Ga Ga Over Mom
(F/mm, inc, oral, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

Claire tossed the sheets from her sweating body. The lighted digital clock on her bedside table indicated three in the morning. She was perspiring heavily, and the images of her dream still swirled around in her mind. With a moan she flung her arm over her eyes in an attempt to blot the scenes away. But they remained, as she knew they would. Nothing would make them go away, nothing. The dreams had started two weeks ago and came to her every night without fail.

This one had been particularly bad for her. She had been driven in her car to a desolate spot outside of town. There she was taken before a group of boys and girls sitting around a huge campfire. She had not known any of the boys and girls, they were all complete strangers to her. The only person she had known was the one who had driven her, her son. As dreams often are, there were no explanations of how she had gotten into the car, whether willingly or not. So much was missing from the dream, she had so many questions. Why her son had driven her to this strange gathering was another mystery to her. Why he was even involved made no sense to her.

After arriving at the bonfire, her son had taken her arm and pulled her near the fire, standing her in front of the boys and girls. Although there was conversation, Claire could not make out words or else she did not remember them. That part came later in the dream. She had been forced to stand there, outlined by the flames behind her. Why she was being forced she had no idea, nor did she understand why she had allowed it to happen. The boys and girls were all dressed in shorts, but the girls wore no tops. Their tits were naked and free, with rigid nipples, their flesh glowing in the reflection of the fire. Even her son wore shorts and she wanted to call him as he took his place next to a beautiful girl with lovely tits. She had tried to speak, but found her voice was gone. As she lay in the darkness of her bedroom, the sheets at the foot of the bed, her body soaked with sweat, she recalled the rest of the dream, feeling shamed and humiliated. She had stood before the group of boys and girls for what seemed hours, without any control over her legs, wishing she could walk away, leave them. Her hands seemed frozen at her hips, and although she held her head high, tears of degradation had streamed from her light-blue eyes.

"Take 'em off!" came a harsh demand.

As if she had been rehearsed, Claire had opened her blouse and removed it. Then at the command of some unseen girl, she had unhooked her bra and let it fall. In the dream, her blouse and bra fell into the flames.

"Put your shoulders back... make your tits stick out!"

Things were called out to her, directions insisting that she do this, do that, turn left, turn right. And she had obeyed them all like a robot. The feeling of shame went deep as she pulled her shoulders back, arching her tits outward, her nipples rigid. As she sobbed with humiliation, there were comments made about her tits and nipples, voices of both boys and girls. Gazing at the darkened ceiling of the bedroom, Claire wondered why her son's voice was never joined with those of the others. She had known, in the dream, that he was there, watching her, condoning this, having brought her there. But all the voices were alien to her, unknown. She recognized none of them. She saw boys fondling rounded, firm tits now, cupping and squeezing, pinching hard nipples. Even her son, she saw, was caressing the tits of the girl next to him. But all those glowing eyes were on her, on her body.

The command came from a boy to remove her skirt, and Claire's face burned with shame as it fell to her feet. She stood before the group of boys and girls now with her tits naked, wearing a pair of very scanty bikini panties, a garter belt, stockings and a pair of high-heeled shoes. The garter belt and stockings always surprised Claire. She never wore those except in her dreams. In reality she always wore pantyhose and didn't even own stockings or a garter belt. She was told to turn again, sideways, then to present her back to them. Claire had stood in trembling shame as she felt those hot eyes rake up and down her body, her naked back, her stockinged thighs, the flimsy cover of her ass cheeks. Again facing the group, she was allowed to stand without removing to stand without removing anything else for a while. Girls, she saw, were now stroking very hard cocks, running their fingers up and down the firmness and over swollen prickheads. Somehow, everyone was naked when she had been told to face them again. The high flames of the fire seemed to light everything in clear detail to Claire's tear-misted eyes. She saw all those cocks, every one of them. She saw hairy balls, full balls, loose balls. She saw cunts with a great deal of hair around them, some with hardly any hair. And in her dream, her nipples had begun to burn and tingle, and her cunt became wet; soaking the crotch of her panties.

Claire, still gazing at her ceiling, moved a hand between her thighs and discovered her cunt was very wet for real. It was slippery with juices as she moved her finger lightly over the slightly pulsating lips and firm clit. The dream had been so real, so very real, it had caused her cunt to turn extremely wet. She had been force to stand half-naked for a long time as those hot eyes looked at her. Claire had begun to tremble as they peered up and down her body. And despite the tears of shame in her eyes, she had been unable to stop watching what was happening among the now naked boys and girls. Boys were now caressing between the thighs of those girls, all very lovely young girls. The girls gripped the hard, throbbing cocks of the boys and jacked them up and down. Even her son was finger-fucking the girl he was with, his eyes burning on her body.

Someone, the voice vague but clear, demanded that she remove her panties. And Claire obeyed. Now all she wore was the garter belt and her stockings with her shoes. A loud sight of pleasure went through the group of boys and girls as she stood with her cunt naked. Again she was ordered to turn and to expose her ass to them.

As if in a trance, Claire had obeyed. She could hear the voices commenting about her body, her tits and ass, even her cunt. The voices were frank and blunt, the words causing Claire to shiver with a mixture of shame and pleasure. When she was facing the group again, one of the boys was between the legs of a girl, fucking her vigorously. The girl had her legs high in the air, waving them about as she hunched her naked ass up and down, meeting the thrusts of the boy's cock with her cunt eagerly. The couple was directly in front of her and she could see the boy's balls swinging up and down as his naked ass plunged. As the boy and girl fucked, the unseen grip that had been holding Claire in place was released. Now she could move but in the dream she did not flee. She began walking among the naked boys and girls, looking at them, watching as they fondled one another. She had watched one girl twist onto her hands and knees and present her rounded ass to the fire, a boy on his knees behind her. The boy had looked up at Claire with a lewd smile on his face as he shoved his cock into the eager cunt of the girl before him.

Claire had stood watching his cock stab in and out for a moment or so, then turned and moved through the squirming bodies, pausing to watch a couple here and there. Sometimes she would feel a hot hand on her thigh as she stood near a couple, and she never knew if it was a boy or girl caressing her flesh. She paused to watch a boy on his side, plunge his cock into the strangely hairy cunt of a girl also on her side but with her back to him. The girl lifted her leg high, grinning at Claire as the boy plunged his cock in and out of her pussy. She went from couple to couple watching, seeing cocks thrusting into cunts; rounded tits being squeezed; balls held.

The dream had always been the same most of the nights. The difference this time was that she had moved about the group looking, becoming excited. Before, Claire had to always stand before the fire naked, seeing the boys and girls fucking from a distance. But in her dream this night, she had been somehow allowed to among them but not touch. Once she had tried to move her fingers over the bouncing ass of a boy as he moved between a girl's thighs and the couple evaporated... disappeared. They could touch her but she could not touch them. Claire sat up in bed sighing. Dreams were so crazy, she thought as she pulled a cigarette from the pack on the night table. She fired it from a disposable lighter and inhaled deeply. Drawing her knee up to her tits, she placed her chin on it and smoked in the darkness. She could always remember the dreams. They were always so clear and vivid. She could remember them from the first one, all the details clear in her mind. And they had seemed so real, so very real. Except when she tried to touch a boy's naked ass in this dream.

Crushing her cigarette out in the ashtray, she squirmed her feet from the bed and sat there for a moment. Then with a shrug, she went into the adjoining bathroom and pissed. Back in the bedroom again, she stood and looked out her window at the night sky. She crossed her arms beneath her tits and leaned against the sill. Her floor-length nightgown was still damp from her perspiration. Lifting the gown from her body, she tossed it across the foot of the bed, standing naked. It was almost the way she had been in the dream.

She had dreamed of standing above a boy lying on his back, with a lovely young girl at his side, running her hand up and down his very thick cock. The girl had grinned at Claire, then tossed her legs over the boy. Whether Claire had leaned down or not, she didn't remember. But she had been able to see the girl's cunt suck up the thick cock as she squatted on the boy. She had watched with interest as the girl's ass bounced up and down, her pussy riding the boy's prick with liquid smoothness. The girl's ass cheeks split and Claire had seen her tiny ass winking, could see the lips of her wet cunt stretch around the cock.

Moving again, she paused to see a girl squatting above the face of a boy, rubbing her pussy along his face. The boy's eyes flashed up at Claire with a hot desire in them as his tongue moved along those wet cunt lips. Somehow, Claire could see the way his tongue moved and twirled at the girl's distended clit. Whether she had lowered her head or not was not clear to her. Turning she found a girl sprawled on her back, legs wide and drawn to her tits, her ass arching very high in the air. The cheeks of her ass were split and a boy was kneeling there with his tongue penetrating the lips of her pussy. She could hear the lapping sounds, the sounds a puppy would make when drinking water from a bowl. She had seen his tongue clearly thrust very deep into the girl's cunt then begin fucking in and out. And finally she was standing near her son and the girl with him. Her son had looked at her with innocent eyes, the girl stroking his cock and balls. Her son had stood then, almost as tall as his mother. His cock strained out from a bush of dark hair and the girl rose to her knees before him. Claire watched the girl run her unusually long tongue about her son's cock, sliding and licking at the throbbing shaft then twisting it about the smoothly swollen head. Her son was dripping from his piss hole and made a soft, sobbing sound of ecstasy.

Claire had seen the girl's lips curl about her son's cock as she sucked his prick into her mouth. And at the same time the girl sucked the head of her son's cock, she had slipped a hot palm between Claire's thighs, feeling her up slowly. Claire felt that wicked hand close against her cunt and then a finger was up her pussy, thrusting in and out. Claire had stood with her feet slightly apart, feeling the finger sliding in and out of her cunt as she watched this girl sucking on her son's cock. She had in the dream wanted to shove the girl away from her son, to grab his hand and with him, getting away from this insane orgy. Yet she had been unable to move. All she could do was stand there and watch the girl suck faster and faster on her son's cock as she finger-fucked her with that excruciatingly slow movement of her finger. Still gazing out her window, naked now, Claire thought she could still feel that finger moving into her cunt. She shivered and walked to the night table for another cigarette. Unlike the other dreams, she had not awaken clutched in a shattering orgasm. This dream went on and on. The girl sucked on her son's cock forever or so it seemed to Claire. And then somehow the spell had been broken.

Claire had grabbed her son and jerked the girl away from his prick. She had run with him to the car and driven home fast. When they arrived home, she was still naked. And her son, his cock still hard had reached for her as they entered the house, his hands clawing at her ass. That was where this dream ended.

Snuffing her cigarette out, she pulled a robe on and walked from her room. She paused at her son's room and looked in at him. Mack was on his back, sleeping deeply. He had kicked the sheets down and Claire gazed at the bulge of his cock and balls inside his tight jockey shorts. She wondered why her son was always in her dreams, the one that always took her to that isolated place and forced her to watch as others made her undress, exposing her shameful nakedness. Dreams were so crazy, she thought as she went through the darkened house to the kitchen. Although it was early, she put on the coffee and then sat the table sipping it. She tried hard to understand the significance of her dream and why it was always the same, except for tonight. But as with most dreams, it made no sense to Claire.

She was wide awake and knew she would not go back to sleep. She returned to her room and then drew a hot bath, sprinkling scented crystals into it. She relaxed in the tub, still wondering about the weirdness of her dreams.

The day was bright and warm.

Despite her lack of sleep, Claire felt fresh and filled with vitality. She was a dark-haired, light blue-eyed widow of thirty-three. She was better looking than most of her friends. She was in fact beautiful. She had performed on a few television commercials and modeled clothing for a while. Her husband had been her photographer-manager until the horrible crash that took his life. There was plenty of money and she had no financial worries. And although she had been a widow for five years, she had no desire to return to work. She was too old to model anyway, she knew.

Claire was tall, slender, and the fashion of the day was perfect for her body. Her eyes gave her the appearance of being Eurasian, but she had no Asian blood in her background that she knew of. Her olive-skin was so smooth, as its tone seemed as to make her look as though she had a perpetual tan. Her lips were full, moist and delectable. She sat on the blanket in the back yard, her legs crossed in front of her as she read. She was dressed in a light blouse and a pair of white shorts. Although there was a grape arbor with a gazebo, she preferred to sit on the green grass with the blanket.

Looking up from the book, she saw Mack come out of the house. In her dreams he was older. She looked at his young body now, seeing it as she always saw it in her dreams. He was wearing a pair of ragged, faded cut-offs, his chest bare. He was a good- looking young man, she thought, with his dark hair fashionably long, curling about his ears. He resembled his father more than he did her, she thought. Her eyes moved about his long thighs, then settled at the front of his cut-offs. There was nothing to see. His cock did not bulge there at all. Mack squatted in front of his mother.

"Mom," he said, "I've been having some strange dreams at night."

A sudden ripple of icy chills went up Claire's spine. She closed the book and looked at her son closely. "What kind of dreams, darling?"

She saw him flush lightly, and knew the type of dreams he was having. Mack had always confided in her, letting her in on all his secrets. But he seemed hesitant now. She noticed he was trying to keep from looking at her tits. The thin blouse molded them, and her nipples protruded at the material.

"I can't help you if you don't tell me about them, Mack." she said softly.

"They're kinda well, weird, Mom."

"Darling, no one is responsible for their dreams." she said. "That's your unconscious mind and when you dream, you can't be held accountable."

"They're... Mom, I dream about you!" he blurted, his flush deeper.

A chill went through Claire. Was it possible? she thought. Was it really possible they were having the same dreams? Of course not... no one had the same kind of dream, did they?

Her voice was very low, quivering when she said, "Tell me anyway, darling."

Mack stammered over the words, but managed to get them out. "I see you Mom, in my dreams... but you don't have any clothes on, you're naked, Mom!"

A spasm shot down her stomach to her cunt. Claire could hardly breathe as she waited for her son to go on.

"I mean really naked," he said, "with nothing on at all. You're... you're..."

She had to ask. "Mack, am I standing before a bonfire?"

"No... nothing like that." he said. "You're just naked in the house here, or some other house."

"Is anyone else there?"

"No, just you and me."

"Why was I naked, honey."

"Because I... because I asked you to take your clothes off, Mom." Then after a short pause. "No, I told you to take them off, not ask."

"And I did it?"

He nodded. "You did... you did everything I told you to do."

Claire's body was shaking and she was acutely aware that her cunt was pulsating in a strong way. She felt an impulse to look down at her crotch to see if her shorts were damp but fought it off.

"What did you tell me to do after I was naked?" Claire's voice was very low now.

"I told you to... everything, Mom."

"I didn't protest?"

"No, you just did everything I told you to do, like I was... well like I was the boss."


"You know, like I was... had to be obeyed. I don't know how else to explain it, Mom. But you did everything I told you to do. But you didn't want to," he added quickly. "You didn't say anything but I knew you felt ashamed of it. But then again, you seemed to like it. I just don't understand, Mom."

Their dreams were not the same and she sighed with a measure of relief. But still they were enough alike. She had been under her son's power, forced to obey him, in both their dreams.

A hot blanket seemed to wrap about Claire, and she had the sensation of being under her son's control, as she had been in her own dream. Mack was looking at her with piercing eyes, focusing on the swells of her tits openly. Glancing at his crotch as he squatted, she noticed he was getting a hard-on. He was, she knew, reliving his dream of domination over her, a sexual domination.

A hot flush came over her beautiful face and before she could stop herself, she said, "Tell me... tell me what to do."

Mack's eyes lifted to hers.

"I..." Claire stammered as she realized what she had said. But she not power to control her words. "I... shouldn't have said it that... I mean..."

"You're blushing," Mack said, "just like in my dream, Mom."

They gazed at each other for a long time. It was her son that broke the heavy silence.

"Open your blouse, Mom."

Just as she had obeyed him in her dream, Claire found her hands opening her blouse now. They were in the back yard with the sun beating down on them. But fortunately the grape stake fence was tall and they were somewhat concealed.

Claire's hands moved of their own free will, as if she had no control over them. She knew she was blushing with shame, yet she to obey her son. She saw in his eyes that he understood, knew he could control her. Claire could not understand why he could, but she couldn't stop it. A sob broke from her throat as she pulled her blouse apart. Her bra was a flimsy, frilly, transparent thing. Her nipples rose up tight and hard, standing forth, molded by the lacy bra. Her son's eyes burned on her tits as she sat there, tears of shame causing her eyes to sparkle.

"Now your bra, Mom." she heard him say in a thick voice.

The bra was strapless, hooking at the front. Her fingers unhooked it and it fell to her waist, her tits naked. They rose up and out, round and firm, the flesh satiny in texture. Mack gazed at his mother's tits for a long time, licking his lips. His cock was straining now, she saw through her tears of humiliation. Although she could not see it directly, she could see the length of it molded by his cutoffs. Despite the deep shame she felt at obeying her son, Claire felt her cunt lurch, her clit suddenly intensely swollen. Her nipples became larger, harder as her son stared at them.

"Let's go in the house, Mom." he said with a strange, thick voice.

As he stood, Claire saw his cock pushing against the front of his cut-offs and he didn't seem in the least ashamed of his hard-on.

As she got to her feet, her tits still free, Mack took her hand, just as he had in her dreams, leading her to the house. Claire followed with a shivering sense of humiliation, unable to prevent what she knew was about to happen. In the house, Mack had her stand in the middle of the living room floor. He was about five feet from her, his hot eyes devouring her tits.

"Take your blouse off." he said

And Claire removed it. Naked except for her shorts, she had the odd sensation of being in the dream again only this was real, horribly real. She stood there, shaking, tears in her eyes, letting her son look upon her body. She balled her hands into tight fists, holding them at her hips, unable to move, unable to stop what she knew was going to happen between them.

"Your shorts, Mom," he said in a thick voice. "Take your shorts off too."

Claire found the zipper of her shorts then shoved them down. They puddled at her feet and since she wasn't wearing panties, she stood in full, shameful nakedness before her son's blazing, exciting eyes. Mack looked at his mother's small waist, her flat stomach, her long, long thighs then he stared at her cunt. The thick triangle was shaped perfectly, the hair dark like that of her head. He could just see the puffy lips of her cunt and it caused his cock to pulsate hotly.

"Just like I dreamed." he said.

"I... I know." Claire murmured, feeling her shame increase yet feeling excited too.

Then Mack slipped his cock from the ragged edges of his cut- offs. Claire gasped as her eyes went to it. The head was swollen, very smooth and his piss hole was dripping. It was not as huge as it was in her dream but it was so beautiful, so sweetly hard. She had her thighs together and she felt her clit swell, the lips of her cunt throbbing. She knew she was very wet, she could feel the hot, slippery juices along her thigh. She could not take her eyes from her son's cock and her tongue licked about her lips nervously. Mack came closer to his mother. She saw he had a grin on his face and she became aware that she would do anything her told her to do.

"Take hold of it, Mom." he said, arching his hips forward as he grasped her wrist. "Take hold of it."

Claire felt her fingers relax, then they closed again, this time about her son's cock. He was big: she guessed he was at least nine inches and thick enough so that her hand could not fully encircle the thick shaft. She felt the hot hardness of his prick, the powerful throbbing that ran up her arm and down her body making her cunt almost convulse with orgasm. She sobbed softly as her fingers tightened about his cock and she closed her eyes in an effort to hide her intense shame. She felt her son working her hand on his prick, making her stroke it back and forth, jacking the long foreskin back and forth over the wet cockhead.

But he didn't touch her. All he did was look at her body, holding her wrist and keeping her fist moving on his cock. She could hear his heavy, excited breathing but her own seemed about to choke her.

Her fingers gripped his cock hard of their own volition, not obeying the signals from her inflamed mind. When her son turned loose her wrist, she continued to jack back and forth on his cock, her palm burning with a moist heat, tingling at the touch of her son's cock.

Then abruptly he pulled her hand off prick and moved behind her. She felt her son staring at her ass cheeks. She shivered with that strange mixture of humiliation and excitement, her hands once more balled into fists at her hips. Mack looked at his mother's smooth back, at the shape of her beautiful ass cheeks, the twin dimples there, the way they tucked into her tantalizing thighs.

She felt one of his hands on her back, a touch almost like a feather. She could not breathe again, her breath caught in her throat as she felt his hand move downward then pause at the base of her spine. And then she gasped when her son cupped one of her ass cheeks. The touch was light, but so very hot and exciting, her cunt quivered wildly.

"You like it, don't you, Mom?" she heard her son say from behind her.

"No! Ohh no, Mack." she whispered with shame. "I don't like this... please, don't touch... don't make me..."

"You do like it, Mom." he said, his voice somewhat gruff. "I know you like it when I touch you this way. I can feel you shaking and you feel so hot, so very hot!"

"I don't want... please, don't touch me again." she begged, tears streaming from her closed eyes and down her cheeks.


The word exploded from her son. Claire had never heard her son say so much as "darn" or "heck." Now he had almost shouted "bullshit" at her!

"Yes, Mom... bullshit!" he said as he curled his fingers into the naked cheek of her ass. "You go for this. You really like being made to undress... to do things for me."

"No, I..."

What was wrong with her son? Why has he changed? He was always so good to her, never given her any trouble. Why was he suddenly humiliating her? Why was she allowing him to shame her this way?

The questions, so many questions and not a single answer.

Mack pulled his hand off her shaking ass and came to stand in front of her again. His eyes blazed with excitement as he stared into hers. He lifted a hand and placed it onto one of her swollen, spongy tits. Her nipples burned at his palms as he rolled it about.

"You like it." he repeated. "You love it, Mom. You know you love having me make you get naked, showing your tits and ass and that... that hairy... hairy cunt to me! You really love it! It makes you excited, all hot and bothered, doesn't it?"

"No! Oh, God... no!" she whimpered. "I don't want... it doesn't make me... please darling, don't touch me anymore!"

His fingers dug into her creamy tit. "I'll touch you anytime I want to touch you, Mom." he said. "I'll play with your tits anytime I want to."

Both his hands were on her tits now and Claire squeezed her eyes tight, the tears running unashamedly down her smooth cheeks. She was almost six inches taller than her son and when she opened her eyes, she could see only the top of his head. Mack was leaning close to her tits and his hot breath seared the flesh there.

"Don't!" she gasped. "Don't put my nipple in your mouth!"

Mack had not put his lips on her flesh at all and Claire wondered why she had said that. But the sudden giggle from her son told her she had certainly given him an idea. But before he sucked at her nipple, he said, "Take hold of my cock again, Mom. Hold it and jack on it." Claire's hand moved again as if she had no control over it. She wrapped her fingers around her son's cock and again felt it throb powerfully. When her son closed his hot, wet lips about her nipple, her fist began to pump back and forth on his cock. She felt his tongue lick about her sensitive nipple, his lips sucking in a greedy way. She tried to make her hand stop jacking his prick but the more she tried, the harder and faster her hand moved on it. The sucking of his mouth and the licking of his tongue on her nipple caused sparks of unwanted pleasure to flow through her body. Unwanted? "No!" her mind screamed. She did want it! She wanted her son to suck on her nipples for a long time! The shame she felt did not prevent the excitement that rumbled through her. Her fist stroked, squeezing his cock and she stood in trembling, humiliated ecstasy.

Her son was devouring her tit, squeezing into the springy flesh of the other one as he sucked and licked. His breath was hot against her satiny flesh, inflaming her desires until she was jerking on his cock almost frantically.

What if he comes? she thought. What if my son comes? What will I do if I make him cum... make his cock gush that cum? Why am I letting him make me do these wicked things? What is wrong with me? Am I crazy... is my son crazy?

She felt this cock lurching in her fist and then she gasped as the thick, hot cum spurted across her stomach, running hotly into the thick cunt hair and down her thighs. Her son groaned as he sucked in a more furious manner at her tit, his cock spewing cum all over her lower body.

Claire found herself shaking with sudden orgasm, her cunt convulsing with spasms that almost ripped her body apart. Her cunt was clutched in orgasm as her fist kept jerking on her son's squirting cock. Her legs grew weak and rubbery and she fell forward against her son, her fingers still holding his cock desperately.

Mack pulled his mouth from his mother's tit, stepping back and looking at her.

His cum coated her stomach, white on her cunt hair, on her thighs. He grinned, stuffing his cock back into his cut-offs.

Every inch of Claire's naked body glowed a shameful pink and she started to stoop for her shorts.

"No, Mom." he said. "I kinda like seeing you naked. Stay that away for a while."

Claire stood up straight, watching her son sit down on the couch. She could not move, only stand there, his cum still coating her flesh as he looked at her with his hot eyes.

It seemed to Claire she had stood for hours, but it was only minutes. Finally her son said, "Okay, Mom. You can clean up now. If you want to that is."

As if suddenly released from the invisible grip, Claire grabbed her blouse and shorts then almost ran to her bedroom, sobbing with shame.

The dreams changed. For the first time since she had begun having her weird, erotic dream, they changed. No longer was she taken before a group of boys and girls around a bonfire by her son. This time her son was the only one with her. The place he had taken her was new. She recognized nothing about it. She was forced to undress and although it was still daylight, her son was not in the least concerned. Claire stood naked in a huge pasture with a few trees and nothing else. She had been forced to stand naked in the sunlight as her son gazed at her, jacking off.

That was it, the whole dream. She had slept through the night remembering the dream when she woke up the next morning. Claire had slept a bit later than usual and she saw the sun was already climbing high outside her window. She stretched, feeling rested and good before the dream was remembered. And when it came to her, she was flushed with shame. Always with Mack, she thought. It's always about my son, even from the first dream.

Claire showered quickly and dressed. She had seldom slept this late. As she finished with her hair, her son came into her room. Seeing him in the mirror, Claire began to tremble.

"You look good, Mom." he told her, grinning in a way that was strange to her. "But I hope you don't have any panties on."

"Why should..."

"Come on, Mom." he said. "If you've got panties on, take them off."

A hot flush crept over her lovely face and she felt the grip of domination surrounding her again, forcing her. She turned saying in a soft whisper "All right, I'll take them off."

She started to go into the bathroom when her son stopped her.

"No, take them off here in front of me."

Claire shook with shame, staring at her son seeing the heat in his eyes, the twinkle of his sudden power to make her do such lewd things. "Mack please, let's stop this nonsense right now before..."

"Before what, Mom?" he asked. "Before what?"

A shudder went through Claire and the quick pulsations of her cunt did not help matters. Gazing into his burning eyes, almost feeling mesmerized and under his control completely. Unable to resist, Claire's hands moved down the front of her thighs. She lifted her skirt pulling it up slowly. When she had the hem at her crotch, she tried once more to fight against this. Tears came to her eyes again and her hands shoved into the bikini panties, peeling them downward. Mack's eyes glowed like burning coals as he watched his mother. Her legs, so long and so smooth, her flesh fantastically creamy, caused his cock to throb. He caught a glimpse of her dark cunt hair before the hem of her skirt covered it.

"That's better," he said.

And as quickly as he had entered her room, he left.

Claire stood in place, naked under her skirt, shame making her face pink. She had obeyed her son once again and Claire knew now that she was in his control, that no matter what he told her to do, she would do it despite the humiliation she felt.

She would obey him because... because... oh, it makes me feel so good!

The thought struck her like the clap of thunder. It's true, she thought. It does feel good... makes my cunt so very hot when Mack makes me do these wicked things. I feel so ashamed of myself but so good too.

Feeling odd without her panties, Claire found her son in the living room. He glanced at her with knowing eyes.

"You didn't put your panties back on after I left, did you Mom?"

She shook her head, unable to look at him.

"Show me!"

Claire was standing in the doorway to the kitchen and when she heard him, her cunt almost convulsed with orgasm. Her back was toward him and while her face turned pink again, she lifted the back of her skirt and revealed her shapely, naked ass to her son.

"Okay." he said and she dropped her skirt.

She found her coffee already perked and a smile spread over her face. Mack had never prepared coffee for her before. Perhaps he was trying to make amends, to show that although he could make her do anything he wanted, he would do these small favors for her.

She was left alone as she drank her coffee, smoking quietly as the thoughts flittered through her mind. Something had changed between them. Something she failed to understand. Overnight she had become passive with her son, he was now the dominate one. And his domination was erotic. Claire wondered if her son received pleasure in making her ashamed, in humiliating her. She knew it was giving her pleasure. She had not realized she had this inclination to be degraded before but the pleasure it had given her told her as much. It explained her dreams somewhat. She had been degraded and humiliated in those dreams and she had cum often. She wondered how far her son would take her, what means would her use to humiliate her, to make her ashamed of herself. And Mack knew very well she was excited by what was happening, as excited as he was.

Mack came into the kitchen as she finished her last cup of coffee. He stood behind her and she felt him rest his hands on her shoulders for a moment. Then he shoved his hands down and cupped her tits through her blouse and bra.

"You've got pretty tits, Mom." he said, his hands squeezing them. "You shouldn't be wearing a bra. Take it off!"

"But I..."

Mack opened his mother's blouse and again it was the strapless type that hooked between her tits. Her son unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the table, saying. "When I tell you to take something off, Mom. You do it!"

"I will." she heard herself saying.

Her son's hands fondled her tits, pinching at her nipples between a thumb and forefinger. Her creamy tits swelled beneath his hands, becoming very hard with rigid nipples. Her cunt was getting very wet and she crossed her legs, creating pressure against her tingling clit.

The chair she sat in was open-backed and she felt the hardness of her son's cock pressing against her. She thought she could feel the heat of his prick and she certainly felt the throbbing of it. She wished it was out of his... No, I don't really wish that! her mind flared.

Ah, but you do, Claire.

A shiver went through her, knowing she did want to feel his hard cock against her back.

"Turn around." Mack said.

Turning, Claire found her son was removing his cock from his pants. She gazed at it, her tongue licking at her dry lips. She was afraid he would tell her to...

"Ooo." she whimpered.

Mack had shoved his cock against one of her tits. The swollen head pressed against her nipple and she felt the wetness seeping from his piss hole. She could not take her eyes from it, seeing the throbbing shaft, the head almost buried as he pressed it into her tit. Then he moved his cock to the other tit, smearing her flesh with the seeping juices from his piss hole, making her nipples wet and causing them to tingle nicely.

Shoving his cock between his mother's tits, Mack said, his voice thick with passion. "Press your tits around my cock, Mom."

Claire's hands cupped her tits and she closed the smooth, hot flesh about his prick. She felt his cock throbbing against the softness of her tits and then her son began to pump his prick about the valley of flesh she made.

"Want me to fuck your tits, Mom?" Mack asked. "I think that's what I'll do, fuck you between your pretty tits."

Claire was gazing down at herself, seeing his cock moving against the tightness of her tits, her hands holding them between her tits, pressing them deeply against his sweetly hard prick. Oddly enough, she felt no shame doing this with him. It felt good, deliciously good. The feel of her son's very hard cock between her tits sent ripples of excited desire going up and down her body and her clit throbbed as much as his cock did and her cunt was pulsating as if it were about to explode into a tremendous orgasm. She was breathing hard and hot, her chin tucked downward, her blue eyes glazed over with steaming pleasure as she watched her son fuck her between the tits.

She lifted her eyes to his face, seeing the delight there, the glow of his eyes. She smiled softly at her son then looked back down at his cock sliding up and down the heat of her tits. His hands were on her shoulders, knowing his mother would keep her tits tight against his cock.

And Claire did. She had never felt a cock against her tits before, had never experienced the pleasure of feeling such sweet hardness moving in and out of the valley of her tits. She began to whimper softly, feeling no shame now, just that bubbling, hot ecstasy.

Mack was breathing harshly and he suddenly spurted.

The creamy whiteness of his cum erupted from his piss hole, smearing her shapely tits as he pumped almost frantically. She felt his cum splash upon her chin and even her bottom lip, and her eyes became glassy as she watched her son's cock gushing. Her tits were smeared now with his cum, glistening wetly and still he came. When he finished, Claire's tits were covered with the sweet wetness of his cum, some on her chin. With a sudden cry of delight, she smeared the slippery cum about her flesh with eager fingers making sure she coated her burning nipples too.

Mack stood a foot or so in front of her, watching as she smeared the cum about her naked tits, still gasping for breath. "You liked that, huh, Mom?"

Claire could not deny it, could not lie to her son. She nodded her head, her light blue eyes glowing with lewd delight.

"I can do anything I want, can't I, Mom?" he said. "I can make you do anything, huh?"

Claire hesitated then whispered. "Yes, darling."

"Anything?" he repeated.

"Yes, Mack," she replied, shivering because she knew this committed her totally and completely.

"Even... fuck you?"

A liquid tremor shot through her body and her cunt flexed tightly. "Yes." she said with an even softer whisper.

"You have to talk louder." Mack said.


"What can I do with you, Mom?" he taunted.

"You can... can... fuck me!"

Claire flushed as she said the word to him. But she also felt the shiver of ecstasy flood her body as she spoke.

"Yes, yes." she said, her voice loud, almost shouting at her son. "You can fuck me, darling! You can do anything you want with me, with my body!"

"Don't forget then."

"I won't." she replied almost shyly, dropping her eyes down. "I won't forget, darling."

After he left her she took a dish towel and cleaned her tits. She had, she knew, committed herself to total domination by her son.

Entering the living room, she found Mack sprawled back on the couch. He had apparently been waiting for her.

"It's about time you came in here," he said and she watched her son opening his pants-pulling his cock out.

He looked at her, stroking his prick. Then he shoved his pants down, kicking them off. Since he was bare-chested, he lay there naked and Claire's eyes glowed as she stared at his cock and balls. They looked so sweet to her, so damned precious.

"Squat down, Mom." he said.


"Squat down! You know, like you're gonna piss."

She looked at him. "Why darling?"

"Because I said so, damn it!"

She squatted.

"Pull that fucking skirt up so I can see something."

She bunched her skirt about her waist.

Mack stared between his mother's creamy thighs, gazing at her hairy cunt and licking at his lips. "I just wanted to see what you looked like squatting," he said. "I've never seen a girl squat before. I wanted to see what your cunt looked like that way, Mom."

His cock was standing up very hard again and she squatted lewdly for him, her eyes moved to it. She felt the urge to touch her son's cock, to fondle and feel it, to play with his preciously sweet balls. But she knew she wouldn't touch him there until he told her to. That was the agreement she had made at the time she committed herself to his domination. But she could look at it. It was the most beautiful cock ever, so long and thick with that ever so sweetly smooth head and dripping piss hole.

"You want to play with my cock, Mom?"

Claire nodded her head.


Waddling like a duck, keeping her knees wide apart so he could see her cunt, Claire moved to the couch. She slipped a hot hand across his stomach and placed the other on his thigh. Then she moved them both toward his upstanding cock and those full- looking balls. She was gasping with excitement and her pussy was twitching ever so hotly. She gripped her son's cock in her hand, cupping his balls with the other. She stroked up and down it, watching him drip more from that tasty-looking piss hole. She twisted at his balls lightly, squeezing his cock as soft mewls of pleasure bubbled from her mouth.

She pumped her fist up and down his prick, holding it tightly, feeling it throb. She stretched the already taut flesh of her son's cock with shivering pleasure, making the head swell deliciously. The desire to run her tongue up and down it was strong and she leaned forward, getting closer to her son's cock with her mouth, her lips, her tongue.

But she did not dare put her lips on his cock unless he told her to.

While she jacked on his cock and squeezed his balls, Mack shoved a hand along her thigh, then between them to feel the softness there.

Claire felt her son's hand moving into the thick curls of her cunt and those pussy lips flexed eagerly. She pumped faster on his cock, her mouth open as she breathed raggedly. She loved the feel of his balls in her palm.

"That's enough feeling, Mom," Mack said, shoving her hands away.

"But I... please darling." she pleaded.

"I want to fuck."

Claire's eyes turned to his, seeing the intensity of his gaze. "You want to... to..."

"You said I could, Mom." he reminded her. "You said I could I fuck you. You said I could do anything I wanted with you, remember?"

She nodded, feeling her face grow warm again.

Mack swung his legs over the couch and stood up, then went to the floor on his back.

"You do it, Mom." he said, holding his cock. "You fuck me."

With her pussy pulsating ever so hotly, Claire knew she could not refuse nor did she want to refuse. Although her face was flushed a deep pink, she swung one leg over her son's body, standing on her knees with her hairy cunt hovering an inch or so above his throbbing cock.

"You put my cock in your cunt, Mom."

"Are you going to make me do everything, darling?" she asked. Then she realized the significance of those words. Everything could mean...

"That's right, Mom. You have to do everything."

She ran her hand down and gripped his cock, then brushed the swollen head up and down the lips of her steaming cunt. She sighed with delight, then lowered her crotch, feeling the swollen head of her son's cock split her pussy.

"Ooooo!" she mewled.

"All the way!" Mack urged with a thick voice. "Take my cock all the fucking way in your cunt, Mom!"

Claire shot her hips down, sinking onto her son's cock with a single, down-thrusting motion. She felt her cunt stretch around that throbbing sweetness and she almost came immediately. Her pussy gripped her son's cock tightly, her wetness hot about it. Her clit began to tingle as if on fire and she ran her hips up and down for a moment. Settling on his cock, Claire jerked her hips back and forth, feeling his balls brushing the cheeks of her shapely ass, his cock very deep into her pussy.

Her son was staring up into her face, his eyes gleaming with a fiery pleasure. Claire stared back at him, hissing between her teeth as she held her skirt at her waist, moving her ass up and down now. As Mack's eyes lowered, looking between her thighs, watching her hairy cunt move up and down his cock, Claire began to fuck faster.

Her son placed his hands on her thighs, near her churning hips, his fingers dug into her flesh. Claire threw her head back, her dark hair shimmering. She thrashed her ass about, riding her son's cock with the hot, wet tightness of her hair- lined cunt. She slammed down almost violently onto his cock, gurgling with an ecstasy that was the best feeling in the world!

"Ohhh," she wailed as her hips churned, her cunt plunging onto his cock. "Oooo, so good! So good, darling!"

Mack lay still, looking between his mother's thighs, watching her hairy cunt fuck his cock. The slippery wetness of her pussy gleamed on the throbbing shaft and it was almost like he had thrust his cock into a pot of melting butter. His mother's pussy was soft and at the same time so very tight he could hardly believe it. He could see the lips of her pink cunt gripping his prick as she lifted, see them sink inward as Claire slammed down onto him. He could watch her sensitive clit writhe and throb between the dark curls of pussy hair.

Claire, caught up by the orgiastic ecstasy, gripped her son's balls and held them against the cheeks of hot, churning ass. She cooed and whimpered, wailed and gurgled, keeping her cunt in constant up and down motion, alternating with tight swings from side to side. Her tits, revealed by her open blouse, jiggled in a tight way, her nipples straining out, jutting toward the ceiling.

"Fuck me, Mom!" Mack yelped in a tight voice, unable to be still. He arched his hips up, trying to drive his cock into her quivering stomach. "Fuck my cock... fuck my cock! Ahhh, your cunt is hot and wet... fuck me, Mom!"

"Yes, yes!" Claire yelled, tossing her hips in all directions as an orgasm swelled inside her body. "I'll fuck that cock! I'll fuck your goddamn cock off with hot, hairy cunt, baby! Oooo, I'm going to fuck it until you cum... make that hard cock cum all over the fucking place!"

"In your pussy, Mom!" Mack groaned, arching high and staring with unfocused eyes at her cunt riding him swiftly. "I'm going to cum right in your hairy pussy, Mom!"

"Ooo, yes! Cum in mother's hairy cunt, darling!"

Claire slammed down onto her son's cock hard, grinding her pussy about in a frenzy. Her cunt went into tight, steaming convulsions. Her pussy flexed and squeezed at her son's cock at the base. She was holding his balls tight against the crack of her ass. She shuddered as the orgasm closed about her, her pussy seeming to rip apart with the liquid ecstasy. She screamed loudly, her whole body shaking with the force of the orgasm.

"I'm going to... cum!" Mack shouted.

Claire, through the power of her own orgasm, felt her son's cock spurt. The hot, thick cum spattered the velvety insides of her pussy, increasing the force of her orgasm. Her hairy cunt squeezed and sucked at her son's cock, desperate to have that sweetness filling her.

It seemed to Claire that her son came so powerfully up her cunt, she could taste it in her throat. She threw her head back, her tits arching and lifting to the ceiling. She screamed as a second orgasm shot through her body. Claire could no longer thrust her ass up and down. She could only sit astride her son, his cock deep inside her cunt, and cum and cum and cum.

Slumping forward when her orgasm was over, she smashed her tight tits against her son's chest. She wrapped her arms about his head and hugged him tightly, her cunt still gripping his drained cock.

After a few moments, she lifted her head and looked at her son. She saw no shame on his young face, only pleasure. With a small sob of ecstasy, Claire pressed her lips to his, kissing him with a sucking, writhing pleasure.

"You're a good fuck, Mom." he said when he lifted her mouth from his.

Claire sat up on him, her cunt still clinging to his cock. "You've fucked someone else?"

"Aw no, Mom." he said, grinning up at her as he closed his fingers about her tits. "You're the first. But I know you're a good fuck."

"So are you, Mack." she said, climbing off him. She stood at his side, her legs shaking with weakness. His cock glistened wetly, his balls looking loose now.

She saw him shift his eyes and knew he was looking under her skirt, seeing her hairy cunt.

"I hope you won't..." she started to say, then turned from him going to her bedroom.

As she soaked her heated body in the tub, she completed to herself what she was going to say to her son. She hoped he would not make her do something horrible. Yet she sensed somehow, that her son would soon force her into doing things that would truly humiliate her, make her feel shame. If he did, there was nothing she could do to prevent it. She had given herself totally to him, committed her body to him, as he had said. Claire knew, despite the shame she would feel, that she wanted her son to degrade her, to make her feel shame. That was part of the excitement to her. At first, she had felt very little real excitement, only shame. But last night, she felt more excitement than shame. It was strange, she thought, that shame and desire and erotic ecstasy could go together this way.

She looked up as her son entered the bathroom, sitting on the toilet to watch her bathe. She smiled lovingly at him and ran the sponge over her tits. "Want to wash me, honey?" she asked. "Any place you want to wash." He grinned and began to soap her shapely tits, playing more than washing. When he scrubbed at her back, she squealed when he shoved his hand under the water and tried to slip a finger into the crack of her ass. But she was sitting on it and he failed. She lay back in the tub, her cunt hair wet. She lifted a long, slender thigh and felt warm as he washed it.

While her son scrubbed at her body, she told him of her dreams, of all the details. She saw his face as he listened and his eyes changed, became hot and she shivered, thinking she may have made a mistake in telling him.

"And you loved the feeling, Mom?" he asked. "I mean about being humiliated that way?"

She nodded, unable to lie to him.

"Do those dreams make you cum?"

"Yes." she whispered.

"I bet you like being told what to do that way." Mack said. "I bet if I did things just like in your dreams, you'd cum good, Mom."

"Probably," she replied. "I'd feel horribly ashamed, but yes ... I'd cum, I'm sure."

"What if I told you to go outside naked?"

"Mack, you wouldn't!" she said, fear in her voice that he might do just that. "I don't think I'd like..."

"You promised, Mom." he said.

"I know what I promised, darling. But I thought it would be just for you and me."

"That would be for us. Just because someone might see your ass or cunt... I bet you'd cum."

Claire shook her head. "No, that would..."

"I won't ask you to do that," he broke in, "but I might do this."

He stood up at the edge of the tub, his body still naked. He took his cock in one hand and arched his hips forward. Thinking he wanted her to kiss his cock, Claire began to shove her face forward.

And Mack pissed.


The shock of what he was doing froze her. She watched the piss streaming from his cock, splashing against her tits and neck. He was laughing hilariously and Claire couldn't move out of the way. Her face registered her shock and surprise. She felt the piss splashing on her tits and neck, feeling the heat of it and a sudden convulsion shook her. Her cunt bubbled into an orgasm, surprising her even more.

"Oh, stop!" she said but there was no force in her words. Her eyes burned on his cock, watching her son piss about her tits, hearing him laugh with delight.

After what seemed a very long time to Claire, he finally stopped.

"Why did you do that, Mack?" she asked, her voice husky. "Why did you piss on me?"

"I just wanted to." he replied.

I can accept that, Claire thought, admitting to herself it had excited her. I can accept my son pissing on me, but I won't go outside naked. That would be going too far. I'll do almost anything he wants but not that.

Mack watched her towel her tall, slim body and when she started to dress, he told her he wanted her naked, for her to go about the house naked so he could see all of her body. "I want to see those goodies, Mom." he said.

So for most of the day Claire was naked. She felt good and free. It was nice being naked with her son, she thought. Just like one of those places where people take their clothes off outside and play volleyball and things, a nudist's place.

Since they were enjoying warm weather, she was quite comfortable in the house without her clothing.

Before dinner, Mack's cock was throbbingly hard and Claire loved seeing it that way. She was sitting on the couch, still naked for him. Scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions, she spread her legs wide. Her hair-rimmed cunt shone with wetness, her clit protruding from the moist folds. She knew her son loved looking between her long thighs, loved seeing her hairy cunt.

Mack knelt between her thighs, running his hands about her cunt and inner thighs, creating a steaming desire in her. She writhed her ass about as he pressed and probed at her cunt, twisting at her clit and plunging a finger into her now and then. She was building to an explosive orgasm just by his feeling hands.

Mack examined every inch of her pussy and Claire felt tingles of delight ripple through her, enjoying her son's hot eyes and inquisitive fingers on her pussy.

"I think I want some more cunt, Mom." he said in a thick voice.

"You can have all the cunt you want, baby." she replied in an equally thick voice.

Mack brought the swollen head of his cock to her bushy pussy, rubbing it up and down her trembling cunt lips and over her swollen clit. Then she sucked in a loud hiss of air as the round head of his cock penetrated her cunt, stretching the sensitive, hot lips.

"Oooooo, yes!"

Mack slowly worked his prick into his mother's cunt, almost teasing her. But Claire knew he was thrilled as much as she was. She felt the hard throbbing of his prick as he moved it deeper and deeper.

Then the hairs at the base of his cock were mingling with her cunt hairs and she felt him very deep. His balls touched the cheeks of her ass, increasing the intensity of her rippling, bubbling pleasure. With his cock buried deep into her cunt, Mack fondled his mother's tits, digging his fingers into the spongy surface and pulling at her nipples.

"Oooo, you're so deep in my pussy, darling." she gurgled, wiggling her hips up and down. "I love it when your cock is deep ... so deep."

"You've got a hot cunt, Mom." he grunted, thrusting in and out now. "Your pussy is wet and hot and I'm going to fuck the piss out of it!"

"Ooo, do it!" she squealed, pumping her hips up and down with his thrusting cock. "Fuck the piss out of my cunt, Mack! Ohhh, I love to have the sense fucked out of my hot, wet cunt! Fuck it... fuck mother's hot cunt hard and fast! Oooo... ahhhhh, yes, yes!"

Her hips churned in a mindless manner, grinding into her son's cock as he stabbed furiously now. He was no longer digging into her tits but was holding her hips tightly.

"My ass!" she squealed loudly. "Hold my ass, Mack! Ohhh, please baby, hold mother's ass and fuck the hell out of her hot, wet cunt!"

Mack's hands moved to the cheeks of her tightening ass, gripping one with each hand, staring down at the way his cock was being devoured by her steaming, liquid, bubbling cunt.

Claire's mind was reeling with erotic delight, her eyes wide open but unseeing. The pleasure flooding her slender body was so very hot and good. She had never felt so much ecstasy before. Her son's cock stretched and stuffed her cunt so deliciously and she was thrilled at the way his balls banged her ass cheeks as she squirmed tightly against him.

"Oh, God, God!" she murmured, clawing at her naked tits, her hips thrashing and churning swiftly. "Oh fuck that cunt, baby! Fuck that cunt with your hard, sweet cock! Oooo, give it all to me, Mack! Ahhh, I want every bit of that hard cock up my hungry cunt!"

"Cunt!" Mack shouted excitedly. "Fucking cunt! You're a fucking hot cunt, Mom!"

"Yes, I am!" she screamed back at him, her crotch banging hard at his plunging prick. "I'm a hot cunt... a fucking hot cunt! I'm your hot fucking cunt, darling!"

The words inflamed Mack and he thrust very hard and deep into his mother's slippery cunt. His balls drew up tight at the base of his cock as he fucked frantically.

"I'm going to cum, Mom!" he shouted. "My cock is going to cum up your nasty fucking whore cunt!"

"Make it cum!" she screamed, grinding frantically against him. "Make that cock squirt... fill mother's hot, fucking cunt with that sweet, thick, slippery cum!"

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, Claire came. Her cunt gripped her son's cock with tight, heated spasms, flexing and tightening. It was drawing at his prick hard, sucking on it. Claire felt her son's cock throb even more deeply inside her cunt then he came with some powerful throbs that seemed to stretch her sensitive cunt lips even more.

Mack slumped across her body, his breath hot against her tits. She felt his lips close about a nipple and suck gently, his tongue licking the tip. She caressed his hair, feeling his body tremble slightly.

"Well, darling." she said in a soft voice. "It looks like we're going to be fucking for some time, doesn't it?"

"I think so," he mumbled against her tit. "but you have to keep your promise, Mom."

A sinking feeling came to her and she wondered what he was going to do with her, make her do.

She tried to shove the unwanted thoughts and fear from her mind as she prepared dinner for them. But they kept creeping in.

She wanted to ask him what he was going to do, what he was going to make her do but kept silent. She knew that something he wanted her to do would excite her tremendously, but she hoped her son would keep it to a minimum, not embarrass her too much.

After dinner, they found themselves in her bedroom although it was much too early to go to bed. The sun was not yet down and it threw bright sunlight into her open window. Her son stretched across her bed and she sat on the floor between his knees, playing with his cock and balls. She wanted him to talk to her, to tell her what he was going to make her do, admitting to herself it would excite her. His cock was hard again in her fist and she held it while fondling his precious balls at the same time.

"Honey." she said softly. "What would you like to see me do? Tell me what would excite you very much."

"I think I'll make you fuck someone, Mom." he said.

Claire felt a chill go through her. That was not at all what she had in mind. She agreed to do anything her son wanted of her but that wasn't it. She looked up at him but he had an arm over his face.

"Fuck someone? Who?" she asked.

"Oh, just a guy I know." her son replied.

Claire heard the excitement in his voice, knowing he meant it. "Do I know the guy?" she asked, almost afraid she might.

"I don't think so," he said, arching his hips up into her fist. "I don't think you've ever seen him before."

Relief came to her. She didn't want him bringing some boy that she knew into their home. That would not be simple humiliation, she thought, it would be worse. But if he had some young guy in mind who she had never seen or heard of it might not be too bad.

"I think you'll like this guy, Mom," her son said. "All he talks about is fucking and getting pussy."

Claire laughed, a low throaty sound. "That's all you kids think about, getting some ass, huh?"

"Yeah." Mack laughed lewdly. "What else is better to think about?"

His cock was throbbing in her slowly moving fist, his balls in the palm of her other hand. Claire leaned forward and kissed his thighs, the inside part, halfway to his crotch.

"Hey that felt good, Mom."

She kissed his thigh again, this time darting the tip of her tongue out and licking at his flesh, finding it sweet to her taste.

Mack moved his arm from his face and lifted his head, looking down at his mother. "Do that again, Mom."

She ran the tip of her tongue lightly over his inside thigh again, feeling her son tremble.

"Mmm, it sure does feel good." he gurgled.

Her blue eyes glittered up at him, her tongue moving about his flesh, moist and hot. She went from one thigh to the other, kissing and licking, feeling her cunt pulsate with a deliciously warm sensation.

"Lick my cock, Mom."

Claire lifted her face and gazed up at him. Mack's expression was filled with passion, his eyes glowing. "What do you want me to do, honey?"

"Lick my fucking cock!" he almost shouted, squirming his hips toward her face. "I want to feel your tongue on my cock, Mom!"

Claire licked her lips, finding herself eager to taste his prick. She pulled her fingers away, seeing that sweet cock stand tall and hard. She moved her face toward it and darted the tip of her tongue against the underside. She found her son's cock hot against her tongue and she mewled softly as she started licking it. She moved her tongue down at the base, her swirling lips wide. Then with the wet flat surface of her tongue, she lapped her son's cock completely from the base to the swollen head.

She swirled her tongue about the smooth head of his cock, teasing herself by staying away from his dripping piss hole. The way his cock throbbed against her tongue sent shivers of ecstasy through her.

Then she swiped her tongue about his piss hole. She ran it through the seeping juices, tasting him. She closed her eyes to savor the pleasure she felt. Claire tapped at her son's cock with the tip of her tongue, licking about his sensitive piss hole - feeling him shake with delight. His eyes burned down at her, watching her tongue move around his cock, twisting and licking.

"Oh, Mom, Mom!" he groaned. "Put my cock in your mouth! I want to see what that's like!"

With her lips brushing the oozing head of his cock, she looked into his delighted face. "You want me to suck on your cock, honey?"

He nodded. "Yeah Mom! Suck on my cock... suck my prick, Mom!"

"Mmmm." Claire mewled as she closed her hot lips about her son's cock.

She held the head of his prick tightly and ran her tongue about his piss hole again, then she glided her hungry mouth down, taking more and more cock into it. Her blue eyes continued to gaze at his happy face as she filled her mouth with hard, throbbing, delicious cock. Slowly, very slowly, she sucked more prick into her mouth and then she felt the hairs at the base tickling her lips. She held her son's cock this way for a moment, hearing his happy moans.

Sucking up, she created a powerful suction on her son's cock, mewling with heated hunger.

"Ohhh, that's good, Mom!"

"Mmmm!" she whimpered around his cock, no longer satisfied to suck slowly.

Claire began to jerk her face up and down, fucking his cock with her hot, greedy lips. His prick filled her mouth, stretching her lips as it did her cunt, probing at her hungry throat as her tongue licked with fiery wetness.

Cock had never tasted so good to her before. Claire had been starving to get one inside her mouth without really realizing it, she thought. She raced her wet lips up and down, sinking completely onto the hardness of her son and eating hungrily. Her cunt was boiling, twitching between her slim thighs. She knew she would cum, sucking her son's cock. She would cum deliciously. Already she could feel an orgasm steaming there and she sucked with a frenzy at the sweetness of his throbbing prick.

"Ohhh, suck it, Mom!" her son was urging her in an excited voice, his eyes blazing down, watching his cock disappear into her greedy mouth. "Suck my cock! Ohhh, that's great, Mom! Cock suck... you're a cocksucker too!"

Claire moaned as she stuffed her mouth time and again with his prick, her tongue in constant motion as she sucked hard. She lifted his balls and rubbed them at her chin as she went down, squeezing them as she came up.

"Mom, what're you going to do when I cum?"

Claire sucked up from his prick, grinning in a lewd way as she stroked his hard cock. "What do you want me to do when you cum, darling?" she asked hoarsely.

"Don't move." he moaned. "I don't want you to move when I cum. I want to cum in your cocksucking mouth!"

"Ooo, yes!" Claire gurgled. "Cum in my cocksucking mouth, darling! I'd love that!"

She gobbled his cock deeply with her hot, wet mouth again, her eyes burning into his as she sucked hard and fast, her tongue fluttering about with anticipation.

Mack began to pump up and down, smashing into her mouth as she went down on him, groaning now. Claire felt her son's cock lurching about and she knew he would be gushing very soon. She sucked with vigorous pleasure, whimpering as she waited hungrily for the thick spurting of cum.

The glob of cum bubbled from his piss hole. She had her tongue pressing into it, otherwise it would have spurted to the back of her throat. But since her tongue was there, it seemed to seep about it and flood her mouth. Claire gurgled with ecstasy, her eyes almost rolling with delight when she tasted her son's cum boiling into her mouth. Her tongue was swift, lapping at his gushing piss hole with hunger, her lips sucking frantically, her throat working, swallowing eagerly.

The cum from her son's balls was the most delicious taste in the world, she thought as she swallowed wetly, sucking up and down again on his squirting cock. Even as his cum flowed down her burning throat her cunt seemed to convulse, her ass cheeks clamped tightly and her hips jerked as though she were being fucked.

When her son finished cumming, she kept his cock tightly inside her mouth, her cunt exploding time and again, sending a series of waves of ecstasy through her body. She did not want to release her son's cock but finally she sat back on her heels and grinned at his happy face.

"Well?" she asked.

"That was good, Mom." he gasped. "I think I'm going to need to get sucked off one hell of alot!"

"Just ask, darling." she laughed wickedly.

Mack was up and out of the house early.

Claire knew what he was up to and she found herself trembling. She wasn't sure if she shook with anticipation or fear of what her son was going to do to shame her. His statement about a guy he knew came back to her, slamming into her mind with a force that quickly brought a blush to her cheeks.

"All he talks about is pussy." her son had said.

Mack knew boys and girls all over the neighborhood. She knew he was fairly popular and it was natural that he would know some people she did not. Claire found herself wondering what the boy would look like, how hard his cock would be.

She wondered how old the boy was and why her son had chosen this particular boy. And what did her son have in mind? What would Mack ask, no tell her to do with this boy?

Claire didn't want to think about it but she did. She was no longer surprised that her cunt was wet, it was always wet. She was not surprised that although her mind rebelled at being humiliated by her son and what he was doing, her cunt was responding intensely. She was no longer surprised at all that it was her cunt forcing her, leading her, pushing her along with her son. She wondered what made Mack suddenly act this way with her.

Come to think of it, what has made me become this way? she asked herself. Again, she did not know.

After bathing, she found herself dressing with unusual care, choosing her clothing carefully. Claire knew she was anticipating what her son would force upon her and she wanted to look her best for him. She selected a pair of flimsy, skimpy bikini panties and after some thought decided against a bra. Her tits were so firm she did not need the support.

She was pacing the house, wringing her hands and wondering for the hundredth time how she had gotten herself involved so deeply in this. She heard the voices before the door was opened and knew her son had actually come home with someone just as he had said he would.

She stood still, trembling with a mixed sensation of fear and excitement.

Mack came in, followed by a boy about his age perhaps a year older. As he had said, Claire did not know the boy. He was nice-looking, an inch or so taller than Mack.

Claire remained in the middle of the floor, her hands clasped before her, eyes down but looking at them from under her lowered lashes. The boy's expression was one of interest, his eyes raking up and down her body in a bold way, undressing her without shame.

"Didn't I tell you she was beautiful, Mark?" her son said.

"But I didn't know she'd be this beautiful, Mack." Claire heard Mark reply.

A shudder went up and down Claire's spine. Those statements told her Mack had talked to Mark, told the boy everything they had done with each other... everything. But even as the shudder rippled through her, Claire's cunt was pulsating.

Mack moved toward her and she shook when he cupped her tits with his hands, looking at Mark. "My Mom has the best pair of tits you've ever seen."

"I haven't seen them yet." Mark replied.

Claire stood still, her face pink with embarrassment as her son ran his hands over her covered tits. She could not resist a peek from her lowered eyes at the front of Mark's pants. There was a bulge there and it was growing. A ripple of excitement fluttered through her already wet cunt and her clit was throbbing.

She felt her son opening her blouse and her blush deepened.

Then Mack exposed his mother's tits to Mark.

The boy gasped with pleasure, licking his lips. "You're right, Mack." Claire heard the boy exclaim. "Those tits are the best I've ever seen!"

Mack moved behind his mother, shoving his hands up in front of her and caressed her naked tits. "Mack, I don't want... please baby, don't do..."

"I'll do any fucking thing I want, Mom." Mack said with his chin resting on her shoulder. "And you fucking well know I can."

He thumbed her nipples, then twisted them. Claire could not suppress a sudden moan of pleasure and she held her hands tightly, knowing her ass was clenching as her son pressed his cock against it.

And then Mack was pulling at her skirt, lifting it. Mark's eyes were glowing brightly as he stood a few feet away watching. Claire's blush became deep as her long creamy thighs were revealed to the boy's eyes. While he lifted her skirt, her son pressed and twisted his cock against her ass cheeks and she felt it hard and throbbing. Her skirt was bunched at her waist. Mark gazed excitedly at her, watching as Mack ran one hand down his mother's stomach and about the bulge her panties made on her hip and thigh. He dug into her tit the other hand, watching his friend with a smile.

"Hold your skirt up, Mom." she heard her son demand and Claire did so.

She felt as if she were back in the dreams as if this wasn't real, not happening at all. She stood on shaking legs, her blouse open, tits exposed, holding her skirt high and the two boys walked about her looking and commenting.

And she couldn't do anything about it. Both her son and Mark strutted about her with their cocks bulging, straining at the front of their pants, unconcerned about their hard-ons. She heard them comment about her tits, her thighs, her ass and cunt. And the more she heard those lewd, ever-so exciting words, the more aroused she became. Her cunt was throbbing almost painfully as they gazed at her, Mark rubbing the front of his pants.

Claire's son and Mark tossed words about. "Cunt... ass... pussy... cock... tits... fuck..."

And each word sent ripples of shocking ecstasy through Claire. The words wrapped about her hotly, flowing into her skin and mind, making her cunt twitch. Even the crotch of her panties was soaked now and the insides of her thighs were slippery. Her tits had become intensely swollen, the light-brown nipples arching up and out with hardness. Despite her embarrassment, Claire was mindlessly excited. Somehow having her son and Mark look at her this way, being embarrassed by Mack in such a lewd way, Claire felt more aroused and eager and hotter than ever before.

"Let's take her panties off." Mark said, still rubbing at his straining cock inside his pants. "I'd like to see her cunt, Mack."

"Sure." Mack said. "Mom will do anything I tell her to do. You go ahead and take them off, Mark."

Claire felt the tears in her eyes but she wasn't sure if they were tears of humiliation or anticipation. She was shaking visibly when Mark began to draw her flimsy panties down. He certainly wasn't hesitant, she thought. This boy had done this quite a few times, she felt. He not only talked about pussy but was apparently getting it too. Her panties were at her feet now and she was standing there holding her skirt up, blushing furiously as the two boys looked at the thick triangle of her cunt hair. She could not prevent the gasp from bubbling out of her throat when Mark hauled his cock out of his pants. From her lowered eyes, she saw the length of his prick, the wonderful thickness. The head was quite large, she thought, and his piss hole was big enough to shove a cigarette into it. When Mark stroked his cock, gazing at her body, Claire thought she was going to cum.

"Do I get to fuck her?" Mark asked, unabashedly pumping his cock.

"Sure." Claire heard her son reply. "My mom loves to get fucked. Don't you, Mom?"

Claire stammered in a low voice.

"You can talk louder than that, Mom." Mack said. "Tell Mark you love to get that cunt fucked."

"I love... I love to get..." Claire almost choked, then forced it out. "I love to get fucked!"

Mark giggled lewdly.

"Get on your hands and knees, Mom." Mack said, his voice cracking with excitement. "Come on, get down on your hands and knees!"

Claire lifted her eyes and looked at her son. Her were tear-stained yet hot. Mack's eyes glowed with excitement and she saw that he had taken his cock out too. For a moment she wondered if she could stop this, make her son tell Mark to leave. Then she didn't want to stop it, she wanted it to happen, to have Mark's cock plunging into her cunt brutally, swiftly and deep.

As if in slow motion, Claire went to her knees then leaned forward. She felt hands tossing her skirt across her back, not knowing if it was her son or Mark's doing. Her tits dangled but were still very tight. Her rounded ass shivered as both boys looked down at it. Without being told, she lay her face on the floor and the movement caused her naked ass to arch higher, her hair-framed cunt to pooch through her thighs. She moaned softly, so softly the boys did not hear the sound. Stretching her hands above her head she began to claw at the carpet, her ass suddenly waving wickedly, inviting them and she had nothing to do with that movement. Her ass wiggled of its own accord and she felt ashamed because she had no control over it.

"See." she heard Mack laugh. "Look at her ass wiggle! She wants to get fucked bad, Mark. See how she wiggles her ass for it?"

Hands moved about the creamy surface of her upturned ass both boys felt it. Their hands were the same on her flesh, yet different too. She could tell which hands belonged to Mack and which to Mark.

"I'm going to put it in her now." she heard Mark say.

The heat of his hard cock pressed against the lips of her hairy cunt and as the boy pushed, Claire could not hold back the sudden hiss of pleasure. She sucked the air between her teeth and felt her ass moving, arching back to meet that thick cock.

"Oooo." she moaned, his cock sliding into her boiling pussy.

Hands held her naked ass cheeks and she felt the wetness of her son's cock brushing about her thigh. She knew her son was kneeling there, watching his friend's cock penetrate her cunt. She felt Mark's prick enter her cunt all the way and his thighs rubbed against hers. Feeling his thighs there she knew the boy had lowered his pants, maybe taken them off. She lifted her head a bit and peered between her tits. Mark's pants were at his knees and she saw his balls as he started fucking her. They swung back and forth and she felt her hand itching to hold them. Mack too had lowered his pants and she saw his cock rubbing at her thigh. Claire could not resist her impulse to take her son's cock in her fist while his friend fucked her. Mack allowed this and she closed her fingers about her son's cock and began to pump on it, her ass plunging back to the meet the hard, deep thrusts of Mark's cock.

"How do you like that hot ass, Mark?" Mack asked, his voice thick with passion. "Look at mom's ass wiggle! I told you she loved to fuck, didn't I?"

Claire held her son's cock tightly as she jacked it, her uplifted ass thrashing about now. She was gasping and whining with pleasure, no longer able to passive. She twisted her ass about, fucking the boy as much he was fucking her. The lips of her hairy cunt sucked and gripped his thick cock and she felt each throbbing ridge of it, the swollen head too. Her cunt was burning, fiery in wetness. She started shoving her naked ass back and forth frantically, mewling as she pumped at her son's cock. It was a new experience for Claire to have a hard cock in her hand while another one, equally hard, fucked her so deliciously.

She found herself wishing there was another prick in her free hand. She gasped and whimpered as the heat swelled within her slender, deliciously rounded body. She began to shake like a dog just climbing from a pond, her ass gyrating in a frenzy, pounding back and forth on that thick cock stretching and filling her bubbling cunt so sweetly. She was no longer embarrassed, no longer ashamed. She was filled with boiling ecstasy, fucking as much as being fucked. The moist sounds of her cunt filled the room and Claire lifted her head to wail with pleasure.

"Ooooo, hard!" she yelped. "Fuck me hard! Oh God... fuck me, fuck me!"

"I told you! I told you!" Mack yelled.

"Uh, uh!" Mark grunted, running his cock very deep and fast into her clenching cunt. "Tight pussy! Damn, Mack, your mother's cunt is so fucking tight and wet! She loves a hard cock! Look at her shake that ass!"

Claire's fist was flying on her son's cock as much and as hard as her ass was banging back onto Mark's cock. Her mind was reeling with intense ecstasy. Her tits had become very tight and her ass shook violently. She was almost screaming with delight. The gurgles slipping from her tight lips were lewd as she tossed her naked ass about in wild gyrations.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she demanded. "Fuck the piss out of my hot, hairy cunt! Fuck that hard cock up my pussy... I love it, love it! Fuck me... Oh God, fuck me good!"

Mark's cock, ramming deep into her gripping cunt was setting off a series of sweet, delicious orgasms and they increased her wild churning ass-tossing movements. Claire was yelping as the spasms shot through her cunt, causing the wet, hairy lips to clamp onto the thick cock like a scalding vise, sucking and nibbling.

"Ohhh, I'm cumming!" Claire was now screaming with mindless ecstasy. "My cunt... oh my cunt is... I'm cumming! Oh, God... so fucking... fucking good!"

Mark slammed his cock hard into her convulsing cunt, pressing against her overheated ass cheeks. His balls were tight as he dug his fingers into her creamy hips. Claire detected the throbbing of his cock becoming more powerful, even through the ecstasy of her orgasms. She felt his cock lurch about inside her steamy cunt and then she was being filled with his sweet cum. Feeling the boy gush into her pussy sent Claire into a more powerful orgasm. She slammed her cunt back against him tightly, the urge to push strong. Her wet, steaming cunt sucked at his spewing cock, the flexing of it extremely tight. She felt her ass draw inward and then sprawled forward onto the floor, her ass still writhing as her cunt throbbed.

Mack and Mark sat on each side of Claire, feeling the quivering cheeks of her ass and along the backs of her long thighs.

She rested with her head on her arms, eyes closed, a smile on her face. The pleasure still rumbled through her and her ass shivered with the hot ecstasy she felt inside her cum- filled cunt. Her tits were smashed almost flat on the floor but her nipples remained rigid with desire.

"She sure has a smooth ass, doesn't she, Mark?" Mack said.

"The prettiest ass I've ever seen." Mark replied.

The compliments thrilled Claire and she twisted her ass wickedly, listening to them giggling with pleasure.

"Does your mom always do what you tell her?" Mark asked.

"Always." Mack replied.

One of the boys was dragging a finger up and down the crack of her ass, the sensation like a feather against her sensitive flesh. When the finger probed into the crack of Claire's ass, she cooed with warm pleasure.

"Does she suck cock?"

Before her son had a chance to reply, Claire surprised herself. "Yes I do!"

Mark laughed a naughty laugh.

"She's good too." Mack said. "My mom loves to suck a cock off as much as fuck it. I bet she could suck your cock right off at the roots, Mark."

"Bullshit!" Mark snorted. "I've had some good blow-jobs and one girl is about the same as the other."

"My mom is better." Mack replied, heat in his voice. "She's probably the best cocksucker in the world."

Claire grinned against her arms. Lying with her ass being felt by these two young boys, hearing them talk about what a good cocksucker she was, failed to embarrass her in the least. On the contrary, she was excited by it.

Claire turned onto her back between the boys, looking at them with her hot, blue eyes. She made sure her blouse stayed open, her tits exposed. She tugged at her skirt until she had it at her waist. Then she spread her legs, placing one across each of the boys' thighs. The pink lips of her cunt glistened from the thick curls of her pussy hair.

"There's only one way to find out how good of a cocksucker I am," she said, her voice throaty with desire, "and that is to let me suck you off."

"Do it, Mom!" Mack urged. "Show Mark you can suck a cock best of any girl!"

Claire looked at Mark, her eyes hot and inviting. She licked at her lips hungrily. She took her son's cock in one hand, stroking it as she wrapped her fingers about Mark's prick, finding it still slippery from the juices of her cunt. There was hardly any difference between those two cocks, she thought, squeezing them as she ran her fists up and down.

"Well, Mark?" she asked in a whispery voice. "Do you want to find out how good of a cocksucker I am?"

For a moment she thought Mark was embarrassed. She grinned lewdly, brushing the head of his cock along her thigh. "What's the matter, Mark? Haven't you ever had your cock sucked before?" she teased.

"I said so, didn't I?"

"But was it the truth?" Claire taunted. "Did you tell us the truth?"

Mark actually blushed.

"I told the truth." he said.

"Well, perhaps," Claire replied, "but not many times, am I right?"

Mark nodded his head.

"How many times have you had your cock in a nice, wet, hot, hungry mouth?" Claire whispered, squeezing his cock hard enough to make the boy groan.

"On... once." Mark confessed.

"Mmmm, now we know." Claire said. "Care to tell me who it was? Was it your mother, by any chance, who sucked you off? Or did you force some little girl to do it?"

"I didn't force her." Mark said. "She sucked me because she wanted to."

"And you haven't had as much pussy as you talked about, right?"

Mark nodded his head.

Claire did not want to make the boy too embarrassed. Yet the way he had pulled her panties down told her he had done that before, probably many times. She wondered who the girl was, then wondered why she even wanted to know.

"Never mind." Claire said. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Are you afraid my son will want some of that pussy too? Is that it?"

Mark shook his head, gazing between Claire's thighs at her dark-haired cunt. "No, that's not it. I don't care if Mack fucks her. I'm just not supposed to tell, that's all."

Claire knew then, that the girl was not some casual friend of Mark's. Perhaps it was some young wife that loved younger boys or an older girl in school. Then the way Mark flushed, it came to her like a thunderbolt.

"Mark, do you have a sister?" she asked.

He turned dark in color and didn't say anything. Claire knew then. She laughed, a low, husky, erotic sound.

"That's nice, Mark," she whispered throatily, "to have a sister who loves to suck your cock."

She twisted about until she had her head resting on her son's thighs. She drew his cock close to her face, nuzzling it at her cheek, looking at Mark. "I suck my son's cock all the time, Mark. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. If your sister enjoys sucking you and you like it, don't be ashamed."

"I'm not supposed to tell, that's all." Mark said.

"You didn't tell, honey." she soothed, then turned her mouth to Mack's cock and rubbed the dripping piss hole about her lips. "You didn't tell us anything. I just guessed."

Claire ran her tongue along the hard shaft of her son's cock, feeling it hot on the flat surface. She twisted it about the smoothly swollen head, her eyes burning into Mark's. It gave her a thrill to be seen licking at her son's cock and the knowledge that this boy's sister was sucking him off sent ripples of excitement through her. Lying on her back, her head turned toward her son's cock, Claire spread her legs wide. She ran her tongue about her son's cock eagerly but keeping her burning eyes on Mark. She moved a hand down her flat stomach and rubbed at her wet cunt. Taking her son's cock between her lips, she sucked at the head for a moment or so, then pulled off.

"Mark, eat my pussy." she said softly but urgently, lifting her crotch up. "Lick my cunt, Mark. My pussy is so hairy and wet and hot and it loves to get licked. You suck my cunt, Mark and I'll suck your cock off."

Claire giggled as the boy hurriedly moved between her thighs, knowing this would not bet the first time he tongued a cunt. Perhaps he was tongue-fucking his sister while she sucked on his prick. She arched her crotch up as Mark leaned down and when his tongue lapped up and down the wet, hairy cunt lips, Claire squealed with delight. She turned her head to her son's cock, saying, "Oooo, suck that wet cunt, Mark! Suck me good and you get the next blow job."

She drew her son's cock into her hot mouth and began to suck it when Mark thrust his tongue into her pussy, plunging it back and forth like a cock. He licked at her steamy, rigid clit and Claire knew he had sucked a cunt before and not just once but many times.

With her mouth filled by her son's cock, she wondered about Mark and his sister and what they'd done with each other. Then she was too excited to think about that. Her son was arching his throbbing cock into her mouth, his eyes watching Mark press his face into her bushy pussy. The sensations of having a tongue inside her gripping pussy and a hard cock fucking at her mouth sent Claire into mind-reeling ecstasy once again. Being with two horny boys this way was a fantastic thrill to Claire. She was being seen with her mouth stuffed by her son's sweet cock and her son was seeing her being sucked by his friend. It was wild and crazy, she thought through the ecstasy boiling inside her body but it was so good, the best yet.

As her son fucked into her hungry mouth, she lifted her hips and began to grind her boiling cunt into Mark's young face, his tongue thrusting in and out. She listened to his liquid sounds, letting them inflame her erotic passions to a high pitch. She began to shove her mouth down on her son's cock as he plunged it, fucking his cock with her wet, greedy lips. Her hips twisted and thrashed as she humped her cunt into Mark's hungry mouth, smearing his face with the sweeping juices. She felt Mark clawing at the cheeks of her ass and she closed her hot thighs about his face, writhing them about, gurgling around her son's cock. Her lips tingled and burned, stretching about her son's prick as he fucked into her mouth. Claire felt every nerve of her body being seared by the ecstasy. With her head turned sideways into her son's fucking cock, she held the back of Mark's head, pressing his sucking mouth as tight as she could into her quivering cunt. Her clit was intensely hard again, throbbing against the boy's mouth and when Mark sucked at it very hard, Claire yelped around her son's cock. She could feel Mark's tongue reach deep into her slippery cunt, almost as deep as his cock had gone. It came to her briefly, that his sister had certainly taught Mark well how to suck a cunt.

Mack was now holding her head, almost on his knees as he plunged his cock in and out of her mouth. She felt his precious balls beating against her chin, loving the sensation. His cock was slippery from her mouth, her lips gliding on it easily and comfortably. She felt the swollen head probing at her throat and she struggled to swallow it, her lips clamping at the base. Claire's cunt pulsated, sucking at Mark's tongue and then she squealed with ecstasy about her son's fucking cock. She began to cum, the rippling waves of her orgasm starting deep in her stomach then exploding in and around those hungry pussy lips. Her hairy cunt gripped Mark's plunging tongue, squeezing it as she ground furiously into his face, her own tongue and lips desperate to bring her son's cock into a gushing, spewing torrent into her mouth.

"Mom! I'm gonna cum!" Mack shouted.

"Mmmm!" Claire gurgled, still grinding into Mark's licking, sucking mouth.

The thick sweetness of her son's cum bubbled into her mouth and Claire gurgled with a wet sound as she swallowed quickly. Mack continued to fuck frantically into his mother's mouth as he came, his balls slapping at her chin. Claire swallowed swiftly, tasting the sweetness of her son's cum as her cunt kept up that relentless convulsion against Mark's mouth. Her son came so much her mouth was unable to contain it all. Some of it seeped from the corners of her lips and ran hotly to her chin. Claire gurgled in a liquid way as she tried to swallow every drop. She loved more than anything to have her son's cock gushing into her cunt or mouth. As Mack slipped his exhausted cock from her mouth, Claire allowed her naked ass to fall away making Mark's mouth leave her hairy cunt. Mark's face was smeared with the juices of her pussy, glistening on his cheeks and chin. Claire saw his cock pulsating beautiful and hard, the head deliciously swollen.

"You promised me." Mark said, sounding very young. "You said you'd suck my cock if I sucked your cunt."

"I will." Claire replied. "But let's give my son a chance to rest. Then he can fuck me while I suck you off. I'd like that, being fucked and able to suck at the same time."

Mark waited, not very patiently, his eyes constantly on Claire's body. She removed her blouse and skirt, unashamed in her nakedness with the two boys. They no longer had their pants on either but still wore their t-shirts. Somehow this was more erotic to Claire. She realized she had taken the initiative from her son. When it happened she didn't know. Mack no longer had that strange ability to force her into lewd things. The grip had been broken in some way and it was Claire who now had the upper hand. Only she didn't want the upper hand with her son. She wanted to share and co-operate and enjoy this newfound pleasure with him. She didn't feel humiliated or degraded or embarrassed any longer. What she did feel was intense delight, a sort of freedom.

Mack didn't look disappointed, she thought. Maybe he had felt ashamed of forcing her in the first place. But Claire knew that if she had not wanted to be forced, it would never have happened. She sat on the couch with her legs wide, her curvy ass at the edge of the cushions. She fondled her hairy cunts as the boys sat on the floor, gazing at her with those excited eyes. She had no intention of finger-fucking for their voyeuristic pleasure though. She was doing this to make sure they stayed at a high pitch of desire. If the size and hardness of those two cocks was any indication, she was doing the right thing.

"Are you two ready?" she asked in a low, husky sound. "Are those two cocks ready for me... for my cunt and my hot, wet mouth?" Claire was being deliberately seductive, enjoying herself. "Mack, fuck me. I want your cock up my cunt, fucking me!"

Her son, with a grin at Mark, moved to his knees between his mother's widely spread thighs. Claire gripped her son's cock at the base, pulling that sweetly swollen head to her hairy cunt. She hissed with pleasure as that round cockhead slipped into her pussy. Immediately, Claire's greedy cunt closed around her son's cock tightly, drawing it deeper into her body. When his wiry cock hairs pressed upon the thick cunt hair of her pussy, his balls on her ass cheeks, she said, "Now you, Mark." Mark scrambled quickly to the couch, his cock jerking about. Claire took it in her fist as her son began to fuck back and forth into her cunt, looking up into the young boy's face. "Want to fuck me in the mouth, Mark?" she asked. "I just love a hard, sweet cock fucking my mouth. I can suck it at the same time you fuck my face."

Mark was standing on the couch and Claire opened her lips wide. Mark quickly shoved his cock between them and Claire clamped hungrily on it as she shoved deep. She felt the smooth head against her throat and slipped a hand between his thighs and gripped one cheek of his ass, urging him to fuck her mouth. Her hips lifted to her son's cock, twisting about with erotic delight. She looked up at Mark's face, her eyes glassy with ecstasy, his cock filling her mouth. Mark, she was pleased to see, was staring at Mack's cock fucking into her hairy cunt, then down at her sucking lips. She pressed at the cheek of his ass, urging him to pump his cock back and forth into her mouth.

Mark placed his hand on top of her dark-haired head and began to fuck Claire's mouth slowly. But Claire didn't want to be mouth-fucked slowly. She wanted him to thrust hard and fast, to bruise her cocksucking lips if he wanted. When Mark increased the speed of his cock between her wet lips, her hips began to churn frantically as her son rammed his cock up her pussy. Mack, she saw, was staring at the way her mouth sucked on Mark's cock, his own mouth half open as he gasped with pleasure. His balls banged upon her grinding ass cheeks, sending shivers of heated ecstasy through her. She moaned and whimpered about Mark's throbbing, sweetly hard cock, her tongue licking. Her son was squeezing one of her sensitive tits as he plunged back and forth with his prick, fucking her almost into a frenzy while he watched her suck his friend's prick. Mark was finally fucking her mouth the way she wanted him to. He was thrusting hard enough to beat the back of her head against the couch, his balls slapping her chin. Claire threw her cunt up and down, thrashing in a frenzy of orgiastic ecstasy as the two boys fucked her mouth and cunt, hearing them snort and grunt and pant and gasp.

Her naked body was shaking with the intensity of her pleasure and her eyes closed to savor the delights. Her tits became swollen, the nipples pointed and so very hard. Her clit was about to burn from her cunt, being smashed by her son's cock with his powerful plunges.

Claire growled in lewd pleasure when her cunt started convulsing about her son's prick. She gobbled hungrily on Mark's cock, greedy to taste his cum spewing so sweetly into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat. She had never felt so intensely erotic, so hot with passion. She went after Mark's cock with her mouth frantically, her cunt gripping her son's cock in a hot, wet slippery tightness that made him groan with pleasure.

Claire thought she was cumming with every part of her body, her orgasms boiling through her like flowing lava. She slammed her cunt brutally against her son's delving cock, feeling him cum deep inside her womb. The powerful jerking of Mack's cock inside her cunt and the way it gushed that thick cum so deeply sent her into greater spasms of orgasm. Mark was fucking her mouth as if he were out of control and she sucked hard. The thick taste of his cum flooding her mouth sent her cunt into even more spasms and she whimpered in a liquid sound about Mark's exploding cock. Her cunt was filled with cum and so was her mouth. The two boys had cum almost at the same time, with her son beating Mark by a cunt hair. Claire sprawled where she was, looking at the two boys as they sucked in air, their chests heaving up and down. A grin spread over her beautiful face, knowing she had just given them both the best they would ever get.

Claire was happy now that her son had lost his ability to dominate her. Actually, he had not really exercised domination at all. She still was not sure how it had happened, nor did she dwell on it anymore. Mack seemed just as happy too. When she thought about it, Claire knew she had not really enjoyed being humiliate and embarrassed by Mack in lewd ways. It had been simply the newness of it. The excitement she had felt was far greater than that fleeting need to be force into those wicked acts. She had never been a truly passive woman when it came to sex. Claire much preferred mutual efforts when it came to fucking. Besides she could not remain passive once a lovely hard cock was inside her cunt.

In the early evening she had seen Mark leave, wishing he could remain with them all night. She had pulled the boy tightly against her body, smashing her tits against his chest as she thrust her tongue almost down his throat, one hand on his tight ass, the other filled with his cock and balls. Just before he left, she had said impishly. "Don't fuck your sister too much, Mark... save some of this cock for me."

When she and her son was alone, she asked Mack what his feelings were about seeing her being fucked by his friend.

"I liked watching him fuck you in your mouth best, Mom." Mack had said. "That made me pretty excited."

"Has your feeling changed about me?" she asked him. "I mean, because I love to fuck so much?"

"Yes." he said, his face serious.

For a moment Claire's heart pounded but then her son's face split into a huge grin. "I love you more, Mom!"

"Good!" she said, poking at his ribs.

"Because I intend to keep your beautiful cock very, very happy!"

They both showered separately. There was no reason for it except there wasn't really enough room in one stall for both of them. They met in the hall, naked and with water dripping from them. They immediately clutched at one another, kissing and sucking on tongues with sudden frenzied desire.

Claire felt her son's cock against her thigh as she closed her fingers into the tightness of his ass cheeks. She squirmed tightly against him, mewling hotly into his mouth. Her tits smashed against her son's chest, her nipples boring into his flesh. She squeezed at his ass and rubbed her thigh back and forth on his dripping cock. Feeling her son's hands holding the round firmness of her naked ass sent Claire's emotions into high gear, making her flesh ripple with delight.

She drew his hard cock between her thighs, closing them tightly on it. She felt her son's cock throbbing against the soft, creamy insides of her thighs, then the hot pulsation of it with the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt. She shivered with anticipation, writhing against him.

"I can't get enough of your cock since we started fucking, darling." she mewled against him. "You make your mother's cunt so damned hot all the time!"

Mack grunted with agreement, feeling the wet heat of his mother's pussy sliding along the hard shaft of his prick. He made an attempt to shove it into her cunt as they stood there in the hall, but the position was awkward. Claire pulled from him, grinning in a lewd way. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs, going into a half squat, her cunt exposed and eager.

"Now stick it in me," she gurgled, her blue eyes flashing with desire.

Mack arched his cock forward and Claire took it in her hand, bringing that sweetly swollen head to her greedy pussy. She shivered as she felt her son's cock make contact with the hairy lips. She squatted a fraction lower and his prick slithered into her wet pussy.

Claire clung to her son's shoulders with tight fingers as he started thrusting his prick back and forth. His eyes gazed down, watching her jerk those rounded hips back and forth with him. The thick hairs of her cunt delighted Mack as he began to fondle her firm, spongy tits.

"Do you like that cunt, Mack?" Claire hissed softly. "Is mother's cunt nice and tight and wet and hot and slippery?"

"I love it, Mom!" he grunted, jerking to meet the grinding plunges of her pussy.

"Do you like the way I fuck you, baby?"

His reply was a delighted grunt.

He held himself still, hips arched forward, watching his mother's hips jerk back and forth, her cunt riding on his cock with moist sounds. Claire enjoyed pumping her ass, fucking a hard cock, while her son did not move. She loved the hard, throbbing feel of his cock as she raced her cunt back and forth on it, the swollen head that her cunt lips gripped so eagerly, hungrily.

Her swollen, sensitive clit scraped along the shaft of her son's cock, increasing the ecstasy that boiled through her naked, wet body. The way her son dug into her springy tits sent rippling delight through her, making her nipples burn hotly. She gasped and mewled, her eyes glassy with the ecstasy, her lips parted, her tongue licking about them. The smooth muscles of her flat stomach rippled beneath the creamy smoothness of her flesh.

"Oooo! Ahhh, darling!" she whimpered softly, her voice thick with passion. "Oh so fucking good, baby!"

She banged her hips hard against him, only her shoulders holding her against the wall now. Her knees were bent and parted and her cunt slammed back and forth at a quickening rate.

"I love it, Mack! I love your hard cock... fucking me! Ohhh, baby, mother's cunt is so damned hot, so fucking hot! Fuck that cunt, Mack! Oh, fuck mother's wet pussy!"

An orgasm shot through her, making her body quiver. She closed her eyes and held her hips tight against his, that wonderful cock deep and throbbing between her convulsing pussy lips. She gurgled as she came.

"Now!" she urged hotly. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast, darling! Hurry, fuck my cunt... fuck it!"

Mack's hands clutched now at her tight ass while his mother leaned against the wall, thighs pressing hotly at his hips, cunt arched forward.

Mack rammed his prick in and out of his mother's cunt, clinging to her ass cheeks with tight fingers, grunting as he raced his cock back and forth. Claire panted as he banged harshly against her tender, sensitive cunt lips, feeling her orgasm still rumbling about, only mild now. She felt her son's cock swelling inside her pussy and she urged him to cum with nasty words.

"Give it to me, Mack!" she whispered in a thick, excited voice. "Ohhh, baby, give mother's hot cunt that cum! Squirt it to me, baby! Squirt babymaking seed deep in mom's womb, right into my big ol' whore pussy!"

"Uh... uh... uh!" Mack grunted, suddenly thrusting his cock deep and holding himself there.

Claire screamed softly when she felt her son's cock explode into her cunt. The throbbing of his cock as he gushed into her created another orgasm deep inside of her. Her pussy squeezed and sucked at his spurting prick, clamped at the base. The spasms that went through her made the hairy lips of her cunt squeeze his prick like a fist. With the last spurt of his cock, Mack slipped it free, gasping, his naked body shivering.

"That was wonderful." Claire said, straightening her legs. "That was a wonderful fuck, baby. Maybe we should fuck this way more often. You sure made my pussy cum!"

She took his hand and pulled him to her bedroom. "You sleep here tonight and every night."

"We're going to shack up huh, Mom?" he grinned as he sprawled on her bed.

"I think of it more as being lovers." she said, moving to the dresser to brush her thick hair. "I don't like that phrase, 'shack up'. It sounds so nasty."

Brushing her hair, she watched her son in the mirror. Mack gazed at his mother's body, seeing her smooth back, the roundness of her hips, the delicious length of her thighs. But he seemed to enjoy looking at the shape of her naked ass best. Claire knew her ass was very shapely, round and firm, the cheeks swelling invitingly. She wiggled her ass in a teasing way for her son, sticking her tongue out at him playfully, her nose crinkling. Mack lay on his back, playing with his cock and balls as he looked at her. Claire could see he was becoming excited again and her cunt responded as it always did. Finishing her hair, she turned and rested the cheeks of her ass against the dresser, gazing at her son as he fondled himself. She cupped her firm tits and rolled her nipples against her palms, her blue eyes becoming hot as passion flared up inside her body.

"Oh you make so hot." she whispered. "I get so fucking hot when I see that sweet cock, Mack!"

With her ass perched on the edge of the dresser, Claire spread her legs, dropping one hand from her tits to her bushy cunt. She ran her fingers through the soft strands and rubbed lightly at her clit. Then with a whimper, she plunged her finger into her pussy and thrust it in and out.

Mack, watching his mother finger-fuck herself, gripped his cock as it swelled.

Claire's eyes blazed at it, seeing his precious balls resting there between his thighs. With her finger still buried into her cunt, she walked to the bed, climbed onto it and leaned over, licking at her son's balls with a moist tongue. She knew her son could see her ass in the mirror, see those creamy cheeks part, the pucker of her tight ass, the hairy lips of her cunt pooching from her thighs. She wiggled her ass while her tongue lapped about his balls. Mack kept his grip on his cock, pumping up and down now, staring into the mirror, seeing his mother's reflected ass, the winking of her ass. With her tongue running about his balls, she shifted and then Mack had his hand feeling around the stretching of her ass cheeks. She whimpered softly as she shoved his fist away and took his cock into her mouth, thrilling as it brushed against her throat. Holding his cock deep this way, she lifted his balls and rolled them about her cheeks and nose, mewling with pleasure. Mack slipped his hand between the split of his mother's ass cheeks and rubbed lightly at her ass. Feeling her son's finger against her ass sent Claire into a shiver of pleasure. She sucked up and down on his cock with a greedy hunger, her lips tight and tongue flapping. When she felt her son trying to shove his finger up her ass, she pulled her face out of his crotch and twisted about, stretching beside him, holding him tightly.

Her ass tightened up and she could still feel the pressure of his finger there but he wasn't touching her ass now. She quivered as the thought came to her. She lifted her head and looked down at her son.

"Would you like to try that, darling?" she asked.

"Try what, Mom?"

"My ass." she said, her voice quivering with a sudden hot desire.

"Your ass?"

"Sure, Mack. Do you want to try and fuck mother in the ass?"

"You're kind of small there, Mom." he said. "Will it hurt you?"

"Nothing hurts me," she giggled almost childishly. "It just feels good."

"You fucked that way before, Mom?"

"No, never." she replied. "But I'd like to give it a try. I'll try anything once."

Mack laughed but it was not at her. "You sure do have a hot ass, don't you, Mom? You like fucking anyway and every way and anywhere, huh?"

"Don't you?"


"Want to try it?"

"Sure!" he said, grinning.

"This way." Claire gurgled, swinging her legs over him and squatting, facing her son.

Mack stared between her thighs, seeing that bushy cunt and the wet lips and rigid clit. He could not see her ass yet.

Claire took her son's cock in her hand and brought it to her cunt, sitting down onto it, taking it deep.

"I thought you wanted to take it up the ass, Mom?" he said.

"I do, baby. And I'm going to take your cock up my ass but first I want it nice and slippery."

She bounced up and down on his cock for a while, sighing as the pleasure grew as it always did when she had his prick inside her wet cunt. She shoved her hairy cunt down tight and let her pussy lips writhe against the base. Lifting her crotch she held the head of her son's cock just inside her pussy and twisted about on it.

"I guess we've got your cock nice and slippery." she said in a low voice, lifting her cunt from him. She held her son's cock at the base and moved her hips forward, still squatting on him.

Mack laughed.

"What's so fucking funny?"

"You look like you're getting ready to piss." he replied.

"If you laugh at me again I just might, you little mother- fucker! This may look funny to you but if you laugh again I'll piss all over your cock and balls, Mack!"

Claire dragged his hard cock back, feeling it brush the tight pucker of her ass. A mewl came from her as she felt the heat of his cock searing the sensitive crinkle there. She squatted for a moment, enjoying the feel of his cock head against her ass.

"Are you ready, baby?"

Mack nodded. He could see past the hairy lips of his mother's cunt now, see the head of his cock against her ass. Claire leaned backwards a bit, making sure he could watch as his prick entered her ass. She applied some pressure, feeling a sudden, burning kind of lewd ecstasy in her ass.

Mack stared at the way his cock was pressing at that tightness.

Claire was holding her breath but not because she was anticipating pain. She was anticipating nothing but pleasure.

Slowly, very slowly, she pressed downward. "Oooo!" she mewled.

Mack watched the swollen head of his cock slide into his mother's ass. He could see past her hairy cunt. Her ass was stretched about his prick and the lips of her pussy quivered.

Claire, with the head of her son's cock inside her ass, felt as if she had been suddenly stuffed up the ass with a telephone pole. She rested for a moment, becoming accustomed to the fullness of her ass by his cock head. Then, staring hotly at her son's excited face she slowly lowered her ass onto his cock, gurgling with pleasure.

The more of his hard cock she took into her ass, the better it felt to Claire. She could feel the throbbing of his prick better with her ass, she thought. She sat down on him, his hard cock fully inside her ass now, her cunt resting at the base. As her son's cock throbbed, her ass flexed and her eyes were glazed with lewd perverse ecstasy. She sat there for some time, his cock stuffing her up the ass.

"Does it hurt, Mom?"

"No." she said. "Oh God, no! It feels... it feels so good, Mack! Oh so fucking good! We should have tried this before!"

Claire lifted her ass but not completely off his cock. She held herself there, the head of his prick inside her hot ass then she went down again. Slowly she fucked her son's cock with her ass, sobbing with the unusual pleasure.

Mack's eyes stared hotly at his mother's crotch, watching her ass stretch about his hard cock. It was very exciting to him, seeing her hairy cunt and his cock up her ass. He placed his hands on her knees, cupping them as his mother began to bounce up and down, fucking herself up the ass on his prick.

Claire could feel his cock with every nerve in her naked body. It seemed as if she had his cock in every hole she had, her cunt, mouth and now her ass. Mack's prick felt enormous, bigger than it had felt inside her cunt. And her cunt was throbbing so sweetly as she bounced her ass up and down. Her clit was intensely swollen from the ecstasy she felt and while her ass fucked up and down, she began to agitate her clit with one hand. Her tight tits jiggled with movement and her flesh grew very, very hot.

"Oooo, baby, baby!" she sobbed in delight. "That feels wonderful! Oh, your prick stuffs my fucking ass... really fills my ass! Oooo, I'm going to fuck you good with my tight ass, darling."

Claire bounced swiftly on his cock, riding it with her stretched ass. She banged all the way down to his balls then lifted to the swollen head. Rumbling sensations flooded her body, making her mind soar. She hissed and gasped, sobbed and whimpered as her as plunged up and down. The very lewdness thrilled her and watching her son's eyes grow hot with excitement as he watched her ass suck at his cock increased her ecstasy.

The sensations she felt were unlike any other. She had not realized being fucked in the ass could feel so good. It felt different than taking her son's cock into her pussy, different but good. Just as good.

She thrust her naked ass up and down, using the muscles of her long thighs, bracing herself with a hand on the bed. She was no longer rubbing at her clit but clutching almost brutally at one swollen tit. She began to yelp and moan as the pleasure burned through her like a suddenly out of control fire. She was boiling with desire, wanting to take her son's cock deeper and deeper into her never-before-fucked ass. The stretching of it created intense ecstasy to her, making her cunt pulsate. She wondered if it were possible for an ass to have an orgasm and she began to fuck her son frantically with her ass to find out.

Claire's ass went up and down with swift, sometimes jerky movements. Her tight tits jiggled. She jerked her hips back and forth, making the sensation somewhat different, but always with that up and down motion.

"Ohhh, I'm about to cum!" she squealed with a tight voice. "I think I'm going to cum... with my fucking ass! Ohhh, so good, so good! I love it darling! I love fucking your cock with my hot ass!"

Claire screamed with ecstasy as she came.

The convulsions of her hairy cunt caused her ass to flex very tightly around her son's pulsating cock. As she came, she slammed her ass down tight against the base of his prick, her naked body shuddering with the boiling pleasure. Her cunt was so hot she was seeping juices all over her son's lower stomach.

"I'm about to... cum, Mom!" Mack shouted, arching his cock up as best he could.

"Do it!" Claire growled. "Cum in my fucking ass! Cum up mother's fucking ass!"

The powerful throbbing of his cock sent sparks of delight through her steamy body and then she felt the hot, thick spurting of his cum. Again she screamed, thrilled to feel his cum juice splashing into her ass. Her ass, of its own free will, clamped tightly about the base of his cock and began to suck on it almost the way her cunt did.

The discharge of her son's cock into her ass sent another tingling orgasm racing through her, her cunt flexing with the powerful, mind-shattering pleasure.

Claire sat there on top of her son for a long time, his cock captured by the tightness of her ass. She shook and trembled, gasping for air.

Mack, every muscle feeling like water, relaxed. His arms spread out, his expression showing Claire his total delight.

Slowly she lifted her ass off his prick, making a soft mewling sound as it popped free. Her ass felt filled with his sweet, thick cum and she lay beside him on her stomach, her ass cheeks twitching as she struggled for breath. Her ass tingled with a delightful heat.

"oh, Mom." Mack gasped. "That was something!"

"You bet your ass it was." she giggled.

"It didn't hurt at all?"

"Fuck no." she said, turning onto her side and kissing him with wet lips. "It felt good! Oh baby, it felt so damned good! I wonder..."

Mack waited for her to finish and when she didn't, he asked, "You wonder what, Mom?"

"If I could take a cock up my cunt and ass at the same time. You know, like I fucked you and sucked Mark's cock at the same time. I bet that would make me cum so good! I'd love to try it."

"You really like to fuck huh, Mom?"

Claire laughed, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

"Just call me pin cushion." she said.

"Pin cushion? Don't you mean cock cushion?"

"Whatever... as long as I get cocks in me!"

Mack laughed and hugged her tightly.

Claire waited for Mack to bring Mark home with him again but he seemed to evade that.

For the next two days he fucked her almost constantly, as if his cock could not get enough of her. Now that she had discovered the ecstasy of taking a cock into her ass, Claire urged her son to fuck her up the ass frequently. She enjoyed it as much as she did in her cunt or in her mouth. She wondered if she was becoming completely insatiable and grinned to herself as she nodded in agreement with the thought.

Now, not only did her cunt pulsate with liquid heat for her son's cock but her ass was always puckering up, ready for his prick anytime her son felt the urge to plug into it.

Claire could hardly keep her hands off her son, much to his delight. Mack had never mentioned Mark since the night she had squatted over his cock fucking him with her ass. But Claire was anxious to try taking a cock into her cunt and ass simultaneously.

One afternoon she and her son went for a drive. No place in particular but just to get out of the house for awhile. Claire drove about the countryside and was surprised to find a place almost like the one in her dreams. She pulled to the side of the road and stopped, looking about. It was so close to her dreams, she felt excitement bubbling between her thighs. Not that she wanted her son to place her before a group of boys and girls, make her strip and watch them fucking. She was excited because it came to her that it would be fun to fuck out here in the open, with the sun beating down on their bodies.

She turned to her son, crooking her right knee on the seat, her skirt hiked past her thigh. Mack saw the shadow of his mother's cunt hair. "You didn't put panties on today, huh?" he grinned.

"A girl never knows when she'll find a hard cock." Claire smiled at him. She lowered her hand to his thighs and moved it upwards then teased a finger where his cock was inside his pants. "Be prepared and all that shit, you know."

She opened her son's pants and took his cock out, stroking it slowly. There was no traffic on this road, hardly two lanes wide. She could see cows in the distance and the desire to fuck her son in the open became stronger.

"Want to get fucked?" she teased.


"Why not? Anything wrong with here?"

"What if we're seen, Mom?"

"So we're seen." she replied. "I don't care if someone sees my ass, do you?"

"Not if you don't." he laughed, ready to fuck his mother by the side of the road.

Turning his cock loose, Claire got out of the car. The sun was hot but that intensified the heat of her cunt. She met her son at the rear of the car and a sudden thought came to her.

"Let's do it here," she said.

Mack looked about. "On the ground? You'll get all dust, Mom."

She stepped onto the rear bumper and sat on the trunk of the car, spreading her legs wide. "I won't this way."

Mack looked at her, seeing the creamy smoothness of her inner thighs, the hairiness of her wet cunt. Claire leaned back on her elbow. "Give me a kiss, honey." she whispered. "Give mother's hairy cunt a nice kiss."

Mack gazed at his mother's pussy for a while, his cock still out of his pants, jerking up and down. Claire pulled her skirt to her waist so he could see her pussy better. He leaned down, brushing his lips along the inside of one smooth thigh. As his tongue flicked about her knotted clit, Claire sighed and moved her hips, grinding gently into her son's mouth. The sun beat upon her thighs causing the heat inside her body to increase.

She mewled when he worked his tongue between her hairy cunt lips and fucked it in and out, his hands sliding up and down her thighs and hips. Closing her creamy thighs lightly about his face, Claire arched her crotch to his lips, twirling her ass slowly and gurgling with pleasure. She always enjoyed her son sucking and licking her cunt and here in the heat of the sun it seemed to make it especially good. She felt his tongue lap at her hairy cunt lips, first one then the other and last over her swollen clit. She shivered as he sucked at her tingling clit, his tongue licking the sensitive tip. Then he was darting his tongue back into her slippery pussy again, tongue-fucking her with soft moans that mingled with her whimpers of pleasure. She rocked her crotch up and down, smearing her son's face with the oozing sweetness from her cunt. With his tongue deep inside her cunt, Claire began to cum with gentle but hot waves of multiple orgasms. The pulsing of her cunt lips about his tongue sent ripples of ecstasy throughout her body.

"Oooo, so nice." she sighed as the gentle pleasure went through her. She opened her blouse to the heat of the sun, feeling her naked tits tingle. "Your tongue makes my cunt cum so hard, darling."

Mack continued to lick his mother's cunt, lapping almost daintily at her wet, sensitive cunt lips and throbbing clit as she slowly writhed into his face.

"Now me." she whispered, shoving his face out from her cunt. "It's my turn now, Mack."

She slipped from the trunk of the car and told him to drop his pants before he climbed up. She watched his cock jerk about as he sat on the car, legs spread wide. She moved her hot palms up his thighs, then held his balls in one hand as she stroked his prick with the other. His piss hole was beaded with juice and she lapped the tip of her tongue over it lovingly, tasting him.

Claire licked delicately at the swollen head of her son's cock, tracing the smoothness of it, then down the throbbing shaft, the tip of her tongue flicking his precious balls. With a soft growl of ecstasy, Claire nuzzled her face into her son's crotch, kissing and licking every inch of his flesh there. She gently sucked at his balls then dragged her tongue up his cock again, closing her lips about the deliciously tasty cock head. Her dark hair swirled about her face as she bobbed her mouth up and down his cock, her wet mouth sucking as her tongue licked. The urge to suck him off, to make his cock spurt that sweet cum into her mouth was strong but she had other ideas at the moment.

Lifting her face, she looked at her son with glowing, passion-filled eyes. She gripped his cock tightly. "Fuck me, Mack. Fuck me right here on the road with the sun and air and ... fuck me, darling!"

Mack was just as eager. He climbed from the car and watched as his mother leaned over it, her back toward him.

"Lift my skirt." she said huskily. "Lift my dress and make naked for you."

She trembled with anticipation as her son lifted her skirt to her waist. She shook her creamy, shapely ass as the sun touched it.

"Oh! What are?..."

Mack had leaned down and kissed his mother's naked ass, taking small bites with his teeth. Claire wiggled her ass with delight.

"Mmmm, nice." she sighed as he ran his lips from ass cheek to cheek, his tongue licking the smooth, unblemished skin. When he dragged his tongue downward, Claire braced her feet on the bumped, her legs wide. She squealed when her son lapped at her cunt this way, his nose almost pressing into her ass. "Oooo, that's very nice, darling!"

She writhed in pleasure, arching her ass up so he could thrust his tongue into her bubbling, steamy cunt. And then a new sensation filled her.

"Oooo, what are you doing, baby?"

"Licking your ass." she heard him giggle, his face shoved between his mother's ass cheeks.

"Ooo, yes!" she whimpered, arching her ass high and back into his face. "That feels good, Mack! Mmmm, I love your wet tongue licking me in the ass!"

Mack lapped up and down, tasting his mother's juicy cunt and her tight ass with alternate strokes, his lips sucking occasionally.

"Ohhh, I'm cumming again." she mewled, twisting her ass lewdly into his face. "You make me cum so fucking much, baby! Ahhh, lick mother's cunt... lick my ass!"

Mack clutched at his mother's revolving hips as he slammed his tongue first into her convulsing cunt then against her tightly flexing ass, going from one to the other.

"Now fuck me!" Claire screamed, the sound rippling across the pastures. "Fuck me! Stick your cock up my hot, wet cunt!"

Mack pulled his face out of her ass and Claire sobbed with pleasure as his cock shot deep into her slippery cunt. She wiggled as he began to plunge his prick in and out, his hands underneath clutching her firm, spongy tits.

He thrust so fast his cock came out and on his way back in, he missed and Claire yelped as her son's prick penetrated her ass.

"Oh my God!" she burbled with ecstasy. "Oh my God! Fuck my ass, baby! Fuck mother's hot ass!"

Mack plunged his cock into his mother's gripping ass then jerked it out. Before Claire could protest, he slammed it almost harshly up her hairy cunt. After a few stabs in his mother's pussy he returned his cock to her ass.

"Ohhh, yes, yes!" Claire wailed. "Fuck my ass... fuck my cunt! Take turns with my pussy and ass, Mack! Ohhh, fuck that hot cunt and tight ass!"

Mack fucked his mother with alternating strokes, first up her ass and then her cunt. Claire wiggled her naked ass with ecstatic delight, whining loudly, her eyes squeezed shut to better enjoy the unusual sensations. As he fucked her, Mack began to chant with excitement.

"Up the ass! Up the cunt! Up the ass... in the pussy!"

"Ooo, beautiful!" Claire wailed. "In my ass... in my cunt! Ahhh, baby, baby! Fuck my ass... fuck my hairy cunt!" And as her son thrust into her pussy, "In my pussy." and when he stabbed her ass, "Up my ass!"

Together now, both saying it. "Up the ass... up the cunt ... in the pussy... in the ass... up your fucking cunt... up your tight ass... cunt... ass... cunt... ass."

Claire was clutched with intense orgasms and when her son fell silent, intent on his feelings, she took up the chant alone.

"Cock... cunt... ass... pussy... prick... snatch... cock... ass... cunt, ass, cunt, ass, cunt..."

Mack was grunting with his effort now, looking down as his cock penetrated his mother's cunt and then her ass. The stretching pinkness of her ass excited him, as did the hairy lips of her cunt.

Claire was still screaming. "Ass, cunt, ass, cunt, ass, cunt..." over and over as she came.

Mack, overcome by the lewdness, slammed his cock deep into his mother's pussy, cum bursting from his flaring piss hole. And before he spurted again, he jerked his cock from her gripping cunt and thrust it up her ass, gushing cum into it. And he could no longer pull his cock from her tight, searing ass and finished cumming there.

He slumped over his mother's back, still clutching her swollen tits, breathing heavily. Claire shivered with ecstasy, enjoying the weight of her son, the way his cock felt buried up her ass, his lower stomach pressed at her naked ass cheeks.

They remained that way for a long time.

"My God!" Claire moaned. "That was... was fantastic!"

Mack pulled from his mother, his cock stretching with the tightness of her ass. Before Claire slipped from the trunk, he leaned down and kissed her quivering ass cheeks.

Turning and hugging him tight, she murmured, "I don't know about you, darling but that was one of the best fucks I've ever had."

"It was fantastic, Mom." he agreed, pulling his pants up. "But we've pressed our luck. We better go before someone drives by and sees us."

Claire giggled like a schoolgirl. "Would you mind is someone saw your mother's naked ass, honey?"

"Naw," he replied, "but we don't want any problems, either."

They climbed into the car and Claire hugged her son tightly against her tits. She kissed his cheek, then smothered his mouth with hers, stabbing her tongue as deep as she could. Kissing him, she cupped his cock and balls, squeezing gently, mewling in the glow of her pleasure.

"No, I don't want any problems, either." she said. "But I sure would enjoy giving you a blowjob about now."

Her son laughed. "You're really getting cock-crazy, Mom."

"No, not cock-crazy, baby... cock-hungry! There's a difference, I think."

Mack sat close to his mother as they drove home. She would not allow her son to sit far from her. She had him open his pants so she could hold and caress his cock as they drove, enjoying the danger of it. Mack rested his palm on her thigh, his fingers just brushing the curls of her cunt.

"Darling," she said as they approached their home, "what's happened with you and Mark?"

"Nothing's happened."

"You haven't brought him around since that first time," she said, "I thought you were good buddies."

"We are. I see him from time to time."

"Then why don't you bring him home with you again?"

Mack looked at his mother for a moment before replying. "Mom, do you prefer Mark to me?"

"Do I pre... Mack, why do you ask that?"

"His cock is bigger."

Claire laughed, then cut it off swiftly. "I didn't mean to laugh that way, baby. Mark's cock may be bigger but only a little bit. Darling, I love your cock. It isn't the size of a cock that thrills me... it's what's done with it."


"Mack, that's the truth." she said, pulling into the driveway. She stopped the car and turned to him. "I don't want any more of Mark's cock than I do yours. In fact, I prefer your prick to his any day."

"Then why are you worried about him?"

"I'm not worried about him in the least." Claire replied. "But to be truthful with you, I would love to have both of you fucking me again. I loved having two cocks in me, Mack."

"Are you sure, Mom?"

"Oh, baby!" she said, pulling him close. "I didn't mean to make you jealous. Of course you shouldn't bring him here if you feel that way."

Mack brightened up and she felt his cock swell in her hand. "Tomorrow," he said, "I'll ask him to come over tomorrow."

"Mmmmm, wonderful." Claire gurgled hotly as she pumped on his cock. "You know, I'd just love to suck you off right here in the car."

"What about the neighbors?" Mack asked, looking around. "They might see us."

"Fuck the neighbors." Claire replied, dipping her head down and licking the tip of his seeping cock. "Mmmm, that wouldn't be a bad idea, fucking the neighbors."

Claire closed her hot lips about her son's cock, sucking up and down on it. The hot hardness between her wet lips thrilled her as always. She loved to run her tongue over the smooth head, taste him dripping into her mouth then to swallow it until it was at her throat. Every time she had her son's cock in her mouth, her cunt would pulsate so deliciously, become sweetly hot and wet. Her clit would tingle and palpitate until she thought she would cum just tasting his precious cock.

Mack caressed her head as she sucked, bobbing her face up and down, lips stretched about his hard-on. The wet liquid sounds, Claire made on his cock increased his pleasure and soon he was arching up and down, fucking into her mouth as she sucked him greedily and enthusiastically. Claire gurgled with ecstasy when he began fucking her mouth. She didn't enjoy sucking cock as much if he remained passive, letting her do all the work. She much more preferred to have him fucking in as she dived forward, pulling his ass away when she glided her lips to the swollen prickhead.

"Mmmmmm," she whimpered softly. "Mmmmmm, so tasty... so fucking tasty!"

"Suck me, Mom!" he urged with a thick voice. "Oh suck my cock with your hot mouth! Ahhh, you're a cocksucker, Mom. A good cocksucker!"

"Oooo, I am!" she gurgled between sucks. "I'm going to be your cocksucker for as long as you want me."

Digging her hands into his pants, she held his sweet balls as her lips ran up and down the throbbing hardness of her son's cock. She gobbled on her son's cock hungrily with a desperate desire to have his thick, sweet cum spurting into her mouth, down her throat. Her cunt was burning with a fiery heat, the hairy lips twitching, clenching as if she were being fucked, her clit melting with ecstasy. Claire loved the taste of a cock in her mouth. It was so hard, yet so smooth. The heat, the exciting throbbing of it, sent her mind reeling with erotic delights. She listened to her son grunting softly as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth. She was excited when he would press at the back of her head as she went down, trying to force his cock deeper into her burning, hungry throat. The way his prick pulsated against her lips when she held it at the base sent tremors of ecstasy through her flesh. His impending discharge was transmitted to her lips and over her tongue and she sucked frantically on his cock.

With an explosive grunt, her son came. The thick cum erupted from his piss hole and flooded her mouth, filling it before she could swallow. Claire, despite anticipating his cumming into her mouth, choked in a dainty way, quickly recovering and furiously sucking at his spurting prick, mewling with excited contentment as he fed her cock-hunger.

Claire clung to his cock until he finished then she licked up, sliding her tongue about his moist piss hole. "Ooo, that was so good, darling." she whispered. "You always taste so fucking good to me, especially when your sweet cock comes in my mouth. I love it, baby!"

Inside the house, Claire slipped her skirt from her hips and flung it aside. Leaving her blouse on, she poured soft drinks over ice for them then sat with her knees up, leaning on the arm of the couch, her hairy cunt exposed to her son's eyes. She refused to let him stuff his cock into his pants and asked him to heft his balls from the fly too.

"Don't forget tomorrow," she said in a soft voice. "And don't ever worry about me preferring Mark's cock to yours."

"I won't, Mom." he said, answering her as he gazed between her long, creamy thighs at the hairiness of her pussy.

His cock started swelling again and Claire placed her glass on the end table and leaned her face into his lap again, sucking gently and lovingly.

Claire was anxious for Mack to contact Mark. She had slept good during the night and those dreams of humiliation no longer troubled her. She slept curled up with her son, legs and arms around him, feeling his cock and balls against her smooth flesh. Mack woke up cheerful, telling her he was going to see Mark as soon as he could this morning. As he ate breakfast, Claire stood beside him, caressing his hair. Mack, using one hand to eat with, fondled his mother's thighs, stroking about her curvy ass and feeling the silkiness of her cunt hair. This only increased Claire's inner heat, making her bubble between her legs.

She wiggled her naked ass into his hand and giggled as he thumbed her ass. "Now, you stop that, Mack." she said. "Don't get me all hot. I'd have to fuck you with my ass before you finish breakfast."

He laughed and kissed her belly button and at the same time poked his finger into her tight ass. Claire mewled and shoved her ass into his hand, feeling the finger sliding in and out of her ass for a moment before he pulled it free.

"Nothing wrong with a good ass-fuck." he said.

"Mmmm, right."

But Mack was in a rush. He finished eating quickly and went to his room to dress. Claire stood in the doorway of his room, watching him, her arms tucked beneath her firm tits. "I'd love to have that cock for breakfast." she said. "Anyplace you want to stick it."

Before he pulled his jeans on, he waggled his cock at his mother. She groaned and slipped to her knees before him, grabbing the cheeks of his naked ass and burying her face into his cock and balls, kissing eagerly, licking with her tongue.

"I'll suck you off right now." she whispered hotly, looking up into his face.

"I want to fuck." Mack replied, his cock swelling along her cheek.

Claire quickly sprawled across his bed, opening her legs and lifting them into the air. "Go to it, big boy!" she yelled in a thick voice. "There it is... fuck it all you want!"

Mack stood at the edge of his bed. Claire's ass was at the very edge of it, her hairy cunt winking at him, moist and pink. Claire hissed happily as her son plunged his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. She listened to the soft slaps of his crotch against her creamy ass cheeks. Mack held his mother's thighs back, pressing her knees almost to her tits. He banged her harshly, swift and deep. Claire gurgled and tossed her cunt up and down for him, wiggling her spreading ass with lewd pleasure. Her pussy tingled in a deliciously stretched way. The hardness of her son's cock fucking into her steamy cunt was the best sensation in the world to her.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" she whined softly, her eyes rolling with ecstasy. "Fuck that cunt, Mack! Ohhh, bang the piss out of my goddamn hot, wet cunt! Beautiful, darling. So fucking beautiful! Oooo, you're so hard, so very hard... in mother's cunt!"

Mack was gazing down, watching his cock sinking into his mother's gripping pussy, seeing those wet, pink lips cling to his throbbing prick. Claire slammed her naked ass up and down in a frenzy, squirming and twisting. The stuffing of her cunt sending her mind to soaring. The moist smacking of his crotch against the cheeks of her grinding ass filled the bedroom, the bed shook from the force of her son's fucking.

"Squirt it to me, baby!" Claire began to yelp. "Squirt that cum to my cunt! Fuck me, Mack. Fuck my hot cunt... give that sweet cum!"

Claire's pussy was clutching her son's pounding cock wetly convulsing with orgasm after orgasm. She was cumming so strongly, she failed for the first time to feel her son cumming. But she knew he was just from the way he drove so deeply into her cunt, his balls almost smashed against her heated ass cheeks. Even after Mack finished cumming, Claire held her legs high and wide, her cunt pulsating with the hot glow of orgasm, her son's cum seeping from it and running down to her ass.

"Ohhh, God!" she moaned. "We should fuck like this in the morning all the time. Mack, I think I'm still cumming."

She watched him pull his pants up and then he leaned down and ran the flat surface of his tongue along one of her smooth, creamy ass cheeks.

"That's your kiss, Mom." he laughed.

"Oooo, the only way to get a kiss." she gurgled, letting her legs down. "Now go find Mark before I start finger-fucking my cunt, mouth and ass!"

"Now that I'd like to see."

"Then watch." Claire said, thrusting a finger into her cunt then her ass, back to her cunt and finally to her mouth. "See... easy."

Mack laughed at his mother and left the house.

Claire bathed, her flesh tingling with anticipation. There was no doubt Mark would come back with her son. The boy had enjoyed himself too much the other day.

She dressed, pulling on her stockings. She had bought them a day or so before, remembering her dream. She snapped them to the new garter belt then looked at herself in the mirror. Something seemed wrong until she put on her high heels. Then she looked again. The garter belt and stockings created an erotic picture to her and she hoped her son and Mark would like her this way.

The triangle of her cunt hair glistened darkly, framing her moist pussy beautifully. She pulled on a light-weight summer sweater, pleased at the way her nipples protruded at the garment. A tight skirt, slit to the thigh completed her clothing. She looked at herself again, thinking she resembled a street walker. But looking again, she saw she didn't look like a whore at all but a woman with erotic desires and was not ashamed to show it off. A woman who was comfortable with her sexual nature, with the intensity of her bubbling heat. A woman who knew how to satisfy that heat in all manner of ways.

She did not have long to wait. Mack returned with a grinning Mark. Claire greeted them as they entered, pressing against Mark's body and running her hands over his ass and crotch as her tongue slipped into his mouth. Pulling away from Mark, she repeated this with her son, making certain he felt no jealousy or left out.

"Been getting many blowjobs from your sister, Mark?" she asked.

Mark nodded.

"I'd like to meet this little cocksucker." Claire replied, sitting on the couch and letting her skirt fall away to reveal her stockinged thighs. "We could compare notes on the best way to suck cock."

The two boys, their eyes hot with desire, looked at her thighs, the front of their pants bulging with growing hard-ons. Claire licked her lips with hungry eagerness.

"Why don't you bring her here sometime, Mark?" Claire asked. "We could all have a lot of fun, couldn't we?"

Mark showed his excitement. "I told her about us," he said, "she wants to cum."

"She does?" Claire lifted her eyebrows teasingly. "You mean you don't make your sister cum? Shame on you, Mark. For letting her do all the sucking. Surely you could at least fuck her."

"I do." Mark said. "You know I didn't meant that."

"Ahhh, you fuck your sister too?"

Mark nodded.

"I sure would like to fuck her." Mack said. "She's a pretty girl too. And knowing she sucks your cock makes me want to fuck her all the more."

"She'll do it." Mark said. "She told me."

Claire watched as both boys became hard, listening and becoming excited herself. She had never seen Mark's sister but if Mack said she was pretty then she must be pretty. Would it be exciting to watch her son fuck a girl? Claire knew it would make her hot, very hot to see his cock going in and out of a tight little cunt! Getting to her feet, her eyes on the fronts of their pants, she unzipped her slitted skirt and let it fall to her feet. She stood, wearing the light sweater, garter belt, stockings and high heels. She posed for them, watching their already hot eyes become liquid with eagerness.

"Like me?" she asked in a throaty voice.

"Oh that's great, Mom!" Mack said enthusiastically.

"Really pretty." Mark agreed pulling his cock from his pants.

"Take them off." Claire said. "I want both of you naked, gloriously naked."

The boys undressed quickly, their eyes never leaving her body. Claire pranced about, wiggling her naked ass in a tantalizing way, turning in profile and cupping her sweatered tits, her eyes in their direction. Then she pulled her sweater off slowly, teasing them with the sweet exposure of her tits. She stood before them in her stockings, garter belt and high heels. She arched her hips forward, her stance lewdly inviting.

"I want a cock up my ass and one in my cunt." she said with heat in her voice. "At the same time."

Mack laughed while Mark's tongue hung out. "Really? I don't know how we can do that."

"Your sister must not teach you much." Claire replied. "Watch and learn."

She drew her son to the floor until he was on his back, his cock standing deliciously up. Squatting atop him, she rubbed the swollen prickhead about her hairy cunt for a while, mewling with the sweet contact. The lips of her sensitive cunt were pulsating with eagerness, inflamed with desire. She pressed the head of her son's cock against her rigid clit, moaning as she looked at Mark's cock nearby.

She continued to rub Mack's cock about her cunt as she took Mark's prick in her fist and jacked it a bit. Pulling Mark toward her, she settled onto her son's cock, feeling it penetrate her wet pussy. As Claire squirmed on her son's cock, she closed her lips about the hardness of Mark, sucking it far into her mouth, feeling his sweet balls brush against her chin.

Sucking from Mark's cock, she urged with a thick voice. "Fuck my cunt, Mack and you, Mark. Give me a mouth-fuck!"

She lifted her hips until she was squatting above her son with just the swollen head of his cock between the steamy lips of her cunt. When Mack began to fuck up and down, his cock slid hotly between the hairy, tight lips of her cunt, she opened her mouth to Mark's prick. Slipping a hand between Mark's thighs, she cupped his tight ass, urging him to fuck her mouth faster. She had no difficulty holding her squatting position above her son's cock as he humped up and down, driving in and out of her pussy. When Mark began to thrust his hard cock into her mouth, she felt a shiver of delight flowing about her body. Being fucked simultaneously in her cunt and mouth by two young, hard cocks was a fantastic experience for her. Mark held her face with his hands, looking down as his prick moved between Claire's hot, wet lips, gazing at her flaming blue eyes. Claire trembled every time her son came up into her cunt, feeling Mark's balls slap at her chin at almost the same time. Her tits swelled in a painful way, her nipples throbbing with ecstasy. Still clutching Mark's flexing ass, she began to pull and twist her hard nipples with her other hand, mewling in mindless pleasure. Her blood was bubbling in her veins, her mouth tingling with greedy hunger, her cunt boiling and closing about her son's cock. But as much as this thrilled her, Claire wanted to be fucked in the cunt and up her ass at the same time. She pulled her lips from Mark's cock, saying with a thick whisper. "Get behind me." She leaned over and pressed her hot tits against her son's chest. Both her hands went to her ass cheeks and Claire pulled them as wide apart as she could, her ass winking.

"Shove it in!" she yelped. "Stick your cock up my ass, Mark! You can do it... it's easy!"

She felt Mark moving his cock about the crack of her spread ass cheeks, her son's cock throbbing inside her cunt. When Mark scraped the dripping head of his cock across her tight ass, Claire mewled and almost came.

"Push, you little fuck-face!" she yelled. She arched her ass up a bit but not high enough to dislodge her son's cock. "Shove that cock up my fucking ass, Mark! Push... damn you, push it in!"

As Mark pressed his cock against her tight ass, Claire wailed. It seemed that her ass stretched a mile wide as his cock slipped into it. Now her cunt and ass were stretched, filled by two beautiful, throbbing hard cocks. Claire with her tits flattened against her son's chest, tried to wiggle her hips but she could hardly move.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "I can't move... you two have to fuck me!"

With her weight on top of her son, Claire clawed at her hot ass cheeks, keeping them spread wide for Mark's cock up her ass. She felt her son pumping non, fucking her cunt.

"Fuck my ass, Mark! My son is fucking my cunt now... start fucking me up the ass!"

As Mark thrust back and forth, Claire felt her cunt and ass pulling at those cocks. She groaned with erotic delight, stretching her arms up past her son's head and digging her fingers into the carpet. She had never felt so full in her life. It seemed to her that both cocks went all the way to her throat. She gurgled and wailed, her body caught between them, unable to move but to shiver and shake.

"Oh God! Oh God!" she wailed. "Ahhh, so fucking good! Ram me... fuck me! Ohhh, fuck my ass... fuck my cunt! Oooo, this is so fucking good!"

The grunts of the two boys intensified her ecstasy and the way those cocks filled and stretched her cunt and ass at the same time was one of the greatest erotic pleasures Claire had ever felt.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck me!" she shouted. "Ohhh, fuck the piss out of my hot, wet hairy cunt, Mack! Mark, oh Mark, fuck my ass... fuck me up my hot fucking ass! I love it... love it... love it!"

She was clutched by intense orgasms, her cunt gripping hard at her son's cock. The orgasms caused her ass to flex on Mark's cock and it seemed to have some problem stabbing and out. But he managed quite well. She could feel his balls banging at her ass cheeks when he slammed deep into her ass. Somehow, sometime, Mark had gotten his hands between her tits and Mack's chest, squeezing them as he humped wildly into her ass.

"Fuck... fuck..." Claire was screaming loudly. "Fuck... fuck... fuck!"

Her words mingled with the hot, excited grunts of Mark and Mack. She would have liked it if they would have said those words with her but she knew they were much too excited to say anything at the moment. She could feel her son's cock throbbing within the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt and the powerful pulsations running about Mark's cock with her tight ass. She tried again to wiggle her ass but still it was impossible to move. All she could do was lay atop her son and let the boys fuck her as hard and as deep up her ass and cunt as they wanted.

Claire's mind reeled with the perversity of what was happening to her. All her nerves were concentrating on the two hard cocks that were fucking her. Every part of her body and mind was there, between her thighs and ass cheeks. Her cunt and ass had never burned so sweetly before. She felt as if two huge poles were being rammed into her cunt and ass at the same time, each fitting perfectly. The orgasms steaming through her increased significantly until she was sure they would kill her. Yet it would be the sweetest death ever, she felt. Her cunt sucked with tight spasms on her son's cock and her ass seemed to grip Mark's cock desperately. She was vaguely aware of the increase in movement of the boys. They were fucking her faster and harder, both grunting as if they were in a race to see who would cum first. Both lost... or won, depending on how it was looked at. Mack and Mark came at the same time. Their cocks erupted with a bubbling flow of cum into Claire's cunt and ass, sending geysers of sweet, thick cum into her body. Claire screamed with mindless ecstasy, those gushing cocks sending her cunt and ass into uncontrollable convulsions.

She didn't know when they pulled from her.

She had not passed out from pleasure but her mind just went totally blank. She was sprawled on the floor, legs and arms spread wide, her tits swollen as she gasped hotly. She was still cumming, her cunt throbbing with the wet spasms, twitching and flexing, her clit feeling as if it had been seared from her pussy forever.

The boys sat with their backs against the couch looking exhausted, but she knew they could recover within minutes.

Sitting up tiredly, she grinned happily. "Now that was a fucking!" she burbled. "I think I'm still cumming!"

"We should try that with my sister." Mark said. "She likes it in the ass too."

"What doesn't she like?" Claire said. "I've heard so much about this little hot-ass. Is there anything she doesn't like?"

Mark laughed. "Not when it comes to cock."

"I've just got to meet this girl." Claire murmured, half to herself. "She sounds like fun."

"Yeah." Mack giggled. "Fucking fun, Mom."

"I'm gonna go get her." Mark said, looking around for his pants.

"Mmmmm, why not?" Claire replied, getting to her feet, feeling the hot cum still inside her cunt and up her ass. "And Mark... hurry!"

"Is she really pretty, Mack?"

Claire had her skirt and sweater back on and her son wore his pants, his chest still bare.

"Real pretty, Mom."

"What's her name?"

"I don't know." Mack said. "I've seen her and said hello, but I don't know what her name is."

"Do you think Mark is telling us the truth about her?"

"I think so, Mom." Mack said. "Why would he lie?"

"No reason, I guess."

She was anxious to see this sister of Mark's. Perhaps if she saw him fucking the girl, he would understand there was no reason for jealousy.

She brushed her mussed hair as they waited and she was amused at her son. Mack was constantly jumping up and down, looking out the window, asking, "Why don't they hurry up? Maybe she won't have an orgasm. Maybe Mark did lie."

"You really do want to fuck that girl, don't you baby?" Claire asked. "She must be something to get you so excited."

"She is, Mom." Mack said. "Wait until you see her. She's eating pussy!"

"Eating pussy? What kind of pussy is that?" Claire laughed. "I thought all cunt was for was eating and fucking."

"Cunt is but this girl really makes a guy's mouth water."

"Makes your tongue hard, huh?" she teased him.

"My cock too, Mom."

"Oh of course. Mustn't forget a hard cock, mustn't we?"

"Aw, Mom..."

He had been looking out the window and then suddenly turned and yelped. "I see them, Mom! There they are... she came!"

Claire stepped next to her son and looked out. She saw one of the prettiest young girls imaginable. The girl was no taller than Mark and had a head of shimmering blonde hair. Her face was so sweet, so innocent-looking, it seemed impossible. Claire looked at the girl's body, seeing sharply thrusting tits against a white blouse. The girl wore bright yellow shorts. They were tight on her, cut high on deliciously long thighs. The girl was very tanned, Claire noticed.

Mack flung the door open before they go to it and Claire saw the girl up close.

"This is my sister." Mark said.

The girl was shy, her hands folded in front of her, peeking from underneath dark eyelashes at Claire then at Mack. She was exquisite. Her flesh was smooth and without a blemish, her body perfectly rounded and shaped. Claire understood her son's excitement now. She could not possibly compete with such a sweet, delicious creature. But then she had no intention of competing. All she wanted to do was enjoy.

"What's your name, honey?" Claire asked gently. "Mark hasn't told us."

"Alena." the girl said in a sky, soft voice.

"Well, Alena." Claire said, taking her hand and leading her to the couch. "Your brother has told us a great deal about you."

She saw the little girl glance at her brother, a faint flush on her cheeks. "I know." she whispered.

"Does this embarrass you, Alena?"

"No," came the soft voice again. "I'm not embarrassed."

"Why are you so shy?"

"I... can't help it." Alena said. "I always blush."

"Alena, tell them you like to suck my cock." Mark said.

"Not if she doesn't want to, Mark." Claire said, putting her arm about Alena's shoulders protectively.

"Oh, I don't mind." Alena said. "I do it all the time. I like to suck him."

"Suck me!" Mack blurted, taking his cock out.

"Mack!" Claire said. "Give the girl time to adjust to this, to us."

"Oh, that's okay." Alena said in her soft voice, peeking from under her lashes at Mack's cock. "I know why Mark asked me to come here. He told me."

Claire felt the girl shaking against her. "Are you afraid, Alena?"

"Oh, no!" Alena said. "I'm just... excited."

Mack moved toward Alena, his cock sticking from his pants, very hard, dripping from the piss hole. Claire saw Mark taking his clothing off. Her son stood with his knees against Alena's now, arching his cock toward her sweet face.

Claire pulled back a bit, watching the girl.

A change came over Alena, a sudden change. She was no longer shy. Her eyes were shining and she had a huge smile spreading over her innocent face. Claire watched the girl lift her hand and grasp her son's cock, jerking on it eagerly, whimpering softly. Then, with a hot squeal, Alena shoved her face forward hungrily and sucked Mack's cock completely into her small, wet mouth. Claire was amazed at the sudden and complete change. Alena had gone from a shy girl to an intense cocksucker in a fraction of a moment!

"Well, I guess she does love to suck cock." Claire said to no one in particular, watching Alena devouring her son's cock with swift thrusts of her face.

"I told you!" Mark yelped. "I told you, didn't I?"

Claire looked at her son's face and saw the happy expression there. The liquid sounds Alena made while sucking his cock were enough to tell Claire of her hunger even if the greedy way she sucked didn't.

"Now me!" Mark said, moving up beside Mack. "Suck my cock now, Alena."

Claire sat and watched as the exquisite girl sucked from cock to cock, growling with an animalistic pleasure. Watching this was making her cunt throb and she was very wet between her thighs. She peeled her light sweater from her tits and then lifted her ass to scoot her skirt off. She sat there on the couch next to Alena, watching the boys' cocks take turns with Alena's hot mouth. Claire leaned against the arm of the couch and spread her legs, rubbing at her hairy cunt. The boys were looking from her cunt down to Alena's gobbling mouth.

"Suck those cocks, Alena." Claire urged in a thick, hot voice. "God, what a cocksucker. You must be starved for hard cock, honey."

"I am!" Alena yelped between pricks.

Claire saw her small body shaking as the cocks plunged into her hot, wet mouth. She wondered if Alena's little cunt was as wet as her own and was tempted to shove a hand up those thighs to find out.

But she was too late. Due to his excitement at having Alena sucking his cock, Mack came. His cock was not inside Alena's mouth when he suddenly began to spurt his cum. Alena with her lips wrapped about her brother's cock, squealed and jerked her mouth back to Mack, closing her lips about his spurting prick and sucking frantically. She made wet, gurgling sounds as she swallowed, her hand jerking in a frenzy on her brother's prick. Then just before Mark came, she closed her wet lips about his cock, sucking hard and again began to gurgle wetly as her brother's cum flowed into her greedy mouth. Alena had an angelic expression on her face when she finished with the boys. Her full lips were puffy and white cum clung to the corners of them. Claire watched her flick her tongue out, licking the cum away. Then Alena looked at Claire.

"Oooo, look at that!"

"Look at what?" Mack asked, finding nothing amazing about his mother's hairy cunt nor the fact that she was sitting there with her legs wide, rubbing her pussy.

"That... that cunt!" Alena squealed. "Ohhh, all that hair... that's nice!"

Alena did not seem to notice that her brother was undressing her. She was so absorbed in watching Claire rub at her cunt. But she lifted her arms so Mark could remove her blouse and since she was naked under it, her small, exquisitely shaped and firm tits were quickly revealed. She had fine, pale pink nipples, nipples that were hard. She lifted her ass when her brother pulled at her tight shorts. Claire and her son both stared at the naked girl. Alena had hair on her pussy but it was so pale it was almost hard to see.

Without any trace of shyness now, Alena spread her slender legs wide, looking pleased as the others looked at her sugary pink cunt. The tiny clit seemed to throb as it protruded from the moist folds. Claire saw now that Alena's cunt was indeed as wet as hers.

Leaning against the other arm of the couch, Alena held her thighs wide, like Claire and began to pat her cunt gently, her excited eyes staring between the woman's legs, her lips parted as she panted with hot excitement.

"Oooo, I'm so hot!" Alena murmured softly. "I stay so hot all the time! I just want to suck and fuck every minute!"

Working a finger in and out of her cunt, Claire remembered her tormenting dreams where she was naked with a group of boys and girls, all of them fucking and sucking, tantalizing her. This was almost like those dreams although she could join in now.

"My son would love to fuck you, Alena." Claire said in a husky voice, her eyes glassy as she watched the little girl poke a finger into her exquisite cunt.

"Ooo, yes!" Alena squealed jumping from the couch and turning her shapely little ass up. "Fuck me this way, Mack! I love being fucked from behind!"

Claire looked at the puffy cunt pooching from those slim thighs and saw too, the pink ass flexing. She wondered if Alena would take a cock up that pretty ass and decided Alena would do just about anything with her body.

Mack was on his knees behind the small, tight ass, shoving his cock into Alena's cunt eagerly, whimpering with delight. Mark brought his cock to Claire and she twisted on the couch so he could plunge his cock into her pussy. As Mark began to fuck her, she continued staring at her son fucking that wiggling, thrashing blonde beauty. Alena tossed and churned her upturned ass about in a frenzy, yelping in erotic pleasure.

The change from a shy girl to one of such erotic actions still amazed Claire.

The small body wiggled and twisted, humping that cute ass back and forth as Mack plunged his cock in and out with almost impossible speed.

"Oooo, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Alena squealed. "Oh I love fucking! Hurt me, Mack... hurt my hot cunt! Make your cock go way up my pussy!"

Mack was grunting with his efforts, his hips banging swiftly. Claire, unable to see his cock inside Alena's cunt, watched his ass cheeks flexing, churning her own hips up and down to Mark's thrusting prick. Seeing her son fucking the pretty girl sent ripples of orgasm through her so swiftly she was cumming before she knew it.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Alena yelled, her naked ass beating back and forth on Mack's stabbing cock. "I wanna get that hot babymaking cum up my cunt! Cum in my hot cunt! Oh, please cum in my fucking hot pussy!"

Claire was not at all surprised to see her son slam hard against those shaking ass cheeks, grunting. She knew he was spurting cum into that thirsty pussy and then Mark was cumming up her pussy.

Alena rested her head on the cushions of the couch after Mack pulled his glistening cock from her clasping young cunt. Mark sat on the floor and Claire could not resist feeling those small, tight tits. She ran her underneath and cupped one, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Ooo, that feels good," Alena murmured, lifting her and looking at Claire, "I like you... you're nice."

"I like you too, honey." Claire said. "Want something to drink? You're all sweaty."

Alena sat on the floor, crossing her legs. Claire gazed between them, seeing that sugary sweet cunt, the cum from her son's cock oozing from it. When Alena nodded her head, Claire went to the kitchen and got soft drinks for them all.

"You look so beautiful in that garter belt and stockings." Alena said, looking up and down Claire's body. "I'm gonna dress that way when I'm older. I think it turns the guys on."

Claire smiled, thinking Alena didn't need anything but herself to turn a guy on.

She could not get over the perfect beauty of the girl nor the sudden change from being so shy to a raging sexual dynamo.

They talked as they drank the soft drinks and Claire noticed Alena could not stop looking at her hairy cunt. She was on the couch again and spread her legs wide so Alena could look all she wanted. The girl fondled her tits and rubbed at her cunt with complete lack of embarrassment and would stroke Mack's and Mark's cock frequently as they sat on either side of her.

Finished with the drinks, Alena was on her hands and knees once more, wagging her sweet, creamy ass in the air.

"Take turns fucking me!" she asked hotly. "I've wanted to have two cocks taking turns with my cunt. Come on, Mark, Mack fuck me!"

Claire knew she had met her match in this erotic little girl. They were equal in desire, she thought, neither seeming to get enough hard cock. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs and caressing her wet cunt. She would be content to watch her son and Mark take turns fucking the mouth-watering little girl. It excited her as much as being fucked herself, Claire admitted. Rolling her naked ass about with a finger moving in and out of her hairy cunt, then twisting and pinching at her inflamed clit. Claire watched her son and Mark take turns thrusting their cocks into her tight, so sweet cunt. As one waited, Alena somehow managed to grip the cock with a tight fist, pumping it. She gurgled and cooed with ecstasy as cock after cock slithered into her bubbling, clinging pussy. She bowed her back and arched her creamy ass as high as she could. The moist sounds of those cocks plunging into Alena's cunt thrilled Claire until she was twisting her naked ass in a grinding motion, her thighs very wide.

Alena lifted her head and looked at Claire, then at her wet hairy cunt. Before Claire knew what Alena was up to the girl had shoved her face between her thighs and was licking in a frantic manner at her cunt. Claire felt that small tongue lap up and down, twirl about her clit, then shoot very deep into her pussy while behind that upturned ass the boys continued to fuck her in turn.

"Ohhh, you like cunt too?" Claire gurgled, arching her pussy into the girl's face. "You like sucking pussy too?"

"Mmmmmm, yes!" came the muffled reply and the tongue was snapping in and out of Claire's cunt hungrily.

Claire closed her thighs about the small face, scissoring them about, humping her cunt up and down, watching past Alena's back, seeing the boys plunge their hard cocks in and out excitedly.

The eruption of her orgasms seemed to coincide with the spasms of Alena's cunt. Alena mewled into Claire's pussy as she came and Claire saw her small ass shudder. Then Mack who had his cock up that sugary cunt, sent spurt after spurt into her receptive cunt. Mark quickly moved to his sister's pussy and got his cock into it just in time. Claire sprawled on the couch, legs still spread wide, her cunt pulsating from the orgasm, gazed at the three young ones. They too were sprawled on the floor, arms and legs wide. She fixed her eyes on the pink cunt of Alena, seeing the cum seeping out. Alena's smooth inner thighs were slippery with it and the lips seemed to throb. Alena was still writhing her naked ass, still whimpering with ecstasy.

Claire thought of those tormenting dreams, of how her son had first dominated her, of her shame, so embarrassing yet so exciting too. Then of no longer feeling humiliated, of feeling nothing except ecstasy. She slipped from the couch and lowered her mouth to her son's cock, licking at it, tasting his cum and Alena's cunt. She then moved to Mark's cock, licking at it. Alena watched her, then slowly turned until she had her cunt pointed at Claire.

"Lick me." Alena asked in a soft voice. "Lick my cunt, please."

Claire gazed into that pale blonde cunt. She ran her tongue over her lips, thinking, "Why not? I've done everything else. And I might love the feel and taste of a cunt, especially Alena's succulent young pussy."

As she hesitated, Alena pleaded. "Please, I want you to lick my cunt, tongue-fuck me! I wanna try everything! I licked your cunt... now lick mine!

Claire lowered her face between those cum-juice smeared thighs, pressing her open lips upon that steamy, succulent cunt. As soon as her mouth pressed into Alena's cunt, the girl closed her wet thighs about her face, capturing Claire tightly between them. Claire thrust her tongue into the tight heat of this sweet cunt, licking eagerly. Her ass was up in the air and she felt a cock sliding up her ass. She didn't know if it was Mark's or her son's nor did she care. As the cock began to fuck fast into her tight ass, Claire began to mewl and suck hard on this tasty cunt; ideas of erotic things to come reeling hotly in her mind.

The End
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