Her Dog Days
(f, best, oral, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

Pretty Jenni Germaine waved goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Prosser and closed the door. She went to the children's bedroom and checked on the kids. They were fast asleep. Jenni smiled to herself. The Prossers wouldn't be home for hours. Now she could have her fun. Sex fun. She went into the living room and perched her cute little ass on the sofa. She leaned back and felt her tits for a few moments. Her nipples spiked in the tightness of her light dress. She smiled and slipped her hands down between her curvy young thighs. She drew her dress way up on her belly and exposed her naked little pussy. Her blue eyes grew heavy as she stroked and fingered her juicy little cunt. She stretched her pretty legs real wide so she could really get at her hot pussy. Then she called to the dog that was sitting watching her.

"Spike," she said breathlessly. "Come here, boy. Come lick Jenni's pussy."

The mongrel jumped up and ran to her. He pushed his head between her thighs and swiped his thick pink tongue at her open crotch. Jenni took her hands away and let him lick her cunt.

"Ummmmm," she purred happily as the doggie-tongue started to arouse her pussy. "I've been thinking about this all week."

It was just the Saturday before that Jenni had discovered the dog liked to lick pussy. She had been on this very sofa, watching TV, and finger-fucking her horny little cunt, when Spike smelled her hot cunt. To her complete surprise, he jumped up between her knees and sniffed her pussy. She thought he just wanted to smell her because she was a female, but when he started licking her cunt, she went wild with lust. Spike's active little tongue really got her off that night, so that was what she had been thinking about all week, eager to come back to babysit for the Prossers so Spike would lick her cunt some more. Now, here he was, lapping away furiously at her furry young pussy, and she loved it.

"More, more," she panted, humping her cunt up at his wild tongue.

She was dazed and amazed by this turn of events in her sex life. Spike's tongue was super compared to her own fingers. She never dreamed she could cum so hard. She'd had nice cums with her naughty fingers ever since she started playing with herself, but the doggie-tongue did things to her pussy she couldn't believe it made her cum like crazy! Wanting that again, she slumped on the sofa and held her dress way up on her taut young belly, and pushed her crotch forward so the dog's tongue could really go at her hot cunt. Spike was more than happy to please the young girl. Hers was the first pussy he'd ever licked and it was a new experience for him, too. The girl's pussy was nice and wet, pink-and-white, and horny. It smelled like hot sex to him, hotter than a bitch's pussy. His hind feet stomped on the carpet as he got excited about Jenni's cunt. His head twisted this way and that as his long tongue lashed her pussy. Jenni moaned after a few licks and humped her pussy for more. Her eyes fluttered and her tits got hard in her dress as Spike licked savagely at her open, wet cunt. Panting hotly because the doggie-tongue was arousing her tremendously, she pulled her dress down in front and bared her lovely young tits. Her pink nipples spiked as she toyed with them, and she moaned when she got good feelings in her tits and pussy at the same time. The doggie-tongue grew vicious and smashed into her cunt so hard that Jenni moaned out loud again. Her blue eyes rolled in her head and she lifted her cute young ass up off the sofa cushion. She stretched her slim thighs wide and fully exposed all of her hot crotch for the dog. Spike took advantage of her new position with her pussy elevated like that, and he licked his raspy tongue into her cunt.

"Ew! Ewwww!" Jenni cried, shivering all over.

She thrust her hands down to her crotch and used her fingers to pry apart the lips of her horny pussy. She held the cuntlips open for Spike and he licked the end of his tongue right into her juicy pussy. Jenni gasped. Her eyes closed completely as sharp sex thrills shot through her whole body. Panting, licking her lips feverishly, she humped and twisted her pussy for the licking, lapping doggie-tongue. Waves of sex pleasure coursed through her as she fucked her hot cunt against the dog's tongue. Her fingers clutched at her cuntlips and pried them farther apart. She ached to have the tongue get into her pussy. She wanted that bad. To get it, she opened her pussy real wide and humped her hips. Spike's wild tongue found the spot and licked right into her pussy. Jenni shuddered from head to toe, rather violently.

"I'm gonna cum!" she screeched.

Grunting like a little piggie, she fucked her wet pussy crazily against the raspy tongue and helped Spike get her off. She humped and screwed and twisted wildly, her pussy thrust up for the dog, and his tongue lashed her cunt viciously. His thick tongue wedged between her trembling fingers where she was holding her pussy-lips apart, and the end of it fucked into her juicy pussy. A few of those good ones drove Jenni right up the wall.

"It's cumming!" she squealed, and she fucked her hot ass faster.

Spike grunted, stomped the carpet, and licked his tongue faster into the girl's squirmy, jerking cunt. Jenni screeched again as a sharp rush of sexy feelings tore into her taut, heaving belly. And then her pussy flooded.

"I'm cummmmiiiinnnnggg!" she cried.

Her whole body jerked and twisted on the sofa as the dog licked furiously into her pussy. Her pussy rotated and jumped as the doggie-tongue whipped her erect little clit, her most sensitive spot. When his tongue lashed that, she came and came and came. Huge waves of sexy pleasure engulfed her young mind and overwhelmed her senses as the doggie-tongue got her off. She lost all control of her body as she came wetly, profusely, wildly. Spasm after spasm of delight coursed through her half-naked young body and she laughed and giggled and moaned all through the dynamic orgasm. Jenni loved to make her pussy cum, ever since she had learned how to do it with her fingers. So, to have a doggie-tongue do it for her was mind-blowing pleasure. She never dreamed cumming could be so good! Now she knew. And she was hooked on doggie-tongue.

"More, Spike, more," she panted, humping her pussy faster against the relentless tongue.

That was the delicious part for her, the fact that Spike never got tired of licking her cunt, even when she came. He kept on licking and she kept on cumming. It was marvelous!

"Ohhh, Spike!" she gasped, screwing her cunt round and round. "Do more, do more, ohhh, don't stop!"

Her pussy burned with lust and she fucked it up and down in the air against the dog's whipping, lashing tongue. Spike seemed to be very thirsty for her juices and he licked like crazy and slurped her cum-juice up like water. That thrilled the hell out of Jenni.

She didn't know it, but her hot, wet pussy made Spike horny. He made small animal sounds in his throat as his head twisted this way and that. He licked his tongue fast all over her sweet pussy and his prick came out of its protective sheath. His hardon throbbed wetly under his belly as he licked his tongue into Jenni's hot cunt.

She first became aware of his condition when he shifted his position between her feet. Still lapping her pussy, he straddled her leg, and as he licked her cunt hotly, he humped her leg. Jenni felt his stiff prick against her flesh.

"Spike! Golly! What are you doing?"

She lifted her head and peered down at his fantastic tongue against her pussy, then tried to see what he was doing to her leg. His prick felt funny, fucking like that, pounding away at her curvy young leg.

"Golly!" she gasped. "I got you horny! This I gotta see!"

She took her pussy away from him by swinging her legs over his head. She dropped to the floor with him and he immediately licked her pretty face, then her jutting naked tits. Jenni giggled as his tongue lashed her pink nipples and made them tingle. She let him do that for a while.

"Lemme see," she whispered hotly, her eyes riveted to his lower body.

She pushed him over onto his back and stared hotly at his exposed prick, all red and swollen.

"So that's what it looks like," she mused.

She touched his prick with her fingers and Spike made a sex-sound deep in his throat. Jenni giggled.

"You like that?" she cooed.

Playful, curious, horny, she slipped her hand over his stiff cock and jerked it slowly to get a feel for it. She moaned softly and milked his prick a few times experimentally. It felt good in her hot young hand. To her surprise, she got sexy feelings in her tits and pussy just from playing with the doggie-prick. It was exciting. Her blue eyes flashed naughtily and she licked her lips nervously because this was the first cock she ever felt.

"How stiff it is," she said.

Spike lay still for her. His hind legs fell wide open. Jenni eyed his balls and her fingers followed her gaze. She toyed with his hairy balls for a moment, listening to him groan. She giggled and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. Spike groaned louder. That excited her, too. Her left hand flew to her horny pussy while her right hand jerked his prick. She finger-fucked her juicy cunt-hole and pumped the dog's prick. She felt real horny now, doing this, and her pussy felt creamy-dreamy. When Spike started trembling and humping his haunches, it dawned on Jenni exactly what she was doing.

"Golly, can I make you shoot that stuff?" she gasped.

Giggling excitedly, she started jerking his prick faster. She had heard a lot from girlfriends about how boys shoot cum, but she had never seen a prick cum. Now she wanted to.

"I'm gonna make you cum, okay?" she laughed.

She wiggled closer to the supine animal and, still fingering her hot cunt-hole, she whacked his prick faster and harder, hell bent on seeing a a prick shoot. Spike grunted and groaned, jerked and shook, but did nothing to discourage the girl from getting him off. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and he panted for breath as Jenni stared at his rigid cock and jerked it passionately. His stiff prick enlarged and lengthened. His cock stuck way out of its sheath into her fist to a huge size of about nine inches, and she jerked it faster. Her eyes remained glued to his prick as her hand pumped and jerked and whacked. Spike started growling.

"Golly, you're really horny!" she panted. She liked what she was doing to him. It gave her a sense of power as well as pleasure to make his cock big and stiff. She felt so free to do whatever she felt like doing to his cock.

Spike made some grunting sounds and started humping faster. Jenni giggled and jerked his prick harder. The dog-cock grew thick and wet in her fist, then started jerking like a wild thing.

"Oh!" she cried, eyes wide with wonder.

The doggie-cock exploded in her jerking fist. It swelled up and jerked violently and spit savagely. Big wads of thick cum came spurting out of the dog's cockhead. Jenni jerked faster and watched fascinated as he shot his cum-load for her. Huge globs of white stuff splashed onto his chest and the more Jenni jerked, the more he came. She was starry-eyed as she watched the beast's massive boner shoot and gush and spit so violently. She giggled and jerked even faster and harder to make him cum like crazy. Spike writhed and twisted and humped and jerked. Jenni's horny fist drove him out of his animal mind. No bitch ever got him off like that! He whined with pleasure and Jenni knew he liked what she was doing to him. So she did it some more. Laughing sexily, she pumped his prick fast and made it shoot lots of cum. She wanted to witness that for herself. Now she knew what her girlfriends were talking about. As the doggie-prick spurted hot cum, her cunt got hornier. She fucked her finger faster in and out of her hot young pussy.

"Did you like that?" she purred, knowing he did.

When his cock stopped shooting, she caressed it lovingly and fucked her pussy on her finger pleasantly. She felt real good now that she had made a prick shoot. The dog's boner was a bonus for her. She had thought cunt-licking was all there was to it. But now she could play with Spike's cock!

"We're gonna have lots of fun from now on," she laughed.

Her horny young mind thought of all the possibilities. Spike could lick her pussy. She could play with his prick. He could make her cum. She could make him cum. Wow, what fun!

"Spike!" she rasped hotly. "Jerking your cock made me real horny. Come lick my pussy some more!"

She jumped to her feet and settled her ass on the edge of a sofa cushion. Leaning back, she drew her dress way up onto her taut young belly and sprawled her pretty legs widely. Her pussy was nice and hot. Spike leapt up, too, eager to please her. He liked Jenni a lot now. He pushed his head between her curvy young thighs and attacked her furry little cunt with snout, teeth and tongue. He chewed at her pussy until she thought she'd die with pleasure, and when his raspy tongue assaulted her clit, she almost passed out with ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, Spike," she cooed, humping her horny pussy at him. "Do it! Eat meeeee! Ewwww, how you lick a girl! Ummm, more, more! More, Spike, more! Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, I'm gonna cummmmm!"

The eager dog attacked her cunt with his tongue. Her clit came out, stiff and wet, and his crazy tongue whipped it until Jenni thought she'd swoon. Her cute young ass jerked and jounced each time his tongue hit her little clit, and waves of sex pleasure rushed through her young body. She bared her tits again and mauled the hell out of them as the dog ate her out. Her eyes rolled and she gasped for breath as the doggie-tongue drove her crazy. She squeezed her tits and tweaked her pink nipples as she fucked her pussy against the delicious tongue. Pleasure like she never knew with her own fingers coursed through her young body until she was a humping, cumming mass of hot female flesh on the sofa. She threw her pretty legs wide and fucked her juicy cunt against the dog's licking, lapping tongue.

"I'm gonna cum!" she shrieked, horny out of her mind. "More! More! Ew! Oh! Ummmm! Do it! Do it! Ohhh, Spike! Make me cummm!"

As if he understood her need, Spike licked his tongue into her young pussy and got her off a good one. Great waves of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her senses and she moaned as she came like crazy. She fucked her pussy wildly then, and it flooded wetly.

"Ummmmm!" she moaned, massaging her aching young tits and twisting her horny little cunt. "That was goooooood!"

When Jenni saw Prince, she knew she would gladly babysit for the Turners. She smiled sweetly for Mrs. Turner while Mr. Turner's eyes secretly ran all over her young body, sexy now in a tight little t-shirt and a brief miniskirt. The Turners had heard from the Prossers that Jenni was a very reliable babysitter. She never let boys into the house.

"So, you'll watch Annie and Kitty until we get home?" Mrs. Turner said.

"Oh, yes," Jenni said with a big smile. "I'd be glad to."

"We'll pay you the same as the Prossers," Mr. Turner said, trying to keep his eyes off of her jutting young tits.

"Sure," Jenni chirped happily. "That'll be just fine." Her eyes darted to the dog lying on the floor in front of the TV. "What's your dog's name?"

"Prince," Mrs. Turner said. "He won't give you any trouble. He's big, but he's a pussycat."

Jenni could see that he was twice as big as Spike. Was his cock twice as big? That was all she wanted to know about him. She decided to find out just as soon as the Turners were gone. She locked the front door, checked on the kids, found them fast asleep, then returned to the living room and found the dog watching her every move. She stood over him with legs apart and tits pointing hard in the tightness of her t-shirt. She smiled at him.

"I hope you're friendly like Spike," she purred.

Prince's ears perked up at the sound of her gentle, kind voice. His big brown eyes glistened at her. His tongue lolled out of his mouth. It was big and thick. Jenni liked that. Just the sight of it made her pussy wet between her curvy thighs.

As the dog watched, she slowly lifted her miniskirt in front and stroked her pussy with one hand.

"Do you lick pussy?" she asked him.

The animal just stared dumbly at her, looking from her pretty face to her moving hand, curiously. Jenni held her skirt way up on her flat belly and used her fingers to arouse her cunt. She spread her feet farther apart and hunched her hips forward. Her fingers danced over her pussy-fuzz and cuntlips. A fingertip teased her clit and she moaned as sexy feelings filled her cunt. She rubbed her pussy until her fingers got wet.

"Let's see if you like pussy-juice," she laughed.

She leaned down and put her wet fingers to the dog's snout. Prince sniffed, then licked at her fingers as if she had offered him a treat. Jenni laughed sensuously and let him lick her fingers dry.

"Want more?" she cooed.

She rubbed her pussy again and dipped her fingertips between her cuntlips into her pussy. They came out drenched, and she let Prince lick the juice off. This time he licked harder, as if he really wanted the liquid. Jenni liked that. Sure that he was hooked now, she stepped back to the recliner chair behind her. She sat down on the edge of it and opened her pretty legs widely. Then she drew her little skirt way up and exposed all of her horny young cunt.

"Here, Prince," she cooed sweetly. "Come and get it. Want more pussy? Here it is. Come on, boy."

Coaxed by her voice, Prince got to his feet and approached her open legs. His eyes followed his nose right to her sweet cunt. Jenni smiled happily and leaned back in the chair. She stretched her knees farther apart.

"Here you are," she purred, patting her pussy. "All the pussy you can eat."

Prince sniffed her juicy little cunt for a moment, then swiped his big thick tongue at it. Jenni jerked when his raspy tongue hit her quivery little clit. It was stiff and sticking out already, she was so horny.

"Ewww, good boy," she breathed hotly. "That's it. Lick Jenni nice. Mmmmm, you lick good. That-a-boy. Lick it. Lick Jenni's pussy!"

Turning on to the young girl's hot cunt, Prince started lashing her crotch with his big tongue Jenni purred and moaned and whimpered as the huge hunk of wet meat slapped and slurped against her cunt.

"Your tongue is so big!" she gasped, carried away by the thrill of it. "Ummmm, you can lick my pussy any time!"

Horny out of her young mind, she drew her pert knees up, held them apart with her hands, and watched hotly as the dog licked his tongue up and down her sweet cunt.

"Ewwww, that's nice," she whispered. She dug her heels into the chair and clasped her knees tightly as she humped her pussy up and down, up and down, in a sexy rhythm. The doggie-tongue was turning her on something fierce. It had been a week since Spike had licked her cunt, and Prince's tongue was bigger and stronger than Spike's.

"Uh-uh- uhhh," she grunted like a little animal as she humped her pussy for the dog's licking, lashing tongue.

Prince pressed his snout into her crotch and slapped the hell out of her pussy with his thick tongue. Her juices flowed nicely now that he was licking her cunt steadily, and Jenni moaned with increasing passion. The sexy pleasure filled her young mind and she almost swooned. She leaned back in the chair, kept her knees far apart, and lifted her t-shirt up in front. She tugged it way up to her chin, baring her ripe tits. Her naughty hands grasped her tits and she tweaked her pink nipples until they spiked with pleasure. She moaned softly, fucked her cunt at the doggie-tongue, and mauled the hell out of her nice tits. Her blue eyes grew heavy after a while, and she panted for breath as Prince's big tongue whipped her pussy into a horny frenzy.

"Ohhh, I'm gonna cum gooooooood," she murmured.

She could tell by the way Prince was licking her cunt so hungrily that she would orgasm wildly. And she was right. The doggie-tongue lashed her quivery clit again and all of a sudden all hell broke loose deep in her heaving young belly.

"Oh!" she shrieked.

Her whole body went taut for a few seconds as she shuddered and shivered in the deep chair. She squeezed the life out of her tight young tits and screwed her wet pussy viciously against Prince's relentless tongue.

"I'm cumming!" she cried.

She raised her cute little ass up off the chair and thrust her pussy into the dog's snout. It banged there and sent a sharp thrill all through her young body. Prince licked faster, and she came like crazy.

"Oh, ohh, ohhh, I'm... I'm... I'm cummmiiinnnggg!" she squealed happily.

She clenched her tits and fucked her horny pussy fast against the licking, lapping tongue as she came. Prince licked his tongue harder into the pussy, jerky pussy in front of him. The more he licked, the more hot cunt-juice he got, and he wanted that now. Going for her pussy-juice like it was a treat, he slapped her cunt fiercely with his tongue and drank all the cunt juices she could produce. And she produced plenty. She threw her head back and squeezed her tits and fucked her horny pussy faster and faster as she came. Wave upon wave of sexy pleasure rushed through her young body and her pussy creamed endlessly. Great rushes of hot juices coursed through her pussy-channel to her cunt-mouth, and Prince licked it all out of her. The more he licked, the more she came, until she was a writhing, humping mass of hot female flesh.

"Ohhh, Prince!" she gasped, cumming like crazy for him. "You lick pussy better than Spike! Ewww, eat me, eat me, eat meeeee!"

She loved getting her pussy licked, so she abandoned herself to the heady pleasure the doggie-tongue provided. It was a mind-boggling orgasm for her, and she enjoyed every second of it. To get the very best orgasm she could, she thrust her trembling hands down between her thighs and used her fingers to pry apart her cuntlips. She pulled them apart and pushed her cunt at the dog's snout. Prince's tongue delved into her open, pink pussy, and a series of electric shocks coursed through her belly. She came and came and came.

Her clit grew thicker and more sensitive, like a big girl's, and each time Prince's thick tongue hit her clit, she had to let out a shriek of joy.

"Oh!" she cried, humping her cunt faster for him. "Ew! Oh! Um! Yow! Ew! Wow!"

With each outburst, she jerked her wet pussy forward, and the doggie-tongue stung her clit. The sharp thrills made her cum even more, and she couldn't get enough of the intense pleasure. As far as she was concerned, this was the best feeling a girl could get.

"Ohhhh, why didn't I think of this sooner?" she panted hotly, her pretty head lolling from side to side as she came wetly.

Prince slurped her pussy steadily, drinking all her cunt-juice like he was lapping water out of his dish. The sensations he created in her cunt made Jenni moan and fuck her pussy for him. The more she humped, the more he licked. Jenni was in seventh heaven.

"Ohhhhh, howww gooood," she moaned as his big tongue assaulted her crotch, cunt and clit. "I never dreamed it could be like thisssss..."

She gripped her tits again and teased her stiff pink nipples as Prince went on licking his tongue into her cunt. She squirmed and twisted in the chair, horny out of her young mind and hungry for more. Enjoying her newfound pleasure completely, she slumped in the chair and surrendered her body to the licking, lapping dog. Her eyes closed lazily and her mouth fell open as she panted for breath. Her tits hardened and jutted beautifully in her trembling hands. And her hips and ass quivered and twisted as her pussy creamed and juiced and flooded wetly.

"Ohhhh, Prince," she panted. "What a good dog you are! Ummmm, now I wanna do something nice for you!"

Rather dizzily, she struggled up into a sitting position and peered down over her jutting tits at what Prince was still doing to her pussy. She shuddered with rapture as more thrills passed through her cunt.

"Golly!" she gasped. "You're enough to drive a girl crazy!"

She giggled and got to her feet, a little unsteadily, and moved her pussy away from the licking dog. She dropped to her knees and kissed Prince's head. She told him he was a good dog and stroked his sides with her hands. He licked at her tits because they were right there to be licked. Jenni moaned a little and let him lick her naked young tits. Her nipples spiked under the lashing of his tongue. She held her t-shirt way up and watched as he lapped her tits.

"What a nice dog you are!" she laughed hotly. "You've got me so horny! Come here... let me see your cock!"

Prince at first didn't understand what the horny girl wanted of him. When she tried to push him over, he resisted. Jenni pushed harder, until finally he got the picture and slumped to the floor on his side. Jenni rolled him over even more and gazed hotly at his hairy cock-sheath, his prick half out, thick and red.

"Wow," she breathed. "You are bigger than Spike!"

Her hand flew to his balls and cock and Prince then knew what she wanted. He was all for it. His prick extended suddenly out of its protective sheath, much to Jenni's delight. Her blue eyes widened. She liked his cock a lot.

"Mmmmm, you have a nice one," she purred.

She caressed his hot balls for a moment, then milked his thick, burgeoning cock. Just a few strokes of her gentle hand made it big and strong. His hardon throbbed in her fist and she smiled pleasantly as she jerked on it.

"It's so big," she breathed.

Mesmerized, delighted, happy, she started jerking the dog off. She sat on the floor and snuggled closer to him so she could watch his prick shoot. His cock enlarged considerably and filled her playful fist nicely. She moaned as it grew hotter and stiffer in her jerking hand. It excited her to see a dog-cock get nice and big for her. So she jerked it faster.

"I'll make you cum like you made me cum," she promised.

With that, she gripped his cock tightly and whacked the hell out of it. Giggling from time to time, she watched his prick throb and jerk in her fist as she milked it and pumped it for him. Prince groaned and grunted, and Jenni knew he was going to shoot his hot cum. She was eager to see that happen. She laughed sensuously and jerked harder on his rigid prick. His prick thickened in her fist. His cockhead opened up. His balls tightened up against the base of his cock. He uttered a strange noise that made Jenni giggle again. She knew he was horny now. He looked like he wanted to fuck. His haunches started humping. Jenni's blue eyes glazed over with lust as she pumped his prick for him. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She lowered her head and watched starry-eyed as the doggie-cock erupted in a series of violent jolts. Huge wads of thick cock-cream came spurting out of Prince's thick prick. Jenni jerked his prick faster, laughing erotically as he shot his cum-load for her. Big spurts of white cum shot out of his cockhead onto his chest. Jenni stared hotly and felt a funny feeling deep in her pussy.

"Ohhhh, wowwwww!" she cooed, watching his dick jolt and jump in her fist. "You cum a lot!"

The big wads of cum fascinated her. When he was finished shooting his load, she caressed his prick. And with her other hand, she touched his pool of cum.

Her fingertips dipped into his cum and she felt it carefully. It was warm to her touch and slimy and creamy.

"How sexy," she purred, feeling his cum again. "This is what you make baby dogs with." She examined his cum for several moments, smearing her fingertips through it. Then she was gripped by an urge to taste dog-cum. Her lips parted and her pink tongue slipped across her ripe lips. She swallowed nervously, then lifted her fingers to her mouth. With a shiver of excitement, she licked at her fingers with her saucy little tongue, and tested his cum.

"Ummmm," she purred, "that's nice."

Her eyes lit up and she licked her fingers clean, then dipped them again into his cum and licked them clean again.

Her eyes fell to her hand still on his stiff cock. A naughty thought assailed her young mind. She was shocked by it.

"Golly!" she rasped, surprised at herself. "I think I wanna suck your cock!"

She drew away from the dog's body, a little afraid of her thoughts and secret desires. They were alarming. She sat back and stared at his throbbing red prick. Her tongue ran across her dry lips. She swallowed nervously again.

"Jeez," she breathed, shuddering a little, "I can't do that! You'd better lick my pussy again before I change my mind!"

She threw herself back on the carpet and stretched her pretty legs wide apart. She called to Prince and coaxed him to eat her cunt again She pried her pussy-lips apart with her finger and invited him to lick her cunt-mouth. Prince found that... and her clit. Jenni went wild on the floor.

Jenni couldn't get it out of her young mind all week. Cocksucking. She and her girlfriends had talked about that, but none of them had ever really done it. It was too exciting, just talking about it. But now Jenni ached to suck a cock. Even when she thought about it, her pussy got wet. When the Prossers called and asked her to babysit, she jumped at the chance to be alone with Spike again. She pictured his prick in her mind. Just the right size for a girl to start with. Spike was happy to see her, too. Just that day, he had gotten slapped good for trying to get his snout between the legs of little Kim Prosser. Mrs. Prosser was horrified, and whacked him hard to discourage that sort of thing. So he was real glad when Jenni took off all her clothes, perched on the sofa, and let him lick her pussy. With tail wagging and tongue flying, he licked into her open, wet cunt and made her moan like crazy. Her pussy got hot real fast, and she liked that. It felt so good that she came for him after only minutes of licking. She got horny. Cumming, panting, peering down beyond her tight young tits at his licking, lapping tongue, she screwed her hot cunt round and round for him as his tongue assaulted her crotch. After a good cum, she purred like a contented kitten and smiled at the dog.

"Did that make your prick stiff?" she wanted to know.

She got on the floor with him to see. Spike was more than happy to roll over for her and display his hairy balls and stiff cock. Jenni's eyes lit up.

"Ewww, you are hard," she breathed hotly, watching his prick throb for her.

She reached over and caressed his cock. Her naughty fingers aroused it some more, and Spike grunted with animal lust. Jenni laughed sexily and gave his rigid prick some jerks.

"I've got a surprise for you," she whispered. "If I don't chicken out."

But she was determined to suck cock. There was something about the sexy idea that thrilled her. She needed to know what it was like, sucking a stiff prick. And no one would ever know, because Spike was a speechless dog, not a big-mouthed boy. Feeling safe and sexy at the same time, she fondled his balls and leaned over his belly. Breathing heavily through her nostrils, she extended her pink tongue and gave his exposed cock a nice lick.

"Mmmm," she hummed, liking it.

A little shiver ran through her body and ended in her pussy. Feeling that, she thrust a hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt as she gave Spike's rigid cock some more licks with her naughty tongue. She moaned again, enjoying herself, and kissing his prick passionately. Her pretty face flushed with the heat rising in her. Her tits got hard and her pussy creamed on her fingers. She giggled softly and licked her tongue all over the stiff doggie-cock. Spike groaned as her cute tongue massaged his prick. It created a feeling he'd never had before. Jenni felt things she'd never felt before, too. Excited now, she laved the doggie-cock with her tongue, growing bolder. She took a big lick on his prick and finger-fucked her horny young pussy. The combination turned her on something fierce. Waves of sex-pleasure rushed through her and made every inch of her young body feel great. Growing even more passionate, she squeezed his balls gently but firmly and licked all over the end of his prick.

"I'm gonna suck you off," she panted.

Horny out of her mind, she suddenly captured the end of his cock between her lips. She moaned and took several inches of his rigid fuck-pole into her hot, sexy mouth. As if it were second nature to her, she started sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. Breathing hotly, she sucked hard on his cock and worked her head back and forth to make his prick fuck into her soft mouth. That excited her, too. She gave another little moan and filled her young mouth with dog-cock. She sucked his cock farther and farther into her mouth until she heard him groan with animal pleasure. Another inch and she would have all of his prick in her sexy mouth, and she sensed that the horny dog wouldn't be able to hold back his cum. Spike got so excited and his cock jumped so hard in her mouth that it was difficult for her to hold onto it. She grasped the lower, thick part in a fist and jerked it slowly as she slipped her wet mouth back and forth on his cock-head.

Spike let out a yelp as Jenni filled her mouth with his aching, throbbing cock. His hot balls tightened up and his prick swelled up as if it was in a bitch's tight cunt. His haunches started to move jerkily as if he was fucking. Jenni moaned as his throbbing cock fucked into her sucking young mouth. She took all of his stiff prick into her mouth and played with his balls with naughty fingers. Her pretty face bobbed as her clenched lips slid up and down on his boner. Her tongue licked the underside of his cock-head. Her lips clenched around his cockshaft. She liked what she was doing. Spike was gripped by lust as he fucked his stony cock into the sucking girl's young mouth. Deep groans escaped his throat. His tongue lolled from his mouth and drooled saliva as Jenni sucked his prick. She sucked his cock like it was a tasty lollipop, and just as hungrily. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked harder on his prick. Her fingers trembled at his balls and fucked faster into her horny pussy as she licked and sucked and slurped on his prick. His cock enlarged and lengthened and fucked way into her throat, thrilling the hell out of her. So this is what it's like, she thought hotly. She was so pleased with herself that she smiled as she blew his thick young prick. She jerked his cockshaft and sucked his cock-head. Spike groaned. His cock jerked like a wild thing, and it startled her for a moment. She raised her head and looked at him wide-eyed.

"You're gonna shoot, huh?"

She looked at his cock, throbbing wetly in her hand, and she swallowed nervously. "But I gotta do it," she panted, "I gotta!"

She thrust two fingers up into her horny pussy and humped on them as she sucked his thick cock back into her mouth. She knew she would hate herself if she didn't take this opportunity to suck him off. It would be a waste to jerk him off now. With that thought burning in her mind, she sucked all of his prick into her mouth and licked it wildly,, crazily. Spike grunted and groaned and his whole body writhed and jerked on the floor as the passionate young girl sucked his cock. Her head bobbed and her wet mouth slipped faster along the full length of his rigid cock, even as her little tongue swirled and twirled. She squeezed his balls and blew him hotly. The doggie-cock gave one more violent lurch in her horny mouth. Then all hell broke loose. Spike howled. His cock exploded in a series of wild spurts of thick cum. Jenni moaned to feel the gushing prick pump so much cum down her gulping throat. Jenni sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. She let her mouth fill with burning dog-cum, then gulped it down. The doggie-cock spit so furiously and savagely that she had all she could do to keep up with it. To her amazement, he came more than ever, probably because of her nice mouth.

His prick jolted, spit, gushed and erupted violently between her lips. She held on to his cock as it jerked and jolted and she sucked harder and faster, moaning all the while, as he pumped his fiery load of cum for her. She gulped and gulped, sucked and sucked, totally amazed and pleased by this turn of events. She was sucking cock! What a wonder! A dazed little cocksucker now, she sucked all the cum up out of his aching balls. She drank thirstily until the beast's raging cock had spit the last glob of cock-cream down her throat, then she panted hotly with his spent prick in her mouth, sucking on it gently as she played with his quivering balls.

"Mmmm," she moaned on his cock, liking it more now than ever. "Mmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm."

She felt very proud of herself. While her girl-friends could only talk about sucking cock, she had actually sucked one! Delighted with herself, she leapt to her feet and pranced naked into the bathroom. She stood in front of the large mirror and looked at herself. She had the girlish idea that she might look different now that she had sucked cock. She laughed at herself for being so silly. It didn't show in any way. Her lips were tingling. She touched them with fingertips and examined them in the mirror: ripe, full, sexy lips. She smiled at herself, and her blue eyes twinkled.

"You nasty cocksucker you," she giggled. Spike came romping into the bathroom and jumped up against her and started humping his wet prick against her pretty leg.

"You horny little devil!" she laughed.

She squatted in front of him and gave him a big kiss and hug. Spike wagged his tail happily. Jenni reached down under his belly and caressed his hairy cock-sheath.

"Did you like that? Huh? Was that good for Spike? Sure, it was. Jenni made you feel real good, huh?"

Spike lapped his tongue against her pretty face. She moved away from his wet tongue, laughing. He licked her soft throat and she moaned. This was a lot like necking with a boy!

"Here," she cooed. "If you want to lick something, lick my tits."

She sat down on the cool floor and thrust her tits up and out for him. Spike understood. He attacked her pink nipples one at a time, laving her pert tits anxiously. Jenni leaned back on her hands and watched him go at her tits. His tongue felt good against them.

"Ewww, Spike," she purred, "you sure know how to turn a girl on. Sucking your cock made me horny. Here... lick Jenni's pussy... come on, boy, lick!"

She settled back against the toilet and let Spike attack her cunt. She stretched her pretty legs wide open and exposed all of her pussy to him. He ducked his head between her curvy thighs and licked his tongue into her cunt. Jenni moaned as his raspy tongue contacted her quivery little clit. She used her fingers to pry apart her pussy-lips so he could really go to work on her sensitive young clit. Marvelous rushes of sexy feelings coursed through her whole body as he licked and lapped her pussy. She shivered all over. Between the cocksucking and now this cunt-lapping, her senses whirled.

"Ohhh, Spike!" she squealed, feeling a cum ready to explode in her taut young belly.

She fell to one side and sprawled out on the tiled floor. She threw her legs wide open and let Spike assault her crotch. Her eyes rolled in her head and she grasped her taut young tits feverishly while he ate her cunt. Spike, horny for her pussy after having her sexy mouth blow him, attacked her cunt with tongue, teeth and snout. Jenni wailed with extreme pleasure as he licked her pussy into a hot froth. In the end, she thrust her pussy way up in the air and quaked violently all through a dynamic orgasm.

"Spike!" she shrieked, cumming wildly.

She panted and squealed and gasped and shrieked. Her whole body shook and shuddered as the doggie-tongue inflamed her pussy. She suddenly grabbed his head and yanked hard. She pulled his snout against her crotch and came wetly all over it. Her cute ass and hot cunt churned and jerked and whipped about wildly as she came.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhh," she moaned, still shuddering with little after-shocks of orgasmic pleasure. "Ohhhh, Spike, that was goooooood... ummmm, my pussy's purring... mmmmm , nice, nice... good doggie..."

She closed her hot thighs against his relentless tongue and giggled excitedly because he wanted to lick some more.

"Golly!" she laughed. "You're enough to drive a girl crazy! How would you like me to drive you crazy?"

Giggling sexily, she grabbed him and knocked him down onto his back. She grasped his cock-sheath and milked it until the red end of his young prick came slithering out of its hiding place. Spike groaned as she jerked his cock into stiffness. She giggled lewdly and pressed her mouth to his cock.

"I'm gonna suck you off again," she rasped hotly, wanting to suck dog-cock again.

She drew all of his slimy prick into her mouth and started blowing him again. With no regard for his well-being, she sucked him off with all her might. Now that she had sucked a prick once, she felt she was a pro. With that naughty thought in her mind, she sucked and licked his prick. Enjoying herself immensely, she licked at his cock and watched it grow bigger by the lick. She laughed sensuously and laved his balls and prick until his cock was as big as it could get. She giggled every now and then as she teased his cock to its fullest thickness and length. Then, fascinated by the beast's prick, she took it into her mouth and sucked it off. Breathing hotly through her nose, her cheeks caved in as she sucked on his throbbing cock. She played and toyed with his balls to excite the hell out of him and blew his prick with a growing passion. The cocksucking made her horny again and she had to finger-fuck her pussy while she sucked him off. There was no way she could keep from getting herself off, too. Her pussy got hotter by the minute even as she tried to drive the dog crazy with her mouth.

She drove herself crazy because the doggie-cock excited her all over. She drilled two fingers up into her squirmy cunt and fucked on them as her mouth sucked the life out of Spike's thick cock. She came wildly on her fingers, soaking them completely and she was still humping violently when Spike's stiff prick exploded cum in her lovely young mouth. The doggie-cock enlarged. His balls tightened up against the thick base of his prick. Then it jerked crazily. Jenni moaned and sucked faster and harder to make him cum. Huge wads of thick doggie-cum gushed into her sucking mouth and the dog went out of his mind as the girl did to his cock what no bitch could ever do. Wanting all of his cum, Jenni squeezed his balls as he shot his load for her. Great wads of cum torpedoed through his distended cock-pipe, out of his cockhead, and into her hot, wet mouth. Jenni moaned and gulped it all down her throat, and she didn't stop sucking him until she had all the cum he could produce for her. Then she settled back away from his spent cock and laughed sensuously, rubbing her pussy slowly.

"Mmmm, that was good," she rasped hotly, eyes heavy with lust. "I'm gonna suck you off a lot."

If Jenni thought Spike's young prick was nice to suck, it was nothing compared to Prince's. The next Friday night, when she babysat for the Turners again, Prince was glad to see her. He had been licking his prick all week, just as Jenni had been playing with her pussy every day after school. They were both horny when they got together on Friday night. Once the Turners were out of the house and the children were asleep, Jenni stripped off her tight denim cut-offs, and spread out on the sofa. She hiked her t-shirt way up above her jutting tits and toyed with her nipples as she opened her pretty legs real wide for the eager dog.

"Come on, Prince," she laughed. "Up on the sofa. Come on. Lick Jenni's pussy nice. I've got a surprise for you, after you get me real hot."

As if he understood every word the girl said, Prince attacked her crotch with a lust for cunt that delighted the hell out of young Jenni.

"Ohhh, Prince," she gasped, "eat it!"

To Jenni, finger-fucking her pussy all week was nice, but a doggie-tongue lapping it was super. Now that she knew how good it felt to have a dog's tongue lick her horny little cunt, she couldn't get enough of it. So she opened her legs very wide on the sofa and exposed all of her pretty pussy. When Prince got on the sofa with her between her curvy young thighs and licked at her pussy, she reached down and pried her pussy-lips open for him. His raspy tongue found her cunt-slit wet and he slurped at the juices he wanted to drink. The tip of his tongue licked into her juicy little pussy, and Jenni squealed with pleasure. Her fingers pulled at her cuntlips and she lifted her hot little ass up off the sofa cushion to elevate her horny pussy. That way her cunt-gash was exposed and Prince was able to lick the end of his thick tongue into her squirming pussy. The smell and taste of her young pussy made Prince horny and his prick crept out of its protective sheath as he licked and lapped her churning young cunt. Jenni moaned after a few minutes of that dynamic licking. Her blue eyes grew heavy with lust. Her breathing quickened. Her ripe young tits heaved on her chest. Her ass twisted. Prince snorted and slurped noisily at her wet cunt.

"Ohhh, Prince!" she panted, fucking her pussy at his nice tongue. "How you lick a girllll... ummmmm... more, more... ewwww, lick it, lap it, suck it!"

Her hands flew up to her jutting tits and her fingers trembled over her spiking pink nipples. She purred like a contented kitten as she played with her horny tits and screwed her horny pussy round and round in the air. Prince grunted with animal lust and attacked her pussy. Drugged by sex, he licked his tongue faster all over her cute cunt. His saliva drenched her sparse peach-fuzz and soaked her pussy. Jenni moaned and rotated her hot pussy in small circles. In no time at all, sharp rushes of sexy feelings shot through her young body. Her mouth fell open and she gasped little breaths. Her hands gripped her thrusting tits tightly and squeezed them as she humped her pussy faster against the onslaught of the doggie-tongue. Her little clit stiffened and extended slightly between the puffy lips of her pussy. Prince's tongue, lashing wildly, hit it several times. Each time his raspy tongue smacked her clit, Jenni gasped, and a shiver of arousal passed through her body like an electric shock.

"Ohhhh, Prince," she moaned. "This is sooo gooooood... ummmrnmmm ... lick my clit... lick my clit... ohhhhhh, I'm gonna cummmmmm..."

Panting, her pretty face all flushed with sex, she screwed her hot pussy faster against the licking, lashing doggie-tongue. It felt terrific!

"More! More!" she cried, fast approaching her orgasm. "Lick meeeeeee!"

She wanted to cum bad. She squeezed her tits to get good feelings in them, and fucked her cunt hard against Prince's tireless tongue. Waves of orgasmic pleasure threatened to overwhelm her at any minute. Her eyes closed. Her tits arched in her hands. Her belly heaved. And she fucked her pussy up and down as if it were filled with thick cock. She fucked the air, reaching for her orgasm. Prince's tongue whacked her quivery little clit again and again, and the dam broke deep in her twisty belly. She let out a squeal of pleasure and then her whole body shook and quivered as she came. Girl-cum flooded her twisty cunt as Prince licked wildly at it. His head turned this way and that to keep up with the violent movements of her hot pussy. His hind legs stomped the sofa cushion as his cock enlarged under his belly. Jenni's smelly, juicing cunt aroused him something fierce. As if he were dying of thirst, he licked crazily into her twisting pussy and slurped up all the cream she could produce. And that was a lot for such a young girl. She swooned under the impact of her violent orgasm. She let out a long gasp and her hot ass hit the sofa, to wriggle and jump there. Her pussy jerked spasmically as she came and came and came.

"Ohhh, mamaaaaaa," she moaned. With her eyes rolling in her head and her hands squeezing the hell out of her jutting tits, she humped and fucked her drenched pussy all over the cushion as Prince's relentless tongue attacked and assaulted and licked like mad.

"Oh, ohh, ohhhhhh," she whimpered, and she screwed her wet pussy round and round against the wonderful doggie-tongue.

Huge swells of orgasmic pleasure drugged her senses, and she became a wild thing on the sofa. She humped and jerked and fucked and twisted crazily all over the sofa as Prince tried to keep up with her frantic pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg!" she screeched.

Finally, she threw herself on her back and stretched her pretty legs out. Grabbing her cunt, she pulled her pussy-lips apart and fucked her juicy cunt homily against the arousing, exciting doggie-tongue.

"Ohhhhhh, Prince!" she gasped, cumming hotly. "What a dog you are!"

Prince liked the sound of his name coming from her. In gratitude, he licked even more into her drenched pussy. Jenni went crazy on the sofa. She gasped and choked and came violently. Prince lapped up all her cunt juices.

"Ohhh, ohhh, ohhhhhh," she moaned then, as he licked her cunt until it was tingling.

A slow smile lifted the corners of her mouth and her eyes fluttered open. She breathed fast still, and her ripe young tits were heaving in her hands. She felt good all over.

"Ummm, thank you, Prince," she purred. "Now I'm gonna make you feel good, too."

The dog looked at her quizzically. He was willing to go on eating her cunt. But Jenni got to her feet and looked at him with glazed eyes, horny eyes. She was thinking about what she had done to Spike's cock. Her pink tongue slipped across her lips and left them nice and moist.

"Lay down," she said hotly.

Prince didn't understand, but Jenni knocked him down onto his back on the sofa. She fell to her knees beside him and her face was near his rigid cock. Her eyes lit up.

"I forgot that you're bigger than Spike," she whispered hotly, eyeing his cock with interest.

She reached out and caressed his red boner. It throbbed wetly in her hand. She moaned softly. She could see that his fucker was much bigger than Spike's. Before her orgasm, that would have concerned her. Now it only excited her.

"I promised you a surprise," she said. "I've got to keep my promise."

With that, she leaned forward at the waist and took a little lick at his prick. It immediately inched even farther out of its sheath.

"Let's get it all the way out," she said hotly. She tickled his balls and licked up and down the length of his cock. It naturally grew thicker and longer for her. Jenni liked that.

"Mmmm, good boy," she murmured, and she took his cock into her mouth.

She moaned when the dog's prick filled her mouth even better than Spike's prick. Her left hand dipped down between her open thighs and her middle finger eased up into her wet pussy. She fucked it slowly in and out as she sucked wetly on Prince's cock. Her pussy twisted and turned on her long finger and the doggie-cock fucked in and out of her mouth. Her sexy feelings increased as her two holes, mouth and cunt, got turned on. Waves of erotic pleasure kept her very happy as she sucked the stiff cock. Prince grunted and groaned with animal lust as she drove him out of his mind with her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue made him wild. His haunches started quivering, then jerking, then fucking. Panting and drooling as if he were running, he fucked all of his prick into her eager young mouth. Jenni panted, too, getting hotter by the minute. It was increasingly exciting for her to feel the doggie-cock get thicker and harder in her sucking mouth. Hot for his cum, she fucked two fingers up into her churning pussy and sucked faster on his prick. She gently squeezed his balls and took all of his prick into her mouth. The thick end of it stabbed into her throat several times and that made Prince groan with animal lust, too. This was like fucking a bitch's tight cunt. Jenni ovaled her ripe lips around his cockshaft as her tongue swirled around his cock-head. Her fingers played with his balls and she moaned softly as she ate him. Cock-pleasure was new to her, and she was fast falling in love with it. Even as she blew the doggie-cock, she knew that cocksucking was even more fun than jerking a prick. Totally pleased with herself at being a big girl now, she whimpered with pleasure as she sucked harder and faster on the thick dog-cock. The hot cocksucking made her very horny, even after her fantastic orgasm. Her naked young ass started moving in a very sexy way and that made her tight cunt fuck on her fingers with increased speed. A few moments later, she was fucking her fingers up into her pussy and blowing Prince's cock with a passion. The dog howled. His muscles rippled in his haunches as he strained to fuck the girl's sucking mouth. Jenni moaned and her eyes closed in rapture as she sucked him off. She jerked on the lower part of his cock and sucked faster, too.

Prince grunted. His cock swelled up. Jenni moaned and sucked harder. Her mouth flew up and down on his prick. His balls tightened up under her playful fingers. She smiled. She knew he was going to bust his nuts. And he did. Wildly. Viciously. Savagely. His cock seemed to explode in her sucking young mouth. She moaned passionately as his prick gushed and spurted and jerked wildly for her. Huge wads of hot cock-cream splashed into her throat and she gulped down the thick cum as fast as she could.

She was amazed to discover that Prince came harder and wilder than Spike. Prince could shoot more, too. That was obvious. Her mouth filled again and again with thick cum and she moaned as she gulped it down. The cum-spitting cock was so exciting to her that she came like crazy on her fucking fingers. Her pussy fucked on her fingers and flooded with girl-cum even as the doggie-cock spit savagely into her sucking mouth. It was marvelous to her. When Prince stopped shooting his load for her, she stopped fingering her cunt and used both hands to explore his spent prick. His cock was the closest thing she had ever seen to a boy's prick. She was naturally curious.

"Was that good for you?" she purred happily, smiling at the panting dog. "Sure it was. You didn't know I could suck cock, did you?"

Her blue eyes, all glassy from sex, were glued to his prick, which her naughty words were keeping stiff. She didn't want his red cock to slide back into its sheath. Not just yet. She wanted to look at his cock, and feel it, and explore it. Feeling safe and secure in the Turner home with the kids asleep, she satisfied her curiosity about stiff cocks, and hairy balls. To Prince's extended pleasure, she examined every inch of his prick and kept it quite stiff. She had heard from girlfriends that a boy's cock went soft after shooting a load of cum. She was delighted to find that Prince's cock wasn't going down.

"Is it because I'm playing with it?" she wondered aloud. "I bet I can keep you stiff for a long time like this."

And she did. Testing her female powers, she jerked and caressed his cock and balls continually, and sure enough, his cock stayed nice and hard for her.

"I bet I can make you shoot again, too," she murmured.

Anxious to find out just how right she was, she took his prick back into her mouth and started sucking him off again. To her delight, Prince let her. He lay there on his back, panting and groaning, but apparently quite ready to let her suck him off. Thus encouraged, she slipped her sexy lips all the way down on his boner and made it fuck into her mouth. This turn of events made her so horny that she resumed her former state. She fucked two fingers up into her hot pussy and screwed on them as she sucked Prince's growing prick. His cock grew quite large, even bigger than before, to Jenni's surprise. She was learning a lot about doggie-cock. She also learned that a dog could produce a big load of cum pretty fast. When his prick exploded in her sucking mouth she found that she had to swallow faster than last time.

"Mmmmph!" she gasped on his cum-spitting cock.

Her blue eyes shot wide open and she sucked feverishly and gulped fast to keep any cum from squirting out of the corners of her mouth. She gulped and gulped and Prince's cock spit and spit. She moaned all through the eruption. His cum-spitting cock got her so hot that she came wildly on her drilling, probing fingers. Waves of orgasmic pleasure swept through her writhing, bumping young body as she sucked the dog dry. It was so pleasurable for her that she wanted even more. No sooner did Prince stop shooting than Jenni started jerking his cock. She kept it stiff again. She looked on with wonder.

"Oh, wow!" she breathed. "It's still hard!"

A naughty light came into her bright-blue eyes and she giggled. "If I suck you again, will you shoot another load?"

She just had to find out.

Sucking doggie-cocks really turned Jenni on. Every Friday or Saturday night, she could be found blowing either Spike's or Prince's stiff prick. She loved it. So did the dogs. One weekend, she got to blow both dogs. On Friday night, the Prossers asked her to babysit and she sucked the life out of Spike's nice young prick. Then on Saturday night, the Turners asked her to babysit and she blew the hell out of Prince's rigid cock. Her pussy, she discovered, got very hot when she sucked cock. In a way she couldn't understand, there was some kind of a connection between her hot, wet mouth and sexy wet cunt. All she knew for sure was that when she sucked a stiff prick her pussy got tingly, anxious and horny. On Friday night, after she had Spike lick her pussy into a healthy froth, she sucked him off and drank all this thick cum. All through the sexy act, she played with her furry young cunt and finger-fucked it until she came like crazy.

Panting, moaning, she writhed on the floor with two naughty fingers buried in her twisty little cunt. Spike wanted some more of her sweet pussy, so he got between her trembling young thighs and lapped at her cunt and drilling fingers. Her fingers occupied her horny pussy, so the doggie-tongue lashed and licked her quivery little clit. The sensations were mind-boggling for Jenni.

"Oh!" she gasped when his tongue hit her clit. "Lick it! Lick it, Spike!"

She arched her back and thrust her pussy into the air. Her wet fingers drilled in and out of her juicy pussy. Spike's raspy tongue assaulted her exposed clit. Jenni went wild on the floor. Her blue eyes rolled and her ripe young tits hardened and spiked. Her naked little ass rotated, and her pussy churned against the lashing doggie-tongue. Grunting like a little pig, Jenni fucked her hot cunt on her probing, delving fingers. She got her fingertips real deep into her heaving cunt and twisted on them. Waves of pussy-pleasure coursed through her whole vibrating body as she came again.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" she gasped hotly, and she jerked and jumped and twisted and writhed her way through a dynamic orgasm.

Saturday night with Prince was even juicier for her. First, she let him lick the hell out of her pussy until she came like crazy. Then she threw herself on him and sucked his cock wetly, hungrily,. She tightened her young lips around his prick and bobbed her head faster and faster to make his stiff boner fuck into her sucking mouth. Prince went crazy on the floor. He groaned and grunted deep in his throat. His haunches quivered and shook and humped like mad. His thick cock fucked in and out of Jenni's sexy mouth. She loved it. Her pussy caught fire after just a few sucks of his thick cock. Like the night before with Spike, she drilled a couple of horny fingers up into her tight cunt and fucked wildly on them. Sucking Prince's cock hotly, she screwed her wet pussy round and round on her probing fingers. She pulled them into her body and wiggled her fingertips crazily deep in her pussy. Her thumb massaged her stiff little clit at the same time, and the combined pleasures drove her out of her mind. Fucking her ass, she sucked the hell out of Prince's stiff prick. It exploded viciously into her sucking mouth and she gulped down all his thick cum. Fingerfucking herself, she sucked and licked his cock and made it shoot violently for her.

It was then, right after Prince's prick stopped spitting cum, when her pussy was its hottest, that she got the naughtiest idea of her life. Horny out of her mind, peering glassy-eyed at Prince's cock, her fingers buried in her twisting, humping cunt, she suddenly knew that she wanted to be fucked! Dazed with fuck-lust, she had no second thoughts about it. Drilling her fingers deep into her pussy, she had an overwhelming urge to fuck the dog. Something told her that it would be fantastic if Prince's stiff thick cock could fuck into her horny pussy. Completely sold on the wild idea, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and called Prince between her outstretched thighs. She clutched at him and pulled him to her. Prince drooled over her tits and humped his cock over her furry cunt mound. Jenni panted hotly and lifted her cute ass off the floor, elevating her cunt to his stabbing prick. Using her heels for leverage, she raised her pussy into the air and Prince's stiff boner knocked at her crotch. That alone drove her crazy.

"Ohhhh, Prince, you can! You can fuck me! Get in me! Ohhhh, nooo, not there! Here! Here!"

She twisted her pussy this way and that, trying to capture the wayward prick. But it was no use. She gasped and collapsed on the floor, disappointed and horny. Her young mind whirled in search of the answer to her terrible problem. How could she get Prince to fuck her hot pussy?

"Oh!" she cried, suddenly seeing the real problem. "Girl dogs don't lay on their back!"

She laughed at her own stupidity, and quickly got on her hands and knees for the dog.

"Here, Prince! Oh, come on, boy! Jump up on Jenni and fuck me! Come on, boy! You're horny for me, aren't you?"

Prince was indeed horny for her, but that was beside the point. When he jumped up onto her back and his front paws landed on her ass, his rigid cock stabbed blindly at the air between her curvy thighs.

"Ohhhh, noooo," Jenni groaned.

She was so frustrated that she almost wept. Try as she might, she could not get her hot pussy in touch with the stabbing, dripping doggie-cock. What was she to do? She tried to think clearly, but in her advanced stage of fuck-lust, that wasn't easy to do. All she knew was that she was ready to get fucked!

"Ohhh, I wanna fuck!" she gasped hotly. "God, how I wanna fuck!"

Up to that horny moment, she had been afraid to even think about a cock in her pussy. Now it was all she could think about. After weeks of cunt-lapping and cocksucking, she was ripe for her first prick. Her pussy was more than primed for her first fucking. She was very horny for it. Groaning with exasperation, she collapsed onto her back, and tried to think even as Prince attacked her pussy with his vicious tongue. She whimpered helplessly and opened her legs wide and let him lick into her horny pussy. Her eyes, glazed with lust, traveled to a sofa cushion: big, wide, thick. It took several seconds for it to register, then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Oh!" she gasped, and tore her pussy away from the licking, lapping dog. With excitement welling up in her and her heart racing behind her horny tits, she grabbed a large sofa cushion and pulled it to the floor.

"Maybe we can, Prince!" she laughed excitedly. She positioned the cushion and sat on it. "I just gotta get fucked tonight. I just gotta!"

Setting her cute naked ass on the edge of the big cushion, she leaned back all the way until her blonde hair hit the floor. Arched over the cushion, her tits tightened and her pelvis was deliciously elevated. She spread her pretty legs real wide and Prince immediately assaulted her pussy with his snout and tongue. Jenni moaned as he licked at her stiff little clit and wet pussy-lips, but she needed more than that now.

"No, noooo, Prince," she panted, squirming her cunt round and round. "I want you to fuck me. Up, boy! Here! Jump up on Jenni! Come here, Prince! Up here!"

She patted her belly several times as she called to him, and he finally obeyed. He jumped up between her outstretched thighs and his front paws landed on her chest, just below her thrusting tits.

"Now fuck me," she rasped hotly. "Ohhhh, Prince, don't you know what I want? Get it in me! Give it to me! Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!"

Prince wanted to fuck, there was no doubt about that, but his stiff cock stabbed aimlessly at her horny crotch. His cock was wet as it hit her pussy, then her thighs, then her ass. Jenni moaned with increasing desire. So near yet so far. Frantically, hotly, she thrust a hand down between their bellies and managed to grip his stiff cock. She let out a moan as she realized she could guide his prick to her pussy. Holding her breath, she hunched her hips, pulled at his prick, and got the end of it to stab at her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yessss!" she hissed. "Give it to me! You can! You can! Ohhhh, Prince, good boy, come on, put it in me, fuck here, get it in, push here, ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!"

After several more thrusts of his powerful haunches and some more guidance from Jenni's trembling fingers, the doggie-cock found its mark. All of a sudden the thick cock speared between her wet pussy-lips and plunged headlong into her horny pussy.

"Oh!" Jenni squealed. "It's in!"

The first cock of her life to enter her pussy fucked into her pussy with a power that at once dazed her and delighted her. She squealed as the full length of the doggie-prick shafted into her fuck-hole. And when Prince started fucking her cunt, she went crazy.

"Oh, mama!" she shrieked as he fucked her. "Oh, golly! Oh, God!"

Getting fucked was far more exciting than she had ever imagined. Once the doggie-cock invaded the sheath of her tight young pussy, there was no stopping the animal. His hind legs stomped the carpet. He drooled all over her chest and belly. His stony cock fucked relentlessly into her open, wet pussy.

"Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhh, I'm getting fucked!" she cried, quivering with mounting excitement. "It's fucking in me! Ohhh, my pussy's so hot! Fuck me, Prince, fuck meeeee!"

Out of her young mind with newfound lust and pleasure, she started fucking in return. Horny for more, she screwed her juicy young cunt round and round for the fucking dog. She panted and whimpered and laughed and even shed a few tears of extreme joy as she got fucked for the first time. Once her pussy caught the animal rhythm of the doggie-cock, she started humping for him. She giggled lewdly and screwed for him. She fucked her tight young pussy on his stabbing, drilling cock with increasing pleasure and force. She soon discovered where to position her fucking cunt, how to hold the dog on her writhing body, and how to get the most out of his pumping prick. Then it was seventh heaven for her as he fucked the daylights out of her.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm gonna cummmmm!" she wailed, fucking faster on the plunging prick. "Ohhhh, mama! This is wonderful! Ewww, Prince, fuck me! Give it to me! Shoot your load in my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!"

She was so horny that she came first, wildly, wetly,. Her whole body quaked and writhed on the cushion as her pussy flooded gloriously on the fucking cock. Her senses reeled and she panted hotly as she sucked faster for her orgasm. She moaned and cried and laughed sensuously as she came.

"Ohhhh, I'm cummmiiinnngggg!" she declared, and she fucked harder for the stiff cock.

Prince let out a groan that sounded like he was in pain. In a sense, he was. Jenni's tight, fucking young cunt sucked the cum up out of his aching balls. He drooled wetly and panted hotly as his cock enlarged between the tight walls of her pussy. Then he shot his fiery load of cum for her, and her cunt took it all.

His cock spit and gushed into her twisting, humping pussy and Jenni moaned with pleasure. She came all over his cum-spitting cock, and that was great!

She shuddered ecstatically as her pussy creamed for him and she laughed wildly to feel herself cumming on his gushing cock. The sensation was entirely new to her, and she loved it. She grasped her arching young tits and mauled the hell out of them as Prince finished fucking his cum into her screwing, humping cunt. She smiled and closed her eyes in rapture during her last spasms of pleasure. She hummed softly, half-dazed with fuck-joy, and churned her hot pussy on the doggie-cock. Prince pumped all of his cum into her hungry young cunt and jumped off of her writhing, naked body. He immediately tended to his spent prick and wet cock-sheath. He licked them clean, panting for breath as if he had just run a mile.

Jenni squirmed erotically on the cushion, playing with her ripe young tits and basking in the afterglow of her first fucking. It took her several minutes to come out of her sex-daze, and then it was to rub and massage her fucked pussy and wallow in her creamy-dreamy feelings.

"Ummmm," she moaned softly, "that was goooood. No wonder girls like to fuck. Ummmmm, my pussy feels so buzzy. I never dreamed a cock would feel so good in me. Mmmmm, I'm glad I found out!"

Giggling excitedly, she got to her feet and pranced naked into the bedroom. She perched her cute ass on the edge of the bed and peered at her pussy in the mirror on the wall. She petted it a moment, then parted her cuntlips and studied its pinkness and wetness. Her pussy was still buzzing.

She fingered her juicy cunt-hole and murmured: "His cock wasn't long enough to reach my cherry." Then she giggled. "How neat. I can fuck and still be a virgin!"

With that thought in mind, she returned to the living room and the panting animal. Her blue eyes lit up. Her pussy tingled like never before.

"Prince," she cooed, sitting on the sofa cushion on the floor, "I wanna fuck again. Why don't you lick my pussy and get in the mood? Come on, boy, lick Jenni's pussy some more. Then I'll suck your cock till it's nice and big again. Okay?"

She sprawled out on the sofa cushion and stretched her legs wide open, exposing all of her pussy. Prince, all animal and tireless, got to his feet and attacked her cunt with a vengeance as if to pay it back for fucking the life out of his cock. Jenni swooned. It didn't take much cunt-licking to set her on fire. Now that she knew what it felt like to get fucked, she craved it. Horny and eager, she rolled off the cushion after a nice cum, and sucked Prince's cock until it was as big as she could get it. Then she positioned herself on the cushion again, anxious to get fucked again. A little coaxing, and it was happening again, just the way she craved it. Prince got on her between her lovely legs and she guided his stiff boner into her horny little cunt. Naturally sexy, the animal fucked his thick cock into the girl's juicy pussy with mounting speed. Just moments later, his cock stabbed viciously into Jenni's squirmy cunt. His hairy balls hit her ass again and again as she fucked for him. She moaned and groaned with increasing pleasure as he fucked her willing pussy. She was a very happy girl.

"Ohhhh, Prince, you fucking animal!" she squealed, getting thrills deep in her pussy. "Fuck me! Give it to me! Ohhh, make me cum and cum! Shoot in me! Fuck your cum into me! Ohhhh, don't ever stop fucking meeeeee!"

It took Jenni a little longer to get Spike to fuck her. He was smaller than Prince. But with the help of a trusty sofa cushion, she managed to get his stiff young prick into her horny pussy. After the Prossers left for the evening and the kids were asleep, she stripped naked and let Spike lick her cunt. She sat on the edge of the sofa for that. Spike was just the right height then, and he licked his tongue up and down her pussy-gash real nice for her. She came like crazy because her little clit got very stiff and the doggie-tongue lashed it a lot. Jenni wound up on her back, panting like a whore, and fucking her wet cunt round and round as he ate her. She loved it. Once she was horny out of her mind, she got the dog down on his back and played with his prick until it came out of its protective sheath, then she sucked it hotly. She blew him to the point of orgasm, but didn't make him cum.

"I want you to shoot it into my pussy," she said.

So she dragged a sofa cushion onto the floor, and got on it for the eager young dog. But she couldn't fuck him the same way she had fucked with Prince. In order to get what she wanted, she had to sit up and hold Spike between her thighs. To accomplish her desire, she grasped his ass and pulled his stiff prick to her crotch. His cock throbbed there and she giggled excitedly. His prick was smaller than Prince's, but just as sexy. Eager to fuck, she wiggled her ass on the cushion and maneuvered the dog's lower body just right. His stony cock kissed her cunt. Jenni gasped at the touch. She wiggled a little more and then Spike's stiff cock slipped into her wet pussy.

"Ewwwww, yessss," she breathed.

To her delight, she discovered that Spike could lick and lap her naked tits as he fucked his prick into her twisty cunt. She held onto him for dear life then as his raspy tongue aroused her pink nipples and his cock fucked into her pussy.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhh!" she moaned.

Her fingers clawed at his strong ass and yanked his cock into her body as she thrust her pussy forward for it. She soon had a marvelous rhythm going, pulling his prick into her and pushing her pussy onto it. His prick fucked in and out just the way she needed.

"Ohhhh, Spike," she crooned, getting great feelings in her pussy. "How gooood!"

Spike was quite happy, too. He drooled on her tits as he licked his tongue all over them and his hind paws jittered on the carpet wildly as he fucked all of his cock into her juicy young cunt.

Shudders of ecstasy traveled throughout Jenni's body then. She threw her head back and her blonde hair fell loosely behind her. Her eyes softened and her breathing quickened. Her tits jutted for the doggie-tongue and her pussy churned hotly for the doggie-cock. Little smiles played at her ripe young lips as the animal fucked her cunt. She shivered and trembled excitedly and clung to the dog's ass to make his cock fuck faster and faster into her pussy. In no time at all, she was humping her ass crazily on the cushion. Her drenched cunt twisted and screwed around on the drilling, fucking doggie-prick. She swooned several times and moaned as she got fucked nicely. Her tight pussy clenched and spasmed on the fucking doggie-cock.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" she gasped.

To get herself off, she fucked faster for the stabbing cock. She pulled Spike tight against her hot crotch and made every solid inch of his cock fuck into her horny cunt. She panted and gasped as she fucked her brains out.

"Cum with me!" she cried.

As if he understood her, Spike grunted at her thrusting, wet tits and fucked like crazy into her tight, sucking pussy. Jenni let out a howl of joy as she came. Her pussy flooded wetly and she fucked it faster on the doggie-cock. Spike grunted and groaned, and all of a sudden his prick exploded into the depths of her humping young belly. Jenni moaned hotly as he shot his load of hot cum into her pussy. She fucked her cunt then and made his cock spit savagely deep in her belly. Her pussy-walls clenched his enlarged cock and sucked on it like a mouth. Spike went wild and pumped a huge load of dog-cum into her body.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhhhh," she moaned as his prick spit and gushed wetly for her. Her pussy creamed more as he came in her, and that delighted the hell out of her. She fucked faster on his cum-spitting prick.

Her eyes rolled in her head and her tits arched. Her ass quivered and shook and her cunt twisted and turned. She humped and screwed and fucked like a bitch in heat. She saw stars as she came wetly on the gushing, fucking doggie-cock.

"Ohhhhmmmm," she moaned with pleasure when Spike's cock stopped shooting.

Dazed and breathless, she dropped back on the cushion and caught her breath. She caressed her aching tits and played with her spiking pink ripples as she rested. But she didn't get much rest. When Spike saw how she was draped over the cushion with her pretty legs wide open, he couldn't resist her pretty pussy. Raunchy animal that he was, he attacked her open, wet cunt and licked out her cum and his, too.

"Ohhhhh," Jenni moaned as the frantic dog licked and lapped her sensitive pussy. It felt great.

She squeezed her tits hotly and surrendered her pussy to the horny dog. His raspy tongue licked between her pussy-lips and slurped into her juicy pussy as if he loved to eat cum. Jenni was thrilled by all this. She stretched her legs even farther apart and encouraged him to eat her pussy. She thrust her hands down over her heaving belly and used her fingers to pry apart her cuntlips. She opened her pussy for the dog and he took full advantage of it. His thick tongue sliced into her pussy to eat her out, and Jenni went out of her mind with another orgasm.

"Oh! Ohhhhh!" she gasped, cumming wildly.

Great waves of orgasmic pleasure rushed through her young body and her senses reeled as the doggie-tongue got her off a good one. Her whole body writhed and twisted as she creamed again, and she giggled sensuously as a series of sharp thrills tickled her belly and pussy. The doggie-tongue was relentless, which only increased her pleasure. It lashed her quivery little clit so many times that she came each time it happened. Each thrill was followed by a rush of joy-juice in her horny cunt. She laughed and moaned and whimpered her way through a dynamic orgasm.

In the end, she was a mass of writhing female flesh on the cushion, beautifully naked and writhing with orgasmic pleasure. Between Prince and Spike, she had come to love her orgasms. They were so much more violent and lasting than when she diddled her pussy with her naughty fingers. She smiled to herself as she gyrated her wet pussy now for the licking, lapping dog. As Spike licked her pussy for her, she closed her eyes and smiled and caressed her aching tits. Her fingertips played over her pointy nipples and she moaned softly because it felt so good. Especially with that tireless doggie-tongue still lapping her cunt. Jenni was sure that no boy on earth could lick her pussy like Prince and Spike. The cunt-licking animal got horny again. His cock elongated and slithered wetly from its sheath. Jenni learned that when he boldly mounted her leg and started fucking his prick at her flesh. He panted and humped vigorously, and Jenni laughed excitedly.

"You little devil!" she giggled.

She sat up and watched what he was doing to her leg. Her blue eyes glazed over as she watched him fuck at her leg, and she smiled to feel his stiff cock bang against her skin.

"Let's not waste it," she laughed.

She reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back between her thighs. Wiggling her pert ass on the edge of the cushion, she drew him to her body and helped him get his prick into her cunt.

"Give it to me," she panted.

He did. Right away. With his tongue lolling from his mouth just inches from her proud young tits, he fucked all of his stony cock up into her willing young pussy. Jenni clung to his ass again and made him fuck her brains out. His long prick stabbed deeply between her tight pussy-lips and filled her juicy cunt-hole. Jenni moaned as it fucked viciously in and out of her cunt. The feelings she got this time were even better than last time. This amazed Jenni. It seemed that the more a girl fucked, the better she felt!

"Ohhhh, Spike," she cooed, screwing her cunt around on his drilling cock. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee! Ewwww, this is funnnn!"

Waves of sex-pleasure coursed through her humping pussy and she got hornier by the minute.

She thrust a firm tit at the dog and gasped, "Lick me, Spike! Lick, Jenni!"

Spike's whole body strained with his effort to fuck the hell out of her cunt. But he licked at her jutting tits just the same. Jenni moaned passionately as her tits and pussy turned on something fierce.

"I'm gonna cum like crazy!" she squealed. And she did. In her fit of passion, she gripped his ass firmly and her fingers played at his asshole and balls as she fucked her hot cunt on his raging cock. Out of her head with increasing lust, she fingered his asshole and teased his balls so much that he busted his nuts before she knew he was ready. His cock thickened in the tightness of her hot pussy and then discharged large quantities of doggie-cum. Jenni whimpered with passion as the cock spit savagely for her and her pussy sucked it out of him.

"Give it to me!" she gasped, horny out of her mind. "Fuck it into me! Ohhhh, Spike, fuck me! Shoot it in me! Give it to me!"

Strange little sounds got caught in her throat as her pussy creamed on the cum-shooting prick. She moaned hotly all through a wild orgasm. Her tits twisted against the doggie-tongue and her pussy squirmed and shivered on the doggie-cock. They came together, and that electrified young Jenni.

"Ohhhh, I'm cumming so goooood!" she wailed, fucking faster. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ohhhh, I'm cummmiiinnnggg!"

Violent spasms of fuck-pleasure assaulted her pussy. It churned and humped and screwed and fucked. She gasped and moaned and whimpered. Waves of orgasmic joy rippled through her whole body until she was totally consumed by her passion. She clung to the fucking dog and came like crazy, just like she knew she would.

"Ohhhh, Spike," she rasped, collapsing onto the hot cushion. "How you fuck a girl!"

She gasped for a cool breath while Spike licked at her soaked pussy. She laughed sensuously and pulled her pretty legs together, to give her cunt a little rest. Spike was horny. He licked at her exposed asscheeks.

"Golly!" Jenni gasped, feeling his tongue scrape her ass-flesh.

She raised both legs into the air and let him lick her ass. Giggling naughtily, she reached around her hips and pried her tight asscheeks apart with her fingers.

"Lick this," she panted, giggling.

To her surprise, he did. She didn't know it but she had cum so much that lots of her joy-juice seeped out of her pussy into the crack of her cute ass. Her asshole was drenched with cunt cream. Spike wanted that.

Not knowing that, she gasped: "Golly! You like to lick assholes, too!"

Pleasantly surprised, she held her asscheeks far apart and registered the new sexy feelings she was getting in her young body as the dog licked and lapped her tiny asshole. The sensations almost made her cum. Almost, but not quite. What made her cum like crazy was when she discovered she could get Spike to lick her asshole and pussy at the same time!"

Titillated by what the animal was doing to her asshole, she let go of her legs and they opened in mid-air. Her wet pussy was then exposed. That was when Spike naturally licked her cunt and her open asshole. Jenni squealed with new delight as the raspy tongue assaulted both holes.

"Ohhhhh, mamaaaa," she moaned.

She shivered and shook with new sensations as Spike licked wildly all over her crotch, cunt, asscheeks and asshole. She was fully exposed to it and she surrendered completely to the extreme pleasure he created for her.

When the beast's relentless tongue had her climbing the walls, she humped both ass and pussy in thrusts of passion. Huge waves of orgasmic pleasure washed through her body as she came and came and came. Her fingers clutched at her tight asscheeks to keep them far apart and she squealed with joy as she came.

"Oh, wow!" she gasped, shuddering from head to toe. "What a thrill!"

When her orgasm was over, she lay gasping for breath and wondering if Prince would do that for her, too.

She found out the very next time she was with him. It was with Prince that she discovered exactly what it was the dogs were after. Her cum. So she made sure her asshole was nice and wet when she wanted a dog to lick it for her. This new development increased her sex pleasure a lot. She loved her secret sex life. Now when girlfriends whispered about pussy-licking and cocksucking and fucking, she just smiled to herself, knowing they were only talking sex. She was having sex! That was her secret. Week after week, she went from Spike to Prince, and trained both animals to please her totally. She loved to get naked with them and let them lick her all over, then feed them her pussy until she came. After a good cum, she liked to suck a dog-cock. And after making the dog-prick shoot in her mouth, she liked to fuck it in her hot pussy. She ended each sex session with the special licking Spike had shown her. Prying her asscheeks open, she offered her wet asshole to the dog and let him go at it for her. Her pleasure knew no bounds after that. And then she met Champ.

The Barretts heard about Jenni from the Prossers, so they called her and asked if she would babysit their little girl. They had trouble finding a babysitter because they had a dog. Jenni assured them that was no problem at all. She loved animals, she said. When she arrived at the Barrett home, her eyes bugged out of her head. The dog was a German shepherd, a bulky, muscular mass of canine beauty. Jenni's heart leapt behind her jutting tits.

"Don't let his size bother you," Mrs. Barrett said. "He's as gentle as a lamb. His name is Champ."

But his size did bother Jenni, right between her young legs. Her eyes feasted on the huge animal and it took her breath away to see his giant tongue lolling from his mouth. With a tongue like that, she thought hotly, his cock must be enormous!

"I-I'm not afraid of him," she said, staring hotly at the handsome beast. "It's just that... he's so big!"

Mrs. Barrett called to the dog and said: "Come here, Champ. Say hello to Jenni."

Champ rose to his feet and padded across the carpet to the wide-eyed girl. His large brown eyes peered at her gently enough, and he licked her arm and hand in a friendly way. Just the touch of his massive tongue excited the hell out of Jenni. She could hardly wait for the Barretts to leave the house. When they were gone, she peered at the huge dog and breathed so heavily that her ripe tits rose and fell fast in her V-necked sweater. Her nipples hardened and made bumps in the soft material. Jenni swallowed nervously and cupped her tits and played with them a little as the animal watched her quizzically.

"I hope you like girls," she murmured, and she kicked off her sandals.

She peeled her sweater off and dropped it onto the sofa. Then she lowered her tight faded jeans and stepped out of them. Stark naked and horny, she licked her lips and sat on the sofa. With the dog watching her every move, she spread her pert knees far apart and exposed all of her furry young cunt. She leaned back against the back of the sofa and let her fingers roam over her pussy. Her clit stiffened immediately as she stared at the big doggie-tongue.

"Do you like pussy?" she cooed, squirming her cunt a little.

Champ just eyed her with that soft gaze of his, a glance that thrilled Jenni.

"Come here, Champ," she purred. "Let's get to know one another right away. Come smell Jenni's pussy and see if you want to lick it."

At the sound of his name, the dog's ears perked up, and he slowly approached the girl, not knowing what she wanted of him. He soon found out.

Jenni patted her pretty pussy and encouraged him to smell it. She stretched her lovely thighs far apart and hunched her cunt forward for him.

"Come on," she whispered hotly. "Lick Jenni with that big tongue of yours."

Champ's nostrils flared at the female aroma and his dark eyes stared at her churning young cunt for a moment before he pushed his large snout forward between her curvy thighs. Then he sniffed the air just inches from her cute cunt. The smell of her was agreeable, and he took a little lick of her pussy. Jenni gasped because a little lick of Champ's tongue was like wiping her cunt with a wash cloth.

"Oh, wow, she breathed, and her ripe young tits heaved on her chest. "Do more, Champ, do more. You like my pussy, don't you? God, if you don't, I'll just die!"

But he did. Once Jenni's pussy leaked some cunt-juice that he could get a good taste of, he was sold on the idea of eating her out. To her complete surprise, he swiped at her squirmy pussy several times with his tongue.

"Oh, golly!" she gasped, pushing her pussy forward some more. "You'll drive me crazy with that giant tongue!"

Her sweet voice, soothing and friendly to a domestic animal, encouraged Champ to lick the hell out of her pussy. He pressed forward as far as he could and his big nose squashed her quivery little clit as his huge tongue sloshed and slurped at her pussy. Jenni saw stars right away. Thrills and chills passed through her curvy young body as Champ laved her cunt. The more pussy-juice he tasted, the more he wanted, just like Spike and Prince. Jenni was overjoyed.

"Lick it!" she gasped, wanting that tongue bad. "Oh, Champ, your tongue is so powerful!"

So it wasn't just the size of Champ's tongue that excited her; it was also the power behind each and every swipe of it. When his tongue hit her cunt, she gasped and caught her breath. He had a way of scraping both her puffy pussy-lips and her extended little clit at the same time.

"Oh, wow!" she gasped, and she drew her knees up and clung to them as the dog licked his tongue into her horny crotch.

The sensations were so wonderful that she threw her head back against the sofa and gave all of her pussy to the animal in front of her. Her eyes grew heavy with increasing lust as Champ licked and lapped her cunt for her. Turning on something fierce, she moaned like a whore in heat and gripped her taut tits and mauled the hell out of them as she humped her moist cunt at the dog's licking tongue. Waves of intense sexual pleasure assailed her senses and she whimpered and moaned as the doggie-tongue whipped the life out of her pussy. It didn't take much of that big tongue against her cunt to make her cum like crazy.

"I'm gonna cum!" she shrieked.

Her pretty legs flew out in a magnificent V and her toes curled as Champ attacked her pussy with an increasing lust for cunt. Then her heels hit the carpet and dug in as she thrust her horny pussy into the air for more of the thick doggie-tongue.

"I'm cummmiiinnnggg!"

Her violent orgasm whipped through her whole body and she jerked and writhed on the sofa as Champ ate her out. Her pussy got soaked real fast and the warm cunt juices excited the animal. He licked viciously into her twisty, churning cunt, and lapped up all the juice he could get.

Jenni moaned passionately and her eyes rolled in her head as the big dog brought her to the brink of sexual madness.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she squealed, and she laughed sensuously as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure rushed through her pussy. She came wetly and her pussy got drenched again and again even as Champ slurped up her cunt-juices. The resulting sensations were mind-boggling for her, and she whimpered as the dynamic cunt-licking went on and on. Ripples of orgasmic pleasure went through her and she moaned loudly as she came and came for the dog. His thick tongue whacked her frothy cunt and it immediately seeped with more juice. Jenni had to giggle and laugh sensuously as she came because the feelings in her pussy were so new and exciting. Through heavy-lidded eyes, she peered down over her jutting, arching tits at the great head of the German shepherd between her curvy, trembling thighs. It was a vision so exciting that she came some more just from watching him lick her pussy. She humped her wet pussy higher and higher in spasms of pleasure. Champ licked wildly at her furry cunt. Her clit extended between the tight lips of her pussy and the doggie-tongue assaulted it again and again. Jenni wanted even more of this extreme, heady pleasure. To get more, she thrust her hands down over her belly and used her fingers to part her puffy pussy-lips. She pried them apart and exposed her juicy pussy. His thick tongue attacked her cunt savagely, as if he were dying of thirst. Jenni went crazy with joy. "Oh, golly!" she gasped. "Oh, mama! Oh, God! Oh, Champ!"

She humped and screwed her juicy cunt round and round in mid-air, and Champ licked it with a passion that boggled her young mind. Her naughty fingers opened her pussy so much that the doggie-tongue fucked in deep. That really got her off, and she squealed with delight as she continued to cum. She enjoyed the longest orgasm of her young sex life. Right then and there, she knew she was madly in love with Champ. Spike's and Prince's tongues were nice, but Champ's was super!

"Ohhhhh, Champ," she groaned with joy. "I wanna see your cock!"

Reluctantly, dazedly, she rolled away from the dog's relentless tongue and gasped for breath. Champ, now eager to lick the girl, lapped his big tongue all over her naked body. His tongue hit her tits and belly and thighs and even her pretty face in what Jenni considered a lover's kisses. She laughed hotly as his tongue assaulted her writhing young body.

"Wait, wait," she panted, giggling erotically. "I wanna play with your cock now!"

With that, she slumped to the floor beside him and her glazed young eyes sought out the cock-sheath under his furry belly. And there it was, a hardon just like Spike's or Prince's, red and swollen and slimy. "I made you horny, didn't I?" she laughed. She reached under the dog and her fingers curled around his thick cock. Her mouth fell open. The dog's prick was bigger and thicker than she had imagined. Her fist tightened around his boner and moved slowly back and forth on it, feeling it, testing his hardon.

"Ohhhh, I wanna see it," she panted hotly. "Lay down, Champ. Down, boy. Come on, get down!"

She pushed and shoved at the great body of the animal and he finally understood what she wanted of him. He dropped to the floor and rolled over onto his side. That was all right for the moment, as Jenni felt and examined his cock, but then she wanted him to roll over onto his back. Several moments later, she got what she wanted. Champ settled on his back with his four legs in the air and his stiff prick still emerging from his cock-sheath. To Jenni's amazement, it wasn't all the way out yet.

"Oh, wow," she cooed, and she jerked on his prick until it slithered completely out of its pouch.

Her blue eyes lit up on the massive boner. Enamored of the dog's prick, she milked it lovingly and licked her lips with anticipation of sucking it. Champ's cock was much larger than either Prince's or Spike's, and that made her pussy tingle something fierce. Jerking his prick, she used her other hand to satisfy her hungry young cunt. Fingers invaded the wet tightness of her pussy and she finger-fucked herself as she toyed with the huge doggie-cock. She wanted to get used to his prick before she put her mouth on it, so as she finger-fucked her cunt, she jerked and milked and explored every inch of the thick prick. Two fingers drilled up into her juicy pussy and her thumb massaged her stiff little clit. She screwed her cunt round and round and came on her fingers even as she whacked the doggie-cock. She moaned with renewed pleasure as she came, and the pleasure made her jerk Champ's cock faster and faster. Champ was new to this sort of treatment but not against it. His frequent groans of lust told Jenni he liked what she was doing to his cock. She liked it, too. It made her mouth sexy and horny. Her eyes stared at the full size of the now almost eleven-inch German shepherd cock. She licked her lips again, hungry for it. With two fingers buried in her squirming cunt, she lowered her pretty face to Champ's belly and slipped her wet mouth over the end of his boner. Champ groaned deep in his throat as the girl's mouth and tongue excited his cock. He drooled constantly as Jenni blew him.

"Mmmmm," she moaned when she felt his cock fill her mouth.

Her lips ovaled around his massive cock-head and her fist pumped his cockshaft. Then her fingers found his balls, big and hairy, and she moaned again as she explored those, too.

Champ grunted and his haunches started humping. The girl's fingers dancing around his hot balls and her mouth sucking on his thick cock was enough to drive him crazy. Fucking a bitch in heat was nothing compared to this! Jenni got very horny as she sucked his cock. It was the most exciting cock she'd ever had in her young mouth. Growing more venturous, she slipped her lips further along his thick cock, took more of it into her sucking mouth. Her tongue swirled and twirled around his cock-head as her lips slipped wetly back and forth. His prick was fucking her mouth. She enjoyed that a lot. Champ's cock enlarged more and more as Jenni sucked. She moaned when she felt it getting bigger for her. Her hand caressed his big balls and rubbed them to excite them as she sucked him off. She took even more of his rigid cock into her mouth then. She wanted it to shoot cum for her. She needed that now. So she slipped her mouth way down on his prick and sucked. Her pretty head bobbed faster and faster and the big prick fucked rapidly into her sucking young mouth. Champ's legs quivered and he let out a groan of lust that told Jenni what she wanted to know. He was going to shoot his cum-load for her. To make that happen, she squeezed his balls gently but firmly and sucked harder on his nice prick. His cock swelled up like a balloon and his cockhead distended. Jenni felt that when her tongue licked the end of his prick. She moaned and sucked faster and toyed with his balls, breathing through her nostrils hotly. Champ's balls tightened up against the thick base of his cock, then quivered in her hand. Great wads of fiery cock-cream torpedoed through his cock and gushed out of his cockhead into her sucking young mouth.

"Mmmmmph!" Jenni gasped on the cum-spitting prick.

Her eyes went wide with wonder as her sexy mouth filled with cock-cream. She gulped it down her throat and got another supply of hot cum immediately. Champ's cock jumped and jerked and discharged violent gushes of cock-juice for her. Jenni sucked faster and harder, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of his doggie-cum. She moaned passionately, delighted with his huge cock, and she drank all the cum he produced for her. His cock spit and gushed and spurted wetly, giant wads of dog-cum pouring into her sucking mouth.

She sucked and licked with a passion as she finger-fucked her horny cunt. Champ's spitting prick got her pussy very excited and she had to finger-fuck it rapidly. She came like crazy on her naughty fingers as he shot his hot load of cum down her gulping throat.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm," she moaned with pleasure as she drank all his cock-juice.

By the time she finished eating his prick, he was whining like a hurt pup. Jenni giggled on his cock and sucked him dry. She really liked the way his prick filled her mouth. To show her affection, she licked her tongue all over his cock and balls with loving little licks. Champ groaned as she caressed and laved his prick. Then she kissed his cock and watched it throb in her hand. Her eyes devoured his prick as she looked it up and down with interest and feeling.

"You're so big," she whispered hotly, eyeing his fucker hungrily. "I never knew a dog could have such a huge cock. I'll bet girl dogs love it!"

Her fingers danced over the full length of his prick, keeping it hard: not for him, but for her. This thick dog-cock excited her a lot. As she caressed it and slowly milked it, a little shudder of ecstasy rippled through her. Her pussy tingled.

Her eyes sought his and she gazed into them with female hunger. "I want your cock," she panted, feeling funny in her cunt. "I wanna fuck."

Jenni fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy like a prick. It felt good and made her want Champ's cock in her cunt. It excited her to know that she didn't have to lie on a sofa cushion for him. He was tall enough to reach her pussy if she got on all fours. So she got on her hands and knees and called to the dog. Champ jumped to his feet, smelled her pussy, and started licking at it with his big, thick tongue. Jenni liked that, but she wanted more than a pussy-licking now.

"Up, Champ!" she cried. "Jump up! Get on me! Up, boy, up!"

Champ didn't need much coaxing. Instinct took over when he tasted her juicy pussy. Just as if she were a bitch in heat, he mounted her. His front paws landed on her shoulders with such force that her head hit the floor. She gasped, then giggled, and remained in the horny position with her ass aloft and her pussy open. Anxious to get fucked, she set her pert knees far apart on the carpet and urged Champ to fuck her. He drooled on her back and humped at her crotch. His cock elongated for her and the wet end of it poked at her pussy.

"Ewwwww," Jenni cooed happily, "you're just the right height. Ummmm, give it to me, Champ. Fuck meeee!"

Champ's hind legs trembled and his paws pattered the floor as he thrust his stiff cock at her cunt. His cock-head finally hit home, parted her pussy-lips, and drilled into her eager young pussy.

"Ohhhhh, how big!" Jenni squealed with delight.

But a moment later she let out a scream of pure agony. Pleasure was replaced by pain momentarily as the unexpected happened. Champ's massive boner fucked deeply into her pussy and instantly shredded her cherry!

" Owwwww!" she howled as a searing pain shot through her belly.

The thick end of Champ's cock ripped through her tight fuck-channel and tore into her cherry. The thin membrane gave way under the impact of his mighty fuck-thrust and his cock embedded itself deep in her cunt. Before Jenni could even catch her breath, the thick cock retreated and then fucked into her again. There was less pain this time as a little of her cherry blood mixed with her cum to lubricate her pussy. Champ, unmindful of the poor girl's agony, fucked all of his stony prick into her pussy again and again. His hot balls slapped her quivering little clit and his prick stabbed viciously into her cunt. Several strokes later, Jenni felt a mind-boggling pleasure overtake her pain, and she almost swooned as the big dog fucked her. She had completely forgotten that Spike's and Prince's cocks were shorter, much shorter, than Champ's. She had also forgotten that she had a cherry in her pussy. Now she was fully aware of both.

"Ohhhhh, Champ," she groaned as his cock raped her cherry. "I'm not a virgin anymore! Ohhhh, fuck meeeee! Give it to me! Ewwwww, how you fuck a girl!"

It didn't take many strokes for Champ's cock to reach its fullest and thickest size in her tight pussy, and then the fucking prick drove her out of her young mind. This was nothing like Spike's or Prince's cocks; this cock was immense.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhh," she moaned as the cock filled her pussy. "Ohhhh, what a fuck!"

If she thought sucking him off had made her hot, it was nothing compared to getting fucked by his massive boner. She got hornier by the minute as the thick dog-cock raped her pussy. His front paws clung to her shoulders as he drooled over her and, as if he were fucking the hell out of a female German shepherd, he fucked every solid inch of his prick into her twisty, wet cunt. His hind legs danced and his muscular haunches humped and his cock drilled and plunged into her pussy. Jenni moaned loudly and her whole body began to shudder and shake with mounting excitement as the fucking cock turned her on wildly. Her fingers clawed the carpet to each side of her head. Her aching young tits pressed tightly on the carpet and twisted there as her cute little ass swung this way and that under the fucking animal. Her hot pussy squirmed and twisted and humped back on the plunging cock. Gasps and moans escaped her throat and her eyes rolled as the big cock demolished all of her cherry. Tears of joy came to her eyes as the end of the doggie-cock reached depths never before reached by the other dogs.

" Unnnnnn! Ohhhhh! Champ, Champ, Champ! Ewwwww, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!"

She went out of her head with orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy creamed wetly on the beast's cock and she shivered all over. She clutched the carpet and gritted her teeth as the massive cock thrilled her pussy. And Champ fucked her with animalistic savagery. Unlike a young man who might be concerned about the effects of her dynamic orgasm on her young mind, Champ fucked her pussy violently and rapidly. Her clit stiffened with excitement during her orgasm and his hairy balls slapped the hell out of her crotch as his cock plunged and streaked into her cunt.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned weakly as her orgasm rippled on and on.

The doggie-cock, swollen and stiff, fucked relentlessly into her pussy and wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her senses. She bit her lower lip and made fists of her hands and held on for dear life as the animal fucked the hell out of her.

"Ohhhh, I'm still cummiiiinnnngggg!" she moaned.

She came and came, like never before. And though the extended orgasm dazed her and made her drunk with lust, she couldn't get enough of it. Her tight cunt sucked the hell out of the raging cock.

Hungry for stiff cock, her pussy became a sucking, strangling thing. Though she weakened and almost sobbed with pleasure, her hot ass remained active. Her pussy churned and twisted and humped wildly on the drilling, fucking dog-cock.

Just as her orgasm started to subside a little, another followed because Champ's cock didn't let up. It plunged into the tightness of her soaked pussy and fucked so deeply that she had to cum again. She couldn't help herself now. She was a total slave to the fucking dog.

She panted and whimpered helplessly as Champ fucked the juice out of her pussy. He reared back and drove all of his prick into her writhing young body so fast and so often that another orgasm rippled through her. Her horny young pussy clenched his drilling fucker and spasmed with ecstasy as she came again.

"Ohhhh, mama!" she squealed.

Huge waves of incredible pleasure washed through her cunt, belly and even her head. Her senses reeled and she almost lost consciousness as the violent orgasm rocked her. The big, stiff cock fucked faster into her wet pussy. Jenni shuddered and shivered and in the throes of her orgasm gripped her hard young tits and found them sensitive and horny. She squeezed her tits and mauled them hotly as she screwed her pussy round and round on the drilling doggie-cock. Hot feelings in her tits met the hot feelings in her pussy right in the middle of her belly, and the combination drove her out of her mind with lust. She groaned and grunted and fucked back on the tireless cock as if she were a nymphomaniac. The animal-fucking actually made her a nymphomaniac, at least for the moment. She lost all sense of who and what she was. She felt like she was just all pussy, and the dog was all cock. Thrills and chills coursed through her young body as yet another orgasm assailed her senses. The raging, raping doggie-cock drove her up the wall of ecstasy. Huge waves of passion made her fuck like a whore for the dog.

She panted and moaned and whimpered and twisted her pussy on the thick cock to get more of those mind-boggling thrills. She was hooked on doggie-cock now. As her greatest orgasms filled her with naughty pleasure, she humped and screwed and fucked for more of the same. Champ started grunting hoarsely. His saliva dripped onto Jenni's back and he panted for breath as he fucked her pussy so fast and hard. His hind paws stomped the floor nervously and his haunches quivered with the strain as the young girl's hungry, tight pussy sucked at his cock. His cock drilled and enlarged and fucked deep, until Jenni moaned, knowing he was going to shoot his load of cum into her body. Her pussy told her that. It was so tight and juicy that she felt the enlargement of his cock take place, and that told her he was close to cumming in her.

"Give it to meeee!" she gasped hotly. "I want it, I want it! Fuck me, Champ!"

Half out of her mind with heady lust, she twisted her drenched cunt on the dog's rampaging cock. Her pussy could do things no bitch's pussy could do, and that was what made Champ climax so violently.

Jenni's pussy was like a mouth: a young, horny, hungry mouth that could suck him off. He let out a howl as a huge wad of cock-cream coursed through his cock and discharged into her pussy. In response, her cunt fucked faster and her belly heaved to receive all of his cum. His cock stabbed deeply, fucked in and out like a piston, and pumped huge wads of cum into her body. Jenni swooned when she felt the massive cock shooting and spitting and spurting so violently into her fucking little cunt.

" Uhhhh!" she groaned, screwing her pussy on the cum-spitting cock. "Fuck meeee! Shoot in meee! Ohhhh, screw me! Hump me! Fuck me! Ohhhhh, give me your cummmmm!"

Groaning and grunting with effort, the dog fucked all of his cock into her juicy cunt and shot a big load of cum for her. Her pussy spasmed in another violent orgasm as he came and the combination sent wild thrills throughout her young body. She humped and quivered and fucked mindlessly as Champ continued to bury all of his cock deep in her cunt and shoot wads of thick cum. The sensation of his prick spitting so savagely inside her sent her into a spiral of orgasmic pleasure.

"Ohhhhhmmm," she moaned as she bathed in the orgasmic pleasure that seemed to have no end.

Champ panted and drooled wetly and went on fucking her pussy until every drop of his cum was deposited deep in her twisty belly. Jenni moaned with increasing pleasure as she shuddered her way through another orgasm while he fucked her. Champ fucked her hot pussy until all of his cum was out of his hot balls. Then and only then did he stop fucking her. When his long, thick cock started to shrink between the tight walls of her pussy, Jenni moaned with new pleasures. Even that was thrilling to her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Champ," she moaned, giving a last hump to her ass and pussy. "How goooood!"

Champ dismounted and immediately sat down to lick at his prick as if it had been wounded. In a sense, it had, because Jenni's pussy did things to his cock that no bitch's cunt could ever do.

Jenni rolled onto her back and gasped for breath. Her pussy was alive and buzzing, and she stroked it gently as she stared in wonder at the marvelous dog. What an animal, she thought hotly. What a beautiful, fucking animal. A girl could get hooked on a cock like that! Dazed and amazed by the animal-fucking, she staggered to her feet and giggled to find that she was dizzy. Laughing lightly, she pranced into the bedroom and looked at herself in the big mirror on the wall. She wanted to see if she looked any different now that she wasn't a virgin anymore. She didn't, and that fascinated her.

Champ padded into the room as she posed in front of the mirror, naked and lovely. She arched her back and pushed her pussy forward to see it better. Her naughty fingers danced over the peach fuzz and puffy lips of her cunt. She moaned softy because just touching her pussy now gave her good feelings. She parted her legs and stared at her pussy in the mirror as her fingers explored it. She smiled to see that her pussy didn't look any different after being fucked by a big doggie-cock.

"That's neat, Champ," she said, as if he could understand her. "You can fuck me all you want, and nobody will ever know."

The thought that she could fuck a lot suddenly hit home and she shuddered with excitement. Her glazed blue eyes ran over the reflection of the big dog, now sitting watching her. She turned slowly and heaved a sigh of pleasure that made her firm tits rise and fall on her chest. Champ sniffed the air and smelled her wet pussy. As she gazed at him with girlish admiration, he ambled up to her and gave her furry young pussy a nice lick.

"Ewwww," she cooed, liking that.

Wanting more of the same, she walked over to the bed and perched her cute little ass on the edge of it. Then she settled back across the bed in a luxurious sprawl and opened her pretty legs. Champ took the cue and approached her pussy with his snout. His wet nose hit her wet pussy, then his tongue came out and took a swipe at her crotch.

"Mmmmmm, yessss," Jenni moaned. "Do that."

Encouraged by her sweet voice, the dog licked her pussy clean for her. He nuzzled his big head between her curvy young thighs and attacked her pussy with his thirsty tongue. Jenni moaned again and reached down and pried her pussy-lips open for his tongue. It licked into her cummy pussy and electric shocks rippled through her body. Her well-fucked cunt was super sensitive to the doggie-tongue. Her clit emerged thick and wet, and the doggie-tongue lashed it. Jenni whimpered with renewed pleasure. Abandoning herself to her private and secret passion, she played with her taut young tits and tweaked her pink nipples as she gyrated her hips to make her pussy squirm against the licking, lapping tongue. Wonderful thrills assailed her young mind as Champ licked her pussy into a new froth. Her hands squeezed tightly on her jutting tits and she panted for breath as the doggie-tongue aroused her pussy.

"Golly!" she gasped when she came all of a sudden. "I'm cumming again!"

She humped her hot pussy wildly as Champ licked it faster and faster. Jenni opened her cuntlips for him again and he drilled his thick tongue between them. Her horny little pussy got very wet as she came like crazy for him. He slurped up her cunt juices. The orgasm didn't recede, it aroused her even more. Moaning hotly, she rolled on the bed and got on her hands and knees. Peering through her parted thighs, she called to Champ and invited him up onto the bed with her. He mounted her and his stiff cock fucked into her juicy pussy.

"Golly! I didn't know I could get so fuck-hungry!"

She surrendered completely to her second real fucking.

Jenni had never been so glad to see summer vacation roll around. With some girlfriends, she sang the old song: "No more pencils, no more books; no more teachers' dirty looks." Then she left her friends in a booth at the local hamburger joint. She had more important things to do: sexy things, horny things, hard things. She rode her bike home, and that was fun. The point at the end of the seat rubbed her pussy nicely as she worked her legs up and down on each side of it. By the time she reached home, she was horny. Her pussy was buzzing and her clit was stiff. She went to her room and changed her clothes like a good little girl. Naked, she posed in front of the bathroom mirror and played with her tits and pussy for a while. Then she went back to her room and dressed in a tight pair of denim cut-offs and light-blue teaser top that barely reached below her jutting tits. She stepped into sandals and looked at herself in the dresser mirror. Smiling impishly, she raised her arms over her head and watched the undercurves of her firm tits peek from beneath the short shirt. She giggled. Then she turned and looked over her shoulder at the way the curves of her naked ass peeked out from under the tight shorts. That made her giggle, too. Facing the mirror again, she squeezed a finger into the crotch of her cut-offs and massaged her clit. She moaned softly, liking the sensation. Her eyes got glassy as she thought about doggie-cock. Horny for some cock, she pranced out of the house, her tits jiggling ever so slightly. She hopped onto her bike and pedaled down the street. There would be no babysitting until that night, so she searched the neighborhood for a dog to play with. She raped the first mongrel she could find. Luckily, she found him in an alley and she was able to coax him down some steps into a secluded doorway. There, she lowered her cut-offs and let the animal smell her hot cunt. He licked her pussy.

"Good boy," Jenni breathed, and she sat down with her pretty legs spread open.

The dog ducked his head down and licked his tongue up and down her fully exposed pussy. Jenni moaned and slumped in the doorway, surrendering to his tongue. She stretched her knees far apart and let him lick the hell out of her pussy. It was wonderful. Her pussy creamed, and that excited the animal. He lapped at her juices and his raspy tongue created even more as she came wetly for him. She laughed sensuously because it was marvelous to her the way dogs liked wet pussy. After she came once, she wanted to see his cock, so she coaxed him onto his back and played with his balls and cock-sheath until his prick came out. It emerged pink and wet and stiff. Jenni moaned hotly and her fingers teased his prick into its fullest size. It was a nice cock, like Spike's, and Jenni enjoyed it thoroughly. Rubbing her pussy, she jerked the dog off, just to watch him shoot his load of hot cum. That was one of her many secret pleasures. The doggie-cock enlarged for her and she massaged it and jerked it and pumped it until it exploded for her. Her blue eyes went wide, as they always did when she watched a prick spit cum, and she whacked his cock to make it gush like crazy. The mutt groaned and grunted under her treatment and his balls produced a thick supply of gooey cum for her. Jenni smiled pleasantly, enjoying herself, and she pumped all the cum out of his balls. The gushing cock, spitting cum all over his belly and her jerking hand, excited her.

"I wish you could fuck me," she whispered, fondling his balls. "But I'd make too much noise, I think."

But her pussy was very hot, so she had him lick it again. She just had to cum again, just to cool down the big fire in her horny cunt. So the dog attacked her pussy for her and Jenni whimpered with growing pleasure as she came wetly against the licking, lapping tongue. She didn't know it, but the steamy vapors from her hot, wet cunt wafted skyward and attracted another passing dog. He was a little bigger than the mutt eating her pussy. He looked for a moment, then descended the steps and joined in the attack on Jenni's cunt. When she saw him, she laughed and opened her legs real wide. To satisfy the first dog, she held her little shirt way up above her jutting tits and let him lick them for her while the other dog ate her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, gollyyyy," she said with a shudder of excitement. "I've never had two dogs at once!"

She collapsed with pleasure after a few minutes. The one dog licked her tits as if they were giving milk, and the larger one groveled at her pussy as if it were hamburger. The two doggie-tongues drove Jenni up the wall with lovely pleasure. She came real nice for the bigger dog, and her pussy got soaked. The dog licked up her juice and his tongue excited the hell out of her cunt. Her senses reeled the way she liked them to, and she slumped down on the ground, and surrendered her tits and pussy to the animals. The hot summer air was permeated by her horny cunt-smells, and she didn't even see the third dog arrive on the scene.

All of a sudden, a huge black dog was licking her face and tits and thighs and anywhere else he could get his tongue. Even in her dazed state, Jenni took the time to check the sex of each animal, and it thrilled her when she found herself getting licked all over by three male dogs.

"Ohhhhh, wowwww!" she moaned hotly.

Her ripe young tits heaved on her chest as the dog licked her nipples into life. Her clit extended between her tight pussy-lips and the doggie-tongue assaulted it with a passion.

"Ohhhhh, here," she panted hotly. "Let this big guy lick me, too."

She made way for the huge black dog and he gladly attacked her cunt. He wanted some of her cum, too. He got plenty. His thicker, broader tongue covered more area of her pussy as it whipped her crotch, so she came for him. That was his reward for having a nice big tongue.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped when, through heavy eyes, she saw yet another dog joining the first three.

He was a big one, too, and in his eagerness to get in on the action, he knocked Jenni back. She laughed excitedly as all four dogs licked and lapped at her tits and legs and pussy and belly and face. She felt surrounded by stiff cocks, and as the animals licked at her writhing young body, she jerked dog-cocks all around her. The licking, lashing tongues soon had her dizzy and the sky began to whirl overhead as she came and came. Another dog joined in, then another, until Jenni lost count altogether. All she knew was that tongues were licking the hell out of her and her hands were never empty of stiff pricks. Losing herself in a swirling sea of passion, she pulled a young mutt over to her face and sucked his cock for him while other dogs licked her tits and cunt. Her sexy young mouth was so horny that she gobbled the dog's cock and made it shoot hotly down her gulping throat. Then she got another dog and sucked him off as she came again against a sloshing, slurping doggie-tongue. Her mouth filled with stiff cock as she sucked passionately on it, moaning and whimpering with great pleasure. One by one, the sucked animals crept away. Then Jenni found herself alone with a dog she didn't even recognize, and he was licking her to another dynamic orgasm. She came, and the dog licked her dry. Her pussy was really buzzing by then.

When her last dog was sucked off and gone, Jenni moaned hotly and writhed on the ground, rubbing her wet pussy. She was well licked, but still unfucked. She was glad she was babysitting for the Barretts tonight. She needed Champ's big cock. Yearning for Champ's rigid cock, she reached out and got her cut-offs. She stood up and pulled them on and wiggled her firm young ass into them. She hiked them up until the crotch hugged her pussy. Then she got her bike and pedaled out of the hot alley. Her pussy was very horny on the bicycle seat, and her nipples never did soften. She was on fire for a stiff cock, her pretty head filled with visions of Champ's immense boner. God, how she needed that now! The next few hours were pure hell for her. The waiting almost drove her crazy. By the time she was alone with Champ, she was out of her mind with fuck-lust. The minute the Barretts left the house, she threw herself on the floor with the German shepherd and played with his cock. She coaxed his prick out of its protective sheath and jerked on it until the dog grunted. She peeled her cut-offs from her lithe young body and got on all fours and begged Champ to fuck her. He wanted to lick her cunt, but Jenni was very horny for cock by this time.

"Ohhhhh, later," she panted. "You can lick my pussy later. Fuck it now! Up, boy! Ohhhh, jump up, Champ! Up!"

Responding to her impassioned pleas as if he understood her needs, he finally mounted her, knocked her frail body to the floor, and fucked all of his thick cock into her wet pussy. Jenni didn't mind the rough treatment at all this time. She just wanted to get fucked. After getting licked so savagely by so many dogs, she was horny out of her mind. She vented all her passion on Champ, giving him all of her pussy and all of her heat. Responding instinctively to hot, wet pussy, Champ fucked her brains out. Panting and grunting, he hunched his hips powerfully, fucking all of his cock into her fresh young cunt. Jenni's virginal pussy loved his cock now. She was hooked on it, and she knew it. Whimpering with increasing passion, she squeezed her taut tits as she fucked back on his cock. The way his balls whacked her clit was especially exciting tonight.

"Ohhhhh, Champ, you wonderful animal!" she gasped. "Give it to me! Make me cum! Screw me! Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!"

Champ panted and drooled and grunted and groaned, straining, humping, fucking all of his thick prick into her clenching, cumming cunt. She squealed when she came the first time. Her whole body shook and shivered violently all through the wild orgasm. Her pussy flooded wetly and Champ's cock ravished her pussy. If there had been any cherry left in her cunt, it was sure gone now. His thick cock filled her pussy completely. Her cunt-walls clenched around his prick. His cock-head reached deep into her churning young belly as he fucked her. Jenni went wild on the floor and fucked on his cock with crazed lust.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhh!" she moaned. "I'm gonna cum againnnn!"

She came violently, volcanically, hotly. She shuddered and shook vibrantly, and Champ fucked savagely into her twisty, wet pussy. Panting as if he were galloping down a street, he fucked all of his cock in and out of her tight young pussy with increasing speed. A second later, as Jenni's ass quivered and twisted about, his cock exploded in the depths of her horny pussy. She squealed to feel his cock burst with cream. Huge wads of thick cum poured into her pussy and she swooned through another crazy orgasm. When he shot his cum-load and could take no more of her hungry pussy, he backed off and licked his spent prick. Jenni dropped onto her back and laughed with release and pleasure, and watched Champ lick his slimy cock. The sight of his big, lapping tongue excited her. She threw her pretty legs wide open and cupped her pussy in her hands, wiggling her hot little ass.

"Never mind that now, Champ. Come lick Jenni's pussy nice."

At the sound of his name, he turned his big head and looked at her pussy. His nostrils twitched. The aroma of her horny cunt reached him. Instinct took over. He moved to her young body and licked her pussy for her. Jenni moaned with pleasure and caressed her tits playfully as she squirmed her pussy for him. She smiled sexily and humped her cunt against his slapping tongue. Then she raised her ass off the floor and pushed her hot pussy at him. Champ licked into her pussy with animal force and power. Jenni's breath quickened and her tits tightened up and she mauled them as she screwed her pussy round and round. The doggie-tongue gave her what she wanted.

"I'm gonna cum again!" she shrieked.

And she did. Huge waves of orgasmic pleasure washed through her. She squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples and humped her pussy violently in the air as it flooded. Then she was able to lie back and bask in the pleasure of her wetness. She panted and smiled and fondled her tits as she slowly gyrated her pussy for the licking animal. Her eyes closed slowly and she stretched her legs real wide to enjoy the doggie-tongue against her creamy cunt.

Several moments later, she opened her eyes and gazed at the dog. "You're so good to me," she said softly. "I love you."

With that, she rolled on the floor and moved over to his lower body. She reached under him and played with his balls. Champ groaned.

"Down, Champ," she whispered hotly. "Lay down."

Champ dropped down onto his back and let her have his cock. Jenni teased his red prick out of its sheath and gave it some licks of her saucy little tongue. That turned her on to cocksucking, so she took his prick into her mouth and blew him. Her fingers toyed with his hairy balls to excite his cock as she sucked it in and out of her mouth. It grew and grew and that excited Jenni, too. The bigger, the better. Moaning on his prick, she gave it licks and sucks that made it swell up between her ovaled lips. Wanting him to cum in her mouth, she swirled her tongue round and round his cockhead, and jerked his cockshaft with her fist. She sucked harder and jerked faster. Champ grunted and groaned in warning.

"Mmmmm," Jenni moaned, and she forced his cock to shoot wildly for her.

When her mouth filled with cum, she gasped. Her pretty head bobbed rapidly then as she blew him. The thrill of cocksucking inflamed her pussy, and in a wild gesture, she squirmed around on the floor and fed her pussy to him. To her delight, he was able to lick her pussy as she sucked him off. She came with the dog. A week later, Jenni was with Champ again, and just as horny for his cock. But she got interrupted before she could get to the dog's cock. There was a knock on the door and when she answered it, it was her girlfriend, Linda Simms.

"Linda. What are you doing here?"

"Your mom told me you were babysitting here. Why? Isn't it okay for me to visit?"

"Well, no, it isn't that. I just didn't expect anybody."

Linda entered and frowned at her friend. "Why are you blushing?"

"I'm not blushing," Jenni said, closing the door.

"Yes, you are. Oh, I know. You were about to play with yourself, huh? Come on, Jenni, we don't have any secrets."

Jenni sat down on the sofa and Linda sat next to her, grinning.

"No," Jenni said. "I wasn't going to play with myself. I was... I'd better not say. I don't think you're ready for that."

"Now you have to tell me!" Linda blurted, her dark eyes flashing. "Or I'll burst!"

Jenni was reluctant to share her deepest secret. But then she thought, "What the hell, if she doesn't like it she can leave, and if she does like it, well..."

"Promise not to tell anybody?" Jenni said.

"Promise, cross my heart," Linda said, and crisscrossed her left tit.

Jenni's blue eyes were on Champ. "I was going to let the dog lick my pussy," she said.

Linda's mouth fell open and her eyes went wide on the handsome animal. "Are you serious?" she gasped. "I mean, would he?"

"Yes," Jenni laughed excitedly.

"How do you know? Oh! Jenni! You're kidding! You let a dog lick your pussy?"

" Wanna see him?" Jenni teased.

"Yes!" Linda gasped.

So Jenni leaned back on the sofa and opened her pretty legs. She hiked her miniskirt way up on her flat belly and called Champ over. Linda looked on with increasing amazement as the huge German shepherd came over and, with no hesitation, licked his thick tongue up and down Jenni's pretty pussy.

"Oh, wow!" Linda gasped, and a sharp thrill attacked her own pussy.

"That's what I said when he first did it," Jenni laughed.

Linda lost her voice as she stared hotly at how the thick doggie-tongue licked and laved all of her friend's lovely cunt. Just the sight alone was enough to make her wet her panties. Inflamed by the sight of a big dog licking Jenni's naked young pussy, Linda had to rub her own cunt. Casting all care to the winds, she leaned back on the sofa, too, and raised her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her little bikini panties. The crotch got wet right away.

"Take your panties off," Jenni rasped hotly.

" Wh-why?"

"So Champ can lick your pussy, too." Jenni figured that if Champ licked Linda's cunt, also, she wouldn't be able to tell tales out of school.

"Gee, l don't know..."

"It feels great!" Jenni said, and she twisted her hot pussy around against the licking, lapping tongue.

Linda could stand it no longer. She took her panties off.

"Just lean back and enjoy it," Jenni coaxed. "Spread your legs."

She reached over and started patting Linda's naked young cunt. "Here, Champ, lick Linda's pussy."

Linda giggled and purred: "Keep doing that."

Jenni pulled her hand away from her friend's crotch and scowled at her. "I'm not a Lesbian, Linda!"

Linda started to say something, but Champ moved his big head between her open thighs, and he licked his tongue over her furry young pussy.

"Oh, my God!" Linda gasped. "That's amazing! I mean... golly!"

"Isn't he super?" Jenni laughed. Linda couldn't find her voice. She stared hotly at what the animal was doing to her sensitive young pussy, and it felt wonderful. Her dark eyes grew heavy and her tits heaved in her t-shirt.

Jenni saw her tits moving and she reached over and lifted Linda's t-shirt way up. Linda wasn't wearing a bra, so her tits jutted beautifully with cute pink tips. Jenni didn't mean to linger at her friend's nice tits, but she couldn't help herself. There was something attractive about Linda's body and the way Champ was licking her pussy. Before she could control the urge, she leaned over and took a spiking pink nipple into her sexy mouth and sucked on it as she flicked it with her tongue.

"Oh, wowwww!" Linda moaned as she squirmed hotly on the sofa. "Don't stop, Jenni, please don't stop."

Wanting to initiate her friend into dog-loving, Jenni caressed one of Linda's firm tits while she sucked the other. Her tongue and fingers excited both nipples until Linda thought she'd die.

"I'm gonna cum already!" Linda cried, almost alarmed by the fact.

Jenni giggled. "Go ahead. Then he'll really eat your pussy!"

She was right, of course, having had plenty of experience. When Linda squealed and came like crazy, Champ started licking the hell out of her creaming cunt. "Spread your pussy-lips," Jenni instructed. Panting, cumming wetly, Linda thrust her hands down and pried her cuntlips wide open. The big doggie-tongue went after her slimy pussy juice with a thirst that thrilled Linda down to her curling toes.

"Ohhhhh, gollyyyyy," she said with a quivery voice, cumming like crazy for the doggie-tongue.

Horny out of her mind, she humped her pussy way up in the air and shuddered all over as she came. Her eyes rolled and she pushed her tit into Jenni's sucking young mouth. She surrendered completely to this new and forbidden pleasure.

"Ohhhh, Jenni! This is fantastic!"

Jenni raised her hot face from her friend's thrusting tits and purred, "Beats playing with yourself, doesn't it?"

"Ohhhh, yessss," Linda hissed hotly. "My pussy's on fire now! Ohhhh, how long will he lick me?"

"As long as you want him to," Jenni laughed.

"Oh, wow!" Linda cried, fucking her cunt at the licking dog.

Jenni settled back then and watched the hot scene. It was a welcome sight to see her best friend cumming this way. And it was exciting to watch Champ licking the hell out of her orgasmic young cunt. It made her horny, too. Horny for stiff cock. Impassioned, uncaring, she slipped to the floor. And, to Linda's surprise, she reached under Champ and played with his cock.

" Jenni! Good God! Are you jerking his prick?"

"Uh-huh," Jenni giggled. "Want to see it?"

"Yes!" Linda gasped.

So Jenni forced Champ down on the floor and both girls stared hotly at her hand on the slimy red doggie-cock.

"Gee," Linda breathed, "you're a lot hornier than I thought."

"Feel it," Jenni said.

Linda got on the floor, too. She stared at Champ's cock with apprehension.

"Don't be afraid," Jenni said. "He likes it. Just like a boy."

Believing her knowledgeable friend, Linda reached over and petted Champ's crimson boner. His cock extended way out of its sheath, and Linda let her fingers slide along its length.

"It feels slimy," she observed.

"Mmmmm," Jenni hummed. "You should feel it in your pussy."

Linda's mouth fell open again and her eyes got as big as saucers. "What? You fuck him?"

"Sorry," Jenni said, blushing. "That slipped out. I didn't mean to tell you everything."

But Linda was hooked. "You better tell me everything, or I'll never speak to you again!"

"Okay," Jenni laughed. "Watch this."

She lowered her face to Champ's straining belly and took his thick cock into her mouth. Linda gasped as she watched her friend suck the huge dog-prick. It got her so hot that she had to finger-fuck her pussy while Jenni sucked the beast's cock. Her fingers drilled up into her horny young pussy and she breathed faster as she watched Jenni suck the dog's cock. Jenni got lost in what she was doing and almost forgot all about Linda being there. Remembering her friend, Jenni lifted her face from the throbbing dog-cock and smiled. "You try it," she cooed. "It's sexy."

"Gee, I don't know... I never... it sure is big... I've been wondering about... well, maybe a little."

Linda dropped her head to the dog's body and Jenni rubbed her own cunt as she watched Linda take the thick, throbbing doggie-cock into her sexy young mouth.

"Mmmmm," Linda moaned, "you're right. That is sexy!"

Hooked, she bent down again and sucked voraciously on Champ's rigid cock. The animal groaned as the female mouth devoured his prick with such youthful passion. Linda now got lost in what she was doing and forgot all about Jenni. She was sucking her first cock. Being with Jenni sort of made it all right.

"Hey," Jenni laughed. "Don't eat it all! Leave some for me!"

Linda turned the dog's raging cock over to Jenni.

"Sorry. I guess I got carried away." And as Jenni sucked on the big cock, she added: "I never sucked a cock before. I've been wanting to something awful."

But Jenni wasn't listening. She was too busy licking and sucking the wonderful cock that had already given her so much pleasure. While Linda looked on, fingering her pussy, Jenni sucked the cum up out of Champ's balls.

"He's gonna cum!" Linda declared, seeing it. Jenni decided not to be selfish. She released Champ's pulsing prick to let Linda experience a cum-shooting cock.

"Go ahead," she panted hotly. "Suck him off."

Driven by an overwhelming lust for cocksucking, Linda threw herself on the animal and took his stony prick into her mouth. Moaning hotly, still fingering her wet pussy, she sucked hard. His cock enlarged and exploded and discharged huge wads of cum for her. For the first time in her young life, Linda ate cum. She loved it. Sucking the dog dry, she licked his prick clean and then looked at Jenni.

"That was fun," she said. "But it got me so hot I can't stand it."

" Wanna get fucked?"

Linda looked hurt. "Don't tease me, Jenni."

"I'm not teasing. He'll fuck you if you want him to."

Linda heaved a sigh that made her tits rise. "I want him to," she said weakly.

"Watch this," Jenni said hotly.

She got on all fours and called Champ. He mounted her as forcefully as usual, and her face hit the floor as his cock searched for her wet pussy. Linda gasped, wide-eyed, as she watched the animal get what he was after. To her complete amazement, his stiff cock found its target and plunged into Jenni's wet cunt.

"Ohhhh, I wanna fuck!" she gasped.

Jenni laughed at the sound of her friend's strained voice, but she let Champ fuck his cock in and out of her pussy for a while before she gave him up. Then she lowered her ass and forced the big cock out of her tight pussy. She rolled away and said: "Now you do what I did, and he'll fuck your brains out."

"Ohhhh," Linda moaned, with a shudder of excitement.

She took the doggie-fucking position for Champ and waited with bated breath, her tits heaving and her pussy twitching. Champ mounted her and his front paws whacked her shoulders. She cried out and banged her forehead on the floor as she felt his stiff, wet cock stab at her thighs.

"Don't worry," Jenni said. "He'll find your pussy in no time."

A few jabs of his prick did the trick. Linda shifted her ass just a little and then the doggie-cock fucked into her pussy.

She let out a screech that almost alarmed Jenni, but then Jenni realized what had happened.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?"

"I did!" Linda cried. "You wouldn't believe me! Ow!"

"It's okay," Jenni said quickly. "It'll only hurt a little. And there will be a little blood. But then you'll feel pleasure that'll drive you up the wall."

The pain was sharp and short because Champ was fast and horny. He fucked all of his cock into her virgin cunt and ripped her cherry to shreds in just a matter of moments. Linda squealed and shrieked as she felt her cherry torn apart. But then, just as Jenni had promised, huge waves of cummy pleasure overwhelmed her senses. She came like crazy in just minutes.

"Jenni! Jenni! Ohhhh, I'm cumming so hard!"

That excited Jenni. Horny, impish, downright wicked, she got behind the dog and placed her hands on his humping ass.

Then, laughing and yelling: "Cum! Cum! Cum!" she jounced on Champ's back and made all of his thick cock fuck into the helpless girl.

"Jenni!" Linda shrieked.

Then the big cock ripped into her pussy and took her voice away.

Waves of mind-numbing pleasure overwhelmed Linda. She passed out as Champ pumped his load of cum into her twisting, humping young pussy.

" Unnnnhhhh," she murmured, half-unconscious as the dog fucked all of his cum into her writhing pussy.

Her whole body went lax and her pussy opened even more, all squishy with cum, and Champ's giant cock continued to fuck into her. The relentless fucking brought her around again, and she came to moaning hotly and fucking her wet pussy on the dog's prick.

"Ohhhhh, Jenni!" she groaned when Champ dismounted from her shivering young body. "So that's what it's like!"

"Isn't that super?" Jenni giggled.

Linda flopped onto her back and gasped for breath, her eyes heavy and her tits heaving. "I never dreamed fucking was like that. Ohhhh, my pussy's so hot. How can I still be horny after all that?"

"You'd be surprised how horny we can be," Jenni said wisely. "But don't worry. Champ will take care of that right now. Here, Champ, lick Linda's nice pussy."

She patted Linda's cunt and Champ immediately attacked it with his tongue. Jenni sat back on her heels and watched as Champ ate her friend's juicy cunt. It was a horny sight that turned her on. She finger-fucked her cunt until she could stand it no longer, then she spread out on the floor and called Champ over to her own pussy. He attacked her cunt, too. Filled with gratitude, Linda scooted over to Jenni and kissed her tits and mouth.

"You're the best friend I ever had," she said with feeling.

Jenni smiled and kissed her in turn. Then both girls stretched out on the floor and let Champ go from pussy to pussy, licking and lapping and getting them high on sex. From that night on, Linda and Jenni were inseparable friends, and they became a highly dependable babysitting team, and there were a lot of big-cocked dogs in their future.

The End
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