Intimate with Animals
(F/m, inc, best, size)

by Kysa Braswell

"Does he bite?" Adam Plumber asked nervously, when the big black Alsatian came trotting up to them.

"Oh, no, he's very friendly," Madeline Sharp assured him as she reached out to pet the dog. Adam and Madeline had just entered her apartment, and the Alsatian had come down the hall to meet them. He was wagging his tail, but he still made Adam a bit wary. The hall was dimly lit, and the big brute looked like a black shadow, a black shadow with gleaming white fangs and a long, red, wet tongue.

"Good boy," Madeline said, stroking the dog behind the ears.

He cocked his head and whined happily.

"Er, what's his name?" Adam inquired.

At the sound of the man's voice, the dog turned a baleful amber eye upon him and curled his black lip up, revealing his ominous fangs.

He didn't seem the sort of dog that a girl would keep strictly for company as a pet, thought Adam. He looked more like some great brute used to guard prisoners in a prison camp or to run down and savage escaping slaves.

In fact, Madeline did not keep the dog strictly as a pet, although she petted him a lot.

"Rover," she said, laughing. "Isn't that such a classic name for a doggy?"

"Yeah," Adam replied, thinking it was really an absurd name for such a savage-looking beast, but not wanting to antagonize Madeline in any way, at least not before he got into her pants.

Adam was hopeful. He had just met Madeline at a singles bar, and after he'd bought her a couple drinks and they had chatted for a while, she had asked him if he wanted to come back to her place. It seemed promising, obviously. Everything about the girl was promising, in fact. She was sultry and sexy, and Adam's big prick had begun to tingle and twitch at first sight. He was a handsome fellow and he was used to scoring with girls, but seldom did he get a crack at one as lovely as Madeline.

Madeline was tall and slender, her legs long and shapely, and her waist narrow. The slimness of her torso emphasized the size of her large, thrusting tits and the sweep of her firm-cheeked ass. She was wearing a short skirt that showed a lot of creamy thigh and a tight-fitting blouse that seemed to be molded to the contours of her massive and heavy H-cup tits. It stood out in twin peaks where her fat nipples jutted out from her breasts.

Her face was as sensual as her body. Madeline had high, exotic cheekbones, green eyes that were slightly slanted and a wide slash of a mouth with a full lower lip, the sort of mouth that naturally made a man think of blowjobs. She had long black hair, falling in heavy curls to her shoulders and flowing like spilled ink when she tossed her head in that saucy way that she had. Her voice was deep and husky and suggestive. She had told Adam that she was eighteen years old, lived alone with her doggy, and did not have a steady boyfriend. All in all the situation seemed very promising. Adam figured that he had struck it lucky today, although he still felt a little bit nervous about the dog. Madeline lowered her supple body onto one knee. The other knee was raised and her skirt slid even higher. She stroked the Alsatian's flanks and the dog squirmed under her caress, rubbing his head against her leg. After a moment, she stood up again, giving Adam a sideways glance. Her gaze slid down to his crotch. Adam's cock was semi- hard by this time and a prominent bulge stood out in his pants. As her eyes moved down, Madeline smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"Let's go into the front room," she suggested.

She moved on ahead. Adam followed her down the hallway, admiring the way her ass swung at every stride. Christ! he thought. This girl is eating-stuff!

And from the way his long red tongue was lolling out, the dog might have been thinking the same thing! Rover watched them go into the front room and a rumble sounded deep in his throat. His amber eyes gleamed, and he shook his head as if in his doggy fashion he was jealous. But he was a well-trained and obedient doggy. His mistress had not summoned him to accompany her and so he stayed where he was. But under his shaggy belly, his massive prick began to swell and harden!

Yeah, Rover was more than just a pet...

Madeline paused beside the drink cabinet for a moment, then seemed to think better of the idea and moved on to the couch. She sat down and motioned for Adam to join her. He grinned and crossed the room, aware of the fact that his cock was almost fully erect now, and throbbing, and also aware that Madeline was gazing at the big lump, her green eyes glowing like melted jade.

Adam sat down beside her, and without any hesitation, Madeline twisted around and moved into his arms. They kissed, lightly at first, their lips brushing together. Then her mouth opened on his. Adam slid his tongue past her lips and she sucked on it hungrily. As if his cock was attached to his tongue, Adam's big fucker jerked and jolted as they French kissed.

He drew his tongue back and her tongue followed, probing his mouth and entwining with his tongue like serpents mating in a moist cavern.

She sighed, squirming against him. They were panting into each other's open mouth, swapping slobber, their lips grinding passionately together. She arched her slender back, pressing her tits out against his chest. Her stiff nipples burned into him in twin peaks.

Adam ran his hand up her flank, then cupped one of her fat tits, squeezing the firm globe. Madeline murmured happily. Adam knew for sure that he had scored now, and he began to feel her up with both hands as they continued to kiss. He licked at her parted lips and she moaned. His hand squeezed on her tit-mound, and his fingers pulled gently at the taut tip, feeling her nipple swell as he rolled it in his fingers.

Her wet tongue shot into his mouth again, tapping at the roof and sliding into his cheeks. A trickle of saliva ran down her chin. Adam licked it up. The horny girl was so hot she seemed to be melting in his arms. He could feel her hips thrusting gently against him. He massaged her tits with his hands and slipped his thumb back and forth against the tips.

He moved one hand down onto her thigh. Her legs spread as he stroked the smooth flesh. Grinding against him, she parted her thighs, and her short skirt rode higher. Adam slid his hand up to her crotch and almost choked, Madeline was not wearing any panties.

She had obviously gone to the singles bar prepared and Adam was about to benefit from that preparation. His fingers brushed her cunt. Her pussy lips were unfurled like the petals of a flower, and her open cunt was creamy with her juices. Her clit stood out like a bullet as he fingered it, and her nipples shot out even more, as if in sympathetic vibration with the throbbing nugget of her fuck button.

Adam traced along her open cuntlips, then gently slipped his middle finger up her fuckhole. Madeline moaned and gasped, jerking her belly out as she worked her pussy on his hand. He tilted his head so that he could look down without moving his lips from hers and drew her skirt up above her waist.

Her crotch was a mouth-watering sight! Her pubic mound was a bushy jungle of jet-black curls, spreading in a wide triangle up from the vee of her crotch. Her pink pussy folds were streaked with cuntjuice, and her clit stood out from her creamy cunt-slit. A trickle of cuntjuice ran down her crotch and seeped into the crack of her ass. Another slimy ribbon ran down her thigh. Adam watched his middle finger push in and pull out. Her pussy-muscles were dragging on his finger, the pink lips sucking as he pushed in knuckle deep.

Slowly fingerfucking up her cunthole, he rubbed his thumb back and forth against her clit. Her loins jerked as she squirmed against him and her fuckhole felt incredibly hot.

Her hand caressed his thigh, moving higher. He shoved his hips upwards and she cupped the bulge of his groin, fingering the contours of his cock and balls through his pants. Adam gasped. He thought he might cum in his pants. Maybe Madeline thought that as well, because she began to open his fly, drawing the zipper down very slowly and teasingly. She unbuckled his belt and the front of his pants spread open. He was wearing white cotton shorts and they were molded to the outline of his stiff prick, stretched around the huge, mushroom-shaped knob and drawn away from his belly by his jutting fuckrod. Encased in the white cotton, it looked like the ghost of a prick wearing a sheet and rattling the chains of his carnal desire.

Madeline began to caress his cock through his shorts. A dark, damp patch spread out on the white cotton where his cockhead flared and his cockhead began to weep.

"Oooooh, " she murmured, seeing the moisture. She rubbed her thumb against the slippery patch, then traced up and down his cockshaft with her fingers.

He groaned and twitched and the fat vein that seamed the underside of his cock pulsated against her hand.

"It's, so, big, " she whimpered.

Adam tried to smile at the compliment but his facial muscles were so taut that he could only grimace with lust. He began to push three fingers up her cunthole, bunched together in a phallic bundle, and scissored them inside her pussy. She rubbed his cock and fondled his balls. His shorts were drawn out so far now that the elastic band was threatening to break. Madeline slipped her fingers inside and slowly drew his shorts out over his throbbing prick, then drew them down. She tucked the elastic under his swollen balls, so that all of his formidable sex tackle was exposed.

Her eyes widened at the sight. Adam's prick was long and thick and rock-hard. His cock knob flared out in a purple wedge, and his fuck-stalk was gnarled by dark veins. Her eyelashes fluttered as she gazed in admiration at his prick-meat, and a little whimper of anticipation came from her trembling lips. She began to stroke his naked cock and balls. She lifted his bloated ballsac in her palm, as if judging the weight of the cum they contained, and purred happily. She ran her hand up his cock and fingered his flaring crown. A blob of preliminary cum oozed out of his open cockhead and she rubbed it into the hot meat with her thumb. Then she folded her fist around his cockshaft and began to slowly stroke him up and down. More cum squeezed out and poured down his cock, and her fist skimmed fluidly up and down the slippery stalk. Adam pushed his fingers into her pussy in the same rhythm, finger-fucking her as she frigged his prick.

"If you keep on doing that, I'm gonna fucking shoot my wad!" he gasped.

Madeline took a last long stroke, her fist pushing down to his balls, then stopped stroking him. She certainly didn't want to waste his cum on a handjob, not when there were so much better places for that hot slime to squirt.

She held his cock by the roots, skinning it so that the naked meat of his purple prick-knob flared out, throbbing. His cockhead was glowing atop that thick stalk like the beacon of a lighthouse, warning of the rocky shoals below, rocks that Madeline was as eager for him to get off as Adam was.

Her pussy was smoldering. His fingers felt lovely; she could imagine what his enormous cock would feel like as it pounded into her pussy!

Her hand slid down to fondle his scumbags as she thought about the hot, thick load of fuck-juice they held, and how the stuff would soon hose her cunthole. Her fingers played up his cockstalk again, and brushed against the sensitive underside of his cock crown. It seemed as if she just could not take her hands off it.

Adam leaned down, fascinated, as he watched his fingers vanish knuckle deep up her pussy, then slowly pull back out, slathered with pussy cream. Her pliable pink cuntlips were dragging and sucking on his hand. When he pulled out, they distended, her cunt almost turning inside out. His wrist tilted and he frigged into her. Her pussy squished juicily. Her whole crotch was awash with cuntjuice as the stuff poured from her cunt gash, lathering her groin with frothy oils. Leaning over her, Adam could feel the intense heat of her fiery cunt drift up into his excited face, and he could smell the musky fragrance of her seething hot arousal. So could Rover. The black Alsatian stood outside the partially open doorway like an ebony statue, some symbol of potency and fertility and carnal desire, carved from doggy flesh. His nostrils twitched and flared as the sweet aroma of steaming pussy wafted from the front room, permeating the hallway. His powerful haunches were taut with sinew, and his black flanks rippled. His big head slowly moved from side to side, as if buffeted by the pungent stream of pussy fragrance that assailed his sensitive snout. The sweet scent was exciting to Adam, who was only a man with a human sense of smell, how much more thrilling must it have been to the dog's keen nostrils!

Rover's prick lurched and bucked and lengthened. His balls were swollen up like plums now, jammed in between his hindlegs, and his long, hairy, black cockshaft loomed out under him, parallel with the floor and reaching almost to his deep chest. His hairy cocksheath skinned back, and the fiery red tip of his cockhead came sliding out, naked and smoking hot. The brute whimpered with need and his haunches heaved. The huge slab of his naked fuck knob slid out, slick and flaring. But he was a well-trained dog. The huge beast was waiting to be summoned, awaiting his turn.

As thrilled as Adam was at watching his fingers slide in and out of Madeline's steaming cunt, Madeline was equally excited by the sight of his huge cock and balls, and the prospect of having her fuck-hole stuffed by the hot fucker. She gave his cock another slow stroke, and felt it pound like a jackhammer in her skimming fist. He heaved up from the couch, shoving his prick through her hand as she pushed back to the roots. His bloated balls jammed against the heel of her hand, and his cockhead flared out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike. Preliminary cum bubbled from his cockhead.

Madeline was drooling over his cock.

The thick, throbbing hunk of prick was such a mouth watering sight that the oversexed girl was whimpering hungrily over it. Her pink tongue was sliding back and forth across her trembling lower lip.

Madeline loved to suck cocks and she adored to swallow the thick fuckjuice that her talented mouth milked out. She loved cockmeat and she loved cum. She loved the taste and the texture and the temperature, and she adored the way a man whimpered and gasped as he soared towards his spurting orgasm, when his prick throbbed violently in her lips and on her flashing tongue, and then all that fuckjuice was squirting into her mouth and she was gulping it down and sucking more out from his exploding balls.

Now she stared at Adam's formidable cock and balls like a starving urchin peering through the window of a candy store, yearning for a tasty treat.

Her mouth felt as horny as her cunt now, and her tongue was throbbing as much as her clit.

It presented the cock-loving girl with a dilemma.

Should she suck him off or fuck him? That was the question. If she knew that Adam could shoot more than once, there would have been no problem at all. Madeline would have eagerly swallowed his first delicious load, then sucked him up hard again and taken his second load in her cunt.

But she had never made love with Adam before, and although his balls certainly looked potent, she knew from sad experience how frustrated she would be if she drank all of his fuckjuice and found out there was not another load for her pussy.

She considered giving him a half and half, just licking and sucking on his sweet prick for a few delicious slurps, then letting him shove it into her pussy. But that, she knew, was dangerous, because once she had that succulent hunk of dripping cockhead in her mouth, she would certainly find it difficult to stop sucking, and from the way the spunk was already seeping out from his gaping cockhead, it was evident that Adam was going to blow his wad very soon.

Mouth or cunt? That was the problem.

She stirred her tongue around in her drooling mouth and rubbed her clit against his hand, trying to decide which of her hot holes needed it most.

She decided that her pussy came first, although just barely, for her saliva was pouring into her mouth every bit as much as her cunt-juice was flooding into her fuckhole. She gave his prick a last stroke, then drew back, sprawling out along the couch. Her knees were raised and her thighs were parted. Her skirt was up above her waist.

Adam leaned over her, shoving his stiff fingers up her slippery pussy. Her pink cuntlips were spread wide open and her open pussy-slit was streaming.

"Fuck me!" she moaned.

A tremor shook the over-excited man. His fingers probed her tunnel of lust again, then drew out, dripping. He turned onto his knees, between her open thighs. His prick, temporarily abandoned, loomed out over her squirming belly like some medieval weapon poised to strike, a warclub or bludgeon or mace or morningstar ready for the carnal joust. Her hairy cunt tilted up like a buckler, ready to receive the blow from that mighty meaty weapon.

His cock muscles jerked and his prick pulsed, bobbing up and down. A thick drop of cum fell from the tip and splashed on her cunt mound. The thick stuff flowed like quicksilver through the ebony curls. Another blob splattered into her belly button. She stared down, trembling all through her lush, nubile body. She could see the elongated shadow of his cock against her belly. That shadow stretched halfway up her slim torso and she whimpered at the thought of how deep his cock was going to go when he shoved it in her. She yearned to be transfixed through and through on his long prick, to feel his cockhead flare and throb and shoot in the innermost depths of her smoldering cunthole.

"Put the fucker in me!" she wailed, jerking her ass and hips around in anticipation.

Adam grimaced. His teeth were grating together and his lips were drawn back almost in a snarl. His eyes were glazed by lust. So much blood had rushed down into his gigantic hard-on that he was lightheaded.

He lowered his haunches, bringing his towering cock level with her crotch. Madeline whipped her ass up, holding her creamy gash level with the head of his prick. Her cuntlips gaped open in a wide oval, her slot steaming as she awaited his first penetration.

Then disaster struck. Adam was a premature ejaculator! Adam humped, shoving his iron-hard prick up toward Madeline's flooded fuckhole. His cockhead slid against the inside of her thigh as it lunged toward the target, and then his balls erupted before he made contact!

Adam gasped and jerked violently.

His fuckjuice came rushing up his cockshaft and spurted from his cockhead in a creamy cascade. The steaming hot slime skimmed up the inside of Madeline's sleek thigh and splashed into her crotch. Adam gave a strangled cry, a combination of shame and relief, of frustration and satiation combined. Madeline had played with his cock and balls too long and too expertly, and now his meatrack was going off all by itself, out of control. He humped again, frantically, and a second thick stream hosed from his cockhead. His prick jerked upwards as his cum shot out, and the creamy geyser sprayed into her cunt bush and slid on up her belly.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Madeline wailed, thrilled to see that steaming fuckjuice jet from his cockhead, yet dismayed that it was coming outside of her pussy.

Adam hovered over her, shaking with spasms as he humped the void between her thighs. His cock jutted in and out and his balls swung back and forth like the clappers of a meaty bell. He wasn't even touching her leg now. His cock was simply emptying itself in the air, the creamy deluge splashing into her crotch and onto her belly.

A thick squirt shot up and flowed into Madeline's deep cleavage. Another spurt splashed her nipples and skimmed on up into the hollow of her throat.

Madeline churned and thrashed and squirmed under him as he hosed her with his slime. The stuff was so hot and thick that it felt like lava as it splashed on her cunt bush and splattered on her grinding belly. She thought the fiery stuff might scald her flesh.

Adam was gasping and jerking like a marionette on a broken string as load after load burst from his cockhead. Madeline cried out in desperation, wanting his cock in her, yearning for some of that steaming slime to spurt into her fuckhole. She reached down and parted her pussy lips wider with her fingers, opening her hairy slot so that his next foaming cum jet splashed on the inner folds, running in slippery ribbons into her own seeping cunt juice.

Adam groaned as a last shot flew from his piss-hole and hosed her throbbing fuck button.

He stopped jerking and knelt there, panting heavily, a baleful look on his face.

"I fucking hope you can come more than once!" Madeline cried angrily.

But Adam hung his head in shame!

Premature ejaculation had always been Adam's problem, combined with the fact that he always shot so much cum out on his first effort that it took hours before his balls could fill up with another load. Adam never had much trouble scoring with a woman, not the first time. But his conquests seldom came back for more, finding it too frustrating. Even when he managed to sink his cock into a girl, he usually creamed on the first couple of strokes and was finished.

He twisted around and slumped back on the couch, embarrassed and contrite.

"Oh, no!" Madeline wailed.

Adam's cock was shrinking!

His massive prick stood upright for a moment, tantalizingly long and stiff, the purple knob looming up as high as his breast bone. But then the huge rod trembled and started to dip down. His cockhead shrank and the stalk slowly bent from a rod into a bow. His big balls had deflated into wrinkled, hairy, drained bags. His cock sank lower, gave one hopeful twitch, and then began to draw back into his groin.

Even soft and drained, his cock was an impressive sight, and Madeline gazed at him wistfully, feeling so frustrated she was ready to burst into tears.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

Madeline was not about to give up without a fight. She slid down from the couch and knelt on the floor in front of him. Her dark head leaned over his loins and her long black hair swept in an inky curtain over his shrunken cock and depleted balls. Her tongue shot out and she began to lap at his cockhead. He groaned. Her tongue slid all over the soft, rubbery slab. She whimpered and moaned. She licked up and down his limp cockshaft and she tongued his balls, willing them to recharge themselves. Her head bobbed up and down as she lapped along the underside of his veined stalk and, reaching the top, she slurped his cockhead into her lips and began to nurse on it with all her skill.

A single glob of cum oozed from his cockhead and slid onto her tongue.

"Ooooh," she purred, letting the slimy nugget run over her tastebuds for a moment. Then her throat pulsed delicately as she swallowed it. That single frothy drop was so delicious that Madeline wailed with frustration, longing for more of the succulent stuff.

But there was no more.

Suck and lick as she would, with all her considerable talent, Madeline could not coax out another drop of fuckjuice, nor make his shrunken cock swell and stiffen again.

Her head bobbed down and she took his cock and balls together into her lips. Her head tilted from side to side as she mouthed him. Adam leaned back, still panting, holding one hand against the back of her head. He tried his best, humping up into her face and watching her lips pull on his prick, but to no avail.

Yet again, Adam's cock had failed a girl.

Madeline raised her head and looked beseechingly up at his contrite face. Her own expression was one of dismay and regret and absolute frustration.

"How long before you can get hard again, Adam?" she asked him in a quavering voice.

Adam hesitated. But there was no sense in lying to her, for she would soon enough find out the terrible truth, and he sighed and shook his head sadly.

"Sorry, Madeline," he apologized again.

Now a flash of anger joined the frustration on her pretty face. Her green eyes flared. She looked from his apologetic face to his faltered cock.

"You bastard!" she hissed. "How dare you pick me up and not tell me that you're a premature ejaculator? What a rotten trick to play on a girl!"

"I, I can't help it," he whispered.

Madeline sobbed in anguish. Her mouth was watering and her pussy was smoldering and there before her was that glorious hunk of prick, gone limp and useless! She ducked down for one last try, lapping all over his cock and balls, sucking his knob into her mouth, whimpering with need. She slid lower and licked him under the balls, then, ready to try anything at all if it might arouse him, she began to lick up the crack of his ass and push her tongue right up into the tight bud of his asshole.

His cock stayed soft, and Madeline got angrier even as she became more frustrated. She sat back on her heels and gave him a look of utter scorn. He looked back abjectly. Her tits were dripping with congealing cum, and streaks of the creamy stuff were matted in her jet-black cunt bush. Ribbons of slime ran sluggishly down her smooth thighs.

Adam couldn't blame the horny girl for being angry. His shame increased. He could no longer bear to face her after his failure, to see the horrible frustration in her eyes.

He gave a helpless little shrug and stood up on trembling legs. He tucked his limp cock and deflated balls back into his fly and zippered it up. He paused for a moment, but when Madeline said nothing, he shrugged again and walked toward the door, blushing with embarrassment.

"Well, so long," he said, and he went out.

Rover was still standing in the hallway, his white fangs gleaming in the dim light, and Adam muttered, "Nice doggy, good boy," rather nervously as he turned sideways to edge past the formidable beast. He had a horrible idea that Madeline might command the brute to sink those sharp fangs into his useless cock out of spite.

Eyeing those jowls, Adam failed to notice that Rover had an enormous hard-on.

And although he did notice that long, wet, red tongue lolling from the dog's jaw, he made no connection between that and Madeline's neglected and frustrated cunt.

He went out and closed the door.

Rover stood in the hallway, ready and willing, and waiting for a command.

In the front room, Madeline was not thinking about her dog yet. But she was still kneeling on the floor and, although she didn't realize it in her despair and frustration, she had assumed a position that was very familiar to a dog, the doggy fucking position!

Actually, Madeline had never been fucked by her dog, although she had often wondered what it would be like to have that big, hairy dog prick thundering up her cunthole. But she had coaxed the dumb brute into lapping her pussy a good many times. She loved to feel his big, nimble tongue slapping up her flooded cunt, and to cream on his black muzzle. In return, she enjoyed jerking the dog off as a reward, a sort of dog yummy. She loved to watch his thick spume hose from his naked red cockhead as her fist skimmed his prick. But that was as far as she had carried it, up to now.

Now Madeline was kneeling in front of the couch, seething with need, so distraught that she wasn't even thinking about the willing and available dog. Damn that dirty premature ejaculator, she silently cursed. What a nasty trick to play on a girl! Shit, I should have at least made the bastard tongue-fuck me, she thought. But it was too late now. Adam was already gone, and anyhow, Madeline was more in the mood for cock than she was for head‹ ‹which was probably why she hadn't yet thought about calling for Rover.

She gazed down at her cum-drenched tits and belly. Her cunt felt like a glowing ember between her thighs. Pussy nectar was pouring out, mixing with Adam's wasted cum in her lathered crotch and down her legs. She considered going back to the singles bar and getting picked up by some other guy, but she knew that would take time, too much time to suit her at the moment. The only thing she could do now, she guessed, was to take the immediate pressure off by giving her cunt a good finger-fucking. Then, partially relieved, she could go out and look for some more prick.

She ran her hands up her belly and cupped her tits, scooping up the lathery fuckjuice. She brought her hands up to her mouth and lapped the slime up like a cat at a cream bowl. Even delivered by hand, Adam's cum was yummy, and she trembled at the thought of gulping a load straight out of his prick.

She dipped a hand into her crotch and rubbed her pussy, then brought it to her lips and lapped up a succulent palmful of blended cum and cuntjuice. She began to change hands, rubbing her cunt with one while she licked the cream from the other, then switching. Her hand went down to her groin all slippery with saliva and came back up slathered with fuckjuice. Her pink tongue slid through the frothy cream and her tastebuds tingled. Oh, how she wished that she had a cock to suck off, or even a cunt, come to that. If her own cuntjuice was so delicious, Madeline just knew that she would love to suck some cream out of another girl's juicy fuckhole.

A ripple ran through her crotch. Waves of rising passion coursed across her slim belly and shot like electric current up her trembling thighs.

It was time to come now, her pussy was already starting to melt as she rubbed it. She leaned forward, resting her chin on the edge of the couch. Her fat tits swayed under her like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. She arched her slender back, hiking her heart-shaped ass up to the highest point of her kneeling body.

Rover's big head edged around the door.

His black nose flared and twitched, and his amber eyes gleamed at the sight before him. The heart-shaped ass was hiked up, and under those firm asscheeks Madeline's pussy was flowing freely. The dog blinked. He had never seen his mistress in that position before, although it was a familiar one, for he had fucked his share of bitches. Always before, when she let him lap her cunt, Madeline had sat on the couch or in a chair, her ass perched on the edge and her feet extended, spread wide, to the floor, while his busy head worked away at her cunt from the front. Then, after she had creamed on his tongue, she would kneel beside him, still facing him, and jack him off. Now, seeing Madeline posed differently, invitingly and provocatively, the doggy whimpered with a new realization.

Madeline was working on her cunt with both hands now towards a creamy conclusion. Her firm-fleshed ass jerked up and down and shot out from side to side as her hands played under it. She was slowly pushing three fingers in and out of her cunthole in a fucking movement while her other hand caressed her fiery clit.

"Unghhh," she grunted, as a wave of intense pleasure rippled through her loins. A spasm caught her and her pelvis trembled. Pussy juice was pouring down the insides of both of her thighs in creamy ribbons. Her hands were soaking wet with the fragrant seepage.

Rover approached stealthily, his hindquarters low to the floor as if he were stalking a rabbit, although no rabbit had ever been as juicy and tasty as that steaming pussy toward which he crept. His head was thrusting out, nostrils flaring, drawn to her sweet, musky scent like an iron filing to a magnet. His bushy tail swept back and forth behind his haunches like a rudder steering his course.

He whimpered, then whined. But Madeline was not yet aware of the beast's approach, for she was almost at her peak and she was pant heavily, blocking out all external sounds.

The Alsatian sneaked up to her churning ass, his tongue hanging out and dripping. He sniffed and quivered all over as the redolence of her pussy registered on his bestial senses. He shoved his head out.

Madeline gasped in shock and surprise when the dog's cold black nose bumped against her hot, pink fuck bud. Her head jerked up and she looked back over her shoulder. When she saw that her faithful doggy was behind her, the naughty woman smiled. She was in the mood for prick, it was true, but a long wet doggy tongue was better than her hands.

"You wanna finish this job for me, Rover?" she whispered. "You wanna lap my cunt off, hummm?"

The dog woofed as if in reply.

Madeline drew both hands out of her crotch and heaved her ass up higher, wriggling. "Yeah, give me that long, wet tongue, you cuntlapper," she rasped. "Lick me till I cream, then I'll beat your meat for you!"

She still didn't understand that because of the position she had settled into for her handjob, Rover was not going to settle for fucking her fist.

The Alsatian's head ducked down, and he ran his flattened tongue up the back of her thigh, then lapped at the cheeks of her ass. He slurped again, tonguing up a slimy ribbon of pussy juice from the inside of her leg. Madeline squirmed happily under his caress. Placing her open hands on the mounds of her ass, she spread them apart, exposing the brown eye of her shit hole. Rover whimpered and slurped his tongue up the crack of her ass and whipped it against her asshole, enjoying a preliminary snack before he got to work on the succulent main course.

"Ooooh!" Madeline squealed in delight, as the dog's tongue slithered right up into her shit chute. His head ducked down and he slurped up the crack of her ass again, frothy doggy slobber pouring between her cheeks. She still had her open hands on her firm asscheeks, spreading her ass crack open as her pelvis jerked in a wild dance and her hips pumped frantically. The naughty girl squirmed and writhed with the pleasure of having her shit hole tongued out, and with the thrill of knowing that big wet tongue would be at her pussy next.

Rover growled and shot his tongue into her tight brown bud again, then lowered his head. Madeline jerked her ass and hips upward, her thighs tightening as they lifted her asscheeks higher.

More cuntjuice had trickled down her legs, and Rover slurped it up with his flashing tongue. He lapped up to the crease where her leg joined her crotch and took a long, moist slurp that ran parallel with her pussy.

Madeline gasped and shot her hips out, and when Rover shot his tongue out again, he lapped into her creaming fuckhole.

"Yeah! Yeah! Oh, shit! Give that hot tongue to me, you big sonuvabitch!" Madeline cried.

Rover's tongue slapped into her cuntslit. Pussy juice sprayed out, soaking his black muzzle. The doggy was becoming frantic now that he was at the feast, every nerve and synapse in his burly body registering the thrill of the succulent taste and the fragrant aroma. He ran a long, flattened, rippling tongue stroke up through her crotch. His wet tongue started at her throbbing clit, stirred up through her open cuntlips and slurped on up into the crack of her ass.

Madeline wailed with the joy of it, shaking her ass about as if she were wagging a tail. She gurgled and moaned as the dog slapped another long stroke to her crotch. As his tongue drew up her slit, her cuntlips rippled and dragged, sucking on his tongue meat. Her fuck button flared explosively against his tastebuds.

She slid her hands under her belly and opened her cunt even wider with her fingers. Rover shot his long tongue right up her pussy. He lapped at the creamy inner folds and then began to slam in and out in a fucking motion. Madeline cried out with the bliss of it. His long, fat tongue was stuffing her cunthole just like a cock.

The Alsatian whimpered and pushed his cold black nose right into her pussy. The doggy seemed to be trying to bury his whole head into her cunthole, to fuck her with his hairy snout. She ground back against him and his tongue shot in deeply again, then curled around her clit.

She was starting to cream.

As her coming neared the crest, the flow from her fuckhole became hotter and thicker and creamier and even more delicious. Rover was going frantic as he slurped up that steaming hot cum cream from her melting pussy.

Cuntjuice poured onto his curled tongue in slimy ribbons, frothy and creamy on the red meat. It dripped from the edges of his tongue and matted the bristly hair of his muzzle. The dog whined and yelped, lapping for all he worth, swallowing her cum juice down in greedy gulps and whipping his lapper into her pussy- slit to slurp out more of the delicacy.

His tail switched and his haunches jerked, and under his trembling loins, his massive prick was pounding like a jackhammer, longing to replace his tongue in her hot, wet cunthole. His naked red cockhead was flaring out in a huge angry wedge and foaming slime bubbled out from his open cockhead, running down the slick knob. His balls were bloated with such a huge load they were threatening to burst. His long, thick, black shaft was vibrating like a tuning fork, so taut he could have used it to play a fiddle.

"Ahhhh!" Madeline sighed, as the crest broke in her loins and the steaming cum flooded the dog's tongue. Wave followed wave as the horny girl lingered at the peak. Then she moaned, and her dark head dropped down onto the couch. She was past the crest, coming down, the waves still rippling through her pussy, but moving slower, spaced out. She started to twist around, intending to jerk the doggy off now, as a reward for his efforts and because she really enjoyed watching the fuckjuice squirt out of his prick.

But Rover kept on lapping merrily away, insatiable and relentless. His tongue slurped up the overflow from the insides of her thighs and glided back into her cunt.

Oh wow, shall I cream again? she wondered. With the dog's tongue slapping into her cuntlips again, it seemed a good idea. Although she had just gotten her rocks off very nicely, Madeline was an insatiable sort of nymph and, smiling happily, she settled down to enjoy another tongue-fucking.

But Rover had a bone to bury now. Madeline had bought the Alsatian precisely and specifically as a cuntlapper, some time ago. The big brute had such a lovely cock and balls that naturally, the naughty girl had wondered what it would be like to fuck with him, but she had never really considered it seriously, figuring that his tongue, followed by the reward of a hand-job, was sufficient. At the time she had first decided she wanted a doggy, Madeline had had a boyfriend who, although willing and enthusiastic, had not given very good head. He had lapped and sucked away on her pussy for hours, enjoying himself, but his technique had been more enthusiastic than skillful, and Madeline couldn't manage to get her rocks off in his mouth. Since creaming on a tongue was one of her true pleasures, it was a frustrating situation compounded by the fact that she liked the guy and didn't really want to cheat on him. Not with another guy, at least.

She had tried a lesbian, first.

With cold calculation and firm intent, Madeline had dressed in a sexy outfit, a jade green dress with a slit up the thigh, a black garter belt and net stockings, and as usual with her, no panties. Standing before her full-length looking glass, she had slowly lifted her skirt to judge the effect that she would have on a cunt-hungry dyke and had found the reflection so satisfying that she even wished she were nimble enough to go down on her own pussy. How handy it would be if she had been able to suck herself off, she thought, to have the double pleasure of sucking and being sucked at the same time! To swallow a load of steaming hot pussy cream even as her pussy melted! The idea had made her so horny she felt dizzy with desire. Her bushy black cunt bush and her open, pink pussy were framed by the straps of her garter belt if placed on a platter, ready to be eaten. Slung in those elastic straps, her cunt was like a juicy missile loaded in a catapult. Yeah, she had figured. That's a sight that any cuntlapper will cherish.

Madeline had gone to a lesbian bar.

Every hot-tongued dyke in the place had looked at this ravishing beauty with open desire. Madeline really was a mouth- watering sight. The place was a rough sort of joint, with a wooden bar and a brass rail. Madeline had stood with one foot on the rail in a mannish pose, but there was nothing masculine about the expanse of creamy white thigh that her posture revealed. The barmaid, a brawny woman with tattoos on her forearms and a blonde crewcut, had stared at Madeline's tits so hard that she had spilled a drink. Madeline had smiled at the fascinated woman, but decided that she would prefer a more feminine type. If she was going to make it with a girl, she wanted it to look and act like a girl, not a replica of a man.

Soon a sexy little redhead with big tits had come up to stand beside her, eyeing Madeline speculatively.

"Your first time here?" she asked.

"Yeah," Madeline replied.

"You, ahhh, you know what sort of place this is, don't you?" the redhead asked.

"Oh, sure. It's a dyke joint," said Madeline.

The redhead, whose name was Cindy, had blinked at that open admission, then smiled.

"You don't look like a lesbian," she said.

"I'm not," Madeline said.

Cindy looked disappointed.

"I guess you are, though, huh?" Madeline asked.

"Well, yeah," Cindy confessed.

Madeline had raised her glass and sipped, her white teeth clicking on the rim and the tip of her tongue sliding slowly across her lower Hp.

Then, coming directly to the point, Madeline said, "Do you suck cunt?"

Cindy had blushed and looked confused. She had wondered if Madeline was making fun of her, mocking her inclinations? But Madeline wasn't laughing. She was waiting for an answer.

"Yes, I suck cunt," Cindy replied, nodding, gazing nervously at the raven-haired beauty.

Madeline raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"Would you like to suck me off, Cindy?"

"Oh! Oh, shit, yes!" Cindy wailed.

Without further ado, Madeline and Cindy had left the bar, followed by the envious gaze of the other cunt-hungry dykes seated, stiff-tongued, around the room.

They had gone back to Cindy's apartment. Madeline had not wasted any time. No sooner was she in the place than she drew her dress up and gave Cindy a look at her pussy. Cindy had already been drooling, and at that delicious sight, she began to slobber.

Madeline sat down in a comfortable chair, her skirt above her waist and her legs extended to the floor, thighs apart. She had reached down and opened her cuntlips with her fingertips. The inner folds were dripping with juice and her clit was swollen and tingling. Cunt cream trickled down into the crack of her ass. Her cunt was so hot it was steaming. Cindy had never seen such a delicious sight before.

"Come and get it, honey," said Madeline.

Which was just what Cindy did.

The redhead licked and sucked expertly, paying attention to all the juicy details, concentrating completely on the tasty task. She switched from fuckhole to clit, alternately licking and sucking and prolonging Madeline's pleasure by drawing back from time to time and giving her pussy a chance to cool down slightly, before mouthing her again. It was some of the best head that Madeline had ever had and she enjoyed it immensely. Cindy had sucked her off three times in a row, but when Madeline had offered to return the favor, the redhead had declined.

It had worked out well for a week or two. Madeline had gone to Cindy's apartment whenever she felt like getting tongue-fucked and Cindy's ready tongue was always available. It was a handy way to get head without cheating on her boyfriend, Madeline figured.

But then complications set in. Cindy began to get romantic and emotional and possessive. She was in love with Madeline, or at least, with Madeline's cunt. That wasn't at all what Madeline had wanted. She wanted to get her pussy eaten out plain and simple, without any emotional involvement. Not being a lesbian herself, Madeline was even a bit disgusted by the idea that another girl could be in love with her.

She decided to break it off with Cindy, much to the redhead's dismay. But that still left Madeline with a problem, how to get head without cheating on her boyfriend. She thought about trying other lesbians, but she knew that it would always work out the same as it had with Cindy, that it was impossible to separate sex from emotion. Maybe it would work out with another normal girl, she thought. Someone who, like herself, loved to be sucked, but wasn't emotionally a lesbian. But it would have been very embarrassing to suggest a bit of mutual cuntlapping to a girl, only to have that girl react in shock or disgust.

Then one memorable afternoon, Madeline had thought about a dog. She had been out shopping and a tall, elegant, fashionable woman had passed her on the street, with a huge Great Dane on a leash. The dog had been trotting along with his tongue hanging out and the moment that Madeline saw that long, slick lapper, she got a thrilling idea. I wonder if that doggy laps that woman's pussy? she had thought, and naturally, she had gone on to wonder what it would feel like to have a doggy slobbering into her fuckhole.

Well, she just knew it would feel wonderful, and with a dumb animal, unlike a lesbian, she could get all the tongue she wanted without worrying about emotional involvement or jealousy or possessiveness. Those emotions were alien to a dog. It would be pure pleasure without complications, and she wouldn't even be cuckolding her boyfriend. It was kind of naughty, of course, but no one had to know and the dumb dog sure as hell couldn't kiss and tell.

Madeline had considered it for a few minutes, and then had gone directly to the nearest pet shop. She'd spent some time deciding which dog she wanted, judging them mainly by the length and thickness of their tongues.

She had settled on Rover, the Alsatian, and bought him on the spot. As soon as they were back at her apartment she had commenced his training, dipping her fingers in her cunt and letting him lick them. Rover was a fast learner. Cuntjuice was ambrosia and nectar to the beast. As soon as Madeline bared her cunt, the dog had gone to work with enthusiasm, lapping merrily away until she creamed.

His cock had gotten rock-hard and his balls had ballooned. Madeline had not considered that side of it before, but as soon as she saw his enormous hard-on she realized that she had an obligation to the brute. To let those swollen balls go unemptied would be an act of cruelty to dumb animals. So, not minding at all, even thrilled by the depravity of it, Madeline had proceeded to jack the doggy off, to their mutual delight.

Things had worked out fine after that. Eventually she had broken up with her steady boyfriend, and began to play the field again, but Rover was a constant, always waiting at home, always ready to tongue-fuck Madeline when she wanted it, which was with ever-increasing frequency.

But they had never done more than that. Rover had tongued her off and then she had pumped his fuckjuice out by hand. She never really expected anything more to happen.

But then she had never found herself kneeling in the doggy- fucking position, with the Alsatian behind her before, either.

Now horny Madeline was in for a surprise, and a treat! With her head resting on the edge of the couch and her slender back deeply arched, Madeline jerked and pumped her ass and hips about while the greedy Alsatian slapped his wet tongue steadily into her creamy fuckslot. He lapped away energetically and vigorously. Pussy juice sprayed out, streaking his hairy black muzzle. He whined and whimpered and growled as he worried at her pussy. His big head jerked like a terrier shaking a rat.

Madeline was rising towards the crest again, getting hotter and creamier with every tongue-stroke. The doggy could sense that, could scent and taste her rising urgency, her smoldering need. Perhaps, with some bestial instinct, some doggy wisdom inherent in his genes, the brute realized that the girl was in no condition to resist his further advances, that all doubts and inhibitions had been melted in the fiery heat of her arousal. His tongue wedged into her, plowing up her soaking fuck tunnel, boring deep into her loins. Madeline moaned and panted, trembling as the waves began to lash her belly and dart up her thighs. Suddenly Rover's tongue was gone.

"Don't you dare stop!" she wailed, jerking her ass up and looking back over her shoulder.

Rover was crouching behind her, his hind-quarters lowered, his tail lashing and his teeth bared. For an instant, they gazed into each other's eyes. His amber orbs were glowing as if an inferno was raging within his skull, and looking under him, she saw that the swollen head of his massive prick was glowing even brighter. That naked red slab looked like an incandescent light bulb on the end of his hairy black cock.

Then Rover sprang.

His chest hit her ass and his front paws wrapped firmly around her hipbones, dragging her back towards him. He was mounted on her ass like a gargoyle on a wall, clinging to her haunches tenaciously. The great lever of his prick was standing upright, the underside pressed against the crack of her ass and his knob dripping down his hairy stalk.

Holy shit! He wants to fuck my cunt! Madeline realized, gasping at the thought.

Rover's hindpaws scrabbled on the carpet and his flanks rippled and heaved. He humped, his powerful haunches slamming out and driving his prick against the back of Madeline's thigh. She felt his smoking hot prick bump against her, dribbling slime down her leg.

The brute humped again, missing the hairy target in his frantic attempts. This time his cock-head rebounded from the cheek of her ass. The doggy, frustrated by being mounted with his cock still unburied, whimpered.

Madeline realized that even though the Alsatian had been able to clamp himself to her haunches, he would not be able to get his cock up her cunt-hole by himself. If Rover was going to fuck her cunt, she was going to have to help him get in. Otherwise, he could only batter away at her ass and the backs of her thighs, his cock angled wrong.

But did she want to help him get his cock up her fuckhole? Madeline wondered, shaking her head and tossing her raven dark hair about. Letting the doggy lap her pussy wasn't really very naughty, and jerking him off was just sort of fooling around, but to actually let the dumb brute shove his hairy prick up her pussy and fuck away until he spurted all his hot, thick doggy cum into her, that, she knew, was really depraved, really wicked and degenerate.

Yet the thought of having that huge, rock-hard dog cock plunging into her cunt was wildly exciting, all the more exciting because it was so wicked. She knew how his prick throbbed and pounded in her fist when she was jerking him off, and how all that creamy fuckjuice came hosing from his cockhead in great spurts, and the horny girl could just imagine what it would feel like to have his massive cock slamming away into her pussy. And then, at the creamy conclusion, to feel his steaming dog-cum flood her fuckhole.

Undecided, wanting to get fucked by the beast, and yet hesitant to take her depravity to such depths, Madeline gave her ass a shake as if to dislodge the doggy. But Rover only clung more firmly to her hipbones and humped again. This time his long, black-sheathed cock came sliding up between the cheeks of her ass.

Madeline moaned as she felt the naked meat of his glowing cockhead nudge at the tight brown bud of her asshole and his thick, throbbing stalk pulsate in the crack of her ass. His bloated balls pressed into her crotch. She reached back under her belly and cupped his ballsac in her hand, squeezing gently. She could feel his hard nuts jiggle inside the hairy bag and he was so swollen with a cum load that she thought she could feel the slimy stuff sloshing around in his balls. She fondled his cumsac and Rover whined. His haunches trembled and his cock throbbed up the crack of her ass.

He pulled back slowly, his hairy cock stalk and naked knob sliding down between the cheeks of her ass, towards her crotch.

Madeline shuddered with desire. Her hips shot out from side to side. Her weight shifted from one knee to the other, hiking the cheeks of her ass up and down. Her pussy was smoldering and steaming. Cuntjuice gushed out and ran down her thighs and her fuck button throbbed, standing out stiff and taut in the creamy flow.

The dog's tongue had started the job and now the randy woman was desperate to come again, and longing to have her cunt stuffed full of dog cock.

Madeline slowly smiled. Fucking hell, she thought. I just got to let this big son of a bitch fuck my ass off! Her last inhibitions and doubts ebbed away, replaced by pure desire. If she felt guilty or ashamed afterwards, she could cross that bridge when she came to it. The bridge that she wanted to cross now was that hairy span between her cunt and Rover's balls!

Rover yelped and whined and humped, missing her cunt again, his prick-knob sliding through her crotch and squeezing out below her hairy cunt mound. Madeline stared down past her swinging tits and tense belly, and saw the naked red meat of his cockhead throb in her jet black bush. She thought how wonderful it would be to feel that hot slab pounding away in the very depths of her fuck tunnel.

Her hand slid up from his balls and folded around the root of his cockshaft.

Rover growled in his throat and stopped humping, standing rigid over her haunches, perhaps realizing that manual assistance was about to be offered. His bushy tail slowly switched from side to side.

"You want cunt, boy?" Madeline whispered in a husky voice. "Ummm? Do you want that nice big prick stuck up my hot, wet fuckhole?"

Rover yelped with enthusiasm, and his hairy cockstalk bucked in her fist. Madeline's hand slid up his prick and caressed his slick red crown. Preliminary spunk bubbled from his cockhead and she rubbed it into his slippery fuckmeat with her thumb. She brushed her forefinger against the sensitive spot where his cockhead flared out from his shaft and the thick vein spread into his naked slab.

Madeline was shaking and trembling with expectation, yearning for a cuntful of that massive, iron-hard dog cock, teasing both of them by delaying that coupling.

Her whole body jerked and wriggled, and her fat tits swayed under her as her ass heaved up and down. His paws dug into the hollows in front of her hipbones. The brute's long red tongue was hanging out, and doggy slobber dripped onto Madeline's jerking ass.

She stroked slowly back on his cock, her fist skimming down toward his balls and skinning the hairy sheath back so that the naked meat of his cockhead flared out in a wide wedge, cum oozing from the cleft.

Her hand cupped his balls again and caressed them, loving the way they ballooned in her palm, longing for the magic moment when the dumb brute emptied his steaming hot load into her cunthole.

Slimy ribbons of scum trickled down from his cock and matted his hairy sack. Her hand pulled up again, sliding along the slippery, cum-drenched fuckrod. She fingered his naked slab again and more slime bubbled out. Madeline was enjoying fondling the beast's cock and balls, but now she was afraid that the brute might blow his wad too soon, before she got that big fucker stuck up her pussy. It had been bad enough to find out that her pick- up, who had looked like such a talented fuck, had been a premature ejaculator, Madeline didn't want to risk a repetition with Rover!

She slid her hand back to the hilt of the dog's jabbing prick and tightened her grip around the hairy roots. Tilting her wrist, she jerked his cock down into her crotch and, at the same time, tilted her ass a bit higher. The dog's cock was at the right angle now, and his dripping fuck-knob was aimed directly at her open pussy.

Rover stood stiff, panting, his flanks heaving in and out and his amber eyes aglow. His cock pounded in her fist and his cock loomed out like the warhead of a guided missile targeted on her juicy fuckhole.

Madeline shoved her hips back and guided the dog's prick into her pussy. She fitted the slimy tip of his cockhead into her open cuntlips. Rover yelped and pawed at the carpet. His knob flared in the entrance of her fuckhole and her cunt muscles sucked and dragged on his naked cock-meat.

Madeline pulled his cockhead into her twat.

"Oh! Oooooh, " she moaned when she felt that huge slab of red-hot crown fill her cunt. She turned her wrist, rubbing his cockhead up and down in her pussy and brushing it against her pulsing clit.

Then she pulled him deeper. And the head of the fat wedge of his naked cock vanished into her cunt-slit. Her pink pussylips collared his hairy fuck-stalk just behind the crown. With his cockhead buried, his long, thick fuckrod stood out like a bolt between them, fixing his balls to her crotch.

Madeline drew her hand away, knowing that now that his cock was buried, the doggy would know what to do without needing any further guidance.

His balls swung slowly in and out, the folds of her pussy lips caressed his shaft, rippling and pulling, slippery on the shaggy sheath. Cum still trickled down his fuckrod, but now that cum was streaked with lashings of cuntjuice, matting his bristly stalk and dribbling onto his balls. Their mingled juices glistened like quicksilver on his black cockshaft, thick drops dripping off and splattering on the carpet. They held that position for a long moment, only the head of his cock stuck up her pussy, his long prickstalk standing out. Rover quivered and panted. His tail twirled like a propeller. Madeline was squirming, groaning and whimpering as she worked her fuck slot around on the dog's buried cockhead and waited for the rest of his enormous prick to slam into her loins.

She twisted her hips, winding her juicy slot around on the big slab of his knob and rubbing it against her frenzied fuck button.

"Pour it to me, Rover," she gasped. "Oh, shit, pump that prick up my cunt, boy! I want it! Give it all to me, give me every fucking inch!"

Rover's big, muscular body stiffened, his hindquarters tensed, ready to plunge, and his tail flicked up and down. His front paws dragged her back by the hips, and with a joyous yelp, he plunged his prick into her.

His long, thick fucker went in balls-deep with the very first thrust. Madeline gasped. Rover held it up her fuckhole for a moment. He was thrilling to the pure ecstasy of having every inch of his big prick buried in her steaming cunthole and Madeline gurgled with the joy of having her creamy cunt stuffed to the brim with throbbing cock-meat.

Her cuntlips were wide open, plastered around the hairy roots of his prickshaft. Frothy cuntjuice oozed out and ran down onto his swollen balls.

Madeline had never known such bliss, had never before had such a wonderful cuntful. Oh, how glad she was that she had decided to fuck with the dog! She knew now that she was not going to feel any regrets. It was far too wonderful for any misgivings.

He clung to her haunches, panting. His weight pressed her ass down, and the rock-hard lever of his cock tilted her crotch up at the same time. She was mounted by a dog! It was an animal prick pounding in her fuckhole! The dark knowledge of her depravity added a new dimension to the physical thrill of the throbbing penetration, the bestial coupling.

Her cuntlips sucked on his hairy cock root, and the juicy walls of her pussy rippled as they molded themselves around the contours of his shaft and knob, caressing through every pulsating inch. Her cunt muscles tightened in a series of concentric rings, rippling up his cock-shaft from root to knob, as if the woman had a secret hand inside her loins, jerking the dog off with her cunt.

Madeline began to fuck before the doggy did. She drew her pussy up his prick an inch or two, slowly, dragging through every hairy inch. Her cunt squished as she pushed back and stuffed it full again.

Cuntjuice seeped out as the dog's fat cock plugged her brim full. Rover yelped and growled and twitched. Bracing his haunches, he drew his dripping cock out until only the tip was lodged in her slot, paused for a moment, then slammed it all back into her.

"Oh!" Madeline wailed.

His cockhead felt like a lump of iron deep inside her loins, and his thick stalk was wedging up her pussy like a heated crowbar.

The brute humped again, plunging in balls-deep. He tilted her heart-shaped ass up as he plowed in, then pressed her down under his weight as he drew out.

Madeline moved with the dog, in counterpoint. She shoved her ass back to meet his prick as he plowed up her pussy, then jerked her hips from side to side as he pulled back, so that her fuck- hole was winding around his rod like a juicy nut screwing onto a hairy bolt.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she gasped, each time she felt his prick slam into her. Rover howled like a wolf, whimpered like a cur, yelped like a hyena. He had balled his share of bitches, but no bitch had a cunt like this one. Rover was in doggy heaven as he plunged up her steaming pussy. His balls swung in and out, slapping into her crotch as his prick went in to the hilt. Madeline churned and squirmed in ecstasy, gurgling and groaning as the brute whipped his cock into her relentlessly.

His cock was stuffing her so full that when he jerked back he was pulling her pussy-lips out as if they were elastic, almost turning her cunt inside out. She could feel every pounding inch of his prick as it plunged into her. The animal's energy and vitality were greater than any man's she had ever known, his bestial enthusiasm thrilling her mind as well as her body. She pumped under him, panting like a dog herself, loving his fuckmeat and longing for his cream.

His hairy rod hissed as it slid up her pussy, like a heated iron rod dipped in a blacksmith's cooling tub, but there was nothing cool about her fuckhole. Madeline was getting so hot she thought she might ignite, burst suddenly into flames, flames that could only be doused by the thick foam of the dog's meaty fire extinguisher as he creamed.

She dipped lower so that every inch of his long prick rubbed against her fiery fuck bud as Rover pounded into her pussy. She reached back with one hand and fondled his balls, loving them in advance for the precious load of slime they were going to squirt into her. Her tits swayed under her kneeling form as she jerked and churned. Her pretty face had contorted into a mask of lust, framed by her cascading ebony hair, eyes narrowed and lips parted, panting. Her cunt began to melt on his driving cock like a wax candle around a flaming wick.

Her fuckhole loosened as Rover whacked his cock in, then clamped tight and dragged on his stalk and crown as he frantically pulled out again.

Rover was pouring his prick to her faster as the thrill built up in his loins. His balls swelled, nearing the bursting point. His hairy cockshaft pulled out with a slurping sound, drenched with cunt cream, then slammed back in to the hilt, shaking Madeline's ass and hips, rattling her bones. He was pounding into her furiously, fucking her cunt to jelly, and the horny woman wailed with the bliss of it.

"Coming! Coming!" she whimpered. Her eyelashes fluttered over her glazed green eyes, and her panting lips worked as if she were sucking on a mouthful of cock. Her nipples stood out like valves from the swinging mounds of her tits and her clit was throbbing explosively.

"Oh, shit! Cum boy, cream in me, squirt your sweet slime up my fuckhole!" she gasped, wanting the dumb brute to shoot into her as she reached the crest.

Rover might not have understood her words, but he understood the swirling sensation in his cock and balls. He howled as if in agony, and whipped his prick in furiously. His balls ballooned and thundered as his cock filled her cunt.

His tail shot out straight behind his grinding haunches, and his cock buried itself in her pussy as the dog's massive, over- inflated balls erupted. The thick cum came rushing up his hairy fuck rod. Deep inside her cunthole, his naked cockhead expanded and his cockhead gaped wide.

Madeline wailed in joy.

A steaming stream of doggy cum hosed her fuckhole, pouring into her in a slimy rope. Rover howled and humped again, squirting another cum jet into her. When she felt the bestial fuck-juice drenching her cunthole, Madeline fairly screamed with bliss and her own coming peaked. Her clit detonated and her cunt flooded with cum cream.

Spurt after spurt poured from the dog's prick as he hammered relentlessly into the girl's cunt. His balls seemed to be inexhaustible, the sweet stuff was shooting out by the bucketful. As his tight-fitting fucker slammed in, cum and cunt-juice sprayed out, pumped from her pussy-slit by his huge piston. Cream frothed in her crotch and poured down her trembling thighs. Rover pulled back, and the pointed head of his fiery red cock appeared in her creamy slot. Then he shoveled it back into the melting depths of her cunt.

His cock was plunging into her so deep that Madeline imagined she could taste his fuckjuice, that the delicious stuff was pouring into her mouth from out of her gullet. Her dark head switched from side to side as her young ass jerked and bucked under the pounding brute.

With no signs of flagging, Rover plunged on, drenching her fuckhole with rivers of doggy cum. His haunches were a dark blur as he pounded into her even faster, and each time another dose of cum flooded her, Madeline's fuck bud sparked again and more cunt cream poured into her tunnel. Her cunt seemed as insatiable as his cock, her cream as abundant as his doggy spume. His cum squirted into her, and her pussy nectar swirled out, blending with his spunk, filling her pussy and gushing from her open pussy-lips. His cock was soaking with their cream as it drew out, then slammed balls-deep again.

Yelping and howling, Rover whipped his cockmeat into her, hosing her smoldering cunt with his frothy deluge, and Madeline wailed and gasped as the waves of ecstasy rippled across her belly and shot up her thighs.

At long, long last the doggy slowed down.

His balls were drained now, but his prick was still hard as a stone as he slipped it in and out of her cum-soaked pussy.

Madeline squeezed his balls, as if trying to coax a few last drops out of them. Her cunt sucked on his fuckmeat hungrily. Full of doggy cum, she still wanted more. Rover was pumping his prick into her very slowly now, winding down, like some big, black fucking machine running out of phallic fuel. But the insatiable woman continued to buck and heave under him at a frantic tempo as she worked off her last spasms and milked out the final drops of her own climax.

Then she too, slowed. Rover panted over her, his cock still stuck up her, and his front paws still clamped tight to her hipbones.

A last drop of slime slid out of his cockhead and trickled into her soaking pussy.

Madeline sighed and rested her head against the couch, a dreamy smile on her lips, satisfied and yet very much aware that the brute's prick was still in her cunt, and still hard.

Madeline was amazed at how wonderful it was to get fucked by a dog.

And, standing in the doorway, Adam Plumber found it pretty damned amazing, too.

When Adam had left Madeline's apartment, bitterly ashamed and embarrassed by his inability to get another hard-on, the pitiful fellow had turned into the nearest bar and ordered a stiff whisky‹ ‹as if to compensate for his less-than-stiff prick. He had drained the glass at a single gulp, but unlike his balls, the glass could be instantly refilled, and he ordered another drink.

Standing at the bar, he thought wistfully about the beautiful woman he had so miserably failed. He'd had plenty of girls in the past, and disappointed most of them by his lack of control. But he'd never had a girl as beautiful or as sexy as Madeline.

Oh, how he groaned, regretting his condition! He remembered her black-bushed, juicy pink fuckslot, streaming with cunt cream, open and inviting, and then grimaced as he recalled how his hot fuckjuice had squirted out onto that sweet pussy before he had gotten in it.

He thought about her sensual, full-lipped mouth, imagining the joy of having her suck hungrily on his cock, the ecstasy of hosing her with his thick slime and having her swallow it down with relish.

Adam concentrated on his cock and balls, willing his fuck rod to harden, his balls to refill.

It stayed limp.

Then the poor fellow had another idea. He felt that he owed Madeline a coming, and if his prick failed, then by all rights he should have at least sucked her off.

Why hadn't he thought of that before? Thinking of it now, his tongue began to tingle. He was ignoring his prick and concentrating on his tongue and lips now, thinking about licking Madeline's clit and tongue-fucking up her pussy and sucking her cunt cream out as she whimpered and moaned and melted. He wondered if he should go back to her apartment and offer to give her some head?

And then a strange thing happened.

Adam became aware of a tingling sensation in his groin, and looking down in amazement, he saw that the front of his pants stood out like a tent around a tentpole.

Adam had a hard-on!

He could hardly believe it! But he knew what had happened. Because he had been ignoring his cock and balls, as he thought about using his mouth on Madeline, his psychological hang-ups had failed, and his prick had been able to respond.

A huge smile spread across Adam's face.

He wasn't sure if Madeline would have welcomed him back with only a stiff tongue, but he felt damned sure that she would welcome his enormous hard-on. Without even finishing his second drink, he turned on his heel and marched out of the bar, his hips thrust out, his hard-on proudly displayed in the front of his pants.

He returned to Madeline's apartment and let himself into the hallway. Pausing, he could hear juicy sounds, heavy panting and gasping coming from the front room. He didn't think Madeline had had time to bring another man home so he naturally figured that Madeline, frustrated by the episode with him, was giving herself a handjob.

He heard a loud gasp, then a soft moan. He faintly heard a hissing, slurping sound that he assumed was being made by Madeline's fingers as she shoved them up her cunt. He grinned, pleased that the girl would soon have something much nicer than fingers up her creamy pussy. He started down the hall, then halted. Adam was inordinately proud of his new erection, and figured it would be a good idea to put it on display, to let Madeline see how stiff his prick was at first glance.

He whipped his zipper down and his cock came storming out of his fly, bucking and jolting with vitality. Cock first, the happy fellow walked down the hallway and turned into the front room, the scene of his previous failure, and stopped dead in amazement.

"Holy shit!" he whispered.

His eyes bulged out like a pair of hard-boiled eggs and his jaw dropped open so wide it was almost resting on his breastbone. His naked cock towered up before him, angled high, the head so hot it was smoking.

It was truly an inspirational sight.

Madeline was kneeling, her head on the couch, her ass hiked up and her massive Alsatian mounted on her sweet ass, steadily driving his hairy black prick up her fuckhole! Cuntjuice, thick and creamy and streaked with doggy slime, gushed out of her open pussy, running down her thighs and drenching the dumb brute's plunging prick.

Adam's lips moved wordlessly. He could hear the dog's cock slide into her hole, pumping up her fuck channel with moist squashing sounds. Her ass jerked wildly about, and Madeline wailed with the bliss of it. She was obviously at the crest, her cunt melting, and the savage beast was pouring it to her, ready to get his rocks off.

Abandoned to their shared ecstasy, neither the girl nor Rover were aware of the man in the doorway.

What the fuck should he do? Adam wondered. He thought about rushing over and dragging the dog's prick out of her cunt, to slap his own hard-on in there instead. But he didn't think that Madeline would be pleased to know that she had been caught getting screwed by her dog, and besides, Adam was afraid of the big brute.

Then all need of a decision was taken from him. As he stared at the incredible sight, watching the dog's hairy black cock slam in and out of her steaming fuckhole, Adam's balls swelled and his prick thundered. He looked down at his cock in dismay, and his scumbags blew.

Adam's fuckjuice came spurting out of the head of his cock in a creamy geyser. He came so hard that his ass and hips jumped back on the recoil. His cum arched in a long parabola, a creamy jet, flying halfway across the room and splattering on the carpet behind the Alsatian's heaving ass.

Adam had been so inspired by seeing Madeline taking dog cock that every drop of his cum load spurted out in that single massive jet. He staggered, his legs turning weak, his loins hollow and drained. His spent spunk glistened on the floor, a slimy trail leading from his cockhead almost to the couch. A slender gossamer thread of cum, like a cobweb, stretched from his cockhead to the carpet, and once again, to his sorrow, Adam's balls were empty.

The poor man gazed at his crotch and sobbed as he watched his cock, so proud and firm a moment before, slowly sink down in a limp coil, and his balls, so full of fuckjuice when he'd walked in, shrink and shrivel.

He gnashed his teeth and rolled his eyes and almost burst into tears. Once again, premature ejaculation had confounded the unhappy fellow. He grasped his prick in his hand and gave it a vigorous tug, but the damned thing just retracted further, slipping from his fist like a slippery worm.

Madeline and Rover were still fucking frantically away as the doggy emptied his potent balls into her cunt and she melted around his spurting fuck rod. Adam looked at them enviously, shaking his head.

Then he moved quietly from the room, tucking his useless prick back into his pants. There was no point in staying now. His cock and balls were drained, and with that huge dog prick, Madeline would have little use for a man's tongue. There was no point in letting her know that her depraved dog-fucking had been witnessed.

Sad and sorrowful, the pitiful premature ejaculator let himself out of the apartment, and limp-pricked and empty-balled, returned to the bar to drown his grief.

And he was right, too. Now that Madeline had discovered the joys of dog cock, what did she want with a man?

What she wanted, in fact, was more dog cock.

And by a happy coincidence, Rover's hard prick was still buried in her cunt.

Madeline wriggled slightly tentatively. Rover's cock ripped in her cunthole very promisingly. She cupped his balls and smiled when she felt his huge scumbags begin to swell again. She looked back over her shoulder, seeing his big head hovering over her, drooling onto her ass. She saw too, a mysterious line of cum, glistening like the track of a snail, running along the carpet from the doorway almost to the dog's haunches. But never for a moment suspecting that anyone had been there to witness her degenerate joy, she assumed that Rover's cock must have been dripping when he first sneaked across the room toward her upthrust ass.

"Wanna fuck again, boy?" she purred.

"Woof!" Rover responded, wagging his tail.

Madeline push-pulled her pussy on his stationary, iron-hard prick, frigging through an inch or two. His powerful body began to quiver. Although she had creamed wonderfully on their first fuck, her ever-ready pussy was starting to simmer again. Madeline was ready for another doggy fuck.

But then, since they had already done it doggy style, she wondered if it would be possible to couple face to face with a dog. She wasn't at all sure. But she was damned well going to find out!

Madeline tried to squirm off the Alsatian's prick, moving forward, but the potent brute clamped his paws tighter around her hipbones and shuffled along after her ass, keeping his cock buried. She shook her ass, but he moved with her, dancing on his hindlegs. His fat prick was well jammed up her hairy cunt, and she couldn't seem to drag it off. Her pliable cuntwalls were molded to the outline of his long prick and flaring knob, so that he was stuck up her fuckhole as if it were a Chinese finger puzzle.

Holy shit, Madeline suddenly thought, as a worrisome idea struck her.

She knew that two dogs often became stuck together after fucking, and now she wondered if maybe Rover's cock was stuck up her cunt in the same way. The idea of having a cuntful of thick doggy prick, in itself, was not at all unpleasant, but Madeline wondered how long it took before the dog's cock would soften and retract. She knew little about dogs, having bought Rover for a specific purpose rather than as a dog in general, and she had no idea. It struck her as sort of funny that, having just been fucked by a dog, she knew nothing whatsoever about doggy breeding habits.

She wriggled and squirmed. Rover's cock stayed lodged up her cunt-channel. Oh, wow, will I have to crawl over to the telephone and call for help? she wondered. That, to say the least, would be embarrassing.

And who should she phone, anyhow? A doctor? A dentist, accustomed to removing teeth from their sockets? Maybe a plumber who knew how to unclog a drain, or a dog breeder who would be familiar with the problem? And would it be more embarrassing to have a total stranger come to her assistance than someone she knew intimately? Getting more and more concerned, her mind darted wildly about. Madeline even thought about her brother, who worked at the local zoo and, no doubt, would know how to extract a dog cock from his sister's pussy. Maybe if someone simply threw a bucket of cold water over them?

Embarrassed in advance by the prospect, Madeline renewed her efforts to uncouple, thrashing frantically. Rover woofed and yelped and clung to her, mounted on her ass like a stuffed trophy.

She reached between her thighs and got a good grip on his balls. They weren't as bloated as they had been before he came, but they were swelling up all over again. She tugged back on his balls as she jerked her ass forwards. An inch of hairy stalk pulled out of her slot, dragging her cuntlips along with it. Madeline switched her grip, folding her fist around the root of his rod. She began to twist and turn her cunt as she held his prick stationary.

Inch by inch, Rover's cock slid from her gash. The dog, quite content to be stuck up her, whined, and his haunches humped as he tried to slam his fuckmeat back in. But Madeline held him firmly, and continued to squirm and twist as she unwound her fuckhole from his meaty plug.

She pulled all of his long black cock out, and only the naked meat of his cockhead remained stuck in her cunt, flaring and throbbing, spreading her open. With a last jerk, she pulled her pussy free. Rover yelped and hopped down to the floor. Madeline fell forward against the couch, breathing heavily. Her vacated cunt was gaping open and steaming as cum and cuntjuice gushed from the abandoned tunnel, soaking her groin and pouring down her thighs.

The Alsatian thrust his head into her crotch from behind and began to lap at the overflow. Madeline's ardor had diminished as she struggled to free herself, but as his wet tongue slapped into her pussy and dragged over her fuck button, she began to heat up again. She smiled. Now that she knew it was possible to uncouple, there was no reason why she shouldn't enjoy another cuntful of doggy prick, and let the faithful beast unload his fuckjuice into her again.

But she wanted it face to face this time, for the variety of it and so that she could look up and see the big brute as he hammered away, see the depraved reality of the bestial coupling, adding a visual, physiological thrill to the fiery sensation in her cunt.

Rover's muzzle was buried into her crotch, under her ass, his tongue flashing up her pussy. Madeline raised one knee and twisted around, rolling over. Her thigh crossed over the dog's head and shoulders so that she had turned fully around without losing contact with his tongue. Now she was sitting on the floor, her back against the edge of the couch, her knees raised and her thighs parted. The Alsatian stood before her, his head down in her crotch, slurping away with gusto, lapping the slime of their previous encounter out of her flooded pussy. His head bobbed up and down like a rocking horse. His bushy tail swirled behind him. The beast was making soft, moist whimpering sounds as he fed.

Madeline reached down and stroked his head. Her other hand caressed her fat tits, kneading the firm mounds and pulling at the stiff tips. She moaned softly. Rover's nimble tongue felt lovely, as always, and it was tempting to let him finish the job. But now that she knew the delights of doggy cock, Madeline wanted to get stuffed again, instead of creaming on his tongue which, after all, was no novelty.

She pulled Rover's muzzle out of her dripping cunt. The dog tilted his head and cocked an ear inquisitively. This was a memorable day for the dog, as well as for his mistress. He was learning new tricks, and he was eager to proceed with his education and training. Madeline stroked his head and he whined. Thick ribbons of pearly cuntjuice streaked his muzzle and flecked his lips. His tongue lolled out, running heavily with doggy slobber and pussy cream.

Madeline slid up onto the couch, her ass perched on the edge, and her long, shapely legs extended, heels on the floor and thighs parted wide.

In this position, Madeline's soaking crotch was elevated to the level of Rover's head. The Alsatian sniffed, whined and shoved his muzzle into her cunt again. His tongue slithered up her cunthole and Madeline moaned. The long, thick lapper seemed to be plunging as deep as a prick. Her cuntwalls and lips sucked on the dog's tongue, and her fuck bud throbbed against the slippery red prickmeat.

Cuntjuice poured down into the crack of her ass, and Rover bobbed his head down and slurped it back up greedily. As his tongue flipped up, cream sprayed onto her slim belly and into her tangled cunt bush.

She reached down and spread her cuntlips wide open, stretching the folds, urging the doggy to lap as deeply up her pussy as he could. Her thumbs flicked across her clit, and she slipped a finger up into her pussy alongside his flashing lapper. Again, she was tempted to cream his tongue, and again, she wanted cock even more.

She patted the cushion beside her ass, coaxing Rover to hop up. But the brute was reluctant to stop feasting, and continued to slap his tongue into her cunt gash. Madeline grasped him by the collar and dragged his head and shoulders upward. His haunches tensed and he sprang up, planting one big forepaw on either side of her hips.

His prick loomed out over her belly, the naked knob pulsing and the hairy fuck rod throbbing. Madeline gazed adoringly at his prick meat, over the thrust of her tits. His cockhead was pumping in and out as if it were being inflated. The red slab was slippery and slick with her cuntjuice, and a few drops of spunk oozed from his open cockhead and trickled down the smooth slope. Madeline licked her lips. Oh, how fucking delicious that big doggy prick looked!

Madeline had never sucked the dog's cock, although she had thought about it before this, just as she had thought about letting him screw her, without really thinking that it would ever happen. But now the fucking had happened, and it had been wonderful. Naturally, the oversexed nymph wondered what a mouthful of dog cock would be like.

She folded her hand around his thick prick and moved his cockhead down, tapping it against her stiff nipples and then nudging it into her deep cleavage. Rover yelped and humped, driving his prick up between her tits. The dripping knob slid onto her breastbone and ran up into the hollow of her throat. She cupped her tits together, deepening the crack. Rover titty-fucked through the smooth crack, his slick prick laying a slimy track.

Was it more depraved to suck a dog's cock than it was to take it up her cunt? she wondered. But that no longer mattered to her now. Madeline had become a confirmed animal lover and the more depraved it was, the more exciting. Her head tilted down. As the Alsatian's cockhead came squeezing out from her cleavage, she blew her warm breath onto it. The musky, gamey aroma of aroused dog cock wafted into her flushed face. She moaned, and her tongue ran across her lower lip.

She bent her head lower, and when his cock came pushing out from between her tits again, she flicked her tongue against the angry red tip.

Rover yelped, his big body quivering, muscles hunching in his haunches.

"Oooooh!" Madeline sighed, as the meaty flavor of dog cock tingled on her tastebuds, thrilling her to the core. She drew her dark head back, savoring that first taste. When he humped again, she met his cockhead with her flashing tongue, lapping and laving all over the wet meat. She could taste her own cuntjuice on his fuck-knob, along with the succulence of his cum seepage. More spunk bubbled onto her tongue and her saliva flowed down his cock.

Rover had never had his prick licked before, except by his own tongue, and the brute was going wild with the sensation. He shoved his cock up into her face. The knob missed her lips and skimmed along her cheek, leaving a bubbling streak from his cockhead. Madeline gurgled with delight. His bloated balls, full of cum again, bumped against her chin. She licked the hairy scumbags hungrily. Ball meat tasted subtly different from cockmeat, but almost as savory. She tongued all over his swollen balls, then licked up his shaggy fuck stalk. She knew she was in danger of getting hairs stuck between her teeth, but that was a small price to pay for such a taste treat.

She tongued up and down his cockshaft, and then, coming to his knob, she kissed the fiery tip. Her lips parted slowly, and she took the fat slab into her mouth.

"Ummmmm! Ummmm!" she purred, as she nursed hungrily on the gamey mouthful of dog cock. Her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked, and her lips turned outwards, tightly gripping his prickhead.

Rover growled and howled, thrilled by this new treat. He shoved his prick deeper into her mouth. His dripping prick slid right back into the entrance of her gullet and Madeline gagged, but held it there for a moment. When he drew back, she sucked through every precious inch.

Preliminary scum trickled onto her tongue. She let the slimy stuff run around on her tastebuds for a moment, savoring the taste and the texture, and she thrilled at the dark knowledge of her own depravity. She had a mouthful of dripping doggy prick! The psychological thrill was almost as great as the physical. She gurgled and sighed, and her throat pulsed as she swallowed his slime.

Now she was in a quandary again. The preliminary seepage from his cockhead was so delicious that Madeline was yearning to let the doggy shoot in her mouth and to drink every drop of his steaming hot fuckjuice. But as she sucked on his prick, her pussy was getting so hot! She wanted to blow the brute, and yet she needed desperately to get her cunt fucked again!

Ripples ran through his fuckrod. It throbbed on her tongue and flared in her lips. He humped in and out desperately, and she knew that if she didn't stop sucking him soon there would no longer be a decision to be made, he was going to unload his balls into her mouth at any moment!

Oh, if only she had two doggies, she thought. If only she could suck one dog while the other shoveled his prick up her fuckhole!

The prospect caused the horny girl to tremble. But at the moment she had only one dog and one prick, and Madeline felt as if her pussy was going to dissolve in the frenzy of her need.

Hating to forsake that succulent mouthful, but knowing her cunt took precedence, Madeline drew her lips away from the dog's smoking hot cockhead. He whimpered and humped, desperate to bury his prick in that suction cup of a mouth again, but she turned her face aside, refusing to mouth him again, even though she was drooling for it.

"I'll suck you off sometime, boy," she whispered, huskily. "Oh, yeah, and soon! God, I wanna drink your cum, you horny son of a bitch! I'm so hungry for your fuckjuice, I'll milk your balls dry and swallow every drop. But now, " she broke off with a gasp. Gripping his prick firmly by the shaft, she dragged the long fuck rod down into her loins.

Rover had never fucked face to face before, and for a moment, the dumb brute was confused. He tried to shove his cock back up into her face, but Madeline turned her wrist and brought his prick down into her gaping, soaking pussy. She slid the tip up and down in her slippery crack and rubbed it against her fuck button. Rover stopped struggling and stood steady, his hindlegs braced on the carpet, his massive chest heaving as he panted.

Madeline squirmed to the very edge of the couch. Her smooth thighs clamped around the Alsatian's hairy flanks. She slowly fed his cockhead into her fuckslot. Then she drew her hand away. For a moment, Rover did not react. His amber eyes were glazed as he puzzled over this new situation. But the beast was well aware that the head of his thundering prick was buried in Madeline's steaming pussy, and it dawned on him that it would be possible to fuck her that way. It was a wonderment to the dog, who knew nothing about missionaries, let alone the missionary position. Madeline stared down at him expectantly. Rover gazed back at her.

Then his hindquarters heaved and the potent beast shoved his rock-hard prick all the way up the trembling girl's soaking fuck tunnel.

"Ahhhh!" she moaned, feeling her cunt stuffed to the brim by hot dog-meat. Her muscles began to pull and drag on his prick immediately. Rover held it all in her for a moment, his balls jammed tight to her grinding ass.

Then he drew back slowly, pulling his prick out until only his prickhead was in her cunt. He paused and shoved in again, and yelped when he realized that fucking face to face was not only possible, but that it felt wonderful.

Bucking and plunging, the dog began to slam into her cunt in a frenzy. Madeline, overheated to begin with, began to cream almost with the very first stroke. His prick was angled so that every hairy inch was rubbing over her clit as it slid in and out of her fuckhole. His smoking hot cockhead was plowing as far up her cunt as it would reach, filling her fuck channel full.

"Ahhh, ooooh, umnum!" she gasped as the waves of ecstasy shot through her belly and raced up her trembling thighs. She fucked with the Alsatian, shoving her pussy down as he slammed into her, and grinding her ass and hips as he drew out. Madeline was in the throes of a multiple orgasm, her cunt and clit going off in rapid sequence, coming like a machine gun. Rover plowed on, stuffing her full, jerking his dripping fucker out, then shoveling it all the way up her pussy again. Her belly tilted up as his big prick filled her loins, and her ass jerked from side to side as he yanked back out.

She threw her legs around his flanks and locked her heels behind his haunches, riding him from below. Then she opened her legs wide again and arched her back deeply as the frantic brute hammered away at her.

Her clit exploded, her cunthole creamed. Her pussy was flooded with cum juice and the dog's tight-fitting prickshaft shot into her. His cock came out drenched with her juices, and when he whipped it back in, cream sprayed over her belly and thighs. His balls swung in and slapped against her ass, sloshing with their cum load.

Madeline coiled like a spring, bowing and arching. Her heels drummed on the floor as her ass churned on the couch. The horny dog lover was in seventh heaven. Why had she waited so long before she discovered the pure joy of dog-fucking? she wondered, anticipating all the future fucking they would be doing, even while this fuck was still in progress.

Madeline's eyelashes fluttered over misty eyes. Her lips parted, panting and drooling. The potent beast was fucking her to jelly, pounding her pussy relentlessly. She had never come so often or so dynamically before. She felt as if her whole body was melting, turning to cum cream and pouring out from her steaming fuckhole. Peak followed crest, each higher than the one before. She was creaming with such intensity that it frightened her, and she adored it.

Her cunthole jerked on his cock, pulling and sucking as he wedged and levered it in her pussy. Cum bubbled from his cockhead, running into her slot, adding to the lubrication. His prick was darting into her with thunderbolt strokes, lightning- fast thrusts. He poured the prick to her so fast now that she didn't know if he was coming or going.

Rover threw his head back and howled like a wolf baying at the moon. She felt his cock expand mightily.

"Yeah, yeah, shoot up me!" she cried.

The brute plunged in balls-deep again, and suddenly his cock was going off like a howitzer. Great creamy lumps of fuckjuice splattered like fluid cannonballs in her cunt. Rover's haunches slammed back on the rebound and her fuckhole clenched his prick tightly as it slid out. His cum was hosing her with such force that he almost blew her off the end of his cock. She could feel the steaming hot slime flooding her loins so abundantly that she thought it must be filling her whole body cavity, that her heart and lungs must be floating in a slimy sea of the seething stuff.

Pulling out, he dragged her cuntlips with his prickshaft, pulling the folds after him. Then he pounded in to the hilt again, and more cum pumped into her pussy. Time was suspended. Madeline thought that she had been coming forever, that the doggy had been pouring his cum into her cunthole for an eternity. Geysers and jets splashed into her melting fuckbox, more cum spurting out on every stroke.

At the highest peak, Madeline cried out in ecstasy and collapsed back onto the couch.

Rover pumped into her pussy a few more times, draining the dregs of his hot, thick, volcanic eruption. Then, still jammed up her cunt, he slumped over her, panting and heaving. His spent cock twitching inside her.

For a few moments, neither dog nor woman moved, except for their equally heavy panting. Madeline felt Rover's cock begin to soften and diminish inside her pussy. Her cuntwalls rippled on his shrinking prick.

This time they were not stuck together, perhaps because it was his second coming, or maybe because they had done it face to face. As his cock grew soft and limp, it came sliding easily out of her cunt.

Madeline twisted around. She held his drained balls in her hand, palm upwards, and brought the head of his prick to her lips. His red cock was soft and rubbery now. She lapped at it, whimpering at the taste of cum and cuntjuice combined. She slurped the knob into her mouth and sucked hungrily on the delicious slab. Now that her cunt was satiated again, Madeline was in the mood to drink some cum.

But Rover was finished.

As she sucked greedily on his softening prick, the big doggy hung his head as if, like Adam Plumber, he was ashamed of his failure. But he had not failed. Madeline's cunthole was brim full of fuckjuice, and it was only her greed that made her wish for a mouthful as well.

She sucked and licked with all her considerable talent, hoping to get him hard again, longing for a bellyful of cum to complement the two cuntfuls she already had. But despite her oral skills, the dog's cock continued to shrink, soften and draw back into his loins.

"Ummmm, c'mon, boy, " she coaxed, winding her slippery tongue around the slope of his cockhead.

Rover whined pitifully and his prick refused to respond to her magic mouth. After a few moments, she gave up. With a sigh, she drew her lips away from his rubbery cock and leaned back on the couch. The succulent flavor of their blended cum juices lingered tantalizingly on her tastebuds. She tipped her dark head back, ebony hair falling over the cushions, and let the creamy delicacy trickle down her throat. It warmed her belly like a fine cognac, and whetted her appetite, making her ravenous for more. She hungered for a nice long suck on cockmeat followed by another creamy dessert of his coming.

But Madeline realized that she was going to have to wait awhile before her doggy could come again, before she could enjoy the delight of sucking him off. She was willing to wait, too, but it posed a problem, because by the time that Rover had a nice new hard-on and a full set of balls, Madeline's pussy was going to be hot again. It would be the same dilemma that had confronted her before, horny at both ends, she wouldn't know whether to suck him off or fuck him.

What she really and truly needed, she knew, was two dogs, or maybe even three or four!

The thought of getting gang-banged in both mouth and cunt by a whole pack of horny hounds was driving Madeline wild with excitement. She began to think seriously about it, in all the juicy details. Her mouth was watering, and her cunt began to simmer all over again.

Her fantasies were thrilling, could they become reality? Loving animal cock, she began to think of all the various places where animals were readily available.

And quite naturally, Madeline's thoughts turned to her brother, who worked at the zoo!

George Sharp, Madeline's older brother, was the night-time attendant at the local zoo. It was not a demanding job. He had to make the rounds of the various enclosures once in a while to make sure that the animals were not disturbed and to keep the vandals from scaling the fence after hours. The rest of the time he was free to sit in the gatekeeper's shack and pass the time as he chose.

Mostly, George passed the time by jerking off.

And usually, when he was beating his meat, George thought about his sexy sister, Madeline. That was a turn-on from the past. One day, when George and Madeline were living at home, she had walked in on the lusty lad when he was in the process of pulling his prick. George had been standing in front of the sink, looking at his cock and balls in the mirror as he pumped merrily away. Concentrating on the task at hand, he had not realized that his sister had come into the room. Then she giggled. George had gasped in shock, but his fist, already into the rhythm, had continued to pump up and down for a few more strokes before he was able to halt the natural process.

He whipped his hand away from his cock and turned to scowl at Madeline. George was alarmed and ashamed at having her catch him in the private act of self-abuse, and he was also angry at being interrupted at the crucial moment. His big, iron-hard cock, neglected now, continued to throb and ripple.

"Hell, don't you knock?" he blurted out.

She shrugged, perfectly comfortable with the situation. "You should have locked the door," she countered.

That was true, George had to admit. He rushed into the bathroom so eager to empty his balls that he had neglected to draw the bolt. He mumbled something incomprehensible, blushing bright red.

"Don't let me interrupt, George," Madeline said. "Go ahead and milk it off." She tilted her head and grinned, staring openly at his aroused cock. He gaped at her, surprised that his kid sister was so precocious, suddenly aware of how nubile the young girl had recently become, with her pert, thrusting tits and her trim little ass. Madeline had worn her dark hair short and curly in those days. Grinning at him, she looked like a sexy and mischievous little imp. She was obviously amused at having caught him with his cock in hand, but just as obviously, she was fascinated.

"Gee, it's nice and big," she said.

His prick, as if aware of the compliment, had given a lurch, towering up before his belly. The knob was dark purple and the underside of his stalk was seamed by a thick, pulsating vein, running from his swollen balls up to the flaring slab of his cockhead. As his prick throbbed, Madeline's eyes moved with the motion of a cobra mesmerized by a fakir's flute. She stepped closer.

"Want me to do it for you?" she whispered huskily, glancing up at his face and then immediately dropping her eyes back to his prick.

"Oh shit! You, you wanna?" he gasped. George knew it was naughty to let his kid sister frig his prick, but the thought was all the more exciting for that.

"Don't mind," she said.

She moved closer and reached out. George almost fainted when she folded her hand around his cockshaft. She held him for a moment, squeezing gently on his fuckrod, then began to pump him up and down. She knew what she was doing. It was evident that this was not the first time that she had frigged a prick, and that fact added to George's dark desire. He humped in and out, fucking through her moving fist. Both of them gazed into the mirror, watching the reflection of the act.

"Ooooh!" she had squealed, when the tip of his cockhead began to bubble and, "Ahhhhh!" when his cum load came spurting out in a creamy burst. His hot slime had splashed all over her blouse and drenched her hand and forearm, and Madeline had pumped happily away until he was drained. Then, without a word, she had lifted her skirt. George, knowing he owed her a come, had finger-fucked her trim little pussy until she creamed. It had been the most exciting thing that had ever happened to George, and it was still the thing that he thought about when he was pumping his prick.

George was in fact pumping his prick at the moment, seated in the swivel chair behind the desk in the gatekeeper's shack, thinking about Madeline as his fist flew up and down on his stiff cock with the skill of constant practice.

"Damn," he hissed, when there was a knock on the door. He thought that he would finish the job before he answered, then thought better of it. He never enjoyed a handjob much when he had to rush it. He tucked his hard prick back into his fly, zippered it up with some effort because it was pounding away, trying to escape again, and went to the door.

He was surprised to find his sister standing there, smiling at him. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight-fitting blouse, and looked as impish as always.

"Hi, Sis, I was just thinking about you," George said.

"So I see," she replied, glancing down at the bulge in the front of his pants.

George blushed, but grinned crookedly.

"Er, what brings you here, Madeline?" he asked.

"I want to look around the zoo," she said.

"Well, it's closed, now. I guess I could take you with me when I make my rounds." He was surprised. He'd never known that his sister was interested in animals.

"I'd rather go alone," she said.

"Gee, I'm not supposed to let anyone, "

A flicker of annoyance crossed her face, then she smiled brightly again. "Remember that time I jerked you off in the bathroom?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Oh, hell, I sure do!"

"Your prick was so hard and big, George, " Her gaze drifted slowly down to his groin. "Just like it is now, huh? Were you really thinking about me? Nice, naughty thoughts?"

Before he could reply, Madeline reached out and placed her open hand on his pounding fucker. "Oooh!" she purred. George's mouth worked, but no words came out. His vocal cords seemed as stiff as his cock.

"Shall I take it out?" she whispered.

George croaked, then nodded, confused by the suddenness of the affair, and dimly aware that his sister must have some ulterior motive, but not giving a damn, as long as she played with his prick.

Madeline drew his zipper down slowly, inch by inch. She undid his belt buckle. The front of his pants flapped open wide and his big cock came slamming out. The fat purple knob was smoking hot.

"Gee, I forgot what a lovely cock you have, George," his wanton sister whispered. She cupped his swollen scumbags in her hand, lifting them, weighing them. Her other hand folded around his prickstalk, skimming lightly from head to roots. His fuckrod hammered in her grip. When she squeezed his cock just behind the crown, the bloated slab of dark purple meat flared out. His cockhead began to dribble.

Holding his cock and balls in her hands, Madeline slowly knelt down in front of him. Her pretty face, radiant with lust, was level with his crotch. He stared down and saw the tip of her tongue slide across her lower lip.

"Handjobs are for kids," she rasped. She looked up at his contorted face, fluttering her eyebrows over the glowing orbs of her jade-green eyes. "We're adults now, George, want to come in my mouth?"

"Holy shit, yeah!" he gasped.

She leaned closer. Her ebony hair drifted over her shoulders and her warm breath panted over his cock. She made a moist, hungry, whimpering sound, licking her lips. But she still hadn't touched her mouth to his cockhead.

George placed a hand behind her head and tugged, pulling her face into his groin. But she turned away, so that his cockhead brushed her cheek instead of her lips.

"Jesus, suck my cock, Sis!" he groaned.

"Ummmm, I want to. It looks so fucking delicious," she murmured, her lips brushing against his balls as she spoke. Her gaze lifted.

"Can I visit the animals afterwards?" she asked.

George frowned. What the hell did she want to see the animals at night for? But what the hell did he care, as long as he got his smoking prick into that hot, wet mouth! "Yeah, yeah," he gasped. "Anything, just suck it!"

"Promise?" she whispered.

"Yes!" he howled, in torment.

Madeline smiled, her parted lips turned up, rubbing against his balls. Her plan had worked perfectly, and the prospect of animal cock thrilled her to the core. In the meantime, she had a lovely hunk of brotherly cock to be sucked, and a load of sibling cum to be swallowed.

It was a wonderful position for a girl like Madeline to be in. Although she was eager to get at the animals, she didn't want to rush this blow-job. Sucking a guy off was always more fun when a girl took her time about it, lingering over the details, enjoying the meat course that preceded the creamy dessert. Her lips were already brushing against his balls, and she began the feast right where she was. His prick levered out along her cheek as she began to nibble and lick at his loaded balls. Her nimble tongue swept all over the hairy sacs, slathering them with saliva.

"Jesus!" George groaned, swaying unsteadily, shoving his balls against her lips. She could feel his cum load sliding around inside the bloated bags. The thought of all that delicious fuckjuice made her slobber and whimper. She kissed his balls and sucked them into her lips. Her tongue darted against the musky meat, slurping hungrily. She feasted on his ballmeat for a few minutes, then began to work her way up his prickshaft. She flattened her tongue against the underside of his fuckrod, and very slowly, dragged it up to his knob. George gasped, nearly fainting with the thrill of it.

Madeline lapped up his cock again, and fluttered her tongue against the sensitive underside of his cockhead. She licked back down towards his balls, her tongue crisscrossing now, tracing along the visible vein. Her dark head bobbed up and down, her hair falling in a jet curtain over his cock and balls, and brushing his trembling thighs. Her head turned from side to side as she licked his cockshaft from different angles. Then she fitted her parted lips against the underside of his fat stalk and began to slide them up and down, playing his prick as if it were a meaty flute. His cock swelled and rippled in her lips. She drew up to the big wedge of his cockhead and flutter-kissed the underside of the flaring slab.

"Yummy, " she purred.

Spunk oozed out of his gaping cockhead and slid like melted lead down onto his cockshaft. As her lips drew slowly up, the cum ran onto her tongue. George staggered. Holding one hand behind her head, he stared down, watching his scum froth on her moist lips, seeing her pink tongue flutter on his prick. He could hardly believe it was happening, that his beautiful sister was sucking his cock and letting his cum seep into her mouth. He wondered if he had fallen asleep at the desk, cock in hand, and was enjoying a wet dream.

Madeline's mouth was certainly dreamy and creamy as well, as the preliminary cum continued to weep from his cleft and run down into her parted lips. The stuff was hot and thick and bubbling. He saw her delicate throat pulse as she swallowed a few succulent drops.

She played her lips up and down his cock for awhile, then rose higher and turned her face down. She kissed the slimy tip of his cock. George trembled violently.

"Suck it!" he hissed.

"Ummmm, I'll suck it, George. I'll suck you till you cream, right in my fucking mouth, big brother!"

She was speaking right down his cock, as if it were a meaty microphone. His prick rippled as if with an electric current as her moist lips moved on the tip. Her lips parted a bit more.

"Fuck me in the mouth, George," she whimpered. "Fuck my hot mouth just like it was a cunt!"

George gasped. His hand held her head steady, and his hips moved as he slowly fed his cock into her mouth. Her lips opened wide and his flaring purple crown slid into the wet oval. He pushed deeper. His cockhead vanished in her mouth and her lips clamped around his thick shaft, pulling and dragging on his prick as she sucked on his prickhead.

"Ummmm!" she whimpered, savoring the sweet mouthful of cockmeat.

George began to fuck in and out of her mouth. His cockhead jammed in her throat as it slid through her lips. Madeline ducked her head down onto him, meeting his thrusts eagerly, taking almost all of his long prick into her head. Her lips pushed down towards his balls, and her nose nestled in his wiry pubic hair. He pulled out and she sucked through every precious inch. He fucked into her mouth again, jerking his cock up and tilting her head back as he filled her gullet.

"Unghhhh," she gagged, as his cockhead clogged her gullet. Then she purred as he drew out, and she slurped hungrily on his sliding prick, then nursed on his prickhead. Cum was dribbling onto her tongue in a steady stream now, driving her wild with the taste and the texture, making her ravenous for the full load of the delicious slime that his big balls held for her. A trickle of cum overflowed her pursed lips and ran sluggishly down her chin. Her tongue slid out and gathered it back up, not wanting to waste a single drop.

Her head began to rise and fall faster. Her tongue arched into a moist, pink bridge over which his cockhead rode as it slid in and out.

She held him by the hips, not using her hands on his cock, wanting to do it all with her mouth. Her tongue fluttered and flashed, and her lips worked like a suction cup. She tilted her head from side to side, grinding the oval of her parted lips up and down on his cock. Her mouth was working on him like a wringer. George jerked his prick balls-deep into her head, gasping and panting. She took his cockhead into her cheek. The soft flesh bulged out. Then she took him into her throat and both cheeks hollowed inwards as she sucked.

Madeline drew up to his prick-knob and whispered, "Come, George‹ ‹shoot your slime in my mouth! Cream for me! Let me swallow your hot fuckjuice!"

Her words thrilled him almost as much as the magic of her caressing mouth. George began to shovel his prick into her head violently, causing her to gasp and gurgle. His prick pulled out from her lips, drenched with saliva and cum, then slid back in. She took his flaring cockhead tight down into her gullet, deep- throating him, swallowing every inch of his long, thick, throbbing cockshaft. Her lips were plastered against the hairy hilt of his stalk, her chin pressed to his balls.

George howled like an animal in torment as his balls erupted. His first load shot out of his cockhead while his prick was buried to the roots in her mouth. The thick slime poured straight down her throat. Madeline wailed and drew her lips up his stalk so that his second gooey wad shot out when only his prickhead was in her mouth. The cum skimmed over her tongue and ignited her tastebuds, and she sighed with joy. Madeline loved to swallow fuckjuice but she liked to taste it first.

Collaring his cockhead in her lips, she sucked another dose out. Jism coated her tongue. George's cock and balls were going off rapid-fire now. He fucked into her mouth, and another load spurted out with every stroke. Jets of cum hit her cheeks and skimmed over the roof of her mouth. Slime swirled through her teeth and gums. Her tongue was floating in a thick sea of cum. She swallowed and sucked, sucked and swallowed.

Abandoned to the ecstasy of drinking cum, Madeline couldn't get enough of the sweet stuff, and her brother was doing his best to satisfy her insatiable appetite. He was coming so hard that it felt like his orgasm was starting in his asshole and ripping through his loins.

He lifted up onto his toes, his thighs tensing, shooting another frothy wad into her mouth. His fuckjuice splashed in her throat with such force that it tilted her head back.

Madeline greedily ducked down again, fighting against the creamy flow like a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. She gurgled and gasped, gobbled and gulped. She was drinking his cum by the bucketful, swallowing as fast as she could, but his tremendous load was too much for her to drink it all. Slime overflowed her lips and ran down from the corners of her mouth, dribbling from her chin.

"Ummmmm, ummmm, " she purred as another steaming load hit her tongue.

George wailed, almost passing out as all of his life force went into his coming. His cum was pouring out in a slimy rope now, one load following upon another so fast that there was no break in the foaming river. His fuckjuice flooded her belly even as she greedily sucked more of the thick load from his cockhead.

She bobbed down as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel, feeding his prick deep into her ravenous mouth, taking a spurt down her gullet then pulling back up to take another spurt on her flashing tongue. Her head went up and down on his cock, and his cock fucked in and out of her mouth as his abundant slime kept on pouring out. He hit her tonsils with a jet, hosed her throat with a load, splattered a frothy geyser against her tongue. Her mouth was so full of fuckjuice that when his cock slid in he pumped the stuff back out of her lips, thick and creamy and streaked with her saliva. At last the final spurt ripped from his cockhead, and George tottered and staggered, his legs turned to water.

Madeline kept on sucking greedily, to make sure that she had milked out every succulent nugget of cum. Her eyes were glazed. She drew her cum-drenched lips away from his cock and smiled dreamily up at George. Leaning in, she used her nimble tongue to gather up the errant drops that had escaped her lips and run down his prick.

His cock still standing, swaying before her radiant face like a palm tree in a storm. Madeline's tongue slowly dragged up the underside, slurping ribbons of cum from the slathered fuck rod. She slid down lower and tongued up a few tasty drops from his balls.

George was stunned. He shook his head like a pole-axed ox, still hardly able to believe what had happened. It had been by far the best blow-job he had ever had, and it had been all the more thrilling because it was his sister who had given it to him!

Madeline, her belly full of cum, was still hungry. She folded her fist around his cockshaft just below his cockhead and squeezed him gently, coaxing another gooey glob out of his cockhead. She stared at it, then flicked her tongue out and gathered it up, savoring it before she swallowed. She looked up and opened her mouth wide, so that her brother could see his fuckjuice on her tongue. Drops of the slimy scum hung from the roof of her mouth like stalactites. Creamy ribbons slathered the soft flesh of her cheeks. His thick fuckjuice flowed white and creamy on her pink tongue. Then she swallowed again, sighing as the succulent juice slid down her throat.

"That was delicious, darling," she purred. "I love to drink your yummy fuckjuice!"

George staggered away. His prick had dropped to half-mast, swaying in front of him like an elephant's trunk. He had to lean against the desk to support himself. He was panting and trembling, almost fainting. His mind seemed to have dissolved; reality was suspended.

He was only dimly aware that Madeline was speaking.

"I'll suck you off again, later, if you like," she said, the words coming to him faintly through the rushing of his own blood in his ears.

He heard the door open and close.

Why in hell was she interested in seeing the animals? he wondered, and wondered, too, with happy expectations, how soon he could get another hard-on to empty into her magic mouth? But George would have to wait his turn now. Madeline was seeking wilder meat.

Madeline hadn't yet decided what sort of animal she wanted to fuck and suck with, nor whether she preferred quantity or quality, but at the zoo she could pick and choose from a wide selection. She was window-shopping now, moving slowly down the path that wound past the enclosures. She could see well enough. The moon was bright, and there was subdued night lighting along the path. But when she moved into the occasional shadow between enclosures, she felt as if her sexy body was so hot that her flesh was glowing in the darkness.

Madeline had been horny as hell when she first came to the zoo, her sexual appetites whetted by her session with Rover, but now, after sucking off her brother and ignoring her own needs, she was really smoldering. Her cunt felt like the crater of a volcano about to erupt, and the pussy juice that seeped down her thighs brushed together moistly and her cunt squished juicily. She drew her skirt up above her waist to enjoy the sensation of the cool night breeze wafting over her steaming pussy. Her thighs parted slightly. The fragrance of her aroused fuckbox was carried on the breeze, wafting through the enclosures. All down the line, male beasts began to sniff and snort and howl.

Madeline smiled in anticipation. She walked on, her skirt held up, gazing at potential animal lovers. She lingered for a long moment at the lion's cage. The thought of getting fucked by a lion was a real turn-on. But his claws looked menacing, and she knew it would be dangerous; the love play of a lion might leave her loins in shreds.

Moving on, she looked into the sunken enclosure that held the grizzly bear. He looked even more dangerous than the lion, she thought. Bears were omnivores, as well, and she shuddered at the thought of a grizzly bear giving her head, starting at her crotch with all good intentions and then, getting the taste for it, literally eating her.

The ostrich looked potent enough, but she couldn't see his prick nestled in all the feathers and plumage, and she passed him by too.

Then she came to the wolf den.

The enclosure was large, containing a pack of the wild beasts and Madeline could see furtive grey shapes flitting around in the rocks and caves of their natural environment. But three of the massive, shaggy brutes had come up to the wire fence and were pressing their noses against the strands, their wicked yellow eyes fixed on the radiant, fragrant interloper.

Madeline gazed back, trembling. The wolves looked a great deal like her own Alsatian doggy, not really frightening like the lion or the grizzly bear. Madeline had heard, too, that wolves were not dangerous to humans, that they would flee from a human rather than attack. Well, maybe a human with a gun, she amended. From the interest with which the brutes gazed at her, she knew damned well they would not run away from a woman with a hot pussy. She walked on a few strides, swinging her ass and hips. The grey brutes trotted along the other side of the wire fence, keeping level with her. As they moved in sinuous profile, Madeline could see that their pricks were starting to get long and hard. She halted again. The wolves snarled and snapped at each other, but more from habit than threat, all three were concentrating on Madeline.

But they were kind of scary, with their yellow eyes and their gleaming white fangs, and she hesitated. But those three shaggy cocks and the triple set of cum filled balls intrigued the horny girl. She had been wishing that she could fuck and suck with two or three dogs at the same time when she had been enjoying Rover's single prick, and a wolf was a lot like a dog, hung, if anything, even heavier.

Madeline hunkered down to get a better look at those wolf cocks. With her legs parted and her loins level with their muzzles, the aroma of her heated cunt drove the beasts wild. They howled mournfully, nostrils flaring, eyes gleaming like smoldering sulfur. Their long, useful-looking tongues slurped from their jowls. Their cocks were long and thick, the stalks shaggy, but the prick-knobs flaring out in thick red slabs of naked cockmeat. Madeline's mouth watered at the sight. Her pussy rippled and gushed. She looked at their balls and trembled at the thought of all the bestial fuckjuice loaded in the swollen sacs.

In the dim background, other grey shapes slid about. Madeline guessed they must be females, not drawn to her by the scent of hot pussy. For a moment she worried that a she-wolf might resent having a human bitch fucking and sucking with the males. But that was silly, she decided. Dumb animals didn't have the capacity for emotions such as jealousy.

She reached down and spread her cunt folds open. The three male wolves rumbled and yelped. Their black nostrils flared, and the angry red knobs of their stiff pricks flared, too, as if those meaty slabs were inhaling her aroma. At the sight of all that throbbing cockmeat, Madeline whimpered with desire, and made up her mind.

She drew her tight blouse off over her head, then unfastened her short skirt and let it slide down her long, shapely legs. As usual, she was not wearing bra or panties, and now she stood naked except for her shoes. She didn't want to get her clothing dirty as she cavorted on the ground, nor to have it soiled by errant fuckjuice that missed her mouth or cunt; besides, fucking was more exciting when a girl was stark naked.

She hesitated for a moment, but not with any last moment doubts or inhibitions. Madeline was determined to get fucked by the wolf pack. She fitted her foot in the strands of wire and began to climb. Her belly was against the fence as she clambered up and the horny wolves began to lap ravenously at her hairy cunt mound and tense thighs as she scaled the barrier. They yelped as they slurped. She was gratified to find no evidence of sharp teeth in all those slobbering caresses. She reached the top of the fence, out of reach of their tongues. The three wolves sat back on their haunches, as if about to bay at the moon.

She giggled, thinking of the Aesop fable about the fox and the grapes. They were staring up at her cunt, framed in the moonlight, longing for it, and there would be no sour grapes tonight. Madeline's pussy was not about to be out of reach much longer. She swayed, sitting on the top strand of the fence. Her dark pubic triangle seemed spread like pitch on her white belly in the moonlight. Lower down, her pink cunt gash was open and streaming.

The wolves' tongues dripped with saliva. As they sat back on their haunches, their pricks were aimed up at her like field artillery trained on her open, juicy target, ready to bombard her with their fluid shot in a furious barrage.

Madeline slid slowly down the inside of the fence. The wolves backed away, haunches down, furtive and slinking. She knelt on the ground, lips parted, thighs open. Her green eyes glowed as wildly as their yellow orbs. The brutes sniffed. There was no scent of danger, only the welcoming, compelling fragrance of a bitch in heat.

Moving in, they began to circle her, wary but hungry. Madeline dropped down onto all fours, her dark head lowered and her heart- shaped ass hiked upwards. They flitted around their juicy prey. Then the boldest, a massive grey brute, darted in. His wet tongue took a slurping lap up between her legs. Madeline shuddered. The wolf darted away again, his tongue lolling out. But now he knew for certain that there was only pleasure here, that the human bitch brought no danger. The delicious flavor of her steaming pussy sparked on his tastebuds, and her fragrance filled his nostrils. He bounded in again and began to slap his long tongue up into her soaking cunt.

Cuntjuice sprayed out as his tongue whipped into her smoldering pussy. It drove the other two wolves wild. Encouraged by their companion's success, they moved in. They began to lap at her ass and tits. Madeline moaned and whimpered, swaying on hands and knees, caressed by long, rasping tongues from all sides. Slobber flowed all over her, dripping from her hanging tits, drenching her nipples, seeping into the taut crack of her ass. One frantic beast began to lap at her face and neck. Madeline sucked his slobbering tongue into her mouth, and reaching under him, grasped the iron-hard rod of his prick.

The wolf went rigid, quivering, as he felt a human hand enclose his hot cock for the first time. Madeline began to whine with need as she felt the shaggy stalk throb and pound in her grip. She could barely span the great breadth. She slowly frigged him, pushing back towards his balls, then pulling up to his naked red prickknob.

The first wolf was still lapping at her pussy, going cunt- crazy as he tongued her delicious slit. The third was darting about in a frenzy, lapping tit and ass and hip. Madeline shook her ass, grinding her foamy crotch back on the wolf's muzzle.

She was desperate to get stuffed full of meat now. She wished she could take on all three wolves at the same time, in mouth, cunt and asshole. But she didn't see quite how she could choreograph such a three-way link-up. It was easy enough to take three men that way, she knew, having done it, but with the four- legged beasts it would be awkward. One of the horny animals would have to wait his turn.

Still holding a wolf prick in front of her, she reached back between her legs with her free hand. She felt around in her groin, fingering the other wolf's tongue as it slapped into her pussy. Then she hiked back and reached under the brute, grasping him by the prick. As the first one had, the beast went stiff and rigid, waiting for the next step in this mysterious mingling of the species.

Madeline tugged on his prick.

The savage brute lowered his haunches, his cock angled up through her fist. She tugged again. Sudden comprehension dawned on the wild beast. He sprang up, mounting her ass. Pressed down under his virile vital bulk, Madeline moaned. The mighty creature felt much more powerful than her dog, and more potent. His cock was thicker, and as she stroked back to the hilt, his balls felt bigger. The horny girl gasped and gurgled in anticipation of having her fuck hole stuffed full of that thundering fuck meat and hosed with his slime.

She dragged his prick down into her crotch. It was like trying to bend a crowbar. But the brute understood now, and lowered his hindquarters so that Madeline could pull the head of his cock into her pussy. She turned her wrist, churning her creamy bowl with the fat ladle of his cockhead. Cuntjuice streamed down his hairy prick, matting the shaggy sheath. He pushed half of his naked cock into her flooded cunt and her cuntlips sucked on the welcome intruder.

She pulled another inch of wolf prick up her twat, then drew her hand away, knowing that the wise creature of the wilderness would know what to do now that his prick was on the right track.

His grip clamped tightly around her hipbones. His powerful haunches tensed. The brute howled, his big head ducking up and down over her shaking ass. His prick-knob flared, spreading the folds of her fuckslot open.

Then the wolf slammed his prick into her cunthole, burying the smoking hot fuckrod to the roots.

He started to hump, but Madeline grasped his balls, holding him steady, every inch of his lovely big prick stuck up her fuck tunnel.

She wanted to get everything into position before the fucking began, completely abandoned now to her depraved desires, lusting for wolf cock at both ends. She still held a shaggy cock in front of her. Now she tightened her grip and pulled that sweet prick toward her face. The wolf yelped in confusion. Mounting a bitch from behind was logical to the dumb brute, but he didn't know about the pleasures of a human girl's mouth.

Madeline hiked her ass higher, feeling the massive hunk of wolf cock ripple in her fuckhole. She sank down, her head bobbing lower, her chin brushing the ground. Her tongue slid across her trembling lips and her mouth opened into a wet, welcoming oval.

The wolf twisted his head, neck arching. Gazing down past his heaving flank, he saw the shape of her warm, wet mouth positioned under his belly. A gleam flared in his yellow eyes, reflecting the moonlight. No she-wolf had ever given him a blowjob, and it was an unknown quantity, yet no bitch wolf had ever frigged his cock in her paw that way, either! Her hot breath billowed over the even hotter head of his thundering cock. The fuckrod jerked and jolted in her fist. Madeline squirmed lower, thrusting her head out. Her open mouth was only inches away from his smoking hot meat.

The wolf tensed, muscle and sinew rippling through his powerful form. Then he suddenly bounced up, mounting the girl around the head and shoulders, just as his companion was mounted on her ass. His forepaws hooked under her arms, hauling her towards his loins. His red cockhead loomed up in front of her excited face. Madeline could feel the heat of the naked prickmeat pass over her chin.

The wolf humped, and Madeline's lips parted wide. The slick head of his cock slid into her mouth. The brute howled at the mysterious, magical sensation. Madeline gurgled hungrily, sucking on his throbbing prick. Wolf cock was muskier and gamier than dog cock, and the mouthful was so fucking delicious that she was going wild. She drooled heavily, her mouth filling with saliva, the wolf's cockhead jerking around in the slobber. A drop of wolf spunk oozed from his parted cleft and Madeline wailed as she tasted it, and yearned for the creamy load from his bestial balls.

Mounted on the horny girl at both ends, the two massive brutes gazed at each other along the deep arch of her back. They were sharing this mysterious and wonderful experience, sharing this juicy prey as they had often shared a kill. But killing was the furthest thought from their minds now. Their tongues hung out and they slobbered over her ass and shoulders. Their flanks heaved and rippled. Both beasts stood steady, waiting for the woman to set the pace and make the rules. It was a human game they were playing.

Madeline squirmed, grinding her fuckhole back so that she had every precious inch of wolf cock in her. Her lips slid farther down the hairy mouthful at the other end, taking the naked knob deep into her gullet, gagging and gasping as it jammed her throat.

Both of the buried pricks were so long that she wondered dreamily if the fiery red tips might not be meeting, bumping together somewhere in the middle of her body? She felt like a pig on a spit, slowly roasting on the smoldering embers of her carnal lust, transfixed through and through. She felt as if her body was hollow, a tubular void stuffed brimful of thundering prick.

The third wolf, without a hole accessible, was yelping pitifully as he darted about, lapping at her tits and flanks, his neglected prick swinging under him. Madeline had thought to make the poor beast wait for a hole to become vacant, but now she took pity on him. Anyhow, she was afraid that the horny creature might blow his wad automatically and she didn't want to waste a single drop of precious fuckjuice on the barren ground. She reached out sideways and took the neglected beast's cock in her hand, caressing his prick and sliding back to feel his bloated balls.

They held steady for another moment, a bizarre tableau in the moonlight. All through the confines of the zoo, excited male creatures were howling and baying and yelping as the cool breeze brought the hot scent of Madeline's cunt wafting to their sensitive nostrils.

Then Madeline began to fuck and suck in unison.

She pulled her ass forward slowly, until only the head of the wolf's prick was stuck in her pussy, paused, then slammed back and took it all again.

The beast growled as he felt her sliding cunthole ripple on his cock. He began to hump, pouring the prick up her fuckhole with long, steady strokes. Her cunt walls molded themselves around the fat contours of his prick. Her clit throbbed against his hairy stalk as it slid into her, and deep within her loins, she could feel his cockhead flare and throb. Pearly streamers of cunt cream flowed down her kneeling thighs as the thick, shaggy plunger pumped in and out.

Her long black hair swept against the ground as she bobbed her head up and down, feeding wolf prick deep into her greedy mouth. The wolf continued to stand steady for a moment as her pliable lips and talented tongue caressed his steaming prick. Then the dumb brute realized that a human mouth could be fucked just like a cunt!

His haunches began to hump, and he commenced to shove his pounding prick into her face with bestial vitality. His balls whacked against her chin as he fed all of his long, thick cock into her gullet. Her lips parted wide as she took him back into her throat, then clamped around his cock and sucked hungrily as he drew out.

Her tongue was churning wildly as the gamey taste of his wild meat sparked on her taste buds, driving the animal lover crazy with lust. Madeline was like a wild animal herself, as she fucked and sucked between the mounted brutes. Her lithe, smooth body was being buffeted back and forth on the two driving pricks between the savage, hairy bodies. A wolf cock filled her cunthole to the very depths as a second stuffed her gullet to the brim.

Her limber body coiled and uncoiled and her slender back bridged and bowed as she ground about sinuously between the humping creatures. She took both cocks in together, then altered the rhythm so that one cock was plunging into her as the other drew out.

The third wolf was howling. She had been neglecting the poor beast. Now she drew him closer. The wolf leaped up, mounting her from the side around her ribcage. Madeline held his cock against her swaying tits, rubbing the hot prickhead against her taut nipples and nudging it into the soft crevice of her deep, smooth cleavage.

Like some intricate fucking machine, woman and wolves ground together. Madeline's mouth and cunt were interchangeable. Her lips were slurping like cuntlips, her tongue flaring like a clit, while her pussy was sucking on that pounding prick just like a hungry mouth.

Her cunt overflowed, soaking the beast's balls, drenching her crotch with the lava of her lust. Her mouth drooled with an equally heavy flow as she slobbered voraciously on the other wolf's delectable cockmeat.

Her pussy began to melt and cream, spasms shaking her loins. And her tongue seemed to be on the point of coming too, throbbing and drooling on wolf cock. Her nipples flared as she rubbed the third hairy cock and slick knob against them. Her orgasm seemed to be starting in three places at the same time, the thrills shooting from her nipples and tongue and clit simultaneously, then all rushing together into one creamy whirlpool deep inside her churning belly.

She tried to hold back from the crest, to prolong the joy of this build-up, and to wait for the wolves to pump her full of fuckjuice before she let the wild peak come ripping through her frenzied body. It wouldn't be long, she knew. She could feel preliminary fuckjuice dribbling into her soaking cunthole and, at the other end, thick splashings of yummy spume flowed onto her tongue, driving her wild. The third wolf's cockhead was slathering her plumb tits and tingling nipples with gooey lather.

Madeline began fucking and sucking and frigging with such urgency that she was actually moving faster than the savage creatures who were humping into her. As wild and primitive as any animal in her abandoned desires, her fiery body felt parched for cum. Even as her own cuntjuice and saliva flooded out, she yearned for their thick scum.

The third wolf creamed first.

Surprised that her fist had been faster than her cunt or mouth, Madeline looked down past a mouthful of wolf cock and gurgled with joy as she saw the head of his flaring cock blossom with milky fuckjuice. The slimy stuff shot up her cleavage and hosed her nipples. The beast humped through her hand and nudged his cockhead between her tits so that a river of spunk poured out, spreading over the slopes and squirting into the hollow of her throat.

The thick wolf cum looked so delicious that she wanted to duck her head down and lap it up from his cock and her tits, but it was impossible. The wolf who was fucking her in the mouth was not about to release her. He clung firmly to her shoulders and jammed his prick in hard so that she gasped like a fish caught on a meaty hook. She sucked longingly on it as her fist flew up and down, milking the other prick to the dregs against her tits.

To a girl who loved cum as much as Madeline did, it was a thrilling thing to see all that slick spume spurting out onto her tits. The foaming stuff was drenching her abundantly, lathering her fat tit-mounds in quicksilvery streams. Again, she tried to dislodge the cock from her mouth so that she could go down on the creaming prickmeat, and again she failed. The head of the mouth- fucking brute's prick was so swollen and flaring that it was lodged firmly in her mouth, the thick ridge trapped behind her teeth and lips. She knew there was no way she could spit that tasty cock out, not until she had milked it dry and swallowed the load.

More ravenous than ever, now that she had seen the dynamic flood of wolf cum that was sliming her tits, Madeline began to suck on the other cock so hard that she seemed to be trying to inhale it.

The third wolf yelped as the last of his scum sped from his cockhead. Madeline pumped his fuckrod again, making sure that his balls were drained. The brute twisted away, staggering, his empty balls swinging like a punctured balloon. She brought her hand to her tits and began to rub the cum into her mounds and nipples, feeling it seep into her hot flesh like thick oil. As she worked it into her skin, she sucked and fucked frantically, yearning for the next two loads to squirt into her hungry, horny fuckholes.

The wolf mounted on her haunches slammed in, and she felt his prick expand. When he jerked out, the huge slab of his cockhead pulled at her pussy lips. He seemed to be stuck up her cunt as firmly as the other cock was jammed in her jaws. Gurgling on a meaty mouthful, Madeline ducked her head up and down and pumped her ass back and forth.

Come, you dumb fuckers! she thought. She tried to say it, but her mouth was so full of wolf prick that only a mumbled groan came out.

Her tongue flashed around on his naked prick-knob, then lapped at his hairy shaft as he plunged in again. Behind her, the big brute thundered up her fuckhole so hard and fast that he was lifting her pelvis up from the ground. Her knees came up, then bumped to the earth on the backstroke. Madeline felt like a seesaw, one end of her well-stuffed body going up as the other dipped down. The wolves rode that seesaw in the wild rhythm of their rising urgency.

Madeline gasped as a wave of joy came rushing through her loins. She couldn't hold back any longer, she was starting to cream at the crest.

But then the brutes caught up to her. She felt a cock swell in her cunthole, another expand in her mouth. She knew they were going to come, that both of the powerful fuckers were going to fill her with cum at the same time, a double dose of fuckjuice from both ends!

Madeline coiled and jolted between them as their pricks plowed frantically into her, driven by the fury of their wild, untamed natures. Their pricks hissed and smacked as they slammed into her slippery fuckhole and slobbering mouth. Pussy juice gushed out of her open cunt slot, and she was drooling heavily, saliva running over her lips and down her chin. Her green eyes were glowing with unholy lust, and her heavy, cum-soaked tits heaved under her as she panted. A rushing sound filled her eardrums, and dimly, she heard the distant sounds of frustrated creatures howling in the other enclosures. Stags, wild asses, buffalo and elk, bison, mountain goat and jackal responded with mournful cries as they scented Madeline's coming.

The wolf clinging to her haunches slammed his formidable prick into her cunthole hard, jolting her ass. His balls erupted and he howled. His cum slime hosed Madeline's fuckhole in a mighty, foaming deluge.

She wailed with joy as she felt his bestial scum spurt into her pussy, and then her wail was choked off into a wet gurgle as the second wolf joined in, his delicious fuckjuice creaming in her mouth.

Madeline, already trembling at the crest, jerked and rose to an even higher peak, her prolonged orgasm growing to unknown heights, reaching peaks she had never attained before. Her cunt clenched fiercely and her cock-hungry mouth overflowed. The two wolves pounded away, pouring the lava of their lupine lust into her in torrents.

Madeline's cunt sucked, pulling more cum from the wolf's cockhead as he slithered into her drenched pussy, and her lips pulled greedily on the second slick cock as steaming hot cum splashed into her mouth.

Madeline swallowed and felt a river of fuckjuice pour down her gullet. Another raging torrent of the steaming stuff ran into her cunt. Her whole body jerked and trembled. Her foaming slobber mixed with wolf cum as the thick stream flooded down her throat and her steaming cunt cream blended with the other wolf's cum as it cascaded up her pussy.

She cried out, a gasping, gurgling sound, muffled on cockmeat and moistened by cum. The wolves were snarling and yelping as they emptied their balls. They plunged on, draining their balls to the dregs, pumping their wild loads out in creamy cataracts. They slowed, both spent.

They clung to her at both ends, panting, their fierce yellow eyes growing dull now. Madeline continued to squirm and writhe between them for another moment or two, working off the last sweet spasms of her joy and making sure that she had milked out every precious nugget of cum from the beasts. Her pussy pulled a last drop from the cock buried up her fuckhole and her lips sucked a final succulent blob from the other wolf's cockhead. Her tongue slid around, polishing his spent cockhead and her cunt rippled up the other drained prick.

Then Madeline gasped and sank to the earth. Her cunthole pulled slowly off the wolf's thick, hairy cockshaft. It came out inch by inch, matted and slimy from her pussy. His cock slipped out of her cunt with a slurping sound. The naked cockmeat was full and rubbery now. The beast stepped back and his prick began to retract towards his collapsed balls. The dripping knob hung down, jerking.

The other wolf sank down onto his belly as Madeline's head lowered to the ground, holding his empty cock in her mouth for another moment. She could feel the massive hunk of wolf meat quiver and ripple and start to soften. She sucked away on it, full of cum yet still hungry, and was rewarded with one last gooey glob trickling onto her tongue. The wolf whimpered, then he pulled away, and his long cock, semi-hard now, slithered from her lips. Her dark head slid forward as greedy Madeline took a last lick at the slick tip.

She sprawled face down on the ground.

The wolves stood over her. They lowered their heads, as if about to tear at a carcass, pack animals over a vanquished prey. For a moment, Madeline was frightened, thinking of those wicked fangs. But then she smiled, knowing that it was she who had been the predator tonight, a carnal and carnivorous creature preying on cockmeat and cum.

The wolves lapped at her gently with their long, wet tongues. The wolf behind her slurped up cum and cuntjuice from her overflowing fuckhole and the other beast licked at her scum- drenched lips, lapping up his own spunk blended with her saliva from that magic mouth that had so mysteriously taken the place of a cunt.

Then, suddenly, they were gone.

Fickle creatures of the wilds, their cocks softened and their balls drained, they flitted away, silent grey shapes sliding through the moonlight.

Madeline smiled dreamily, belly down on the ground, slime soaking the earth under her crotch, slobber spreading out from her mouth. Was she satisfied at last? But she heard other horny beasts howling.

Madeline scaled the fence again, her cunt dripping onto the strands of wire, glistening like dew in the light of the moon. On the other side, she gathered up her skirt and blouse, but did not get dressed. She had promised her brother another blowjob on her way out, and saw no reason to put her clothing on prematurely in case that blowjob happened to turn into a fuck. But the thought of fucking and sucking with a man, even her big-pricked brother, no longer held much attraction for the horny girl now that she had discovered the pure pleasure of cluster-fucking with wild animals. Human cocks were not as vital, men did not whine and whimper with such total abandon, and last, but not least, human cum was pallid, tasteless stuff, compared to the thick, gamey fuckjuice of a beast.

As she walked back towards the gatehouse, Madeline was not really thinking about doing any more animal fucking at the moment, although she knew she would be coming back to the zoo a whole lot from now on, giving her brother a blowjob just to satisfy him and to whet her appetite for the animal antics in store for her. After all, she had just taken on three wolves at once, and what possible depravity could follow that?

Then she saw the water buffalo. Madeline halted and stared at the massive brute. He was standing at the wire, his huge head lowered. The beast looked as big and powerful as a locomotive. He snorted, his soft black muzzle rippling, and pawed at the earth with one hind hoof. His enormous body was jet black, and vibrant with muscle. The naked woman and the gigantic beast eyed each other. He tossed his head and his menacing horns jerked upwards, towering out from the heavy boss on his brow. The brute was an intimidating sight, and Madeline hesitated. She had heard that big game hunters often considered the water buffalo the most dangerous game. Did she dare approach the creature?

Then she leaned down and looked under him, and gasped when she saw how huge his cock was! She had no idea if the quality of that prick would equal that of a wolf, but there was no doubt about the quantity! The buffalo's cock was as big as all three wolf cocks put together. The sight made Madeline dizzy, and aware of how empty her cunthole was at the moment. Would that giant prick fit in her cunt? she wondered.

The buffalo's cock was hard as iron and his mighty balls were so bloated that she calculated they must contain nearly a gallon of fuckjuice. Obviously, the horny beast had become aroused as he scented Madeline cavorting with the wolves. She smiled, thinking that since it was her fault that he had that huge hard-on, she was sort of obligated to empty it for him. The prospect was thrilling. If it was too big to fit in her cunt or mouth, she could at least jerk him off with both hands, she reasoned, and let his slime spurt into her face, with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out.

But she was frightened of the dangerous beast. Lusting for his huge cock, she was still wary of those wicked horns curling from his head, horns that could toss a lion like a rag doll. Her gaze moved back and forth, looking at his horns and then at his prick. As she stared at his fuckrod, it rippled as if her gaze had caressed his flesh. His cockshaft was as big as her arm, and his cock-knob looked like the head of a battering ram. The huge slab was jet black, slick and shiny in the moonlight, a hunk of glistening obsidian, and oh, how wonderful it would feel to have that giant hunk of cockmeat throbbing deep in her cunthole!

Madeline moved up to the wire fence, nervously, hesitantly, still undecided. The brute bellowed, startling her. He lowered his head, as if to hook at her with his horns. But the look in his big round eyes was not at all frightening. It was gentle and soulful.

Reaching through the wire strands, she patted his soft, moist muzzle. The beast rumbled. His tongue shot out, curling through the wire and lapping at her bushy cunt mound. Madeline parted her thighs and dipped down, and the buffalo slurped his tongue into her creamy pussy gash. She shuddered with the sensation, and the wild creature snorted gustily. His hot breath billowed up her fuckhole. Her clit rippled in the breeze. Dangerous or not, how could she resist? And why would the savage brute want to sink his horns into her soft, warm flesh when he could sink his prick into a wet, pink wound that was already gaping open for him?

Madeline scaled the fence and dropped down in the enclosure. The buffalo stood, head down, docile as a cow waiting to be milked, and with his cock and balls throbbing with his own milky load.

She stepped up in front of him and grasped him by his curved horns, pushing her belly out. The buffalo slapped his tongue into her soaking crotch. Her fuck button throbbed on his soft black snout as his tongue slipped right up inside of her cunt.

Madeline shuddered. His massive tongue slapped at her again, hiking her ass and hips upwards. She clung to his horns and rose onto her tiptoes, thighs trembling, letting the herbivore graze in her furry pasture.

She was tempted to cream his tongue, knowing the brute would relish the steaming overflow. But she would still be obliged to empty his cock and balls afterwards, and she knew she wouldn't enjoy it quite as much if she had already gotten her own rocks off. She let him tongue her until her cunt was sizzling hot, then pulled her crotch away.

The buffalo eyed her suspiciously, his huge head tipped to one side. Madeline bent down and kissed him on the moist, cuntjuice- soaked snout. Then she slowly sank to her knees before him. His cock was so long that the ebony knob was almost pushing out between his front legs. The flaring prickhead looked as big as her head, she thought.

She blew on it and it pulsed. She didn't think it would fit in her mouth, but she leaned forward and began to run her flattened tongue all over the smoking hot meat. She whimpered at the taste and the texture, thrilled to the core. The mighty beast's cockmeat was even more savory than wolf cock, musky and spicy and tangy. This was wild game, indeed.

A thick glob of cum squeezed from his cockhead and ran down his prick, all white and creamy on the black meat. Madeline flicked her tongue out and slurped it up, purring as she swallowed the slimy delicacy. It was only a single blob, yet it went down her gullet like a raw oyster. She gulped and opened her mouth wide, clamping her lips around the tip of the buffalo's rampaging cockhead. It was too big to fit into her mouth, as she had feared. She could only suck on the cleft tip. She held his stalk between her cupped hands, barely able to enclose it, and began to frig him up and down. As the leathery sheath pulled back, his naked black crown flared in her lips. Another gooey dribble, thick as whipped cream, slid onto her tongue. It was so delicious that Madeline would have sucked him off if she had been able to, and if her cunt were not smoldering with such fiery urgency, with such a compelling need to be full. Madeline gave his cockhead a last slurp and a lick, then drew her head back. The buffalo humped, pushing his prick towards her face, but she sat back on her ass in the dirt and the buffalo shit, letting his cockhead nudge her tits. She arched and dropped back onto the ground. Her head and shoulders were flat to the earth, her feet were planted firmly, widespread, and her lithe body arched. Her ass and groin rose up high, level with the buffalo's cockhead.

The brute's haunches drew back. His cockhead slid down from her tits, skimming over her belly and rustling into her dark pubic jungle. Then the bloated prick-knob dipped down into her crotch. Madeline moaned when she felt the massive slab throb in her open cuntslot. Her thighs closed around his cockshaft, clamping tight to the thick rod, and her ass swung back and forth under her as she worked her pussy against the tip of the beast's fucker.

The buffalo began to edge his knob into her. For a horrible moment, Madeline thought it was too huge, that it was not going to fit up her steaming fuckhole, and she would have to settle for buffalo tongue and a mouthful of his fuckjuice, after all. But then her pliable pussy began to adjust to his bulk. Her cuntlips spread, stretching around the tip of his cockhead, and her cuntwalls rippled and pulled him deeper.

The buffalo seemed to sense that this woman was no cow, and that he had to enter her gently to begin with. His haunches heaved, but he nudged his fuckmeat into her carefully. The enormous black wedge of his crown began to vanish up her pink pussy lips. She jerked down to meet him, wanting his cock every bit as much as he wanted to give it to her. Her ass churned and her hips bucked as she worked her pussy onto his rod.

His cockhead disappeared into her pussy with a slurp. Madeline gasped. His cock muscles pulsed and as the fuckrod bobbed up and down, Madeline was lifted and lowered, suspended on the end of his prick.

The knob was the fattest portion of his gigantic cock. Sliding deeper, it spread her fuckhole out, forging a passage for his throbbing cockshaft. Deeper and deeper, his smoking hot ramrod delved. Madeline heaved down to meet him, wild with lust, so hot that her naked white body glowed under his gleaming black form.

It was like getting fucked by a mountain, she thought, as she stared up at the huge beast towering above her, and felt his cock slide deeper and deeper up her pussy. No, not just a mountain, a volcano ready to erupt and spill its steaming lava into her soaking cunt.

The buffalo plunged, and his cock bottomed out in her fuck tunnel. He had over a foot of prick jammed into Madeline, and another foot of cockstalk still remained like a huge black bolt between his balls and her slot. She wailed with pure ecstasy. Her cunthole had never been spread so wide, and no cockhead had ever been so deep. The buffalo was satisfying the parts that lesser cocks could not reach!

The brute held the penetration for a moment, then humped. On the first stroke, his prick was so tightly wedged up her hole, he didn't slide in and out, but simply hauled her ass back and forth on his rod. But then the elastic tunnel of her loins adjusted again, spreading wider and lubricating the passage with cuntjuice. When the buffalo humped again, his giant cock pulled out then slammed back in.

The beast began to fuck her furiously, stamping and snorting and bellowing as he plowed her cunt, and Madeline met him with equal intensity. She pumped her cunt down to meet him as he slammed in, and rolled her hips as he withdrew. The buffalo was pounding it to her, shoveling his cock in with savage vigor, almost shaking her bones apart on his thrusts. Madeline wailed. The huge meat horn was hooking into her so hard that it seemed as dangerous as the horns on his head, threatening to dislodge her vital organs, to shatter her skeleton. But dangerous game or not, she adored it.

Madeline began to cream on his massive prick almost with the first stroke. His thick black shaft pulled out of her cunt, flowing with white pussy juice, then slammed back in, jolting her against the ground.

She could feel cum dribbling from his cockhead, a tide of the steaming stuff. The buffalo wasn't coming yet, it was only a preliminary flow, yet he had already poured as much cum into her hole as a man would on a climax. Then, with a savage bellow, the mighty creature soared to the crest. Madeline felt his prick swell, spreading her pussy wide on the immensely monstrous prick. She jerked down, taking his cockhead as deep as it would go. His cum hosed into her like a geyser. The slippery stuff whipped into her melting pussy in a flood tide, spurt after spurt. Madeline thrashed and churned wildly as her fuckhole filled up with buffalo cum, overflowing in a creamy cascade that lathered her crotch and soaked her ass.

Snorting and panting, the brute poured his slime into her, emptying his huge balls to the last drop. When he stopped humping, Madeline slowly slid off the end of his spent prick. Her ass bounced on the ground, and a blissful smile transfigured her ecstatic face. White buffalo cum flooded from her vacant cunt, spreading in a pool under her ass. The satisfied beast moved away, his cock starting to droop under him. Madeline was sorry to see the massive fucker sink and soften. But all through the zoo, creatures were howling. And Madeline smiled again, knowing that there was wild game in abundance for the wild games she played.

The End
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