Three Girls and a Horse
(FFf/best, virgin, inc, lez, anal)

by Kysa Braswell


Chapter 1.

Turning thirteen years old had aroused the vast curiosities of Lacy Geiger which had recently become insatiable. Like a little girl she asked 'why?' to everything within her grasp, and wanted her life to be larger than it was. She wanted to be older than thirteen because she felt older in her heart, and in her loins. Among her interests that had lately entered dangerous territory was sexuality. Lacy was a virgin and eager to be a former one at that. She slowly walked out of the small lake hidden in the woods. Her lush naked body glistened. Her wet blonde hair clung to her head. She shivered, then relaxed as the sun warmed her.

Being outside and naked excited her like it always did. Her budding breasts had seemingly sprouted overnight, and with them came more attention to matters sexual. She went from wearing an floppy B-cup in the sixth grade to a full D-cup at the beginning of seventh grade! The heavy breasts jiggled as she walked, the puffy nipples swollen with the passion that constantly itched between her long slender legs. The blonde hair that decorated her cunt seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. She sighed dreamily and sprawled on the blanket, her blue eyes staring up through the trees at the sky. Lacy lay on her back, soft sighs rushing from her parted lips, her breasts billowed as her hips rolled. "Always so damn hot," she purred. Her little breasts heaved as her breath quickened. "So fucking hot."

She clawed the blanket, then brought her trembling hands to the soft pliant meat of her breasts. She moaned, her hands molded firmly to the yielding flesh. "Nice," she purred as the hard bullet tips burned into the palms of her hands. "So nice." She kneaded her breasts gently as the lust in her undefiled cunt spread through her body. The gentle kneading turned into rough pawing. She scratched at her flesh, the juices in her cunt boiling and seeping from her pulsating sweetness. A ragged moan choked from her throat and she rolled to her stomach, her hips rocking gently back and forth. Her clit, swollen and sensitive, brushed lightly against the nap of the blanket. Sparks of pleasure twitched through her cunt and she flexed the muscles in her ass with each twitch. "I'm cumming," she panted as her face flushed. "Cumming for a cock." She drooled slightly from her mouth as she rolled her hips and skimmed her hands under her firm buttocks. Anxiously, she sought out her pulsating clit. She heaved a sigh, her nails teasing the sensitive piece of flesh. She twisted, her large swollen breasts crushed beneath her. She shuddered, a spasm rippling through her overheated body. Her nipples felt as if they were going to explode. She gasped, then rolled to her back.

Breasts swaying, she played with her pussy. Girl juice flowed from her cunt, soaking her fingers and velvety folds. She stiffened, then jammed her fingers into the scalding heat of her cunt. She hit cherry and moaned. "Ooo, whatta feeling! Whatta fantastic feeling!" She humped her fingers, her hips jerking wildly. "God, I wanna get fucked. I wanna get fucked and lose my goddamn cherry!" The pressure against her virginity had her trembling with excitement. Images of cocks invading her body squirting cum made her dizzy. She moaned, her eyelids fluttering as spastic jolts of pleasure shot through her virgin pussy and spread. "Cockmeat," she moaned. "Cockmeat." Her tongue flicked across her parted lips. She strained, prodding her cherry with her fingers. "Gotta ...gotta have a real cock, a big cock." She kept her legs spread and began smearing the slippery juice that oozed from her sweetness over her clit. Her breath hissed out and she brought her juicy fingers to her mouth. "Delicious," she purred, the taste of her own cunt making her head spin. "Mmmm... so delicious." She brought her fingers back to the juice of her pussy and squished them through her dripping slit. Cunt-juice made her lips glisten. She pushed a finger into her cunt again and hit her cherry. "I need a big cock in me, splitting me, making me a woman!" she wailed, her voice lost in the branches of the trees. "Oh god, I need a cock!" Her back arched as she pinched her clit. "I need it so much!" She fell back to the blanket and spasmed. "Need it so much!" She twisted, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. Her eyes widened as her pinching fingers brought her slowly toward the peak and the orgasm she needed so badly.

She rolled her hips, the gentle rocking turning frantic. She scratched her clit, her firm ass slapping against the blanket. "Ooh... I wanna cum! I wanna cum!" She bucked, her neck straining as the pleasure whipping through her body became more intense. "Getting close," she mouthed. "Getting so fucking close!" She humped up and gasped as she clawed her cunt and now raced toward her orgasm. "I'm there," she gasped, gurgling on her own saliva. "I'm there!" Her mind filled with the image of a huge throbbing prick as she hovered at the peak. "I'm there!" With the images of cockmeat ripping into her cunt and mouth, Lacy climaxed. "I'm cumming," she squealed hotly. "I'm cumming!" The inside of her virgin pussy had exploded. "I'm cumming!" Clear pussy juice gushed from her soft walls and flooded her virgin cunt. The flowing juice gushed from her pussy and washed over her tormenting fingers.

"Cumming... cumming... cumming," she chanted as the slippery pussy juice flowed down to the crack of her humping ass. "Cumming so much!" Lacy twisted maniacally on the blanket, her shrieking voice filling the warm summer air. Her breasts bounced and her back bowed, almost snapping in two. "Yesss," she hissed as dribbled lightly from her mouth. "Yesss." She slammed her ass down on the blanket and shuddered. Immediately, her ass jerked up. "Oooo... cock... cock," she gasped as her eyelids fluttered. "Sweet cock!" Hips twisting, she raked her nails over her clit. She brought her free hand to the soft jiggling meat of her tit and scratched. She clawed herself as another orgasm tore through her virgin pussy and sent her into convulsions. "I'm cumming again," she hollered, wishing someone could hear. "I'm cumming!" She snapped her head from side to side, her wet blonde hair slashing across her face. Her mouth twisted and her eyes rolled in their sockets. "Ooo, god... I need ..." She couldn't finish her thought. The intensity of her orgasm had taken away her voice for the moment.

She thrashed on her back for what seemed like an eternity, then went limp. Soft moaning gasps choked from her throat as she shuddered. Her hands dropped away from her quaking body as the last of her orgasm washed over her. She lay still, her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. Still tingling, she rolled to her stomach and closed her eyes.

Cheyenne, Lacy's running quarter-horse, tossed his head and snorted. He pranced over to his naked mistress lying on the blanket and lowered his head. His nostrils flared as the heady scent of her pussy burned into his brain. He sniffed, his lips mouthing the white creamy flesh of Lacy's ass cheek. Lacy stirred and sighed as if she were dreaming. She moved her hips as the inside of her cunt began to pulse. She sighed again, then quivered. Cheyenne slapped out his tongue and swiped it across Lacy's ass. He soaked the smooth flesh, then slithered his tongue up through her ass crack. His tail flicked and he whinnied softly as his horny mistress rolled her hips.

"Yesss," Lacy purred, coming out of her light sleep. She shuddered as the wet slurping tongue on her ass told her she hadn't been dreaming. "Cheyenne!" she gasped, rolling quickly to her back. "Whatta you doing?" She looked up at Cheyenne, her blue eyes misty with desire. "You were licking my ass." She began trembling as hot ideas bounced through her young horny mind. As if to answer his mistress, Cheyenne tossed his head and whinnied. He pawed the ground, his lips smacking as his coal-black eyes glared down at Lacy. Lacy spasmed. She grabbed her fat breasts and pulled them up high. "C'mon, fucker," she purred with excitement. "C'mon and give my tits a nice bath with your saliva."

Cheyenne neighed, his attention drawn to the large white jiggling meat of Lacy's breasts. He stepped forward, then lowered his head. His wet drooling lips covered one of Lacy's large firm breasts. Lacy creamed. "Oooo, Cheyenne!" she gasped. His foaming mouth was hot against her sizzling flesh. "Christ!" Her pussy flowed. She scratched his forehead, her eyes wide as she watched him suckle her sensitive tit. Cheyenne slobbered over the milky flesh of her tit. He nibbled with his lips, snagging her hard nipple as her whimpering voice made his ears flicker. He moved his mouth, his lips and tongue washing Lacy's other tit with warm saliva. Lacy writhed frantically on her back. Pleasure swept through her. "You're so wonderful, Cheyenne," she moaned. "So wonderful." She arched her back and jammed her tit against his teeth. "Bite. Bite." Cheyenne nibbled. Snorts came from his flared nostrils. His tail swished and his thick mane slapped across his neck as he worked his hungry mouth from one jiggling tit to the other. He snagged a nipple with his teeth, then jerked his head.

"Yesss," Lacy wailed. "God, it feels good." She twisted her hips, her cunt bubbling. "My pussy," she whimpered, pushing at his head. "Do that to my pussy." Cheyenne neighed, then pawed the ground as she pushed at his head. The pungent aroma of her cunt drifted up from between her slender legs. He snorted, then chomped and lathered her flesh with saliva as he worked his mouth toward the overpowering scent of her cunt. Lacy jerked sporadically on the blanket. Her eyes widened as the quarter-horse's slobbering mouth worked closer to the heated wetness of her cunt. "Yesss," she moaned as he began nibbling at her hips. "Yesss." She twisted on the blanket, her ass thumping. "My pussy! My pussy!"

Cheyenne reared his head and whinnied. He kicked at the ground, then dropped his head between the teenager's thighs. He sloshed his tongue over her juice-stained thighs as the aroma of her cunt made the muscles under his slick coat ripple. Drooling and snorting, he jammed his mouth against Lacy's virgin cunt. Lacy spasmed violently upon contact. "Cheyenne," she wailed. The pleasure overwhelmed her. She lifted her head and stared wild-eyed at her horse. "Yes, Cheyenne!" Her head dropped back to the blanket with a thud as Cheyenne's tongue slashed over her boiling hot pussy. Cheyenne slashed his tongue through the child's wet puffy cunt folds. His tongue snaked into her gash and hit cherry. He snorted, then shook his head as pussy-juice clogged his nostrils. Lacy spasmed as she felt the pressure of his tongue against her cherry. "Break it," she gasped, humping at his mouth. "Break it."

Cheyenne whinnied and reared his head. Pussy-juice dripped from his chin and lips. His eyes blazed with fire. He snorted, shook his head, then dropped back to the delicious meat of his mistress's cunt. Lacy rolled her hips frantically, battering her cunt against Cheyenne's mouth. "Make me cum!" she moaned, her body shuddering with excitement. "Make me cum!" Cheyenne jammed his mouth hard against Lacy's pussy. Cream flowed over his lashing tongue and into his nose. He snorted, but continued to whip her pussy with his tongue. Lacy's young naked body quaked. She stared up through the trees. "God!" Knowing what was happening to her made her dizzy. "Make me cum!" She threw herself at his mouth, then crashed back to the blanket as Cheyenne started to chew on the velvety folds of her pulsing virgin cuntlips.

Pawing the ground, his tail slapping at his twitching rump, the black stallion dined noisily on the child's sweet-tasting pussymeat. He chomped on her cuntlips, then darted his tongue into her slit. He chewed, his huge mouth covering every inch of her sizzling hot pussy. Lacy was out of her mind. The pleasure was exquisite. Ten times better than playing with herself. She responded to his chomping mouth and slashing tongue. "My clit," she screeched. "Bite my clit!" Back arched, she humped up against his snapping teeth. She clawed the blanket, her head whipping back and forth. Spittle drooled from her mouth. "My clit, Cheyenne. Bite my clit!" Cheyenne lifted his head and neighed. His mane slashed across his neck and his flanks heaved. The screaming child was arousing him and his balls began to swell. The bloated head of his cock poked from its thick-skinned sheath. He neighed again, then was drawn back to Lacy's sweet pussy.

Lacy screamed, her voice carried off by the breeze. She lunged up as he dropped his head between her legs and smashed her cunt into his mouth. "Bite, fucker! Bite!" Aroused, Cheyenne began chewing. He nipped at her pussy, then found the pulsing clit. He whipped it with his tongue, then used his lips and began pulling on it. Lacy went out of her skull. "Yesss," she screamed. "Yesss!" With Cheyenne beating her clit and tugging on it with his lips, she raced toward her orgasm. "Bite! Bite!" she chanted, needing his snapping teeth to take her into her orgasm. "Bite my fucking clit!" With Lacy battering his mouth, Cheyenne snorted and jammed his face hard against her cunt. He latched his teeth to her clit and chewed. At the same time, he snapped his head, pulling on it violently as he took his young screaming mistress into her orgasm.

"I'm cumming," she screamed as her pussy exploded. "I'm cumming!" The intensity of her orgasm boggled the teenager's mind. She thrashed wildly on her back as the soft walls of her virgin cunt went into rhythmic contractions. Buttery pussy juice gushed from her walls and flooded her virgin fuckhole. She screamed, threw herself at the horse's mouth and screamed again. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming, Cheyenne! Keep chewing me! Oooo... I'm cumming!"

Cheyenne, his snout drenched with pussy juice, continued to devastate the child's sweet climaxing cunt. He chomped on her clit and snorted to keep his nostrils clear of the flowing river of slippery cum. Her frenzied voice and thrashing body had him enraged. His cock thickened, extending out from his thick sheath as his balls rumbled. Lacy went crazy. She bucked, her ass thumping the blanket as she started pounding it with her fists. Her small breasts bounced and her face twisted. Screams rushed from her mouth.

"Cheyenne! Cheyenne," she shrieked insanely. "I'm cumming again! Bite me! Bite me all over!" She kept her hips swiveling as she bathed his mouth with cunt-cum. Cheyenne stepped forward, smashing her cunt with his chomping mouth. He tongued, chewed, then shook his head as he pulled and stretched her clit. His flanks heaved and his tail twitched as his cock turned rigid and began to seep. Lacy twisted on her back. Everything turned fuzzy and she blinked as she stared up through the limbs of the trees. "Cheyenne!" Another orgasm electrified through her cunt and spread to every tingling nerve in her young body. "Cheyenne!" Bucking and thrashing, the inside of her virgin cunt turned to fire. It pulsed rapidly, a constant flow of pussy juice gushing from her fuckhole. It flowed down to the crack of her ass and stained the blanket. It coated Cheyenne's snout and flowed over his tongue and into his nose. She screamed hysterically as everything started spinning. Her body stiffened, then suddenly went limp. Sporadic twitches made her body jerk. Her clit was still trapped. "Cheyenne," she gasped, her strength sapped. "Cheyenne."

Cheyenne, his cock throbbing, jerked his head up, his teeth almost ripping Lacy's clit from her body. He reared up on his hind legs and whinnied as he jerked his head back and forth. Lacy gasped and her eyes almost popped from their sockets. For the first second, she was frightened about being trampled. The next second, she saw his cock. The fear of being trampled no longer interested her. She gulped, her eyes glued to his giant prick as he dropped back to all fours and began whinnying softly. "Oh, Cheyenne!" she sighed. She quickly sat up and wriggled under the frisky horse, her eyes riveted to his long thick rigid cock. She saw cum seeping from his cockhead and became dizzy. "Such a beautiful prick."

She touched his fat hulking cock as the quarter-horse whinnied and pawed the ground. Spasms raced up her arm and she thought for a moment she was going to climax again. "You're hot, huh?" she puffed, tracing a path down his giant cock to his huge cum-crammed nuts. "Eating my pussy got you all worked up." She giggled again, her body quivering as she devoured his monstrous prick with her wide eyes. Cheyenne snorted, his rump twitching. His prick ached and he stepped forward as more cum seeped from his cockhead. Lacy swooned as a drop of Cheyenne's cum dripped to her heavy breast. "God, you wanna cum, huh?" She was fascinated with his prick as she wrapped her hands around the meaty shaft. Cheyenne jerked, driving his prick through the teenager's shifting fist. Soft high-pitched whinnies came from his rumbling lips. His head bobbed, his mane swishing across his powerful neck. The child's hands were rumbling the cum in his nuts. "You wanna cum?" she cooed, staring hypnotized by the giant horse cock. "You wanna cum like I did?"

Cheyenne whinnied as if to say yes. He tossed his head and lurched forward. His cock glided through her clutching fists. He snorted, his balls aching as foam dripped from his mouth. "Yes, Cheyenne," she sighed dreamily. "I'll get you off." She was dizzy. At last she had the cock she had been praying for "I'll get you off real good." Cheyenne neighed and jabbed hard. His prick swelled in Lacy's hands and his balls churned. He jerked, his rump twitching as Lacy's shifting fist brought him to the edge. Tits swaying obscenely under her, Lacy's hands flew rapidly up and down the length of Cheyenne's rigid cock. "Cum," she moaned throatily. "Cum all over my titties." She jerked her hands faster, her eyes wide as she stared at his cockhead. Cheyenne's balls burst. He neighed and tossed his head as thick cum gushed through his fat cock and squirted from his cockhead.

"Yesss," Lacy squealed happily. "Cum. Cum!"

With Cheyenne whinnying and blasting his nuts, Lacy jerked him off. Cum splattered her breasts and dripped to her thighs. The thick globs of cum were hot against her flesh. She swooned, watching intently as spraying arcs of horse-cum spurted from his cock and splashed over her. A shrill whinny came from Cheyenne's drooling mouth as his balls erupted again. He tossed his head high and twisted his neck as his thick mane slashed back and forth. His ears flickered and his eyes bulged. He jabbed, a thick river of horse-cum shooting from his prick and splash over Lynn's face. Lacy squealed with joy. The cum splattering her skin had her pussy in spasm. "Cum... cum... cum," she chanted as she shifted her fists up and down the length of Cheyenne's gigantic cock. "Keep cumming!" Cheyenne's tail slashed across his twitching rump. Jizz poured from his cock, drenching the whimpering teenager. He lurched forward, the head of his cock banging against Lacy's cheek. He snorted and creamed again as Lacy's gripping fists worked frantically up and down his exploding cock. Lacy was cumming. She grabbed his huge balls and began massaging them. She squeezed his cock rhythmically, her hand flying rapidly up and down. "Oooo, Cheyenne. Cheyenne."

Cheyenne neighed and shook his head as the cum in his balls drained. He jerked, kicked at the ground and spewed the last of his cum into Lacy's hair. Another glob surfaced from his cockhead and dripped to Lacy's leg. He stopped, his body shuddering as the teenager continued to maul his cock and balls. Lacy came out of her sex-induced stupor. She released his cock and fell back on the blanket. "Wonderful," she sighed joyfully. "Wonderful." She lay on her back rubbing the thick lumps of horse-cum into her flesh as Cheyenne headed for the lake and a drink of water. She quivered, wiped her face and brought a glob to her trembling lips. She tasted it and creamed. "God," she said, licking her lips. "It's even better than pussy-juice."

She pulled herself up and stretched. Things were going to be different now. She smiled at her horse. "A lot different," she said aloud as she rushed into the lake to wash the quarter-horse's cum off her young body. A few minutes later, she came out of the water, dried herself with a towel and dressed.

"Let's go, Cheyenne," she urged, climbing into the saddle. "We're going home." By the time she reached home, she was already boiling hot again.

Lacy reined in her horse at the barn and dismounted. She stroked his neck. "We're gonna have a ball," she said, opening up the barn. She led him inside and closed the door. "A real ball." Cheyenne bobbed his head, his mane swishing. He snorted, then nuzzled his mouth against the crook of Lacy's neck. "You just relax," she purred. She stepped back and looked at Dylan locked in his stall. "You'll get your turn tomorrow." She swooned, thinking excitedly about the plan she had come up with on the way home.

She peeled off her top, her plump smooth D-cup breasts bared. She shook them, then stepped back again as Cheyenne rumbled his lips. "Easy. Let me get my clothes off first." Cheyenne nudged his young mistress, knocking her to the hay-strewn floor. He dropped his head, his wet drooling mouth soaking the flesh of Lacy's heavily swaying breasts. "Jesus H. Christ," Lacy moaned. With the horse feasting noisily on her breasts, Lacy pulled off her jeans. "Damn!" She rolled away from his sloshing mouth and stood. "Easy. You'll get plenty." She leaned against his flank, quivering with excitement as his rough coat pricked her flesh like sharp tiny needles. "Oooo, it feels good."

With Lacy stroking his neck and talking in a soothing tone, Cheyenne calmed down. He pawed the ground and flicked his tail. Lacy quivered. She mashed her breasts into his flank. "Let me get this fucking saddle off you." Quickly, she pulled it off, throwing it to the side. "Now, I'll ride you the way you should be ridden. Bareback." She grabbed his mane and pulled her naked frame onto his back. "Yesss," she hissed as the juices from her virgin cunt immediately began flowing. "Yessss." Cheyenne tossed his head and whinnied. He kicked at the ground as his mistress's lust began to make his balls swell again.

Dylan, locked in his stall, flared his nostrils. He picked up on the heady scent of lust that filled the barn. A short neigh and he kicked back at the stall as Lacy's whimpering voice reached his ears. Lacy looked over at the white quarter-horse's stall. "You be quiet," she moaned. "Tomorrow." She held Cheyenne's mane, then jerked her hips. The bristly hair of Cheyenne's coarse coat stabbed at her cunt and she went into spasm. Juice flowed like a river, soaking Cheyenne's back as she wrapped her arms around his powerful neck and humped. "I'm gonna juice your back," she mouthed throatily. "Then I'm gonna suck you off." She rolled her hips and clutched his flanks with her slender legs. "I'm gonna suck out your balls." Cheyenne snorted. The muscles under his coat rippled and he stepped forward as Lacy's whimpering voice aroused him.

"I'm cumming," she gasped. She pounded her pussy into the horse's back and climaxed. "I'm cumming, Cheyenne! Cumming all over your back!" With the horse twitching in agitation, Lacy humped. She ground her clit into his coat and her eyes rolled in their sockets. "Oooo, it feels good! So good!" Dylan whinnied, his body quivering as he kicked against his stall. His balls were rumbling. The lust that filled the barn aroused the raging stallion. Lacy couldn't hear the horse above her own screams of pleasure. She smashed her clit into Cheyenne's back, then climaxed again as she clutched his flanks and neck to keep from falling.

"I'm cumming. Cumming!" She swayed. Her high-pitched wails of pleasure had Cheyenne shuddering and snorting. Cheyenne tossed his head and jerked his neck. His tail swished, slapping at his rump as Lacy's humping body caused the head of his prick to poke out from its sheath. With Cheyenne tossing his head, Lacy screamed. The climax whipping through her virgin pussy turned her thighs to butter. Her arms lost their strength and she began slipping from the quarter-horse's back. "I'm falling," she squealed as orgasms continued to shudder through her cunt. "I'm falling!" She dropped to the ground and rolled to her stomach. Her body twitched as Cheyenne turned to attack her ass. "Christ," Lacy moaned as she writhed on her stomach. She pushed back her ass and whimpered as tiny orgasms continued to ripple through her virgin pussy.

Cheyenne tongued his way up through Lacy's pussy-slit. He slithered his tongue up through her ass crack, then plunged his tongue into her asscrack, reaming it deep as Lacy wailed with delight. "It feels fantastic," she gasped. Having something wiggly in her ass had Lacy climaxing all over again. She jammed her ass back against Cheyenne's mouth and moaned. Cheyenne's balls began aching. He jerked his tongue from the tight confines of Lacy's asshole and neighed. His head bobbed and his mane swished across his neck. Lacy had slumped to the floor. "Okay," she panted, hauling herself to her feet. "I'm not greedy. I'll take care of you now." Cheyenne snorted easily and under his mistress's soothing voice and guidance, he finally lay on his side, his rump twitching as Lacy joined him. "I'm gonna take real good care of you," she purred, her wide-set blue eyes fixed on Cheyenne's huge sheath and large balls. "Real good care."

She licked her lips and began stroking Cheyenne's nuts. "God, they're HUGE!" she sighed, imagining his cum squirting into her mouth. "God, this is gonna be a blast." Cheyenne squirmed on his side, his tail slapping at the ground. He snorted, the muscles under his black shiny coat rippling as Lacy stroked his balls and sheath. "C'mon, baby" she purred, fondling his sheath. "Get hard." Her mouth watered as the horse's fat bloated cockhead appeared. "Oooo, yes!" Lacy moved the animal's sheath and exposed more of his giant cock. She rubbed his balls and spasmed. Her hot virgin pussy began to pulse as hard throbbing inches of Cheyenne's cock became visible.

Cheyenne jerked his rump. His prick jabbed through Lacy's shifting fist. He whinnied, his head coming off the ground. Eyes bulging, he looked at his mistress, then dropped his head back with a thud as Lacy squeezed his growing prick. Lacy's head was spinning. Her mouth was open and her tongue flicked nervously across her lips. Eyes glazed, she watched Cheyenne's prick turn to steel. "So big," she gasped, her face inches away from his massive cock. "So damn big and thick!" She could barely manage to hold his prick in both her hands, shaking with excitement and awe as his prick throbbed. With his cock rigid, Cheyenne neighed. His mouth foamed, the spittle dripping to the ground. His rump jerked and his aching cock jabbed through Lacy's massaging fingers. Lacy was mesmerized as she gawked hungrily at her quarter-horse's mighty cock. She felt light-headed and her cunt was all mushy. At last she was going to have a cock. All her dreams were coming true.

Trembling, she brought her mouth to his balls. She flashed her tongue, slapping it over his enormous cum-swollen balls. The contact was electrifying. She spasmed, soaked his balls with saliva, then slithered her tongue over his exposed cock. Soft whinnies came from Cheyenne's lips as his young horny mistress lathered his prick with her saliva. He squirmed, his huge frame trembling as her hot mouth made his cock throb. Lacy was purring like a kitten as she soaked the horse's cock. She licked to his bloated tip. A shudder of excitement swept over her as his seeping cum stained her lips. She smeared the cum over his cockhead, then fused her lips to his throbbing shaft and sucked his fuckmeat down to his balls. Cheyenne was becoming more aroused by the second. He jerked, his long powerful legs stiff. His thick tail swished across the hay-strewn floor. His ears flickered as Lacy worked her eager lips from the base of his cock to the seeping tip. Lacy was quivering in bliss. Each throb of his giant cock made her virgin pussy contract. She sloshed over his cock with her wet mouth, soaking it with saliva. A tremor swept over her as she reached the tip. It was time to take him into her mouth.

Cheyenne's huge body shuddered. He snorted, his flanks heaving as the heat of Lacy's mouth seared the head of his cock. Lacy enveloped his cockhead. She was reeling as cum seeped to her tongue. She squirmed. Both frightened and excited, she pushed her head forward. The heat from Lacy's mouth reached into the quarter-horse's balls. He neighed, jerked his rump and jabbed at Lacy's face. The head of his cock jammed at her throat. He jabbed again, then whinnied as she popped her mouth off his cock. "Easy!" Lacy gulped. She blinked, her eyes wide as she stared at his prick. "You're gonna choke me to death." Face flushed, she caught her breath, then brought her eager mouth back to his prick. "Easy." Cheyenne was quivering. He wanted the heat of Lacy's mouth on his cock. He jerked and banged his cock against her lips as she teased his cockhead with her tongue.

Summoning all her courage, Lacy opened her mouth again. She shivered, took his prick between her lips and started to suck. She used her tongue, slapping it around and around his spongy cockhead as he jerked at her face. Lacy sensed the power of the horse. It overwhelmed her. Cupping his massive balls, she pushed her head forward. The head of his cock squashed her tongue and brushed against the roof of her mouth. Face red, she began to panic as Cheyenne jabbed at her throat. Cheyenne, his balls on fire, lunged at Lacy's face. The head of his cock speared her throat. He neighed as her teeth dug into his shaft, then jerked sporadically. Lacy swallowed her fear. Gagging, her eyes bulging, she relaxed her throat. Immediately, her gullet became clogged with Cheyenne's cock. She sucked, her cheeks drawn in tight as the neighing stallion fed her his prick. Cheyenne, aroused to a feverish pitch, humped at his mistress's mouth. He jerked his twitching rump and whinnied. Her teeth were scraping along his shaft. Lacy thought for a moment that she was going to choke to death on her horse's prick. She battled her fear, winning as more hard horse-cock entered her tight gullet. Cheyenne lunged hard. He snorted, his cock slamming into Lacy's throat. He lunged again and again, driving his cock deeper with each jab until his huge nuts whacked against her chin. Lacy almost fainted. Her body began quaking and her virgin cunt turned to fire. She felt his prick throbbing deep in her throat. She gulped, her panic gone, replaced with overwhelming greed.

Like an animal, Lacy started sucking and chewing on her horse's jabbing cock. Her head bobbed. Gurgles came from her cock-stuffed throat. Spit drooled from her clinging lips and each time Cheyenne speared her throat, she came. Cheyenne, his nuts churning and his cock throbbing, hammered at Lacy's mouth. Neck stretched out, he snorted. His nostrils were flared and eyes were wide. Hard jabs pierced the tightness of her gullet and a shrill whinny came from his mouth as his lips drew back to expose his teeth. Lacy was in bliss. She met the powerful thrusts, allowing the stallion to hack away at her mouth. She mauled his balls, her anxious mouth waiting for the first eruption to take place. Cheyenne, his rump jerking frantically, crammed Lacy's mouth with his prick. Cum seeped from his cockhead and trickled down her gulping throat. He jerked, his front legs twitching as his tail slapped at the ground. His prick swelled to the bursting point as his balls began to rumble. Lacy was out of her mind. She sucked, chewed and used her tongue. Hungry for his cum, she pulled on his nuts and felt them contract in her palm. The horse was ready and she almost fainted as the anticipation of taking his horse-cum in her mouth penetrated her lust- sopped brain. Cheyenne neighed as his balls burst. He lunged hard, driving his prick to the root as a hot thick river of cum shot through his cock and squirted from his cockhead. He lunged again as another wad of cum shot from his cock.

Lacy climaxed as the first long voluminous stream of cum filled her mouth. She gulped hard and fast, and then pushed her head forward and took the second wad in her throat. More cum followed and she swallowed frantically as his punching jabs became more powerful. With his balls bursting, Cheyenne pounded the young teenager's mouth. His neck was twisting and his mouth was foaming. His flanks heaved and his rump jerked. More cum blasted from his cock, flooding Lacy's mouth. Lacy, her head spinning, thought she was going to drown. Cum filled her cheeks and sprayed her throat. She couldn't swallow fast enough. She gagged, her throat gulping as the cum started oozing from her clinging lips. Cheyenne was enraged. Teeth bared, eyes bulging, he thrashed maniacally on his side. He humped, his flanks heaving as he drilled his spewing cock repeatedly in and out of Lacy's sucking mouth. Lacy shuddered. Horse-cum now gushed from her lips and flowed down her chin. Cum poured from her nose. She gagged, took him to his balls and felt a thick squirt of cum shoot directly into her gullet.

Cheyenne, his balls draining fast, lashed at the teenager's mouth. His nuts rumbled and his cock throbbed rhythmically. He jerked, then slammed, driving his prick to his balls as cum squished from her mouth and spattered his ballsac. Lacy, gulping and choking, feasted greedily on his cock. The spurting wads were slowing and she caught his pace. Each jab flooded her mouth. She swallowed, her pussy cumming as the powerful horse's mighty jabs began losing their strength. Lacy, sensing he was almost through, slammed her head forward and pierced her gullet with his dick. She chewed, feeling weak squirts of jism splash in her gullet. She bobbed her head, her fingers frantically milking his balls. She wanted every drop and she didn't intend to release his prick until she had what she wanted. Neighing, Cheyenne lunged. He sprayed her throat and filled her mouth with the last of his cum. He jerked back, whinnying shrilly as her teeth scraped along his sensitive prick shaft. Lacy gurgled, then gasped as the horse popped his cock from her mouth. She rolled to her back, panting and swallowing as Cheyenne staggered to his feet.

"Delicious," she panted. "Delicious." She stared up at his limp prick as a drop of cum dripped from his cockhead and hit her huge right boob, sliding off. "Oooo, so delicious!" Cheyenne whinnied softly and lowered his head. He attacked Lacy's cunt, chomping and licking as if to repay her for what she had done. "Yessss," Lacy screamed as she climaxed. "Yessss!" In seconds it was over. She pulled herself up and led Cheyenne to his stall. "Good boy," she said, petting his neck as she locked the stall. "I'll be back after lunch and you can have my cherry."

She shuddered, walked over to Dylan's stall. "You're gonna get yours tomorrow," she whispered. "I promise."

She turned away, staggered back to the center of the barn and dressed. Outside, the sun warmed her face. She felt fantastic and hungry. She quivered, anticipating the feel of Cheyenne's cock in her virgin cunt.

"Sex sure gave me an appetite," she giggled, hurrying to the house.

Lacy finished eating. Her body trembled with anticipation and fear. She gulped back her rising panic and hurried out of the house. Outside, she took a deep breath. She was glad her mother wasn't home. There would have been questions about all the time spent in the barn. She smiled. Tomorrow, there would be no questions. She ran across the yard to the barn.

"Here I am," she called out as she stepped into the barn and closed the door. She looked at the two stalls and the frisky stallions. Her knees suddenly went weak. "I'm getting nervous," she said aloud, her own voice helping to calm her. She walked toward Cheyenne's stall. Each step brought a tremor to her stomach and a squish of pussy-juice from her pussy. Passion and panic filled her. "You ready for me, Cheyenne?" Cheyenne bobbed his head and whinnied. He kicked back at his stall, then stretched his neck, his lips wetting Lacy's face. Lacy sighed. The wetness of Cheyenne's mouth made her shiver and she relaxed a little. "You're ready," she said, a tremor in her voice. She unlocked the stall and led the black powerful stallion to the center of the barn. "I am too."

Cheyenne's tail was swishing back and forth. His eyes were wide and the muscles under his sleek coat rippled. He sensed his mistress's anxiety and neighed. Trembling, Lacy stripped off her shirt. Her plump breasts flushed a bright pink and her nipples hardened. She sighed deeply, then stripped off her jeans. Naked, she swayed as Cheyenne brought his wet lips to her sensitive breasts. "Yesss," she moaned. His mouth soaked her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She stroked his forehead, letting the warmth spread through her young trembling body. "Yesss." Cheyenne feasted on the child's big breasts. He covered one pulpy mound with his mouth, his tongue pressing against her nipple. His ears flickered as her hot whimpering voice aroused him. Lacy rocked on her heels. The nibbling mouth of her pet horse was erasing her worry. She melted to the ground, her legs spread, her pussy dripping. "Eat, Cheyenne. Get me hotter. Get me hot so I won't be afraid." She rolled her hips, then sighed as Cheyenne brought his greedy mouth to the wet ooze of her virgin cunt. Cheyenne sloshed his tongue up through her slit and over her clit. Her body jerked, hitting his mouth and he whinnied. He jammed his thick tongue into her sweetness and hit the thin skin of her cherry. Another jerk of his mistress's body clogged his nostrils with buttery juice. Lacy felt his tongue probing. She felt the pressure against her virginity. She spasmed. "God," she gasped. She twisted her hips, her eyes wide as she glared up at the beamed roof. "God!" Her pussy contracted. Juice flowed. Her ass rubbed into the hay as the juice from her cunt trickled down to the crack of her puckered asshole. Passion swept through her and she lifted her head, a drunken expression on her young innocent face. She couldn't put it off any longer. She needed to be fucked. At the same time, she was afraid.

"No more," she gasped, rolling away from the slurping stallion. "No more." She staggered to her feet, her head spinning. She saw the bench and sighed as she dragged it to the center of the barn. "It's time," she mouthed. She sprawled out on the bench, legs spread, feet firmly planted on the ground. "C'mere, Cheyenne. C'mere." Cheyenne stepped over the twitching child and began slapping her flushed face with his tongue. The head of his prick poked out from its sheath and his balls started swelling as Lacy whimpered and urged him forward with her small hands. Lacy, trembling with excitement and fear, squirmed. His fat limp cock brushed across her breasts. She spasmed, grabbed the thick sheath and began jerking on his shaft. "Get hard," she moaned. "Get hard before I chicken out."

Cheyenne pawed the ground as the teenager fondled his prick. He snorted, his head swaying back and forth. His rump twitched, the muscles flexing under his shiny coat. Lacy squirmed, bringing her mouth closer to his growing cock. She slapped out her tongue, swiping it across the bloated cockhead. Her fingers shifted along his prick shaft and she quaked as more of his massive prick became exposed. With Cheyenne neighing, she took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked. She twisted, then gagged as Cheyenne's prick turned to steel and plunged into her throat. Cheyenne hacked at her mouth, his balls whacking her chin as he ripped his prick into her gullet. He snorted, backed up, then jammed hard, driving his cock back into Lacy's throat. Lacy came hard. She stifled a gag and slashed his dick with her tongue. With her body shaking, she struggled until his cock popped from her mouth.

"It's time," she said. She inched her body back along the bench. Cheyenne's saliva-soaked prick brushed across her flesh. She spasmed. It felt like a hot poker against her skin. Cheyenne, his prick throbbing, neighed. He jerked, his balls aching as he tried to jam his prick back into her mouth. It was impossible and he snorted in frustration. "Easy," Lacy soothed, a tremor in her voice. "Easy." She held his cock and rubbed it over her taut stomach. Another twisting move and his steel-beamed dick brushed through the silky blonde hair of her virgin cunt. "Ohhh, God!" Shaking like a leaf, she pushed his prick between her legs. The bloated head gouged through the entrance to her virgin sweetness. "It's up to you now," she moaned, her voice filled with panic. She steadied her shaking body. "I can take it. I took it in my mouth." Her own words did nothing to alleviate the fear that now gripped her. Cheyenne, his cock throbbing like a bad tooth, jerked forward. Sizzling pussy-juice coated the fat spongy head of his prick as he jammed it between the folds of her cunt. He neighed, the steamy heat reaching into his balls. He jerked forward, the head of his cock now pressing menacingly against the thin skin of Lacy's cherry. Lacy, her body stiff, felt the pressure. She reached up and stroked his flanks. "Now, Cheyenne," she gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Cheyenne neighed, then lurched forward. The powerful jerk drove his cock into her pussy and ripped away her cherry. Immediately, cunt muscles grabbed at his cock. He jabbed again, stretching the child's tight gripping pussy. "It hurts, oh GOD, it HURTS!" Lacy cried out as Cheyenne ripped away her cherry "It hurts!" The child thrashed on her back, her hips jerking frantically as the juices in her pussy dried up. Cheyenne, oblivious to the pain he was causing, rammed hard, driving his cock deep into the young girl's twisting body. The fit was painfully tight, the hole dry. He snorted, lunged again, then kicked at the ground as Lacy's shrieking voice filled the barn. Lacy was in a panic. She bucked her hips, the pain spreading. Each move of her body only helped Cheyenne to drive his cock deeper. "No," she screamed. "No!"

Cheyenne whinnied and jabbed. The tight dry cunt enveloping his prick agitated him. The friction was making his balls ache. He stepped forward, driving his prick to the root. Lacy thrashed like a stuck pig on the horse's giant cock. Waves of pain swept over her. Her head snapped up. She clawed his flanks, then her arms went limp. She moaned, then fainted as the unbearable pain became too much. Cheyenne wasn't interested in his mistress's pain. He pounded her limp body with savage jabs. His nuts whacked against her flesh and the bloated head of his cock cut deep into her tight little cunt. Lacy's body twitched with each jab. Limp, the muscles in her cunt began to react instinctively to the pounding thrusts of the enraged stallion. Juices began seeping from the spongy walls of her cunt. The slick creamy juice coated Cheyenne's jabbing prick and the pain began to subside. With juice coating his throbbing cock, Cheyenne whinnied. He jabbed hard, his head bobbing as foam appeared on his lips. The muscles in his flanks heaved as his rigid cock began slicing through her now gooey cunt. Lacy moaned, her hips began to respond to the pounding thrusts of the quarter-horse. Her eyelids fluttered as the pain disappeared. Exquisite pleasure brought her out of her faint.

"Cheyenne," she gasped dreamily. "Oooo, Cheyenne!" She brought her hands back to his heaving flanks and clawed. She humped up, meeting his jabs as he cut through her hot buttery cunt. "Ooooo, Cheyenne!" The pleasure overwhelmed her. "I can feel you throbbing." Lacy swooned, the depth of his jabbing cock making her juice. "So deep! So fucking deep!" She arched her back, then gasped as a hard jab seemed to rip into her stomach. Cheyenne, his cock greased with the clear juice of Lacy's cunt, battered her cunt-hole with his enormous prick. Nostrils flared, he snorted. He tossed his head, his thick mane slapped across his strained neck. His muscles rippled with power and he lunged forward, driving his prick to his balls as Lacy's howling cries of joy made his ears flicker. Dylan, locked in his stall, neighed shrilly. The lust that filled the air agitated him. He kicked back, snorting and foaming at the mouth as Lacy's wails of pleasure and Cheyenne's shrill neighing filled his head. Lacy gripped Cheyenne's flanks. "Fuck me," she moaned deliriously. "Fuck me, Cheyenne." She humped up and down, her ass slapping against the rough wood as Cheyenne slammed methodically in and out of her tight pulsing pussy. Cheyenne whinnied. His rump twitched. The spongy muscles of Lacy's cunt made his cock swell with blood. He jabbed forward, pushing the twisting child a few inches along the bench. Lacy, out of her mind, caught the quarter-horse's pace. She humped, her body arched for deep penetration. "Yes," she cried out happily. "Yesssss!"

She felt the muscles of her cunt stretch. Each jab of his prick sent tremors sizzling through her body. Each throb of his cock made her spasm. "Fuck me!" she wailed. "Fuck me!" With the horse pounding her pussy and neighing, Lacy lurched up, grinding her clit into his rough coat. Her eyes widened. The pleasure swept through her like a bolt of lightning. "Harder, fucker," she gasped. "Rip me open!" Her ass came off the bench as one hard maniacal jab seemed to rip into her stomach. "Yeah, fucker... like that!" Cheyenne tore into her hot steamy cuntlips. Pussy-juice squished out over his swinging nuts with each thrust. He neighed, dropped his head and jabbed. The power of the thrust pushed the screaming teenager another few inches along the bench. "Ooooo, Cheyenne!" she wailed. "You're fucking my brains out!" She bucked like a demon beneath the pounding stallion. Each jab brought her closer to blowing her mind. "Heaven! Ooo, Cheyenne... your cock is ..." She couldn't finish her sentence as a wave of intense pleasure whipped through her cock-stuffed pussy.

The blood engorging Cheyenne's rock-hard cock boiled. His balls rumbled, the cum ready to explode. He jabbed, neighing and snorting as he cut brutally through the spongy heat of the teenager's pulsating pussy. Lacy felt the horse's cock swell inside her stretched cunt. She shuddered. "Cream me, Cheyenne. Squirt your fucking cum in me!" Knowing the raging beast was getting ready to blast his load turned Lacy into a hysterical mass of quivering, twisting flesh. She clawed his coat and humped her cunt at his spearing fuckrod. Her clit, swollen with blood, smashed into his body. "Me too!" she cried out. "I'm getting ready! Gonna cum!"

With Cheyenne pounding her relentlessly, Lacy raced to the peak. Her small breasts jiggled and her body quaked as each powerful thrust brought her closer to blowing her mind. She lunged up and screamed as his jabs pushed her further along the bench. "Fuck me!" she screamed as she reached the peak. "Fuck me!" She hovered, her body convulsing as she waited for the jab that would take her into her orgasm. Cheyenne gave it to her. He punched his prick deep. His balls slapped against the jiggling flesh of her ass. He punched again, the power and quickness of his jabs did the trick. "I'm cumming!" she screamed hysterically. "I'm cumming!" The inside of Lacy's climaxing pussy clamped around Cheyenne's cock like a vise. "I'm cumming!" she shrieked as her cunt began milking his stabbing prick. "I'm cumming!" Clear pussy juice washed over Cheyenne's stabbing cock. Muscles contracted violently around his throbbing fuck shaft. He whinnied, his balls ready to bust as Lacy's screaming voice and climaxing cunt turned him into a raging beast. "Cum in me! Cum inside my womb, you huge fucker!" Lacy screeched hysterically. "Cum inside me!" One orgasm after another swept through her pussy. She lunged at the pounding stallion, fucking herself blind as the horse's balls burst. Cheyenne neighed, his head rearing. His nuts exploded and a thick river of cum shot through his cock and squirted from his cockhead. The first stringy load spurted deep as he pushed her toward the end of the bench with his powerful jabs.

"You're cumming," she wailed blissfully. "I feel it!" Each squirt of horse-cum sent Lacy into another orgasm. "I feel your cum! It's wonderful!" She thrashed wildly on the bench as the horse flooded her tight cunt with his thin slippery cum. "Fuck me! Cum inside me!" Out of her mind, she lifted her legs and desperately clutched his flanks. Her head dropped over the end of the bench and her eyes went wide. "Fuck me, Cheyenne. Fuck me like a little whore!" Cheyenne, his balls blasting, drilled his cock in and out of the teenager's orgasming pussy. He neighed, pushing her an inch at a time off the bench. His balls, splattered with cum and pussy juice, whacked against her juicy flesh. "Ooooo, Cheyenne," Lacy screamed again in pain from the enormous girth of his penis. She was half off the bench, her hips rotating wildly as each drilling jab of his massive prick stretched her cunt and filled it with cum. "Fuck me! I'm cumming again!" With Lacy thrashing, the bench toppled over. She shouted, clutching the horse with her arms and legs. "Cheyenne!" Her head dropped back. Everything started spinning. "Cheyenne!" Cheyenne neighed. Tail swishing, he reared up on his hind legs and pranced. His front hooves kicked at the air as his head snapped back and forth. Lacy screamed, her body fused to his powerful frame. She ground her clit into his rough coat and climaxed again as the giant stallion dropped back to all fours.

Cheyenne stepped forward. His rump jerked and his sweaty coat glistened. His flanks heaved and snorting grunts came from his flared nostrils. He jerked, his cock buried as pussy juice and horse-cum gushed from her cunt and soaked his erupting balls. Lacy was weakening. Her nails dragged down the animal's flanks. She crashed to the hay-strewn floor, her pussy still impaled on the horse's jabbing cock.

"Cheyenne!" she shrieked as he pushed her twisting body around. "Cheyenne!" She clawed the ground, her hips rotating as she milked his stabbing prick. "Cheyenne, I can't stop cumming!"

Cheyenne pushed the screaming teenager into a pile of hay. He stabbed hard, his prick ripping deep. The squirting cum lost its power as his nuts drained. He neighed, his head bobbing as the child clutched at his twitching rump. Lacy stiffened, then went limp. Her legs melted from his rump. Still impaled, she hung on his cock, her young body at the complete mercy of the raging horse. Cheyenne reared up again and took Lacy with him. He dropped to all fours, then jerked back, his spent prick popping from her fucked-out pussy. Lacy's ass crashed to the hay. She lay twitching and whimpering as Cheyenne dropped his head and began licking the cum oozing from her pussy. "Yessss!" she sighed dreamily, her flesh still tingling from her first fuck. "Yessss!"

Cheyenne finished licking the cum oozing from her gash. He stepped back, whinnying softly as Lacy sat up.

"You were fantastic," she panted, still trying to catch her breath. "Fantastic." She rubbed her cunt, then jammed a finger inside. "No cherry." She licked her fingers, then plunged them back in her cunt. "Delicious," she sighed. She finished cleaning her own cunt, then staggered to her feet. "You rest," she said, leading him back to his stall. "Tomorrow's another day."

Lacy walked over and picked up her clothes. She dressed slowly. Every muscle in her body ached. "Whewwww," she sighed, walking toward the door. "Whatta day!" She glanced back over her shoulder and looked at Dylan. "I got a surprise for you tomorrow." She stepped out into the afternoon sun, then hurried to the house. She wanted to get cleaned up before her mother came home.


Chapter 2

Lacy quickly dismounted and waited for her mother to rein in her spotted Appaloosa. "This is it, Mommy," she said, bubbling with excitement.

Sharon reined in Dylan. She climbed off the horse and petted his neck. "It's a beautiful lake," she said, smiling at her daughter. "I never knew it was here."

Lacy smiled. It was a hot smile and her blue eyes glowed. Since yesterday when Cheyenne broke her cherry, she had begun to pick up on her mother's suppressed passion. Once she had, she realized her mother had not been fucked since her father had left the family over six months ago. She smiled again. All that was going to change. Lacy peeled off her shirt. The top of her bikini barely covered her fat curved breasts. She thought of her own pussy as she wiggled out of her jeans and how good it had tasted. She glanced at her mother and knew her mother's cunt would taste ten times better. She quivered and kicked off her jeans.

"C'mon, Mommy," she urged. "Take off your clothes and let's go swimming."

Sharon's throat tightened. "You're growing up, and... filling your top out," she said, her voice strained. She swept her eyes over her daughter, admiring her. "That doesn't cover much," she said.

Lacy giggled. "Too much." She winked and strode over to her mother. "Let me help."

Sharon trembled as her daughter started to unbutton her shirt. "I can do it," she said, her voice wavering. She stepped back and slipped off her shirt.

"You look great, Mommy," Lacy said, ogling the fleshy meat of her mother's breasts spilling from the skimpy top of her bikini.

Sharon's fat 4-inch wide nipples swelled under her daughter's leering gaze of her enormous FF-cup breasts. She gulped back a lump of passion and pulled off her jeans. "Are you sure nobody comes around here?"

Lacy watched her mother. Tingling sensations swept through her. Her mother's bikini was as skimpy as her own. She was glad she had talked her mother into wearing it.

"Nobody," she said, reassuringly.

Goose bumps dotted Sharon's flesh. "Let's get in the water," she said, feeling embarrassed.

Lacy took a deep breath. If she were going to seduce her mother, she had to start now. She let her breath out and quickly pulled off her bikini top. Her small breasts bounced free, the pink nipples swollen with desire. "See, I wouldn't do this if anyone were around."

Sharon gasped as her eyes settled on her daughter's large bare breasts. Her mouth dried up and the inside of her hot cunt turned mushy. "Put your top back on, honey, you're too, um, large, um, to be doing this," she said, her voice cracking with emotion.

"No," Lacy giggled. "The less you wear, the more fun it is." She peeled off her bottoms and displayed her naked body for one second. The next second, she spun around and ran into the lake.

Stunned, Sharon stared at her daughter's jiggling asscheeks. She swayed, her heart pounding as she watched Lacy dive into the water. "God," she sighed softly. "God!"

Passion gripped Sharon as she watched her daughter surface. She felt dizzy, the urge to be naked eating away at her mind. She took a deep breath and pulled her top off. Her large fleshy breasts bounced as she joined her daughter in the water. Lacy shivered, her eyes wide as she leered at her mother's bouncing breasts. Her mouth watered. "Your breasts are beautiful," she said as her mother surfaced in front of her. "Why didn't you take off your bottoms too?"

Sharon quivered under her daughter's hot leers. The inside of her cunt turned mushy. There was something about Lacy, something she couldn't put her finger on. It was as if the child had turned into a woman right before her eyes. "I'm not that bold," she said in answer to her daughter's question.

"Don't be shy, Mommy." She dipped below the surface of the water and latched her fingers into her mother's bikini bottoms. She pulled them down, baring her mother's hot cunt and ass. She surfaced, sputtering water. "Now, we're both naked."

Sharon creamed. Her glance fell to her daughter's large ripe breasts. "My god child, you're a woman."

"I know," Lacy purred. She felt lightheaded. The inside of her cunt was pulsing. She spanned her mother's breasts and squeezed. "They're so big and soft."

Sharon spasmed. She tried to speak, but nothing came out.

Lacy saw her mother's face flush with desire. She pressed, going quickly below the surface. She held her breath and guided her hand between her mother's legs and touched her cunt. Her other hand circled her mother's hip and kneaded a cheek of her ass.

Sharon swayed, her heart pounding. She stood in the water, her pussy contracting wildly. "God," she gasped. "What am I doing?" She shuddered as Lacy surfaced.

Lacy gasped for air. "Did you like it, Mommy?" she asked, bringing her hands back to her mother's fleshy breasts.

"Stop, Lacy," Sharon moaned. "This isn't right."

"Of course it is, Mommy," Lacy cooed. "I can tell you like it." She kneaded her mother's breasts, the long nipples burning into the palms of her hands. "I can see it in your eyes."

Lacy was right. Sharon was loving it. She gulped back the lump of passion that clogged her throat. "Please," she whispered. "I'm your mother."

Lacy took her mother's hand and led her out of the water. "You haven't had sex since Daddy left," she said, her hot young voice having an hypnotic effect on her mother. "And all that's gonna change."

They were out of the water, their naked bodies sparkling as the rays of the sun hit them through the trees. Lacy spread the blanket on the grass. "Lie down, Mommy."

Sharon couldn't think straight. "What... what if someone sees us?"

Lacy eased her horny mother to the blanket. "So what?" she sighed. She snuggled to her mother, pressing her wet young body tight against her mother's frame. "All that matters is that we enjoy ourselves." She roamed her mother's flesh, kneading and exploring as her young cunt turned to fire.

Sharon succumbed. She no longer cared about being seen. All she wanted was to enjoy the pleasures of her young daughter's body. "Baby," she mouthed, her arms circling Lacy's lithe body. "Baby."

"Oooo, Mommy," Lacy sighed. "We're gonna have so much fun together." She parted her lips and moaned as she fused her mouth to her mother's.

Sharon purred as her loins ached, seeing her daughter's nubile body. Soft whimpers came from her mouth as she feasted on her daughter's exploring tongue. She shuddered, rolling with her child back and forth across the blanket. Lacy writhed in her mother's arms. She jammed a leg between her mother's thighs and fused her flesh to her mother's hot buttery cunt. Juice seared her flesh and she spasmed as her mother tongued her mouth. She sucked on her mother's tongue and kept her thigh glued to her mother's cunt.

Sharon's hips jerked violently. She smashed her cunt into her daughter's thigh and whimpered. "Baby," she gasped, after pulling her mouth away. "I'm so hot. So fucking hot!" Her head was reeling. It didn't seem real. "Ooo, baby!"

Lacy squirmed and wound up on top of her mother. "This is fantastic," she gasped. She writhed, her small breasts crushed into her mother's fleshy globes. "You're cumming all over my leg."

"I can't help it," Sharon moaned deliriously. "It's been so long since I've had sex." She shuddered. "I'm cumming already."

"I know," Lacy sighed breathlessly. She watched her mother's face contort. "We're gonna both spend the morning cumming."

Sprawled out on her back, Sharon wildly humped her daughter's thigh. Exquisite spasms of pleasure overwhelmed her sex-starved body. "You're so beautiful, baby." She caressed her daughter's flushed face, then skimmed her hands down to the swell of her small pliant breasts. "This is crazy."

"Does it feel good?" Lacy moaned as her mother kneaded her big breasts.

"Yesssss," Sharon admitted. "Yesss." She swiveled her hips and kept her pussy fused to her daughter's thigh. "Oooo, yesss!"

Lacy softly came, and then she attacked her mother's sizzling flesh. She showered her face with kisses, then worked her hungry mouth over her mother's neck to her shoulders. At the same time, she continued to jam her thigh into her mother's pussy.

Sharon, her head swirling, stared up through the trees. Her body responded eagerly to her daughter. "Kiss me, baby. Kiss me all over."

Lacy caught her breath. "I will, Mommy. I will." She brought her mouth back to her mother's flesh and licked her shoulders.

Sharon writhed on her back. Hot pockets of air rushed from her open mouth. She blinked, her pussy flowing as her daughter's licking mouth drove her wild. "Baby," she gasped. She pushed on her daughter's head. "My breasts. Suck my breasts."

Lacy pushed her mother's hands away. "I will," she rasped. "Raise your arms." As her mother raised her arms, Lacy started licking her mother's armpits. She soaked her with saliva, then nibbled.

Sharon felt as if she were going to explode. "Baby," she squealed. "I'm going crazy."

Lacy listened, her eager mouth working toward the heaving flesh of her mother's huge FF-cup breasts. She licked the white creamy meat, her active hands kneading her mother's body. She soaked one tit with saliva, then started sucking on the large swollen nipple.

"Bite! Bite!" Sharon begged. She thrashed on her back, her breasts swaying as her daughter started to snip at the fleshy meat of her huge breasts. Lacy sucked ravenously and chewed. She worked her mouth methodically over the jiggling flesh. Wide circles that slowly grew smaller, brought her hungry mouth to the nipple. She chewed it, biting hard on the bullet tip as her mother's whimpering cries of joy rang in her skull. "Harder, baby," Sharon pleaded. "Harder!" She crushed her daughter's mouth to one fleshy tit-globe and spasmed. Lacy moaned, her face smothered in the meat of her mother's tit. She turned into a wildcat and began chewing the soft tit-meat. She clawed her mother's flesh, her nails dragging down her writhing body until her rib cage and taut stomach were marked with lines of passion.

"Baby," Sharon cried out. Her back arched. Her cunt was on fire and she jerked her hips. "My pussy! My pussy!"

Lacy ignored her mother's frantic pleas. She attacked the other tit with a vengeance. She turned the fleshy tit-globe to a bright glistening red. "You like it?" she panted, after lifting her head.

"I love it," Sharon gasped. She stared into her daughter's hot blue eyes. "Eat my pussy! Please! If I don't cum, I'll lose my mind!"

"I will, Mommy," Lacy promised. "After I've tasted every part of your body." She dropped her head and attacked her mother's breasts again, until Sharon was screaming hysterically.

Twisting on her back, Sharon pushed her hungry daughter away from her breasts. "My pussy," she wailed. "Eat my pussy!"

Lacy squirmed and worked her greedy mouth down over her mother's rib cage. She gnawed on her flesh, leaving a path of passion bites in her wake. She reached her mother's taut stomach. Hard sucks left blotchy marks in her mother's flesh.

"Lacy," her mother cried out. "Lacy!"

Lacy wasn't listening. She chewed on her mother's hips and thighs. The heady scent of her mother's cunt filled her head. She moaned and dropped between her mother's legs. "Roll over, Mommy," she commanded. "I want your ass first."

Sharon, no longer in control of her daughter or her own body, rolled to her stomach. With her breasts crushed beneath her, she writhed. The roles had been reversed. Lacy was now in charge. She didn't care. All she wanted was the pleasure of an orgasm.

Lacy ogled her mother's beautiful ass. She dragged her nails over her hips and white smooth cheeks. Spasms of joy whipped through her young cunt as she watched her mother squirm. "You have a beautiful ass," she said, sensing too, that their roles had changed.

"Do something," Sharon begged. "Do something to me!" She jerked her hips and moaned. "Please!"

Lacy threw herself at her mother and started gnawing on the cheeks of her ass. She scratched her mother's hips, then spread her asscheeks. She looked at her puckered asscrack for a moment, then fused her drooling mouth to the soft pink muscle and sucked.

"Yessss," Sharon wailed. She thrashed and jammed her ass back into her daughter's face. "Tongue me! Tongue-fuck my ass!" Her screams filled the air.

Lacy coated the pink crack with saliva, then plunged her tongue into her narrow ass. She tongued deep, then used her nails on her mother's wet cunt. Sharon pounded the ground with her fists. Her entire body was out of control. She used her cunt muscles on her daughter's fingers and tugged at her daughter's tongue with her ass muscles. "Lacy," she screamed. "Ooooo, Lacy!"

Lacy feasted on her mother's asshole. She gouged her mother's cunt, clawing the soft walls with her nails. Cunt-juice flowed out over her wrist. She gurgled, her own pussy in spasms as her mother's asshole muscles tried ripping her tongue out by the root. Sharon slammed back into her daughter's face. Tiny orgasms whipped through her pussy. "Lacy! I can't stand it!" She began gasping and choking as her daughter tortured her. "I gotta cum! I gotta cum!"

Lacy ignored her mother's ranting. She continued to dine on her ass and finger-fuck her sudsy cunt. She chewed on the tender meat around her mother's ass crack, then tongued again. Summoning all her strength, Sharon screamed and flung herself at her daughter. She twisted, ragged moans coming from her throat as she hurled herself to her back. "My pussy," she screamed, not caring if anyone could hear. "Eat my pussy!"

Lacy, her face flushed and smeared with saliva, stared hypnotically at her mother. "It looks like I'm in charge now," she said, getting a perverted pleasure out of controlling her mother.

Sharon, her huge, marred breasts heaving, nodded. She knew her daughter was right. She swallowed. "Please, baby. Please eat me!"

Lacy licked her lips, then forced her fist into her mother's cunt. She intended to torment her mother a while longer. "You ever do this before?"

"Nooooo," Sharon gasped as she fucked herself on her daughter's fist. "Noooo!"

Lacy creamed as cunt muscles pawed her probing fist. "We're gonna do lots of things," she teased. "Lots of things." She looked over at the horses and climaxed. "So many wonderful things."

"Anything you want," Sharon sobbed. She was out of her mind. "Anything!" She thrashed, her cunt gushing out juice as Lacy drove her insane. "Anything." Lacy yanked her fist from her mother's snatch. She leered at her red dripping pussy-slit, then moaned. Her will power was gone. Passion overwhelmed her and she threw herself at her mother, fusing her mouth to the hot buttery meat of her pussy.

"Yesss," Sharon screamed. "Yesssss!" She humped like a demon, battering her daughter's face with her pussy. "Yesssss!"

Lacy's pussy went into spasm as she dined greedily on her mother's cunt. She sucked the puffy folds into her mouth and chewed. Cream saturated her face and filled her mouth. She chewed harder, then jammed her tongue into her mother's hole. Creamy juice filled her mouth and she swallowed as her mother's shrieks of joy bombarded her skull and filled the air.

"Bite me," Sharon cried out. "Bite me! Make me cum!"

Lacy was having too much fun to get her mother off. She skimmed her hands under her mother's humping ass and clawed her asscheeks. With her mouth full of cuntmeat, she chewed. She found the crack of her mother's ass and raked it sadistically.

"You little bitch," Sharon screamed. "Bitch! Bitch!" She thrashed, her head swirling as her daughter's chomping teeth and ass-probing fingers drove her mad.

Lacy dined sumptuously on her mother's succulent pussy. She swallowed rapidly, drinking the juice as it flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue and invaded the spongy heat of her mother's fuck hole. Muscles attacked her tongue and her hot young pussy spasmed.

Sharon was completely out of her mind. Her head snapped from side to side. "Lacy," she sobbed. "Lacy!"

Lacy kept up the attack. Fingers jabbing and mouth chewing, she kept her mother in hysterical bliss. Her face was drenched with juice. She found her mother's clit and whipped it with her tongue.

Sharon screeched as her daughter beat her clit. "Bite it! Bite it!"

Lacy wasn't ready. She sucked it and beat it with her tongue, but she didn't bite. She twisted her fingers inside her mother's ass and shivered as her mother's screaming voice grew louder and louder.

"You fucking bitch!" Sharon cried out deliriously. "You fucking little whoring slut! My daughter is nothing but a whore now!" She beat her pussy against Lacy's face and tried to cum, but it was impossible. She needed more friction on her blood-gorged clit. Lacy kept her mother hovering. She jammed her fingers deep into her mother's ass. At the same time, she braced herself. It was time to give her mother what she was begging for. She sunk her teeth into her mother's clit. Sharon's body went into convulsions. "I'm cumming!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm cumming!" Her cunt exploded. "I'm cumming!" Hot clear pussy juice gushed from the pulsing walls of her twat. Her fuckhole became flooded and the white wet cum flowed over her daughter's face and into her mouth. "I'm cumming, Lacy! I'm cumming!" Lacy choked as the deluge of pussy juice flooded her mouth. She gulped, her teeth gnawing viciously on her mother's clit. She ripped her fingers into her mother's ass as the river of cum flowed from her mother's cunt to the crack of her humping ass. "Harder," Sharon screeched as an other orgasm tore through her pussy. "Harder! Bite! Suck! Rape my ass!" Sharon pounded her daughter's face with her climaxing fuckhole. She slammed down on her daughter's ass-stabbing fingers. Orgasms, one after the other, whipped through her cunt and spread until every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire. "I'm cumming again," Sharon screamed. "I'm cumming again!" Her back arched and her neck strained. Spit drooled from her mouth. "I'm cumming again and I can't stop!" Lacy didn't want her mother to stop. She destroyed her mother's clit and ravaged her asshole. She sucked, then snapped her head hard to the side. The action almost ripped Sharon's clit from her thrashing body.

Sharon's head snapped up. She stared down between her legs from wide glazed eyes. "Bite me! Bite it off!" Her head dropped back with a thud as another orgasm, more intense than the last, swept through her.

Lacy, her face drenched, absorbed the pounding of her mother's cunt. She chewed viciously. She raked her mother's ass. Quick swallows kept her from choking on her mother's cum. Her own young body was boiling hot and the inside of her hole sizzled for her mother's tongue.

Sharon seemed to lift entire off the blanket. She crashed back, then beat her fist into the ground as her shrieking voice trailed off until her words became sobs and raspy gasps for air.

Lacy kept her face plastered to her mother's cunt. She eased the pressure on her mother's clit, then licked gently. "Did you like it?" she panted, after sitting back on her haunches.

Sharon gulped, her eyelids fluttering as she gazed at her daughter. "Yes," she managed to say.

Lacy rubbed her hand between her own thighs. Juicy juice soaked her fingers. "You gonna eat me off?"

"Yes, baby," Sharon sighed. "Bring me your pussy."

Lacy straddled her mother's head, then crushed her hot cunt to her mother's mouth. She creamed. Eating her mother off had her ready and she climaxed immediately.

"We're gonna have so much fun," Lacy said, after she had climaxed. She stood, her legs wobbly.

Sharon pulled herself up. She nodded and licked her daughter's cum from her lips. "I just wish we had a cock."

Lacy giggled. "We do."

Sharon's face flushed and she realized for the first time that her daughter was no longer a virgin. "Who?"

"You'll see," Lacy said as she dressed.

Sharon, her body tingling as she thought about a cock, dressed too. Probably a boy, she thought with disappointment as they walked back to the horses. She shrugged. At least it was a cock.

"Let's go, Mommy," Lacy laughed. She climbed in the saddle and kicked Cheyenne in the flanks. "Last one home's a dirty whore."

Sharon laughed and quickly took after her daughter, Dylan's mane blowing in the breeze. "I think we're both dirty whores," she hollered, her voice lost in the wind.

Lacy couldn't hear. All she wanted to do was get back to the barn and introduce her mother to the pleasure of Cheyenne's cock. They raced across the fields, their pussies spasming each time they bounced in the saddle.

Lacy climbed off Cheyenne and led him into the barn. Her mother was only seconds behind her. "Looks like you're the dirty whore," Lacy giggled. She pulled off Cheyenne's saddle and began rubbing him down with a thick brush.

"I think you're the whore," Sharon said. She had Dylan's saddle off. "Who broke your cherry?" She brushed the panting white quarter-horse.

Lacy giggled. "Strip off your clothes and I'll tell you," she said.

Sharon smiled at her daughter. "I hope he's got a big cock," she said, peeling off her clothes as fast as possible.

"The biggest," Lacy sighed, her memory flashing back to Cheyenne's lunging stabs. "The biggest and fattest cock you could ask for."

Sharon was naked, her breasts heaving. What her daughter was telling her was making her cunt boil. She shook her head, unable to imagine a boy with that size prick. She smiled. To Lacy, Sharon figured, any cock would seem big.

Lacy finished undressing. She stepped away from Cheyenne and looked at her mother. Hot flashes swept over her. The newness of seeing her mother naked was still with her. "You're gorgeous," she sighed. "And delicious too."

Sharon stared at her teenaged daughter. "So are you, baby." She quivered. "Now, tell me. Who broke your cherry and when do I get his damn cock?"

Lacy grabbed her mother's arm and pulled her over to Cheyenne. She tingled. "Meet my cherry buster, Mommy."

Sharon was stunned. She couldn't speak. She didn't know whether to believe her daughter or not.

"Mommy doesn't believe me," Lacy giggled. She stroked Cheyenne's forehead and the horse whinnied softly and began nibbling on Lacy's plump heavy breasts.

Sharon, still stunned, became even more stunned as she watched the quarter-horse dine on her daughter's breasts. For a second, she felt lightheaded, then gulped back her pounding heart. Her pussy began to bubble and the juices oozed from her slit and made the flesh of her inner thighs slippery.

Lacy pulled her saliva-soaked breasts away from Cheyenne's foamy mouth. "C'mon, Cheyenne. Give Mommy a lick."

Cheyenne mouthed Sharon's huge meaty breasts. He nuzzled between the huge globes, then slapped his tongue over the jiggling flesh.

"Lacy," Sharon gasped. "This is crazy!" Her knees went weak and she almost collapsed. She swayed. The wet nibbling lips of the black stallion were turning her cunt to fire.

"You like it, huh?" Lacy was tingling with excitement. "Wait until you see his cock."

"I don't like it," Sharon gasped. "I love it." She jammed her breasts at the horse and moaned as he started pulling on her hard nipples. "It's fantastic."

Sharon moaned as the white quarter-horse began nibbling and pulling on her other tit. "God, Lacy," she gasped happily. "They're making me juice." Her knees turned to water and she melted to the ground. She stared up at the two horses as they brought their mouths to the jiggling meat of her breasts. "Yessss. Yesssss!"

Lacy watched as the two horses feasted noisily on her mother's breasts. She dropped to her knees and stroked her mother's pussy. "Cheyenne eats cunt," she said.

Sharon heard, but the words sounded as if they were coming to her in a dream. She writhed on her back, her eyes wide as the pleasure of the chomping horses made her cunt boil.

"You want your pussy licked," Lacy cooed. She gouged her mother's snatch, then wiped the slippery cunt juice over her mother's stomach.

"Yes," Sharon moaned happily. "I want my cunt licked." She began shaking violently as Lacy continued to wipe pussy juice all over her stomach and hips.

Lacy stood. "C'mon, Cheyenne. I got a pussy for you."

Cheyenne snorted and raised his head. Nostrils flared, he picked up the sweet pungent aroma of Sharon's cunt. Immediately, he began nibbling on her stomach and hips.

With Dylan dining on her breasts and Cheyenne chewing on her hips, Sharon moaned. "It feels fantastic." She humped, anxious to feel Cheyenne's large lips on her cunt. "Eat me, Cheyenne. Eat my pussy."

Cheyenne caught the strong scent and stepped between Sharon's long legs. He buried his face between her legs and started slapping at the puffy folds of her cunt.

Sharon bucked as if she had just received an electric shock. "Lacy," she squawked. "Lacy!"

Lacy crawled closer to her mother. It was exciting to watch the two stallions devour her mother. "I'm cumming, Mommy. Seeing you like this is making me dizzy."

Sharon moaned. "I'm cumming too, baby. God! To think they've been here all the time and I never thought ..." She couldn't finish her sentence. Cheyenne had just jammed his fat tongue deep into her hot steamy cunt.

Lacy giggled as she watched her mother's face flush and twist. "His tongue's in you, huh?"

Sharon moaned and nodded her head. "God. His tongue feels like a fucking snake in me." She humped up, battering her pussy into Cheyenne's snout.

While Dylan marked Sharon's breasts with his teeth and slashing tongue, Cheyenne slurped on Sharon's pussy. Cream coated his mouth and flowed over his tongue. He invaded her cunt again, then snorted as cunt muscles pulled on his tongue and cunt-juice clogged his nostrils.

"Wait until you feel his cock," Lacy sighed dreamily. She quivered, remembering the pain of the first jab.

"I can't wait," Sharon gasped. She thrashed on her back, her eyes wide as she watched in amazement as Dylan soaked her breasts with his warm drool. She scratched the white quarter-horse's forehead. "Bite, fucker. Bite!"

"That's what I call Cheyenne," Lacy said. "Fucker."

Sharon blinked and looked at her daughter. It didn't seem real. She lunged up, beating her cunt into Cheyenne's mouth. "Bite me, Cheyenne. Bite my fucking pussy!"

Cheyenne snorted and cleared his nostrils of pussy-juice. He attacked again, his tongue a thick whip as he beat it across Sharon's cunt. He whacked his tongue across her clit, then neighed as Sharon's passion began to arouse him.

"I'm getting close," Sharon moaned. "God. His fucking tongue is magnificent!" She jerked her hips and screamed with joy as Cheyenne plunged his tongue back into her gobbling cunt.

"Cum, Mommy," Lacy whispered. "Cum all over Cheyenne's mouth." Her eyes darted from Dylan to Cheyenne, then back to her mother's lust- contorted face. "Cum."

Sharon thrashed on her back. "I will, baby," she moaned, staring hotly at her child. "I will."

Sharon arched her back and crushed her breasts into Dylan's chomping mouth. She jerked her hips, her ass coming off the floor as she smashed her cunt into Cheyenne's teeth.

"Bite! Chew me up!" Sharon became hysterical as she raced mindlessly toward an explosive orgasm. "Bite me!"

Lacy rocked on her haunches, her small breasts heaving. Her breathing was shallow, her eyes wide. "Cum, Mommy," she whimpered.

Aroused, Cheyenne began chewing on Sharon's pussy. He snagged the pussy folds in his mouth and shook his head. He snorted again, then jammed his nose hard against her cuntmeat. The action crushed Sharon's clit and took her to the peak.

"I'm there," Sharon wailed as her body went wild. "I'm there! Oooo... I'm gonna cum, Lacy! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yessss, Mommy!" Lacy squealed. "Cream!" She shuddered, her young body trembling. "Cream!"

Cheyenne found Sharon's clit. He snagged it with his teeth and began to chew. It was all Sharon needed to take her into her orgasm.

"I'm cumming, Lacy. I'm cumming!"

With Sharon screaming with joy, Dylan lifted his head and neighed. He shook his head, his big eyes drawn back to the flopping meat of Sharon's breasts. He dropped his head and began chewing again.

Hot cum gushed from the soft walls of Sharon's cunt. The pulsating fuckhole filled quickly with milky cum, then spilled over, drenching Cheyenne's mouth and flowing into his nostrils.

"I'm cumming!" Sharon screeched again. "God... I'm cumming!" She thrashed maniacally as one horse maimed her breasts and the other horse savagely attacked her clit.

Lacy was in a trance as she watched her mother climax. She tinged, her flesh dotted with goose bumps. "Bite her, Cheyenne!" she screamed, caught up in her mother's orgasm. "Bite her."

With his tail swishing across his rump, Cheyenne brutally gnawed on Sharon's clit. Hard quick snorts kept his nostrils cleared as the flow of pussy juice turned into a river. He chomped hard, then jammed his mouth against her pussy.

The action twisted Sharon's clit and she screamed. "He's gonna bite it off," she squealed. "Yessss, bite it off!" She beat her pussy into Cheyenne's face as her jiggling ass slapped against the ground.

Lacy looked at the two horses. What she saw made her heart leap into her throat. Their cocks were growing. She swooned. "They're hot, Mommy! The horses are hot!"

In her lust-sopped brain, Sharon heard the echo of her daughter's voice. She twisted and jerked on her back. Her fists pounded the ground. "Baby!" she cried out, not believing the intensity of her orgasm. "I'm cumming again!"

Sharon's body went into convulsions as one orgasm after another whipped through her pussy. Cheyenne was tonguing her pussy and chewing her clit. Dylan was whipping her breasts with his tongue and gnawing on her nipples. The pleasure was out of this world. She lunged up, then crashed back with a thud as her body began shaking out of control.

Lacy gasped. Her mother's unbridled lust was contagious. She screamed, jammed her fingers into her own cunt and climaxed. "I'm cumming!" she screamed, falling to her back. "I'm cumming!"

Sharon climaxed again, then went limp. Her body began to quake. She shivered, her eyelids fluttering as the two horses continued to ravage her body. "No more," she gasped, trapped beneath the two horses. "No more."

Lacy wasn't listening. She was too busy fist-fucking her own cunt. "I'm cumming, Mommy! I'm cumming!"

Sharon heard her daughter's voice. Still under attack, she snapped her head to the side and watched her daughter. The sight made her cunt go into spasms and she climaxed again.

Lacy finished as quickly as she had started. She sat up and blinked. It was then that she realized what was happening. She moaned and allowed the two horses to continue for a moment. "You want me to make them stop?" she tormented.

"Yes," Sharon begged. "Please. I can't cum again like this." She pushed at Dylan's head as Lacy crawled over to Cheyenne.

"No more, boy," Lacy soothed. She pulled on Cheyenne's mane.

Cheyenne lifted his head and neighed. Pussy-juice dripped from his mouth. He pawed the ground. The passion that filled the barn had his balls aching and his cock throbbing. He neighed again, then began twitching as Lacy tried to calm him.

Free at last, Sharon sat up. "God!" she panted as she tried catching her breath. She looked at the two horses and knew what she wanted next.

Lacy gazed at her mother and read her thoughts. She smiled. "They're ready any time you are."

Sharon looked at her daughter, a hot lewd smile on her flushed face. "I'm ready now," she said. "I've been ready since your father split."

Lacy stroked Cheyenne's head. "You better take care of him first," she said. "He got horny as hell eating your pussy."

"I don't care," Sharon drooled. "As long as it's a cock." She flicked the tip of her tongue anxiously across her lips.

"Get on the bench, Mommy," Lacy said. "I think you'll enjoy it more."

Sharon could only smile with amazement. "You're the expert, huh?"

Lacy flushed a deep red. "I sucked Cheyenne off while he was on his side." She watched her mother get on the bench. "But, when he fucked me I was on the bench. It was better for him too." She blushed again.

Sharon squirmed into position. She saw the flush on Lacy's face. "Bring him to me." She writhed on her back, her ass rubbing into the wooden bench as she placed her feet firmly on the ground.

"Don't you wanna get fucked first?" Lacy asked.

"I've waited this long," Sharon sighed. "Waiting a while longer will only whet my appetite." She licked her lips again, then gasped as Cheyenne straddled her body, his prick in full view.

Lacy quickly led the spotted Appaloosa to his stall. "You wait here," she soothed. "You're next."

Dylan neighed and kicked at his stall as Lacy locked him in.

Lacy hurried back to her mother and Cheyenne and dropped to her knees. "Hold his cock, Mommy," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"I know what I'm doing," Sharon said. "It hasn't been that long." She wrapped her hands around Cheyenne's cock and spasmed. "God, it feels good."

"Get him hard," Lacy said. She squirmed and hefted Cheyenne's nuts. "His balls weigh a ton."

Sharon shivered, her hand stroking the horse's cock. She leered at his cockhead as his prick grew thick. "I'm shaking all over."

"Me too," Lacy said. She watched Cheyenne's cock turn to steel. "Big, huh?"

Sharon's head spun. She shifted her fists up and down the length of Cheyenne's prick. "Gigantic, god. Look, both my hands can't encircle his girth!" she gasped.

Cheyenne, completely aroused, bobbed his head and snorted. His balls were rumbling and the hot anxious hands on his prick were making the muscles under his sleek coat ripple.

"So hard too," Sharon sighed. "God, how did you fit him inside you." She talked to her daughter, but her eyes were glued to Cheyenne's rigid prick.

"It wasn't easy," Lacy said, remembering again the pain. "But, after the pain it was the most fantastic feeling in the world."

"I remember the pleasure," Sharon said. She squirmed on her back, rubbing Cheyenne's fat hulking cock across her breasts. "It feels so hot against my skin."

Cheyenne neighed and jerked his cock through Sharon's fingers. Jizz seeped from his cockhead. He pawed the ground anxiously as the urgent hands made his balls churn.

"Suck him, Mommy," Lacy said. "C'mon. I wanna watch you suck him."

Sharon was in heaven. She sighed dreamily. "First, I wanna bathe in his cum." She looked at her daughter. "I wanna watch it squirt. Besides, there's Dylan waiting for me. I'll suck him off."

Lacy began fingering herself. "Get him off," she said. "I wanna watch too."

"You can't watch if you're cumming," Sharon reminded her. She squeezed Cheyenne's fat meaty prick and a drop of cum dripped to her breasts. "Ooooo, it feels good."

Lacy giggled and pulled her fingers from her pussy. "I did the same thing, Mommy," she said. "I jerked Cheyenne off first before I sucked him."

"Like mother like daughter," Sharon purred. She shifted her fist faster up and down the length of the quarter-horse's cock. "C'mon, fucker. Soak me with your cum!"

With Cheyenne neighing and bobbing his head, Sharon squirmed up and down the bench, rubbing his seeping cock all over her flesh. "God, I must be crazy torturing myself like this." Her pussy was on fire, the greedy muscles hungry for Cheyenne's cock. Cheyenne jerked forward, the head of his prick banging the meat of Sharon's heavy swaying breasts. He snorted, his balls swelling to the bursting point as the cum from his cock made Sharon's breasts glisten.

"He's fucking my breasts," Sharon moaned. She arched her back and pillowed the horse's cock between her massive breasts. "Ooo, look, Lacy. He's fucking my breasts!"

Lacy gawked. Her own breasts were too small to do what her mother was doing. "He's gonna cum, Mommy. He's gonna cum."

"I know," Sharon wailed. "I can feel the throbbing of his cock." She squeezed her breasts tighter together and squirmed in rhythm to the frantic horse's jabs. Cheyenne tossed his head and neighed as his balls exploded. He jerked hard, driving his cock through her soft breasts as thick cum burst through his prick and splattered Sharon's neck.

"He's cumming!" Lacy squealed. She watched the cum burst from Cheyenne's cock and drench her mother. "He's cumming!"

Sharon climaxed at the same time. Her hips bucked, her empty cunt in orgasm. "Cream, fucker, juice!" Sharon moaned. "Oooo, he's cumming!" Sharon writhed on the bench. She grabbed his prick from between her breasts and started to furiously jerk him off. "He's cumming all over me, Lacy. All over me!"

"I see," Lacy squealed with excitement. "I can see." Her mouth watered for the cum that was splashing all over her mother's face and breasts.

Blinking, Sharon watched the stringy wads of cum squirt from Cheyenne's exploding cock. "I'm cumming too." She took a splattering wad in her face. The cum dripped to her lips and she scooped it into her mouth quickly as another spraying river of cum spattered her breasts and neck. Cheyenne neighed, his rump jerking. He forced his cock brutally through Sharon's fist. His nuts exploded again and a torrent of cum blasted from his prick and whitewashed Sharon's jiggling breasts.

"Keep cumming," Lacy mouthed. She grabbed Cheyenne's balls and massaged them. "Keep cumming."

"He is," Sharon shrieked happily as the horse bathed her in his thick gooey cum. "He is!"

She jerked her fist rapidly up and down his throbbing cockshaft. Cum hit her face and breasts and splashed into her hair. She opened her mouth to gasp as a squirting wad shot from his cock and hit her mouth. She gulped it down, her eyes wide as the horse's bursting prick continued to blast out cum. Cheyenne, his flanks heaving, emptied his nuts. He whinnied, the ache in his empty balls making him twitch. Sharon released his prick and a thick stream of lumpy cum splashed her stomach as the horse stepped back. She twisted, whimpering hotly as the cum seared her flesh.

Lacy staggered to her feet and locked Cheyenne in his stall. "I'll get you in a second, Dylan," she said, glancing over her shoulder as she hurried back to her mother. Lacy dropped to her knees, staring wild-eyed at the cum that drenched her mother's body. "He really creamed." She licked hr lips, then began rubbing the gooey cum into her mother's sizzling flesh. "It's so slippery and warm."

Sharon, her pussy on fire, writhed. "Rub it good," she moaned. "It's fantastic for the complexion." She scooped a glob off her own nipple and sucked it from her fingers. "Delicious."

"I know," Lacy said. She scooped up a glob and savored it, swishing it back and forth in her mouth before swallowing.

Sharon glanced over at Dylan's stall and trembled. "I'm ready to suck him off," she mouthed. "Bring him to me."

Lacy finished rubbing the horse-cum into her mother's flesh. "I'll be right back."

Lacy returned quickly with the horny spotted Appaloosa. "I can't wait to see his cock," she sighed. She led him into position, then dropped to her knees as her mother grabbed his sheath.

"If it's anything like Cheyenne's I'll cum all over the fucking bench." She stroked frantically, anxious to see Dylan's giant cock.

"He's growing," Lacy squealed as the horse whinnied. "He's getting big." She drooled, her young pussy tingling as Dylan's fat bloated cockhead came into view.

"Looks good," Sharon sighed. Her mouth watered and she licked her lips. The taste of Cheyenne's cum was still there. "This time I get it all in my mouth."

Dylan neighed, his white mane flowing as he shook his head from side to side. The hands on his prick were arousing him to a feverish pitch and his balls began swelling with cum. Sharon slowly stroked the horse's cock. She squiggled on the bench and opened her mouth. The seeping tip of his prick touched her lips and she creamed.

"Put it in your mouth, Mommy," Lacy urged. "Suck him."

Sharon gulped as Dylan lunged. She took his fat cockhead into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue swirled around his cockhead, scooping off the cum that constantly seeped out. She spasmed, her neck bent as she started bobbing her head. Watching her mother suck the white quarter-horse's cock made Lacy climax. "Suck him, Mommy. Take him to his balls!" She reached over and caressed her mother's wet dripping cunt. Sharon heard her daughter's voice and felt her hand stroking her pussy. She jerked her hips, wanting Lacy's fingers inside her snatch while she sucked Dylan's delicious cock. Lacy understood instinctively. She jammed her fist into her mother's gaping cunt and gouged the soft walls with her nails. Sharon climaxed. At the same time, Dylan lunged at her face. His cock flattened her tongue and slammed at the entrance to her throat. She gagged, but kept her hands wrapped around the base of his prick as his shaft turned to steel and his cockhead plunged into her throat.

"All of it, Mommy," Lacy coaxed as she fist-fucked her mother's cunt. "Take it all."

Sharon wanted it all. She gobbled voraciously, her cheeks drawn in tight as Dylan forced his thick meaty cock deeper and deeper into her tight throat. She gagged, her mouth drooling as she began massaging his nuts and stroking his shaft. The Appaloosa stallion whinnied and rumbled his lips. His head reared up and he snorted as Sharon's hot sucking mouth churned his cum-swollen balls. Sharon, sucking demonically on the horse's cock, bobbed her head. She took him deeper, her fingers now at her clinging lips. She pulled away her hand at the same moment Dylan jerked. His balls hit her chin. He was buried to his balls and she climaxed on her daughter's pounding fist.

"You did it, Mommy," Lacy squealed. "You did it!" She swooned, then creamed as she felt her mother's climaxing cunt muscles massage her jabbing fist. "Suck him! Suck him off!"

With his cock buried to the root, Dylan hacked at Sharon's mouth. Whinnies came from his throat. His neck twisted and his eyes widened. The teeth scraping along his sensitive shaft had his body twitching and his tail swishing. Sharon feasted noisily on the giant quarter-horse's rigid prick. It was bliss having a cock in her mouth. She sloshed his cock with her tongue, then gnawed on his cockshaft. Each throb of his prick sent tremors of pleasure through her fist-stuffed pussy. Flanks heaving, Dylan skewered Sharon's throat. His prick swelled inside her throat and his nuts whacked against her chin. He tossed his head and neighed as her scraping teeth agitated him.

"Suck him, Mommy," Lacy continued to urge. "Make him cum! Make him cum in your mouth!"

Sharon wasn't ready to bring the giant animal off. She was savoring each throb and each stab of his throat-slicing dick. She bobbed her head, fucking her throat with his prick as he humped his cock into her face. Lacy rocked on her haunches. Her fist was buried inside her mother's cunt. Cream flowed from her fuckhole and dribbled down Lacy's wrist. "Mommy," she moaned. "Make him cum!"

Sharon, her pussy in climax, humped her daughter's fist. Her breasts flopped each time her body jerked. Her nipples felt as if they were going to burst. She took him to his balls and clamped her teeth into his shaft. The Appaloosa whinnied and jerked back. Then suddenly, he lunged forward and ripped his prick into Sharon's throat. Sharon shuddered as his balls slapped against her saliva-drenched chin. She felt her head snap back. A quick gag and she recovered, her head bobbing in rhythm to the horse's quicker, more intense pace. Dylan hammered his cock repeatedly into Sharon's tight throat. Her lashing tongue and nipping bites swelled his balls. Her deep sucks made the cum rumble. He neighed, his balls ready to burst.

"He's gonna cum! He's gonna cum," Lacy shrieked. "Suck him, Mommy! Suck him!"

Sharon sensed the urgency in the horse's plowing prick. She was ready now, and her entire body shuddered for the cum in his chin-whacking balls. Dylan's nuts burst. The churning cum shot through his cock like a rocket. A thick stream of horse-cum blasted from his cockhead and squirted into Sharon's cock-stretched throat. He neighed, his balls churning out another river of gooey cum. Sharon choked on the first wad. The second stream of cum splashed over her tongue. She gulped, at last drinking cum. Her body went into convulsions. The cum squirting into her mouth had triggered another orgasm in her fist-stuffed cunt.

"Fuck her face, Dylan," Lacy screamed. "Fuck her face!" She twisted her fist in her mother's cunt. "Ooooo, he's cumming your mouth, Mommy! He's cumming your mouth!"

Sharon knew what the horse was doing. Her mouth was flooded with cum. She swallowed as fast as she could, drinking greedily as he skewered her throat and filled her mouth with his sweet-tasting cum. Dylan stepped forward, his rump twitching. He jammed his dick deep into Sharon's throat and let loose with another spraying river of cum. He snorted, enraged to a feverish pitch as Sharon's teeth and slashing tongue kept the cum in his balls churning and exploding. Sharon gulped, but the cum was squirting too fast even for her greedy mouth. Cum gushed from her nose and she gagged. Thick drooling strands dripped from her clinging lips and rolled down her neck. She jammed her head forward, meeting a thrusting stab. She shuddered as she felt a squirt of cum shoot directly into her throat. Dylan, whinnying and shaking his head, slammed viciously into Sharon's chewing mouth. His balls were spattered with cum. He reared up on his hind legs, almost ripping his prick from Sharon's throat.

Lacy shrieked with fear. "Mommy! Mommy!" She jerked her cum-drenched fist from her mother's cunt and stared in awe as her mother handled it.

It felt as if Dylan were going to rip her throat apart. Her neck stretched and she gurgled as the neighing stallion dropped back to all fours. She grabbed his nuts, mauling them as she felt the strength of his jabs begin to subside. Dylan humped. His rump twitched. His balls were empty. He jabbed hard, then jerked back. Half his cock came out of Sharon's throat. He jerked back again, the rest of his prick popping from her mouth. A thin spray of horse-cum splashed over Sharon's flushed face. Sharon dropped her head back to the bench with a thud. She gurgled, her mouth filled with cum. Her body writhed, the intensity of her orgasms leaving her weak and tingly. Quickly, Lacy led Dylan back to his stall. She locked him in, then hurried back to her mother.

Before Sharon could swallow, Lacy had her mouth fused to her mother's lips. She plunged in her tongue and scooped out a wad of cum. She savored it, then pulled back. "Ohhh, Mommy. I was afraid for a minute."

"I wasn't," Sharon said dreamily. "It was fantastic." She wiped the cum from her face, then licked it from her fingers.

"You ready to fuck now?" Lacy asked.

Sharon got to her feet. She wobbled for a moment. "Not yet, baby," she said. "Give them a rest and you and I will have something to eat." She walked toward the barn door, her head still in the clouds.

"Aren't you gonna get dressed?" Lacy asked.

"What for?" Sharon said with a smile. She opened the barn door and stepped outside.

Lacy scrambled to her feet and joined her mother. Together, they walked back to the house.

Sharon stood, her breasts bouncing. "I can't wait any longer," she moaned. "I gotta get fucked."

"I was wondering why you were waiting so long," Lacy sighed. She pushed herself away from the table and stood. "Let's go."

"The wait made me juice," Sharon explained as they hurried outside. "My cunt's dripping so much I'm squashing."

With her big breasts bouncing and her ass jiggling, Lacy ran across the yard to the barn. She threw open the doors. "Hurry, Mommy."

Sharon rushed inside, her body shaking as the fire in her cunt spread until her entire body sizzled. "I want Cheyenne first," she said. She walked unsteadily toward his stall. "You wanna get fucked?"

Cheyenne neighed and kicked at his stall as Sharon unlocked it.

"He does," Lacy giggled, her eyes fixed on her mother's naked body. "What about Dylan?"

Sharon smiled hotly and ogled her daughter. "I'm saving his cock for my asshole."

"Holy shit," Lacy gasped as her mother led Cheyenne to the center of the barn. "He'll rip you apart.

"Just like your father used to do," Sharon purred. She dropped to her knees and stroked the quarter-horse's stomach.

Lacy, already on her knees, reached under and caressed Cheyenne's huge balls. "You're gonna love getting fucked, Mommy."

Sharon smiled. "I know," she said. She rubbed Cheyenne's sheath. "I remember what it's like." She pulled on Cheyenne's sheath and exposed the fat spongy head of his cock. "Beautiful."

"Suck him, Mommy. He'll get hard faster."

"And I'll get hotter," Sharon sighed. She squiggled into position as Cheyenne neighed. She slapped her tongue over the horse's bloated dickhead, then sucked it into her mouth. She swiped her tongue through his seeping cockhead as she continued to stroke his sheath.

Lacy's mouth watered. She mauled the horse's nuts. "C'mon, Cheyenne. Get hard. Get hard!"

Cheyenne pawed the ground and jabbed. His prick filled with blood, the shaft thickening and turning to steel. He jabbed, the head of his cock piercing Sharon's throat. Sharon gagged, but pushed her head forward. She took him easily into her throat and began chewing on his shaft. She pushed forward, taking him deep until her drooling lips hit his balls and Lacy's fingers. Cheyenne's prick turned to steel. The fat shaft stretched Sharon's throat. He jerked hard, battering her face as she gnawed on his shaft and sucked. Sharon kept the horse's cock buried in her throat. She bobbed her head until her pussy began pulsing for the cock in her mouth.

"Mommy," Lacy sighed. "Don't suck him off."

Sharon dragged her teeth along his shaft until his prick popped from her mouth. Panting, saliva drooling from her mouth, she stared at Cheyenne's gigantic prick. "God, is he ready!"

Lacy pulled the bench over. "Get on it, Mommy. I'll put his cock in you."

Quickly, her pussy flowing and pulsing, Sharon sprawled out on her back. Legs spread, feet flat, she humped her ass up and down. "Hurry, baby. I need it now more than ever."

"That's the way I fucked him," Lacy said, pulling on Cheyenne's prick.

Cheyenne stepped forward, his huge cum-crammed balls swinging. He snorted as Lacy tugged the seeping head of his prick through the sizzling gash of Sharon's pussy.

"You feel it, Mommy?" Lacy asked. She dragged his cock through her mother's gash again and watched the juice seep out.

"Yesss," Sharon hissed. "Take away your hand and let the bastard fuck me." She moaned, her body quivering out of control as she waited for the first jab of his prick.

Hot sizzling juice seared the tip of Cheyenne's cock as Lacy pulled away her hand. He neighed, the scalding heat reaching into his balls. A quick jab stretched Sharon's cunt and he neighed again as her cunt muscles gripped his shaft and started pulsing.

"Fuck her," Lacy squealed as she watched the horse's prick sink into her mother's cunt. "Fuck her!"

"Yesss," Sharon wailed happily. "Fuck me!" She lifted her hips as Cheyenne jabbed. "God, I feel like a virgin." She swiveled her hips and began tugging on Cheyenne's cock as he shoved it into her cunt.

"I really was a virgin," Lacy sighed. Her blue eyes were wide as she stared at Cheyenne's cock disappearing into her mother's cunt. She saw the juice oozing out and down her mother's asscrack. "Hump, Mommy! Hump!"

"I am, baby! I am!" Sharon lurched up from the bench and gobbled up Cheyenne's prick with her greedy cunt. "Fuck me, Cheyenne! Fuck me!"

Cheyenne stepped forward, driving his prick deep into the spongy wetness of Sharon's gripping pussy. Cream bathed his stabbing prick and muscles pulsed rhythmically around his blood-gorged shaft. He neighed, his balls slapping against her quivering flesh.

"I got it!" Sharon screeched deliriously. "I got it all!" She rotated her hips and moaned with joy. She grabbed at Cheyenne's heaving flanks, her body thrashing as the giant stallion began slashing his prick in and out of her hot wet cunt.

Lacy reached under and grabbed Cheyenne's swinging nuts. She milked them and felt them contract in her palm. "He's got a load," she sighed.

"And it's all for my pussy," Sharon exclaimed. Her breasts flopped and her ass thumped against the bench. With her back arched, she clawed Cheyenne's flanks. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Cheyenne, snorting and bobbing his head, plowed his cock relentlessly in and out of Sharon's sudsy cunt. His balls ached as Lacy mauled them. His cock swelled as Sharon's cunt greased it with steamy juice.

Each jab of Cheyenne's cock had juice squashing from Sharon's pussy. The juice spattered Lacy's fingers and Cheyenne's balls. "Cum, Mommy," Lacy urged. "Cum all over his beautiful cock."

"I want to," Sharon wailed. She twisted on the bench, the powerful jabs keeping her in bliss as she climbed steadily toward an explosive orgasm.

Cheyenne plundered Sharon's mushy cunt. Cum seeped from his cockhead as his balls swelled to the bursting point. He snorted, lunged hard and pushed Sharon toward the end of the bench. Sharon rode the horse's plunging cock. Her legs trembled. Her face twisted. She stared drunkenly at her daughter. "Lacy," she moaned. "It's heaven. I waited so long for this!"

"Cum, Mommy! Cum!" Lacy became hysterical as she watched. She slapped Cheyenne on the rump. "Cream, Cheyenne! Cum inside my Mommy's womb!"

Sharon, her body in the throes of passion, thrashed maniacally on the bench. She humped wildly, fucking herself blind on the quarter-horse's giant cock as she raced toward the peak. "I'm almost there!" Sharon screeched as the pulsing in her cunt became erratic. "I'm almost there!"

"So is Cheyenne," Lacy squealed. She rocked on her haunches, her own pussy flowing like a river. She jammed her fingers into her hot young cunt and creamed. "Cheyenne's gonna cum too!"

With Cheyenne pounding the hell out of her, Sharon reached the peak. The jabbing thrusts had her body at the end of the bench. She screamed, her head snapping back and forth. "I'm there! I'm there!"

"Cum, Mommy! Cum!" Lacy creamed and fell back on her ass as her mother went into her orgasm.

"I'm cumming," Sharon shrieked at the top of her lungs. "I'm cumming!"

An orgasm tore through Sharon's cock-stuffed cunt like a bolt of lightning. Her body went into convulsions. "I'm cumming, baby! I'm cumming all over his fucking prick!" Cheyenne neighed and lunged. His cock sliced through the gooey cum of Sharon's cunt. His rump twitched and his tail swished. Head jerking he reached the peak, his balls ready to bust. "Cum," Sharon screamed as she climaxed on the horse's cock. "Cum inside me you big fucker! Cum inside me, fill my cunt with your cum, Cheyenne!"

Lacy sat up, her eyes wide. She began to quake as she sensed the eruption in Cheyenne's balls. Cheyenne's balls burst. He whinnied shrilly as he tossed his head in the air. Hot thick horse-cum blasted through his cock and shot from his cockhead like a geyser. The spraying arc squirted deep into Sharon's gulping cunt as he jammed hard and inched her off the bench.

"He's squirting his cum," Sharon screamed. "He's cumming, Lacy! He's cumming in my pussy!" Sharon struggled to keep on the beach. She clutched his flanks with her arms and clamped her legs to his rump as her head dropped over the end of the bench. "Oh god, he's cumming... he's filling me up!" Cheyenne plowed brutally into Sharon's blazing pussy. Each jab cut through her cuntslit. He snorted, foaming at the mouth as Sharon's screams made his ears flicker. Lacy was stunned into silence as she watched. She was back on her haunches, rocking, her eyes wide, her mouth open. Holding onto the plundering animal, Sharon screamed again as another orgasm whipped through her pussy. "I'm still cumming," she wailed. "Ooooo, Lacy! It's fantastic!" She bucked beneath the lashing stallion. Her head snapped up as the bench toppled over. Lacy, coming out of her stupor, pulled the bench away. "Ride him, Mommy! Ride his fucking cock!"

Holding tightly to the quarter-horse, Sharon hurled her body at him. She met his jabs, screaming shrilly as cum gushed from her cunt and flowed down the crack of her ass. "He's still cumming," she shrieked deliriously. "He's drowning me! Ohhh, so much pressure inside my belly, god, it's... a lot... of... cum!" Cheyenne stepped forward, taking Sharon with him. Each jab cut through her cum-filled fuckhole. The cum and pussy juice squished out and splattered his erupting nuts. He neighed, then reared up on his hind legs as his balls spewed out another river of cum. Sharon screamed as she clung to the horse. "Lacy! Lacy! I can't hold on much longer!" Cheyenne dropped back to all fours. His rump jerked as he twisted back and forth. Cum spurted from his prick. He neighed, his mouth foaming and his eyes bulging. He lurched forward on stiff legs, driving Sharon into a bale of hay. Sharon's body shuddered violently. Her eyes rolled and everything started spinning. "Lacy!" she screamed as the intensity of her orgasms weakened her. "Lacy!" Her arms turned to rubber and she crashed to the hay. Her hips continued to jerk as she fucked herself on his prick. "More! More," she wailed, her fists pounding the ground. "More!" Cheyenne drove her twisting body forward. He snorted, reared up on his hind legs. His cock ripped from her cunt, the last spraying wads of cum splashing all over Sharon's quivering flesh. He dropped back to all fours, snorting and trembling as his coat glistened with the sweat of his lust. Sharon writhed, her body floating back from the dizzy heights. "Oooo, Lacy," she sighed. "I was in heaven."

Lacy staggered to her feet. She led Cheyenne back to his stall. "Don't move, Mommy. I wanna eat Cheyenne's cum from your pussy."

"Later," Sharon sighed, "First, I hafta to keep this going; I wanna get take one in my ass: bring Dylan."

Lacy gasped, then quivered. "Okay, Mommy," she said excitedly. "Okay."

Lacy staggered over to Dylan's stall. "C'mon," she urged, leading him back to the center of the barn. "C'mon."

Crawling on the ground, Sharon reached the bench. Horse-cum oozed from her cunt as she put the bench back into place. "Christ, Lacy," she gasped. "I can't wait to feel his cock in my ass."

Lacy licked her lips nervously as Dylan snorted and pawed the ground. "Easy," she soothed, stroking the Appaloosa's thick neck. "Easy."

Trembling, Sharon hauled her sweaty body up on the bench. She sprawled out on her stomach, her ass perched high. "Put him in me," she moaned. "I need it so fucking bad. I've never been fucked like Cheyenne. Bet Dylan will kill me!"

Lacy led the white quarter-horse into place. She dropped to her knees and grabbed his prick. "He's almost ready," she moaned. She stroked the horse's cock slowly, her eyes riveted to the puckered crack of her mother's asshole.

Sharon writhed on her stomach. With her breasts squashed into the rough wood, she rolled her hips. "Hurry, Hurry, Lacy, before I get scared and change my mind!"

Lacy shivered. She saw Cheyenne's cum oozing from her mother's pussy and the glistening crack of her mother's twitching asshole. She shifted her fist rapidly now, turning Dylan's prick to steel. "Hold still, Mommy," she said with a gasp. "I'm gonna put him in."

Dylan whinnied as his rock-hard cock throbbed. He jerked forward, banging the bloated head of his cock against the juice-stained checks of Sharon's ass. He neighed, his muscles twitching as he jabbed again. "C'mon, baby," Sharon rasped. She clutched the bench, her ass still as she felt Dylan's cock hit her asscheeks.

"Easy," Lacy said, a tremor in her voice. She aimed the fat hulking horse cock at her mother's ass. "Here he comes."

Dylan jabbed again. This time his fat bloated head hit the target. He whinnied, his cockhead sinking into the narrow confines of Sharon's asshole.

"He's in," Lacy squealed. "He's in your ass."

Sharon spasmed, exhaled loudly as if the breath were knocked out of her, and snapped her head up. Eyes bulging, she rotated her hips. "I feel it," she moaned. "He's so big! So fucking big!" With Dylan jerking and feeding her ass his cock, Sharon creamed. Her shoulders wrenched and her cunt began to pulse. The muscles in her ass clamped around Dylan's stabbing cock. "Gimme," she moaned greedily. "Gimme all of it!" Dylan jabbed hard, forcing his thick hulking cock into the narrow confines of Sharon's asshole. He dropped his head, lurched forward and speared her ass. Snorting grunts came from his nostrils as the muscles in Sharon's asshole clamped around his half-buried cock like a vise.

Lacy, mouth open and eyes wide, stared at the fabulous sight. "Mommy," she whimpered. She reached under the plowing steed and touched her mother's tight ass crack. "Does it hurt?"

"Oh god does it! Yesss it hurts, baby," Sharon babbled. "It hurts so fucking good." She slammed back at the horse, taking him deeper and deeper into her ass. "I want it all!"

Lacy rapped Dylan on the rump. "Fuck her!" She rapped his ass again with the palm of her hand. "Fuck her!"

Dylan whinnied and twisted his neck. Teeth bared and spittle dribbling from his tongue, he snorted and lunged forward. The entire length of his prick ripped into Sharon's asshole. Sharon convulsed as her ass filled with cockmeat. She felt his balls against her flesh and spasmed. "I got it all," she cried out dreamily. "I got it all!" She thrashed like a stuck pig on the white quarter-horse's prick. Her hips swiveled and the inside of her ass mauled his buried cock. "Fuck me, Dylan! Fuck the shit out of me!"

Lacy, seeing his entire cock go into her mother's ass, almost fainted. "Mommy. Tell me how it feels."

"I told you," Sharon gasped as she bucked her hips. "It's fabulous. Like a huge snake squirming and vibrating inside me!" She slammed back at the stallion and screamed as he split her in two. Dylan pounded Sharon's asshole with hard punching jabs. The head of his cock ripped deep, his shaft stretching her ass to the limit. Cum seeped from his cockhead and his balls rumbled. Snorts and whinnies came from his drooling mouth as Sharon's shrieks of pleasure filled the barn.

"I want it too," Lacy squealed. Her own asshole began twitching. "I want my asshole fucked." She grabbed Dylan's balls and squeezed. "Fuck her, Dylan! Fuck my Mommy!"

"He is," Sharon screamed deliriously. "He is!" She twisted, her breasts raw as she mashed them into the rough bench. Her ass swiveled, her blood-swollen clit smashing into the bench each time Dylan plunged his cock into her ass. "I'm out of my fucking mind," Sharon screamed. "I love it! I love it!" Dylan plowed deep, his thick shaft stretching her hole. His balls whacked against her flesh. His powerful muscles were tight and rippled under his white coat. His mane swished across his thick neck as he jerked his head back and forth.

Lacy was mesmerized as she watched the stallion plunder her mother's asshole. She swooned, her body quivering. "Make him cum, Mommy. Make him cum!"

"Soon, baby," Sharon screeched. "Soon!" She slammed back at the horse and rolled her hips. "God, whatta fuck!" She twisted on the bench, her knuckles white as she clutched the wood. Her face was red, her mouth twisted into a drunken smile.

"He's in my belly, Lacy," she gasped. "His cock's up in my fucking belly!" She spasmed. Each jab of his cock sent tremors through her cum-filled pussy. His throbbing fuck shaft sent spasms through her ass that spread to every raw nerve in her body. Dylan tossed his head and whinnied. Lunging hard, he pushed her twisting along the bench. Hard jabs had his flanks heaving. He jerked, his balls swelling and slapping against her quivering flesh.

"Cum, Mommy," Lacy moaned. "Cum!" She reached up and clawed Dylan's rump. Her fingers skimmed his coat until she found his asshole. Out of her mind, she jammed her fingers into the horse's ass. "Fuck her, Dylan. Fuck her!"

With his ass being ravaged, Dylan picked up the already punishing pace. He plunged hard, tearing maniacally into Sharon's asshole. His cock swelled and his balls rumbled. Whinnies came from his mouth. Flanks heaving, he plunged deeper into Sharon's ass as Lacy's screams and Sharon's howls turned him into a raging beast. Sharon was out of her skull. Each jab smashed her clit into the wood and brought her closer to the peak. Each throb of his stabbing cock sent tingling spasms through her pulsing cunt. She twisted, his jabbing thrusts shoving her writhing body toward the end of the bench.

"Harder," Sharon screamed as she raced toward the peak. "Harder!"

Dylan ripped into her ass, his balls ready to burst. He neighed, his head bobbing as he took Sharon to the peak with his vicious stabs.

"I'm there," Sharon screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm gonna cum!"

Lacy felt the muscles in Dylan's ass contract. "So is Dylan," she shouted. "He's gonna cum in your ass, Mommy!"

"He's getting bigger," Sharon screamed as she hovered at the peak. "God, I'm gonna... gonna cum!"

The next instant, with Dylan plowing her ass, Sharon climaxed. "I'm cumming," she screamed hysterically. "I'm cumming!"

An orgasm tore through Sharon's cunt. She went into convulsions as pussy flooded her snatch and mixed with Cheyenne's horse-cum. Her ass contracted around Dylan's stabbing cock. "I'm cumming, baby! I'm cumming!" Dylan's balls erupted. He snorted, plowed deep as a thick river of cum blasted from his cockhead and squirted into Sharon's gulping asshole. "He's cumming me," Sharon shrieked. "He's cumming my asshole!" She thrashed, her body almost toppling from the bench. "He's squirting it so deep!"

Lacy's legs turned to rubber and she dropped to the ground. Her fingers popped from Dylan's ass. "Mommy," she squealed. "Mommy!" She stared, her eyes fixed on the cum squashing from her mother's asshole.

Sharon battled the raging stallion. She twisted her hips, her body absorbing the punishing stabs. "I'm cumming again," she screamed as he knocked her half off the bench. "I'm cumming again!" Sharon's head dropped, then snapped up. Her arms shot out straight as she braced herself. Palms flat on the ground, she rolled her hips. Cum poured into her ass, triggering more orgasms in her cunt. "Lacy," she screamed. "Lacy!" Dylan lunged forward, pushing Sharon completely off the bench. With her asshole stuffed with his prick, he swayed, taking Sharon with him as if she were a feather. He reared up, neighed and pranced on his hind legs as Sharon's ass twitched violently around his buried cock. Sharon screamed, her arms giving out. Impaled on his cock, she climaxed as he dragged her thrashing body around the floor. Spit drooled from her mouth and she pounded the ground with her fists. Dylan jerked. Foaming at the mouth, his white coat glistening with sweat, he neighed. He shoved her twisting body through the hay, then jerked back, bringing Sharon with him. She rocked her hips and shrieked with joy. Cum poured from her asshole. Her body spasmed, then went limp as her orgasms drained her. Dylan twisted his rump, then yanked his spent cock from Sharon's asshole. He snorted, his head bobbing and his chest heaving.

"Jesus," Lacy sighed. She scrambled to her feet and led Dylan back to his stall.

Sharon slumped to the ground, twitching sporadically as cum oozed from both her fuckholes. She whimpered softly, then shuddered. Lacy returned quickly. She stared down at her mother and saw the cum oozing from her. "Mommy," she moaned. She threw herself between her mother's legs and fused her mouth to her mother's asshole.

"Baby," Sharon sighed. "Suck... suck out his cum." Lacy sucked on her mother's asshole. Thick lumps of Dylan's cum filled her mouth. She sucked deeper, then gulped. She plunged her tongue into her mother's hole and lugged out the rest of Dylan's cum. "Now, my pussy," Sharon sighed. She rolled to her back. Hay stuck to her sweaty breasts and stomach. "Suck out Cheyenne's cum."

Lacy, greedy for all the cum she could get, plastered her mouth to her mother's pussy and sucked. She drank Cheyenne's cum, then snaked her tongue into her cunt and hauled out the last few wads.

"Oooo, whatta day!" Sharon said as her daughter finished cleaning her fucked-out holes. "Whatta day!"

Lacy stood, her legs wobbly.

Sharon hauled herself to her feet. "I'm gonna call my best friend and have her come up."

"Miss Christie? I like her, she's so pretty!" Lacy squealed. "You think she'd like to fuck the horses?"

"It doesn't matter if she does," Sharon said. She wrapped her arm around Lacy's waist. "She's shy and has never been married. Maybe, she's still cherry."

Lacy shivered with excitement. "Can I suck her pussy, Mom?" she asked as they walked out of the barn.

"You can do anything you want to her," Sharon said. "We're gonna introduce my shy friend to all the joys of sex."

"Great," Lacy sighed as they walked back to the house. "Great."


Chapter 3

Three days later, Christie walked into the barn. "What is it you want to show me?"

Sharon looked at her friend and smiled. "It's a surprise," Sharon said.

"Yeah, Christie," Lacy giggled as she ogled her friend's lush body. "A sexy surprise."

Christie's eyes darted from Sharon to Lacy. A tremor skipped through her stomach. They had been acting strange all morning, ever since she had arrived. Now, she was getting worried.

"Are you still virgin?" Sharon asked her.

Christie was shocked. "It's none of your business!"

"I'll bet all the boys in your classroom think about fucking you, huh?" Lacy said, licking her lips.

"Lacy!" Christie gasped. She was stunned by her friend's words. "Stop talking like that."

Sharon laughed. "You've always been a prude, Christie." She walked toward her friend, reached out, grabbed Christie's blouse and ripped it away. "I guess this is the only way you're ever going to know the pleasures of sex."

Christie gasped, her eyes wide. She looked down at her own DD-cup breasts bulging from her tight bra. "You're crazy!" She stepped back, but not before Sharon ripped away her bra.

"They're beautiful," Lacy sighed. "Lemme suck them."

Christie was in total shock. Only her eyes moved as Lacy walked toward her.

Lacy reached out and spanned her friend's fleshy breasts. "They're soft," she purred, her fingers sinking into the pliant meat. "Big, too."

"Just like mine," Sharon said as she peeled off her top and exposed her huge FF-cup breasts. "Right?"

Christie's head was spinning. This couldn't be happening - yet it was. "Get away from me!" she shouted. She pushed Lacy's hands away from her breasts. She looked around, hoping to get out of the barn. "I'm going home."

Sharon grabbed a whip off the wall. "You're not going anywhere," she said, her bare breasts heaving.

"Right," Lacy giggled. She stripped quickly, then displayed her young naked body. "You like looking at me, Christie?"

"You're both insane," Christie said. She stared at Lacy as she posed lewdly. "My god! Let me out of here!"

Sharon threatened her with the whip. "Later," she cooed menacingly. "After we treat you to the fun you've been missing all your life."

"Take off your skirt, Christie," Lacy said. "I wanna see your pussy."

"No!" Christie said, unable to keep from shaking. "No!"

Sharon laughed and cracked the whip. The tip snapped at Christie's nipple. "Do what Lacy tells you," she demanded.

The stinging pain brought tears to Christie's eyes. She swayed, blinking away the tears. The look on Sharon's face told her she wasn't kidding.

"I'll help," Lacy said. She pulled on Christie's skirt, then stepped back as it dropped to the ground. She dropped to her knees in front of her aunt and rubbed her hands over her friend's thighs and the crotch of her panties. "I can't wait until you're all juicy and hot like me."

Christie couldn't move. She stared blankly at Sharon. "Tell her to stop," she pleaded.

Sharon gave her friend a wicked smile. She stripped off the rest of her clothes. "Take off her panties, Lacy."

Lacy tore her friend's panties off, baring her cunt. "It's beautiful," she gasped. She jammed her hand between her friend's legs and gouged her cunt. "She's dry, Mommy."

"Not for long," Sharon snickered. "Get up, Lacy. It's time my friend learned how to eat pussy."

Eagerly, Lacy stood. She spread her legs wide, her young cunt oozing a steady flow of juice. "You're gonna like eating pussy, Christie." She looked at the horses and giggled.

"Get down on your knees, Christie," Sharon ordered. "It's pussy-licking time." She cracked the whip across hard Christie's breasts again to remind her she wasn't kidding.

Christie, frightened out of her mind, dropped to her knees, her fat breasts bouncing. She stared at Lacy's cunt, a strange sensation coming over her. "No," she moaned.

Sharon stepped close. "I want my pussy sucked, too." She reached down and grabbed Christie's hair. "Lick." She jammed Christie's face in her cunt. "Lick." Hot slippery juice washed over Christie's face. She choked as some cunt-juice trickled into her throat. With Sharon pulling on her hair, she darted out her tongue and slithered it into her best friend's cunt.

"You like it, Christie?" Lacy asked. She shivered and saw the bliss on her mother's face. "Is her tongue inside you, Mommy?"

"Yessss," Sharon hissed as she humped her cunt into Christie's face. "Nice and deep."

Christie slurped on Sharon's cunt. She was beginning to respond. Her latent sexuality was coming to the surface. Without thinking, she brought her hands up to her friend's ass and began kneading the firm cheeks.

"She's getting into it," Sharon moaned as she wiggled her hips. "God, she's hungry."

Lacy swooned. "I want my pussy sucked too."

Gasping, Sharon pushed Christie away. "Eat Lacy," she commanded.

Christie, her eyes bright, stared at her young friend. She drooled, her mind swimming with conflicting emotions. "No," she said. "No."

"You want to," Lacy giggled. She dropped to the ground and spread her legs wide. "You can suck me better this way."

Christie gawked as she ogled her friend's pink pussy-slit. Cream oozed, making the puffy cunt folds glisten. A rush of passion swept over her. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was fuse her mouth to her friend's cunt.

"Yesssss!" Lacy squealed as her aunt gobbled on her cunt. "Yesss." She humped maniacally, battering her friend's face. "She's tonguing me, Mommy. She's tongue-fucking me."

Sharon dropped to her knees. She whacked the whip across her friend's ass, leaving a thin red line. "Suck her off."

Christie spasmed. The slap of the whip hurt, but it also gave her pleasure. She sucked deeply on her friend's pussy, then began chewing hungrily on the velvety folds.

Sharon watched the expression of lust on her daughter's face. She smiled, then dragged the handle of the whip between the cheeks of Christie's ass. She teased her puckered ass crack, then in a flash, jammed the handle deep into Christie's asshole. Christie's head snapped up. Pussy-juice covered her face. "Take it out," she yelled. "Take it out!" She twisted her hips violently as Sharon continued to gouge her ass with the handle. "Eat Lacy's cunt!" Sharon demanded. She twisted the handle inside Christie's ass. "I'm just getting you primed for something bigger." Christie, her mind spinning, fused her mouth back against Lacy's buttery pussy. She sucked, the pain in her ass disappearing as pleasure took its place.

"Mommy," Lacy walled. The excitement of dominating her aunt had taken its toll. She climaxed immediately. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Christie gobbled on Lacy's clit, pussy juice washed her face and flowed into her mouth. She swallowed, chewed and whipped the pulsing clit with her tongue. Sharon watched her daughter cum. She rammed the handle of the whip deeper into Christie's ass. "Bite her hard," she squawked. "Hard!" Christie, her pussy cumming and her ass twitching around the handle, maimed Lacy's clit. She jammed back, fucking herself insanely on the whip handle as Lacy battered her pussy into her mouth.

Lacy's back arched. She shuddered, then collapsed on the ground. "Stop, Christie!" she moaned. The orgasm had swept through her as quickly as it had arrived. "Stop biting!"

Christie lifted her head. Her face was drenched in cunt-cum. Her breathing was labored and her eyes glowed with the lust that had been unleashed. "I gotta cum," she moaned. "I gotta cum." She fucked herself on the whip handle as Sharon pushed her forward.

"Get on your back," Lacy panted as she rolled out of the way. She sat up, leering at her twisting aunt.

Christie, moaning and drooling, rolled to her back. Legs wide, her pussy exposed, she continued to hump on the ass-probing handle.

Sharon twisted the handle and listened as Christie wailed with joy. "You're a hot bitch once you get started."

"It's been years," Christie gasped. "Years since I've given in to my desires. I gotta cum! I gotta cum!"

"You will," Sharon promised. She crawled away, leaving the handle of the whip buried in Christie's ass. "Eat her, Lacy. I'm gonna ride her face."

Lacy moaned with joy and crawled between her friend's legs. She grabbed the handle of the whip and twisted it inside her friend's ass. "You like it?"

Christie, her passion out of control, humped madly. "Yessss," she gasped. "It's fantastic."

Lacy smiled hotly. If her aunt loved the whip, she would go absolutely insane over a hard throbbing horse cock.

"Glad you came to visit?" Sharon asked as she straddled Christie's face.

Christie pawed Sharon's hips and ass. She stared wildly up at her friend's dripping cunt. "Yes," she moaned. "How did you know I wanted this?"

"We're best friends, remember?" She squashed her cunt into Christie's mouth and rotated her hips.

Lacy stared at her mother's swiveling ass and saw the pussy-juice flow down her friend's neck. She dropped her glance to her friend's cunt, then moaned. The next second, her mouth was fused to her friend's pussy. Christie bucked, smashing her cunt into Lacy's mouth. She chomped on her friend's pussy and clawed her ass. Gurgling moans came from her throat as pussy-juice flowed into her mouth and trickled down her gullet. Lacy dined hungrily on her friend's pussy. She kept the whip-handle deep in her friend's ass, jabbing it rhythmically as she nipped at her friend's puffy folds.

"Bite me," Sharon wailed hysterically. "Bite me, Christie and make me juice your chewing mouth!" Christie stabbed her fingers into her friend's ass. She dug her nails into her gripping ass walls. At the same time, she sucked Sharon's clit into her mouth. Holding it tight, she sunk her teeth into it. It was all Sharon needed. Like Lacy, she had been a firecracker ready to explode. "I'm cumming," she screamed. "I'm cumming!" Hot intense orgasm ripped through Sharon's pussy as she ground her clit into Christie's teeth. "I'm cumming," she screamed, her head snapping back. "OH, I'm cumming!"

Lacy, feasting on her friend's pussy, listened. She spasmed. Hearing her mother's voice was a blast. She jammed her tongue into her friend's cunt, then sucked. Choking on Sharon's cunt-cum, Christie chomped viciously on her clit. She twisted her fingers inside Sharon's ass and felt the muscles pulse rhythmically. She swallowed, drinking the cum as quickly as possible as she continued to beat her pussy into Lacy's face. Tits flopping and ass swiveling, Sharon climaxed again. She twisted her hips, then crashed forward, bracing herself on stiff arms as she continued to smash her pussy into Christie's face. Christie's body shuddered and bucked. She, too, was racing toward an orgasm. The whip-handle in her ass was driving her mad and her friend's chomping teeth were exquisite. Sharon rocked, her breasts swaying beneath her. "Bite... yeah, like that!" She cried again, then crashed onto her side, her clit almost tearing away from her body. She lay sprawled out on the ground, her breasts heaving as she caught her breath.

Christie, gasping for air, gagged on the pussy juice in her throat. She humped up, battering Lacy's face with her ready-to-explode cunt. "I'm there," she shouted as she fucked herself on the whip handle. "I'm there!"

"Get her off," Sharon yelled as she sat up to watch. "Get her off, Lacy!"

Lacy twisted the whip deep inside Christie's asshole. At the same time, she bit her friend's clit. She repeated the same brutal action until her aunt shrieked with joy and climaxed.

"I'm cumming!" Christie hollered. "I'm cumming!" Tits flopping, she ground her clit into Lacy's face. "I'm cumming!"

Lacy's face absorbed the battering of her friend's climaxing pussy. She chewed, sucked and used her tongue like a whip. She gouged her ass with the whip handle and spasmed as her friend's pussy juice filled her mouth and flowed down her throat.

Back arched, legs stiff, Christie climaxed again. She slammed her ass down hard, her cunt-hole gobbling up the handle. She rotated her hips and smashed her cunt into Lacy's face. Neck twisting, she stared at Sharon. "I'm cumming, Sharon. I'm cumming!"

"I can see that," Sharon said, getting off on her shy friend's unbridled lust. "Damn!"

Christie convulsed, then went limp. She gasped, ragged pockets of air rushing from her mouth. "I'm finished! Finished!"

Lacy stopped chewing and licked. When her aunt moaned again, she brought her head out from between her legs and pulled the whip handle from her ass. She smiled. "Damn, you came off like a flash."

"We all did," Sharon laughed. "We all did."

Lacy and her aunt joined in the laughter as the two raunchy horses began to neigh and kick at their stalls.

"Jeezus," Christie said as she looked at Lacy and Sharon. "I want more." She shivered, then blushed. "What I need is a big cock."

Lacy giggled and looked at her mother. "You've come to the right place, Christie. We got two of the most beautiful and biggest cocks in the world right here in this barn."

Christie looked quizzically at her friend, then the sound of the neighing horses caught her attention. Her mouth opened. "You mean?"

"She sure does," Sharon said. "Cheyenne and Dylan can take care of all your needs." She smiled. "And you have Lacy to thank for it. She's the one who introduced me to their pleasures."

Christie was amazed. "God!" She dropped her hand between her own thighs and rubbed her pussy. "It's been so long since I've been fucked." Just saying the word had her in spasms.

"Then what are we waiting for," Lacy giggled. She scrambled to her feet and hurried toward the stalls. "Who do you want?"

Christie twisted her head. "Bring that beautiful spotted Appaloosa over here. I'll drain his big balls."

Lacy unlocked the stall and led Dylan to the center of the barn. "This is Dylan."

Christie was on her feet in a flash. She moaned as the white quarter-horse began licking her breasts. "I love the way he says hello." She creamed, then dropped to her knees. "I want cock... not just any cock, but a HUGE cock!"

With her mother watching, Lacy eased the stallion to his side. "Play with him, Christie, and you'll get what you want."

Christie nodded. She was hypnotized by the horse's giant balls and thick sheath. She pulled on his sheath and exposed his fat bloated cockhead. "Mmmmm, my mouth's drooling already."

Sharon crawled over and joined them. "Put it in your mouth, Christie. You'll love it."

"I know I will," Christie said as she squirmed into position. She licked the horse's nuts, then slithered her tongue up his shaft until she reached his seeping cocktip. She scooped off a wad and savored it. "Delicious," she said after letting the gooey lump slide down her throat. "Delicious."

"He's got tons of it," Lacy said, hefting his balls. "Tons."

Christie swooned and her mouth watered. She saw that Dylan's prick was growing. "It's gonna be gigantic!" She creamed, then started slapping her tongue all over his fuck shaft. Dylan twisted on his side and jabbed. His cock thickened and turned to steel. His balls swelled and rumbled, the cum inside churning to get out. He neighed, then lunged again. Christie, greedy for cockmeat, was ready. She took him into her mouth. His cock hit her tongue and squashed it. She gurgled, her pussy in flames as she inched his prick toward her gullet.

"Take him to his balls, Christie," Lacy urged. "Take it all!"

Christie heard and she relaxed her throat. She sucked, then chewed as Dylan plowed her gullet. She gagged, but didn't stop until his balls hit her chin and his prick was lodged deep in her throat.

"She did it, Mommy," Lacy squealed. "Look."

"I'm looking," Sharon said, proud of her shy friend. "I'm looking."

Dylan, his prick buried to the root, started humping. He snorted, his head jerking as his tail slapped the ground. He jabbed hard, battering Christie's chin with his nuts as he speared her throat with his gigantic prick. Christie creamed as the spotted Appaloosa stuffed her gullet with his cock. She gnawed on his cock shaft when he lunged, then sucked as he jerked back. She caught his rhythm and used her tongue to add to the quarter-horse's pleasure.

"She's sucking like a pro," Sharon said. "Get him off, Christie. Suck him off." She slapped Dylan on the rump. "Go on, boy. Fuck her face."

Dylan thrashed, his long legs stiff. His balls rumbled. The triple action of Christie's mouth was making the cum churn. He lurched on his side, his prick swelling to the bursting point. Christie, her body quaking, sensed that the giant beast was getting ready to unload his cum. She climaxed, then bobbed her head frantically as she took the snorting stallion into his orgasm.

"He's cumming," Lacy cried out. "Ooooo, Mommy. Dylan's cumming Aunt Christie's mouth!"

Neck strained, Dylan pounded Christie's throat with his spewing prick. Cum spurted from his cockhead. The thick spraying flooded Christie's mouth and oozed down her throat. He jabbed again, his balls blasting as shrill whinnies came from his mouth. Christie gagged as cum clogged her throat. She held her head steady. Cheeks drawn in tight, she sucked. Quick swallows, followed by deep sucks kept her mouth constantly filled.

"Drain him," Lacy squealed. "Drain his balls."

Christie wanted to. She sucked deep. The cum was squirting faster and she couldn't swallow quickly enough. Cum oozed from her lips and nose. Her eyes widened and she thought for a second she was going to drown on her first prick in years.

"Look at the cum," Lacy sighed. She licked her lips. "Save me some, Christie. Save me some!"

Christie had no intention of saving any cum. She wanted it all. As Dylan drilled her throat, she swallowed. His squirting wads had slowed and she caught the pace again, drinking greedily as his powerful thrusts lost their strength. Dylan hacked away at her mouth. His nuts drained, the spurts now a trickle. He lifted his head and whinnied as Christie's teeth sunk into his prick shaft. Christie choked, took him to his balls and felt the last spurt of cum shoot into her throat. The next second, Dylan had his cock out of her mouth and was staggering to his feet. Christie blinked and looked at her friend. "I couldn't save any," she gasped. "Next time, maybe."

Lacy giggled. "It's okay."

Christie looked at Sharon. "I'm ready for that big beautiful Cheyenne now."

"I'll get him," Lacy said, leading Dylan back to his stall. She returned with Cheyenne as Sharon pulled the bench into position.

"Shit," Christie gasped. "This is the wildest day of my life." She scrambled onto the bench, her legs spread wide. "Gimme his cock. Holy Christ! My fucking body won't stop shaking."

Lacy walked the quarter-horse until he was standing over her writhing aunt. "Play with him," she said. "He's just about ready."

Christie moaned. "He better hurry. I think I'm gonna cum before I can get his cock inside me. She squirmed on the bench, her hands gripping his cock as he jerked it through her fist. "C'mon, fucker," she gasped. "Get hard for Christie." She massaged his prick, her flesh sizzling as she rubbed his seeping tip across her taut stomach.

Lacy stroked the horse's flank. "C'mon, Cheyenne. Christie needs your prick."

Sharon dropped to her knees. She grabbed the horse's balls in both hands. "C'mon, before my friend loses her mind." She squeezed his nuts hard as Christie pawed his cock. Bobbing his head and snorting, Cheyenne's cock went rigid as two pairs of hands tormented him. He tossed his head and neighed. His prick was ready for fucking.

"He's ready," Christie squealed with delight. "God. He's hard as a fucking rock."

Sharon grabbed Cheyenne's cock. "You ready, Babe?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Christie moaned. "Put him in."

Sharon dragged the fat spongy head of Cheyenne's prick through Christie's boiling hot pussy-slit. She repeated it again and again until Christie became hysterical.

"Please! Please," Christie begged. "Gimme his fucking cock!"

"You got it," Sharon said. She pulled away her hand as Lacy slapped the snorting stallion on the rump.

Cheyenne neighed and lurched forward. The head of his cock split her cuntlips and disappeared inside. He dropped his head and rammed. Hot spongy cunt muscles grabbed at his prick as he drilled it into her pussy.

"I feel it," Christie screamed. "Ooooo, Christ! I'm cumming! I can't hold back! I'm cumming."

Before Cheyenne had his cock buried to the root, Christie was climaxing. Muscles and hot pussy juice attacked his prick shaft. He neighed, tossed his head and rammed hard. His balls whacked against her quivering flesh as he slammed his cock in deep. With her cunt stuffed, Christie screamed. Another climax shot through her pussy and she shuddered. "Christ, did I need that!" She hissed out her breath, content for the moment to allow the horse to bring her back to the peak. Cheyenne stabbed hard, the squishy cum and juice splashing from her pussy and drenching his balls. He twisted his rump, shaking the bench as Christie's hips swiveled in rhythm to his jerking thrusts.

"Heaven," Christie sighed as the pleasure in her pussy mounted again. "Heaven!" She humped, meeting his stabbing thrusts as Lacy and Sharon watched.

"Make Christie cum again," Lacy squealed. She whacked Cheyenne on the ass. "C'mon!"

Cheyenne neighed shrilly, his teeth bared as his drooling lips quivered. He twisted his neck, snorting as he jerked and pounded Christie's hot boiling cunt. Christie moaned deliriously as the jabbing thrusts brought her slowly back up to the peak. "He's fantastic," she gasped. "So big and thick. I've never been fucked like this." With Cheyenne pumping, Christie rotated her hips. She arched her back, her breasts flopping as she ground her clit into his rough coat. "God, his fucking hairs are sticking into my clit!" Her eyes widened. "He's gonna make me cum again! Ooooo... sweet Jesus!"

"Christ, Christie," Sharon snickered. "You're a fucking nympho."

"Just cock-starved, so shut up!" Christie gasped. "Shit... I'm there!" She started flinging her hips upward into Cheyenne's powerful body. She jerked, her clit raw from the contact with Cheyenne's coat. Cheyenne, sensing that Christie was going to cum, picked up speed instinctively. He slashed at her pussy, his snorts choking from his throat as he took her into her orgasm. "I'm cumming," Christie yelled in ecstasy. "Ooooo, shit, I'm cumming!" She went insane as orgasms tore through her pussy. "Cumming so much!"

"Cum, Cheyenne," Lacy cried. "Cum!" She slapped his rump as her mother fondled his balls. "Cum!"

Cheyenne's cock swelled and cum seeped from his cockhead. The climaxing cunt wrapped around his prick triggered an explosion in his nuts. He neighed as his balls burst. Thick cum gushed through his cock and squirted from his cockhead.

"He's cumming," Christie screeched as Cheyenne's cum spurted into her pussy. "Oooooo, my pussy's full of cum! Oh god, the pressure inside me is incredible - oh god, it's starting to hurt... how much more does he cum?" she worried as his hot cum blasted into her thrashing body and catapulted her into another orgasm. "I'm cumming again," Christie wailed. "I don't think I can stop!" She clawed the animal's heaving flanks and kicked at his rump with her heels. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Cheyenne lunged hard, knocking her off the bench. He stumbled forward, carrying Christie with him as his rump jerked and his prick spurted. Christie held on. "This is fantastic," she hollered. "Fantastic!" Her head dropped back and her wide dilated eyes stared at the ground moving beneath her. Cheyenne reared up and pranced on his hind legs. He kicked at the air, snorting and whinnying, his noises blending with Christie's screams.

Lacy and her mother watched intently. Each one was thinking about the cum squirting into Christie. Each one wanted to suck it from her pussy. Christie screeched and rode the quarter-horse's cock until her arms turned weak. She screamed and crashed back to the ground, her pussy still impaled. Enraged to fever pitch, Cheyenne jerked back and forth, taking Christie with him. He lurched forward, head bowed, legs stiff. He stepped back, then swung around, dragging an hysterical Christie with him. Christie couldn't hold on any longer. The next brutal jab had her trembling and when Cheyenne jerked back, she fell to the ground, her cunt seeping horse-cum. Cheyenne, his cock free, whinnied. He pawed the ground, his flanks heaving, his coat glistening with sweat.

"Let me eat her," Lacy said, her eyes glued to the seeping gash of her friend's cunt.

"Go ahead, baby. I'll put Cheyenne back in his stall."

Lacy crawled between her friend's long legs. She caressed her friend's stomach, then fused her mouth to her cunt.

"Ummmm, nice," Christie purred as Lacy licked her pussy. "Nice."

Lacy licked as the cum seeped out. She sucked, drawing into her mouth thick gobs of Cheyenne's cum. She swallowed, then plunged her tongue in for more.

"Get it all," Christie sighed dreamily. She rolled her hips. "Get it all."

Sharon returned and watched. She smiled, looked at her daughter's ass and decided it was time.

Lacy lugged out all of Cheyenne's cum, then pulled away. She sat back on her haunches and looked at her mother. "I wanna get fucked," she said.

"You ready to have your ass fucked?" Sharon smiled.

"I've been begging for it for three days," Lacy gasped. "Of course I'm ready." She quivered, her head spinning. At last she was going to have her ass reamed.

Sharon brought Dylan to the center of the barn. "Cheyenne had your cherry, now Dylan can have your virgin ass."

Lacy moaned, then sprawled her young body out on the bench. She squirmed, her breasts rubbing into the hard wood. "Do it, Mommy," she cooed. She smiled at her aunt, glad that she was here to watch.

"He'll tear your tiny little ass apart, girl!" Christie said, but the tone of her voice was filled with excitement, not concern.

"I don't care," Lacy said. She wiggled her hips as Dylan stepped over her. She felt his cock brush against the cheeks of her ass and she trembled.

Sharon dropped to her knees. Holding Dylan's rigid cock, she soaked Lacy's puckered virgin ass with saliva. "You ready, baby?"

"Yes, Mommy," Lacy said, a tremor in her voice.

Dylan neighed and poked his cock at the child's ass. His fat bulky cockhead pressed against her crack. He jabbed, the tip stretching the ringed ass muscle.

"Mommy," Lacy moaned, her eyes widening. "Mommy!" She began to shudder as the giant white quarter-horse pumped at her ass.

Dylan whinnied softly, his cock stretching the teenager's asshole. He jabbed, stepped forward and jabbed again. The tightness of Lacy's ass had him snorting.

"Mommy," Lacy screamed as the horse filled her ass. "Mommy!" She clutched the bench, her knuckles white. She fought the pain in her ass, her body quaking. "Mommy!" The tight fit enraged the Appaloosa and he neighed. Flanks heaving, he lunged forward and drove the rest of his prick into Lacy's gripping asshole. With her ass stretched, Lacy screamed and swirled in a pool of pain. Her eyes rolled and she thought for a moment she was going to faint. Tears involuntarily streaked down her face. But Lacy managed to somehow conquer the incredible pain of the horse's brutal insertion. She gasped, slammed back and screamed as she absorbed the pounding of her horse's monstrous cock. Sharon and Christie watched. Their throats filled with lumps they couldn't swallow. They saw the pain and lust etched on Lacy's beautiful young face. They both shivered. Lacy, her ass being ravaged, was oblivious to her surroundings. She thrashed on the bench, her ass swiveling as Dylan skewered her ass with pounding jabs. Pain and pleasure swept through her and she screamed. She jerked back, took the horse to his balls, then moaned as he slammed her body along the tottering bench. Screams filled the air. Neighs and whinnies from the horses blended. Dylan slammed hard and Lacy slammed back and they climaxed together.

"Ooooo, god," Christie gasped. "God."

Sharon couldn't speak. She could only stare.

"I'm cumming," Lacy screamed as her cunt exploded. "So is Dylan!"

Orgasms ripped through Lacy's pussy as Dylan's horse-cum flooded her asshole. She lurched back only to be driven from the bench as Dylan pounded her senseless. Lacy thrashed on the ground, her ass impaled. Cum poured from both her fuckholes. She screamed, her body twisting and jerking as Dylan dragged her across the hay-strewn ground. Dylan reared up, his balls blasting as he drilled her ass. He kicked at the air with his hooves, then dropped back to all fours as Lacy screamed. Lacy, twisting maniacally, climaxed again as Dylan jerked back. His cock popped from her ass and she fell limp as the spotted Appaloosa pranced back toward his stall.

"It happened so quickly," Lacy gasped as she rolled to her back and sat up. "God, that hurt!"

Sharon pulled her daughter to her feet and noticed she had tears streaking down her face. "Are you okay honey? I didn't realize he hurt you."

"Yeah, pretty bad, but I think I'll be all right," Lacy said, cum and a trickle of blood dripping from her ass.

"Next time, you'll handle it better, when you're more experienced." Lacy pulled on her mother's hand, then grabbed her friend's hand to lift herself fully upright.

"C'mon," Christie said as she walked with them out of the barn; "the weekend is just getting started. Let's let our little girl here recover from that brutal ass raping and she'll be as good as new!"

"Christie, do you think our little girl here will ever be satisfied with a normal man's cock after all this?" Sharon asked.

"Ha Ha, that is a rhetorical question, right?" Christie laughed.

"Hey! Are you two making fun of me?" Lacy asked.

"Just your amazing ability to take a cock that size at your age kid, that's all. You keep this up and you'll have your own pedigree!" joked Christie as they came to the house.

The End
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