Mom Breaks in Daughter
(M/f, teen, ir, size, virgin)

by Kysa Braswell

Rita Braswell waited for the man to arrive, she had made an important decision about her daughter, Kysa. At age fourteen Kysa was beginning to notice the way men looked at her, looked at her large breasts and her beautiful face. Only 5'0 tall in the 8th grade, Kysa's breasts had sprouted to where she was overflowing a C-cup bra. Her pussy hair had grown thick, though her bush was small, even for a young teenager. One thing Rita found attractive about her daughter was her nipples. The areoles were overly large for a young girl.

Kysa had a million dollar smile that always lit up a room, but Rita was concerned that her daughter couldn't date boys easily because her of deafness. She felt sorry for the girl, knowing it was hard for her to make friends, being unable to either hear or talk properly. And Rita forbade her daughter from trying to speak in public. Despite her attempts with speech coaches to teach Kysa to say words, she could never enunciate anything properly and ended up sounding dumb. So Kysa always carried a notepad on a chain around her neck and wrote down anything that she wanted to say to others. But Rita was not ready to allow her daughter to lag behind other girls in discovering her sexuality. Having been pregnant with Kysa when she was only 19, Rita knew it was important to get an early start. If she couldn't make Kysa socially successful, she was determined to make her daughter sexually successful, but only with a certain type of man - a man who was hung.

"Time to take matters in hand," Rita thought. Rita had always tried to take the long view and now she was about to introduce her little girl to the pleasures of sex. Not just any sex though. Rita had long ago become addicted to black men’s' longer, thicker, superior (and preferably uncut) cocks. So much so that while she dated white men, she only considered sex with black men, and of those only the best hung ever knew the intense pleasure of sharing Rita's incredibly fit and toned body.

Rita heard the car pull up outside and moments later led the large black man insides. She had chosen Paul to be her daughter's first lover. Paul was quite well hung at 9.5 inches and quite thick at 7.5 inches. He stood 6'2, and worked out at the same club Rita did. He was an almost perfect physical specimen of the best of slave breeding with his tight, strong buttocks, muscular thighs, broad shoulders, long arms, and very large cock for breeding. Rita thought his big member would give Kysa the type of breaking-in that she needed, and make sure that, like her mother, Kysa would never truly enjoy lesser-hung white men sharing her sweetness.

"Paul, do you realize what I want you to do?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll take it easy on her at first until she's relaxed a little, then I'll really fuck her hard and leave her sore." Paul grinned, "By the way, thanks for this treat Rita. It's not every day I get to bust a little white girl's cherry."

"Yes, but the key is to leave a young girl very sore, so that she remembers her first fuck for the rest of her life. It also serves to put a healthy appreciation of big cocks in her, so that smaller, lesser-endowed men can never bring her pleasure. I'm not going to have my daughter fucking wimps or marrying some limp-dicked noodle who can't satisfy her needs. Not after what she's been through in her short life."

"I'll do my best, and I guarantee I'll be rough enough with her to make sure the little thing both is so sore she can't walk, AND turns into another of Paul's famous nymphettes!"

"Well I don't expect you to have anything left in those big balls of yours after breaking-in Kysa, but I'll thank you properly next time we're together," she said licking her lips slowly.

Rita went to the bedroom and instructed Kysa to remove her clothes and get under the covers. Kysa was crying, not understanding what was happening. She was unaware of Paul's presence and thought she was being put to bed early or about to be spanked again for something she had done. Rita comforted her, explaining that it was time that Kysa became a woman, kissing her daughter's tears as she massaged her breasts, belly, and inner thighs.

Rita returned to the next room where Paul sported a very noticeable bulge in his trousers. Rita helped Paul get undressed, and as always, was never unimpressed by his huge black cock.

Rita asked Paul once again if he was ready. He nodded yes, and she kissed him thankfully for doing such a thoughtful "duty" for her daughter. It's a rare treat that a young girl loses her cherry to a man, but even better when she loses it to a hung black stud like Paul. Rita took Paul by the cock and led him down the hallway and into her daughter's room.

Once Rita and Paul entered her room, and Kysa came face to face with what was going to happen to her, Kysa became extremely nervous. Rita was holding Paul's already immense member, jacking it back and forth, with the uncut foreskin barely revealing the tip of the black head, even at the top of her stroke. Precum dripped steadily from its tip each time the long foreskin was peeled back, signifying the black buck was prepared to fuck the little girl into submission properly. Rita nodded to Paul, released the huge member, allowing it to slap heavily onto his thighs, then removed herself to the corner of the room to watch a precious moment for her daughter unfold.

Paul was trying to relax Kysa; but she was starting to get real shaky. Kysa looked over at her mom, tears flowing hard down her cheeks, but Rita gave no quarter of comfort to her. Paul moved behind her on the bed and began to massage Kysa's shoulders. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, as his hands began roaming elsewhere. He stood behind the young teen, his hands exploring her back and waist, around to my stomach and up to her plump, full breasts! He cupped her breasts; squeezing them with his strong black hands, and pulling Kysa back against him, allowing her to feel his hard member wetting her back as it dripped precum down and into her asscrack.

He held Kysa, facing Rita, fondling her, and grinding himself into her asscheeks! Rita could only watch as Paul's hands moved under Kysa's swollen breasts and sampled her flesh. He was obviously experienced with white girls and seemed to get a lot of pleasure from having mothers witness the way he manipulated their daughters' pleasure. Kysa could feel his fat member swelling behind her as they pushed against each other. It only took a few minutes of his skilled touch to have Kysa totally wet between her thighs.

Paul and Kysa faced each other as Kysa grew bolder by simple female curiosity and rubbed her hands along Paul's long fat, black cockshaft. He stood confidently, pulled Kysa's hand to his lips and kissed it lightly, then slid her fingers down his length; watching her as her touch excited it and made it pulse in her grasp. His black cock was bigger than many Kysa would ever handle, but Rita intended this initiation as a lesson that only hung men can please the Braswell women, and her daughter wasn't about to break that tradition. After Kysa's father died, Rita lamented not being able to enjoy her Norwegian husband, who was amply-endowed at well over 10 inches, which was extremely impressive for a white man. But then, that was one of the major reasons Rita married him.

Paul's penis was so dark; so defined; it looked almost menacing! Paul shifted to the side so that Rita could catch a glimpse of what Kysa was beginning to do to him! Kysa was milking the heavy black cock like a cow's teat, fascinated by all the precum constantly dribbling from its wide tip. She pushed the foreskin back along the shaft, and even at the end of her stroke, his wide cocktip barely poked through the foreskin. Rita was caught by surprise as her young daughter then reached forward with her finger and lifted a dollop of precum on her fingers and tasted it! His cock felt so heavy in her hands, over 9.5 inches long and alarmingly thick, both of Kysa's little hands were unable to grasp the massively thick penis properly.

Paul laid Kysa down as Mom looked on. Paul was very attentive, as his hands rubbed her body and he kissed her belly and breasts. Embracing her, Paul used his fingertips between her legs to arouse and excite Kysa further. Making her body grow hot and excited as he laid down next to her, he pulled her body against his enlarged black organ. Paul unintentionally was smearing his large amounts of precum on Kysa each time their bodies brushed. Parts of her were taking on a "sheen."

Rita was pleased that Paul was taking his time, doing everything to turn Kysa on, to make her vulnerable, and to send the message of what he wanted. The two of them laid on their sides, his strong arms encircling her and holding her in place as he guided his erection between Kysa's legs and deliberately glided the entire length back and forth along her lightly-haired slit. He was using Kysa's excitement along with his unending precum stream to wet his entire length and get Kysa's pussy as slippery as possible, and it felt wonderful to her.

Kysa's back was to Rita, and she wondered what she felt as she watched Paul's lengthy manhood poking in and out from between her daughter's legs, looking as if she had grown an 8-inch black cock! His rhythm grew stronger and Kysa could feel him swelling even harder. He moved to kneel beside her face and made the young girl's lips feel the hotness of his manhood. He was creative; shifting his position, to provide a display for mom. He certainly seemed to enjoy the audience!! Making Rita watch as he pushed the tip past her daughter's lips; doing things to her in a manner that was meant to see how far Rita would let him go. Rita had no limits for Kysa. This was not to be a pleasant time for her. It was to be a learning experience, and a painful one at that. He had Kysa taste his cockhead with the foreskin covering it.

She licked it and suckled on it, looking over at her Mom as the heavy precum dripped from her lips onto her breasts and thighs below. Paul gripped the fat base and used his length to probe mouth, swirling it around to make me feel the heat and strength of it. He pushed it in, and then a bit more, teasing her, making her teeth open and lips spread as he filled her mouth with it. He seemed to be watching Rita; sensing the mother's reactions, savoring Rita's apparent disengagement from the situation, as his hand movements milked several droplets from the tip, onto Kysa's tongue. She caught the taste, way at the back of her mouth and was forced to consume it, unable to roll the amount off her tongue and lips. Paul enjoyed Kysa's body, using the her mouth to further lubricate himself, and taunting Rita by pushing even farther and spreading the young girl's throat, causing her to spit up and choke a little. He had a third of his length in her mouth and Kysa was frightened! But he was in fact a gentleman, and didn't take it further.

Paul looked toward Rita and found her naked; her hands were squeezing her big breasts and she was slipping a finger inside her own juicy slit at the spectacle in front of her. Paul shifted down the bed, encouraging Kysa to prop her head up on top of the pillows as he knelt between her legs. He used his knees to push her thighs apart as his penis swung closer and closer to her sweetness. Once again he gripped himself and started to use his organ like a dildo against Kysa's small, but super-sensitive clit. She was already dripping wet, and Paul himself had been dripping a massive amount of precum all over the young girl from the start!

What Kysa had tasted before in her mouth, she could now see oozing onto her little pussy slit. He used the broad head of his massive black penis to massage Kysa's pussy lips, exciting the girl, heating her up, turning her into a submissive little slut for black cock. His erection grew wildly; reaching its full length; stiffening like a hard baton. It swelled thick, with deep purple veins pushing through the dark black covering. Veins that looked like reinforcement steel outlining his already powerful organ. He swayed his hips and let his stiffness rub across the daughter's sparse, but dark pubic fuzz.

Kysa stared down intently; as this huge black man leaned forward and slowly dragged the head of his member up from her clit and pushed its way through her pubic hair. The head was so large that Kysa's pussy hair gently swiped only the tip; it was wider than her small bush! He was simulating strokes against her pubis; turning Kysa hotter in anticipation, making both Rita and Kysa stare at his oversized black tool hanging between her thighs. Paul's cock was so dark against Kysa's barely tanned body, it looked so potent, so virile as black men inevitably are with their white girls. His mighty black cock flowed precum at the end of each forward stroke, making Kysa eek out little moans of pleasure each time he added to the puddle on her belly. His skill was apparent; seemingly in control of these miniature ejaculations, as whenever he caught Rita measuring, he would just moan a breath deeper and spurt a fuller stream. Kysa was amazed at the volume of fluid leaking from his huge cock! He wanted Rita to know; he wanted her to see, he wanted Rita to realize how much man was with her little daughter, and just WHO was going to take the little nymphette!

Paul arched slowly and let the wetted head slip down against Kysa's swollen little labia. Slowly searching and lubricating; finding her tight little opening and pushing against it. He lowered himself; making the tip penetrate into her; emitting his small ropes of precum to lubricate the path of his prick. The feeling was unbelievable. Kysa yelped out in pain. Never before had she felt such pressure!! Wet or not this man was HUGE! Again he looked toward Rita; this time smiling as he pushed himself even deeper with another inch, holding himself there, smiling at Rita, savoring her reaction as Kysa emitted a shuddering scream!

Kysa was gasping for air and beginning to cry hard now. She clawed at the brutish black man's chest and belly, trying as hard as she could to extricate his huge member from her insanely stretched cunt now. Paul grasped her hips and held himself in placed, making Kysa's poor little pussy adjust to its massive width and girth. Kysa was crying and squirming viciously underneath him, looking over to her Mom, she mouthed, "Mama, PLEASE, make him stop!! It's hurting, PLEASE Mama!!"

Rita came closer and leaned over Kysa, massaging her breasts and kissing her tenderly. "Now Kysa, this is for your own good, darling. I know you don't think so now, but you will thank me for this someday. So let's just let the black man do what he needs to do, Okay?" Kysa's tears welled up and flowed down her cheeks as her Mom signed those words to her. Kysa felt abandoned to the lust of this brutal black beast raping and ravaging her precious sweetness. Rita leaned over and kissed Kysa's tears as she held her heaving bosom up to keep her daughter's big breasts from swinging freely from the way Paul's cock was forcefully pushing her back and forth on the bed.

Paul ignored the girl, commented to Rita on her tightness as he slowly rocked in and out. Rita watched as over 6 of his thick black inches slipped in and out of her daughter. "That's it, she thought, this is what it will take to break her little girl in properly." His awesome width overloaded the young daughter; stretching her pussy walls painfully, as he mixed his short strokes with his continuous pleasure moans. He paused, telling Rita he wanted to push it all into me; knowing he had already hit Kysa's cervix with just over 6 inches inside her. Rita told him it was possible, but not likely now as he once again gripped his base and started to manipulate himself. Kysa was filled so tightly she could feel his pulse through his mighty cock inside of her terribly stretched pussy. The sensation was strangely painful as she felt his tip probing, searching... Kysa looked up just in time to catch him smile.

He gripped his hands low on her hips as he pushed himself forward, making the daughter take more of him! She screamed again in pain, reaching up and covering her eyes with her clenched fists as she fought back the tears, but they came hard. Paul found her cervix opening and was forcing his huge black member up into the young girl's womb! He was determined to do his duty properly and break Kysa's pussy in a way she would NEVER forget. The sensation was incredibly painful for her! His incredible girth now stretched her pussy as the thickest base of his penis began to enter her. Kysa began to squirm away in pain, but the fat cockknob was stuck in her, not allowing her to go, and with each movement, she only invited a new adventure in pain. Afraid for the teenager, and feeling the discomfort on his cock from being held too tightly inside the young girl, Paul stopped. He allowed Kysa to relax her tight pussy ring as he laid his weight down on her, reaching down and kissing her on the lips. He kissed her again, caressed her and held her lovingly. After a minute or so, Kysa began to relax, and then Rita relaxed a little seeing her daughter wasn't sobbing so hard now, just slowing to a whimper underneath the black stud.

Paul wasn't long before he decided to take charge of this deflowering once and for all. Rearing back, he poured his massive black cock into the girl, shredding her insides, then pumping into Kysa's tender virginal pussy! Kysa yelled again, starting to cry aloud under the onslaught of so much cock coming again and again inside her. Whenever he withdrew a few inches, she felt like he was taking her guts with him, as his fat cockhead was rearranging her tender cunt.

"OH, GODDAMN, THIS IS GOOD PUSSY, RITA!!! THIS BITCH IS GOING TO BE A FINE SLUT SOMEDAY!" Paul picked up the pace and began thrusting powerfully into the small young girl underneath him. He muscular black ass rippled as he powerfucked the poor young virgin beneath him. Rita was dripping wet as she continued watching her daughter punished by the black man's huge cock for the first time. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP...WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP...WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP was the only sound other than Kysa's loud crying as the black monster viciously tore his cock into the young teenager's pussy.

It was such an awesome a sight to Rita, seeing her 14-year old daughter being essentially raped from virginity right before her eyes. Rita had planned for this moment since the day Kysa was born, and she was enjoying every minute of her daughter's torment and pain from the huge black cock. Rita knew that once Kysa got over her soreness from this vicious black-fucking in a week or so, she'd look upon teen boys as just that: boys. And any man she came across that didn't measure up to Paul's big cock, she'd likely laugh him off as a "boy." The brutal fucking continued unabated, as Kysa continued crying underneath the black animal on top of her. For two hours on and off, Paul worked Kysa over, never letting his cock leave her hole. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP WHAP-WHAP-WHAP... WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP was the only sound other than Kysa's loud crying as the black man worked the young teenager's pussy into a soreness that would take her more than two weeks to fully recover from.

The two lovers laid there as Paul continued to pump slowly in and out; using just the seven or so inches she was capable of taking inside her virgin pussy. He knew he had ruined her little pussy, as he looked down and she was a blabbering mess. He was playing with the girl now; enjoying her virgin tightness, making Rita watch his muscular black butt as it moved up and down on her daughter; making his little pleasure moans to announce each time he released a burst of precum inside the girl. He was becoming very aroused again, and so too was Kysa as he slowly rebuilt his rhythm and his rigidity.

Holding Kysa tighter, moving stronger; pushing in and pausing; pushing again and pausing, groaning longer and louder at the end of each thrust; injecting the girl with larger and larger quantities of thick precum! Kysa loved the feeling inside each time that his oversized member throbbed. When he paused she began to push back to get more of him. She wrapped her arms around Paul's neck and started French-kissing him. When Rita saw her do that, she knew her daughter was finally broken in properly.

Kysa felt him lift, one hand grabbing her plump breast, squeezing it hard, bruising her as he kissed the other one hungrily scraping his teeth and pulling her nipple an inch away from her breast. Swaying, moving, probing to find the opening of her cervix again, Paul pushed more of himself into her again. Using Kysa's fat breasts as anchors he pushed strongly, penetrating the young girl completely and forcing her to cry out loudly in pain. He gave it all to the little slut now! Almost 10 full inches and painfully thick. He thrust hard into her, forcing the negro-cock deeper and deeper, making her take all that he had, slapping his enormous, cum-filled testicles against her upturned buttocks.

Short strokes; long strokes; he used them all. He was a REAL man, all right, and more! He did everything Rita asked of him and more. He made Rita sit there and watch as he flipped her daughter onto her hands and knees and moved behind her. Rita watched as Paul's cum-swelled penis once again pushed it's way into the teen's pussy from behind! This time easily invading her pre-stretched cervix. He rode the little slutty teen like a animal, bucking and penetrating Kysa deeply with hard powerful thrusts and with a penis more than twice what any teenage boy would ever present to her in the years ahead. The black buck had completely exhausted Kysa, reaching beneath her to pull and stretch her breasts and nipples as he pumped her; shifting a hand to rub her swollen clit; fingering around her anal opening, then back to pull her nipples a little harder, a little longer. He did it all until finally he withdrew and rolled her onto her back.

His stamina was incredible; his thrusting wild as he slammed into the child. Kysa was cock-whipped into exhaustion and yet his prick was harder and hornier than ever. She could barely move as he once again pulled her legs apart and positioned himself between her thighs! He knelt there, proudly displaying his massive erection; wanting Rita to see that the entire length of that black shaft reached several inches above the teen girl's bellybutton, and was soaked with his black babymaking seed right down to his testicles, still dribbling steadily.

He used his hand to stroke himself and milk several large ropes of cum onto her belly. Kysa felt his knees pushing at her inner thighs (her thighs shaking uncontrollably from being held wide open for hours), opening her widely so Mom could see his bulging black cockhead once again separate her ungodly-stretched opening. He entered her, forcing his length deep into her womb, grunting with delight as he felt their pubic bones collide. He strained, tightening his buttocks to urge every bit of his manhood into the young girl.

Kysa could feel him trembling as his pace quickened; banging against her pubes to ensure complete penetration. His bursts of pleasure almost continuous as his orgasm built! Then exploding violently inside her, the black buck flooded her very womb, stopping his motions momentarily to make her feel the force of his ejaculations filling her cavities; grunting intensely from the immense release. Then, catching Rita's eye as he slowly pulled his lengthy shaft out of Kysa's torn and stretched pussy, his cum still pouring freely; he quickly moved toward Kysa's face and bade her to suck him clean.

Kysa was so exhausted, she offered no resistance as he fed his big black meat to her face! Kysa hardly noticed her Mom approach the two of them and lay between her legs to examine and enjoy what Paul had done to her. The experience was unforgettable! Kysa and her Mom still talk about it all the time, and Kysa is not afraid to share how she will someday break her own [future] daughter in just like her Mom did her!

The End
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