asscheeks flattened the younger girl's breasts against her chest. This was the test.

Lisa gazed up at her, remarkably unafraid, she realized, knowing what was coming and expressing no distaste nor fear, although she could hardly believe what she was going to do! Then, April raised up until her slightly open cunt was hovering directly above Lisa's mouth, and Lisa licked out wantingly with her small tongue, the enticing coral slit with its enframed curly black hair like a magnet to her as she licked her tongue wetly through the velvety, hot length of it. She reached up and caught tight to the beautiful girl's arched hips, pulling her down closer while she ran her tongue excitedly through the pink, moist deliciousness of April's cunt, exploring her clit, her pussy, her urethra as her own passion continued to soar within her erotically peaked brain. Suddenly, then, April was moving off of her to lie down beside her and Lisa couldn't help the disappointment that reflected in her own eyes.

"W-Wasn't I doing it right, April?" she stammered, almost ashamed of what she feared was her lack of skill.

"Of course, you were, Baby. You were doing crazy," April assured her, covering her heavy breast with a caressing hand as she kissed her soft lips. "But you see, Darling, I can't make it that way, and don't ask me why, but I've got to have a prick inside my too-educated pussy to bring me off, either a prick or a dildo."

"M-Maybe I could do it for you if you let me try long enough?" Lisa said with sincerity. "Oh Darling, I'd love to try."

"And you'll have the chance, Baby, but not tonight, not with that beautiful massive cock sitting over there, hard and unused," April said, smiling and glancing over at Shug, who was holding onto his giant shaft and watching them eagerly. "You see, Baby, while you're my new found golden goddess, and I know I can bring you to climactic heights, Shug is my pet, the only man I know who can satisfy my need. And, not even John knows that."

"Y-You mean, John can't satisfy you?" Lisa questioned, the other's declaration completely amazing her.

"He could once, just as any normal-sized prick could, but not any more, not since my pet there climbed aboard. I simply pretend with John and that satisfies his male ego, but there's been nothing for me with anyone only Shug for the past six months. He has the last word in cock, Baby, as you'll see when you look it over close," Then, turning to the powerful moron, she said: "All right, Pet, you can come over now. I'm ready for you."

Shug did, moving quickly, and once more Lisa couldn't help but stare in utter fascination at the size of his horrendous penis. He was holding to it, yet it still waggled and thrust out from his strong loins like some misplaced weapon of torment. At the same time, she couldn't deny her feeling of disappointment at April's admission and the fact that she was going to have to share her with this, this person, and then, once more she found herself horribly entranced by the spectacular presence Shug's great cock.

April ordered him to stand there by the bed so that she could better show it off to Lisa, and he responded obediently, letting free of it as the titian-haired beauty encircled her own long, slender hand around it.

"You see, Baby? I can't even get my fingers around it! And look!" she added excitedly, working the heavy foreskin back from its prodigious, glistening bead. "I swear, Darling, it has to be one of the wonders of the world!"

Lisa stared at it, strange sensations adding to her already provoked and unsatisfied desire as she viewed the phenomenon at such close range, and then, suddenly, April took her hand and placed it on the massive rod.

"You've got to feel them to appreciate them, Baby, especially this gem. Isn't it beautiful?" April said.

The perceptiveness of the huge, hot, shaft in her small hand raced to Lisa's brain, registering and setting off further jolts of lewd desire that she didn't think she could stand. She was almost ready to cry with her own need. Yet, the absolute, utter fascination of the tremendous phallus was almost hypnotizing her, and crazy thoughts were beginning to dash helter-skelter through her lust-drugged mind.

April laughed softly, then reached down between Lisa's hot, vibrant thighs to play between the moist lips of her cunt affectionately. "No, Darling, you can't!" she said softly, moving her other hand along the colossal shaft and beneath to cup Shug's huge, bloated balls tenderly. "You can't take it in that little tiny, tight girl-pussy of yours; not yet, anyway, but in time, maybe."

Lisa stared at her. "But, but you do."

"Yes, I was subjected to the Shug Requital, Darling, one night when I got out of line. What John didn't realize was that he was addicting rather than punishing, but enough talk, Baby,. Let's make love now!"

"Oh, oh, God!" Lisa gasped, her loins a seething torment, yet she couldn't imagine her own self not being able to take the huge prick if April could, and Blinda had.

"All right, watch and you'll see, my Doll," April said, climbing up on her knees in the bed and raising her asscheeks high as she spread her legs behind her. "You put it in for me, only hurry, Darling, I'm about ready to flip! Please hurry!"

Lisa swallowed tightly. She gaped at her April's delectable body assuming the obscene dog-like position, her lush breasts hanging and swaying provocatively as Shug lumbered heavily onto the bed, kneeing his way up behind her between her widespread legs and thighs, the enticing sight of her moist cunt presented beautifully with its pink inner-flesh and hairy lips waiting excitedly, causing a shiver to spiral along Lisa's spine.

"Oh, God, April!" she gasped.

"Now, Baby, spread my asscheeks and gently place it!" April ordered with authority. "Watch closely what it does as he shoves it in! And Christ, don't be surprised when I scream, that's usually the first time I cum, when he's getting it into me! Now, Baby, now! Don't make me wait!"

Lisa wondered momentarily if she was not engulfed in some sort of weird, salacious dream! The things that had happened to her in less than twelve hours were unbelievable! This whole lurid scene couldn't be actually taking place, yet, she knew it was! Mother of God! The gigantic cock that her new-found love intended to absorb inside her passage was impossible! She gaped at it in trembling awe, wondering now how Blinda had ever, ever endured the agony it would have to bring! Of course, April was right; she, with her tiny passage, could never take it; yet, she couldn't allay the fermentations of desire that were churning enviously inside her! God, she was going to lose her own wits if she didn't find release soon.

"You gonna?" Shug asked her innocently, the great weapon hanging end-heavy down between April's now expectantly quivering thighs. Automatically, Lisa took it in her hand, surprised at its very weight alone as she lifted it and began to caress April's moist cunt with the gigantic head, tenderly moving it up and down parting the soft curling pubic hair to seat it at the mouth of her pussy, while exciting stimulation raced through her at the feel of its hot thick hardness in her small hand! My God, it ought to be servicing a mare or a cow, she thought!

And then, as she watched close, Shug made a slight movement of his loins as he gently clasped April's hips, and the head of his cock wedged against the mouth of her pussy, teasingly stretching the lubricious hole right before Lisa's fascinated eyes. It was possible! Lisa gasped within, holding her breath as she watched only inches away, watched the lascivious vista of Shug's inhuman cock squeezing its first fraction of an inch inside the beautiful April's snuggly resisting pussy. The outer lips were flowered-open in reception, and the whole erotic, pink area of sensitive flesh was bathed in a film of lubricious desire! She stared almost mesmerized while the girl's delightful rounded asscheeks squirmed back at the penetrating weapon, swallowing tiny fractions at a time, as before her very eyes the encircling elastic ring of flesh seemed to expand like it might in childbirth in its acceptance of the huge solid twelve-inch penis which is almost nine inches thick in circumference!

"Now!" April cried from deep in her throat, raising her head to gape straight ahead as if she were in some sort of agonized pleasure that ventured beyond human understanding. "Now, damnit! Now, Shug! Fuck it into me! Give it to me!"

He did and Lisa's breath wadded in her throat like a ball of wax as she watched the first six to seven inches of it submerge like a driving piston into the moist expanded hole with a wet slushing sound, and April screamed, the wail coming from somewhere deep in her chest!

"Oh Satan! AAAuuuuggghhhhh! You, you beautiful man! You wonderful man, Shug, Pet! Yes, Yes, yesssss! Give it to me! Now, give it to me, Baby!"

Lisa was hardly aware that her mouth was hanging loosely open. The lust-stirring sight of his massive cock moving log-like in and out of the hungrily clasping pussy seemed unreal. She stared at the luridly inspiring, utterly salacious scene for long minutes, watching it sink deeper and deeper into her female lover's cunt, until she couldn't resist the temptation to reach behind and between his asscheeks to cup his heavy balls and hold them. He smiled down at her, then touched the crown of her blonde head with his huge hand.

"You're so pretty, pretty lady," he grunted, and she felt his warm gentleness tingle through her.

Oh, if only she too could take him and know the rapture April was right at that moment! But she couldn't; she knew she couldn't! And then, April was saying: "Come up here, Lisa, my goddess! Now! Bring your cunt down here where I can love it! Now, Baby! The party's on! We all cum together! Oh, God, hurry, Baby, hurry! I want your cunt to lick and suck!"

Eagerly, Lisa squirmed into position in front of them with her voluptuous white thighs opened wide apart enflaming April's desire flushed face, her gilded-hair fringed cunt splayed like a delectable, butterflied fillet before her, its sensitive pink flesh moist with the passionate heat of her own prurient desire. April marveled at it, her eyes momentarily fixed on the vibrant, tense clit that peeked out at her from its glistening shrine, the coral petals of her inner lips seeming to quiver as did the small opening of her Baby's pussy in its need of sensual pacification.

Behind her, Shug kept kneeing in closer as he rhythmically sawed his giant hardened cock into the still painfully expanded channel of her cunt, sinking it another portion of an inch with every powerful in-thrust, the almost violent spasms of pain- pleasure it was bringing her immediately firing her toward her second climax. She gazed in near animalist salacity at Lisa's golden laced pussy, then buried her face into it, feeling the warm viscid moisture as she sucked at the jewel of her clit and felt Lisa's full, rounded hips give themselves up to her; then she licked the entire area hungrily with her small tongue while behind her, the massive prick stabbed and pummeled in growing masochistic entrancement the most secret inner parts of her cunt, cervix and belly.

Lisa whimpered aloud in her mounting drive, and April felt the delicate, soft hands of her goddess caressing her cheeks and fingering through her long, raven hair. Wildly, she thrust her tongue up Lisa's hot pussy, tasting its pun gent female secretions, then withdrawing it and flicking her tongue-tip into the tiny orifice of her urethra, sensing her darling squirming passionately beneath her. She enclosed her lips suckingly around the tiny clit and tenderly pulled at it, hearing the soft mewling sounds raise into Lisa's throat. Oh, her sweet, sweet darling, she thought in her ever-rising ecstasy, her sweet and beautiful darling, she loved her!

Suddenly, April felt Shug's pelvis and thighs slap hollowly against the rounded soft cheeks of her ass and the backs of her legs, his sperm-bloated balls swinging forward with the force of his thrust to caress her open split and throbbing clit. He was home! She was stuffed completely with his Herculean cock, and just as always, it was about to drive her right out of her mind! Again, she drew the tiny nub of Lisa's clit into her mouth and sucked ravenously, at the same time, jabbing it enticingly with her tongue. She reached up with both hands to squeeze, stroke, and caress Lisa's full, throbbing breasts, while her mouth grew more lascivious, opened wantonly, her tongue a frenzied instrument of nothing but lewd carnal delight. Lisa knew that she was moaning, sighing, gasping, that she'd lost all control of herself, that the exalting enchantment taking place between her thighs in the flowered-open split of her cunt, was about to change her existence for the rest of her life! Vaguely, she remembered telling April that she was not a lesbian, and perhaps she hadn't been then, but if the term meant to desire a woman, and she knew it did, then, she was lost!

There had never been anything like this in her sexual being, nor could she imagine any other approach ever satisfying her again. Yet, she watched as if hypnotized, her eyes locked on April's beautiful contorted face when she momentarily raised up, reading the sensuous rapture there caused by the absolutely magnificent fucking Shug was giving her from behind. She saw the willowy girl's lovely, taut breasts dancing and swaying beneath her writhing torso, keeping cadence with the cherub-faced imbecile's lust-hardened prick skewering deeper and deeper into her incited raw flesh, a merciless piston of glistening, blood-filed muscle sinking to its full depth far, far up into her soft white belly.

"Oh, oh, Baby, his brutal horse cock is too much, too much!" April moaned, grinding her asscheeks backwards rhythmically to meet Shug's powerful, long strokes lunging salaciously into her. "I'm going to make it, lovers, Soon, Soon!"

"Oh, God, wait for me!" Lisa begged, entwining her fingers in April's long raven hair and forcing her face harder down between her widespread thighs, immediately feeling April's smooth and hot moist tongue begin to lick the damp velvety flesh of her cunt once more, but now with definite intensity, the roundness of her lips sucking feverishly at the tiny clit, the length of her tongue darting up into Lisa's pussy, slashing, swirling and laving, hot breaths coming in panting gasps against her maddeningly aroused flesh as she undulated her asscheeks and loins frantically, just as April was grinding her upraised pussy back against Shug's raping cock that was racing into her cunt like a pile-driver. The lewd and erotic bliss of their troilistic orgy was more than Lisa could take any longer; she felt April's mouth glued like a tightly sucking leech to the round, elasticized hole of her pussy, her deep thrusting tongue swirling and lashing the sensitive walls in rhythm to Shug's cock pounding into her cunt from behind. It was time, time! Her climax was about to erupt inside her from the beautiful cunt-licking April was administering. She threw back her head and wailed deeply as the bubble burst and waves of ecstatic pleasure swept through her loins and belly, causing her legs to jerk out spasmodically on either side of April's face buried deep in her wildly cumming crotch!

At the same time, April began to utter muffled whimpers. Suddenly, she raised her head and Lisa saw her glazed dark eyes grow round and wide as she choked: "Oooohhhhhh, lovely fuck, yeeesssss, here, now, Ram me, Shug pet! Fuck it harder! Oh, give me that wonderful cock! I'm cumminggg now, here it cuuummmmsssss!" and her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her lovely head twisting from side to side, her long black hair flailing wildly as she began the first delightful spasms of orgasm, screwing her smooth, rounded asscheeks back hard onto the huge prick bursting into her.

Lisa quickly squirmed away to better see the massive shaft in its final throes pounding into April's obscenely stretched cunt. She stared in lewd fascination, her own body still trembling with the delightful releasing sensations that had filled her, gaped at the inhuman-sized cock, automatically reaching between his legs from behind to cup and milk his heavy, sperm bloated balls. She felt them almost immediately begin to throb in her small hand, heard him grunt out a childish groan, his eyes revolving wildly in his head as he began to shoot his powerful load deep into April's hungrily sucking belly, and again the beautiful brunette screamed passionately!

Oh, God, God! Nothing else mattered!

The California sun shown brightly as John and Dabney made their way back up the coast in the bearded man's Volkswagen. Dabney couldn't conceal the constant grin that played about his thin- lipped mouth, and several times he had looked over to see his cohort smiling to himself. The deal was coming off all right, even better than they had originally hoped for, Dabney thought happily.

"John, you're a smooth bastard," he said in praise. "And don't tell me that you didn't have that planned all along, about the girls, I mean."

John grinned proudly. "Tell you, man, you got to be thinking every fucking minute if you're going to make it in this lousy world. Know what I mean?"

"I'm beginning to see the light," Dabney agreed. "Wow, I just about blew when that Mex bastard said the price had gone up to one- twenty-five. He talked as if twenty-five Gs was peanuts."

"It is for him, buddy boy. The Senor is probably a couple of million anyway and he's made it all in the rackets," John said, his gaze unwavering from the freeway ahead. "But it was like I told you, I had him figured to boost the price on us; that's the way those sons-o' bitches work down there. And there isn't much you can do only play their game, and maybe try to outwit them, eh?"

Dabney chuckled. "Shit, I can't believe it yet," he said.

"We call such a maneuver 'the-killing-two-birds-with-one- stone' gambit," John said, grinning behind his beard.

"So now, we go back and pick up the girls and Shug, then head for the cave to wait, right?"

"You forgot one thing, the loot," John put in.

"Shit, man, I know you're not about to leave that behind," said Dabney, laughing. "Only, I got to admit that you stoned me by telling April where you had it stashed."

John shook his head. "Don't be an ass, man. You think I'm that far gone? No sir, Baby, this cat knows better than that. You see, I figure if the doll's wearing out for me, then there's a good chance that I'm running thin for her, too. Now, to leave the loot where she could scoop it up and hustle off someplace would be just asking for it; on the other hand, if I let her think its stashed in the usual place, maybe she don't suspect anything."

"Unless she gets nosy, man, and takes herself a look," Dabney put in.

"In that case, Baby, I did the right thing in moving it, eh?" John said, chuckling.

Dabney laughed with him, shaking his head at the amazing shrewdness of his partner. Shit, it was going to be honeysuckle and roses for them both once they peddled the cache to the Black man. Two hundred fucking Gs, a hundred apiece! Wow! Wait'll his little Rachel-baby got a glimpse of those figures. Her old man, too! They'd know, then, what a goddamned tycoon he really was! And he wasn't going to stop there, either; if he could make a hundred of 'em, he could make another two hundred just as smoothly. Damn, if only the whole friggin' take was going to be his, instead of having to divvy up. Actually, he had the most invested, was taking the biggest gamble with his sixty grand to John's thirty, plus the loot John collected from the bitches' ass-peddling. He ought to be getting a bigger cut than fifty percent, but he knew John wouldn't like it if he pushed it, and he couldn't get along without the big man, not yet, anyway. Better to let things ride until the whole fucking thing was settled, then there'd be plenty of time, and he always had Shug who would do any fucking thing he told him to do. Yeah, just let things coast for the time being... until after Lopez landed the cache at the cave that night.

"What you doing, man, counting your money?" John asked glancing over at Dabney and interrupting his thought patterns.

"Yeah, more or less."

John nodded, fixing his eyes back on the highway. Jesus, he thought, the lunkhead was a stupid bastard. It was going to be like taking candy from a snot-faced baby. The dumdum didn't deserve any of it; he was too fucking dense. Any cat in his right mind who would trade a doll like the blonde bitch he had for some hustling cunt had to be weak on the grey matter. Fuck, he'd had her too, sucking right on the end of his cock like a hungry kid on a lollypop, and then the crazy bastard had to come ranting as if he were the cheated husband. Prick! What a surprise he was in for!

Of course, he doubted that he could mend things with Lisa; he'd really had to put her down in front of the bastard in order to save his own skin, and she wasn't the type of girl a cat could use over once. Shit, if he could smooth things between them, he would do it in a minute. She was a luscious bitch, but there just wasn't any way, especially now that he'd made and bound the deal with ten grand to Lopez.

Oh, what the hell, there was a million of them running around loose anyway, just waiting, to latch onto a daddy-cock with loot, and he was going to have plenty of it after tonight, plenty of bread and no ties, what so-ever! Now, wasn't that going to be something, though?

Lisa and April had slept together in the same bed they had shared love in the night before. Shug sat by the door, carrying out Dabney's order. In the morning, April had awakened first and drew Lisa's naked loveliness tight against her, teasing the blonde girl's eyes open with tender, warm kisses all over her face, while her hands caressed her baby's lush breasts and smooth, rounded asscheeks, then played delight fully between her full, satiny thighs in the golden hair and pink, sensitive split of her pussy.

Lisa gasped aloud at the heady enchantment she was awakened to, its delicious sensations sweeping through her quickly aroused body like a welcomed prairie fire. She had often opened her eyes in the morning to gnawing little sexual fermentations, and just as often had satisfied them with her own fingers, but this morning her darling's hand was fulfilling her need.

She started to speak but April stopped her, then pressed her ivory-hued, hardened-nippled breast between her lips, and Lisa let herself be swallowed up by the intoxicating rapture that her new lover was bringing her. Tenderly, she sucked at April's sweet-tasting breast, while the willowy brunette held her lovingly against her and stroked her cunt with skilled, magic fingers.

"Is that nice, my baby?" April whispered, kissing Lisa's forehead affectionately, and listening to the purring mewls of acknowledgment bubbling from the girl's sucking and tongue-licking mouth. "It's the only way such a lovely goddess should wake up every morning, with her pussy trembling in hot desire, then, release, beautiful cumming release."

Lisa moaned uncontrollably, sensing her climax rapidly building as she sucked April's proud breast, wishing vaguely that there was some way she could reciprocate, but remembering April's admission from the night before, only Shug's huge cock could do it for her, And then, it was there! She was going to cum!

Lisa couldn't restrain herself from biting her small teeth into April's breast as the first wave of her orgasm washed through her, and she felt the raven-haired beauty wince, then, caress her head lovingly, while the other had continued to massage and stroke her moist, spasming cunt with gentle, yet properly pressured strokes.

"Oooohhhh, ooohhhhhhh!" Lisa exclaimed, in erotic passion as the delightful wave of ecstatic bliss enveloped her, convulsing her voluptuous body in spasmodic tremors of sheer enchantment. "Oooohhhh, April, April lover, that was beautiful," she sighed, raising her face to kiss the other's beautiful mouth. "You... you make me so happy."

April smiled, her sparkling dark eyes filled with love. "You'll be happy from now on, Baby. I promise, we'll both be happy, together."

"Oh yes, yes, I want that," Lisa gasped, kissing her once more and holding tight to her.

Then, suddenly, Shug was standing beside the bed, dressed, but his trouser front was filled with his swollen shaft. "You, you want me, maybe, April," he said, his little eyes excited, an expectant expression on his moronic face.

April smiled up at him and Lisa rolled onto her back. "No, Pet, not now, but later, eh? Later, we'll have a beautiful party, just the three of us again, okay?"

"S-Sure, April, whatever you say," he nodded, half smiling. "I like you and the pretty lady a lot. M-Maybe, sometime you'll let me fuck the pretty lady? I'll be careful not to hurt her, honest, I will."

His innocently spoken words sent an excited sensation racing through Lisa, even though she had just enjoyed beautiful orgiastic fulfillment. She quickly glanced at April who also was smiling.

"Later, Pet, we'll rap and maul it over later," April said, abruptly sitting up and swinging her feet to the floor. "Right now, lovers, I think we better get ready for Dabney and John. We've got to talk on that subject long and deep."

Lisa gazed at her. Something in the titian-haired lovely's voice immediately alarmed her. She sat up and Shug dropped onto the edge of the bed. Lisa said: "W-What is it, April? Something's bothering you."

"Like bad news, Baby," April replied softly, smoothing her hands along the white satiny flesh of her own legs. "I suspect a measure of dirty pool to put it mildly, and obliteration for all of us, to put it factually."

"Wh-What, what are you saying?" Lisa asked, slipping across the bed to sit naked beside her.

"Well, okay, here it is, lovers. Come over here and sit down, Shug," April said, pointing at the floor in front of her, and the huge man did. "I might be way out in space some place, like John tells me I usually am, but then, on the other hand, I may be right-on. Whichever, we can't afford to be led like blinded asses! So, this is where it is! If they make their deal, we'll all, we three and them, split from here the moment they hit the hotel. We'll go to a cave some twenty miles up the coast and wait for a Senor Lopez to deliver a cache of arms and ammunition. This loot is to be sold to a dude called the Blackman for two hundred thousand dollars, and all the reasons that're involved are not important. Only that we are in the picture carries any weight for us because I have a feeling that we might not be after tonight, unless we move first. Oh it's a gamble, Darlings, but I don't think we have a choice. We've got to take it; if we're wrong, we'll apologize, and use our pussies to their best advantage."

Lisa stared at April, listening to her every word, yet hardly believing they could be true. Finally, she said: "W-Why, April? Why? It doesn't make sense, I mean, that anything should happen to you and Shug? They can always walk out, just walk away and leave you."

"Can they? Think about that, Baby. Just think about that for a few minutes, Dabney or John walking out and leaving us, No, Darling, these males aren't about to jeopardize their future with that routine. Unh unh! No way, Baby, and that's what is eating this girl, along with the fact that John moved the loot, the stash, the money, from its usual resting ground. It means, he doesn't trust me, and when a big daddy like John doesn't trust his girl anymore, the game's over."

Lisa continued to gape at this girl whom she'd come to love ardently. She had devoured every word that April spoke, absorbed and retained it, yet she still couldn't bring herself to believe that John, like Dabney, would be a part in such an arrangement.

"I know where the cave is," April was saying, and once again Lisa paid attention. "And I know how the cache will be delivered. You see, Pets, I lived with Lopez before I ever met John, and I know the type of cat the Senor is, and the businesses he's in. I had to be smuggled out of his stronghold, plus his country in a casket, as if I were dead, otherwise?"

"M-My God!" Lisa gasped. "Y-You do know, don't you?"

"I know, Baby, and you better listen to April, Even then," the willowy brunette said, encircling her arm warmly about Lisa, "yes, even then, Pets, we're going to need a lot of luck on our side."

Lisa could hardly believe the change that had taken place in Dabney when he and John returned from Mexico. Both of them had entered the hotel wearing broad smiles, and Dabney had bent down over where she sat at April's kitchen table, raising her chin with his finger, then kissing her full on the mouth.

"We're home from the wars, pussycat," he said, holding her face erect, smiling, then kissing her again while John performed a similar act of greeting with April. "And wow, Baby, we took the enemy like wild. So get your goodies together, everything, 'cause we're moving out, and tonight we play smuggler, to the tune of two hundred fat ones!"

Lisa twisted in her chair to better see her husband. He was still smiling down at her with a wide, happy mouth, as if there had never been the slightest trace of animosity between them. His mood and portrayal of same had astonished her completely. God, could April be wrong? Momentarily, a cold emptiness clutched at the pit of her belly.

"What about the rest of the family?" April asked John. "What do we tell them?"

"That we'll be back in a few days," the bearded man said, walking to the cupboard where the cigar box was kept. "Like, we owe them nothing, Baby, anyway. They'll still have a roof over their heads as long as the shack stands. I'm uptight with playing the father confessor to a swarm of drones, besides, Baby, it's time you and I started to enjoy a taste of the establishment's better things." He sat down at the table and began rolling reefers. "And we damned sure can with our share of this deal."

Dabney seated himself, making it a foursome. Lisa couldn't help but touch his hand affectionately, then answer his smile with one of her own. Confused emotions rippled through her. Dear God, had it been only the day before that she had arrived there to meet him, and filled with such great expectations? After all, he was her husband, and she had loved him so much for so long.

"You must be hungry," April said, getting to her feet. "I'll boil the kettle, then after we eat we'll pack." She glanced at Lisa's watching eyes, telegraphing encouragement to her perplexed blonde goddess, reading the hesitancy in those beautiful green eyes and wondering if she'd done the right thing by divulging her plans. "You can help me, Lisa baby. We don't want to waste any time."

Lisa arose as John lighted Dabney's then his own joint. She saw them grin confidently at one another, drag deep from the brown- papered cigarettes, and then begin to rehash the events of their trip. At the stove, April hissed to her: "Don't desert me now, Baby! It's our necks we're playing with!"

"But, but, I just can't believe it, April, he's more loving than ever.

"Honey, it's a con, for God's sake, trust me!"

"Oh, oh, I don't know, April, my God, he's my husband.

The cave was not at all what Lisa expected. She was surprised to see that it was adequately equipped with meager furnishings that included mattresses and blankets, cooking utensils, canned foods and kerosene lanterns. It was much larger than she had mentally pictured it, was burrowed into the wall of an oceanside cliff and a hidden homemade ladder was necessary for ascent. Once up and inside with Shug tagging at the rear, the ladder was raised and secured against the cliff wall. John lighted the lamps and Dabney set about building a small fire at the mouth of the cave. She had even helped him.

"This is so Lopez' boys can zero in, Doll, and pinpoint their way right to us," Dabney said as he found matches and lighted the newspaper he'd wadded beneath the dry driftwood. Then, he looked up and grinned at her. "So, this is where it really is, Baby." Lisa reached for his hand and he let her take it. Desperately, she searched his eyes for truth. "E-Dabney, Dabney, do you love me?"

He chuckled. "Hey, what kind of a crazy question is that?"

"I don't know, but I must find out, before it's too late, Please, do you?" Lisa pleaded, holding tight to his hand.

She saw the expression on his face change and his eyes widen. He straightened. "Wh-What the hell are you talking about, before it's too late? John!"

The bearded man was in the process of lighting up, while Shug had sat down on a small boulder to watch the proceedings and April was suddenly coming to Lisa's side knowingly.

"What is it, man?" John questioned, staring at his cohort and letting a thin trickle of smoke escape from his lungs.

"Jesus, I don't know, but I don't like it!" Dabney started and never finished. He saw the gun in April's slender white hand, then the deadly leveled gleam in her eyes.

"You're going to like it less, Dabney Baby!" April said evenly, pointing the revolver right at his belly. "Now, be nice and get over there next to John and Shug. Don't try any funnies, it might interest you to know that I can pierce your ears with one of these little gems without grazing your skull. A man named Lopez taught me!"

"Sonofabitch!" John gasped. "That's your fucking cannon, Roberts! You stupid bastard! Why didn't you bury that goddamned thing?"

"Never mind the inner strife, Daddy," April said, it's too late for that! Now, you move fast, Dabney, before I change my mind and put one where it won't ricochet!"

"She means it, man!" John exclaimed, his hands raising above his shoulders. "And she can do it." He grinned. "Senor Lopez taught her lots of things while she was gracing his sack, that's why he wants a second chance at her. He never did like the way she ran out on him!"

"Did you tell him that it was because of you, John?" April snapped at her husband. "Or couldn't you find enough guts to come up with the truth?"

"Jesus Christ!" Dabney blurted, following instructions and moving with lifted arms to stand beside John. "What the hell is all this, anyway?"

April tittered lightly, while Lisa took a step backwards, the back of her hand coming up to her mouth as if she were going to shield a scream. She couldn't believe what was happening, even though this had been their very plans. Inside, she was as tight as a drum, and tiny chills of clammy fright were racing up and down her spine. Dear God, supposing her husband and John were innocent, that April had analyzed it all wrong!

"You really didn't believe you were going to pull this one off, did you, John? After seven years of living with you?" April snapped venomously. "I'll tell you, Daddy, you shouldn't have moved the stash, that was the give away."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Chick? How would you know I moved it?"

"Because I went looking for it, man, how else?"

"Ooohhh, I see, planning a little trip of your own with all the bread, eh?" John taunted, still holding his hands high, the weed burning away between the fingers of his right hand.

"It crossed my mind, Baby, but not until my womanly intuition told me what you were up to."

"Oh, God!" Lisa exclaimed, gaping at the blood-drained expression of horror on Dabney's face. "Are you sure you're right, April? Are you?"

"Ask 'em?" the raven-haired beauty replied, standing firm and holding the weapon levelly on them. "Go ahead, Baby, learn for yourself."

"You're making one hell of a mistake, April!" John said suddenly, his smug grin of confidence seemingly deserting him. "What do you intend to do with us, kill us?"

April smiled coldly. "man, you've been dead for a long time, both of you! All I intend doing is sealing the facts in lead... then, feeding you to the sharks!"

"No! No!" Lisa cried, lurching forward to grasp this girl she loved so much, the weight of her body knocking April off balance long enough for John to act.

The bearded man moved with unexpected speed for one his size, half-leaping across the hardened earth floor to grasp April's slender wrist and wrench the weapon from her hand; he threw her against the rock wall and she careened off of it, dropping to her knees in a daze. Lisa screamed as John scooped up the gun and Shug got slowly to his feet, a troubled expression on his round, cherubic face.

Dabney gaped in stupid awe at the violent action that hadn't taken ten seconds to unfold; he saw Lisa throw herself down beside April, tears bathing her cheeks as she clutched the other tightly to her and sobbed.

"You lousy cunt!" John snarled, any trace of a smile long gone. "So you did intend to cool us, didn't you, bitch? Yeah, you're a smarter broad than I ever gave you credit for. But now, that little episode is going to make it a hell of a lot easier to do what we have to, right, Dabney baby?"

"Shit!" Dabney gasped. "The bitch, she intended to knock us off!"

"Yeah, man, exactly that," John said, his wicked little grin returning. "And it would've worked beautiful for them, seeing we're both supposed to be dead anyway. Like she said, our carcasses would have been shark bait, and they'd walked off with the stash in the satchel, ninety grand rich, but it didn't quite come off, thanks to your luscious little wife with the squeamish stomach, Dabney."

"Oh, God!" Lisa groaned, still holding April tight against her as she stared upward at John, the horrible empty knot at the base of her stomach almost nauseating her as she realized her terrible mistake. April had been right.

"It's all right, Baby," the dark-haired girl managed stammeringly.

"Oh, April, I didn't know! My God, I couldn't, couldn't help myself when I thought you, you were going to, Oh, Lord, what've I done?"

"Shhhh, there, there," April whispered, putting her arms around the other reassuringly. "It's going to be okay, Baby, don't worry."

John chuckled loudly. "Yeah, Baby, it's going to be just roses for both you cunts, once Lopez gets through with you and ships you out on a freighter to some of his Islamic buddies. Why, girl, you haven't lived until you've had an Arab master, who orders a slave to whip your ass blood red while you suck him off, then he fucks you till you go right out of your blond skull!"

"Wh-What is he saying?" Lisa choked, the lewd abhorrence his terrible words sent racing through her causing her to turn to April in near-panic.

"I'll tell you what he's saying you cunt bitch!" Dabney spat, crossing the room to glare down at the two huddled girls. "We sold both of your asses to Lopez for twenty-five grand! And when his boys leave here after unloading the cache, you leave with them! Now do you get the picture, bitch? You're going to wind up as a whore-slave to some fucking wealthy nomad who'll probably feed you camel shit!"

John couldn't help but laugh at that one. He'd shoved the gun in his belt and stepped back to watch Roberts leer down at his wife who was sobbing profusely in April's arms. He watched her breasts quiver inside the mannish shirt she wore and the way her ass and thigh filled out the faded dungarees she'd donned for the occasion. Something in the pathetic manner in which she was clinging to April sent a sadistic stirring through his loins and he felt his prick jerk with a surge of blood toward its cockhead. The bitches had something coming to them for their fucking double-cross anyway!

"Tell you what, Dabney baby, we've got a few hours to kill before the stuff arrives, let's kind of get these broads used to this new life they're going to be enjoying, eh?" John said, grinning salaciously and reaching down to lewdly massage the front of his swelling pants. "Sound like a winner to you, man? I mean, we really owe them something for the little deal they just tried to pull on us, don't we?"

Dabney broke into a licentious smirk of his own, his eyes immediately beginning to bead lust fully as his own rod started to lengthen in his shorts at the bearded man's suggestion. "Yeah, why not, one or two for the road," he replied sniggering.

"You mean for the sea, don't you, baby?" John added.

Dabney laughed; "Right, the sea, man!"

Lisa raised her tear-filled eyes to gape up at them in loathing dread. Dear God, what a fool she had been! If only she'd listened to April! There no longer was the slightest trace of doubt in her mind whether Dabney loved her or not, or the type of animal he had become.

"Keep your cool, Darling!" April whispered in her ear. "No matter what, don't cower before them."

"Oh, April, I'll try, I'm so scared."

"Just remember, I love you Baby."

"Yes, yes, I'll remember."

John interrupted their exchange of encouragement. "What the fuck are you two hissing about? Listen, either one of you try anything and you won't live to get out of this cave! That clear, you fucking cunts?"

Neither girl answered, and Dabney said: "Let's stop pissing with them, John. I like your party idea; this cock of mine needs a good soaking." He leered at April as he spoke. "Tell you what, man, you finish what you started last night with that blond bitch of mine, and I'll catch up on a bit of fucking I been wanting for a long time."

John nodded. "Sounds like a winner, Dabney baby, except, we can't overlook your buddy, Shug, can we?"

"Mmmmmm," Dabney mused, rubbing his chin. "Maybe we can fit him in someplace as we go along."

Lisa felt a chill of cold apprehension ripple up her spine as both men began to laugh coarsely. Her entire body was trembling with the meaning of their intentions, and she tried desperately to think only of April's unflinching intrepidness beside her.

"Okay, you bitches, strip!" John snarled. "Don't make it any harder on yourselves! Move your asses or I'll have Shug rip the rags off you! We're going to have a party, girls, one neither of you'll forget for a hell of a long time, I'm thinking. Now, get naked, damn you!"

"Oh, oh, God, no!" Lisa whimpered, clutching tightly to April who was squeezing her reassuringly.

"Do as they say, Baby!" April breathed into her ear. "Let's show them we're not afraid, that we can take anything they've got to give and more! Come on, Baby, have courage."

With that, April pressed Lisa away and arose to her feet, while Dabney began to remove his clothing. The willowy brunette cast a level gaze at him as she started to unbutton her shirt. Then, she smiled wryly and said: "I hope this will be better than your usual feeble attempts at satisfying a woman, Dabney. The word around the hotel amongst the girls was that you were more rabbit than man."

John didn't try to hold back his laugh and Dabney was furious. Lisa watched, shocked at April's taunting, as Dabney kicked off his pants and shorts to unleash his hardened, thick, angry-looking shaft, then swinishly grasped hold of it.

"You fucking cunt!" he spat, stroking his member luridly. "I'll show you what a feeble attempt is! Shug, drag that mattress over here, better bring both of 'em."

The huge dim-witted man did as Dabney ordered, while Lisa watched April roll her panties down over her hips and long legs, then straighten proudly in all of her lovely nakedness, almost as if in defiance of this vicious man Lisa had thought of so long as her husband. Dear God, if only there was something I could do to help her! My darling, my poor darling! What's going to become of us now?

April wasn't at all frightened by Dabney Roberts's prick. She could fuck him and suck him into a dishrag and she knew it, but her fear for Lisa Roberts was almost bringing her to tears. She knew from experience how ruthless John Van Horn could be once his sadistic desires were peaked, and it was plainly apparent to her that they were headed that way.

"Get on your knees and spread 'em wide, cunt!" Dabney ordered her harshly. "Stretch 'em apart good so I can see all the pink meat in that well-used slit of yours!"

April didn't hesitate, in fact, she couldn't help the little ripple of sensual excitement that tingled through her as always when a man took her in that position, but she couldn't concentrate on it with the sight of John walking over to drop beside Lisa, slipping an arm around her cringing, voluptuous body and cup ping her luscious, full, bra-less breast in his big mauling hand. And then she felt Dabney crawling up close behind her, brushing her inner thighs with the end of his moist prick head, until finally she sensed the lips of her dry, unwanting pussy being splayed apart by the thick tip and abruptly she realized that he had no intention of even waiting for her to moisten a little!

"Now, bitch, we'll give you a go at the rabbit, eh?" Dabney hissed, wedging his blood-filled rod up tight into the coral aperture between her dark-hairy, spread-open cunt lips, pressing the turgid head snug into the unready mouth of the little hole. "Okay, bitch, here we go!"

April cried out in unexpected pain as, suddenly his thick enraged shaft burst into her unlubricated pussy with merciless force plowing the sensitive pink flesh in tormenting wavelets before the funneling, bludgeon-head. It gouged at her cervix and plunged, beyond, causing her to sink her teeth into her lower lip rather than to admit her agony again. She felt her thighs swept wider apart and the weight of his lean loins crash hard against her asscheeks, pushing her face into the mattress beneath. Oh, the bastard, she thought, more angered than hurt physically; she could still take all he had to give, and then some.

Lisa shuddered in sympathetic agony, as if the brutal penetration had been made into her own recoiling genitals rather than the soft precious passage of April, hardly conscious at the moment of John Van Horn's arm around her, holding her close to him while he squeezed and fondled her still covered breast. Instead, she was completely and compassionately caught up in the vile, outrageous sight of the animal kneeling behind her subserviently bent April, refusing to acknowledge him any longer as her husband. He was a beast! His nostrils were flaring licentiously as he began lunging in and out of her with long, ramming strokes. His strong hands were holding tight to the rounded curve of her ivory white hips, pulling the defenseless sheath of her ovally stretched cuntal channel back onto the thickness of his hard driving shaft with inhuman ferocity.

Lisa could see the pained expression twisting April's beautiful face grinding down into the mattress, her entire voluptuous body responding with a quaking shudder to his every resounding thrust into her, yet, she'd given out only the one surprised cry. Her brave, brave darling.

"Pretty sight, isn't it, Lisa baby?" John taunted into her ear, squeezing and kneading her breast with intended cruelty, feeling her wince and sadistically excited by it. "See the way her cunt is spread, the pink flesh clinging to his cock like a mouth? Her hole is opening up now; you can tell by the way his prick's glistening from her cunt-juice, eh?"

"Oh, God!" Lisa gasped, sensing the almost erotic shudder sweeping over her from his use of vile words. "Have you got to talk like an animal, too?"

"You snooty little cunt," he hissed, grinning salaciously at her. Suddenly he clutched a handful of her long hair and twisted her head until her mouth was raised to his, and gaping open with the pain at her scalp. He kissed her then, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, while his hand clenched her full, erect breast harshly, pinching and tormenting its distended nipple until she whimpered against his mouth. He raised his head and said: "You luscious bitch! You and I could make it big, live, have every fucking thing we want! That's right, Baby, you and I alone, Leave the rest of them right here, let the birds eat 'em! Wh-What do you say. Baby? Just give me the word, I got the gun, now."

Lisa gaped at him; he still had his hand wound painfully in her hair. Suddenly, the mere sight of his beard repulsed her. She wanted to spit in his face, and then, she did!

John couldn't believe it, even as her spittle dribbled down his nose between his eyes! A vicious rage surged through him! "Why you stupid little cunt!" he snarled venomously. "You'll pay for that!"

Lisa felt him suddenly catch hold of the front of her shirt and rip it wide open, the buttons flying every which way. Then, he was mauling her sensitive naked breasts almost fiendishly, tormenting their nipples and grasping the full mounds of flesh with savage brutality, until she cried out with the biting pain and looked toward Shug who just sat there watching it all with confused emotions.

"Oh, God, stop, stop!" Lisa begged. "You're hurting them terribly!"

"Really? You don't say, cunt! Well now, just wait till I get down to your proud little pussy if you think this hurts!"

He was on top of her then, ripping at her clothes while she tried to hold him off and squirm out of his grasp. "Oh, Shug... Shug, help me! Please!"

John laughed a perverse sound. "You want Shug, Baby? Okay, I'll see that you get that cat! A taste of the Shug Requital might do you a world of good, before Senor Lopez gets his hands on you!"

Shug sat as if frozen to the rock he'd chosen for a resting place. He wasn't pleased with the way that Dabney was smashing his cock into April and the look of pain on her face, he couldn't understand. She'd always taken it that way real easy like. Nothing ever seemed to hurt April, besides, he really shouldn't interfere with Dabney or John; they were his friends. Any way, she wasn't looking so hurtful anymore, but now, John was doing things to the pretty lady to make her cry, and he didn't want that either. God, he liked the pretty lady; he wanted to fuck her! April said that later they'd talk about it, but he wasn't so sure that it was going to happen now, Gosh, he did want to fuck her; she was so pretty, and John was pulling all her clothes off. She was even prettier that way, all bare, with her big tits and pussy out where he could look at them, it made his cock get hard just looking at her all naked.

Dabney heard Lisa scream but could care less. He hoped that John was fucking her brains out, the two-timing bitch! Right now, he had all he could do to teach this insulting pig a lesson or two! And he was just about ready; her cunt had opened up like an alligator's jaws, but not before he'd gotten in a dozen good painful stabs. Now, she was beginning to revel in his plunging prick racing up her moist, pink hole, and he knew in his heart that she could outlast him. In fact, he could feel her cuntal muscles contracting the hot, velvety walls of her pussy around his cock intentionally with his every out-pull, sucking at his prick like a milking whore's mouth, and he had only to look down to see the pink, viscid flesh clinging to it as he humped his ass back to know what she was trying to do. She wanted to bring him off, shame him with the rabbit bit, damn her!

Abruptly, he pulled out of her and April whimpered subconsciously at the loss. She squirmed her asscheeks back toward where the shaft should be, felt it there riding up and down the spread, smooth furrow between her ass cheeks, but couldn't capture it again.

"You want it, bitch?" Dabney spat at her.

April couldn't control the little whining sound that emitted from her throat at the loss of the plunging rod of flesh that had been so rhythmically sawing into her back there. God, she wouldn't have believed that his filthy prick inside her cunt could have aroused her so, but along with the helplessness of her position, it had. Tiny fermentations of galvanic delight were racing through her belly and loins at his angry fucking into her cunt from behind, and for one brief moment she'd thought he was going to fulfill her climax, and then, the pleasure-bringing shaft of hot, hard flesh was gone, Disappointment, anger, and scorn filled her denied body.

"What's the matter, Rabbit? Can't you handle it?" she spat snidely, twisting her neck to look back at him.

He grinned at her evilly and she was surprised at the visage of his twisted face. "Oh, bitch, are you asking for it!" he snarled, levering himself and grasping his prick while she watched his movements, then, abruptly realized what he intended to do!

Thinking only of himself, Dabney plunged his finger into her pink hairy cunt and watched April's hips and asscheeks jerk from the erotic intrusion. The bitch, he didn't intend to rip his long foreskin off, although it'd give him the greatest of pleasure to just ram it in dry. Instead, he smeared the moist, viscid lubricant over the crinkled, tight little mouth of her ass. It spasmed beneath his finger, almost as if it had a brain of its own and knew what was going to happen. He did it several times before moistening the head of his pulsing cock between her now, wet cuntlips, then nuzzled it tightly up against her puckered, cringing ass.

"Wait! What the hell do you think you're doing?" April threw back at him. "Nothing's ever been in there!"

"Well, something's going to be now, bitch!" Dabney snarled elatedly. He'd reached her, finally reached her! "My cock's going to be in there, the rabbit, remember Baby? I'm going to ass-fuck you until Lopez' boys show up to drag you away, and you can remember this as my parting bon voyage present!"

"Oh, God!" April gasped, feeling his hands clutching strongly at her writhing hips. She hadn't counted on sodomy as being his cup of tea or she'd never have taunted him! Lord almighty! She was virgin there all the way! Damn, what could she do? John wouldn't help her, and he had the gun! He'd shoot Shug if she cried out to him! There was nothing she could do, only take it! Ohgod.

April heard him laugh almost fiendishly; she clenched her long slender hands into fists, telling herself that she had to endure it, had to, no matter how painful, and for pride's sake if nothing else, she mustn't beg or plead!

Then, without benefit or mercy, Dabney thrust forward and she felt an agonizing pop and stretching of her ass back there; her breath choked in her throat to the vicious spasm of pain, pain so unbearable that she twisted, then bit at her lip until she tasted the saltiness of her own blood, while simultaneously she strained and clenched her asscheeks uncontrollably to get free of the wickedly torturous cock reaming into her anal passage!

Oh, God, God! She'd sorely misjudged the ravishing capabilities of his prick, and even the capabilities of her own ability back there, for more than once she'd wished that John or one of the cats would take her there! Goddamn! He was going to split her wide open, she realized in sudden horror, her round, white full asscheeks beginning to thrash like a trapped animal caught in the throes of a violent death struggle, and then, she heard him laugh sadistically and felt his powerful fingers gouging into the soft and tender flesh of her squirming hips. He was holding her viselike, and every attempted move only helped to drive his thick cock deeper and deeper inside her cringing anal passage.

"Come on, Baby, you mouthy little cunt!" he taunted, slapping her hard across the asscheeks. "Shove back, bitch! Let's get it in and ream this hole for Lopez' client, eh? This is only the rabbit back here! You don't mean his little cock is breaking your will?"

April couldn't restrain the tears of pain, nor the guttural moans of agony that erupted from her constricted throat. Dear God, she'd made a drastic error in taunting him just to satisfy her own ego, and not only she, herself, but Lisa was also going to pay the price, too. Oh, Lord, Lord, her poor little helpless baby.

Lisa, although choked with dread and fear for her own welfare at the sadistic hands of John who had ripped the clothes from her cringing body and held her on the mattress beneath him while he cruelly mauled her sensitive E-cup breasts and belly, then plunged one long middle finger mercilessly between her thighs and into the defenseless, unwanting passage of her pussy, couldn't concentrate on anything but the monstrous sight of Dabney's hateful sodomizing attack on April's helpless tiny little ass.

Even as the torment of John's nail gouged into the delicate raw flesh of her snug vaginal walls, Lisa, wincing with the pain, gaped at her darling who had hunched her lovely white asscheeks back suddenly to Dabney's fiendish demand and saw him drive forward. Lisa gasped out at what had to be excruciating torture, as his throbbing shaft surged into her, pushing the soft, resistant flesh of her tight puckered ass before it, until with a buttock-flattening lunge he had ground it all the way inside the warm constricting depths of April's obscenely stretched ass!

"Oh, Oh God!" April groaned in agony and Lisa closed her own tear-filled eyes to shut out the gross and vile outrage. But there was no way she could banish from her brain the sadistic misery that John Van Horn was causing her, and it wasn't until she reopened her eyes that she understood why he had jerked his harassing finger from her distressed genitals and suddenly rolled off of her.

Naked and half-smiling in his simplemindedness, Shug knelt between her feet, his horrendous pole of solid flesh drooping, cockhead-heavy, as he gently clasped her ankles and spread her legs out wide, then lumbered forward toward her golden-fringed pubic triangle and the slightly gaping pink aperture that neatly split it.

"Shug! Wha-what're you doing?" Lisa cried, reaching up in a futile attempt to press him away from her. "No, Shug! My god... you can't - you'll kill me!"

John laughed with licentious delight, raising to his knees and watching with lust-filled eyes. "What's the matter, Baby, the shithead's cock too much for you?"

"Yes! Oh God, yes, it is!" Lisa gasped, her face contorted in open fright. "I can't take him! I'm too small, it'll tear me apart! Please, please stop him! Shug, no! My God, no!"

John continued to laugh satanically, as Lisa saw the expression of both dismay and disappointment wrinkling Shug's narrow forehead, and abruptly, she bit at her lower lip, remembering how he had asked April if sometime it would be all right for him to, to fuck the pretty lady, The memory incited an unexpected tingle of desire to flutter through her belly and she found herself looking up at his troubled face, touched at the confused emotions she read there.

"I gotta, pretty lady, John said to fuck you," Shug spoke, shaking his head numbly. "You know I gotta if he tells me to, but I'll try not to hurt you too much, honest I will... I like you, pretty lady, but you'll be crying soon."

"And, and you want to do it to me, don't you, Shug?" Lisa heard herself ask, amazed that the words had just bubbled up out of her even as the tiny sensations continued to rise slowly and cautiously in her belly, fleeting visions of the carnal bliss he had brought April the night before drifting through her mind. "Don't you, Shug?" she repeated, as if his answer of unexplainable wantonness shuddered her whole soft, naked body.

"Yeah, jeez, I do, honest!" Shug blurted, his eyes widening in hopeful surprise. "D-Don't be afraid, pretty lady!"

Lisa knew she could never explain even to herself the almost masochistic desire that was so abruptly seizing its hold on her as she lay there completely helpless and obscenely spread open beneath and before the giant imbecile whose massively long, thick cock was brushing tantalizingly at the soft furrow between her asscheeks, the heat from its swollen, bulbous head increasing her inner fermentations, generating them through her thighs and loins.

The mixture of fear and aroused desire masking the blonde bitch's face astonished John, and he couldn't help but wonder if maybe she wasn't a latent nympho. Fuck, that'd been the way she'd come on with him on the beach, and now the cunt was getting all hot and pissy-eyed just staring at the shithead's yard of cock. He grinned evilly to himself; he'd bet his ass she'd change her mind in just a minute, once she felt that log squeezing into her, the luscious bitch. He reached down suddenly, between Shug's and Lisa's pelvis's to find her cunt, slipping his finger between the pouting lips to investigate and satisfy his own mind.

Lisa jerked erotically when she felt the invading finger slide down through her now moist vulva, throwing a disgusting glance at the leering John as he wormed his finger around up in her vaginal channel and grinned lewdly down at her.

"You cunt!" he hissed, his mouth twisted lasciviously. "That fucking hole of yours has opened up at just the thought of taking all that cock; hasn't it? Yeah, Baby, maybe you are everything ol' Dabney said you were after all, Well, we'll see, Go on, Shug, ram it to her!"

Lisa turned her face from him in shame at his coarse fingering of her genitals, plus the unexplainable and uncontrollable sensations that had begun to race through her loins and belly when she looked at the simple Shug kneeling between her now widespread thighs, his huge prick bobbing in iron-hard anticipation. Maybe, John was right, maybe, Dabney was right, maybe, she was sexually unbalanced! But right at that moment she no longer cared! She wanted Shug's cock inside her aroused pussy, wanted to know the enchantment it had brought April the night before! And suddenly, she was lifting her legs higher to give him complete access, forcibly obliterating the presence of the vile person beside them from her excited mind.

"Go-Go ahead, Shug darling!" she hissed, catching at the baby- like skin of his powerful shoulders and digging her long nails into his flesh. "Give it to me! I want it! D-Do it good to your pretty lady," she invited, smiling in growing passion up at him as he grunted an unintelligible sound and drew the turgid-cock-head upward between the ragged, puffy lips of her now wanting cunt, causing her to writhe her hips and raise her asscheeks in an effort to help. "Yes, Darling," she hissed. "Yesss, we'll do it together, only, don't hurt me too much, please?"

She felt him insinuate the tip of his giant organ against the small mouth of her moist, receptive, yet reluctant pussy, and slowly her eyes began to widen, wider and wider as he parted the soft golden curls of her pubic hair with the head and brought expanding pressure to bear at the sensitive, tight opening, then, with a flick of his hips, the dull-witted man screwed the huge cockhead forcefully inside the little elasticized oval, stretching the resisting soft flesh torturously.

"Aaaauuuuugggghhhhhhh!" Lisa cried out, the agonizing sound raising gutturally from the very depths of her soul. "Oooohhhhhh Godddddddamn Jesusfuckingchrist!"

John grinned sadistically, his own prick jerking with excitement at the obscene, brutal picture. The fucking shithead had wedged no more than an inch into her stretched little hole and already she was ready to beg for mercy. Christ, what a goddamned ball Lopez was going to have with her. He heard Dabney's laugh and looked over to see him gaping at his writhing wife with Shug's stallion-cock squeezed nozzle-deep into her salaciously expanded cunt, while his own cock was completely submerged in April's servilely presented ass.

Fuck, he thought, he'd never cared about taking them in the ass; it always made his prick sore after, and anymore, he hardly even cared about fucking them. Making a broad give head, ramming his cock right down their throat and shooting his load into their gullet was his thing, but right at the moment, watching the haughty young blonde bitch twist and whimper, trying desperately to kick those beautiful legs and escape the punishing impalement of Shug's cock was charging him as much as an acid trip.

The crazy bitch had begun to flail her arms and fists, until Shug had been forced to grab them and pin them back. Fuck, now she was beginning to realize just how wrong she'd been, thinking she could handle that stupid bastard's monstrous prick.

John grinned in sadistic lust at the spectacle. He'd bet his ass she was thinking that the shithead's shaft was beyond reason, and that she was never going to be able to take it, but she would, and plenty more just like it all the rest of her life. Christ, it looked as if it were ripping her cunt lips, and the obvious pain it was causing her was sending wild sensations charging through his own loins, while his cock jerked and throbbed as if someone had been beating on it with birch switches. Fuck it was time he shed his rags and got into the act!

Dabney couldn't contain the groans of lust escaping him as he felt the warm, soft flesh of April's full, rounded asscheeks flattening with impact back against his pelvis and hips. The bitch, she wasn't so fucking queenly now, and she'd be less so by the time he was through with her. Goddamn her, rabbit was he! He thrust forward into the once tightly puckered, and now grotesquely stretched mouth of her ass, at the same time, sliding his one hand down under her belly and between her thighs to her open cuntal slit, feeling the moisture from the long, silken cuntlips seeping out to cover her ravenish velvety down that was brushing teasingly against his balls as they swung down between her open legs. His eyes locked licentiously on his hardened shaft disappearing completely into the still snug, though wide-stretched oval mouth between the twin white mounds of her helplessly quivering ass. He grunted again, drawing it out slightly and watching with goatish delight the tender pink flesh pulling out with it, then racing back inside with his inward plunge. His breathing increased, sparked further by the lewd scene beside him, until suddenly he was smashing into her in a tempoed cadence, in and out, in and out, deep up into the warm clasping hole of her lusciously tormented ass.

April gouged her nails into her palms, biting at her lower lip savagely, then, was gradually surprised as the pain began to ease a bit, but even more astonished when a strange thread of arousal seemed to weave through her pain-wracked body, although it was still a mixture of bitter torment and crazy stimulation. She felt saturated with moisture between her asscheeks and debased only because of who he was, and the fact that he'd forced her to submit to his degrading sodomy. But as difficult as it was to think of anything with his shattering, skin-splitting cock jolting her forward, she couldn't help but pity her golden goddess who was whimpering and squirming in agony beneath poor Shug's forced fucking of her beautifully tight little cunt.

Christ, she had to think of something, someway! If only Lisa hadn't lost her head. They'd had them both cold, but now John possessed the gun! The poor baby, she'd been all mixed up, still had faith in the filthy bastard who was ramming his ugly hard prick right up her ass, But, but at least, that wasn't so painful any longer. Her body was actually heaving back at his rod of its own volition, squirming against his cock's every thrusting plunge, wriggling and undulating onto the fleshy stem that was supposedly meting out his warped, defiling punishment!

Damnit! What was she, anyway, if not a perverted bitch, she thought wildly, aware now of a certain new masochistic pleasure stirring in her belly at the sodomizing he was subjecting her to. The crazy pain had eased into a weird eroticism, and she was shoving her ass backwards voluntarily to meet the forward charge of his prick, rotating her hips in wanton, lewd circles. In fact, she'd begun to feel a wave of wild excitement through the vague pain, wanting his disgusting shaft buried deeper and harder into the stretched raped channel of her ass, and she found herself reaching down between her thighs to scratch beneath, then cup almost viciously, his swinging balls, turning her face sideways to glare tauntingly at him so that he could see the animalistic, if, defying effect his sodomizing rod was having on her.

Kneeling up behind her, Dabney Roberts continued to watch the reddish inflamed inner skin of her obscenely stretched ass draw out, clinging to his cock, clutching at it possessively as if it never wanted to lose it. At first, the pressure on his prick had been goddamned near unbearable, but now it was just tight and wild, the type of squeezing pressure that promised to draw the cream right up out of his balls with the mean, spitting ferocity of boiling oil at every stroke.

Goddamn her! She was coming off her high-hat all right, suddenly loving his cock probing at the depths of her hot little belly; now she was reaching down to scrape and clutch at his balls, not gently, but he'd never thought of her as being a gentle broad in a fuck-match! The bitch! What a luscious cunt she was! Christ, if he thought there was a chance, he might even trade her for Rachel, at least for a few months! Shit yes, and she might dig the idea too! He stared at his white, raping prick submerging right into her satin smooth, gyrating ass with each lunge. He drove it into the sucking hole until not even a fraction of it was left unabsorbed, straining wildly in that snug, clasping channel, his prick's spongy, lust-engorged head probing deep into the tender, quivering flesh of her bowels.

"Oh, oh God, no, No!" Lisa moaned in throat- constricting agony with the immeasurable horror taking place at the sensitive channel in her desperately recoiling loins, but in God's name, there was no respite! Momentarily, she feared she might go mad! If, if only she could faint, she reasoned frantically, unaware of the tears that were gushing from her eyes.

"Golly! Don't cry, pretty lady," Shug pleaded in a near-whining voice. "If you'll just hold still I'll get it in quick, then, pretty soon it'll be all right, an' you'll like it, honest, you will! Please, Please?"

Lisa heard his pleading voice and opened her eyes, trying to focus them through her tears on his cherub-face, realization vaguely returning that it was not his fault. He was carrying out John's order, evidently afraid to defy the bearded monster. Oh, the poor, innocent, lovable brute! He wasn't to blame; he was simply a tool in their depraved hands, And then, he thrust again and she sunk her teeth into the flesh of her lip once more, rather than to let him know the inhuman torture he was causing her.

She tried desperately to evaluate the situation. He'd reamed his massive cock crushingly into the deeper folds of her tight resisting passage, pressing waves of her pink, soft inner flesh reactingly before it like a vessel cutting through water, believing that once he'd stuffed her she would begin to enjoy erotic fulfillment. But dear God, she wasn't like those others they'd made him castigate; her passage had to be much smaller, obviously much, much smaller, yet, he too, was already suffering enough in just the knowing and doing of what John had told him to. She had to brave the torment through! April was,and was she any better, or any less woman than the titan-haired girl whom she loved?

Oh! God! She quaked spasmodically, suddenly sensing what was to come, and then the gigantic rod, without mercy, plunged head long into her belly! Her brain raced in the frantic aftermath of her own reasoning as the huge, throbbing shaft filled the core of her soft body with its blood-filled hardness, pressuring against her innermost organs as it dug even deeper. Oh, Lord God! It was going to burst into her throat if he didn't stop! It was wrenching her soul from her very body, and then it was spiritually devouring it, as he flexed the colossal head once, twice, and yet, a third time, swallowed the immortal part in mouthfuls of pained sensuality! Yes, yes, her divine seat of consciousness was rapidly being devoured and there was nothing left but this lovable imbecile wedged between her widespread legs with the inhuman cock. And he was trying to tell her, to show her that he loved her! He was....

Abruptly, the minute pulses of the flexing, outrageous prick- head stopped, and she sensed it easing proportionately back out of her, She clenched her teeth and eyes! Then, with an earth- shattering thud she felt his powerful pelvis crash resoundingly against her own tender one, the immense sperm-inflated sac containing his balls smacking against and tickling the soft yielding crevice between her asscheeks jarringly. Oh! God! He'd buried it all into her, all of it! She couldn't believe it, until she raised her head to look down between her thighs and see for herself! Yes, his magnificent cock lay embedded to his groin inside her quivering wide-stretched cunt, like the beautiful rod of a young bull.

"Jesus Christ!" she heard John gasp from off somewhere, but she didn't want to search him out, wherever he was. The young bull theme was captivating her rapidly changing, sensuous mind. He was a gentle, lovable young bull doing his master's bidding. He was holding still above her now, knowing he'd hurt her and waiting for her to adjust to the presence of his great prick buried inside her soft, white belly, and she'd taken him all, just as April had done! She opened her eyes wide and gazed up at him lovingly, trying to hide the still-tormenting pain his huge rod of flesh was causing her.

He flexed its head again and she groaned uncontrollably from deep in her chest, her teeth re-clenching. He seemed to wait, watching her, then flexed once more. Lisa sensed that the pain was lessening, and she forced another weak smile up at him. Again and again, their exchange of feelings transmitted, one to the other through the blood-swollen medium of his great shaft, while John swore and ordered him to fuck her hard! Surprisingly, Shug paid no attention for a moment, then he began a slow revolving motion with his pelvis and cock, grinding the huge prick inside her channel, stretching the still frightened walls until it began to fit like Excalibur in its own scabbard!

April steeled herself against emitting another sound that would add to the lust-filled pleasure of Dabney Roberts; yet, she winced inside as his pelvis slapped viciously against the soft, resilient flesh of her white asscheeks. God damn! His filthy prick was like a crowbar, and sunk to his throbbing balls in her numbed and erotically tingling ass She, she was completely and brutally skewered on the disgusting thing.

She tried to think! It was important that the fire was put out, and all light, before they came! With the flames licking up at the mouth of the cave, it could be seen for miles at sea! And what good would come from all of it, even if she were successful with her crazy plan, once they'd spotted them from out there? It was a stupid idea anyway, and she hardly believed it could work now, but anything was worth a try, if she could concentrate on it. Dabney's balls throbbed and his cock cavorted as if it were about to burst each time he plunged it into her; she was moaning and adding to his building pressure with the lewd grinding movements of her ass and hollowing of her tapered back. He gaped at her passion-contorted profile that he was certain she wanted him to see, to know the pleasure he was bringing her, and his own lips bared back from his teeth. Her face was flushed a deep red, her long black hair strewn wildly down over her forehead and face, and she was gasping for more! Fuck! He swore vilely. What a wild cunt she was! He hammered his cock with a ramming thrust into her delectable ass, leaving it there, listening to her whine as he brutally ground his pelvis in expanding circles, routing the already inflamed inner flesh of her channel with brutal force and cruel delight.

"Ooohhhhh, ooohhhh, yes, Yes," April whimpered out to him. "Fuck it! Fuck it hard! Please, oooohhhh, Dabney, Dabney, I didn't know, I didn't know! Wh-Why didn't you do this before? My God why, before it was too late?"

His brain reeled in its rut-incited savageness, yet, there was something in her words that clung to his carnal brain. He tried to reason, even as his pulsating cock began to drive harder with his mounting climax in stupefying release. Something, something she'd said! Wh... what?

T-Too late, before it was too late, What, what the fuck did she mean by that?

"Listen, it's never too late, April!" he exclaimed, not giving a damn if John or the whole world heard him. "N-Not when you have it... like we do."

"Oh, Darling, it's too late, I'm afraid, yes, yes, they'll be coming." April choked, her breasts swaying, her ass heaving beautifully back onto his cock.

Fuck, he thought, he'd been about to cum any minute! He had been, but now, he wasn't sure! What the hell! "Who's coming?" he gasped down at her slavishly bent body before him. "Who?"

"Oh, ooohhhhh!" April moaned hedonistically. "Oh, what does it matter? This, this is it, Baby darling, now... now... and what you're doing to me?"

"Goddamnit! We can go on doing it, April, you and me, plenty of bread, the wide world out there!" Dabney gasped, charging his cock into her ass with blinding fury. "For Chris' sake, what are you, you talking about, Baby? Tell me! Tell me, so we can stay together, just you and me!"

John was too swept up in his own mind-saturating brutishness to pay attention to anything but the blonde delight being inhumanly fucked before his sadistic eyes. He'd heard the mouthing of unregistered words behind him, but he could care less. They were both, and would be, expendable! But this fantastically lovely cunt who was giving herself to the rape of the shithead had filled his brain since the moment she'd walked into the hotel! He'd even had his cock in her mouth and she'd wanted to suck it and now, she was going to fulfill that wish! He reached down and grasped his naked shaft, stroking the heavy foreskin back and forth over its moist, throbbing head, the sensuous feeling his act sparked, racing through his loins and hard belly. Yeah, she was going to suck him right down into her throat, the beautiful bitch! He wanted her, and he was going to have her, not just tonight, but from here on out, as long as he needed her pretty mouth around his prick!

"Get her up onto her knees, Shug!" he ordered "Turn her over up on her knees, now, damn you, stupid sonofabitch! Now! Now!"

Lisa moaned as Shug pulled out of her; she had barely become adjusted to his massive rod of flesh filling her channel and belly in that position and the first blissful traces of its pleasure- giving delights had begun to take place in her loins and pussy. She raised her head in frustration, prepared to plead with the cherub-faced idiot to put it back inside her, then, realized what was happening. Instead, she got to her knees quickly, dropping to all fours, her firm full breasts swaying provocatively, and then she saw John on his back with his hairy thighs spread wide before her and she knew what he wanted.

"Come on, Doll baby," he hissed, his head raised to watch her crawl between his legs until her beautiful young face was just inches above his rock-hard eight-incher. "Now, you suck that while the shithead fucks you from behind, dog fashion. Rub those sweet and tender lips with it, then lick it from top to bottom, all over, bitch, all over! And you wait 'till I tell you to ram it to her, Shug!"

Although a feeling of deep repulsion filled her at the thought of sucking his thick foot-long prick, Lisa realized there was no avoiding it, and above all, she wanted Shug's beautiful weapon back inside her tingling, excited channel! Fleeting thoughts of the night before on the beach when she had wantonly sucked him raced through her mind, adding to the carnal fermentations Shug had already incited deep in her loins and belly, and she took the swollen prick in her hand at its hot, wide base, drawing down the foreskin from the glistening head, exposing the moist, pulsating glans, momentarily working the heavy outer flesh up and down, her brain suddenly filled with the warm, hard feel of it in her tiny hand, then, she lowered her saliva-moistened lips to it as if she were tracing their outline, a strange masochistic twinge fluttering through her.

Automatically, her tiny tongue seemed to flick out, and she licked down its long length to his balls, up, then down, again and again, laving her warm damp tongue all over it while her palpitating breasts danced and swayed beneath from her sudden avid motion.

"Suck it! Now, suck it, bitch!" John rasped, his dark eyes beading lasciviously.

Lisa didn't hesitate; something utterly and obscenely insane was taking place inside her, she wanted to suck it! Dear God! She ovaled her lush lips, pursing her mouth to slide them down over the hot, firm head along the full length of her tongue, the tiny drops of seepage from it filling the warm cavern of her mouth with its viscid piquancy. Immediately, she began to suck possessively on it, working her head up and down in a quickly established tempo with his upthrusting loins. God, she had never imagined that a prick could taste so exciting to her and she found herself exploring its every ridge and wrinkle. Her tongue licked eagerly at the blood-filled head, the tip probing hotly into its tiny split, and then Shug's heavenly cock was nuzzling back between her asscheeks and tingling pussy once more.

Lisa moaned around John's prick in her mouth, waiting in anticipation for the second when Shug's wonderfully hard penis would slip back inside her to quench the growing flames of desire that were beginning to spread, as if out of control, through her loins and belly. Abruptly, she felt his big gentle hands on her hips and the smooth baby-like skin of his strong legs brushing the backs of her own spread-apart thighs. She waved the stretched orbs of her ass back at him, feeling the blunt end of his great prick parting the pubic hair and pressing into the moist pit in her loins. With a grunt, he moved forward and it penetrated, then continued to pressure into her widely stretching pussy, never- endingly, but not without pain once more, causing her to lurch forward, her eyes popping open as it grazed her cervix and tunneled beyond, and again she groaned audibly around the thick cock in her mouth.

She felt it withdraw then move back into her, not violently, yet it took her breath away and telegraphed sharp, needle-like twinges of pain-pleasure from the intricate depths of her contracting belly to her libidinously incited brain. He continued to withdraw and surge back into her again and again in an increasing cadence, while John beneath her picked up the tempo with his thrusting prick between her lips, his hands suddenly clutching in her hair to drive her saliva-filled mouth brutally down onto the hard, swollen rod.

"Suck it hard, bitch! Hard!" John choked, and Lisa became aware that they were buffeting her back and forth between them like a limp mannequin in their dual ravishment of her obscenely positioned body.

Lewd flames of passion licked through her veins. All pain had given way to the carnal rapture of the two delicious cocks fucking into her face and pummeling back into her now seething cunt from behind to the very depths of her belly. The mere thought began to send chills of lurid delight racing the length of her spine as she felt the increased rhythm of their hot shafts skewering sleekly into her. There was nothing else in the world but the lewd debauchery she was being forced to submit to, and she found herself sucking vigorously while she ground her asscheeks back onto Shug's excitedly hardened cock, aware only of the mounting bliss that was building like wildfire inside her.

The flames in her belly and loins raged on maddeningly as she undulated her round white asscheeks in taunting little circles, squeezing experimentally with her inner cuntal muscles at Shug's huge rod, of hardened cockflesh drilling into her so beautifully from behind. She pulled at John's prick stroking moistly in and out of her mouth with voracious sucking sounds, her cheeks hollowing and filling with his every up and down movement, the passion inciting pungency of his cock causing her brain to swirl wildly. God! She wanted it to squirt its white hot cum in her mouth, wanted to gulp it and feel it trickling down her throat to fill her belly, while the great shaft fucking into her from behind flooded her cunt until she was completely immersed in the wet, slippery babymaking seed.

"Y-You, you've got to get the gun!" April hissed back at the gaping mouthed, wild-eyed Dabney Roberts who was pounding into the obscenely stretched hole between the lush cheeks of her ass in near-climatic frenzy. "It's our only chance, Darling, before the Coast Guard sees the firelight."

Dabney couldn't seem to control the savage thrust of his hips and throbbing prick; Christ, it was like those parts of him were being machine-operated, and he continued to thunder into her warm, clutching ass-channel even as her words instigated a sinking feeling in his guts. "Wh-What? Oh, Jesus, you didn't call the Coast Guard?" he gasped, digging his strong fingers viciously into the soft flesh of her hips. "You couldn't be, be that fucking stupid!" But then, he saw her nodding her head affirmatively, her long tresses flailing with the motion, and as he fucked wildly his brain swam in its attempt to reason his next move. Christ, they'd be caught like cornered rats there in the fucking cave! The CG would probably get Lopez' men and the cache, too, Oh shit! He had to get the rod from John, take April and the money! Kill the rest first, yeah! Goddamn, the stupid bitch!

Bitter rage, mixed with the crazy mounting pressure building in his loins and balls, drove him into an almost delirious frenzy and suddenly he was slapping April's luscious asscheeks with savage hands, at the same time fucking his swollen prick with demonic fury deep into her inflamed ass.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" April exclaimed, wincing with every harsh slap against the smooth white flesh of her sensitive asscheeks, a libidinous shudder rippling through her at this new debasement. And even as he continued to spank her brutally, she felt him withdraw his prick out to the bloated head, then thrust it forward barbarically until his balls struck with loaded heaviness against the spread-open split of her cunt in one long racing stroke, the combined sensations abruptly driving her into an unbelievable state of rapture,

"Oh, yes, damn!" she screamed back at him breathlessly. "Cum in there! Hurry! Cum in my ass! Damn, I want it!"

Dabney's cock tingled as if it were charged with electric current; his balls were boiling like a vat of liquid wax! He was going to shoot! Fuck yes, he was going to blast a torrent of cum into her queenly white ass, and she wanted him, too!

His brain was in a turmoil. Her unexpected response to his ass-whipping and sodomy had blinded him to everything but the lust filling him. He reached down and savagely pulled her asscheeks wide apart, battering his lean pelvis against her yielding ass with ferocious strokes. Sweat from his perspiring face dripped onto her lovely, hollowing back to make it glisten in the weird light. His breath came in short, puffing gasps, his eyes locked on the ivory- white hue of her quivering body that was forcing her ass back over his plunging cock with the snug delight of a velvety glove. Christ, he'd kill 'em all, even Shug, just April and him, ninety thou, enough, enough! fuck, his cock was growing cockhead-heavy! he had to cum... get the gun... cum... cum, cum... cum!

April couldn't think! She heard herself mumbling foolishly beneath his pounding hips. Oh, God, Oh, God, think, think!

Had to think! Ooohhhh!. Too late, too late, poor baby... oooohhhh! She waived her ass salaciously back against his unrelenting thrusts! Oh, cum you bastard, cum! Squirt your load of hot cum, filthy cum, hot, Hot, hot, right into my belly! Split my crotch! Drench me in your sperm, you bastard! Then, I'll kill you!

"Oh shit! Now, now!" Dabney choked, tossing back his head and grunting frantically as he shoved his cock's full extended length into her forever stretched ass, his lean body beginning to jerk convulsively, his mouth falling open while he clawed at her waist and hips with harsh, clutching fingers, pulling her asscheeks even wider apart for his prick to wedge that final fraction of an inch into her. "Fuck back, hard, shit, yes!" he groaned wildly.

April, beneath his hammering assault, felt the first exquisite gushes of his hot, white sperm splutter into the intricate, lustfully working depths of her ass! It surged through her body with the torrential force of a bursting dam, burning into her heaving belly like liquid fire! The delicious sensation tripped her own climax and she whimpered like a bleating lamb with the powerful maelstrom of pleasure washing over her, until at last, she sensed rivulets of his hot, sticky semen running down the crevice of her wide-split asscheeks to the open slit of her throbbing cunt, and he was withdrawing his deflating rod from inside her with a slight hissing noise; a welcomed cool rush of air brushed and soothed the unplugged, hole of her ass. Then she looked to her golden goddess!

Lisa was oblivious of the entire world with the exception of the two cocks fucking into her mouth and cunt. The very lewdness of her position and the obscene, blurred mental vision of her naked body being fucked at both ends simultaneously, caused the insane salacious hunger that was gnawing ferally at her senses. She ground her ass back vigorously onto Shug's huge prick fucking into her palpitating cunt, squeezing her vaginal muscles like a starving throat around the hard, thick shaft, while at the same time, she sucked whorishly at the cock in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing and bloating licentiously with John's satiric thrusts. Her tongue licked voraciously at the blood-filled head, the tip feverishly probing at its split end. God, why didn't it shoot into her mouth. She wanted to taste hot male semen, swallow it! Oh yes, cum... please, oh god, please cum!

Suddenly, she was aware of an increased furor in the thrusts pounding the depths of her reamed cunt from behind, plus the naked, hairy loins crushing up tighter and tighter against her face She could feel the prick that was stiffly poling into her mouth begin tensing in trembling, jerking movements as hands clutched her head brutally. A sensuous wave of wild anticipation raced through her, and his pelvis closed in on her as if he were trying to push his cock all the way down her throat. The hair of his pelvis tickled her nose and subconsciously she took his pulsing balls tenderly in her warm hands and began to gently pressure them.

"Sonofabitch! Suck it you blonde little cunt! I'm going to cum! Yeah, man, eat it! Eat it, damn you! Goddamn, here it cuummmmmmssss!" The hot shaft pulsed the first time and Lisa's mouth was flooded with a gush of hot, thick liquid that raged down her excitedly swallowing throat in a wild fury of seething fire. She fought for breath as she gulped with sexual hunger at the white, viscous fluid ejaculating from the jerking cock driven to the depths of her frantically constricting throat. Desperately, she milked his balls, wanting to squeeze every last drop from them, while April groaned at the salaciously vile scene.

As April watched from her sitting position, her own belly still heaving spasmodically in the aftermath of her orgasm, vehement anger raged through her at the sight of her golden goddess being so horribly defiled, and then her husband's deflating rod was slipping moistly from her Baby's still sucking mouth. God, it was almost as if her darling had been drugged! She saw her take a deep breath then, and run her tongue over her sperm-coated lips hungrily, swiping at the last of the tiny remaining drops of his semen that had trickled there from the corners of her mouth, Damn him! She'd kill him! And then, she saw Dabney crawling naked toward John's clothes where the gun should be.

Oh God, it was all such absolute rapture, Lisa reasoned hedonistically, still licking at her sperm-moistened lips. She hoped it would never end, never! She spread her thighs wider, sliding her knees farther apart, thrusting her lovely asscheeks higher and back against the great, hard plunging cock fucking into her so beautifully. With each battering stroke she felt the maddening bliss of his load-bloated balls slapping down against the erect, tingling bud of her clit, while the sparse pubic hair around the base of his massive prick tantalizingly brushed against the soft inner edges of her asscheeks. She lowered her torso until her breasts were squashed tightly down against the mattress, the coarse material erotically taunting her distended nipples. She mewled with ecstasy as she felt the burrowing shaft behind her imbed its unbelievable full length inside her. Its smooth soft head grazed the hardness of her womb, probing deep, deep where nothing or no one had ever reached before. She almost felt as if she were some sort of slave, a lowly serf bent humbly before him while he fucked into her at will from behind, emptying his innocent and simple male lust into her wanting, open crotch. Lewd pleasure surged through her like myriad tongues of fire. God, she wanted this al ways, his wonderful, gigantic cock satisfying her desire-filled body! Yes, yes, she loved this simple, beautiful man, Then... there was noises, loud sounds of swearing voices and scuffling feet as if people were fighting, but Lisa couldn't put her mind to it with the overwhelming enchantment that was sweeping over her.

Oh, God! Ohmygod!

The heavens burst open as her orgasm began to rise toward a pinpoint inside her! This was it! Yes! Yes! Then, she heard Shug groan and felt his hardened cock jerk and begin spewing its lake of white, hot cum deep up into her wildly clasping cunt. It splashed insanely around inside her, foaming back from her cunt- lips onto his pelvis and balls. Shamelessly, she screwed her asscheeks back onto the endlessly creaming prick in her cunt, and with a shriek from between her tightly clenched teeth, she felt her whole being explode into what seemed a never-ending stream of breathtaking sensations of erotic release and she continued to sob out her ecstasy until the very life seemed to ebb from her... and then, she quietly fainted, dead away.

Lisa lay naked on the beach blanket, pleasurably enjoying the warm southern California sun as she gazed devotedly at the lovely nude body of the sleeping, titian-haired girl beside her. A small portable radio by her elbow offered soft romantic music that blended harmoniously with the gentle wash of the almost quiet surf behind them. They had been there a week now, just the three of them in the private beach house April had found for what she insisted was her "golden goddess' convalescence."

Of course, she hadn't needed any such thing, but it pleased Lisa to be looked after and loved by this gorgeous girl, though she could still hardly believe her own emotions. Truly, there was love, desire and a sense of possession between them, yet, they would both be lost without their beautiful Shug and his magnificent male contribution to their lovemaking, and there was an unspoken knowledge, each for the other's sexual male needs, but with Shug's enormous splendor ever present and available, neither of them had felt any urge to stray from their troilistic arrangement.

Financially, they were comfortably well-off now with the ninety thousand dollars their husbands had left them, and in cash. They had even discussed the possibilities of a business venture, or some proper investments, wise and fun moves they would undoubtedly be making together in the next few months. God, Lisa couldn't remember ever being so happy, yet, yet, there were times such as that very moment, when she wished she knew everything that had happened that horrible night, but April would only smile lovingly, pat her cheek and admonish her not to bother her pretty head with such disgusting thoughts.

Naturally, she could get nothing out of Shug; evidently April had thrown the fear of God into him; anyway, he wasn't about to do the tiniest thing to anger the dark-haired girl he loved so much, and Lisa had no intention of confusing his love. He was too sweet, too beautiful, and such a dear, prize possession to both of them. Nevertheless, Lisa supposed she would always wonder and go on wondering what wicked things had taken place during her coma in the cave. After all, Dabney had been her legitimate husband, and once, she had loved him so very much.

Remembering now, she had heard the scuffling, the loud curses as if two or more people had been fighting, then, John's voice: "You bastard! Goddamn you, man, you think I'd leave the rod there?" He'd laughed then, this followed by more groans and sounds of flesh hitting flesh, until April's scream and cry: "You damned fools! Watch out, you're going to fall! Stop it! Stop it!"

And then, sometimes she could still hear the horrifying male shrieks, even as at that very moment, and a shudder passed over her soft, satiny flesh. Quietly, she turned over and sat up to look off at the glare on the water the descending sun was making. April stirred beside her, finally turning over and raising up.

"How long did I sleep, Baby?"

"Oh, maybe an hour."

"Mmmmmm, it was good," she groaned," she yawned, stretching her slender arms over her head and causing her full, firm breasts to lift and thrust forward beautifully.

Lisa stared at them, at last, raising her eyes to the erotic, ivory complexioned face that was slowly giving way to a warm smile for her. "April, April," she said, searching the other's enchanting eyes, "I want to know, please tell me? Did they, did they both die in the fall?"

For a long moment, April studied her with a soft, almost adoring gaze, until with a sigh, she answered: "You can't let it rest can you, Baby?"

"He was my husband."

"And John was mine," April replied. "All right," she sighed heavily. "They fought over the gun. In truth, both of them intended to double-cross the other, and I counted on that, which was why I taunted Dabney into making a try for the damn thing, deceiving him into thinking it'd be him and me from then on. But John was never a fool; he'd kept the gun beside him, and when he saw Dabney looking for it, he laughed and aimed it right at Dabney's head." April leaned forward, shaking her own head as if still hardly believing it. Then, she went on: "Dabney was like crazy, he jumped John, gun and all, They rolled for awhile, each trying to overpower the other, and finally, I saw the gun lying on the cave floor. I grabbed it up and ordered them to stop. They wouldn't! God, I knew then that I couldn't shoot either one of them, or anybody else! In their wrestling, they worked closer to the mouth of the cave. John hit Dabney and knocked him down into the hot embers of the fire he'd built. You could hear Dabney scream at least a hundred miles, I swear! But he squirmed out of it and stood up with a white-hot stick in his hand! John rushed him and Dabney shoved it in John's face! God almighty! It went right into his eye, Lisa Baby, his eye!"

Lisa stared at her in horror. "Oh, no, no!" she moaned, burying her face. "Oh, God!"

"John screamed, of course, then, they grabbed each other again, Shug was coming from you at that point, but he was too late, they'd gotten out on the cliff ledge, until finally, they fell, still holding onto one another like murdering animals."

The two lovely naked girls sat for a long while in silence. The radio played, the surf was incessant. Lisa took a long breath and raised her head. She would never think of it again, she wouldn't! She smiled at her lovely feminine mate. "Shug is cooking a stew. He told me his mother taught him, begged me to let him, so I did. Are you hungry?"

April raised her own face, shaking her long hair behind her shoulders. She returned Lisa's smile. "I will be, after a couple of martinis."

Lisa swallowed tightly, then said: "I've got to know, April... just this one question, and I'll never ask another, I promise."

"Okay," the willowy lovely sighed. "Shoot."

"Were, were they both really dead from the fall?"

Slowly, April nodded her head. "Yes, thank god, they were."

"And what did you do, with their bodies?"

April got to her feet to stand before her blonde goddess, the silken pubic, black down covering the shadowed pinkish slit of her womanhood almost level with Lisa's face. She shook her head. "One question, you said, and I answered it. No more, Baby, never again, It's all finished, behind us. Now, there's just you and me."

Lisa moistened her lips, then slowly raised to her feet, her eyes levelly engaged with the dark ones of her lover. Yes, she thought, that's the way it has to be, Now, there was just the two of them, and then she remembered: "And Shug!" she added.

April smiled beautifully. "Yeah," she said. "Wanna go see how that horse-hung brute is making it with the stew?"

"I'm hungry!" Lisa exclaimed.

"So am I," April replied, "but not for Shug's stew."

They both laughed, picked up their things, then raised their eyes toward the sky where the helicopter had begun to circle. They walked, arms around one another, laughing and waving their other hands at the curious pilot.

The End
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