Breeding Her Daughter
(M/f, nc, teen, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

"Truth or dare?"

"Okay, truth." She said.

"Have you ever let one of the guys touch your breasts?"

"Shellie! C'mon! You know I let Todd touch me all the time. He even got his hand into my panties once."


"Yes! He just touched my hair though. Did David touch your breasts when you two were going out?"

"Yes. We were at the movies and he had his whole hand around my breast. I had to put a stop to it when he got my bra strap off my shoulder though."

"Why?" She was teasing.

"C'mon Gina, I don't want to talk about David... that was a long time ago."

"It was only a year and a half ago!"

"I was a child then, Gina."

"Aaaaah, Haaaa, haaaa..."

Gina and I were best friends. We were best friends since grade school when we learned we shared names. A big thrill for little girls. It was approaching summer. We had only a few months left until we graduated and The Great Big World was out there waiting for us.

"What are you going to do after graduation?" Gina asked. She and I had had this conversation many times.

"Oh, I don't know. You're going away to college, my Dad doesn't really want to send me to college. He doesn't listen to me. I might get a job or something."

This topic was really depressing. Gina and I were stuck (at least, I was) in this conservative little town. She and I were late bloomers, and weren't really popular in school. She turned eighteen before me, yet we were still inseperable. Gina insisted that I was pretty. I suppose I was, I'm proud of my body, not an ounce of fat, My breasts are small B-cups, but the nipples are large and very puffy. Momma said that I would fill out much more when and if I went to college. Gina and I always assumed the mysteries of womanhood would be revealed to us there. Most other girls our age are more promiscuous. Not us. Not in this town. We heard the door downstairs slam and the sound of my Daddy's workboots in the kitchen. He was angry again.

"Fiona, get this place cleaned up, we're going to have some company for dinner!"

"Company?" I heard my Mom yell from the bedroom. She was a pretty and wonderful woman. Daddy had met her as a young steelworker, she was the pretty waitress at the local watering hole. Momma had dark hair, and an ample chest. She kept herself clean and pretty as possible almost all the time. Daddy always joked about her "fat ass" and I hated him for it, but they were my family. She had a great Jennifer Lopez-like ass, but he made fun of her still.

"Company. It seems the owner of the steel mill Doug Shanks has died, and left it to his son, Jackson. The kid is a snotty bastard."

"You barely knew Doug. Why does his son, er, the new owner want to have dinner with us. You're just a foreman."

I could tell by the silent moment that followed that Mom knew she had slipped again. My Dad was an angry man and hated to be reminded that he was only a foreman after so many years. He had tried to work his way into a management position but had got out-maneuvered by some other guy.

"Yeah, woman, so you keep reminding me. Just shut up, listen (where's the damn bottle opener!) His kid is some sort of slicked-up, Porsche-drivin' spoiled college brat who's determined to 'make the company better, or something, or...hell I don't know! Anyway, he's coming over this evening, so I want this place, and you, and Shellie cleaned up!"

Jackson was indeed a "Porsche-drivin" guy. He parked with one wheel on the grass. He was wearing a white shirt and tie and looked like a linebacker. He filled his shirt pretty good. I was pulling on my best sweater. Mom even told me to wear my good bra. I don't know why, he's not going to look under my shirt. I told Momma this and she lightly tapped my cheek and told me to 'mind yourself missy.' I was looking down at him through my window. He walked pretty cocky too as he came to the front door. I couldn't help letting my eyes wander down, to his crotch. I've never told anybody this, but I always wondered if other girls get really wet. I mean, I get REALLY wet! It was one of the reasons David and I broke up. I had started my period a few months before, and I was SO embarassed by the fact I got so gushy just thinking about sex!

Dinner went all right. Jackson was a swarthy guy, about thirty-five. Pretty good looking for an older guy. Liked to interrupt my Dad too. Daddy doesn't like being interrupted. Daddy didn't like the fact Jackson kept running his eyes up and down my sweater either.

Jackson asked me: "Have you dated much, Shellie?" Dad started to turn red at such a question, but I saw Mom shush him with a touch.

"No. I haven't dated much at all."

"That's too bad. You don't know what you're missing!"

"Shellie graduates high-school in June." My Dad pointed out. I was blushing. Why was Jackson looking at me like that? Everyone was looking at me! I asked to be excused and went up to my room. I listened at the heat vent to what they were saying. "You know, Tim," Jackson went on, "the mill is cutting back a little. I may not need so many foremen on the floor."

"I was working at that steel mill when you were playing with G.I. Joe and sticking firecrackers up dog's asses!"

"Relaaax Tim, old boy. I didn't say anything about your job! I just want to point out a man, in your position, may want to consider his nice house, his wife's jewelry, food on the table, that mortgage payment?"

"What do you want Jackson!"

"I run the company now, Tim. I would rather be addressed as 'Mr. Shanks' If you don't mind."

Daddy bit back his pride in an unusual display. "Okay...'Mr. Shank' I operate the best shop at the mill, I've worked there twenty years.

I've got a mortgage payment, and a bad back. What do I have that you could want from me?"

"Why, a lonely young CEO like myself needs companionship, Tim. Your lovely daughter, I could stand to take her to dinner."


"Tim, now calm down honey." This couldn't be so awful."

There was a bit of a row, then. Dad yelled a bit. Mom yelled at him. I don't think Jackson got to dessert. I heard him smirking to Daddy about "mortgage payments" then there was some quiet muttering and the front door slammed.

I crept downstairs, being careful not to make the bottom stair creak. I went to the bathroom and got a maxi-pad from the cabinet under the sink. The bedsprings were creaking "CRACK!." I crept up the hall. "OH!! 'CRACK!'!!" I felt my juice drip warm on my leg. "CRACK!" I pressed the pad against my mound. I peeked in my parents bedroom door. There was a scene I had seen before. Momma's ample ass was in the air, her pendulous EE-cup breasts swinging under her, Daddy's well-muscled ass and legs pumping into her, slamming her loins hard. I could see Daddy's heavy ballsac swinging. "CRACK!!" went Daddy's big leather belt as it came down on Momma's ass just as it came down on my own when I was bad. God, my nipples were soooo puffy right now it was amazing. The maxi-pad was getting soaked. "Do you think our little girl needs to go out with a grown man?"

"No! He'll hurt her!"

"'CRACK!!' He'll what?

"He'll hurt her. She's just a little girl. She couldn't take a man's penis inside her just yet."

"Do you think she should.? 'CRACK!'"

"OWWW! (gasp) No... 'CRACK!' OWWW!! Yessss. Yes! She should!"

"Why, dear? 'CRACK!'"

"Owww! So that she can... (gasp)... learn!"

"Learn what dear? 'CRACK!'"

" obey...."

"To obey who, dear? 'CRACK!'"


My knees almost gave out on me. I saw Daddy thrust forward into Momma, and grunt, Momma thrashed around a lot. I saw something leak onto the sheets. I ran upstairs. The pad was wet. I was almost crying but my trembling was from the thought of Jackson touching me, he's not listening to my protests, my bra strap sliding off my shoulder, my big nipples in his fingers as we sat in his Porsche. I was scared but I felt a warm, gushing heat spread from my crotch to my chest. I was having my first orgasm.

Momma was making breakfast when I came down. I kissed her good morning, then set my books down on the table. Momma pushed me from behind, bending me over the table. "OWWW! MOM! What are you doing.

"You just be quiet and undo your pants."

"Mooo-ooom!?" She swatted my butt but reached around then, and undid my jeans. I protested but she wouldn't take any back-talk and pushed my jeans down around my knees. She made sure I was still bent over the table and made me push down my own panties! I was protesting as much as I could. She swatted my ass again "Bend over, I said!" I felt her fingers in my crack, exploring my vagina, then she spread my labia with two fingers. "Moo-oom!" I complained as she leaned over to sniff her daughter! "Have you had your period this month yet, Shellie?"

"God! Yes, mom. It was last week. You know that!"

"Don't back talk me young lady! I've made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon. You're getting a checkup!"

I complained, but, of course, it didn't do any good. I pulled my jeans up, ate breakfast and went to school.

Mom listened carefully to the doctor ask me questions about my period, was I taking any drugs, etc. etc. I resented all of this and I told her so in the car on the way home. "Why is all this fuss. Just because this 'Jackson' guy wants to take me out?

"Don't tell your father this, but I already spoke to Jackson Shanks. His proposal was not news to me. It seems Jackson has a 'thing' for very young ladies and your father is known at work for having a young, teenage daughter, of legal age."

"Ewwww! And I have to have sex with him for Daddy to keep his job?"

"NO! No, Shellie. You do not." There was a conspicuous silence in the car. "You will not say anything to your father. You'll go on a date with Jackson Shanks. You will maybe flirt a little, then kiss him on the cheek when he brings you home, at a decent hour, of course."

"What were those pills the doctor gave you?"

"Harold gave me these, er, you'll see when we get home."

"So what did you and Jackson talk about?" I asked.

"A business proposal. One that will increase your father's income substantially. Your father would never have agreed to it, so you will keep your mouth shut! You don't need to know any more. It doesn't have anything to do with you anyway." It was quiet again in the car.

At home, Momma told me to take a hot bath and get cleaned up. I did so, and she told me to come to her and Daddy's bedroom. I came in wrapped in a towel, brushing my wet hair. Mom ordered me to lay down on the bed and lift my knees. She had the bottle of pills in her hand.

"What Mom?"

She suddenly became furious and grabbed one of Daddy's belts. She lashed at my butt with it "CRACK!" leaving a bright red welt on my ass. "Owwww, Mooom!" I hadn't been whipped in quite a while. "GET ON THE BED AND LIFT YOUR KNEES!" I trembled as I obeyed. I lifted my legs in front of my mother, like I was in the delivery room. My freshly washed privates were on full display. She told me to reach down and spread my ass cheeks. I was nearly crying as I did so. Mama took one of the big white capsules from the pill bottle and firmly placed one in my anus. I yelped as she did this and she pinched my ass cheeks shut so I could not expel it. I felt like a little girl and started to cry. "Mom what are these for?"

"These are fertility drugs, baby doll."

"I'm already having a period though!"

"These will make you much more fertile, honey."She reached for another one. "Your egg production will increase and your hormones will go into overtime."

"Why are you doing this Mom? I don't want to do this!"

"Because you're going to start dating a real man, dear. Now, when this one has dissolved, I want you to get dressed and be nice and pleasant for your father. He's under a lot of stress lately."

The second one was dissolving in my ass as I went upstairs. Over the next several days, Mom came in early in the morning to wake me for school. She would make me put my ass high in the air and spread my cheeks for the fertility suppositories. I felt like I was her science project as she groomed me for my date with Jackson. I was afraid of what she and Jackson wanted, or even if they had plans after all.

I didn't tell Gina anything about this. It's getting pretty wierd when you won't even tell your best friend what's going on. I started to feel a little wierd too. My butt and breasts started to feel more full. I felt kinda, you know, more emotional. It's definityly weird having your mom put things up your butt. One morning, she came into my room and sniffed me again. I was still bent over the pillow, feeling one of the pills dissolving, when I noticed the laundry she was putting into my dresser was different! "What are those mom?

"More bras for you honey, some in different sizes."


"Your breasts are going to get bigger. Look, I got you some in a C-cup and some in a D-cup, too. When you outgrow these, we'll go to DD or even an E-cup then."

I was squirming around with my ass in the air at the thought of my mother deliberately changing her daughter's body like this. I know the look on my face must have been pouty as I asked: "What are those others?"

She held up a large, bulky white one with clasps on the front of the cups. "This is a nursing bra."

My face took a look of shock as my mind reeled at the thought. My own mother wants me to get pregnant! I started to cry. Mother immediately came over and hugged me, turning me over and putting my head in her lap.

"There there, dear. I'm just concerned for you. You haven't made any plans for the future and you're moping around the house. I want you to have a future, not become a professional waitress like me. Jackson Shanks is a very wealthy man, he wants children by as many women as possible. Men are like that. Jackson Shanks simply has the wealth to be able to take care of them. He has promised me he will supplement your father's income 'substantially' in return for several offspring."


She began kneading my breasts. Pinching my puffy swollen nipples hard to make them stand up. "I know you won't like it at first, honey. But once you get used to a man holding you down and forcing you to service him, you learn to like it. There's nothing like the feel of a man shooting his seed inside of your womb. I'm giving you fertility drugs to increase the chance of having twins. I think that would be lovely!"

"Mom, don't make me! Please... this is NOT RIGHT!"

"Nonsense! There were royal concubines in ancient times that would jump at the chance to breed with men of royal blood. You're going to go to bed with Jackson or I will let him have his way with you! And trust me, you would not like that at all. He's a very large man down there, honey. Now: you WILL get dressed!"

Jackson came by at eight o'clock. Dad didn't come home after work, I guess he didn't want to see his daughter go off with his new boss. Jackson smelled pretty good. I wore a skirt that hugged my knees, and a nice silk blouse. My nipples wouldn't go down, so anything I put on, they showed. I was nervous, mom treated the whole thing like a regular high school date. He put his arm around me and escorted me to the car.

"Relax, sugar, just dinner and a movie." I tried to reassure myself. I tried to do the math in my head. If he raped me, is it the right time for?" I didn't think it was. I didn't talk till we got to the restaurant. I made polite conversation with him. He woudn't stop staring at me.

"You've got a really pretty face, Shellie." I had to admit, he didn't sound like the sneering, rich-boy type. Although he was old, he was quite attractive. I kind of found myself falling under his spell. I began to wonder what it would feel like to put my mouth near his. I started to feel a growing heat in my crotch! He put his foot in between my high heels as we sat at the table. He suddenly kicked my feet apart! There I was staring, pouting at this man who just spread my legs in a public place!

"I control the lives of most of the people who work at your father's steel mill. Your father can be replaced, remember that. Leave your legs open."

We ordered dinner and made polite conversation, but we kind of lacked a common ground to talk. He whispered "remove your panties and hand them to me." I stared agape. I looked around, it only FELT like everyone was watching me. He repeated his order, and smiled. I tentatively reached under my skirt and peeled my damp panties off my hips. They clung to my wetness briefly as I slid them down my thighs. I could feel the air conditioning in the restaurant as the air hit me. I felt suddenly vulnerable.

"Keep your legs open." He took my small bundle of cotton and lace and, smiling at the feeling of their moistness, put them in his jacket pocket. I blushed furiously. He paid the check and escorted me out.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Now, we go somewhere and talk; look at the stars perhaps."

I started to argue, but thought better of it. We drove out to a local make-out point. I couldn't believe I was here. How humiliating. What if I were seen with this older guy? Jackson swept me up in his arms. He was pretty big. I could smell his aftershave and his own musky smell. He kissed me tenderly. I was shaking! "You're trembling like a little schoolgirl."

"Yeah, well... I am nervous, ya know."

"I will teach you how to kiss a man properly, and eventually to service me properly in any sexual technique I desire whether passive or aggressive." Over the next, what seemed like, hours I learned how a girl takes a man's tongue, gives her own tongue, and teases a man with her mouth. Jackson is a pretty sexy guy. I started feeling more confident. Jackson began sucking at my lips, HARD. I protested, but his mouth wouldn't let go. I pushed at his chest but he kept sucking at my lips, first taking the bottom one and sucking the entire thing in his mouth, then switching to the top one, which he worked first one side, then the other. I was mewling and struggling a little. It kind of hurt. I had never heard of this. The music was playing the whole time, it felt kind of good, making out in the bucket seats of some guy's Porsche at make-out point. He finally stopped and I hurriedly reached for the switch to roll down the window. My lips ached.

As I rolled down the tinted glass, I realized there were some people I knew just kind of hanging-out on the hood of the next car. They, of course, suddenly turned to see.

"Hey David, isn't that your Shellie?" I heard a voice.

"Uh, I dunno, Hey! Shellie." I was looking at my ex-boyfriend. My lips were SO swollen and red, I must have looked like a whore.

"Hey kid, c'mere!" Said Jackson David walked over to the car.

"Uh, hey Shellie, uh, what's up?"

"Here, son, these are for you. You should try a little harder." Jackson handed David my panties.

Some days went by. I told Momma everything. At school, I could hardly show my face! I told Gina it was some college-friend I had somehow met. She thought it was pretty cool that I should have such a mature boyfriend. I had to make up all kinds of stories. The panty incident had gotten me a bad reputation. People suddenly noticed me. Some of the guys on the track team wanted to talk to me. I was wearing a D-cup bra now. My nipples were almost always hard, and being puffies, they poked through any blouse I happened to wear on any given day. I was totally confused. I was avoiding my homework at home, just kind of milling around the house one weekend when I found Momma's calendar. She had my fertility cycle all worked out. Apparently, this was the weekend!

I wanted to cry. Momma got Daddy to spank me good with the belt when he got home. She wanted me 'warmed up' and minding her, so she told Dad I talked back to her good, that afternoon. Daddy has a pretty quick temper so he took to it good. I got my ass seriously warmed wit h that one. I hated my mother then. I was crying up a storm on my bed, letting the welts on my ass go down, when she came into my room.

"I sent your father off for a night with the boys. I want you to get bathed, perfumed, and put on this lovely lace teddy I got you! I wasn't about to argue with her again. I knew Jackson was coming over that evening. As evening came on, I lay in my room, looking out the window. I looked at my stuffed animals and unfinished homework. I opened my drawer and looked at the nursing bra. Jackson came over, I heard Momma serve him dinner, then get him comfortable in her room. I was trembling, and clutching a pillow as she came up the stairs.

My face was flushed and wet from crying, and my lips were painted a maroon red. I thought I looked like a whore. I knew that's what Jackson wanted. Momma swatted my ass a few times in the hallway. She herded me into her bedroom. Jackson was laying in the bed. There were candles lit all around. He was smiling, or sneering, I couldn't tell which. He pulled back the covers for me. I put a knee tentatively on the edge of the bed. Mom and Dad's bed always sat higher than mine. Jackson leaned over and kissed my mouth. he began sucking at my lips like on our date. My lips were swelling up again.

"CRACK!" Momma sent the belt against my rear.

"Owwww!" I exclaimed, jumping into the bed. Jackson pulled the sheets over us as Momma stood by with the belt, supervising.

I could feel Jackson's hard cock suddenly press against my belly. I yelped and struggled with Jackson and the covers and managed to work my way free. Momma gently pushed me back as I tried to escape. I had thrown the covers back. Momma threatened the belt again. I turned toward Jackson, sobbing. His cock was standing straight up. It was as thick as his wrist and jutted over ten long inches from a thicket of soft dark hair. He had a dark line of hair running up his belly to his chest, where it was generous. I noticed the dark, purple head of his penis was as big as a fat salami, almost the same circumference as the shaft. It looked menacing and certainly painful for whomever would attempt to accommodate its immense size. There were many light blue veins lining the surface. Momma reached between my legs as I sat, fascinated, and undid the snap of my teddy. She and Jackson shifted my legs across his till I was almost straddling him. I snapped out of it and began crying and thrashing again.

"I don't want to do this! It'll kill me! He's too big, Momma, he's way too big for me... look at his thing!"


Jackson calmed my shaking frame, and leaned me a little back. He pushed the shaft down, like bringing a cannon to bear, and firmly placed the head against my lips. Mom whispered to me, "Notice the head's shape, it's designed to smoothly separate a girl's labia, letting the veined shaft into her womb for impregnation." Mom seemed so proud of her little girl.

"Look at me, Shellie." I looked at Jackson's eyes as the head of his thing stretched me. His big hands grabbed my hips. I cried out as my cherry was impaled on him. Momma slapped the belt across my buttocks.

"CRACK!" I yelped and fell on his cock, "CRACK!" I yelled again, letting my weight fall. I was split up the middle. I felt totally immobilized by this enormous shaft of meat impaling me. God, he was absolutely HUGE! I could feel the extremely large penis stretching me painfully, a living thing inside of me. I was being fucked, or more accurately, raped.

"All the way down, young lady! You've got to take it all inside your womb if he's going to make you pregnant. If you keep going deep enough, it will stick."

I gasped with shame, I was soooo wet, I thought of Daddy slapping Momma's rear as he gave it to her.

Momma and Jackson undressed me the rest of the way. I didn't resist. I had lost my will with my virginity. I laid down on his hairy chest. I felt his hairy, strong legs spread mine some more. Momma reached back behind to fondle his balls. Jackson was thrusting his hips upwards. He rolled me over onto my back. I could feel his balls settling against my ass. My arms were pinned to his chest as he thrust now in a more manly fashion into me and into me. Momma stroked my hair as she knew what her little girl must have been feeling.

"Remember what I told you, honey. There's nothing like feeling a man put his seed in you."

Jackson lost control just then and I could feel a hot rope of baby seed hit my cervix. I couldn't believe it would ever feel like this. Through the pain and torment raging through my belly, I lost it when I felt the comfort of his wet semen soaking my womb. I immediately began to cum myself.

"Lift your legs into the 'birthing position' honey, so he can get it as deep as possible."

Jackson was squirting it deep! Momma pushed my legs up and held them there. She smiled. She must have known what I was feeling. I could feel my cervix flexing, dipping down into the pool of seed he was leaving in my vagina. Knowing how fertile I was, I couldn't help but orgasm. Daddy's boss was making his daughter pregnant. And this would only be the first time. Momma left us alone after that. Jackson said he would stay a little while. She blew out the candles and shut the door on her way out. She looked really happy. There, in the dark, Jackson spread my legs again. I thought of all the times I had peeked on my parents, now I was getting mounted, feeling Jackson's hard, hard wet shaft sliding into me again. I found my will and struggled against his grasp, but his arms were much stronger than mine. I kicked in the air when I felt him squirt again. Jackson smiled.

Momma came in after Jackson had left. I wasn't sure whether I should cry or be in love. Mom slipped a tampon into me. "We can't let you push any of that out now. If I'm going to watch your belly swell over the coming months, I've got to plug that sperm in so that it can do it's work. Now, show me your pretty ass." I rolled over. "CRACK!" went the belt.

"OWWW!! MOM!?"

There I was, naked in my parent's bed, kneeling on the edge. Momma was beating my ass with the well-used belt. I was playing with my clit and pussy as I felt the tampon expand to plug me, enabling the semen to remain deep inside me. Momma insisted that an orgasm helps to "soak it up." I could feel my orgasm mounting again as the belt crashed down over and over onto my ass. If I didn't know any better, I could swear I could get used to such 'abuse!'

The End
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