Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass
(M/f, spanking, size, hum)

by Kysa Braswell

The prematurely busty and overdeveloped 13-year old Kysa sat on the edge of her bed, her full breasts heaving as though they wanted to burst through her blouse, and that all-too-familiar feeling rising in the pit of her stomach. "Why?" she thought to herself, "Why did I ever think I could get away with giving Jim McDaid a blowjob? Damn him, now I'm going to get the spanking of my life because of him! How was I to know I had cum streaked in my hair? He should've told me before allowing me to come back to my house!"

Kysa was sitting in her room, dressed as she was always made to before her father came in to administer a spanking. She could already feel the butterflies building in her stomach that always accompanied the waiting. Her Dad had hardly said a word during dinner, she knew he was VERY upset at her this time. So, it came as no real surprise to Kysa when, after dinner, he told her to go upstairs to her room and get ready to receive a sound whipping. That always meant getting undressed and putting on just the short cotton nightshirt kept just for this purpose, and her panties, and wait until her father came up to deal with her. After half an hour or so Gary, Kysa's Dad, came up the stairs and into her room

"Well young lady, what have you got to say for yourself before we start? Do you know how embarrassing it was to see my daughter, who was taught better, walk in her father's house with a boy's cum dripping from her hair? What else have you been doing with him you little slut?" he screamed and slapped her hard across the face, leaving an instant handprint on her left jaw.

"B-B-But Dad, I'm sorry, I-I won't ever do that again, please don't sp-spank me, I'm too old for that now," stammered Kysa, tears already starting to well up in her eyes since she knew what was coming no matter how much she pleaded.

"I oughta beat the living hell out of you, young lady! You're also too young to be fucking or sucking any boys! Kysa, you're a beautiful young girl, and I know the older boys are hitting on you, but you HAVE to resist. I will NOT raise a slut in my house!" said Gary. "Besides, you should have known better than to do that, think of how embarrassing it would be if this got out, that Gary Murphy's daughter is a cocksucker slut? I'm just glad that you came home instead of wandering around the mall, for god's sake! How could you? Do you even KNOW how much shame you bring to this household with your slutty ways? Is that what you want - to be a goddamned little whore, laying down and spreading your thighs for every big cock that comes along? Oh, and don't think I'm not onto you, young lady. I overhear your phone conversations with your Leslie friend about who's hung and who's not at school and how you'd suck or fuck this one or that one. You're nothing but a slut, do you understand what I'm saying here?"

Kysa nodded, "Yes sir."

"Now young lady, I'm going to give you a whipping you're not going to soon forget."

She watched mesmerized as her father started to unbuckle his belt and remove it from his trousers.

Gary pulled out the bench by the dresser as he finished removing his belt and sat down. "Now young lady, take your panties right off, and come here."

"Oh please Daddy, don't make me take my panties off," she pleaded. It had been almost a year since her last bare-bottomed spanking and she didn't want her Dad to see her now maturing young body, "let me keep my panties on, it hurts bad enough like that."

Gary wasn't having any of that though. "Listen daughter, you get them off now, or I'll do it myself and that will add ten lashes to your punishment. Now don't argue with me anymore!"

The thought of her Dad pulling down her panties plus the idea of ten extra lashes in the mood he was in helped her make her decision. Trembling, she did as she was told. Oh how she hated for him to see her private parts which only now were just starting to be lightly covered with hair, it was so humiliating. Slowly she walked over to her father, who took her by the arm and pulled her right across his lap. Taking her hands with his left hand he put them in the middle of her back, and taking his right leg, placed it over her legs to keep her from kicking and falling off his lap, he wanted to make sure she got everything she deserved. Also this centered her narrow, bare, defenseless bottom directly over his lap, pointing up perfectly for the severe strapping he intended to administer to his naughty daughter's bare backside. She had big tits for a young teen, but carried her narrow but ripe hips. Gary looked down on the sight in front of him, the rounded bottom, quivering in anticipation of what was about to come, the pubic hairs just starting to show from between her white upturned bottom cheeks, soon to be striped and welted by the belt he was holding, and thought that she was indeed getting too old to be acting as she had been. She was already sobbing softly at what was to come, but Gary was determined that this lesson would not need to be repeated and that she would be crying like a five-year old when he was finished with her. And to this he held true.

"You will receive twenty-five lashes," he said breaking the silence, "and you will count each one out loud, do you understand Kysa?"

"Y-Y-Yessir," she said. "Please not t-t-too hard," she begged, "I won't do it again, I promise!" she pleaded. But her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I know you won't do it again, not after I finish with you, you shouldn't have done it in the first place girl," said Gary.

The butterflies took flight in Kysa's belly again and her bottom was starting to tingle at the thought of the whipping that was about to begin, she knew that this time there were going to be no half measures, that she was about to receive a hard spanking that would surely make her cry long before it was over. And she was right.

He raised the belt and let it fall, CRACK!, it landed in the center of her bottom leaving an angry red stripe.

"YEOWWW!" screamed Kysa, she tried to move but it was no use, her father had her firmly in place. "ONE," she called out.

CRACK! the belt landed again, "OHHHH..., TWO"

WHAP!, "OWWWW..., th-th-three," she cried, her bottom already felt like it was on fire.

"Please Daddy, I'm sorry!"

CRACK! "OWWWW..., th-that's f-f-FOUR, oh, please it hurts so bad! PLEASE DADDY!!"

"It's supposed to hurt!" was his tart reply.

WHAP! "OOOOO..., FIVE," Kysa was starting to cry loudly by now.

SCHWACK! the belt landed again, "SIX," she sobbed into her mattress.


Again and again the belt landed on her unprotected bottom, punctuated only by Kysa's crying and counting the vicious blows.

Gary looked down at his daughter's bottom, now crossed with angry red stripes with a few welts starting to rise.

"This will teach you not to suck older boys' cocks and let them cum on your face and in your hair, young lady," he said raising his arm for another stroke.

SCHWACK! the belt came down on the lower part of her cheeks, just above the thighs, "OWWWWW..., th-th-that's TEN," she was bawling steadily now. "Please, please, no m-more, I'll be good," but it was no use, the belting went on in earnest and she was sobbing like a six-year old from the tenth stroke onward.


Finally at twenty her father stopped, and told her to stand up, this she did, slowly, after crying for about three minutes still over his knee, and turned to face him.

Modesty was no longer a primary thought as her hands rushed behind her to rub her now very red and sore bottom. "Now young lady, for your last five I want you to kneel over the bed here with your head on your hands, your bottom raised, and your legs together."

Oh, how she hated that: not only was everything, and I mean everything exposed to her Dad like that, but it also hurt worse because he had more room to swing the belt, and in that position she wasn't able to clench her cheeks to ease awful sting of the strap as it fell on her unprotected bare bottom. By this time she had almost gotten her sobbing and crying under control, but it started again at these instructions. Reluctantly, doing as she was told she knelt down on her dressing table bench, resting her head on her hands, and closing her eyes, she raised her bottom up and bending over the bed, it puffed out her pussy, which offered it to the ministrations of her father's belt. Gary stepped behind her and raised the nightshirt up to her neck exposing Kysa's entire back and angry red bare bottom, and pushed it up to the middle of her back where it slid on up to her shoulders.

"Don't you move out of this position young lady; if you do you will receive two extra for each one you moved on, is that clear?"

"Y-Y-Yes D-Daddy," she sobbed into her hands.

Gary looked down at her kneeling there and was at once reminded of how much she was starting to look like her Mother, who by the way, was waiting in their bedroom for the same thing her daughter was now getting, only more severe for overspending the family budget this month again, but that's another story. As he was looking he noticed that her pubes appeared wet, too. Hmm, he thought, she responds like her Mother to the strap too. Clearing his thoughts of what was coming later, he moved behind Kysa. Without warning it came, Kysa was caught completely off her guard.

SCHWACK!! Kysa howled and her hands rushed to rub her bottom, that one felt twice as hard as the others, the sting felt like molten fire on her upturned ass.

"Put your hands back where they belong!" snapped Gary, "Now you have two extra for moving." She put her hands back under her head, tears welling up anew.

"Pl-p-please no, it HURTS!!" she whimpered, but it was to no avail.

SCHWACK!! CRACK!! the belt exploded twice in a row, "OWWWW, OHGOD, it hurts so bad, Daddy! PLEASE, please stop!" She was already sobbing like a little girl but to no avail.

WHISHHH SCHWACK! "OWWWWWW!!" she howled, "T-T-TWO," she called out, this time not moving from position. CRACKK!!!

"AHHHHH," her head snapped back, "T-TH-TH-THREE," she sobbed, barely able to speak, breathless from the severe pain her ass was feeling now. Her tears were coming in steady streams now. "Please D-D-Daddy, I've had enough, I-I d-don't need any-m-m-more," she pleaded.

"I'll be the judge of that young lady," he said.

"Quite a few more to go! Now stay in position and you won't have to get any extra," said her father. Gary looked at the now well striped and crimson bottom pointing up at him, almost deciding that she had had enough. Then the thought of her stealing came back and he decided that the full measure was due.

HISSSS CRACK!! the belt found it's target again, Kysa jumped up rubbing her tender backside, crying and yelped, "F-F-FOUR," she cried, then realizing what she had just done she got back into position, but it was too late.

"Didn't I just tell you not to move?" "Now you have two more coming before the last one!"

"NOOOO please Daddy, I d-d-in't m-mean to," she sobbed. "I won't move anymore."

"You know what you were told, and that's what you're going to get young lady."


WHISSHH CRACK!! "I-I-I'M SORRY." By now it was hard to hear her through her sobbing.

"Now," said Gary, "here comes the last one."


"OOOOOOOOH" cried Kysa, "F-FI-FIVE!"

Gary looked at his prostate daughter's welted and fiery ass, crisscrossed with stripes, some turning to a light purple already, as she cried like a little six-year old girl. He didn't particularly enjoy punishing his daughter, but he was not going to be the parent of a little slut either. He told her that he didn't like to punish her, but until she 'straightened up and flew right' that this was what she could expect in the future if it happened again, only more severe. Then he rubbed her rounded asscheeks seductively, feeling the heat from her flaming ass, and raising the belt again, he crashed it down on her ass again.

WHISSHHH SCHWACK!! "OHHHHHH PLEASE! GOD, oh... S-S...S-SIX," she stammered underneath a face full of tears.

Kysa stayed in position for a few more minutes sobbing and crying like the punished girl she was and reared up, determined to get away from the brutal man who was her father.

"Oh," she sobbed, "look at my poor bottom and thighs! I won't be able to wear my shorts for weeks," she continued to look at the stripes and welts left by her father's belt. "Ohhhgod, it hurts so much," she cried to herself, and noticed that she was getting hot feelings somewhere else too, she almost always did after the edge had worn off the pain from a good hard spanking. She lay down on her bed and began to rub her sparsely haired, and now very wet vagina, thinking to herself that she hoped she could find someone to take her Dad's place someday when she got married to keep her in line the same way he did. About the time Kysa was kneeling onto the bed again, her little teen pussy was wet with the flames of involuntary desire. If only one of her boyfriends were here to shove their big cock inside me right now, even in this humiliating position, it would take all the hurt away! she thought.

Her father, Gary, was of Norwegian ancestry, and he was a firm believer in the cane for serious breeches of discipline, most of the time the paddle kept in Kysa's room was quite enough to keep her in line, ten hard swats across her bare bottom usually was more than enough to have her bawling in no time at all, but after he released her briefly, he reached for his cane under his coat, figuring the cane could do the same in two or three lashes that the thick belt did in twice as many.

"Kysa, after giving it some thought, I've decided that you have earned the cane for your behavior today, there was absolutely no excuse for what you did today and how you disgraced this family." Kysa sat and listened quietly, head hung low as her father continued, "Now, you are going to feel my wrath through the cane for the second time, but I suspect it won't be the last, as from now on, you will be disciplined with it, understand? Now, assume the position again!"

She neither understood nor did she even bother to protest, knowing by now that it would do no good and only make her Dad more angry if that was possible. Once bent over Kysa felt the cool air kissing her naked upturned flesh, which gave itself over to her father and whatever he wanted to do with her.

As she sat on her bed she could feel the lightness in her stomach, and the tingling feeling in her bottom that she always got before being given the cane. She remembered the first time she was caned: twelve hard strokes that turned her rear into a fireball and left her crying like a little baby just to try to stay in position for the ongoing blows. That was something she had noticed after the last caning, she found that she was damp around her crotch, the position she was made to receive her caning in caused her to display everything to her father and even though it hurt worse than any spanking she'd ever gotten, it made her feel a little horny too even through the pain. Kysa heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped, that meant only one thing, her Dad was uncoiling his huge uncut cock from his pants! She had hoped he was just adjusting himself, but she knew from past experience that the sound of his zipper coming down meant that he was getting turned on. And he usually whipped Mom or the girls in the house until his big cock was so erect that his foreskin eventually peeled just over the edge of his broad cockhead! Oh god, now she was really in for it. The odd knot in her stomach grew, as she tried to glance back, and upon doing so, saw her father's colossal prick hanging at a 45-degree angle semi-hard from his pants. The tingling sensation in her loins would soon be replaced by the fiery sting of a bamboo cane across her naked ass.

Gary walked in cane in hand, "Well missy, we both know what's going to happen now, so let's continue with it shall we?"

"Y-Yes sir," she muttered.

"Now, since this was a serious offense, and you could have gotten pregnant had you let that boy between your legs, so, I'm going to give you a proper whipping young lady. Instead of twenty-five lashes with the belt, you will now receive eighteen slashes across your bare bottom with the cane, you will count each stroke to me, and you will receive two extra for every one you mis-count, do you understand?"

Eighteen lashes! "My bottom will never take it," she thought. "Please Daddy, I won't do it again, I'm sorry," she pleaded.

"Kysa, you know better than to argue with me, next time it's going to be three extra, now get into position for your caning.

Tears were already beginning to well up in her eyes as she climbed onto the bed and into position for her punishment. She knew the position well by now. First, two pillows are placed on the bed to elevate her bare bottom for the cane, then she is to kneel on the bed facing the barred headboard, and she is to grasp the bars with both hands with her head down and bottom up and her legs spread apart the width of one pillow. Kysa climbed onto the bed, eyes already wet with tears, slowly she grabbed the headboard and lowered her head between her arms. Trembling, she raised her bottom up as her father slid the pillows beneath her opening her legs as she had been instructed in the past. Stepping up to the side of the bed Gary lifted the flimsy nightdress up and over her now panty clad bottom, and pushed it right up to her shoulders. Reaching down once more, Gary put a finger inside the elastic of his daughter's panties, one on each side, and pulled them right off exposing her ivory bottom to his view.

"Right, now young miss, you know why you are getting this caning - for being a 13-year old whore, sucking the boys off - and you know you deserve it, so shall we begin?"

"Yes s-s-ir. Please, not too hard?"

"Nonsense, if it isn't hard you won't remember your lesson, and I promise you my girl you'll not forget this one soon." Raising the cane he brought it down hard right across the center of his young daughter's shapely bottom, leaving a bright red stripe that would welt shortly, as would each one. Tonight Gary, like Gary at this very moment, was not going to take any half measures on his daughter's backside, this lesson would be learned.

SWISSSHHHCRACK!! The pain seared across her unprotected bottom like fire.

"OHHHH..., ONE!" Kysa gasped.

Raising the cane again, Gary let the next one fall.


"OWWWWW..., TWO!" she yelped.

SWISSSHHH WHAP! The cane landed again with unerring accuracy across her tender cheeks.

"OHHH-OHHH please! TH-THREE," she stammered, the cane already starting to bring up the tears.

Again she heard the whoosh of the thin cane cutting the air between her fathers arm and her upturned ass, WHAP!!!, then the searing pain shot across her denuded bottom.

"AAHHHH, oh please...," she cried, "please it hurts Daddy!"

"I told you it was supposed to hurt my girl, and I also told you to count each stroke, now you have two extra waiting for you at the end."

"No,no, please n-not that, I won't forget again, I promise!"

"You knew what you were supposed to do Kysa, and you were told what you would get if you didn't." Gary said as he raised the cane again.

SWISSHHH CRACK!! once again finding it's target.

"OOOOOO..., F-FIVE Daddy," she whimpered in tears.

"That's more like it," said Gary tapping the cane on her bottom, taking aim at the lowest part, right at the point where the thighs and buttocks meet.

WHOOSH CRACK!! the cane landed right on target causing Kysa to immediately put her hands back there to try and rub her sore bottom.

"OWWWWwW," she wailed, "S-S-SIX!"

Gary looked at the sobbing girl's bare bottom, now the two perfectly shaped globes were no longer pure white, they had six angry red parallel rising swollen welts across them. Taking back the cane, Gary took aim and landed another stinger across the broadest part of Kysa's naked ass.

"OHHHHH, th-that's s-seven! Please d-d-addy, I-I'm sorry!" she implored.

However, Gary had no intentions of stopping until she had received everything that he felt she had coming to her. Even as these last words were escaping her lips he again brought the cane down onto her quickly reddening backside.

CRACK!! "OHHHHHH!" she yelled, this time taking a few seconds to regain her composure enough to count the eighth cut. By now she was crying continually, barely able to control her sobbing enough to count the lashes.

SWISSHHH SCHWAKK! SCHWAKK! CRACK!! SCHWAKK!! the cane landed four more times. Each cut seeming to find a new place. Kysa was crying uncontrollably by this time, her ass now covered from top to bottom with red lines, the first cuts had already started to puff and welt in places. It was taking almost half a minute for her to count the last two lashes she received, and she still had six more to go! Gary decided to let her rest for a few minutes to regain some of her composure for the next six. While he was standing behind her waiting and looking at his handiwork so far, he noticed between her spread legs that the lips of her young sex were damp and swollen even as she cried. This did not surprise him much, he remembered his sister telling him about the feelings she got after being caned by his father in much the same manner as Kysa was being caned now. Not to mention his wife's reactions after he uses it on her.

"Now Kysa," he said, "you have six of the best still to come plus two for the one you didn't count, you don't have to count these but I expect you to remain perfectly still, do you understand?"

"Oh please!" she began to sob anew ever louder, "please no more, I can't take anymore, I'll be good now, I PROMISE!"

"Yes you will when I've finished with your naughty bottom, and you can take much more should the need arise, now get yourself ready for the rest of your punishment."

She doubted that she could take anymore, her bottom already felt like it was being stung by a swarm of angry bees. But she also knew that her father planned on doing just as he said and he could not be dissuaded once he had passed sentence. So, crying into the bedspread, she raised her now very sore bare bottom back up for six of the best. Gary was not a cruel man, he normally would have stopped at the ten already delivered, but this was a lesson he wanted to make sure he got across, his daughter is smart enough to know not to steal already, this time her and her friend, Kysa had gotten off easy though. Had the manager not known Gary himself he might have called the police, and what a mess that would've been thought Gary. No, he had to make sure that this would not happen again.

Stepping behind Kysa once more, he raised the cane high and let it fall.

SWISSSHHH THWACK!! the welt rising almost immediately this time, right across the lower part of her buttocks.

"AIIEEE!" wailed Kysa, "Oh god, that hurts... HURTS!!"

THWACK!!! again the cane landed leaving a raised welt, as would all of the next 4, plus the two penalty lashes.

"AHHHHHH, I-I'm sorry, I w-w-won't d-d-do it ag-again, oh pleeeease s-stop!" she wailed. But it would do no good, by the time he had given her the fourth cut she could only mutter unintelligible sounds between her sobs. After delivering the six, Gary told her that she had two more to go, these he delivered in rapid succession to her crimson cheeks.


Both cuts left welts rising anew on the surface of her well marked bottom flesh, each stroke feeling like a white hot branding iron being applied to her poor bottom. A long wail was all that escaped Kysa's quivering lips, she was crying to hard for anything else to be understood. As Gary was finishing the last two lashes he noticed that her pink slit was now open to view between the now open and puffy lips of her vagina, and dripping wet! His cock was raging, and his cockhead was finally visible, the long foreskin having peeled back over his immense 10-inch length. He still wasn't sure why some girls responded to the cane in this manner, but he thought he might have to find an excuse to cane his wife tonight. Then he could soothe her sore bottom and relieve the building tension from the caning he had just administered, this was one of their favorite forms of foreplay.

He looked at her asscheeks, quivering with her sobbing, they were striped from top to bottom where thigh and ass come together, both cheeks were covered with welts colored from pink to angry red. Gary told Kysa that he hadn't wanted to punish her so severely, but had no choice since she was old enough to know right from wrong, and that he would do it again should the need arise.

Kysa, through her sobs, said she understood and that she was sorry and it would not happen again.

"Now Kysa?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy?"

"See Daddy's cock and how hard it is now?"

"Yes," she sobbed.

"When I see a little girl get turned on from what she deserves and get a proper spanking, I get turned on, too. See how Daddy's cock is so big?"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"I want you to give Daddy the same blowjob you gave your little boy friend today, understand? You do that and I'll consider your punishment served.

"D-d-do I... have to, Daddy?" she cried, tears streaking down her cheeks.

"Yes ma'am, unless you want to do this all over again tomorrow night."

"But Daddy... your... thing, it's... so big! Boys aren't like you...." she whimpered, trying to get out of the humiliating act he was offering her.

"I know, honey, boys aren't men. This is a man's cock," he said proudly, holding the thick meat in his fist. "Here, just get on your knees on the floor between my legs and suck me off like you do your boy friends, sweetie."

Kysa acceeded to his perverted request, but she couldn't deny the torrent of desire she felt in between her own legs. As she knelt between her father's thighs and took his massive shaft in her right hand, she slipped her left hand down to her tight virginal little pussy and began to rub her wet slit back and forth, imitating the same back and forth motion her mouth used over the wide foreskin-covered head of his huge cock. Gary leaned back on the bed onto his elbows, sighed and let his pretty little daughter suck his big cock. Good practice for the little slut, he thought. Kysa's lips contorted around this thickness, unable to take more than just the head of his big cock in her mouth, which already stretched her jaws to the aching point.

Gary let his daughter suck his engorged prick for almost fifteen minutes before flooding the 13-year old's mouth full of his ejaculate. Kysa held the big cock just outside her mouth and let it spew its seed all over her face and fat breasts, which swung beneath her arms.

"Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmphhhhfftt," she mewled and spat, dribbling the huge load out of her lips and onto her swollen breasts. Kysa was furiously fighting her own orgasm, feeling her pussy melt in her hand, but not wanting to cum in front of her own father.

Gary was proud of his erection, knowing that his young daughter would have to search the countryside to find a man hung like ol' Dad. His enormous cock rested heavily on her chest just below her chin and continued to dribble out cum, which now dripped off her erect nipples and onto her seated thighs.

Kysa wiped the excess cum from her face and slung it onto her breasts and thighs, crying again in humiliation that her father had just beat her ass and then made her suck him off. No other girl got punished like this, she bet!

He stayed and comforted her until she had her crying under control, then told Kysa to stay in her room for an hour to contemplate what had just taken place, and then left her alone.

After her father had left, Kysa tenderly rolled onto her back, nightdress still around her shoulders. The sheet felt rough on her naked bottom and it stung like mad. She lifted up and rubbed her hand across her cheeks feeling the welts left there by the cane. She noticed how her young pussy was starting to throb as the sharp pain turned to a dull ache in her ass. Reaching down with her other hand she began to finger herself until she came extremely hard thinking about her father's big prick exploding in her mouth. At times she wondered if something were wrong with her the way she got turned on after getting the cane, but she figured if that's what worked with her that she would have to find someone who would do that to her once she started going out with boys, until then she could still rest assured of at least one a month here at home. With the sound of the cane still in her ears she rolled over and drifted off to sleep, and dreamt of a handsome man standing behind her as she knelt down and raised her ass.

Either way, she couldn't wait to get on the phone and tell Leslie the next night!

The End
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