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"We all love a good story, and even more so when it is written well. Like most authors, I have outlined far more stories than I may ever have a chance to complete. The story subjects vary, but reliably follow my whims. The bottom of this page has more information.




Table of Contents

01.   Erotic Fiction Resources (REFERENCE)
02.   Erotic Keyword List (REFERENCE)
03.   Kysa's Views on Penis Size (TRUE, size, F)
04.   It's a Girl Thing (ff+, best, size, anal)
05.   Student-Teacher Interaction (m+/F, reluc, size)
06.   How I Met Kysa Braswell (TRUE, M/F, size, rom)
07.   Sex Bomb Cheerleader (Mm+/f, ped, cons, preg)
08.   Her Dirty Little Secret Life (M/F, size, cuck, rough, preg)
09.   My Daughter's Wish (M/f, inc, size, preg)
10.   A Wife Driven to Cheat (M+/FF, cheat, rape, best)
11.   Getting Back at Sis (mm/f, inc, nc, pain)
12.   Beating His Wife's Ass (M/F, nc, spank, pain)
13.   Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass (M/f, spanking, size, hum)
14.   Maximum Slut (M+/F+, ir, size, teen)
15.   Dirty Deeds (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, anal)
16.   Near and Naked (M+/F+, teen, inc, anal)
17.   Her Dog Days (f, best, oral, cons)
18.   Kysa's Addiction (M+/f, slut, teen, anal, inc)
19.   Cheating Bitch (M+/F, oral, anal, size)
20.   Dog-Loving Daughter (f/M, best, ped, inc)
21.   Twins for My Baby (M/f, ped, inc, preg)
22.   Forcing Mom to Fuck (F/m+, teen, inc, anal)
23.   The Big Setup (M+/F+, rape, blackmail)
24.   Proper Wife Beating (M+/F, gang, rape, viol)
25.   Rape and Roll (M+/ff, rape, gang, best)
26.   A Tale of Brotherly Love (m/f, rom, inc, cons, preg)
27.   Forbidden Acts (Mm/Ff, size, inc, rape)
28.   Let the Wife Beware (M+/F, size, best, blackmail)
29.   Nasty Sister (M+/F+, inc, size, cons)
30.   She Can Take It (M+/F+, ir, slut)
31.   Craving in Lust (M/f, best, nc, oral)
32.   Helping Her Dad (Mm/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
33.   Max Power, Cocksman (M+/F+, size, oral, anal)
34.   Ass Breakers (MF+/f, size, sad, nc, bd)
35.   Fuck Them All (Fm+/ff, teen, oral, anal)
36.   Ga Ga Over Mom (F/mm, inc, oral, cons)
37.   Cherry Bombs (Mm/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
38.   One Online Romance (M/F, rom, internet)
39.   Jenny's Schoolgirl Training (M/F, cons, pain, hum, rape)
40.   Sexual Publicity (MM/F, voy, size, exhib)
41.   Family Relations (Mm/Ff, inc, cons, size)
42.   Money Can't Buy It (Fff/Mm, best, inc, anal, preg)
43.   Raping the Girl Next Door (M/ff, rape, nc, size, virgin)
44.   Punished by Mother (F/m, inc, spank)
45.   What Should Never Be (M+/F+, reluc, blackmail, best)
46.   A True Cuckold (F/M+, ir, size, cuck, preg)
47.   Milk of Mother (F/m, inc, size, lac, preg)
48.   Deceived Bride (M/F, ir, nc)
49.   Keep Her Cumming (MM/ff, teen, size, inc, best)
50.   Prostitute For a Wife (F/M+, size, cuck, cheating)
51.   Prissy White Bitch (M+/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
52.   Kysa's Cuckolded Husband (M+/F, size, cuck)
53.   Father's Day (MM/ff, ped, inc, oral, exhib)
54.   Between Husband and Wife (M+/F+, inc, blackmail)
55.   A Size Queen Explains Why (M+/F, size, cuck)
56.   Finding a Stud is Hard (F/M, size)
57.   Teaching Mom a Lesson (MM/FFf, rape, size, inc)
58.   Sexual Instrumentation (M+/F+, rape, size, anal)
59.   Too Young to Fuck (M+/f, ped, preg?)
60.   Tale of the Tape (TRUE, Mm+/f+, size, preg)
61.   Seducing Mom and Sis (Ff/m+M, inc, cheat, preg)
62.   Rampant Teen Sluts (m+M/ff, size, voy, virgin, anal)
63.   Raping the Minister's Daughter (M+/ff, virgin, nc, ir, size, preg?)
64.   Reset (mm/f, ir, size, cuck, oral)
65.   A Cuckold's Life (Mm/F, cuck, size, hum)
66.   Carol Brazil vs. the Rape Gang (M+/f, oral, size, rape, viol)
67.   Brandi and Carol: True Friends (M+/f, oral, size, cheerleaders)
68.   Impregnated by My Big Brother (M/f, virgin, inc, size, nc, preg+)
69.   Three Girls and a Horse (FFf/best, virgin, inc, lez, anal)
70.   Wrong Man at the Wrong Time (M/Ff, ir, lez, size, preg)
71.   The Wife Confesses (MM/F, ir, size, cuck preg)
72.   Raping the Teacher (mm/F, nc, rape)
73.   Virgin Turned Slut for Horses (F, best, cum, size)
74.   The Girls' Club (M/f, teen, size, cum)
75.   Fumbling Toward Ecstasy (Mm+/Ff+, inc, size, anal)
76.   The Lure of Anonymous Sex (M/F, cons)
77. Daughter for Sale and Breeding (M+/f+, ped, inc, preg)
78. Black and Cocky (m/f,F oral, ir, size, preg?)
79. The Perfect Rape (M+/F, ir, anal, size, nc, preg?)
80.   Brotherly Love (M/f, inc, ped, cons, ws)
81. The Black Breeders Club (M+/Ff+, ir, size, preg, cuck)
82. The Courtship of Kysa (ff/M, hum, cuck, tease)
83.   The Whore in Her (F/M+, inc, gang, slut)
84.   Perverted Little Angel (f/m+, ped, size, best)
85.   Everyday Girl (M+/ff, teen, anal, slut)
86.   Lolita Dara (M+/Ff, teen, size, inc)
87.   Banging Anna's Ass (FF/M+, bi, anal)
88.   My Mom's a Slut (M+/F+, gang, inc, anal)
89.   Country Girl Fever (Mm/Ff, inc, bi, anal, size)
90.   Free to Fuck Sis (fF/Mm, inc, teen, anal)

Breaking Her In

(f/M+, inc, size, teen)
92.   Such a Tease (MM/FF, swap, size, cons)
93.   The Teen Likes It (M+/f+, inc, teen, size)
94.   Whoring the Daughter (Mm+/f, teen, inc, best)
95. A Cuckolded Husband Writes (M/f, cuck, hum)
96. A Gift for Kysa (M/f, size, ir, cuck)
97. Mom Fucks the Negro Help (MM/F, ir, size, preg, rape?)
98. Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog (Best/f, exper, size)
99. A Cuckold's Letter to Kysa (f/M, d/s, cuck)
100. Kysa and the Gang (Mm+/F, ir, size, cuck)
101.   Ain't That a Kink (F/m, inc, size, oral, ws)
102. Halfway House Rape (M+/F, ir, rape, preg)
103. Kysa Horses Around (Ff/Best, size, cum, mast)
104.   Hot Young Neighbors (MM/Ff+, ped, size)
105. The Stud Always Cums Twice (M/F, ir, size, preg, cuck)
106. Kysa Pays Off a Debt (M+/fF, abuse, hum, ir, preg)
107. Slave By the Pond (M/F, ir, rape, size, preg)
108. My Slut Kysa (M+/F, ir, size, rough, preg)
109.   Depraved Blackmailers (Mm+/Ff+, size, rape, anal)
110. Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck (F/M, ir, d/s, size, preg)

Breast Size vs. Cock Size

(M/Ff, size, d/s, hum)
112.   Twisted Daughter (M/f, inc, bi, size, anal, rape)

Fucking in Front of Hubby

(M+/F, size, hum, cuck)

Pregging Mother and Daughter

(M/Ff, ir, nc, preg)
115. Can't Get Enough Black Cock (M+/F, ir, size, preg, cuck)
116.   Love the One You're With (M/F, inc, reluc)
117. A Sadistic Gang Rape (M/F, nc, ir, size, preg)
118. The Wife Gets Auctioned (M+/F, ir, nc, size)
119. Kysa's Big Black Surprise (MM/F, ir, size)
120.   To Catch a Rapist (M+/F+, bi, rape, size)
121. My Little Suck Slut Wife (M/F, size, cum)
122.   My Big Daddy (M/f, inc, cons, size, preg)
123.   Incest is Best (Mm/f+, inc, preg)
124. Kysa's First Black Baby (M/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
125. On Vacation From Husband (M+/F, ir, size, hum, cuck)
126.   Horny Teen Girls (M/f+, teen, cons)
127.   Teaching My Son (F/m, inc, size, preg)
128.   Sisters Make Loving Fun (M/f+, ped, inc, preg)
129. Kysa and the Black Bikers (M+/F, ir, size, cons)
130.   A Mother's Sin (F/m, inc, ws, cons)

Wife Whores It Around

(M+/FF, reluc, size, slut)
132.   Teaching Her to Behave (M+/f+, inc, teen, nc)

An Ironic Wife

(F/M+, gang, ir, size, preg)
134. My First Meeting with Kysa (M/f, rom, cons)
135.   Luring His Daughter (M/f, inc, teen, breast)

Kysa's Boyfriend Finds Out

(MM/f, cons, ir, size)
137.   Sneaky Sister (Mm/f, inc, size, cons)
138.   Irreverent Fucker (F/m, cons, size)
139. Kysa's First Black Rape (M/f, ir, rape, reluc, size)
140. Mom's Sweet Memory (M+/Ff, ir, size, cons)
141. Las Vegas Affair (M/f, size, rom, cons)
142.   Kinky, Version 1.0 (M/f+, ped, inc, preg)
143.   Kinky, Version 2.0 (Ff/M+, ir, best, anal, kink)
144.   Anya's a Prick Tease (M/F, ir, size, preg)

Letter: A Personal Experience

(M/Ff, size, ir, cons)
146. Mom Breaks in Daughter (M/f, teen, ir, size, virgin)
147. Kysa's Blacking Party (M/f, 1st, ir, size, cons)
148.   Teen Whores for Horses (f+, best, teen, 1st)
149.   Operation Fuck Daddy (M/f, inc, size, cons)
150.   My Game Cousin (MM/ff, teen, size, 1st)
151. Letters to Rita, Kysa's Mom (M+/F, size, ir, cons, fantasy)
152. Kidnapped and Forced to Breed (M+/F, size, ir, nc, preg)
153. Kysa's Mom Spanks HARD (TRUE, F/f, spank, hum)
154.   Impregnating My Alien (M/FF, alien, preg, fantasy)
155.   Cock-whipped Wife (M+/F, slut, anal, spank)
156.   Raping Bunny Langtry (M+/FF, rape, anal, bi)
157.   New Meat (M+/Ff+, teen, inc, gang)
158.   Fucking My Girls (M+/Fff, inc, teen, size)
159.   Horn Dogs (MM/ff, inc, best, anal)
160.   Learning the Hard Way (M/F, oral, anal)
161.   Degenerate Daughter (MM/Ff, inc, oral, cons)
162.   Beautiful Son (F/m, inc, size, anal)
163.   Built to Fuck (Mm/Ff, inc, oral, anal)
164.   Learning the Ropes (M+/f, 1st, drug, gang)
165.   Raging Pain (M+/FFf, rape, bd, pain)
166.   Corporate Lez (FF, les, 1st)
167.   Paying Their Debts (M+/F+, blackmail, anal)
168.   Horse Fever (MFff, teen, best, size)
169.   Attitude Adjustments (M+/Ff, inc, ws, copr)
170.   Kids Will Be Kids (m+/f+, teen, gang, anal)
171.   Splitting Hairs (M+/FFf, size, blackmail)
172.   Kysa, the Blowjob Girl (Mm+/f, oral)
173.   Inside Family Trading (Mm/Ff, inc, size, anal)
174.   Trained with Pain (M+/Ff, blackmail, pain)
175.   Sexual Rescue (M+/F, size, swing, anal)

Breaking in a Virgin

(M+/f, bd, rape, 1st)
177.   Daddy Needs to Rape (M/Ff, inc, oral, rape)
178.   Tunnel of Love (M+/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
179. Letter: On Interracial Sex (M/f, fantasy, ir, size)
180. One Very Wild White Girl (M/f, size, ir, cons)
181.   Extreme Daughter (M/f, inc, teen, anal)
182. My First Time with a Boy (TRUE, m/f, virgin, size, oral)
183.   Family Gone Wild (Mm/Ff, inc, size, cons)
184. Kysa's Hung Black Brother (Mm/Ff, ir, size, oral)
185.   A Stud is Born (M/Ff, inc, swap, size, ped)
186.   After School Slut (M+/f, teen, slut, size)
187. Letter: Kysa's Future Children (M/f, size, ir, preg, fantasy)
188. Kysa's Raping (MM/f, ir, size, cons, preg?)
189.   Naked Curiosities (Mm+/F+, teen, cheat, inc)
190.   Loyal to Mom (F/m, inc, size, preg?)
191. Kysa's Wedding Present (M/f, size, ir, cons, preg)
192. White Wife with a Black Baby (M+/F, size, ir, cuck, pain)
193.   Painful Pleasures (F+/ffm, b/d, cons)
194.   A Mother's Weakness (FFf/Mm+, inc, size, anal)
195. Finding Studs for My Wife (M/f, size, ir, hum, preg?)
196. Kysa's Little Brother (M/Ff, size, ir, cons, intergen)
197.   A Fanatic for Girls' Volleyball (M/f+, size, ped, cons)
198. Kysa and the Hung Teenager (m/F, size, cons, pain)

Trying Young

(M/f, ped, anal, 1st)

A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand

(M/F, size, ir, cuck, hum)

Letters to My Dark Lovers

(M/f, size, ir, cons)
202.   Stepping Over the Line (MM/FF, fantasy, swap)
203.   License to Rape (M/f, rape, ped, size, oral)
204.   Bang the Teen Slowly (Mm/Ff, teen, size, best)
205.   Meeting My Match (M/f, teen, mast, cons)
206.   Finding Her Bliss (M+/Ff, teen, 1st, mom)
207.   Blacking the College Girl (M+/F, wc, ir, size)
208.   My Size Queen Conversion (M/F, cons, size)
209.   Losing My Wife to Him (M/F, reluc, ir, size, cuck)
210.   Righting a Wrong (M/F, ir, rape, preg)
211.   Three-way Whipping (Ff/M, spank, cons, pain)
212.   Long May You Rape (M+/Ff, teen, inc, nc)
213.   Storybook Dreams (M/ff, ped, cons)
214.   Young Meat (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, size)
215.   Slut for Animals (F/M, best, size)
216.   Molesting Daddy (M+/ff, ped, inc, cons)
217.   A New Sensation (MFF/m, size, cuck, hum)
218.   Genetic Appreciation (M/f+, ped, inc, size, preg)
219.   Stud Finder (M+/F, size, cuck)
220.   The Bride's Best Man (M+/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
221.   My Black Neighbor (M/F, ir, size, cheat, preg)
222.   An Inside View (Mm/Ff, inc, size, anal, oral)
223.   Seduction of Sister (M+/Ff, inc, oral, teen)
224.   The Sweetest Revenge (M+/F, nc, hum, rape)
225.   Kysa's Big Tits (M/F, breast, size, oral)
226.   The Fucking Family (Mm/Fff, inc, oral, anal)
227.   Teen Sex Obsessions (M+/Ff+, inc, anal, oral)
228.   Bridal Cum Showers (M+/F+, inc, oral, anal)
229.   Mommy Gets Raped (M+/Ff+, inc, rape, anal)
230.   Bring the Pain (M/f, teen, spank, anal)
231.   Relatively Beautiful (M/F, teen, cons, inc)
232.   Tearing Her Up (MF/mf, nc, fist, gang)
233.   Re-educating Sandra (M+/f+, nc, teen, ped, size)
234.   Oh, Brother! (Mm/f, inc, preg, cons)
235.   Teacher Fuckers (Mmm/F, best, size, cons)
236.   Life in the Country (M+/F+, size, best, preg)
237.   Teenaged Curiosities (Mm+/f, inc, teen, ped)
238.   Baby Making Brother (Fm/f, inc, teen, preg)
239.   Doesn't Get Any Better (Mm/ff, inc, ped, preg)
240.   Foreskin Whore (MF, wife, size)
241.   Raped to Death (m+/f+, inc, ped, rape, snuff)
242.   Practicing on Sister (Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)
243.   Hickville Fuckers (Mm+/Ff, best, anal, size)
244.   Unnatural Abuse (Mm+/f+, ped, nc, preg)
245.   Young Slut Bride (M+/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
246.   Starting Young (M/f, teen, ped, size)
247.   Big-cunted Wife (F/M+, wife, size, whore)
248.   The Second Lover (MM/F, cheat, wife, cons)
249.   Momma's Boy (Ff/M+m, inc, size, rape)
250.   Sick Fucking Family (m+/Ff, inc, size, anal)
251.   Cry Rape (M+/Ff, rape, anal, size)
252.   Naked Cabin Girl (TRUE, M/F, size, oral)
253.   Breeding Her Daughter (M/f, nc, teen, preg)
254. Such a Cock Whore (Mm+/F, best, size, anal)
255. Tiny Girl, Big Horse (M/f, best, teen, inc, anal)
256. Daddy Needs His Girl (M/f, inc, ped, preg?)
257. Horny Fucking Teacher (F/Mm+, teen, nc, size)
258. Tight Small One (M/f, ped, size, cons)
259. Whore Wife on the Side (M+/F, cuck, slut)
260. Servicing the Men (MM/F, wife, slut)
261. She Fucked the What? (F/M+, best, size)
262. Wife Suck-ceeds (M+/F, wife, slut)
263. Cum-slut Nieces (Mmm/ff, inc, ped, cons)
264. Fucking Uncle Jeb (M+/F, inc, size, cons)
265. Watcher Husbands (M+/F, cuck, exhib, cons)
266. Peeping Sister (M+/ff, inc, teen, anal)
267. Trans-Sexuality (MFf, tg, inc, teen, orgy)
268. She Got Blacked (M/f, ir, nc, size, preg)
269. Sick Animal Fuckers (MF+, best, compulsion)
270. Sodomizing Her Son (m/FFf, teen, inc, ws, anal)
271. A Good Day to Fuck (Mm+/Ff, inc, size, teen)
272. Her Son's Training (m/FFf, teen, inc, size)
273. The Truth About Girls (f/m+, exhib, oral)
274. Raping the Drunk Teen (M+/f, rape, anal)
275. Those Were the Days (M/F, wife, cheat)
276. When the Wife's Away (M+/F, wife, cheat, slut)
277. The Sisters Double Up (ff/m+, teen, size, best)
278. Learning the Hard Way (M+/f, hum, spank, sub)
279. Young Girls Inside Out (Mm/ff, inc, ped, preg, cons)
280. Growing Up Fast (Mm+/f+, teen, cons)
281. Pain Becomes Her (M+F/F, pain, hum, cons)
282. Look Who's Fucking Whom (F/m+, inc, cons)
283. Intimate with Animals (F/m, inc, best, size)
284. Wife's Hung Lover (MM/F, cuck, size, preg)
285. Making My Sister Pregnant (M/f, inc, size, preg)
286. Banging the Cheerleaders (Mm+/f+, teen, size, gang)
287. A Girl and Her Horse (fF/m, viol, best, size, teen)
288. You're Never Too Young (F/m+, wife, teen, preg)
289. Demanding Daughter (Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)
290. Sister's Incest Lessons (F/m, inc, size, cons)
291. Skin-deep Scandal (M+/F+, cheat, swap, size)
292. If It Bleeds, It Leads (M+/ff, teen, ped, 1st)
293. Cheating Raped Wife (M+/Fff, nc, size, cheat, anal)
294. Daughter Learns from Dad (M/f, inc, lac, preg)
295. Family Fuckfest (Ff+/mm, inc, size, creampie)
296. Schooling the Boy (FFF/M, d/s, bi)
297. Big Swinging Dick (M/f, teen, size, voy)
298. Marriage American Style (M+/F+, inc, bi, anal, best)
299. Prick Dreams (M/f, teen, size, mast)
300. Learning Before College (m/f+, inc, bi, anal, pee)
301. Mom's Love of Dogs (Mm/Ff, inc, best, size)
302. Her Year of Reading Proust (M+/f, teen, size, blackmail)
303. The Pleasures of Twins (Mm/Fff, inc, size, teen)
304. Horse Loving Teens (Fff, best, virgin, size, teen)
305. My Neighbor, My Slut (Mm/ff, teen, inc, size, slut)
306. Whore for Big Black (MM/FF, inter, size, wife)
307. New Girl at School (M/f, teen, gang, slut)
308. Tricking the Pre-teen (M/Ff, inc, ped, preg)
309. The Stepfather Raped Her (M+/f, inc, ir, size, rape)
310. Caning the Schoolgirls (M/f+, teen, lez, spank)
311. A Big Surprise for Wife (MM/f, wife, cheat, gang?)
312. She's Likes Losing (M+/f, wife, slut, cuck)
313. Wild Fucking Teens (M+/ff, teen, rape, size)
314. Getting Their Kicks (Mm/Ff, inc, anal, blackmail)
315. Homespun Fucking (Mm/Ff, inc, size, teen cons)
316. Crossing Over (M+/f+, best, size, rel)
317. Daddy's Horny Girls (M/ff, cons, pedo, inc)
318. Teen Orgies (M+/f+, size, teen, inc)
319. My Wife the Slut (M+/FF, size, wife, cons)
320. Size Queen Slut (mm/FFf, slut, inc, size, anal)
321. All She Wanted (M+/F, seduction, size, anal)
322. A Cousin To Sleep With (M/f, teen, size, cons)
323. College Girls Suck (MM/ff, late teen, oral, anal)
324. Busting the Babysitter's Ass (Mm/Ff, anal, teen, size)
325. Dad's Huge Prick (M/F, size, inc, teen, cons)
326. All the Hung Horses (fF, best, teen, size queen, slut)
327. My Kysa Complex: A novel (Mm/f, rom, obsession, ped-teen)
328. Thoughts of a Sleepy Wife (F/Mm+, cuck, lac, size, verity)
329. Cock of the Rock (M+/Ff+, teen, inc, size)
330. The Lover Next Door (M+/F+, cheat, rom, size)
331. A Wife's Lewd Hunger (M/F, ir, size, wife, preg?)
332. Sex and the Mother (MM/Ff, inc, size, teen)
333. A Monstrous Rapist (M/F, rape, size, cuck)
334. The Ladies Prefer Black (M/FFF, ir, size)
335. Animal Slut Bride (M+/FF, best, size, anal)
336. My Sister's a Slut (M/f, teen, inc, size, anal)
337. Violated Virgin (M+/Ff, teen, virgin, rape)
338. Stealing Sister's Husband (M+/Ff, teen, inc, size)
339. Kysa Learns about Sex (MM/f, inc, size, rel, 1st)
340. Finally I Fucked Mom (M/F, inc, fantasy)
341. Wife is Hot for Black (M/F, ir, size, cons, wife)
342. My Mother, Her Clit, and Me (F/M, inc, teen, size, ws, anal)
343. Drugged and Fucked (Mm+/ff, teen, inc, size, nc)
344. Taking Daddy's Sperm (M/f, ped, inc, cons)
345. They Raped the Daughter (M+/Ff, inc, best, nc, preg)
346. Wife Needs a Real Man (MM/Ff, size, wife, anal)
347. The Help was Hung (M+/F, size, cheat, 1st)
348. Waiting to be Sixteen (M/f, ped, inc, cons, preg)
349. Teen Farmgirl Nymphet (Mm+/ff, teen, ws, oral, size)
350. My Pregnant Friend (M/F, lac, preg)
351. Rematched Young Lovers (Mm/Ff, teen, rel, intergen)
352. She Spreads for Them (M+/FFf, teen, gang, blackmail)
353. She Welcomed Rape (M+F+/f, rape, bdsm, spank)
354. Cock Fear (Mm/f, inc, size, ped, cons)
355. Bare-assed Niece (Mm+/Ff, inc, size, teen)
356. Her Husband's Best Friend (M/F, size, rel, cheat)
357. Kysa's Darkest Fantasy (M+/F, sadism, rape, preg)
358. Busting 'em Young (MM/Ff, bi, inc, s/m)
359. Once They Go Black (M+/F+, ir, best, slut, wife)
360. Size Ten Please (MM/F, size, ir, wife, cons)
361. Passion of a Wife (M+/F, wife, cheat, cuck)
362. The Hellion Bridesmaid (M+/FF, inc, size, slut)
363. Taming the Girls (M/FFf, best, inc, cons, cum)
364. Baby Training (Mmm/f, inc, teen, cons, preg)
365. Then Came Him (M+/F, size, cheat, anal)
366.   Making My Compromises (F+, lez, anal, oral, cons)
367.   Family Fuck Buffet (Mm/Ff, inc, size, cum, cons)
368.   Arla Likes Big and Black (m+/ff, ir, size, ped-teen, preg?)
369.   Growing Up and Out (MFm/f, ped, inc, cons, ws, preg)
370.   Daddy's Little Lover (M/f, inc, size, oral, cons)
371.   Blackmailed Navy Wife (M+/FF, nc, size, anal, blackmail)
372.   His Mother Knew Best (F/m, inc, teen, 1st, cons)
373.   Her Ever-Parted Thighs (Mm/Ff, inc, size, teen, rel)
374.   Stolen Innocence (M+/F, whore, size, anal, cons)
375.   Servicing My Daddy (M/f, inc, teen, cum, cons)
376.   A Killer Cock (M/Ff+, teen, size, preg)
377.   Lost Bet Lost Wife (MM/F, ir, size, blackmail)
378.   Cockteasing Teen (M/f, teen, inc, cum)
379.   Tricking My Uncle (M/f, size, teen, inc)
380.   Perverted Uncle James (M/Ff, inc, oral, cons)
381.   Double-slut Twins (M/ff, size, oral, cons)
382.   Twisted Niece (M/f, inc, ws, teen, cons)
383.   Niece Loves Creampies (M/f, inc, teen, size, preg)
384.   Sisters Join In (M/ff, inc, size, cons)
385.   Sowing Her Oats (M+/Ff, teen, lez, size, anal)
386.   A Sexual Feast (M+/FF, size, orgy, rough)
387.   Easy Wife, Slut Daughter (M+/Ff, teen, size, anal, slut)
388.   Sex-Starved Family (Mm/Ff, size, cheat, inc)
389.   Raping the Schoolgirl (M/f, ir, rape, anal)
390.   Kysa Takes a Dive (M+/F, oral, orgy, size, hubris)
391.   Birthday Babies (M/f, inc, ped, preg, cons)
392.   Little Girls, Big Breasts (Mm+/ff, dog, teen, inc, anal)
393.   Raped By Animals (M+/F+, size, best, ir, rel)
394.   Ass Slut (M+/FF, oral, anal, slut)
395.   Pulling Her Panties Down (M/f+, size, ped, cons)
396.   Mom's Gotta Have It (F/m, inc, oral, ws, anal)
397.   Discovering Mom (F/m, inc, oral, cons)
398.   Drug Slut (M+/ff, teen, drugs, anal)
399.   Dependable Dad (Mm/f+, ped, cons, preg)
400.   Horse Lovin' Babe (M/F, size, best)
401.   A Writer's Passion (M/f+, ped, size, cons)
402.   The Way of All Flesh (M+/F, size, oral, anal, bd)
403.   Old Times (F/m, inc, teen, cons)
404.   Raping the Smart Babe (m+/F, teen, size, rape)
405.   Pregging Little Amber (M/f, inc, ped, size, preg)
406.   A Rape of Justice (M+/FF, gang, rape, tort)
407.   Mom Takes It Black (M/F, ir, size, rel)
408.   The Shapely Panty Model (M+/FF, size, sm, breast size)
409.   First Mother, Then Daughter (M+/Ff, teen, size, best)
410.   The Good Father (M/f, inc, ped, cons, preg)
411.   It's All Wrong (MM/FF, bi, rel, swap, anal)
412.   It's a Fucking Robot! (M+/F+, robot, rel, cons)
413.   Mom's in Heat (F/Mm, inc, size, cons)
414.   Whatever It Takes (MM/F, ir, wife, nc)
415.   Daddy's Little Lover (M/f, inc, ped, size, cons)
416.   There Is No God (M+/f, ped, rape, preg)
417.   The Neighbors' Vanity (M+/F+, size, ream, anal, swap)
418.   Black Lust (M/F, ir, wife, cheat, whore)
419.   Son Takes a Bath (F/m, inc, cons)
420.   First Date, First Cock (M/f, size, teen, oral, 1st)
421.   Sluts for Daughters (Mm+/ff, inc, size, teen)
422.   Sister Sucks (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, oral)
423.   Rehabilitating the Parolees (M/F+, size, rel)
424.   Bondage 101 (M+/F+, bdsm, cons)
425.   Rape Education (M/F, rape, size)
426.   Schoolgirl Takes a Hit (Mm/f+, pain, spank, bdsm)
427.   Making Babies for Daddy (MF/f, size, ped, preg, cons)
428.   Wicked Master (M+/FF, size, branding, anal)
429.   Falling for Cocks (M+/Ff, size, inc, slut)
430.   Raped Cheerleader (M+/f, ir, teen, rape, preg)
431.   Daughter Takes On Daddy (M/f, inc, teen, preg, cons)
432.   Sex Scandal at School (M+/f, teen, size, gang, cons)
433.   Family Cums First (Mm+/Ff+, inc, intergen, bi)




Welcome to the story page of KYSA BRASWELL. Although much that passes for erotica is the pretentious garbed in the unintelligible, many writers are just sexually frustrated people — just ask anyone who knew Rousseau, Joyce, Wilde, or Heller. Why, even Garrison Keillor admits that sexuality fuels his writing. If you're like one of those guys, then you already have your first and best reason to write an erotic story! Erotic fiction is a favorable genre in which to hone your writing skills. Everyone has at least one good story in their head. With that in mind, I've created a cheat sheet of erotic words, writing tips, and online resources for writers on the EROTIC FICTION RESOURCES page. It's great fun, and if you like, you're welcome to publish your stories online at various outlets.

The process of how a story is written is routine, as is my failure to complete one. Most were written over a weekend, while some have taken as many as six months to complete. When I'm unable to flesh out a story, it dies. More than a few stories have perished in the midst of drafting them, in which what was eventually written did not match my original purpose. However, when it all comes together and a story is written, the process is ingrained. (1) When the idea of a story first comes to me, it's mulled over from a few days to a couple of weeks. (2) In the meantime, notes are taken on acts, characters, and specific scenes to be included. (3) The story is then outlined, and depending on the quality of the outline, some stories virtually write themselves, while others seem as difficult as giving birth. (4) The first draft is developed from the outline and notes. (5) Afterward, the story is set aside for a few days. (6) Thereupon I switch roles from writer to reader, where the story is edited and revised for clarity, emphasis, diction, consistency, and grammar. Of course, revising is an altogether more intricate activity than drafting. For the sake of trivia, I write using Microsoft Word along with a robust text editor program called Textpad.

While it is true that in ancient Europe, and well into the 18th century (obvious examples come from France), deliberate lewdness was not inconsistent with flashes of comedy, or vigorous satire, or even the verve of a fine poet in a wanton mood, it is also true that in modern times the term "erotica" connotes mediocrity, commercialism, and certain strict rules of narration. Obscenity must be mated with banality because every kind of aesthetic enjoyment has to be entirely replaced by simple sexual stimulation which demands the traditional word for direct action upon the reader. Old rigid rules must be followed, then, by the writer in order to have his reader feel the same security of satisfaction as, for example, fans of detective stories feel — stories where, if you do no watch out, the real murderer may turn out to be, to the fan's disgust, artistic originality (who for instance would want a detective story without a single dialogue in it?). Thus, in erotica, action almost always has to be limited to the copulation of clichés, or rather a vocabulary of formulas. Style, structure, imagery should never distract the reader from his tepid lust. The story must consist of an alternation of sexual scenes. The passages in between must be reduced to sutures of sense, logical bridges of the simplest design, brief expositions and explanations, which the reader will probably skip but must know they exist in order not to feel cheated (a mentality stemming from the routine of "true" fairy tales in childhood). Moreover, the sexual scenes in the erotic story must follow a crescendo line, with new variations, new combinations, new characters, and a steady swell in the number of participants (in a de Sade play they call the gardener in), and therefore the end of the story must of course be more replete with lewd lore than the first chapters.

No writer should be expected to bother about the exact demarcation between the sensuous and the sensual; this is preposterous. There are those who would pronounce erotica meaningless because it does not teach them anything. I am neither a reader nor a writer of didactic fiction and, despite such an assertion, my own stories have no moral in tow. For me a work of fiction exists only insofar as it affords me what I shall bluntly call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, wonder, ecstasy) is the norm. There are not many such works, and they are best found among the Great Books, where I have always spent an inordinate amount of time in this life.

Perusing the table of contents, you may have noticed some stories with my name used as the central character. That is intentional, and authors are free to use my name and persona as a character in their own stories as they choose. Sam Hammer is one such author who has enjoyed doing so, and it's flattering. Despite most of the fiction that you will read within, I am a single white female who has never been married and do not have any children. If you're inclined to flame me for the content or subject matter of these stories, just remember that all erotica is fantasy. If it were reality, then we'd take photographs! The compilation has grown over the years into an impressive body of work.

Enjoy reading them and if you have specific suggestions for story revisions, please forward them to me. All authors appreciate the critical reader who does not hesitate to share corrective feedback to their work.
The stories herein are protected under copyright registration, which means you may read, share, post, print, and distribute freely, but just don't reprint in another medium (e.g., a bound book) or sell them. They were written for the express purpose of being available to adult readers without cost.



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